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$100,000 Or A Helicopter? What Do I Choose? Also Justin Destroys His New Burnout Truck!!!

  • Published on Apr 10, 2024
  • I have to make the tough decision on what I want. Totally my choice. Plus we do burnouts and cause some serious Carnage!!!
    ***DONT FORGET**
    Enter To Win A GMC Sierra Fully Built by Cleetus McFarland!!!
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  • @MattsOffRoadRecovery
    @MattsOffRoadRecovery Month ago +297

    It was good to meet you.
    Congratulations man!
    You were out there all night putting the work in.
    Good job man! You absolutely deserved the win!
    Good luck with what you’re doing, and next time I’m out that way, I want to stop by and check out your operation.

    • @nathanielsouza312
      @nathanielsouza312 Month ago +11

      Can’t wait to see your side of the action Matt.

    • @user-yz1pr4qf5n
      @user-yz1pr4qf5n Month ago +5

      This would be a good collaboration!

    • @opossom1968
      @opossom1968 Month ago +1

      Glad ya had a good time.

    • @TB-zw7dt
      @TB-zw7dt Month ago +8

      It'd be fun to see Matt pilot an airboat in a gator infested swamp.

    • @oliverl.9707
      @oliverl.9707 Month ago +2

      Have JH put a diesel in the wrecker ;)

  • @mongolike513
    @mongolike513 Month ago +370

    CASH in! Chopper will cost a fortune keeping it sheltered and maintained and expense of meeting regulations and pilots licence.

    • @brianhilligoss
      @brianhilligoss Month ago +2

      He has a pilot’s license already. Just not a helicopter endorsement.

    • @TB-zw7dt
      @TB-zw7dt Month ago +5

      Insurance alone makes his choice a no brainer. His plate is already full, it seems. Extra complications would go through the roof.

    • @MichaelOfRohan
      @MichaelOfRohan Month ago

      Dude he can donate the helicopter and gain huge algo props

    • @Fro_man
      @Fro_man Month ago

      He can keep a helicopter at his house or shop lol wtf are you talking about

    • @aidenz300
      @aidenz300 Month ago

      No, he should take the helicopter and immediately sell it he’ll make more

  • @JamesYoung61
    @JamesYoung61 Month ago +136

    Cleetus didn't put any of his flying on the channel until he was fully qualified and competent, he let it slip that he had been taking flying lessons for nearly 3 years off the channel, flying is a serious business.

    • @Greg1096
      @Greg1096 Month ago +14

      I dont thi k he could really make content while learning to fly, Ive been a qualified pilot for years and make the majority of my income spraying fields with my helicopter, that one being a two seater he wouldnt be able to have anyone film him learning and most of the instructors i know would not be ok with him not being 100% focused on the learning or just wouldnt want to be filmed at all. Plus even if he didnt ever fly it the hangar fees and scheduled service and inspections add up super quick, because if you dont keep up on those it destroys the value, thats how cleetus got that md500 so cheap those go for $800k-$1mil used pretty regularly and i say that one listed a while back for $150k and im betting he was able to talk them down a good bit, the lack of scheduled upkeep really tanked the value on that thing hard.

    • @davonmulder8458
      @davonmulder8458 Month ago +1

      ​​@@Greg1096hope JH see's this, might not be a good idea to get the helicopter
      I'm an idiot for commenting before watching the full video

  • @YOLO891
    @YOLO891 Month ago +37

    "I'm really scared to touch anything" ... mean while pushing shit🤣🤣

  • @ColorfulInHD
    @ColorfulInHD Month ago +402

    Thats a bad ass news report I wish my local news pick up on local big track events like that

    • @jeffreymorris4827
      @jeffreymorris4827 Month ago

      It was fake

    • @anthonycope8637
      @anthonycope8637 Month ago +4

      Even if it wasn't, your local small track big event is most likely 1/4 to 1/10 the pay out....

    • @Funhaver101
      @Funhaver101 Month ago +17

      @@jeffreymorris4827no it wasn’t I seen it

    • @RyTrapp0
      @RyTrapp0 Month ago +9

      @@jeffreymorris4827 JH a deep fake expert now?😂

    • @jeffreywhitaker8278
      @jeffreywhitaker8278 Month ago +3

      I was thinking tha same shit it’s wild how far this shit has come

  • @brettlyjonesin
    @brettlyjonesin Month ago +1001

    100k for sure... chopper is cool but the cash can go along way for building the channel

    • @iceman997799
      @iceman997799 Month ago +13

      I agree too can't wait to see more from JH.

    • @Lordsavesthose777
      @Lordsavesthose777 Month ago +16

      Better take the cash it’s the biggest pay day you will ever see and invest it

    • @iongamfong
      @iongamfong Month ago +12

      He prolly don't need the money tho either he obviously doin alright plus the copter could help build his channel..

    • @MichaelSmith-jv7zm
      @MichaelSmith-jv7zm Month ago +6

      Uncle Sam takes a 3rd

    • @fauxque5057
      @fauxque5057 Month ago +8

      Yeah, that's a genius move. Take $100,000. for a $150,000. Helicopter. That's leaving at least 25 grand on the table.

  • @Thelawncarenut
    @Thelawncarenut Month ago +8

    I'm happy for your victory, but the damage you did the the thick, beautiful, lush, green bermuda grass will never be forgotten or forgiven. The LawnForcement Patrol has a warrant for your arrest. Watch your back. 😂

    • @jamesstore7055
      @jamesstore7055 23 days ago +1

      Put him on the wanted list for crimes against L.B.G Lush Bermuda grass

  • @Shane-on5kh
    @Shane-on5kh Month ago +12

    Totally agree with taking the cash. Learning to fly is not something to take lightly. I'm looking forward to seeing that chassis you had built a while ago get in the mud!!!

  • @brando7655
    @brando7655 Month ago +747

    100k fuck that helicopter

    • @FrequencyOfThought
      @FrequencyOfThought Month ago +58

      100k I can invest or 100K headache I can die in.. Big decision

    • @fauxque5057
      @fauxque5057 Month ago +25

      Or take the $150,000. Helicopter and sell it for $125,000.

    • @hackaboom
      @hackaboom Month ago +12

      50 k after taxes hell yeah!

    • @deweydoganowski58
      @deweydoganowski58 Month ago +11

      Chopper will cost you money in the end take the cash and be happy

    • @brando7655
      @brando7655 Month ago +2

      @@hackaboom it’s cash buddy.

  • @chaseberry99924
    @chaseberry99924 Month ago +196

    100k would get your projects rocking and rolling if that’s an option.

    • @davidanalyst671
      @davidanalyst671 Month ago

      hello. I am an american. In america the land of the "free" the government takes your money before you get to spend it. So he won 100k, but the IRS will take 50% of that.

  • @altonbarbee8864
    @altonbarbee8864 Month ago +57

    100k was definitely the right choice. If you were already a helicopter pilot it would be different. Congrats on the win.

    • @kanjionshasteen9159
      @kanjionshasteen9159 Month ago +1

      Pay someone to fly it home it’s worth more than 100k

    • @aidenz300
      @aidenz300 Month ago

      Should keep it and then sell it for more then 100k

    • @elite6569
      @elite6569 23 days ago

      If it's worth that much more then ya maybe sell it but otherwise I agree. He's not a pilot so what good is a helicopter. Sounds like he's already got some cool plans anyways.

  • @shawnb4695
    @shawnb4695 Month ago +26

    Your laugh when that Trans blew was priceless. Congratulations on the win!

    • @BuckDaily
      @BuckDaily Month ago

      I swear I went from half asleep too laughing the same way he was. That shit was funny.

    • @bobbycuesroadhouse2204
      @bobbycuesroadhouse2204 Month ago

      The driveshaft took out the trans when the U-joint let go

  • @balljointfd3s
    @balljointfd3s Month ago +123

    Take the 100K!!! I can watch Cleetus if I want to see Aviation content, I watch this channel to get Diesel, 4x4, Gas, and Hybrid content. I cannot imagine how awesome of content you will make with that 100K! Take the money and run!

    • @apeeric
      @apeeric Month ago +10

      The hybrid content is really why we’re all here….

    • @nessie42786
      @nessie42786 Month ago +2

      Hybrid content is the best on RUclips.

    • @MMORPG87
      @MMORPG87 Month ago +1

      Imagine telling someone they should spend their money on stuff to do more work just so you can watch vs his keeping somethin for him to just enjoy weather cam rolling or not lol

    • @stephenbooth9448
      @stephenbooth9448 Month ago +1

      Let’s all be honest, he’s gonna take the helicopter and sell it for more then 100k boom more content

    • @Cent51
      @Cent51 Month ago

      ​@@MMORPG87 you spend money to make money, and YT works even more like that..

  • @ShaneHerald
    @ShaneHerald Month ago +2

    CONGRATS on the WIN ....wow awesome burnout two....damn ...JH be driving the hell outa some stuff ... right on man

  • @Zach-eq1zx
    @Zach-eq1zx Month ago +1

    Happy for you man. Your my guy since I started watching cleetus. Love seeing the growth. Your a helluva driver. Keep up the good work

  • @daveyanderson6166
    @daveyanderson6166 Month ago

    Best intro ever. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Congrats to you on the dominating win, and to Cleetus and crew on putting on a newsworthy show. AWESOME!!!

  • @abertzaleharroaii7449

    To be honest, if I had been in this position, i would have made the same choice..
    And you're doing it for the right reasons. Keep developing your channel, it's great.

  • @devro02
    @devro02 Month ago +3

    amazing burnout man congrats on everything, that burnout was badass

  • @bryanhelland2722
    @bryanhelland2722 Month ago +3

    you are by far the the best driver on the series, you are consistently up front threatening a win!!! big congrats to you mr. J.H!!!!

  • @bobgallahan9663
    @bobgallahan9663 Month ago

    Had goosebumps the whole burnout. Loved it. Congrats again on the "Wire to Wire"

  • @cuttersidwell
    @cuttersidwell Month ago +40

    100k for sure. Use it to build your truck. ❤

  • @jaystuard4336
    @jaystuard4336 Month ago +9

    That’s a $1000 per lap! Nice job JH crew

  • @PatBrady0113
    @PatBrady0113 Month ago

    Really appreciate your help racing family and family oriented videos. I grew up in a racing family and lost my old man back in 2012. I can really relate to your family as well as enjoy watching Chase excel in all of his racing adventures. Behind every great driver is a Father and Mother that have sacrificed in order to get us racers to becoming the best versions of us. Before you can ever become the best you must beat the best and Chase is on track to become the best. Good luck on your racing endeavors this season and God Bless.

  • @NTGaming00
    @NTGaming00 24 days ago

    Pumped for you! was really rooting for Brett to get the win felt like he was the most down and committed to learning how to fly.

  • @nathant4048
    @nathant4048 Month ago +11

    Heck yeah JH! Again, what a driver!

  • @Z28Blake
    @Z28Blake Month ago +21

    Take the money & probably stay alive a little longer 🤷

    • @nateart8393
      @nateart8393 Month ago

      live longer for sure, but schweizer 300 helicopters have max value of $300K , thats high low $228K -- take it and sell it would be best

  • @danielsmith9500
    @danielsmith9500 Month ago +1

    So happy for y’all. So awesome guys

  • @jessesandoval8449
    @jessesandoval8449 Month ago

    Good for you bud I’ve watch the channel grow so much keep kicking ass 🔥

  • @Bell1331
    @Bell1331 Month ago +6

    “Hey just set that underneath our helicopter over there” 🤣.. Telll emmmm

    • @thugchld
      @thugchld Month ago

      He misspoke, he meant put it under Cleets helicopter over there.

  • @danerasmussen6468
    @danerasmussen6468 Month ago +56

    Depends on how long it takes to get licensed. Most people on here are clueless and don’t understand the amount of views you’ll get off that chopper. A lot of people watched the race and wanna see you fly it. Sell it after you get 10,000,000 views

    • @TheTileGuys
      @TheTileGuys Month ago +2

      Amen brother.

    • @onepunch7632
      @onepunch7632 Month ago +3

      Hell ya! I'd sign up to watch him go through the whole process of getting his license, test flights, and all the helicopter fun down the road.

    • @jamessuman2151
      @jamessuman2151 Month ago

      Think the helicopter would've been the way to go on the content side of things but understand the decision completely

    • @TheTileGuys
      @TheTileGuys Month ago

      Boys. You can learn to fly and still get your money. Make a little video series showing the process and if you haven’t already made 100k from ad revenue than you still sell it. It’s not some junk ass dodge ram uncle Chet gave ya

    • @Fast351
      @Fast351 Month ago +9

      Problem is you'll have at least $20K into learning to fly it. And I can tell you from experience, it takes a lot of effort and you cannot afford the distraction of creating content while learning to fly. People have crashed and died doing it. JH made the right call.

  • @harrellgj
    @harrellgj Month ago

    Good video. Your video's have improved so much over the last year. Congrats on the 100k.

  • @joshuaevola3633
    @joshuaevola3633 Month ago +1

    Excited to see what future holds for you man keep it up JH love the videos

  • @KE458S
    @KE458S Month ago +25

    You and cleet can go on heli adventures and picnics! 😆

  • @firepinto
    @firepinto Month ago +18

    Congrats JH! 100K can be put to work every day, the chopper sits in the hangar. lol

  • @calvinh.8882
    @calvinh.8882 Month ago

    Smart move! You absolutely did the right thing. Congrats!

  • @R1j0hn
    @R1j0hn Month ago +1

    Good for you... 💯 Congrats, and hopefully the money benefits you & your family ! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • @jarrettmcquaig9873
    @jarrettmcquaig9873 Month ago +34


  • @TheOriginalDaveJ
    @TheOriginalDaveJ Month ago +81

    WTF you gonna do with a helicopter? 😂 I know, mount it tail up on a boat😉

    • @joshlutz2785
      @joshlutz2785 Month ago +3

      I do like the idea

    • @EvilDeadFan11
      @EvilDeadFan11 Month ago +2

      He's probably wanted a drone upgrade for better arial shots.
      He overdid it.

    • @crowguy506
      @crowguy506 Month ago +1

      Obviously selling it for more than 100k. It’s now famous.

    • @Jacobtheunwise
      @Jacobtheunwise Month ago

      ​@@crowguy506the helicopter being famous just means more time wasting while trying to sell...

  • @terryfoust4802
    @terryfoust4802 Month ago +1

    jh, don't worry and say your sorry for doing what you feel is right for you and youe channeland family . i think you made a great and reasonable choice . you earned it so well done brother!

  • @phyk3n
    @phyk3n Month ago

    You made the right choice for you and your channel! I’m excited to see what’s next! Keep up the awesome work! 2 Justin’s is the perfect formula for success!

  • @MastaT_150
    @MastaT_150 Month ago +3

    Money for sure!

  • @MrRadryan
    @MrRadryan Month ago +6

    100k forsure

  • @Relentless2E2K
    @Relentless2E2K Month ago

    Love how many races youve done in the car, i feel like it makes the win that much more special

  • @Jcarney87
    @Jcarney87 Month ago +1

    Congrats dude. Great job.

  • @MotoMeat
    @MotoMeat Month ago +72


    • @patrickr2686
      @patrickr2686 Month ago

      If he takes the money, he'll have to pay taxes on it

    • @stuartstogdill2406
      @stuartstogdill2406 Month ago +5

      @@patrickr2686 You pay taxes on everything technically.

    • @jacobfoulds7618
      @jacobfoulds7618 Month ago

      @@stuartstogdill2406 if it’s under 10 grand don’t need to pay taxes on it❤

    • @MotoMeat
      @MotoMeat Month ago +3

      @@patrickr2686 dont you pay taxes on the heli too?

    • @PowerstrokeSynd
      @PowerstrokeSynd Month ago +2

      Once you register it you pay tax.

  • @KevinJohnson-kb9wi

    Congrats Brother! Lookin forward to watching your channel continue to grow!

  • @edward3077ify
    @edward3077ify 28 days ago

    Whoever is flying the drones for this event haven't taken the time to coach Cleetus on flying RC planes. That fella is a pro!

  • @justingould7348
    @justingould7348 Month ago +3

    Take the money and run!

  • @realkilju
    @realkilju Month ago +4

    Thats a pretty cool news story lol

  • @alexdub1776
    @alexdub1776 Month ago

    Awesome race congratulations!

  • @bfgivmfith
    @bfgivmfith Month ago +1

    Great Race! Congrats!

  • @JustMeBoogie
    @JustMeBoogie Month ago +5

    broooo keep it and fly with cleet around get crazy vids out of it.

  • @royhenson3379
    @royhenson3379 Month ago +4

    Personally I would take the 100k, Congrats JH, You Freaking Done It Boy. Lead 100 Laps. Qualified 1st. I assume Cleetus didn't invert the field this time since JH was up Front. Well I guess Cleet found out how JH can really drive.

  • @DoItdave1
    @DoItdave1 Month ago

    Congratulations DUDE! Flying is amazing but a serious commitment!

  • @CoopaCoop
    @CoopaCoop Month ago

    Congrats JH and crew! Solid win

  • @schmitty69
    @schmitty69 Month ago +9

    Hellicopter, for SURE. Can always sell it. For now, get your license, and store it for free at the FF hangar....but it might get towed.
    Update: DANG IT! If you can use the 100k, good move. Plus, if you ever need or want your license... Cleet has one you might be able to borrow...

  • @Memry-dq7ug
    @Memry-dq7ug Month ago +7

    I’d take the money. Owning an aircraft sounds like zero fun.

  • @pmiller7886
    @pmiller7886 Month ago

    Stoked on your win and dominating performance JH🎉 When I first saw you on cleets channel I got a completely wrong read on your character and am extremely glad to be proved WRONG. What you did during the hurricane aftermath set me straight. So much so, I had to grab your merch to show some support for a standup guy. Very smart to take the money, helicopter flight, as you say, is utterly not a joke whatsoever. Oh yeah, and stealing Cleets Raptor was a capstone achievement, bigger than winning the race in my opinion. 😅 Keep up the great work!

  • @stephenlujan8
    @stephenlujan8 Month ago

    Good for you! Proud of all your accomplishments keep on keeping on brother!!!

  • @Dave-ui6xn
    @Dave-ui6xn Month ago +5

    100% CASH

  • @itssogood69
    @itssogood69 Month ago +3


  • @spyder-cq2by
    @spyder-cq2by Month ago

    I 100% agree with your decision to take the money instead of the chopper.. Congrats on the big w. And I can't wait to see what this channel brings next.

  • @NitroUnion
    @NitroUnion Month ago +1

    You made the right choice! Invest in what you’re doing and keep building! The content is great, keep it up!

  • @thephantomchannel5368

    Dude earned that first place no question. Congrats on the win. The helicopter is cool but you have to ask yourself is it worth it to keep around and maintain ? You can usually walk away from a vehicle wreck, helicopter wreck- not so much. Your passion is on the ground and you should keep it that way. In the long run the money will be more fun to put towards projects that you really want to get done or possibly start. Also gives you a budget for RC planes/ heli's so that when you crash one you can replace it, unlike the real thing.

  • @Thesuperlate
    @Thesuperlate Month ago +1

    Congrats man!

  • @BenjySparky
    @BenjySparky Month ago

    JH and Justin, y'all rock! Congrats on the win, and great choice on taking the money. 100k is a bunch of money. Peace ✌️

  • @nicksavage1791
    @nicksavage1791 Month ago

    You made the right decision on the 100k cash man. That's big for you and your channel. Love the content man and I excited to see what your channel brings in the future

  • @brydonrowley2093
    @brydonrowley2093 Month ago

    Solid burnout JH that tip in was on point 👌 u should rip the engine out of the truck and put it in somthing smaller you’ll be more competitive you’re steering was great !

  • @j.d.6404
    @j.d.6404 Month ago

    I agree 💯 JH , damn I really wanted the S10 to shine it's all good you'll get em next time Justin , Love this channel guys

  • @andrewwhite1305
    @andrewwhite1305 Month ago

    Congrats dude! Sweet heli

  • @bradrick2513
    @bradrick2513 Month ago +1

    Hey man happy for ya glade the 100k is going to keep you going an growing can't wait to see what is coming... JH WHO JH WHO 🎉🎉🎉

  • @JewuiDlisoe
    @JewuiDlisoe Month ago

    The greatest opening ever. Congratulations on your convincing victory and to Cleetus and the team for a fantastic display. Fantastic!

  • @jaytibby
    @jaytibby Month ago

    Congrats bro.. the boys always counts you out..

  • @codyhoopman4987
    @codyhoopman4987 Month ago

    Congrats JH and thank you for helping Leo and Frankie J with R3. U are obviously a good friend to your people !!!

  • @brianhowe4875
    @brianhowe4875 Month ago

    The local news bit is awesome. Yall are rollin

  • @MausSpaece
    @MausSpaece Month ago

    Good for you for taking the cash. That should be a HUGE boost to your business! Congratulations!!!

  • @scottcol23
    @scottcol23 Month ago

    Man I rode my motorcycle all the way from New Orleans to witness this in person! And to get to see my man JH take the W was just too much. I am SO happy for you. Been waiting for this episode to come out. My only complaint was that there was so many ppl there I really didn't get a good spot to watch the race. I hope Cleet invests in some more bleachers for next season. Even if they are collapsible so they don't need to be up all the time would be fine.

  • @jrockett666
    @jrockett666 Month ago

    Congrats bro!

  • @moosescorner
    @moosescorner Month ago

    the chopper is cool, but 100k for a business that's building and growing is a HUGE help, i think you made the best choice for yourself and your crew and everything else.

    @FORCE_PBC Month ago

    Proud of you guys. Smart decision taking the loot. Even better that it was an option. You both had a great weekend. Wish I could have been there to see it.

  • @brettwaite5347
    @brettwaite5347 Month ago

    You definitely made the right choice. Keep up the great content!!

  • @BruceCookfmx
    @BruceCookfmx Month ago

    Congrats brother! No brainer on the cash especially while trying to grow and buy land. Stoked for you! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • @hectorcolon8168
    @hectorcolon8168 Month ago

    Crazy and cool at the same time how cletus is pushing choppers down everyone's throat, level up,along with your brothers 👍💪🙏

  • @paullane7489
    @paullane7489 Month ago +1

    Congrats JH!!! Good choice on the $100K too! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍

  • @austinsmith1815
    @austinsmith1815 Month ago

    Can not wait to see what your able to do with the money and opportunities to come so happy for y’all and absolutely love this channel by far one if not my favorite

  • @Lfs1891
    @Lfs1891 Month ago

    They gave u the race knowing what it would do for you. You have amazing friends. Cleeter really wanted that chopper. But now you still know cleet and the team will still help you get you license. Even anyone else that had a shot still can. What an amazing team. God bless.

  • @thejo6331
    @thejo6331 Month ago

    agreed, Cleeter's got the capital to fuck with the whirlygigs, but that money can do a lot for the projects you've already got rolling. Nice win!

  • @nathanielsouza312
    @nathanielsouza312 Month ago

    The second you said you had a choice of The Heli or 100K I knew the answer & am glad you made this call, cause it will definitely be towards build even more on the awesome thing you already got going. P.s I really enjoy the crystal clear explanations you do on what’s going on for example like on the Freedom 500 vid when you dubbed your voice in jurying editing to give details about track rules etc..I really appreciate that it goes together the overall enjoyment of your content. You, Justin .E & the whole crew are killing it….Justin .E literally hahahaha o’l S10 will be back !

  • @borland27
    @borland27 Month ago

    Congrats Justin look forward to more content!

  • @paullypark7924
    @paullypark7924 Month ago

    Ugh. What a dream prize. Hope you keep it. A dream all my life is at your hands. Congrats brother.

  • @user-es1lt7uh9p
    @user-es1lt7uh9p Month ago

    I love 100,000 going back into the channel that’s awesome. Congrats.

  • @Ladder7
    @Ladder7 Month ago

    Keep crushing JH crew.

  • @twistedsxs2426
    @twistedsxs2426 Month ago

    You absolutely killed it man. Awesome job and cash is smart for sure.

  • @kylefitzherbert9381

    Chopper is cool but the money is life changing. Plus the chopper over time between housing and maintance isnt cheap.

  • @ryanabitter
    @ryanabitter Month ago +7


  • @johnbryner9052
    @johnbryner9052 Month ago

    Awesome job leading all the laps!

  • @robertboullion5136

    Awsome to meet you. Congrats again on the win. See ya next year!

  • @lonnieboothe7973
    @lonnieboothe7973 Month ago

    Good deal bro glad u finally win it and u made the rt decision on taking the cash. U go JH love the content keep coming.

  • @andysandlin57
    @andysandlin57 Month ago

    Great Choice JH congratulations bud🏆🏁🇺🇲💰

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    @munddo Month ago

    This, without a doubt, is the best video you’ve ever made