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Real Madrid vs. Man. City: Extended Highlights | UCL Quarter-Finals 1st Leg | CBS Sports Golazo

  • Published on Apr 8, 2024
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  • @pierrevalentino5250
    @pierrevalentino5250 Month ago +7839

    Real Madrid vs Manchester City has become a modern day rivalry for the ages. Always a treat when these 2 match up.

    • @kevinuchiha6830
      @kevinuchiha6830 Month ago +163

      They cook bangers, now Madrid will take the 2nd leg

    • @Messi_ronaldo10719
      @Messi_ronaldo10719 Month ago +238

      @@kevinuchiha6830hey man I might disagree with you this time but I think city will have a good start if Kevin de brune starts at city’s stadium

    • @rodgerjack6447
      @rodgerjack6447 Month ago +215

      @kevinuchiha6830 they couldn't even beat city w/ out KDB or Walker in their own home not to mention 2 free goals yeah blud its GG's at the Etihad City will clear easily 💀💀

    • @minioncult1871
      @minioncult1871 Month ago +30

      @@kevinuchiha6830 it’s always a hard game at the etihad you guys have have never won a game at the Etihad for a few years at this point

    • @hiperson2403
      @hiperson2403 Month ago +22

      @@kevinuchiha6830idk abt that since city held their ground and are gonna have kdb and are at the etihad next game 🤷‍♂️

    @MITHYKA Month ago +5227

    If you're a neutral this was the game of the year 🔥
    As a Madrid fan, I'm just glad the away goal rule is gone😅what a GAME.

      @MULWAXVLONE Month ago +54

      Fr 😂😂😂

    • @MaxCustomKicks
      @MaxCustomKicks Month ago +327

      Tbh I think getting rid of that rule is why these games have become so high scoring, you get sloppy defensively when there’s less pressure to defend your goal but now you also are free to attack because the consequences are so great

    • @windkiosk
      @windkiosk Month ago +45

      @@MaxCustomKicksagreed. A good move

    • @sprite1206
      @sprite1206 Month ago +120

      The games got more interesting when away goals got removed ngl

    • @izzyraj
      @izzyraj Month ago +20

      Yep! I knew it was gonna be difficult. If we get past city, then this cup is ours.

  • @nb5247
    @nb5247 Month ago +323

    In a few years we will watch the replay of this match and realize how many legends are in it

  • @glenntownsend5
    @glenntownsend5 Month ago +262

    Why is the quality of this video so bad? What would it take to get actual 1080p? This was an all time great match and it looks like it’s from 1997

    • @smurfyday
      @smurfyday Month ago +10

      spoiled addicts. some of us are here for the soccer

    • @HishamHossain
      @HishamHossain Month ago +1


    • @timbronitskiy6603
      @timbronitskiy6603 Month ago

      It's probably to avoid any legal issues since every big channel wants to claim copyright

    • @glenntownsend5
      @glenntownsend5 Month ago

      @@timbronitskiy6603 this is the official channel for rights holder for the US

    • @djmohab2
      @djmohab2 Month ago +13

      @@timbronitskiy6603 it's the official channel though

  • @Weluvruby_
    @Weluvruby_ Month ago +2240

    Valverde is the true definition of consistency.

    • @DiegoE47
      @DiegoE47 Month ago +138

      Played every game for madrid this season and played solid each game. Future madrid capitan once kroos and carvajal leave

    • @askittle
      @askittle Month ago +38

      and loyalty

    • @nkegoaekokobe1866
      @nkegoaekokobe1866 Month ago +16

      There are a good 4 people off the top of my head that are captain material. This team is family

    • @Wilcoranking
      @Wilcoranking Month ago

      ​@@DiegoE47you're assuming Bellingham leaves?

    • @pierce1234567891
      @pierce1234567891 Month ago +10

      yes 2 goals since september! Consistently not scoring!

  • @Caprogers-bb3tq
    @Caprogers-bb3tq Month ago +1884

    The best 2 teams in Europe just going at it. This is football heritage

    • @hawavideouploader
      @hawavideouploader Month ago +38

      On what basis are two teams best in Europe right now? Real cannot even beat 3rd place team in England at their home without their best player, KDB.

    • @BoyBoy-nm9le
      @BoyBoy-nm9le Month ago +155

      @@hawavideouploaderdefintly the best to teams in the world in recent years madrid making it to at least the semis nearly every year same with city success other teams can only fream of

    • @yuehuCR7
      @yuehuCR7 Month ago +87

      @@hawavideouploader Where is the 2nd place team in England in the champions league now? Did they win today?

    • @aldjeiab
      @aldjeiab Month ago +77

      @@hawavideouploader you’re completely ignoring the fact that Real Madrid has only lost twice all season. They have been one of the strongest teams in this champion’s league campaign.

    • @DrIllinois007
      @DrIllinois007 Month ago +16

      Should have been the final

  • @angelperez-lw9ek
    @angelperez-lw9ek Month ago +24

    Camavinga needs to get his flowers fr, he’s truly a beast on the pitch !!!!

    • @raminarian
      @raminarian Month ago

      To be honest, I’m disappointed with Camavinga on city’s 2nd and 3rd goal. Right before Foden’s goal. Foden had a chance and Mendy was furious at Camavinga for not closing down on him sooner. On Gvardiol’s goal. He was marking the wrong person. And caused Kroos to shift to a different area thats why he couldn’t close down on Gvardiol.

  • @pabloavila3176
    @pabloavila3176 Month ago +7

    These are the best two teams in the world at this time. Watching them play against each other..top top quality 🔥

  • @mr.wiiick2772
    @mr.wiiick2772 Month ago +3346

    If you look closely at Rudiger pocket, you will find Haaland there

    • @ertyuiop493
      @ertyuiop493 Month ago +46


    • @Jack-iu5um
      @Jack-iu5um Month ago +158

      I love this because man city scored 3 times lol

    • @jomammajoe8570
      @jomammajoe8570 Month ago

      @@Jack-iu5um none of the goals had anything to do with haaland🤡

    • @Anon-Man.
      @Anon-Man. Month ago +250

      Haaland is usless in big games.

    • @santivelosa513
      @santivelosa513 Month ago +212

      @@Jack-iu5um yup and whixh goal did Haaland score? Remind me?🤔

  • @anchia7
    @anchia7 Month ago +643

    This is an early final between the best 2 teams in Europe.

    • @ignaciov6735
      @ignaciov6735 Month ago +5

      Couldn’t say it any better

    • @alvinjagolla5160
      @alvinjagolla5160 Month ago +2

      Arsenal ?

    • @Rma7.CapCut
      @Rma7.CapCut Month ago +29

      @@alvinjagolla5160sorry, but arsenal isn’t top 2 maybe top 5

    • @alvinjagolla5160
      @alvinjagolla5160 Month ago +5

      @@Rma7.CapCut how is arsenal not top 2 when the beat city and liverpoo in the same season? 😂 btw ucl doesn’t determine the better team as you can see inter lost. Ucl is about experience

    • @Rma7.CapCut
      @Rma7.CapCut Month ago +7

      @@alvinjagolla5160 I never said UCL determines it, btw just because they beat a team doesn’t mean they’re better. It was lucky…

  • @AA-ds3hg
    @AA-ds3hg Month ago +15

    I was looking forward to this game in the quarterfinals . Master class game . Foden and Valverde are special talents in the field .

  • @BrownNDicker
    @BrownNDicker Month ago +10

    That Valverde goal was a beauty!!!! As well as Fodems equalizing goal

  • @Jeff_2x
    @Jeff_2x Month ago +309

    I’m LOVING every minute of this brewing rivalry between Madrid and City. These guys know how to put on a show.

  • @dizzyike7986
    @dizzyike7986 Month ago +752

    Phil foden is really something

    • @militaryjunkie6207
      @militaryjunkie6207 Month ago +8

      Bellingham is better though

    • @TaxEvader22
      @TaxEvader22 Month ago +71

      @@militaryjunkie6207 Yeah, a real shame he didn’t play tonight. Oh wait…

    • @Wilcoranking
      @Wilcoranking Month ago +3

      ​@@TaxEvader22lemme guess, he didn't score so in your world he didn't do anything.. 🤔 🙄

    • @aIIix
      @aIIix Month ago +24

      @@TaxEvader22 tactics on both sides completely disarmed the other teams best player, nothing from Bellingham or Haaland for this reason

    • @sprite1206
      @sprite1206 Month ago

      @@militaryjunkie6207 true 👍👍👍

  • @jamaican_4_life95
    @jamaican_4_life95 Month ago +20

    John stones man of the match for City in my opinion. Dude was everywhere.

  • @usmankhalid9438
    @usmankhalid9438 Month ago +15

    Lukita change the game, Fede Volley was immaculate. Top notch game from best teams in Europe 🇪🇺 right now. Champions League at his very best. See yall in Etihad Stadium.

  • @gingeybot8710
    @gingeybot8710 Month ago +1489

    I love how luka modric changed the game 🤍

    • @Ze_Moose
      @Ze_Moose Month ago +41

      Luka Doncic also knows how to do that

    • @d-family5843
      @d-family5843 Month ago +54

      fr, someone finally said that, he was the game changer for us, really helped us grab a point

    • @SevenRealms-lx9hc
      @SevenRealms-lx9hc Month ago +22

      @@Ze_Moosego back to basketball lol 😂

    • @SevenRealms-lx9hc
      @SevenRealms-lx9hc Month ago +16

      Modrić is a veteran my friend was wearing his shirt during the match

    • @d-family5843
      @d-family5843 Month ago +8

      nobody cares abt basketball buddy 💀

  • @niqxx2966
    @niqxx2966 Month ago +384

    As a Real Madrid fan, gotta give credit to foden, absolute class player, one of the best in the world rn

  • @BGeezy4sheezy
    @BGeezy4sheezy Month ago +7

    That’s the best collection of goals in a game that I can remember. Absolute wonder goals

  • @abakella
    @abakella Month ago +30

    These are both very talented teams, so once I found out both teams were playing their backup goalies I knew it would be a high scoring classic. And it lived up to the hype. Can't wait for the 2nd leg next week

  • @Jeff_2x
    @Jeff_2x Month ago +2423

    Let’s be honest: People look forward to Real Madrid vs Manchester City more than El Classico these days.

  • @turkeyman631
    @turkeyman631 Month ago +282

    City's last two goals with Valverde's.... Just perfection.

  • @jackreacher8324
    @jackreacher8324 Month ago +8

    What an incredible game, Real vs City is becoming a classic in the champions league, City got the result they wanted, much looking forward to the second leg.

  • @KevsShwaShwa
    @KevsShwaShwa Month ago +21

    Paramounts picture quality for the premier competition is nothing short of embarrassing.

    • @mgar1999
      @mgar1999 Month ago

      yeah it’s shitty. they have many bugs sometimes too, sucks that they also broadcast serie a as all their games are so poor quality

  • @Jeff_2x
    @Jeff_2x Month ago +719

    Foden composure is AMAZING man. He was no where to be found in the first half but turned up and scored the equalizer in the second half. Proper Baller!

    • @SlavicGuitar
      @SlavicGuitar Month ago +17

      I am glad Foden decided to show up in a big game. The goal he scored was great.

    • @lukiPls
      @lukiPls Month ago +6

      max glazing

    • @TheModeler99
      @TheModeler99 Month ago +4

      That's because Pep played him at RW (sometimes I don't understand the bald manager). The moment he switched with Bernardo and moved to center, it changed his game.

    • @mmamultiverse75
      @mmamultiverse75 Month ago

      Bruh, that's not compoure. Thats luck. If Pep said post-match that Phil didn't have a good game but then 1 goal

    • @Overnunderrr
      @Overnunderrr Month ago +2

      Because Kross was on him the whole 1st half , real knew he is dangerous this season. He was patient. The one time Kross left him alone and boom! Goal .

  • @royemmer3703
    @royemmer3703 Month ago +683

    What a match! a goalkeeper call out, 2 wicked deflection, and 3 wonder goals! And an amazing job by the ref not succumbing to the pressure of 80,000 fans yelling at him. neutrals have it good

    • @erickcastaneda6011
      @erickcastaneda6011 Month ago +22

      4 wonder goals

    • @anthonygarcia3922
      @anthonygarcia3922 Month ago +30

      Good job by the ref?..Nah Bellingham deserved to be sent off.

    • @hamidalipour2206
      @hamidalipour2206 Month ago +13

      ​@@anthonygarcia3922 BS...😂😂😂akanji...refs are always soft with pep teams always

    • @Southwestmo
      @Southwestmo Month ago +3

      @@hamidalipour2206 City is nothing compared to Barca and Madrid scams. Chelsea vs Barca game and Liverpool vs Madrid game where Ramos didn’t get a red card were the biggest robberies of all time don’t cry

    • @Lucid_lovesbwu
      @Lucid_lovesbwu Month ago +1

      6 wonder goals😂

  • @Gatsfield
    @Gatsfield Month ago +10

    Valverde has some of the best strikes I've seen.

    • @AmbushRL.
      @AmbushRL. Month ago

      There were 3 of the best strikes I've every seen in the same match. Incredible!

  • @princekells2
    @princekells2 Month ago +3

    The ball didn't even land Valverdy shoot it beautifully one best goal this season

  • @theoluo546
    @theoluo546 Month ago +382

    Skipping lecture to watch this game was the best decision ever

  • @diallom62
    @diallom62 Month ago +315

    B.Silva is just world class. His phenomenal

    • @Eduardo-go9np
      @Eduardo-go9np Month ago +2

      Barcelona move?

    • @user97521
      @user97521 Month ago +8

      @@Eduardo-go9npplease dont

    • @williemafia4189
      @williemafia4189 Month ago +13

      until he puts on a portugal jersey

    • @Absurd-Woman
      @Absurd-Woman Month ago +10

      *Silva and Foden were outstanding today. I'm still not a fan of Grealish; he's overrated. Also, Haaland has been totally pathetic in all games against Real Madrid in the champions league. Moreover, in the short time Doku has been w/ MC under Guardiola's system, he has impressed me much more than Grealish -- whose been there longer. I would rather see Doku against Real Madrid than Grealish. Last, I would love see Walker and DeBruyne back as soon as possible.*

    • @diegoortiz8004
      @diegoortiz8004 Month ago +3

      @@Absurd-Womanif anything grealish is underrated now with how much hate he gets always does what he needs to do

  • @James-if7iu
    @James-if7iu Month ago +10

    Liverpool fan here. Just want to say thank you for the game of the year lads. Milan v Inter 2000’s vibes and I love it

  • @who.is.kswervo
    @who.is.kswervo Month ago +265

    All I can say is Phil "The Power" Foden! Game changer and grossly underrated, glad he's finally getting the recognition. But Real being Real, they come back with a beautiful goal. So exciting to watch as a neutral, cant wait for the 2nd leg.

    • @TheCoattails
      @TheCoattails Month ago +2

      He's so young and it's easy to forget that. Such a dynamic equalizing finish

    • @Rma7.CapCut
      @Rma7.CapCut Month ago +3

      As a Real Madrid Fan, Foden is a Class Player, He’s got shooting, and power.

  • @MdAbidHossainzim
    @MdAbidHossainzim Month ago +203

    Great game. Whoever wins this tie should win the title. Two best coaches with very different tactics and ideas presented the best entertaining match of the year so far.

    • @Sickwitit18
      @Sickwitit18 Month ago +10

      If UEFA was smart they would rig the draw so that we get the opportunity of seeing these 2 play in the final

    • @Rma7.CapCut
      @Rma7.CapCut Month ago +4


    • @MdAbidHossainzim
      @MdAbidHossainzim Month ago +8

      @@Sickwitit18 could be a uefa thing too. Why make them play one match in the final rather than playing them two matches in knockout phases. Double profit, double entertainment.

    • @TrueWisdom992
      @TrueWisdom992 Month ago

      You’re vastly underestimating the Arsenal.

    • @Rma7.CapCut
      @Rma7.CapCut Month ago

      @@TrueWisdom992 Arsenal are gonna prob win against Bayern.

  • @jondorsey2043
    @jondorsey2043 Month ago +3

    As an Arsenal fan, watching Foden develop into a lethal striker like this is concerning! Seems to be maturing into an elite scorer recently. Some of his goals this season have been just beautiful.

  • @PokemomSquirtle
    @PokemomSquirtle Month ago +4

    Who’s back after we beat city

  • @bobcaca6744
    @bobcaca6744 Month ago +302

    This will go down as one of the best UCL games ever. And we still got the second leg to go 🥶

    • @emefafrank
      @emefafrank Month ago +15

      I think Real Madrid vs Man city and Real Madrid vs Man City was a better game

    • @Str8luv4u22
      @Str8luv4u22 Month ago +10

      U must just start watching football smh...

    • @bobcaca6744
      @bobcaca6744 Month ago +5

      @@Str8luv4u22 please I've been playing and watching since Serie A was the best league in the world little boy, you probably started watching ball no more than 10 years ago if even that 🤦🏽

    • @Str8luv4u22
      @Str8luv4u22 Month ago +1

      @@bobcaca6744 Base of ur comments u couldn't have been watching that long sir.

    • @ikhlashasib8256
      @ikhlashasib8256 Month ago +10

      @@bobcaca6744 and how tf is this one of the best games ever? yall are some kids lol

  • @tidesofwind4622
    @tidesofwind4622 Month ago +330

    Crazy game yo. We got golazos tonight 😩
    Also guys on instagram why y’all hating on Bellingham to like score and stuff because he had one off game. He is a midfielder but he’s trying all he can. Come on y’all are haters fr

    • @samirahman8054
      @samirahman8054 Month ago +4


    • @willy_t8106
      @willy_t8106 Month ago +3

      @@samirahman8054foden’s goal>>>

    • @sprite1206
      @sprite1206 Month ago +8

      @@samirahman8054 best goal in the game no cap

    • @AlexFooty7
      @AlexFooty7 Month ago

      ​@@sprite1206gvardiol was better. Foden is an attack. Gvardiol is a defender. More impressive

    • @princesparks2000
      @princesparks2000 Month ago +1

      I think Vini and Rodrygo should have scored those chances waisted. Foden made use of his chances.

  • @vip_supercars3652
    @vip_supercars3652 Month ago +2

    This should be the champions league final

  • @basantapant198
    @basantapant198 Month ago +2

    Dyamn what a game. Some of the best goals of the tournament

  • @salurena0
    @salurena0 Month ago +33

    Incredible game, coming from a Barcelona fan. These two never disappoint. Absolute bangers only in this game.

  • @LeastInsaneArsenalFan
    @LeastInsaneArsenalFan Month ago +273

    What a game. This was like a battle for the Puskas, so many bangers. Real Vs city is literally a classic at this point.

    • @kevinuchiha6830
      @kevinuchiha6830 Month ago +23

      Best game in the UCL so far. Can't wait for Los Blancos to seal the win next week.

    • @Real_Madrid320
      @Real_Madrid320 Month ago +15

      ​@kevinuchiha6830 nah bro, we are already out 😢
      No way we beat them at their stadium

    • @minioncult1871
      @minioncult1871 Month ago +10

      @@kevinuchiha6830 you guys said that last year and then you guys got humiliated

    • @kevinuchiha6830
      @kevinuchiha6830 Month ago +15

      @@Real_Madrid320 if there is something I learn about Madrid is their confidence, no giving up

    • @kevinuchiha6830
      @kevinuchiha6830 Month ago +1

      @@minioncult1871 trust this time, if I'm wrong I'm wrong

  • @luisfrias1210
    @luisfrias1210 Month ago +1

    Man, what a match, great highlight reel. Can't wait for leg 2.

  • @user-le1yu5qk6z
    @user-le1yu5qk6z Month ago +2

    This macth is like a freindly mixed with world.cup final of 2022

  • @timoteovalles724
    @timoteovalles724 Month ago +271

    As a Madrid fan it was a mixed emotion game. As a neutral it was a great game. But Camavinga was absolute class.

    • @xxtemuxinxx
      @xxtemuxinxx Month ago +7

      @timoteovalles724 and imagine where camavinga would be now if club and country hadn't wasted approximately 30 months of him playing left back.

    • @doncarlo4576
      @doncarlo4576 Month ago +15

      Damn bro chill, Valverde was also played at RW , Bellingham today was a cf/cam
      When carlo gives instructions its final, and whats best for the team, camavinga was starting over mendy and had a great performance vs Argentina as a LB.
      If anything that makes him more versatile and the most important thing is he's still young, and starting in all big games, unlike hype merchanst gavi ,pedri, fati, who were overhyped and overplayed and tomorrow will be nowhere for their team

    • @jeffspruance9388
      @jeffspruance9388 Month ago +1

      And he’s out for the return leg in Manchester, along with Tchumeni

    • @jonathanparra4963
      @jonathanparra4963 Month ago +2

      @jeffspruance9388 why is he out?? Don't recall Camavinga getting a yellow

    • @jeffspruance9388
      @jeffspruance9388 Month ago

      @@jonathanparra4963 I thought he got a yellow. Just Tchumeni is out for second leg

  • @wednesdayramirez7413
    @wednesdayramirez7413 Month ago +52

    This game was exceptional. I just wonder what the atmosphere is like actually being in the audience. Great play from both sides. As a Madrid fan, I couldn't help but appreciate the amazing defense from Kroos and Rudiger and the great plays from Camavinga. Manchester City is clearly a tough opponent with extremely talented players. Can't wait for the next game! (also very scared for it ngl)

  • @RafaelSoares-Tuelho
    @RafaelSoares-Tuelho Month ago +3

    Phil Foden is the next legend from England, he is phenomenal.😆😆😆😆😁😁😁

  • @omarpimentel1047
    @omarpimentel1047 Month ago +1

    Goals were insane 😳

  • @DiamondPlayzThis
    @DiamondPlayzThis Month ago +29

    Manchesters City goals were incredible!

  • @BenevolentKirby
    @BenevolentKirby Month ago +23

    Both matches today were INSTANT CLASSICS

  • @TacoLover243
    @TacoLover243 24 days ago +1


  • @zjofi
    @zjofi Month ago +5

    Where the Man City fans at now we just won

  • @Snowfall_13
    @Snowfall_13 Month ago +97

    As a city fan, that has to be in the top 10 for the most beautiful games we’ve ever seen for our club. Respect to Real Madrid for netting 3 goals against an in form Ortega, but I have to admit that was not a great match for him. Seeing Bernardo Silva perform that free kick was a masterclass in thinking, and it felt like our players were competing for goal of the year with the shots and chances we took in this game. Foden had an absolute cracker, but that Gvardiol goal is one of the best and most important goals for our club that we’ve seen from a defender since Kompany. What a match! Best of luck to Real Madrid at the Etihad, as that’s not going to be easy for them.

    • @aldami2963
      @aldami2963 Month ago +8

      to be fair, Madrid shoulda bagged those two free goals and would have won 5-2 if Kroos wasn't slow to cover Gvardiol's ball. Without Walker and De Bruyne , Madrid should have done better, Because now they are finished at etihad

    • @Snowfall_13
      @Snowfall_13 Month ago +4

      @@aldami2963 yeah I’ll admit, they didn’t take their chances. But that’s how this game is. The chances you make may never be seen if they’re not a part of the scoreline.

    • @Sickwitit18
      @Sickwitit18 Month ago +2

      It was not the best night for either GKs. But we got to see the 2 best teams in the world battle without their starting GKs so it made it very exciting!

    • @chitoyk8o554
      @chitoyk8o554 Month ago +3

      @@aldami2963 if I was made of wood and had leaves I’d be a tree

    • @geomejia8946
      @geomejia8946 Month ago +2

      Courtois doesn’t concede the Silva or guardviol goal

  • @edislettuce4218
    @edislettuce4218 Month ago +92

    I died 5 times during this match, these two are too good man lmao

  • @zoechucknice9699
    @zoechucknice9699 Month ago +2

    Danm what a match lol 😆 with so many beautiful goals from both sides 🫰🏼😁👏🏼👏🏼

  • @TotorMuh
    @TotorMuh Month ago +6

    Thierry down playing how crazy this game was is nuts to me. I love this match up as a Madridista. Great game but wish we came out with the win. Can’t deny City’s class at all, they can definitely take the UCL again.

  • @chrishong8975
    @chrishong8975 Month ago +153

    Have to mention the great refereeing too, some may say he was lenient but he was consistent and let the game flow. Refreshing to see a great matchup not ruined by horrendous calls

    • @Absurd-Woman
      @Absurd-Woman Month ago +6

      RM still dirty players tho, especially Carvajal...although he's not as slimy as Ramos used to be.

    • @susamogus12345
      @susamogus12345 Month ago +6

      @@Absurd-Woman talk abt slimy plastic fan...

    • @varietystamps4419
      @varietystamps4419 Month ago +2

      @@susamogus12345 can’t reply back with an actual critique so you gotta insult them😂

    • @chuksrichard3598
      @chuksrichard3598 Month ago +1

      Did you watch the match or just this highlight?

    • @saurabhdewangan4974
      @saurabhdewangan4974 Month ago +1

      Still can't believe how Canmavinga escaped yellow

  • @samkitty5894
    @samkitty5894 Month ago +35

    This was the final before the final. What a game...

  • @user-dk9be8pk2o
    @user-dk9be8pk2o Month ago +7

    Verde goals was hit so beautifully. Definitely goal of the game.

  • @nb5247
    @nb5247 Month ago +1

    I’m surprised on how good Kroos is at tackling and interceptions. It was like he was reading their minds.

  • @jaycfc3909
    @jaycfc3909 Month ago +31

    This matchup always delivers. Such wonderful goals scored tonight. What a way to set up the second leg!

  • @Jeff_2x
    @Jeff_2x Month ago +58

    FEDE YOU BALLER! What a goal

  • @NamasteBean
    @NamasteBean Month ago +1

    This the type of games we need!

  • @thefootballsearch
    @thefootballsearch Month ago +13

    Gvardiol's first touch was such a horrendous one. Ball just bounced off him and yet he was still allowed that shot. Terrible defending

    • @nigel5634
      @nigel5634 Month ago

      Lazy pressure from Kroos

    • @nigel5634
      @nigel5634 Month ago

      He did that thing where you pretend to pressurize so that your coach doesn’t shout at you

    • @brankobelfranin8815
      @brankobelfranin8815 Month ago

      Yup you could stop that ball on a dime Lol. The goal was superb.

    • @alasdairgreig2705
      @alasdairgreig2705 Month ago

      Cos they were busy tracking Haaland.

  • @paulerick6001
    @paulerick6001 Month ago +189

    Pele, Maradona and Beckenbauer are smiling in Heaven today watching the two games today. The quality of goals today were sensational.

    • @sab-vl4jg
      @sab-vl4jg Month ago +2

      No!! They wouldn't care!! Those footballers were ALL just about disgraceful the past world cup!!!

    • @EduardoGonzalez-vw8dt
      @EduardoGonzalez-vw8dt Month ago +5

      maradona cheesin hard w a pound of 🧂 next to him 😵‍💫

    • @featofclay2295
      @featofclay2295 Month ago +2

      There is no heaven, and you don’t have to be a former professional footballer to admire the phenomena of those goals scored on either side.

    • @Gum0808
      @Gum0808 Month ago +1

      Headass lol

    • @lincoln2408
      @lincoln2408 Month ago +1

      @@featofclay2295your right I don’t think maradona is in heaven but oh well

  • @ucheonungwa
    @ucheonungwa Month ago +23

    I haven't seen shots like any of those ever, all in one game

  • @ChasingTheAdventureOutdoors

    Damn straight fire, puro golazos!!

  • @AprilCGomez
    @AprilCGomez Month ago +1

    What a Game they gave us 👏🏼 Valverde and Foden super underrated. Valverde is so consistent, and Foden always makes the difference. As a Football lover I am genuinely exited for the next years of this 2 team rivalry. 🙌🏼

  • @LjuboCupic1912
    @LjuboCupic1912 Month ago +46

    Been seeing Gvardiol catch a lot of flak all season due to struggling to adapt to playing at City (as many players Pep buys do in their first year). Over the past few weeks, he pocketed Saka, had an excellent game against Villa, and scored a screamer *with his weak foot* against Real Madrid.
    I don’t want to hear anymore slander about my fellow countryman. Gvardiol is HIM.

    • @samkitty5894
      @samkitty5894 Month ago +3

      Too bad he has a pace of a steam roller... and is easily beaten.

    • @danielbawi4864
      @danielbawi4864 Month ago

      After Messi spunned him 2 years ago, Gvardiol is finally out of coma

    • @MrSuperPepi
      @MrSuperPepi Month ago

      @@danielbawi4864you had a 20yr old kid starting in his first tournament going against one of the greatest of all time after playing Brazil in overtime 3 days before. Give it a break. Gvardiol is that guy

  • @RhapsodyBlues
    @RhapsodyBlues Month ago +78

    Wow that's an insane finish from Gvardiol. Never knew he could score longshots.

    • @Nippleless_Cage
      @Nippleless_Cage Month ago +15

      Any pro at this level is capable of scoring longshots.

    • @featofclay2295
      @featofclay2295 Month ago +9

      @@Nippleless_CageThey probably think that FIFA/EA FC stats translate to actual football.

    • @metacommentary6791
      @metacommentary6791 Month ago +3

      With his weak foot as well

  • @walzybby
    @walzybby Month ago +1

    Lifelong City fan since the 90s, it’s shocking to see how far we’ve come, of course you want the win but you can’t get too upset with a draw if the equalizer comes from such a smooth across the body volley. Fantastic performance from both sides. This is why we love football

  • @bibs1034
    @bibs1034 Month ago +5

    Did ya'll film this game with a potato?

  • @therisingsun4828
    @therisingsun4828 Month ago +14

    I really liked this lady’s commentary. She was spot on a ton of times and had apt descriptions during the replays!

    • @smurfyday
      @smurfyday Month ago

      You don't say this gentleman's commentary, we don't know if she's a lady, and she doesn't need to be. The "woman's" would be fine.

    • @user-kq2kb6mi4m
      @user-kq2kb6mi4m Month ago

      Rubbish, she should be a commentator on other matches not big matches like this. We need Peter Dury!

  • @samdollar5728
    @samdollar5728 Month ago +44

    This felt like the final for the champions league

  • @s-traiss7313
    @s-traiss7313 Month ago +2

    I can't believe they gave Cama's goal to Ruben

  • @valantismaleskos9898
    @valantismaleskos9898 Month ago +1

    Wow they did not disappoint!!!

  • @Jeff_2x
    @Jeff_2x Month ago +116

    3-3 while KDB didn’t even touch the pitch. Completely INSANE!

    • @bisrat5343
      @bisrat5343 Month ago +8

      It really doesn’t matter if he is in as well

    • @kelbymaldonado1327
      @kelbymaldonado1327 Month ago +47

      @@bisrat5343 something a Madrid fan would say I’m neutral btw

    • @Hi-fv2nb
      @Hi-fv2nb Month ago +17

      @@kelbymaldonado1327Bro is a Man City fan but acted like he’s neutral 💀

    • @kelbymaldonado1327
      @kelbymaldonado1327 Month ago +39

      @@Hi-fv2nb not a man city fan but to deny that Kdb has any influence in the pitch is crazy

    • @gregansbootstrap5352
      @gregansbootstrap5352 Month ago +12

      @@Hi-fv2nb crazy to assume KDB isnt the best player in the world. No way you have watched football before yesterday.

  • @Ftfpro147
    @Ftfpro147 Month ago +107

    Bellingham was lost the whole game

    • @cls4786
      @cls4786 Month ago +10


    • @sprite1206
      @sprite1206 Month ago +20

      And Haaland lol

    • @Absurd-Woman
      @Absurd-Woman Month ago +4

      @@sprite1206 Haaland has been lost in every UCL game against Real Madrid

    • @Tuface_Killa97
      @Tuface_Killa97 Month ago +3

      @sprite1206 Bellingham had the chance to make plays, but he looked tired. Holland was battling Rudiger. Tough match either way u look

    • @danktaco7781
      @danktaco7781 Month ago +7

      Bellingham better step up in big games and stop the BS

  • @user-pi6wb7yi2q
    @user-pi6wb7yi2q 22 days ago +2

    Yo those away kits from man city are clean

  • @Lalo-ik4zg
    @Lalo-ik4zg Month ago +71

    Crazy to think DeBruyne got more camera time than Haaland 🤣
    Surprised Rudi could even move with the weight of Erling in his pocket 👀

    • @militaryjunkie6207
      @militaryjunkie6207 Month ago +6

      Wait till Walker and KDB play Madrid will be lost . Akanji is good but he’s not comfortable playing RB

    • @medalgearsalad1419
      @medalgearsalad1419 Month ago +6

      ​@@militaryjunkie6207"Wait until" comment cliche. Let's wait till next week. Today the English media said it was gonna end 1-3 with Halaand scoring two.

    • @TheMarksman0415
      @TheMarksman0415 Month ago +3

      ​@@medalgearsalad1419 Haaland is a little overrated. The dude can't do anything if they pass him the ball, he will just stand there waiting for the ball to be taken unless they pass It to him when he is running already then 90% he would score.

    • @daquavishopkins3115
      @daquavishopkins3115 Month ago

      @@medalgearsalad1419 he didn’t have kdb to play him the ball they had a few opportunities to play him but didn’t see them and pep obviously wasn’t bothered by the fact that he’s marked bc it opened up space for others he could’ve easily subbed him out if it was a problem

    • @alvinjagolla5160
      @alvinjagolla5160 Month ago


  • @yash96819
    @yash96819 Month ago +12

    Real vs City, you know it will be entertaining !!! Modern day classic.

  • @Gigga101
    @Gigga101 Month ago +5

    Crazy how we cant get 4k highlights in 2024

  • @armoonkhan
    @armoonkhan Month ago +1

    3 beautiful goals scored by Man City. They should have won this game.

  • @insertmorecash90
    @insertmorecash90 Month ago +24

    the last goal was golaso🔥🔥🔥

  • @chrishong8975
    @chrishong8975 Month ago +14

    Banger after banger when these two play, this is the epitome of football man
    So sad to think that one of these two sides have to go out in the quarters

  • @titanlife559
    @titanlife559 Month ago +1

    What a game. To think KDB and Walker didn’t even play. Can’t wait for the second leg

  • @offthxthc
    @offthxthc Month ago +1

    What a game ! 🤯

  • @JosePayan-gm3ic
    @JosePayan-gm3ic Month ago +12

    Valverde is always hitting them bangers...

    • @danielbawi4864
      @danielbawi4864 Month ago

      Out of all the 6 goals, The only banger from Madrid

  • @user-fl1sf5wj2x
    @user-fl1sf5wj2x Month ago +112

    Both of these champions league giants got away with no lost pride, but plenty of entertainment from 6 goals! Great Game!

    • @DeOmnibusDubitandum76
      @DeOmnibusDubitandum76 Month ago +5

      Manchester City a CL giant? Don't make me laugh! Your homework tonight: find out how many CL titles each side has. Then write 300 times: "Real Madrid has 14".

    • @kylemiller5671
      @kylemiller5671 Month ago +1

      As a Madrid fan, if we go out because of these bangers, I can't complain, this match feels like the final, no one else is stopping these two in the UCL

    • @user-fl1sf5wj2x
      @user-fl1sf5wj2x Month ago

      Who currently holds the UEFA CL cup? And the Fifa Club Cup? And the PL cup?----Is it Man City? @@DeOmnibusDubitandum76

    • @user-fl1sf5wj2x
      @user-fl1sf5wj2x Month ago

      Who holds the current CL title? And the Fifa Club Title? And the PL title?? Man City, write it down 300 times.@@DeOmnibusDubitandum76

    • @squilliamfancyson3552
      @squilliamfancyson3552 Month ago +5

      @@DeOmnibusDubitandum76bro are you 40 or someshit ? they are CL giant NOW, currently making history for their club, of course they aren’t overall considered a CL giant

  • @jackthemac132
    @jackthemac132 Month ago +1

    If Foden carries this form on he's going to be crucial in the Euros

  • @NooBody25
    @NooBody25 Month ago +1

    Quality tie. Wish Liverpool were in the UCL this season. Salah and Co. are drooling over this

  • @vasilisstylianou283
    @vasilisstylianou283 Month ago +45

    1. Camavinga has been exceptional in the midfield. My personal favorite for his quality and consistency
    2. Foden is playing at a world class level this season
    3. What an impact Modric has every time he comes in
    Hala Madrid!!!

    • @aking8570
      @aking8570 Month ago +1

      Modric is still the best midfielder in the world. It's good for MC that he didn't play from the start.

  • @raffaelesantabarbara1449

    This should’ve been the final game of the UCL this year. What a match!

  • @jakesmith62565
    @jakesmith62565 Month ago +1

    Rodrigo doing the siiiuuu ❤️❤️❤️

  • @WeedmayerPhilemon
    @WeedmayerPhilemon Month ago

    Little Haaland should be the best athlete we’ve ever seen on the field for the 90+ minutes of back-and-forth action without touching the ball.😂

  • @P61Gino
    @P61Gino Month ago +8

    Respect to Madrid top class footy from both sides all my city boys unite.

  • @josemanuelcruz3122
    @josemanuelcruz3122 Month ago +17

    Man city vs Real Madrid game was lit 🔥

  • @saadshaikh5597
    @saadshaikh5597 Month ago +1

    what a game, loved it.

  • @Xxdaft7xX
    @Xxdaft7xX Month ago +4

    How is the quality of the upload so poor ?

  • @basicbreakfast
    @basicbreakfast Month ago +7

    “a rocket from the homeboy!” 💥🤣💥

  • @sloveniesta
    @sloveniesta Month ago +14

    That's the kind of game you want to see as the Final. Loved that goal by Gvardiol!