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The Best Da Bomb Reactions of 2019 | Hot Ones

  • Published on Dec 20, 2019
  • From Gordon Ramsay, to Shaq, to Billie Eilish, Da Bomb Beyond Insanity had its way with Hot Ones guests all year long-not to mention Sean Evans, from time to time. Take a look back at some of 2019's best reactions to the infamous #8 sauce in the Hot Ones lineup-including Stone Cold Steve Austin's heart-rate check and Scarlett Johansson's lap of the table.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  2 years ago +16086

    Do you think Da Bomb should ever be replaced? What sauces do you want to see on the table next year? Hit us with that sauce talk!

  • Evan H
    Evan H 2 years ago +53687

    Shaq is the only man who makes a gallon of milk in hand look small.

    • Comrade Dog
      Comrade Dog 4 months ago

      Thats my dad bro

    • YYT
      YYT 4 months ago

      have you heard of anyone named Yao Ming?😂

    • dr
      dr 5 months ago

      Looks like one those little milk cartons 🧃

    • Ian
      Ian 9 months ago

      Brian Shaw

    • 3rd Gunman
      3rd Gunman 9 months ago

      I've met him in person and it doesn't feel normal how big he is.

  • Mike Hollis
    Mike Hollis Year ago +4367

    The reverb they put on Idris Elba’s bit always makes me laugh. It’s like he was transported to this isolated room by the heat.

    • Mr Etan
      Mr Etan 20 days ago

      can someone1 pls tell me the background music of this video, I've been searching for the music for like 5 years

    • itsyugiohhoe
      itsyugiohhoe 2 months ago

      or Asgard

    • Metalpunk
      Metalpunk 6 months ago +10

      And thats where all the memes originated. Lol

    • MugensGin
      MugensGin 11 months ago +96

      The shaq face followed by Idris was a 1 2 combo

    • seth
      seth 11 months ago +66

      right it has me crying bro

  • M L
    M L 11 months ago +1332

    Shaun doesn't get enough credit for doing this every time. Dude is top tier spicy eater

    • Mr Etan
      Mr Etan 20 days ago

      can someone1 pls tell me the background music of this video, I've been searching for the music for like 5 years

    • Thomas van Gompel
      Thomas van Gompel Month ago

      Or he faked it

    • Kebab
      Kebab Month ago +2

      @Inspect_h3r_Gadget have you seen the early seasons? It was either Bill Burr or Gordon Ramsay that asked how he can be so chill with something so torturous, to which he replied "hard work" and I'd you see him in those early seasons, he suffered every bit as much as his guests. He just built up a tolerance to it over the years is all.

    • Ueky Hirazu
      Ueky Hirazu 7 months ago +14

      @Inspect_h3r_Gadget If you eat hot thing multiple times, Your body will know how it will come & more endurance

    • Gino Trawöger
      Gino Trawöger 7 months ago +1

      @Jeremy Dyer LA Beast eating a dozen ghost peppers

  • Lil poptart
    Lil poptart Year ago +5983

    “Kansas don’t know how to do no hot wings” followed by Shaqs immediate oh sh*t face makes me proud to be a Kansan.

    • Mr Etan
      Mr Etan 20 days ago

      can someone1 pls tell me the background music of this video, I've been searching for the music for like 5 years

    • Comrade Dog
      Comrade Dog 4 months ago +1

      Yo let’s gooooooo where you from. I personally live in Johnson country.

    • Belugay
      Belugay 7 months ago +1


    • Super Jerick
      Super Jerick 8 months ago +3

      @SENTINEL what did Kansas do to you?

    • mathematics club
      mathematics club 9 months ago +1


  • Jordan Redd
    Jordan Redd Year ago +6944

    And then there’s Lorde who casually eats it and smiles

    • Moses Martinez
      Moses Martinez 4 months ago

      @qball1984regal all she said was that it was bitter and hot. But she still kept conversations like nothing

    • Keirays Targaryen
      Keirays Targaryen 6 months ago

      @Edward Gonzalez I gotta be paid 10 grand buddy for 5 drops minimum. U were ripped off lol. Da Bomb is no joke lol

    • MY WRLD
      MY WRLD 7 months ago

      nah lorde on a different breed bruh

    • Belugay
      Belugay 7 months ago

      @Jayson MacDonald The most underrated comment that only people with good sense of humour understand

    • mindlessly scrolling
      mindlessly scrolling 7 months ago

      Lorde the 🐐

  • MischievousMarker
    MischievousMarker Year ago +5031

    Gordon Ramsay pulling random items out of nowhere is what I never knew I needed.

    • Mr Etan
      Mr Etan 20 days ago

      can someone1 pls tell me the background music of this video, I've been searching for the music for like 5 years

    • BluestBlues
      BluestBlues 27 days ago +3

      He got that Doraemon's magic pouch

    • Divyam Mishra
      Divyam Mishra 5 months ago +4

      Me too bro, greatest episode

    • Daniel James
      Daniel James 7 months ago +4

      @Jios 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Keith Pierce
      Keith Pierce 11 months ago +90

      Hey a chef is always prepared.

  • TW Ray
    TW Ray 10 months ago +765

    I love how Shaq was "Kansas doesn't know hot sauce," then the look right after he takes a bit. "I regret everything I have ever said in my life."

    • Mr Etan
      Mr Etan 20 days ago

      can someone1 pls tell me the background music of this video, I've been searching for the music for like 5 years

    • AccidentalEmpathy
      AccidentalEmpathy 7 months ago +6

      They cut it but maybe 10 seconds later he said "I apologize Kansas" it was great

  • JJ
    JJ Year ago +373

    0:44 I almost died laughing 😂

    • Mr Etan
      Mr Etan 20 days ago

      can someone1 pls tell me the background music of this video, I've been searching for the music for like 5 years

    • uVie animatics n sketches
      uVie animatics n sketches 3 months ago +13

      Bro is coughing out of existence.

  • K Mwiri
    K Mwiri 9 months ago +263

    Definitely the best most unique interviews these celebs go for. Imagine having to sit in a studio the next day and answer the same questions you've answered for years after being with Sean.

  • Heartbreaker
    Heartbreaker 10 months ago +167

    Gordon pulling out more and more things we’ll never not be funny

  • MsTV
    MsTV 2 years ago +13762

    Sean did all this to hold Scarlett Johansson's hand.

    • Robert Nilsson
      Robert Nilsson Month ago

      I would totally fake a web show and torture myself over and over to hold ScarJo's hand. I'd even cut of all limbs but that hand 😂. I'd even become a scientist and turn myself into a hot sauce for this show just her 😂. She's hauntingly beautiful.

    • Roaddog
      Roaddog Month ago


    • Robert Theis
      Robert Theis 2 months ago

      I'm jealous, that's for sure

    • PatrickK
      PatrickK 2 months ago

      Smart man

    • Vistaxx 1
      Vistaxx 1 3 months ago

      LOL haha

  • DaSoulmann
    DaSoulmann 5 months ago +30

    I found as a stand-alone condiment, BaBomb really has little redeeming qualities. Using it for cooking is where I find it really shines, it comes through with a great level of heat, and adds a strong smokey flavor to the dish. I have used it in everything from Chili to Meatballs with excellent results. Keep it around to make sure people are kept honest ;)

  • CaptianNimr0d _
    CaptianNimr0d _ 9 months ago +93

    I just got myself that bottle of da bomb, and holy cow it is no joke. That is the hottest, spiciest ting I've ever consumed. It took down an entire group of grown men in tears. But I love it at the same time

    • ThinKwiQ
      ThinKwiQ 9 months ago

      I just got a bottle too, tried it last night with my pops and my wife. It is definitely hot! I put 2 drops on the plate, and we dipped steak in it. The heat was intense for a good 10-15 mins before letting up a bit. It sucked, and yet I'm already compelled to feel it again!

    • Lord Vika
      Lord Vika 9 months ago

      @LazoGT there are different Erskine if it and the I ate was ay 1.8 mil scovles

    • LazoGT
      LazoGT 9 months ago

      Lord Vika the 1 chip challenge isnt hard

    • Julian Buffone
      Julian Buffone 9 months ago

      I've eaten plenty of very hot sauces and da bomb is the worst by far. Like it's just pure pain no flavour. I don't recommend it. This was the original bottle don't know if the new one is different.

    • Kdkreig
      Kdkreig 9 months ago

      I've had a salsa made from Ghost peppers and Carolina Reapers, yet it doesn't seem like it is nearly as hot as da bomb. I've not tried da bomb, but I kind of do now just to compare.
      Also, weirdest part of the salsa mentioned before, if you kept eating it you were fine. Like it doesn't activate the pain until you stop to process the food, then you just breathe fire, pain, and misery. Great flavor though, so I couldn't complain too much.

  • Remnant Ryku
    Remnant Ryku 11 months ago +24

    Thanks everyone from First We Feast.
    My brother bought a bottle and all my siblings and myself ate a teaspoon of this stuff.
    It was a terrible yet hilarious experience.
    To me at least. XD

  • strucc
    strucc 9 months ago +9

    I'd love to see them go for the first one again after all of the pain and see how they rate it.

  • Queerly Dispassionate
    Queerly Dispassionate 10 months ago +21

    My favorite parts are Scarlett lapping water out of the jug, "I just remembered something from a long time ago", "I will not be def-*cough cough* defeated".

  • 857spins
    857spins Year ago +65

    Aha I remember living with my buddies back in 2008 and we were so pumped to get this hot sauce. We each took a spoonful straight up and near perished. Best and worst thing you could do hahah. We lived to tell the tale

  • thresher4
    thresher4 Year ago +3

    I bought Da Bomb for a Dutch older guy years before. Just because he liked very spicy food. Even though he was born in Holland his family moved to the Dutch East Indies (was Java), his family was interned by the Japanese Army. I was very surprised he actually
    used it up but sparingly. I though he would use it once then throw it away.

  • MarkFoz
    MarkFoz 5 months ago +4

    I bought this sauce on Amazon. Smothered a wing in it and me my partner and her son tried one. It’s ridiculous. I mean worryingly hot. Eyes streaming, heat just building and building. It’s an experience! Hidden it at the back of the cupboard for someone to pack up when I die.

  • Putera Nadim
    Putera Nadim 2 years ago +12896

    Idris Elba : *coughing so hard*
    Also Idris Elba : *licks the sauce on his fingers*

    • Lexi Vivid
      Lexi Vivid 9 months ago

      Right lmao it was out of habit Lmaoo😂😂

    • Rein Bronsgeest
      Rein Bronsgeest Year ago

      This video is missing the part where Idris says the wings aren’t hot, and the wings say “Hold my beer MF!!

    • Jeff Neiman
      Jeff Neiman Year ago

      My favorite Elba quote from this show was something like "Who picked this sauce?" (acknowledging a producer that picked it and then calling them out) "You know how to fight?!"

    • Ariana Venti
      Ariana Venti Year ago +1

      Why people think he's handsome

    • Give me a name i will hate
      Give me a name i will hate Year ago

      I do the same on heat stuffs, i just eat more of them because i dont wanna waste my drinks to get them weaker over and over. It works for me. Its also because of what a guy said, which is instinct.

  • ijams sum
    ijams sum 4 months ago +1

    Hilarious and i had tears laughing , great job editing thank you !

  • Alyx Holder
    Alyx Holder 2 months ago +3

    I love how everyone makes such intense eye contact when it's kicks in 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kim.Hope77
    Kim.Hope77 9 months ago +16

    I'm late on this but I can't deny it - Gordan's reactions were the best considering his career as a professional chef and it took him by complete surprise.
    Is that mean of me? 😂

  • OLeo
    OLeo Year ago +190

    Sean able to hold Scarlett Johansson hand and look into her eyes deeply. Lucky man.

  • Eduardo Cezar
    Eduardo Cezar 2 years ago +9212

    Sean Evans: "Careful around your eyes."
    Sean Evans: "Careful around your eyes."
    Sean Evans: "Careful around your eyes."
    Sean Evans: touches eyes

    • Gracie Hadlich
      Gracie Hadlich 7 months ago


    • Kino D
      Kino D 11 months ago

      That sauce aimed for his eyes

    • Kino D
      Kino D 11 months ago

      @Knugen 🤣

    • ChecksOverStripes
      ChecksOverStripes Year ago


    • J OConnell
      J OConnell Year ago

      I can ATTEST!!! made a batch of Mac & Cheese with a couple drops in it, managed to get a SLIGHT bit of residue on my finger and rubbed my eye...INSTANTLY running to the sink to wash it out. Thought my eye was going to explode with hot lava!

  • Gonzalo Caviglia
    Gonzalo Caviglia 9 months ago +2

    This one always makes me laugh. Full respect to try something so spicy.

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G 3 months ago

    I had extra-hot sauce on my Christmas list, and my nephew got me ghost pepper salsa, and DaBomb. Loved the ghost pepper sauce, and I also love habaneros and Carolina reapers. DaBomb was intolerable. Something about it is just...nasty. Horrible aftertaste, and thicker than most, so it clings and lingers for an insane amount of time!

  • Sam St.Aubin-Callender
    Sam St.Aubin-Callender 9 months ago +65

    best line ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DebVids
    DebVids 11 months ago +1

    Surprise Surprise! I loved the sauce. It's damn spicy, insane true, but definitely manageable. I have seen tons of videos on Da Bomb, and was more than ready to be in too much pain. I am Indian but my general spice threshold is not much. But I managed to have 3 drops in 1st go...and managed without water for more than 5 minutes. My mouth was on fire but not much painful.. only the lips were hurting. Rather if you are a spice enthusiast & want to try new things definitely try this sauce.

  • Bound Music
    Bound Music 2 years ago +56256

    Petition to get Keanu Reeves on this show next

    • super life
      super life 3 months ago


    • Fab
      Fab 6 months ago


    • B E N
      B E N 7 months ago

      He'd probably just say 'woah'

    • JC
      JC 7 months ago

      And Madonna!

    • ALBi
      ALBi 9 months ago

      hot ones cant pay keanu lol

  • King Zande
    King Zande Year ago +96

    Idris Elba's reaction is still so legendary.

  • Anmol Sowdi
    Anmol Sowdi Year ago

    Sean provides great platform for meme makers keep doing good job 👍

  • Ahkar010
    Ahkar010 Year ago +35

    I feel like they should add a “sauce” called, “The Finale”
    And its all of the sauces combined. Stirred up, mixed well. But like, only as a challenge for people who wants to do it. I think it would make a great addition

  • Sarah Neuren
    Sarah Neuren 9 months ago +5

    Jeremy Renner is an absolute beast. His reaction to Da Bomb was really sedate compared to all of these. 😂🤣

  • The Hope of Eden
    The Hope of Eden 2 years ago +7220

    Sean: "careful around the eyes."
    "careful around the eyes."
    "careful around the eyes."
    "careful around the eyes."
    "careful around the eyes."
    Sean: *gets it in his eyes*

    • Ivan Uriyah
      Ivan Uriyah 2 years ago

      And apparently they warn everyone before they start the show but people still touch their eyes... 🤭 🤭 🤭

    • YFL x Wrld
      YFL x Wrld 2 years ago

      PsyKL0NE TV the sith*

    • YFL x Wrld
      YFL x Wrld 2 years ago

      Bathurion you were my brother. i loved you

    • Facu Farias
      Facu Farias 2 years ago +2

      Sean: Do as i say not as I do

    • Oriell Bernal
      Oriell Bernal 2 years ago

      he says that cuz he knows.

  • Everyone has an opinion
    Everyone has an opinion 7 months ago +1

    I've had some of this sauce on a pizza. My brother brought some round proudly! Look, like on the First We Feast show, he said. So I thought how bad can it be? These Americans can't do hot sauce very well, but my fellow country woman Lorde showed them how it was done. So I slathered my pizza slice and bit in. Suddenly I was hiccupping for 10 minutes and drooled so much I could have been on P-Hub. Turns out Lorde is the exception in my country and the Americans were very right to condemn this one!

  • Abi Lola
    Abi Lola 10 months ago +14

    As an obstetrician I respect the accuracy and ingenuity of the breech birth comparison!

  • Dosta Girl
    Dosta Girl Year ago

    I bought some of this and have to say that I would never ever eat it plain. I honestly don't think it's meant to be eaten as just a sauce - it's so full of capsaicins that it really does taste like a mouth full of chemicals, as if they just extruded the "hot" element and nothing else. However, mix a couple tablespoons of this into regular buffalo sauce before tossing in some wings and it's perfection. Super spicy but enjoyable tears.

  • Adellya Lakshita
    Adellya Lakshita 3 months ago +1

    Now i need more of these 😂🔥🔥🔥

  • SteveJ83
    SteveJ83 10 months ago

    So funny watching Shaq's face change as Da bomb hit him 🤣🤣🤣

  • D. Young
    D. Young Year ago

    I just ate Da Bomb Hot Sauce smeared over a chip….I couldn’t imagine anything hotter than this! Pure pain…lmao at Shaq! I was spitting milk and had very similar reactions as the others!

  • Minoverody
    Minoverody 9 months ago +4

    1:50 is still by far the best one lmao

  • Freakerdepp93
    Freakerdepp93 Month ago

    I did the whole challenge two days ago with some friends. Da Bomb is really no joke, it feels like it literally burns away your taste buds. It's personal, this sauce hates you.

  • Jared Josar
    Jared Josar 2 years ago +4712

    Sean held hands with Scarlett. He has made it

  • Emily Jallah
    Emily Jallah 6 months ago

    The fact that MBJ ate all of these and did react this way makes me proud of him🤣🤣

  • Comics and Whatnot
    Comics and Whatnot 4 months ago

    Shaq really could not hold it together it kills me every time XD

  • halneufmille
    halneufmille 9 months ago +1

    That's a genius interview concept. Make the pain so intense all that's left is themselves, no acting, no pretense, no nothing.

  • Mahiyat Kabir
    Mahiyat Kabir 6 months ago

    Chef Ramsay n his reactions are epic 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lucas Mitchell
    Lucas Mitchell 2 years ago +2073

    Sean: Careful around the eyes.
    Sean: Careful around the eyes.
    Sean: Careful around the eyes.
    Sean: Careful around the eyes.
    Sean: Careful around the eyes.
    Sean: *Touches eyes*

    • fuju 78
      fuju 78 2 years ago +6

      @Hank Kirby I like your icon but I like them more when they're negative

    • Hank Kirby
      Hank Kirby 2 years ago +13

      I like your icon

  • Aaraiz Sad Soul
    Aaraiz Sad Soul 10 months ago +1

    I wanna try it ones in a life time 😂

  • William Fils Dorvilier
    William Fils Dorvilier 4 months ago

    0:42 got me everytime 🤣

  • nemonoire
    nemonoire 4 months ago

    Shaq’s first reaction was DA BEST 😂😂😂

  • somu. 22
    somu. 22 9 months ago +58

    Editor exactly knew what he was doing,
    He lined up "holding hands" and "Fuck You Sean" respectively
    The editor spoke on behalf of all the boys...

  • Jamey S
    Jamey S 2 years ago +15612

    This show created so many memes this year

    • Alycia S
      Alycia S Year ago

      @Hey Its Subbot Master that didn’t age well

    • 90s Baby
      90s Baby 2 years ago

      but i didnt see them.

    • phantombread
      phantombread 2 years ago

      Shaq and idris

    • FreeFlem
      FreeFlem 2 years ago

      Jimini you want a cookie?

  • Sage
    Sage 11 months ago

    i've had da bomb before, these reactions are not exaggerated in the slightest. this sauce really is beyond insanity

  • Brian Williamson
    Brian Williamson 11 months ago

    I just tried this sauce on a cracker, just about two drops. WTF! It’s acid on your tongue, taste isn’t that good, and it will burn you for at least 15 minutes and that’s with drinking water and milk. This stuff is crazy! Never take it off the show as it is the most notorious sauce eaten on the show.

  • Charlie1875
    Charlie1875 9 months ago +5

    Shaq’s reaction is iconic

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +2

    The clip should include those who ate this with no reaction. Paul Rudd comes to mind, he even added it to his last dab. Eating this once is impressive; going back for seconds? That's hardcore.

  • Chris S
    Chris S Year ago +1

    Stone Cold Steve Austin was the most impressive to me and Gordon Ramsay was the most hilarious.

  • minion cat
    minion cat 2 months ago

    shaq’s reaction always gets me 💀💀

  • Jesse Mireault-Rivest
    Jesse Mireault-Rivest 5 months ago

    I just discovered that channel and i couldn’t resist ! I subscribed to the sauce sub monthly box 🔥

    DΛЯK ƧΉӨVΣᄂ Year ago +48

    Idris Elba: *has a near death experience because of hot sauce*
    Also Idris Elba: *proceeds to lick his fingers*

  • Nick Moreno
    Nick Moreno 2 years ago +6930

    Everyone else: *glass of milk*
    Shaq: *gallon of milk*

    • Joey S
      Joey S Year ago +1

      Muscles glasses

    • Kobe Aragon
      Kobe Aragon Year ago

      He’s the only person I’ve seen only use three fingers to pick one up lol

    • Aron Surakh
      Aron Surakh Year ago +1

      probably why he was the one coughing it back up

    • Shibadu Maye
      Shibadu Maye 2 years ago +2

      Gordon Ramsay: Magic bag of wonders

    • john Stevens
      john Stevens 2 years ago +2

      Was thinking the same while scrolling then saw your comment 😂😆😉


    Da Bomb makes you go back in time and feel every emotion and pain you have ever felt

  • Sky Sentry
    Sky Sentry 9 months ago +1

    Idris Elba acted as if he took poison and knew it was too late to spit it🤣🤣 I can't stop laughing

  • Antonia Regner
    Antonia Regner 9 months ago +41

    Tells everyone to be careful around the eyes.
    "I think I got some sauce in my eye"

  • fordsie
    fordsie 7 months ago

    Shaq's reaction is basically iconic at this point

  • HoobaDooba42
    HoobaDooba42 2 years ago +2136

    Everyone: *scared to even try the wing*
    Gordon Ramsay: *_How did you get a wing that looks like my Grandfather's big toe?_*

    • HoobaDooba42
      HoobaDooba42 2 years ago

      @MoBaK *_does that mean..._*

    • MoBaK
      MoBaK 2 years ago

      *proceeds to eat it*

    • FavoriteDreamer
      FavoriteDreamer 2 years ago +2

      @manmarale XD so u got the ZA WARUDO

    • Aftaahlife
      Aftaahlife 2 years ago +5

      He’s gotta represent what he’s known for duuuh

    • manmarale XD
      manmarale XD 2 years ago +22

      You thing this will be an interesting comment but it was me dio

  • Christopher Cottrell

    Da Bomb seems to get the most reaction of all the sauces. It’s not the hottest on the scale, then why the most reaction?
    I ate some “hot mustard” on an egg roll one time, and it actually took my breath away. It wasn’t the hottest sauce I ever ate, but it was the only one that ever that.

  • Barry Sargent
    Barry Sargent Year ago

    I wouldn't get past the first one, respect to all that finnish this madness and even those that give it a go. If it's more than black pepper, I'm out.

  • Aditya Sarkar
    Aditya Sarkar Year ago

    Is it weird that I wanna taste that sauce even more now?

  • Manuzer
    Manuzer 9 months ago

    Scarlet just resting her tongue in water is so peacefull yet so chaotic

  • Jessica Stansberry
    Jessica Stansberry 2 years ago +1714

    Idris and Shaq are hilarious. Shaq with a gallon of milk then he pukes. Lmfao😂😂

    • Cat - In - A - Cup :3
      Cat - In - A - Cup :3 2 years ago +1


    • Manda*mod_rep_SOD for SK w/BLDFL
      Manda*mod_rep_SOD for SK w/BLDFL 2 years ago +3

      I absolutely lost it when Idris was ready to fight. He put Gordan Ramsey's tough guy bravdo to shame! You can't go from the most intimidating chef wiping lime juice on his ass and pulling Mulligan's out of a purse to Idris taking it like the effing sexy as hell man that he is immediately switching from polite to wanting to fight in .02 seconds.
      This show is brilliant and deserves to be bigger. I don't know how they would go about doing that, as I'm just a small town country girl, but I want to see this show get more subscribers than PewDiePie.
      Yeah. I said it. Not sorry at all.

    • Jessica Stansberry
      Jessica Stansberry 2 years ago +1

      @Jerry Velasco lmfao

    • Jerry Velasco
      Jerry Velasco 2 years ago +4

      I like how Shaq keeps acting like it's gonna be easy and that the heat has nothing on him.
      Then after he's crying, chocking and throwing up.
      I'm always like bro....😕

    • Jessica Stansberry
      Jessica Stansberry 2 years ago +7

      @Giao ikr 😂. I was watching him & Charles Barkley arguing and they are hilarious. Shaq's laugh is is like the combination of a loud snore, hiss, fart, chuckle, and him choking at the same time. Lmao 😂

  • Dante Sparda
    Dante Sparda Year ago

    Shaq's face going from Hero to Zero 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • nevermindshort3
    nevermindshort3 Year ago

    I would buy the Hot Ones Collection: Ten chickenwings with the exact same sauces as in the program. I would really like to try the experience of the interviewees.

  • Olti Haliti
    Olti Haliti Year ago +30

    "I feel like am coming out backwards"
    Am dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • light speed
    light speed Year ago +10

    2:18 is the best one for me 😂😂😂

  • Elizer Lopez
    Elizer Lopez 2 years ago +734

    Sean gets to meet so many cool people, imagine Scarlett Johansson telling you to hold her hands cause ya'll are dyving via hot wing. Hands down dopest youtube show.

    • Florent Sutter
      Florent Sutter 2 years ago


    • KimJongUnVEVO
      KimJongUnVEVO 2 years ago +1

      Gonna leave it at 666 likes

    • vault
      vault 2 years ago +3

      @Chris Jacobs the pain humanizes the celebrities to the audience and sean himself, you think of scarlett johansson as this crazy famous and rich hot actor, but suddenly she gets a lot more human when you see her dropping ice cubes into her mouth after eating a hot wing. not as much pressure as you think

    • Chris Jacobs
      Chris Jacobs 2 years ago +3

      I would crash under the pressure of reaching for that womans hand, seans got balls of steel

  • Dan Baranowski
    Dan Baranowski 11 months ago +1

    Seeing the Da Bomb mess with the guests is funny AF but I feel bad for them at the same time 🥵

  • João Paulo Lima
    João Paulo Lima Year ago

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    Riley Sutton Year ago

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  • JD Ros
    JD Ros 9 months ago +15

    Sean: Careful around the eyes
    Also Sean: *isn't careful around the eyes*

  • B1998
    B1998 2 years ago +4710

    Idris Elba: literally choking on the sauce
    Also Idris Elba: licks the sauce off his finger

    • Daniel Torres
      Daniel Torres Year ago

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    • Nana mio
      Nana mio Year ago +1


    • Z C
      Z C 2 years ago +3

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    • Tom Brando
      Tom Brando 2 years ago +2

      I think that's why he said oh shit 😂😂

  • Jonty Bradbury
    Jonty Bradbury 10 months ago

    Sean, I want a sauce that's head hot that tastes good. From what I've seen Da bomb against insanity is hot but not tastey. What do you recommend?

  • xanderthesweet
    xanderthesweet Day ago

    Shaquille O'Neal: "Kansas don't know how to do hot wings!"
    *Three seconds later* Instantly regrets those words!

  • Slipknot_ Santino
    Slipknot_ Santino 10 months ago

    I love how it starts with the face on Shaq and then strait to Idris and his meme 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T Year ago

    It's interesting that people have the hardest time with Da Bomb even though the sauces after it are technically way hotter.

  • LGPJbucket •
    LGPJbucket • 2 years ago +2645

    Sean: yeah just laps..
    Billie: *sprints*

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    Jordan Ocasla 9 months ago

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    Cassie Angelica 9 months ago

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    Deacon Davis 10 months ago

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    man like bash Year ago +2544

    3:50 I love how the 'Fuck you sean' came right after he held scarlets hand😂😂

    • drumfeck
      drumfeck 9 months ago +1

      I think that's how we all felt🤣

      DEAL MAKER DREAM TAKER 9 months ago +3

      @Akash Varma its all connected

    • jade uy
      jade uy Year ago

      Got me also haha

    • Akash Varma
      Akash Varma Year ago +14

      I love how ur comment is right below the ' Sean holding Scarlett's hand ' comment

    • Héctor Núñez
      Héctor Núñez Year ago +171

      That was no coincidence, I feel the editor LMAO

  • Kelvin Bauti
    Kelvin Bauti 9 months ago

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  • TeeGod45
    TeeGod45 11 months ago

    This show got me through the isolation of quarantine.

  • keevolution
    keevolution Year ago +9

    Watching this after Lorde’s turn. That woman is a beast! Lorde didn’t even flinch. She even described the flavor. Lol

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith Year ago

    Even a gallon of milk looks like a small cup to Shaq😂

  • User
    User 2 years ago +2478

    Billie: *Eats Wing*
    Billie: 🏃‍♀️

  • Austin coogan
    Austin coogan 26 days ago

    I would love to do this challenge