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We Powered A Mountain


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  • @minecraft
    @minecraft Month ago +14693

    From building with blocks, to building hospitals in Nepal, it’s inspiring to see the impact of your work. Looking forward to planting some trees!

  • @ryanx10gt
    @ryanx10gt Month ago +14687

    He's the most subscribed RUclipsr for a reason, so deserved. Content is nice to watch when people are happy.

    • @randomberg9464
      @randomberg9464 Month ago +220

      Not the most subscribed yet
      Edit- I now realised he put ‘RUclipsr’, not ‘channel’

    • @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar
      @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar Month ago +23

      Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleaños y no tuve ningún suscriptor 😔 😢

    • @AimTracking
      @AimTracking Month ago

      ​@Gigakoopzxoil up lil digga i gonna touch you

    • @R.3.P.T.1.L.3
      @R.3.P.T.1.L.3 Month ago +42

      ​@Gigakoopzx womp womp

    • @zassshi
      @zassshi Month ago +31

      @Gigakoopzx nah urs is more cringe lmao

  • @user-friend299
    @user-friend299 15 days ago +91

    Jimmy. Please help in Balashikha! We have a huge mountain of garbage and the wind carries the smell from this mountain, and the whole city stinks! It's impossible to live here. The core in the center of the mountain is getting rotten every day! I don’t know how, but if you can help, then all the townspeople will be happy.

    • @mayakstudios7292
      @mayakstudios7292 11 days ago +3

      Лучше покинуть Балашиху, чем разбираться с этой проблемой

    • @user-friend299
      @user-friend299 11 days ago +1

      @@mayakstudios7292 Ну да .... Просто куда уезжать??

    • @FFl1s
      @FFl1s 10 days ago

      @@user-friend299 Куда угодно

  • @user-le1dr3ue3w
    @user-le1dr3ue3w 11 days ago +15

    I really like the clips where you help people who are in trouble.
    I follow from Thailand. I like both of your channels very much. Continue to make quality clips. I'm rooting for you. 👍👍👍

  • @panduagung209
    @panduagung209 Month ago +9728


    • @jesusstaya8957
      @jesusstaya8957 Month ago +470

      No porque sino lo matan al señor bestia

    • @_BangaliBabu101
      @_BangaliBabu101 Month ago +288

      Jimmy please help Palestine 😢😢😢

    • @sofeeyusoh1678
      @sofeeyusoh1678 Month ago +203

      Please have Palestine🇵🇸

    • @ritrox959
      @ritrox959 Month ago +366

      Cry more😂

    • @irfunnlolalolo
      @irfunnlolalolo Month ago +260

      maybe he has helped Palestine It's just that he doesn't want to publish it, because you know where he comes from, and where his money comes from too RUclips is very sensitive about discussing Palestine ,.because America doesn't like Palestine and chooses to support Israel
      this is very hurtful💔

  • @AbiKenzie-mz5sb
    @AbiKenzie-mz5sb Month ago +3337

    That's why Jimmy is the most popular RUclipsr on Earth. No Questions, hard work from him and so deserved.

    • @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar
      @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar Month ago +11

      Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleaños y no tuve ningún suscriptor 😔 ❤😢

    • @MbitaChizi
      @MbitaChizi Month ago +30

      My parents said if I reach 10k, they'd buy me a professional camera for recording... Pls guys Im
      literally begging you!... l

    • @hch2909
      @hch2909 Month ago +7

      ​@@MbitaChizihere's a like

    • @MildSpiceMcVities
      @MildSpiceMcVities Month ago +22

      Well done, you managed to get 3 bots

    • @OperatorDennis
      @OperatorDennis Month ago +2

      @@MbitaChizi sure

  • @Kingbelvin_
    @Kingbelvin_ 4 days ago +4

    When the light came up for the first time,the happiness was everything😊This videos are so beautiful to watch

  • @sanjaybahadursingh1972
    @sanjaybahadursingh1972 17 days ago +5

    What an opportunity to work alongside Great partners like Beast philanthropy, The Green Program and Givepower foundation and last but not the least initiation from Fikkal Rural Municipality to build a model Hospital at the heart of the village . Dream project turns to reality !!!

  • @lwashere228
    @lwashere228 Month ago +4412

    Everybody thanks Jimmy, but forgets Darren in the process. We didn’t forget you champ, you’re the Goat🫶

    • @Frank22lol
      @Frank22lol Month ago +76

      Darren's energy has been amazing since the dog shelter or food pantry first video (I tend to forget which). To think he had all this potential and was working locally to now helping all over the world. He has a kind soul.

    • @thesciencegenius1237
      @thesciencegenius1237 Month ago +8


    • @aryanwadhera
      @aryanwadhera Month ago +14

      I never forget Darren he does most of this

    • @burneyes744
      @burneyes744 Month ago +5

      Thanks durren too❤

    • @mawkhon-ue9ki
      @mawkhon-ue9ki Month ago +1

  • @nepal5966
    @nepal5966 Month ago +16741

    Thanks for the help ❤

  • @edwinenriquepinedochama8506

    que alegria ver lo que hacen, ustedes dan tanta felicidad a la gente, quedaran marcados en la historia como gente con mentalidad que tenemos que copiar.

  • @nancymoran6823
    @nancymoran6823 16 days ago +2

    Es hermoso que en este mundo siga gente maravillosa como ustedes 🥰

  • @RyanMercer
    @RyanMercer Month ago +8440

    Keep up the awesome work Team Beast!

    • @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar
      @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar Month ago +23

      Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleaños y no tuve ningún suscriptor 😔 😢

    • @Tiger10002
      @Tiger10002 Month ago +42

      Don't translate ฉันจะสมัครรับข้อมูลใครก็ตามที่สมัครรับข้อมูลฉันและชอบความคิดเห็นนี้

    • @youtubegames6612
      @youtubegames6612 Month ago +32

      Bro what is with this bots

    • @king_the_titan8
      @king_the_titan8 Month ago +14

      @Gigakoopzx yo dude . . . heh are you guys really attacking the BIGGEST youtuber on the planet? wowie you got balls

    • @someonewithoutideas
      @someonewithoutideas Month ago +6

      bruh go to sleep its 5:18 am

  • @wuahaha-
    @wuahaha- Month ago +11045

    please help our brothers in Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸

  • @nohachanhel6901
    @nohachanhel6901 15 days ago +4

    You are the one who makes me cry in every clip. Fan club from Thailand ❤️💯

  • @giovannyzuri5323
    @giovannyzuri5323 11 days ago +1

    Greetings from Chile, thanks to you the world has changed grace for showing the right path

  • @NaradOjha
    @NaradOjha Month ago +2894

    Thank You Mr Best & team ❤

  • @OopsHaha
    @OopsHaha Month ago +1529

    Jimmy deserves a nobel prize, and Darren and his crew gotta be right there with him, accepting it

    • @chey8877
      @chey8877 Month ago +13

      The one girl in the back giving the camera the side eye while everyone else is celebrating 😂😂😂😂😂

    • @talonbateford4662
      @talonbateford4662 Month ago +14

      That’s sadly not how the world works… he’s actually helping and doing good which takes away from the business set up to gain from others misfortune, hopefully he doesn’t bark up the wrong tree and help the “wrong” foundation

    • @PaidGuy3208
      @PaidGuy3208 Month ago +2

      He needs to get that Nobel price from UN

    • @ShartReacts
      @ShartReacts Month ago +7

      Lol, sorry but if obama got a nobel prize for droning kids and hospitals, I doubt Jimmy could win one.

    • @persona189blank6
      @persona189blank6 Month ago +1

      Out of curiosity, how is the village going to maintain the infrastructure. Solar panels and buildings require maintenance to keep them functional. If he was able to create jobs doing these tasks as well as constructing the hospital he might have succeeded in bringing an entire community out of poverty.

  • @rapaduratour39
    @rapaduratour39 12 days ago

    Congratulations. works in so many ways. thanks.

  • @Lucas-rf3ug
    @Lucas-rf3ug 11 days ago

    Obrigado Jimmy, você é o cara, se ajudar uma pessoas já faz uma diferença enorme imagina o bem que você está fazendo!

  • @mirrorsreflectyou
    @mirrorsreflectyou Month ago +445

    From Nepal and his team visiting here has been major news here. Great to see his work reach here

  • @haku_aku
    @haku_aku Month ago +919

    Thank You Jimmy and Beast Philanthropy!!!
    Much love from Nepal 🇳🇵!!!

  • @adriannigutierrez5167

    Apoyando este canal. Que trabajo tan hermoso. Gracias. Saludo desde Venezuela

  • @mdsamsulislamitemvideo4339

    Really I am very happy to see the video, in fact I don't know how to say thank you, this RUclipsr brother has served many good people and is standing next to other people with all his earnings.

  • @mitschnel607
    @mitschnel607 Month ago +272

    its so insane how far you've come. From making RUclips videos in your bedroom to literally saving lives with your team

    • @Hardikhs2zn
      @Hardikhs2zn Month ago +2

      ​@MrZeikin so sad 😢

    • @TAG152gaming
      @TAG152gaming Month ago

      ​@MrZeikinThen go make content and earn them

    • @mitschnel607
      @mitschnel607 Month ago

      @@TAG152gaming what did he say, he deleted it lmao

    • @TAG152gaming
      @TAG152gaming Month ago

      @@mitschnel607 He's like "I'm sad it's my birthday and I have no subs :(" And his channel was made 2 days ago 😐

    • @SuhailNabil-vr9km
      @SuhailNabil-vr9km Month ago

      Please follow me. I have no money, so I opened a channel to earn money from RUclips

  • @bidhyakatuwal8758
    @bidhyakatuwal8758 Month ago +179

    I literally cried when they turned on the lights in the hospital.....this means the world to the villagers ... huge respect, and thank you so much 🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • @ShouravDas1
    @ShouravDas1 6 days ago

    Thank you for such a wonderful contribution.

  • @VLOG_wale004
    @VLOG_wale004 18 days ago

    Beautiful idea

  • @nirmalsah9360
    @nirmalsah9360 Month ago +16464

    Nepali fanss assembl here🇳🇵🇳🇵

  • @Gundumb_guy
    @Gundumb_guy Month ago +531

    As a grown man, 37 years old, this channel never fails to bring a tear to my eye from happiness. With how depressing life can be and with how selfish people in the world are nowadays it’s very easy to lose hope and even give up. But as long as I see one of these videos from time to time it reminds me that not all people are heartless scumbags. It’s just a shame that it takes a youtuber to do all these massive things instead of the governments! Bless you jimmy, your a good dude.
    Edit: I honestly thought I was going to get a bunch of reply’s of people hating or making fun of me for being cheesy but I was pleasantly surprised!

    • @stronghold07ptx85
      @stronghold07ptx85 Month ago +15

      Real life is filled with much more good people than you are lead to believe. If you look at life through the lens of believing people are inherently bad, it creates a very negative and depressing outlook. We are shown the worst side of people online and in the news and less of the good in people. Don’t let this perception change reality.

    • @easyefpv6609
      @easyefpv6609 Month ago +10

      bro I'm 32 and i cry at almost every beast philanthropy video. this man has single handily did better than our government, and our government has been around for over one hundred years lol

    • @bigertim
      @bigertim Month ago +8

      Same, even as a 12 yr. old kid these videos that mrbeast makes me shed a few tears on how he helps so many people in so many different communities.

    • @19900frenky
      @19900frenky Month ago +4

      @@stronghold07ptx85I mean this channel on is 10% of main channel in subscribers that’s pretty bad

    • @sebastiang.6941
      @sebastiang.6941 Month ago +6

      @@19900frenky what you on about????

  • @mdsamsulislamitemvideo4339

    I have seen other youtubers but not like this he has done a lot of good work to stand by them or remove people's sorrows I will thank you very much love from me ❤️❤️

  • @AdiCod_Hub
    @AdiCod_Hub Day ago

    watching it makes me happy !

  • @plaguedoctor8180
    @plaguedoctor8180 Month ago +446

    I still can't help but remember how Darren started by helping in a dog shelter. Jimmy has quite literally changed his life forever.

    • @james-kt8tc
      @james-kt8tc Month ago

      I prefer to call him kind hearted big titty man

  • @Lucasisgoated
    @Lucasisgoated Month ago +381

    I'm not here to brag in any way, but I was lucky enough to be one of the recipients, and I'd like to again say thank you to Jimmy, the entire Beast Philanthropy team, who was so incredibly kind and helpful. If any of you have ever wondered just how indepth Beast Philanthropy is with their generosity, when I had my video conference with one of their reps, my only question was what the tax liability would be. No joke, he called to check with their legal department, and sure enough, I incurred zero tax liability. They truly thought of absolutely everything. Absolutely blown away to have been on the receiving end of such kindness.

  • @patriciahallden2053

    How absolutely wonderful!!

  • @LianDoanRoseroDiaz
    @LianDoanRoseroDiaz 12 days ago

    Jimmy para premio nobel de Paz...
    Te amamos jimmy!!

  • @Ramitbhujel141
    @Ramitbhujel141 2 days ago

    Thanks for the help

  • @cypressholmes56
    @cypressholmes56 Month ago +266

    I like how he’s working with the students on this, making it a full community project

    • @CormacHolland
      @CormacHolland Month ago +12

      I went on a trip with The GREEN Program this year to Belize, it was incredible and we helped out the local community there.

    • @SuhailNabil-vr9km
      @SuhailNabil-vr9km Month ago

      Please follow me 😢

  • @Mailoor
    @Mailoor Month ago +577

    Darren went from feeding people daily to helping future generations

    • @NigelAnderson-iu2bs
      @NigelAnderson-iu2bs Month ago +32

      even crazier, Mr Beast met him during his Adopt out every dog in a dog shelter video and ended up hiring him to manage his food banks from humble beginnings, I admire both Jimmy and Darren and the team at Beast Philanthropy so so much, they are doing great things

    • @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar
      @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar Month ago +2

      Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleaños y no tuve ningún suscriptor 😔 ❤😢

    • @NigelAnderson-iu2bs
      @NigelAnderson-iu2bs Month ago +6

      @Gigakoopzx ick you must be 7 to still be using cringe as a term

    • @Deluxecheese35
      @Deluxecheese35 Month ago +1

      @@Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklarstop spamming this on every comment

    • @VjjQueen
      @VjjQueen Month ago

      ​@@Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklarfucking bot losers

  • @mdsamsulislamitemvideo4339

    Very very thanks very good work is being done that's all and everyone will support bro let's move forward love you bro ❤️❤️

  • @lanyarocha3966
    @lanyarocha3966 22 hours ago

    Parabéns um belo trabalho vc está fazendo 👏

  • @manisa6798
    @manisa6798 Month ago +120

    Thank you Jimmy,Darren and everyone for this wonderful change...THANK YOU ON THE BEHALF OF ALL THE NEPALESE PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD...❤..

  • @roshanghorasainee
    @roshanghorasainee Month ago +108

    Thank you, Jimmy! As a Nepali, I literally had tears in my eyes watching this support from you to this remote place. We, Nepalese, are really thankful towards you and your team. Also, big thanks to givepower for your support too. Thank you @MrBeast.

    • @user-cj8nc1zr6e
      @user-cj8nc1zr6e 28 days ago

      you're crazy, anyone could cry. Let's say you got fucked off your bike on a cliff and cried

  • @red-sr6bk
    @red-sr6bk 17 days ago +2

    Jimmy : the hero of many people love from nagalim

  • @sssinjjamiah6844
    @sssinjjamiah6844 5 days ago

    Jimmy please look into limestone mixed with water as an energy source . Mixed with quartz as well, with your funding this could change earth and fossil fuel use

  • @ghaznavid
    @ghaznavid Month ago +152

    I've been to Nepal twice. The people there are insanely welcoming, and the scenery is exceptional. What I found interesting is that the people in the Khumbu Valley consider Edmund Hillary to almost be a god, and even have shrines built to him - not because he climbed Everest, but because he built schools and hospitals in the region.

    • @samriddhamallathakuri2297
      @samriddhamallathakuri2297 Month ago +24

      Nepali people are welcoming because we have a saying here "अथिति देवो भव " ( guests are like god) so we treat our guests nicely

    • @shock1860
      @shock1860 Month ago +2

      @Gigakoopzx nice bait shi , spreading hate will get you nowhere

    • @ghaznavid
      @ghaznavid Month ago +6

      @@samriddhamallathakuri2297 every time I leave Nepal, I know I will be coming back sooner or later. Such a special country.

    • @rishirajsingh8425
      @rishirajsingh8425 Month ago

      ​@@samriddhamallathakuri2297I am pretty sure that saying originates from India but your point still stands as Nepalese people are extremely welcoming

    • @manydaaa123
      @manydaaa123 Month ago +1

      @@rishirajsingh8425 you know that Nepalese people are Hindu in majority and we also follow "atithidevo vawa" with other principles (Dharma)

  • @Lynxytw
    @Lynxytw Month ago +231

    As a Nepalese citizen, this video gave tears to my eyes. It's full of happiness. Thank you Mr. Beast and the whole team for your kind gesture.

    • @kirdot2011
      @kirdot2011 Month ago +5

      How common it is for Nepalese to use English?

    • @Sonish-rd6qb
      @Sonish-rd6qb Month ago +15

      @@kirdot2011 it's very common. It's a compulsory subject that you will have to learn in all of your school year.

    • @Motocat_
      @Motocat_ Month ago +1

      @@kirdot2011tf bro nepali people are literated every nepali can speak English as a citizen of nepal I have better english

    • @amicacollins3412
      @amicacollins3412 Month ago


    • @wissie-d
      @wissie-d Month ago +2

      @Gigakoopzx rage baiter 💀 (yall don’t reply to him rage baiters just want attention

  • @lagardragon2070
    @lagardragon2070 15 days ago

    sois increíbles . gracias por todo lo que hacéis y dais para mejorar la vida de los demás

  • @zillowdale
    @zillowdale Month ago +115

    Thank you to Jimmy for going to Nepal. It really helps a lot for you to do this in our country where getting basic needs takes a lot of work.

  • @delighthope6443
    @delighthope6443 Month ago +67

    As a citizen of Nepal, we people are really greatful for what you have done. Thankyou so much jimmy.

  • @kaspra2681
    @kaspra2681 17 days ago

    Thank you for everything bro. We heartily wanted to welcome you here in Nepal. Please come to Nepal🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • @sabirshrestha3584
    @sabirshrestha3584 12 days ago

    Jimmy thank you for your kindness!! Love from Nepal❤️🫡

  • @jerrystark8379
    @jerrystark8379 Month ago +445

    It’s amazing that this all came from adopting every dog in a shelter

  • @mrshadows4622
    @mrshadows4622 Month ago +175

    My parents lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for 18 years without proper plumbing or electricity before moving to Canada. They had to walk to a local water pump to get water. Thank you for showing my country the love and support it deserves!

    • @Narutospeed_
      @Narutospeed_ Month ago

      Hinduism is bad and Christianity is good. That's what your parents learned

    • @Narutospeed_
      @Narutospeed_ Month ago

      Hinduism is bad and Christianity is good. That's what your parents learned

    @SASUKEGONMEI 12 days ago

    Great work beast

  • @oghelstha2304
    @oghelstha2304 15 days ago

    Thank you jimmy so much for supporting our country ❤❤❤❤

  • @claudemontezin911
    @claudemontezin911 Month ago +103

    Please please please Beast Philanthropy never stop helping people the way you do. We're all humans and what you do, most of us can''t. You are a BRILLIANT fund generator through many channels. Money is energy. This energy help others live better lives. Much love. Cheers!

  • @Extremelyuncreative
    @Extremelyuncreative Month ago +139

    It always makes me feel great there’s actually people out there with money that use it to help so many people

  • @nhacsongdaiduong
    @nhacsongdaiduong 13 days ago

    Very interesting and meaningful. I like this job

  • @nguyendotrungkhoa1669

    That y nghia va xuc dong hy vong sẽ nhieu nguoi mang đieu tuyet voi den những vùng sau vung xa ❤

  • @HugsxForxElle
    @HugsxForxElle Month ago +110

    Hey, when I saw that you were helping hospitals, bringing power and giving hope to these small or forgotten communities it made me think of my grandfather. My grandfather owns a medical company. He recently just built a hospital in Somalia. He heard about all the mothers losing their unborn babies and losing them during birth because of the horrible conditions and lack of equipment. So after a couple of years, the hospital got built and is now a safe place for mothers to have their babies. Thank you for spreading awareness about the less fortunate places in the world. You have made such an impact on so many lives! Thank you 🙏

  • @user-du2uu4zi5m
    @user-du2uu4zi5m 13 days ago

    I was really happy while watching it

  • @Roman_A_K164
    @Roman_A_K164 17 days ago +2

    Красавчик Бист, углубится если, то кто как не ты ,достойный быть главой нашей цивилизации! Войны эти ,ничего нам не дают ,только деньги и человеческие жизни уносят. Нам всем нужен человек который во благо общего делать все будет,и вообще всему миру давно объединиться пора! Все мы едины,и земли и ископаемые! Хотя со вторым я не согласен ! Уничтожаем себя!( M.R Bist., все в твоих руках,мы тебя поддержим!!!!!

  • @everyaudiobooks
    @everyaudiobooks Month ago +157

    Nepal's varied landscape, from majestic mountains to sprawling plains, brings both blessings and burdens. Thank you, Beast Philanthropy, for swiftly extending a healing hand. Nepal sends heartfelt love and gratitude to your team!

  • @jenulimbu2045
    @jenulimbu2045 Month ago +164

    Literally brought tears to my eye 😢 your kindness will make difference, thanks jimmy,Derren & whole team 👏🙏🫰

  • @DavidAx285
    @DavidAx285 18 days ago

    habrá que poner este pedazo video en bucle ;) que excelente que sirva para ayudar a otros países

  • @love_turtle_
    @love_turtle_ 10 days ago

    . 병원이 정말 귀하네요 워머도 귀하구요 애기가 따뜻하게 지내는게 있다니 좋습니다... 굿

  • @skyknight47_99
    @skyknight47_99 Month ago +235

    The fact that a RUclipsr is helping communities, rather than governments is absurd if you think about it..
    Way to go Jimmy, keep it up❤

    • @RAWJimmy
      @RAWJimmy Month ago +9

      It is horrible how those countries do nothing for their people.
      Greedy and ignorant politicians and nothing will change in those places. We've been doing this for 90 years. That hospital looks like that because they didnt take care of it once it was built.
      All we've been doing is giving them fish and not teaching them how to

    • @l4g
      @l4g Month ago +2

      Don't translate...😠
      भवतः हृदयस्य धड़कनं कतिपयेषु घण्टेषु स्थगयिष्यति, अस्य शापस्य मुक्तिं प्राप्तुं एकमात्रं मार्गं मम चैनलस्य सदस्यतां कुर्वन्तु. …ふか

    • @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar
      @Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar Month ago

      Estoy triste porque hoy es mi cumpleaños y no tuve ningún suscriptor 😔 ❤😢

    • @youtubegames6612
      @youtubegames6612 Month ago +3

      Why RUclips doesn't stop this bots

    • @Egoryan_10th
      @Egoryan_10th Month ago +1

      ​@@Sevgidan_shodon_yuraklar Oh, if it's really your birthday, then I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful day. I would like to wish you all the best in life, success, health, love, happiness and good luck in life.

  • @SilverbackG-wq1cn
    @SilverbackG-wq1cn Month ago +55

    This is how an influencer and content creator can be hugely impactful on the world. Power to you Jimmy. It's these sorts of projects that in my mind warrant huge praise and accolades!

  • @bikrammagor4755
    @bikrammagor4755 15 days ago

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    Thank you so much jimmy🫶🇳🇵
    We Nepalese people are always love you

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    He gives you the light now its your responsibility to use it perfectly carefully and also make sure hospital should be garbage free..... ❤❤❤❤❤

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    proud of you gimmy

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    As a Nepali i cannot express how thankful i am towards you
    Thankyou to everyone that made this possible

  • @randygreen007
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    Those infant warmers are critical equipment for helping an infant survive while being treated in a hospital setting since infants lack the ability to regulate their own body temperature. As a surgical assistant I always dreaded having to work with them because they’re so dang hot but incredibly necessary. What an incredible gift that was! Thanks for everything that you do Jimmy and the support team. ❤️💪🏼😎👍🏼❤️

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    Great work brother ❤️

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    Jimmy please add more trees in the world can you do it!

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    This guy went from being a small time gamer, to an entrepreneur, to a Popular youtuber, to that person who makes a difference in the entire world

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    Thanks Jimmy!! means a lot to our people🙏🏻

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      Go gym

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      @@mrhamid92 ive been going for 5 yrs buddy

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      You are loved!
      John 3:14-18,1 iCorinthians 15:1-4, Ephesians2:8-9, Romans 10:8-13,
      Titus 2:13, 1John 5:5, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18! 1 Peter 3:18!
      Salvation is God’s Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ Jesus alone!
      Our Blessed Hope! Jesus loves you so much, that He died for you so you can spend eternity with Him!
      Jesus came, died, was buried and He rose again on the 3rd day proving that He is God and that His blood paid for all sin for all time! You have been Justified! Just-as-if-I’d never sinned! Jesus is the Only Way, the Only Truth and the Only Life, and no one gets to the Father but through Him! Believe and receive Jesus into your heart and you will be Saved! Run to Him! Just as you are! Call on the Lord and you will be Saved!!! The Great Tribulation is fixin start, but those who believe will be Raptured first! Rescued just in time! Times almost up! Don’t be left behind!
      Numbers 6:-27 KJV
      24 The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
      25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
      26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
      27 And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them

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    There are a lot of floods and the population is suffering a lot from this, please help Rio Grande Do Sul. That's all I ask PLEASE

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    Hello, jimmy i’ve been going through alot of depression and seeing your videos has made me happy now don’t stop helping people your truly a life saver to all you help including me thank you.❤

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    It was great pleasure to award the Nyano Nani with the People's Choice Awards at our NEOvations Bench to Bedside Competition. We are so excited for the Nyano Nani team and the incredible changes it's made in the lives of so many rural communities. Thank you for sharing this device, Mr. Beast!

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    Thank you for the help sir 😊

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    Don’t ever feel intimidated if someone gets upset that your helping people. Tbh, just ignore it and keep doing what you do! It warms my heart every time I see one of these videos. Don’t let anything stop you from making videos on this channel!

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      How many people hate on this that are not bots? Like I agree don’t hate on Jimmy, but I have not seen any real hate comments.

    • @KatabaticPlays
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      @@user-Camjja It's sadly mostly on twitter and other socials. RUclips is just the bots hating.

    • @JPMario
      @JPMario Month ago

      @@user-Camjja ever since his 100 wells video, this one guy made a video with a bunch of false claims that Mr beast apparently did/said that puts a bad impression on Africa. None of the claims he said were true tho. He was just upset that Jimmy, a white guy, is helping people in Africa even tho those people really need it

    • @user-Camjja
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      @@JPMario who?

    • @user-Camjja
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      @@KatabaticPlays That’s what I have seen too.

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    Them celebrating switching the light on really put things into perspective. We’re used to seeing buildings lighting up 24/7, we take things like these for granted 💖

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      literally begging you!... l

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      @Gigakoopzx your life is cringe, just stop lil bro and go find a new hobby

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      @@MbitaChizi no

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    The fact that he called something other than feastables the best food on the planet just really shows how committed he is XD Great work yall!

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      Kellogs are evil lol

    • @jcarm185
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      @@tripcave420 No there are not. Sure, maybe the leaders of the company might be part of Bilderberg or what not, but that does not mean their money is evil. Jimmy is obviously using it for good.

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    Thank you so much jimmy. We are really happy for your help and support💗

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      Sad he sold himself out to kellogs, they are shit and feed bad bacteria in kids causing adhd.