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Garten of Banban 7 - Official Trailer

  • Published on Apr 12, 2024
    Bigger. Scarier. Banbannier.
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    • @allaboutarte
      @allaboutarte Month ago +112

      ain't no way, it's him
      I can't believe how many times I have to edit this comment just for ppl to understand what I'm tryna say

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      (Edit: Y'all stop he wasn't first a day ago)
      (Edit: Y'know what ima just ignore y'all comments)

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      Star code thinknoodles

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      Omg thinkkk

  • @caylusyt
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    Ok this one looks a lot scarier 😳 and I’m so down for that

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    1 like = 1M subs for euphoric brothers

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  • @Dakblake
    @Dakblake Month ago +1299

    This is going to be so cool! I love how creepy and mysterious everything looks.
    I also can't wait to squash all of those cockroaches haha

  • @paninotube_international

    This trailer is really awesome 😃 It's finally here 🤩

  • @rhondasipes1575
    @rhondasipes1575 12 days ago +20

    All of the different mascots Are alive except for
    Banban rip banban
    Don’t miss the game

  • @dreamofamansfortress9000
    @dreamofamansfortress9000 24 days ago +116

    People were hating on this game at first, yet come back for more lol, imma be honest, I’ve liked it since the second one came out. Even though the art style is cheaper than more mainstream games, Garten of Banban has kind of a charm to it, it’s self aware, and I love the humour, it’s never genuinely trying to be too serious, and our first taste of this was banbaleena’s scene in the classroom, by far one of the best moments in the game’s history.
    Not to mention, I kinda like the story and janky logic of there being like a queen kangaroo and a gang of slug people

    • @localnpc69
      @localnpc69 19 days ago +9

      exactly! people take the game too seriously, it's just fun!

    • @Limerz
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      was choo choo charles in this bro? like what 😭😭😭😭

    • @Ernest.98
      @Ernest.98 17 days ago +3

      It's a great shame that only you think like that...

    • @Cyanna.Scribe
      @Cyanna.Scribe 12 days ago +2

      ​@@IISSAC-vg3yu it's supposed to be silly. They're not trying to make a serious game, just something to make fun of and have fun playing.

    • @LShaver947
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      ​@Ernest.98 u literally have a ghost thirst trap as ur pfp

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    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, y’all don’t miss 🔥

  • @i.luv.banban
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    Wow, BitterGiggle looks creep-tastic.

  • @TristansGamesandShorts


  • @Weirdshorts777
    @Weirdshorts777 Hour ago

    Mutant bittergiggle giggle is scary

  • @Will_PlayzOfficial
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    "CHAT IS THIS REAL?" 🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • @Evelyn-te1nk
    @Evelyn-te1nk 3 hours ago

    Okay this one looks pretty good

  • @Zuadodmsmano
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    "Oh.. i remenber you, you aways hated my jokes!!" This one broke me jester...

  • @BandenTCY
    @BandenTCY Month ago +245

    Can’t wait to play this 🔥 might just be the best title yet in the series considering how much hype it has

  • @colekiesler6218
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    Jumbo Josh’s return feels like we finally are truly going to become jumbo with this chapter.

    • @KingLimeThe1st
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      @@fishfish9668and garten of banban’s content is better than your’s+banban’s better+im actually nicer than you+we are better people than you are+go to your type of people which is the UTTP police

    • @izanplazaperales5393
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      People don't respond, either it's a bot or it's a person with a lack of parental attention​@@KingLimeThe1st

    • @Kittycorn1711
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      I don't exactly think that we will play as jumbo but he might be a helping hand since we both were left alone or he could be out for revenge on us and it's toadster helping us in the game

    • @Corrientes0301
      @Corrientes0301 Month ago +2

      Jumbo is like the buggy wuggy of garten of banban

    • @Seu_William
      @Seu_William Month ago +1

      And the giant fiddles? From chapter 2

  • @Jumboshorts459
    @Jumboshorts459 24 days ago +2

    This is gonna be the best chapter yet

  • @alittlebitofeverythingyt7394

    There’s something so unsettling about this trailer that makes it so good. The alien things hanging from the ceiling, the realistic cockroaches in a huge hoard, BitterGiggles’ new look, this chapter’s looking awesome

  • @Razzbowski
    @Razzbowski Month ago +439

    Thicc boi Josh is back baby

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  • @Simple_Person_489
    @Simple_Person_489 18 hours ago

    Why the hell do I get S.T.A.L.K.E.R vibes whenever I hear the aliens talk 💀

  • @JohnFalz
    @JohnFalz Month ago +132

    Love this! 🤩

  • @LumajusoTV
    @LumajusoTV Month ago +317

    It's a beautiful trailer, congratulations Faris and Ghepo 🤩👌
    Now we have a lot more details on what Chapter 7 will be like, so thank you very much 😏❤

  • @samsiahzainalabidin5684

    Euphoric Brothers or soooo!! Cooool

  • @jackdreemurr1326
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    you guys are iconic for making the music not go well with the actual scene in every trailer i guess

  • @ssisid.
    @ssisid. Month ago +492

    As much as people make fun of this franchise, this instalment actually looks pretty decent - the environments and scare factor both look much more refined and polished in this trailer! Keep cooking, Euphoric Brothers!

    • @Trench_the_seawonk
      @Trench_the_seawonk Month ago

      ​@@COOLMARIO-fe3xt Uttp 2.0?

    • @IForgotHisNameTheFrogDude
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      @@COOLMARIO-fe3xt 😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 banban is better than you unsigma🖤🖤

    • @RudyYtGamingofficiel
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      ​@@COOLMARIO-fe3xtThis Tralier Is Is Cool And Poor Banban I Can Wait To See The Game Come Out

    • @ed_cmntonly
      @ed_cmntonly Month ago +20

      if banban pulls a chapter 3 poppy playtime it's going to be one of the biggest comebacks in history

    • @carlisleivancarbungco
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      ​@@COOLMARIO-fe3xt that's the lamest expose I ever heard.

  • @fgteev
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    Errr ma gerd! 😮

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      Why aren't you at the top?

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      Two replies and 14 likes? Lemme fix that

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      Hey Duddy I Always Loved Your Channel Your Channel Was My Childhood I Missed Watching It & I Was So Busy Watching Other Stuff Even Thinknoodles

    • @KoolBox_Somrik
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      Ayyy ThinkNoodles And FeeGee Please Play Garten Of Banban 7 For Us!!!

  • @firecentral152
    @firecentral152 18 days ago

    as soon as garten of banban 7 released, i got so hyped

  • @ErikaY16
    @ErikaY16 25 days ago +8

    My niece showed me this game, and I was trying to figure out how to play it and got hooked. I enjoyed the story line, the figuring out solving to this game. I just finished 6, I can’t wait till this one comes out.

  • @JlStrikes
    @JlStrikes Month ago +152

    All Mascots:
    0:01 Bittergiggle (Naughtified)
    0:45 Nabnaleena (Naughtified)
    0:49 Kittysaurus (Naughtified)
    1:01 Banban (Dead)
    1:04 Syringeon (Statue)
    1:08 The Mural (Banban's gang)
    1:20 Jumbo Josh

  • @buggyhuggy
    @buggyhuggy Month ago +233

    Looks promising 🎉

  • @anastasiadima8667
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    Banban got rip and he ain't smile

  • @iwinkdoank8524
    @iwinkdoank8524 18 days ago +2

    this map is CRAZY!!

  • @NotFlingOn_YT.
    @NotFlingOn_YT. Month ago +261

    I really love how much Garten of Banban actually improved now. It's now actually kinda scary.

    • @Reidashz
      @Reidashz Month ago +7

      And I'm Batman

    • @Uniquely_Martin
      @Uniquely_Martin Month ago +1

      Ngl I prefered before garten of banban 2 and 3 were the best

    • @Shockwave-rv1bd
      @Shockwave-rv1bd Month ago +6

      @@Uniquely_Martin I think gobb 4 was the best in my opinion

    • @TiffanyBrading
      @TiffanyBrading Month ago +7

      Finally bitter giggle is finally out. I love bitter giggle, he’s my favorite in the world because I like his jokes
      I’m watching it right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤

    • @farzanarahman4142
      @farzanarahman4142 Month ago

      not for me. sorry

  • @NinoMssClick
    @NinoMssClick Month ago +159

    Let's goooo

  • @user-sg1qr6pj8z
    @user-sg1qr6pj8z 28 days ago

    Man I'm gonna love this chapter

  • @HALFCUTBANAN...dontaskwhy

    ngl this honestly looks pretty good for a banban game

  • @fierygamer5531
    @fierygamer5531 Month ago +341

    Sir Dadadoo: My army is more powerful than you all are!
    Jumbo Josh: *Pathetic*

    • @TIPc736
      @TIPc736 Month ago +22

      me: wondering how deep this plase is*

    • @reywe963
      @reywe963 Month ago +22

      Jumbo Josh can solo All of them at once Like Tarta opila banbaleena and Nabnaleena wouldn't even scratch him I think Josh will be a Ally of us now after all the chapters he is the only main characters characters who we didn't have maked friends with

    • @Vicentolander
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    • @Ad3i3
      @Ad3i3 Month ago +5

      Plot armor: Nah we'll see abt that

    • @JengerOfficial.
      @JengerOfficial. Month ago +2

      @@Ad3i3stinger flynn:👻

  • @El_mordidas_del83
    @El_mordidas_del83 Month ago +67

    Bro jumbo josh is the real i always come back 💀

  • @lotfia2399
    @lotfia2399 27 days ago

    I’m so ready for this to come out

  • @user-bh1nd9by4v
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    Every time we get closer and closer to to something good keep it up

  • @user-is8bk4ch2y
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    People who can’t wait for the release date

  • @gerardovergara3712
    @gerardovergara3712 Month ago +215

    Oh man, Bittergiggle becomes evil and demonic because he's terrifying

    • @gerardovergara3712
      @gerardovergara3712 Month ago +6

      Also, Jumbo Josh is back 🟢 🦍 💪

    • @davidleeh1521
      @davidleeh1521 Month ago +3

      I love your icon

    • @gerardovergara3712
      @gerardovergara3712 Month ago +2

      ​​@@davidleeh1521Thanks, but I don't own this picture because I just liked the game because it looks cool

    • @TheBlupellerAnimates
      @TheBlupellerAnimates Month ago

      @@fishfish9668liar u only have 15 subs you only have other peoples videos when we press on ur profile

    • @MistrerKeks2013
      @MistrerKeks2013 Month ago +2

      ​@@gerardovergara3712я боюсь что в седьмой части Джош уйдёт на тот свет к Банбану и Королеве

  • @ayanplaytime8120
    @ayanplaytime8120 10 hours ago

    Bro this is sick I can’t wait to play this😊

  • @LN-7
    @LN-7 Month ago +79

    "I'l hold them off, look for the surgeon"
    I can't wait for this new chapter 🎉🔥

  • @LaBouillie
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  • @sara04176
    @sara04176 22 days ago

    Im so excited because we can look through the drone also

  • @ozillok82
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  • @teeganm8171
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  • @aceash5.065
    @aceash5.065 Month ago +16

    “You always hated my jokes!”
    I thought I was mute.

  • @TurboTaizo4355
    @TurboTaizo4355 25 days ago +1

    I love This Trailer !!!

  • @Di_ne3021
    @Di_ne3021 20 days ago +4

    Now... 1 Day left!!!!

  • @BENJIxScarlett
    @BENJIxScarlett Month ago +126

    We Need This Game NOW!!!!

  • @Doodlez_4_eva
    @Doodlez_4_eva Month ago +181

    This chapter is going to be way longer and scarier then last time. Poor Josh, he didn't deserve this. None of them deserved it. ☹️😞

    • @WarcatOfficial
      @WarcatOfficial Month ago +6

      ​@@COOLMARIO-fe3xtalso the videos you have is not even yours

    • @kingofjazz2820
      @kingofjazz2820 Month ago +7

      ​@@Devlin_Brojosh is not one of them

    • @Zyone_zb
      @Zyone_zb Month ago

      @@COOLMARIO-fe3xt Stupid dumb Bot

    • @user-sd7us3lg2y
      @user-sd7us3lg2y Month ago +4

      but at least jumbo is not naughtyfied

    • @MuroDash2721
      @MuroDash2721 Month ago +4

      ​@@COOLMARIO-fe3xtThis content is not for you, even though I have eight subscribers, I do not have any content😂

  • @dagoat7m
    @dagoat7m 22 days ago

    I never thought I’d say this but I’m hyped

  • @Thedarklordstickman
    @Thedarklordstickman 21 day ago +2

    Jumbo Josh is back!!!

  • @pxpgaming2106
    @pxpgaming2106 Month ago +247

    sounds like Bittergiggle getting his revenge, again.
    Edit #1: WOWZERS! Over 100 likes in 4 hours? That’s crazy, 250 next milestone???

  • @cheenisweenis
    @cheenisweenis Month ago +68

    my friend and i created this bit where he gifts me banban and i have to beat it in under 2 hours for his refund and frankly that's probably made the game more intense than anything the game itself had

  • @faizaadnan6014
    @faizaadnan6014 10 days ago

    Nice triller please make this games as long as you can please🎉

  • @Iowa-cu2dh
    @Iowa-cu2dh 25 days ago +1

    I have hope that this chapter gonna be the best until now

  • @colekiesler6218
    @colekiesler6218 Month ago +200

    When they said they wanted to make the graphics look a lot better, they were not joking because this whole trailer looks like you would see something from a movie.

    • @mewCaedin
      @mewCaedin Month ago +11

      I’m surprised at the fact that the walls now finally don’t look like the same smooth shiny walls we’ve seen many times before

    • @user-qe7tc7eq7j
      @user-qe7tc7eq7j Month ago +4

      It does look like some kind of movie trailer NGL

    • @firefore661
      @firefore661 Month ago +2

      Not wrong , so much different from the chapter 1 to 6 this is the best , even the most chapter people like is chapter 4

    • @trucksonmaddox4732
      @trucksonmaddox4732 Month ago


    • @itznotlazyplayz7165
      @itznotlazyplayz7165 Month ago

      ​@@COOLMARIO-fe3xt yeah, ur right, nobody cares about your life sucker

  • @RickPandaRoblox
    @RickPandaRoblox Month ago +45

    ok this will definitely be the longest and most exciting Garten of Banban game, I'm excited

  • @reynolambunao5866
    @reynolambunao5866 2 days ago +2

    0:01 helish bittergiggle
    0:08 a jail
    0:12 syringeon,s left foot
    0:17 his hand also
    0:19 movie teather
    0:22 omg aliens?
    0:27 his right hand
    0:30 motel
    0:32 he is chasing me
    0:35 Syingeon,s Scissors
    0:37 R.I.P alien
    0:40 welcome to the citeyeon
    0:42 AAAAAAA😰😰 cockroach
    0:47 syringeon,s thing
    0:50 alien is watching
    0:52 alien,s what are you doing?
    0:58 syringeons tummy
    1:00 POV: drone
    1:03 R.I.P BANBAN
    1:05 syringeon
    1:14 family
    1:21 jumbo josh is back

  • @Catnap-rc5zz
    @Catnap-rc5zz 19 days ago +6

    This chapter looks like it's going to be very epic and more terrifying, very good job Euphoric Brothers

  • @Tocacutebee
    @Tocacutebee Month ago +50

    Omg I can't wait for this chapter 🤩🤩🤩

  • @rexterYT
    @rexterYT Month ago +29

    I can't wait! Looks incredible guys!

  • @Jackson-uq9rd
    @Jackson-uq9rd 18 days ago +4

    This is the best trailer I’ve ever😂

  • @le45b42
    @le45b42 24 days ago

    This trailer is awesome ❤

    @SIMBAOFICIAL Month ago +115

    se viene cancion epica de garten of banban 7 🍌🐸

  • @Clurdrix
    @Clurdrix Month ago +42

    I'm down with the Jester's jumpscare!

  • @JhunSaliente-tu1gp
    @JhunSaliente-tu1gp 24 days ago

    I like the details and the post you did

  • @najwams
    @najwams 25 days ago +1

    Looks like jumbo josh is back!

  • @joeybishopthe2720
    @joeybishopthe2720 Month ago +67

    Some things to note:
    Josh is not Naughtified.
    Naughtified characters can talk (maybe only if they could talk before).
    Release dates usually get revealed a bit after the trailer released, so we can assume that the release date will be revealed later this month or in May.

    • @NotUnrealEcho
      @NotUnrealEcho Month ago +1

      It’s the 13 of this April at 10

    • @kim_noaf1880
      @kim_noaf1880 Month ago

      ​@@NotUnrealEchothis is the date of releasing the trailer , but the guy in the comment means the date of releasing the chapter 7 of the game

    • @NotUnrealEcho
      @NotUnrealEcho Month ago

      Oh yeah I forgot I thought it was the 12th today lol

    • @ferzeenazamanalamgir7743
      @ferzeenazamanalamgir7743 Month ago

      The release date might release after the official trailer in maybe 2 weeks

    • @LiteraIIy_Nobody
      @LiteraIIy_Nobody Month ago +2

      I wonder if this Jumbo Josh is some sort of copy, kind of like how there is a ton of Captain Fiddles. 🤔

  • @namanasatyavati9878
    @namanasatyavati9878 Month ago +65

    0:00 bittergiggle entry and his dialogues
    0:17 theatre and the music that's playing
    0:20 dead bodies hanging
    0:40 SPIDERS and nabnaleena
    0:48 kittysaurus and the givanium infants
    0:50 the bar , people and the music
    0:58 the drone
    1:02 banban , sir dadadoo's sounds and the trailer music together
    These , THESE are the SCENES that gave me chills and more goosebumps man
    Great work! Euphoric bros

    • @Cyangamezzzz734
      @Cyangamezzzz734 Month ago +2

      Bittergiggle entry and his dialogues ‏‪0:

    • @Cyangamezzzz734
      @Cyangamezzzz734 Month ago +3

      bittergiggle entry and his dialogues ‏‪0:00
      theatre and the music that's playing ‏‪0:17
      dead bodies hanging ‏‪0:20
      SPIDERS and nabnaleena ‏‪0:40
      kittysaurus and the ‏‪ givanium infants ‏‪0:48
      the bar , people and the music ‏‪0:50
      the drone ‏‪0:58
      banban , sir dadadoo's sounds ‏‪ ‏‪0:102
      And the tralier music together THE FRICKING STATUE AND THAT SHOT FROM UP ‏‪0:104
      JUMBO JOSH BABY ‏‪0:116

    • @user-dk8zt6wi5p
      @user-dk8zt6wi5p Month ago

      This is insane.

    • @samueljohnson8722
      @samueljohnson8722 Month ago

    • @PlushiesOfBanban
      @PlushiesOfBanban Month ago

      That ain’t no jumbo Josh baby that’s a kid off syringeon

  • @kamarudinsiti1663
    @kamarudinsiti1663 19 days ago

    The graphics are getting better and better

  • @2bfk6982
    @2bfk6982 28 days ago

    I never thought the fanmade 2 antenna controller would be in this

  • @ipsitapatra2853
    @ipsitapatra2853 Month ago +46

    From a pink bird too a whole army this is amazing

  • @phoenixfire6433
    @phoenixfire6433 Month ago +99

    At this point, the game feels like it’s two separate arcs- the “Lost Child” arc (Chapters 1-3) and the “Fallen Kingdom” arc (chapters 4-7, missing 5)
    Edit: to clarify, chapters 1-3 were heavily focused around us, the parent, looking for our kid, and we had a clear aesthetic and character roster- in the operational floors with the publicly known mascots (Opila, Banban, etc.)
    However, in chapters 4 and 6, we got a new aesthetic (disused floors that the mascots overran) a new cast of characters that weren’t known to the public and are the “rejects” and a new motivation- stop Bittergiggle, find the scepter, banish the Naughty Ones and save the whole place.

    • @Uniquely_Martin
      @Uniquely_Martin Month ago +8

      You’re so right

    • @Uniquely_Martin
      @Uniquely_Martin Month ago +7

      I prefer 1-3 because 4-7 don’t feel like garden of banban anymore but garden of banban 4 is in the middle

    • @XorbityXorbGlowbe
      @XorbityXorbGlowbe Month ago +4

      Fallen Kingdom would be 4, 6+
      5 isn’t related

    • @ClaireGreen-wo6ep
      @ClaireGreen-wo6ep Month ago +4

      Actually, I don't think the game has separate arcs because the parent still needs to find their child in 4,6,7 and whatever comes after. Plus, it looks like we might finally find out why the child and everyone else disappeared in the first place.
      I should also point out Bittergiggle isn't really important to the overall story. He only exists to give players something to pay attention to.

    • @that-one-Doctor-called-critter
      @that-one-Doctor-called-critter Month ago +2

      ​@@XorbityXorbGlowbewhe don't know anything about 5

  • @nchebbine4486
    @nchebbine4486 24 days ago

    I really love your games❤

  • @RosalesManzanarez
    @RosalesManzanarez 25 days ago

    so excited fo' it❣❣

  • @gartenofbanban799
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  • @SophiaScragg-hz3mm
    @SophiaScragg-hz3mm Month ago +26

    I always knew JJ was our ally! THANK YOU guys, you truly HAVE made me happy!

  • @zubiaimran5003
    @zubiaimran5003 26 days ago


  • @Snowleopard114
    @Snowleopard114 17 days ago

    Can't wait to buy this on Google Play and play It so excited!!!!

  • @LimeBoy-oj3dv
    @LimeBoy-oj3dv Month ago +21

    This chapter is much darker. I love it! I cant wait🤩

  • @Freeianplayz
    @Freeianplayz Month ago +38

    The effort here is crazy!!!

  • @APalhacinhaGamer
    @APalhacinhaGamer 17 days ago +1

    Cara seis tão fazendo um ótimo trabalho com esse jogo

  • @bigbobman736
    @bigbobman736 12 days ago

    I can't wait for this!

  • @chanwinshenmoe659
    @chanwinshenmoe659 Month ago +87

    Jumbo Josh about to save the day

  • @monsterhuggywuggy8710
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    Jumbo is the Last One, I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE!!!

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    *indeed I did mate*

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    I have an idea: The Givanium Patients' bar could be a way for Syringeon to keep them under his control by offering the addictive substance inside the syringes. The Patients in the bar with white eyes could be undergoing a transformation into hellish form, and they eventually blow up like a balloon and grow giant. Maybe, in the finale, Syringeon or Sir Dadadoo or Naughtified Bittergiggle could send an army of Hellish Patients after you and you would haveto run from them until they all hit a wall and "deflate", leaving only a mangled skinsuit and a leak of givanium.

  • @BfdiFan75
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    0:13 2 drones finally

      @TOPHATGAM5 Month ago +6

      I don't think it's two drone I think now we can look inside the drone and control it easily

    • @BfdiFan75
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      @@TOPHATGAM5 maybe

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      Is that Syringeon's status?

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      @@PedroFrancisco-bv5jz 1 min ago

    • @Robloxfavgame127
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      No we don't have 2 drone, if he have 2 antenna on drone remote, that means we can go to drones camera and go everywhere where the player can't reach

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    Jumbo josh is back!

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    Great and very intense trailler!Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👏👏👏

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    I am excited for this one

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    The part with the insects and nabnaleena is gonna trigger someone's phobia, super realistic and amazing like always Euphoric brothers!

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      ⁠@@COOLMARIO-fe3xtshut up stop commenting that

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      ​@@COOLMARIO-fe3xtfake person

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      Nabnaleena is dead she was shown as one of the ghosts in the end of the last game wasn't she?

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      Wait, Nabnaleena was also there???