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Taking A Lie Detector Test...

  • Published on Sep 26, 2021
  • This was not a good idea. At all. So sorry. I promise I mean that apology.
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    Edited by Tom + Wilbur + Letuce ( @letucesandwich )
    Friends in the video (well, friends before the recording); @Tubbo @Ranboo @JackManifoldTV @Wilbur Soot
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  • Tom Simons
    Tom Simons  Year ago +93

    Subscribe!! We're close to 5 MILLION :o

  • AmazingTrixie
    AmazingTrixie Year ago +5

    Tubbo: “Do you consider yourself a genius?”

  • Ghost_Cringe

    Wilbur: Cute Questions

  • Daliah Hohol

    Tubbo: I forgive you but I really want an apology…

  • Whois Ella

    The “I love Ranboo” bit has aged hilariously.

  • i8VODS
    i8VODS  +2

    Respect for my man Mr.Lie for keeping a straight face the whole entire video

  • lamelynn
    lamelynn  +603

    honestly, the part where ranboo asked tommy if he thought he was ugly got me slightly emotional. not like, crying emotional, but a sympathetic emotional. tommy was getting anxious (thats one of the things these lie detectors pick up) he doesn’t think ranboo is ugly, but his worrying about the machine detecting his “yes” as a lie was the thing that caused it to go off as a lie.

  • dog dog dog
    dog dog dog Year ago +12

    Tommy apologising to everyone in the end forgetting that most of his apologies aren't genuine

  • i8VODS
    i8VODS  +4

    I love how Jack is always getting targeted for literally just breathing.

  • Finnister

    "Have you ever been in love?"

  • Lilly😏
    Lilly😏  +403

    I honestly think Tommy doesn’t find Ranboo ugly. I think his anxiety messed up the results bc Tommy knows that Ranboo has facial dysmorphia and he got nervous

  • ItsLily
    ItsLily  +538


  • Moonlex Alex

    Jack is the type of guy to see Tommy’s mom and ask “is anyone gonna marry that?” and not wait for an answer

  • Ghost Sheep
    Ghost Sheep Year ago +7

    Tommy: calls self gay as joke

  • Snowy The Fox

    I really think that “Lie Detector” just measures your stress level and heart rate. So, if your nervous I think it will count as a lie.

  • A Crow With A Pen

    I love how nobody's talking about the fact that behind Tommy, there is a 'Warning : Lie detectors, TELL THE TRUTH.'

  • monstershagger

    "What's your favourite lie you told? Mine is none of them."

    CORN LOVER  +352

    I love how when Tommy feels pain , the lie detecter man smiles

  • Amino acid
    Amino acid Year ago +8

    Ranboo: have you had romantic feelings for anyone in this room?

  • Elyabi
    Elyabi  +291

    Can y’all imagine if the fans controlled the questions 😭😭😭