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Alex Jones Lawyer Tells Judge ‘This Isn’t My First Rodeo’

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • Alex Jones attorney Norm Pattis appeared frustrated with opposing counsel. “I may be Alex Jones’ lawyer, but I’m still an officer in court, I think I understand the rulings. This isn’t my first rodeo,” he said.
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Comments • 487

  • Yoad Broog
    Yoad Broog 17 days ago +6

    "This isn't my first rodeo". I call BS. That dude would break if he managed to get on a bull's back.

    • Andre Hicks
      Andre Hicks 16 days ago +1

      Don't know why you're trolling so hard, It's pretty cringy. Anyway Norm Pattis is a big liberal and a 1st ammendment guy. so idk why so much hate and the bullriding innuendo is telling lol

    • George L
      George L 16 days ago +2

      @Jodi Dojnia You mean he’s been a clown for years.

    • Jodi Dojnia
      Jodi Dojnia 16 days ago +1

      Pattis has been "riding bulls" his entire career ...and he has been the one doing the breaking. He's a good man to have on your side. One of the few good attorneys left that actually fights for his client.

  • Yoad Broog
    Yoad Broog 17 days ago +2

    "This isn't my first rodeo". That lawyer doesn't realize that phrase applies to the participants of the rodeo not the viewers. He's never been on a bull in his life except maybe his BF.

  • traildoggy
    traildoggy 17 days ago +67

    This isn't my first Rodeo.
    In fact, every Saturday all summer long I wear a clown suit and keep the bulls away from the cowboys when they fall off the horse.

    • Decaying Reality
      Decaying Reality 3 days ago

      I believe you do.

    • NNT Flow
      NNT Flow 16 days ago +5

      @Jodi Dojnia I didn't know he is THE ONLY lawyer left in the world. My bad.

    • Account Deleted
      Account Deleted 16 days ago

      Bulls, but still funny😂

    • Jodi Dojnia
      Jodi Dojnia 17 days ago +3

      But I bet if you ever needed a lawyer for something serious you would hire him! His reputation is impecable!

  • Tthom2
    Tthom2 16 days ago +43

    Why is it that I can hear the side bar whispering better than the Attorneys speaking? ?

    • Tthom2
      Tthom2 15 days ago

      @Jennifer Walters "attack"? Sounds like some self-proclaimed 'victim' talk.

    • Jennifer Walters
      Jennifer Walters 16 days ago +3

      @Tthom2 Lolol at the sidebar they are near the judge mic, and if you watched any other court case you would know they have to turn it off. Cuz you can hear them all talking lolololol. I guess you are new. And people that don’t know like to attack 💕. Have a beautiful day,

    • Tthom2
      Tthom2 16 days ago

      @Jennifer Walters DUH! . . really? He's not using the mic at the sidebar either

    • Jennifer Walters
      Jennifer Walters 16 days ago +2

      He’s not using the mic 🎤

    • Kimi Davis
      Kimi Davis 16 days ago +1

      So true!!! Quite annoying!

  • sycofreake1
    sycofreake1 16 days ago +12

    "...the only issue for this jury is the extent of the damages..."
    Remember those exact words when alex gets on the stand and starts saying he's innocent and he never defaulted. Heck, maybe say those words to Alex every time he brings it up😃

    • sycofreake1
      sycofreake1 14 days ago

      @Renard Monaie lol tell norm that, he's Alex's lawyer and even he's saying that to the judge, but I guess you know better😃😃

    • Renard Monaie
      Renard Monaie 16 days ago

      there are no damages

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders 16 days ago +8

    ou know its bad when the other sides lawyers is laughing behind their hands

  • Bee Walk34
    Bee Walk34 16 days ago +5

    He came in that courtroom looking like he's trying to sign The Declaration of Independence 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Lara Williams
    Lara Williams 16 days ago +12

    This case is the first instance of a lawyer referring to opposing counsel as “my adversaries” that I’ve ever heard.

    • DarkWizard
      DarkWizard 11 days ago

      It is not called the adversarial system for nothing.

    • D Law
      D Law 15 days ago

      @Lone wolf Your joking right?

    • DeLila
      DeLila 15 days ago +1

      @Lone wolf Oh stop it...nothing is worse than liberal dems

    • Hannah Rose
      Hannah Rose 16 days ago

      its an adversarial system, thats exactly what youre taught in law school

  • bubbles
    bubbles 17 days ago +3

    When your attorney has hair like this, you're going to lose.

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 16 days ago +2

    The judge seemed much more impartial on this day

  • Matthew Harris Law, PLLC
    Matthew Harris Law, PLLC 15 days ago +1

    You know, I started telling Judges the same thing...starting with my 2nd Rodeo of course. 😆

  • BiFTa
    BiFTa 16 days ago +9

    Can’t wait until that nut case jones takes the stand and adds a few million to the poor parents !

    • Todd Tubby
      Todd Tubby 16 days ago

      Not supposed talk of this trail or your opinions freely anymore

  • Kimber Nineteen Eleven

    The most unprofessional judge ever witnessed.

  • Prdgmshft
    Prdgmshft 17 days ago +28

    They have in court rodeos? I WANNA GO TO COURT! 🎉 🤠

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch 17 days ago +18

    Rodeo? Ironic, your client is loaded with bull. He's unstable. His case was lame. Just put him out to pasture.

    • Glynn Cordry
      Glynn Cordry 16 days ago +2

      @Noneshere a Russian bot?

    • Noneshere
      Noneshere 17 days ago +2

      Alex never got a jury trial leading up to this 1.
      The dirty judge defaulted the case.
      Thats not fair justice and shouldnt be happening in America.

  • Zack G
    Zack G 16 days ago +5

    The audio is too loud, I could almost hear what he said. /s

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas 12 days ago

    Love that Alex. He fights against tyrants who want us all silenced.

  • Earth
    Earth 16 days ago +2

    judge: "It's done right or wrong"

  • Justine Jackowicz
    Justine Jackowicz 17 days ago +31

    The camera is sitting in a spot where we can hear whispering. It’s annoying AF and we can’t hear what’s going on in the case. Either the lawyers are whispering or people are whispering in the gallery…but either way, we need better sound quality.

    • Justine Jackowicz
      Justine Jackowicz 16 days ago +1

      @thesinaclwon not everyone can distinguish between all the noises easily. “I can do it, why can’t you?!”

    • Zoe Fei
      Zoe Fei 16 days ago +1

      Agreed... It's a shame they no longer display the counter on Dislikes... The ratios were glorious before they took measures to suppress the silent majority.

    • Lazy Chemistry
      Lazy Chemistry 17 days ago

      Unprofessionalism at it's finest 🤪🍟

    • Andy Scott
      Andy Scott 17 days ago +2

      Looks like the guy isn’t even speaking into the mic

    • Van Life Vibes
      Van Life Vibes 17 days ago +2


  • ScottyCrayon
    ScottyCrayon 16 days ago +1

    He’s had his mane combed and braided. My mans ready to be judged!

  • bjkarana
    bjkarana 16 days ago +25

    If you close your eyes to facts, you will learn through accidents. AJ is learning a lot.

    • Grind Over Matter
      Grind Over Matter 15 days ago +1

      @Mr Tambourine Man LMAO yes!!! 🔥🔥 Trying to bring back the “Burn”

  • Brandon Meyer
    Brandon Meyer 17 days ago +8

    Need to get a directional mic to pick up the lawyer talk better...

    • Marc B
      Marc B 16 days ago

      yes yes yes

  • Invisiblue
    Invisiblue 16 days ago +4

    2:20 at the prosecution table: Did she just take that legal pad out of his hand and set it down???😂 That was such a 'put that down and pay attention' mom move🤣 He looked so confused. (Edit for brainy smurf Chris Ray, its the 'plaintiff' table, not 'prosecution' table, because that really makes a difference in regard to my comment😱🙄)

    • Clay Wagner
      Clay Wagner 15 days ago +1

      Lol not sure what that was about . She put him in time out.

    • lisa
      lisa  16 days ago

      @Invisiblue lol you saw that coming lolol

    • Erik Anders
      Erik Anders 16 days ago

      There is no "prosecution " you mean the plaintive, this is civil law, not criminal. However, Yes she did. Its likely what they call a cross notes pad to tell each other things without disrupting the court.

    • Invisiblue
      Invisiblue 16 days ago +1

      @Chris Ray thanks for missing the point👍

    • Chris Ray
      Chris Ray 16 days ago +1

      There is no prosecution in a civil case. That’s the plaintiff.

  • Tthom2
    Tthom2 16 days ago +1

    I'm curious if, as a side gig, the defense attorney lets his flowing locks down and poses for the cover of 'Romance Novels". Anybody Know? ?

  • The Big Guy
    The Big Guy 17 days ago +5

    😭😭Norm Pattis 3yo type temper tantrum - I AM NOT GETTING MY WAY!

  • transportconnection1
    transportconnection1 16 days ago

    Lawyer looks like an elderly grandmother.😂

  • helpdeskjnp
    helpdeskjnp 17 days ago

    Why is it I can never hear the defense’s audio? Or I’m hearing what sounds like someone filing papers when they’re talking and doing house cleaning?

  • KrimeKorner
    KrimeKorner 17 days ago +1


  • Selena Caemawr
    Selena Caemawr 16 days ago +1

    Please adjust the volume.
    I have it on max and I'm still struggling to hear, especially over the sounds of rustling papers, heavy sighs and coughs.

  • a z
    a z 16 days ago

    "This isn't my first rodeo". The judge should keep squeezing those masculinity -filled b*lls. These guys are ready to pop

  • Glasgow McGlasgow Face #voteGreen

    He is really doing his best but just cut the rudeness, unless it’s deliberate to try and get appeals , in which case crack on. He’s f^^^^d whatever happens (Alex that is) and thank god/bless the families.

  • Will Storm
    Will Storm 16 days ago +1

    Telling a judge you know more than she does is a terrible move. Guy should get a haircut and another job. Jones will sue him next to keep his clown show going.

  • Wiyt
    Wiyt 17 days ago +37

    So much for, “I’m not going to spar with you on the first, second, or fifteenth day, Judge.”
    EDIT: The original wording I used was to reference AJ's lawyer when he said he wouldn't, "get into crosshairs" with Judge Barbara Bellis; not "spar" as I put it... but I think you get the idea lol.

    • Justine Jackowicz
      Justine Jackowicz 16 days ago

      @Wiyt are you a child?

    • Erik Anders
      Erik Anders 16 days ago +2

      @Kittikat18 Basically the defense (the guy with the ponytail) wants to be allowed to ask the witnesses for the plaintiffs ( the parents of the children killed at Sandyhook) about their views on 'guns Alex Jones and politics'. Its assumed this is to try to get the Jury to be against them for unrelated political reasons to the issues of the case so AJ pays less in damages

    • Wiyt
      Wiyt 16 days ago +1

      @Erik Anders do you want a cookie?

  • Whitest_Rabbit
    Whitest_Rabbit 16 days ago

    Clearly not his first circus either lol 🤡

  • Dreamagain11
    Dreamagain11 16 days ago +1

    That's right, it's his second. Put some respec on his name

  • MrLefrog1
    MrLefrog1 16 days ago +2

    Volume is too low, cant hear what's going on.

  • O
    O 16 days ago

    then he jumps on his desk suddenly dressed in cowboy attire and lassos the judge like a steer

  • Cynthia M
    Cynthia M 17 days ago +3

    What is wrong with the volume, I cannot hear a word anyone is saying,I'm done!

  • David Brown
    David Brown 17 days ago +37

    It's cute that his pet bunny rabbit is on the back of his neck.

    • DemonCatMan
      DemonCatMan 16 days ago

      Judge Middleton has long hair

    • lisa
      lisa  16 days ago +1

      Aww he's an old hippie with old hippie hair. Too bad he forgot those values along the way. That's what he really should've kept. At this point he should be sporting a buzz cut and a tattoo of the almighty dollar he worships.

    • Van Life Vibes
      Van Life Vibes 17 days ago +2

      It’s a bit unprofessional. Imagine a judge walking in with this hair.

    • Only Me
      Only Me 17 days ago

      Middle aged guy thinking its cool.

    • Gibbons
      Gibbons 17 days ago +2

      @ED EDs got a mullet

  • Yoad Broog
    Yoad Broog 17 days ago +3

    Defense lawyer needs a haircut. He's got critters crawling around in that mop.

  • Randy Shute
    Randy Shute 16 days ago +4

    Turn it up. I got all my stuff on 100% and still can barely hear it!

    • Kimberley Gager
      Kimberley Gager 16 days ago

      I turned it up and had no problem. Problem is your phone speakers then

  • Gordon Adams
    Gordon Adams 17 days ago +1

    If he doesn't know the difference between a rodeo and a court of justice, he should disqualify himself. ☺️

  • Lieschen Müller
    Lieschen Müller 16 days ago +1

    Guys, you and your Audio..... You know you can raise levels etc. on Streams and especially Vids? Cant believe that this is still an issue on almost all your productions.

  • kcrknp
    kcrknp 17 days ago +18

    He should stop falling off his horse then.

  • B.
    B. 17 days ago +1

    I can barely hear him speak.

  • Soaring On Eagles Wings
    Soaring On Eagles Wings 16 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does the audio totally stink? It is super low.

  • Nonewnews
    Nonewnews 17 days ago

    Is this not one redeo road ? I must be lost.

  • Jaco Steyn
    Jaco Steyn 16 days ago

    Never get a lawyer recommendation from AJ.

  • J McG
    J McG 17 days ago +8

    Rodeo Clown Alex

  • C Smith
    C Smith 16 days ago +2

    Yall need to fix the audio. Can barely hear it

  • Jamie
    Jamie 17 days ago

    I'm British so forgive me if there is an obvious answer to this:
    how come there are no male judges in the US?
    (From what I see on this channel)

    • Jamie
      Jamie 16 days ago

      Says there are 2 replies to this but i can't see anything. Were they deleted?

    • taochiapet
      taochiapet 17 days ago

      how embarrassing for britain.

  • Mr Tambourine Man
    Mr Tambourine Man 16 days ago

    Jones is going DOWN!!!!

  • Ian
    Ian 17 days ago +6

    Alex Jones lawyer is a Jones fan

    • Erik Anders
      Erik Anders 16 days ago

      Not really. he has been on AJ' show a bunch but he took this case to get his name out there, sell a book and eventually retire to being a talking head on right wing shows and he is making a great resume for that.

    • Richard KalmWater
      Richard KalmWater 16 days ago

      Not true. You are lying...

  • Ben Levenberg
    Ben Levenberg 16 days ago

    First of all, NEVER hire a 60+ lawyer with a double ponytail.

    • Erik Anders
      Erik Anders 16 days ago

      Well not many people would take this case really. That said, Norm is a higher calaber than AJ could have hoped for, but Norm is using this to get into speaking gigs and right wing radio and book deals. he cares not if he wins or loses. AJ's case is already lost.

  • MrAli171
    MrAli171 17 days ago

    This man claimed the death of innocent children slaughtered was a hoax you really can’t stoop any lower and he should made penniless

  • Alex Snow
    Alex Snow 17 days ago +2

    Can you make it ANY quieter? I can almost hear sounds...

    • Christy h
      Christy h 16 days ago

      It's always horrible on this channel. There are other Live sources on youtube of this case. It's way better!

  • ArtER21
    ArtER21 16 days ago +1

    I find it revealing which direction the low mentality insult comments are always coming from in these Alex Jones video's

    • ArtER21
      ArtER21 16 days ago

      ​@MrSlanderer great example.

    • MrSlanderer
      MrSlanderer 16 days ago

      "Boo-hoo Reality won't validate me and Alex!"

  • Ki Po
    Ki Po 17 days ago +1

    It's not your first rodeo, but is this the one where the bull breaks your back?

  • Bailey
    Bailey 7 days ago

    My grandma wears her hair in the same style…lol

  • Troy Starewell
    Troy Starewell 16 days ago +1

    Alex jones what a goof

  • Lone wolf
    Lone wolf 16 days ago

    Well, it might be the last.

  • Issues
    Issues 17 days ago +15

    Audio is horrible

  • Nicole
    Nicole 16 days ago

    Sit down, Norm. 🙄

  • Carrow
    Carrow 17 days ago +13

    We are not hearing or understanding him either judge. Defense is purposefully not talking into the mic

    • Andre Hicks
      Andre Hicks 16 days ago

      Why would they do that? Plaintiff's mic was very low. Who controls mic volume?

  • Ronnie James Dio Brando
    Ronnie James Dio Brando 16 days ago +13

    It’s a shame that in the other videos they had to disable comments because AJ’s cultists were doxing the victims families.

    • Ronnie James Dio Brando
      Ronnie James Dio Brando 15 days ago

      @Grind Over Matter He’s an overly emotional fool. You should look up how many things he’s gotten wrong because he makes vague shotgun claims he know his audience won’t look up. He’s centralized information to the point where his fans will believe everything he says and will call everything else a hoax. He admitted he was just an actor to get his kids back, and he makes millions from it. He got people to defend school shooters, and blame the parents of the victims, and display their personal information so they can harass them.
      How can you call yourself a person with any character? Was he telling the truth during his Y2K broadcast where said planes were falling out of the sky? Was he telling the truth when he started hocking bs supplements, did a “before & after”, and used the same picture? Was he telling the truth when he says people come up to him and say “you’re right about everything” but won’t tell us any specifics?

    • Ronnie James Dio Brando
      Ronnie James Dio Brando 15 days ago

      @Hartleymolly I judge people on their actions, and how they treat other people.

    • Abby Normal
      Abby Normal 16 days ago

      The shame is folks like you made it happen.

    • Grind Over Matter
      Grind Over Matter 16 days ago +1

      @Ronnie James Dio Brando I haven’t paid a cent to Jones before. I highly recommend you start watching him. He’s been right on many things over the years than he’s been wrong.

    • Grind Over Matter
      Grind Over Matter 16 days ago

      @Hartleymolly Exactly right

  • daheikkinen
    daheikkinen 16 days ago

    It also isn’t his first pony….tail

  • Jens  Ewaldh Åkesson
    Jens Ewaldh Åkesson 17 days ago +2

    Rodeo clown?

  • TopG
    TopG 17 days ago +1

    leave alex jones alone

  • John or Jane Doe, it doesn't matter.

    You see what Q does even Alex Jones lawyer he's full of conspiracy theory.

    • Andre Hicks
      Andre Hicks 16 days ago

      You sound very informed but he's a major liberal and a 1st ammendment specialist. Where do you get your info?

    • George L
      George L 16 days ago +1

      Or perhaps he was hired because he was already a follower.

  • Kev Tom
    Kev Tom 17 days ago

    Show trial 😮

  • b siix
    b siix 16 days ago +1

    Does law and crime not have access to a sound level monitor.

    • Christy h
      Christy h 16 days ago

      Audio has been horrible all day! Go to other Live videos of this case. Sound is way better!

  • Liz I.
    Liz I. 16 days ago

    Are they acting or what?!

  • MrAli171
    MrAli171 17 days ago +8

    This man claimed the death of innocent children slaughtered was a hoax you really can’t stoop any lower and he should made penniless

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith 17 days ago

    Hey dude it's sure isn't the judge first rodeo she seen shitshow like yours. Lol

  • Just A Thought
    Just A Thought 17 days ago +1


  • John Kim
    John Kim 16 days ago

    " Uh - ya know - - America better watch it - or in a couple of decades - -
    we're going to be a minstrel show ! - - for [ Rockefeller ] RED ! - - China ! "
    Gore Vidal
    a gender minstrel show - -
    take heed - - discern - - and BEHOLD 1 - - the eye con job !

  • steven tripp
    steven tripp 16 days ago

    America's court you can't speak.

  • SAVU
    SAVU 17 days ago +1

    Volume way too low

  • gunforhirenz
    gunforhirenz 16 days ago

    You just know that pony tail stinks of patchouli

  • Sarah Slanders
    Sarah Slanders 17 days ago +21

    Where did Alex find this guy, the local park bench?

    • Sarah Slanders
      Sarah Slanders 16 days ago

      @Jodi Dojnia But Alex has already lost this case, so good luck with Norman the hobo.

    • Andre Hicks
      Andre Hicks 16 days ago

      @Jodi DojniaYou are 100% correct but reality doesn't matter to these folks. Willful ignorance is bliss

    • Jodi Dojnia
      Jodi Dojnia 16 days ago

      Norman Pattis is one of Connecticuts most revered attorneys. He is known for his ability to zealously represent his clients. He has won many high profile cases here in Connecticut. His background is intriguing. He has a blog and a podcast.

    • Sarah Slanders
      Sarah Slanders 17 days ago

      @prumbuggel Well his show is from the gutter so it kinda makes sense.

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 17 days ago

      Well, he's had him on his show, sooooo....

  • MaybeDavey24
    MaybeDavey24 17 days ago +1

    Need subtitles

  • Vitus Hoffmann
    Vitus Hoffmann 17 days ago +4

    if everyone in this court room is near deaf why they sit so far apart lol

    • Vitus Hoffmann
      Vitus Hoffmann 17 days ago

      @Timothy Garcia didnt see jones lawyer have his hand behin his ear and the judge asking multiple time what was said?

    • Butters Stotch
      Butters Stotch 17 days ago

      They barely herd each other.

    • Timothy Garcia
      Timothy Garcia 17 days ago


  • Erich Baumeister
    Erich Baumeister 13 days ago

    Why do you post a video that id so *_QUIET!!!_* that at full volume one can only hear people's voices, but not enough to understand one word in ten???

  • Timothy Tew
    Timothy Tew 17 days ago

    I didn't hear any of that

  • Se Ha
    Se Ha 17 days ago +3

    VOLUME SUCKS TODAY Is this because the Public could hear side Bars

  • BoxBreaker
    BoxBreaker 17 days ago +1

    Can't hear unfortunately.

  • ten Mark
    ten Mark 17 days ago +63

    May not be first rodeo, but Im willing to bet its the first time representing the back end of the horse

    • Connor Miller
      Connor Miller 16 days ago

      Comment of the day goes to you sir! He sure does represent the back of a horse! 😢

    • Yelnick McWawa
      Yelnick McWawa 16 days ago

      Haha I like Jones but this is pretty clever

    • Nancy Eaton
      Nancy Eaton 16 days ago

      I think the back ends of horses are his specialty. He is one as well.

    • Gerri Ahern
      Gerri Ahern 17 days ago +5

      Being quite familiar with Norm Pattis, his clientele, his courtroom tactics, and his interactions with the media here, I can state with a high degree of certainty he gravitates to the rear end of horses much like a magnet to metal. Equine derrieres are his bread and butter.

    • Jo NoSaY
      Jo NoSaY 17 days ago

      *WHY can so few take this joke, and keep it simple?? 🤣

  • Beatriz
    Beatriz 16 days ago

    Who is this "kid" next to Alex Jones lawyer? too young to be a lawyer LOL

    • Beatriz
      Beatriz 16 days ago


    • Justine Rebecca
      Justine Rebecca 16 days ago +1

      His Ponytail groomer

  • J Mac
    J Mac 16 days ago +2

    This guys ponytail looks like a raccoons tail

  • *Sunny Shine*
    *Sunny Shine* 16 days ago

    Bad audio 😏

  • ja wal
    ja wal 16 days ago

    Why is Jones attorney distorted , I could not hear him

  • Yoad Broog
    Yoad Broog 17 days ago +27

    Defense Attorney "Alex Jones shouldn't have to pay anything because Hilary Clinton"!
    Also, Defense Attorney "This case is political because I mentioned Hilary Clinton"!

    • Ray Ray
      Ray Ray 16 days ago

      But…but…what about Hunter’s laptop…

    • fedos
      fedos 16 days ago +6

      Rather telling that the only people Jones can get to defend him are conspiracy nuts.

  • EeAy Quetting
    EeAy Quetting 16 days ago +1

    What are they saying?

  • Jade
    Jade 16 days ago

    Louder please. Can’t hear.

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson 16 days ago

    audio is too low

  • julian levant
    julian levant 17 days ago +2

    What's with the audio on Law&Crime videos. Most have poor to awful audio for the court proceedings. I turn my audio up
    to 100% on all devices with the same poor results, only on Law&Crime. Please try to fix this problem. Thanks

    • Andre Hicks
      Andre Hicks 16 days ago

      @George L You've already taken your L George. That was sad

    • George L
      George L 16 days ago

      @Andre Hicks I can explicitly call myself a King, but…
      Law&Crime, in reality, is a low budget RUclips channel, nothing more.

    • Andre Hicks
      Andre Hicks 16 days ago

      @George L Dan Abrams is not a RUclipsr lol. Please go to law and crime home page. It explicitly calls itself a network as well. Random guy filming with digital camera is not happening in a US courtroom. What about the other questions?

    • George L
      George L 16 days ago

      @Andre Hicks A “network”? This is a RUclipsr. Someone’s holding their DSLR and sitting in the pews.

    • Andre Hicks
      Andre Hicks 16 days ago

      @George L I do this for a living lol. These are dedicated cameras for this "network"? Then they set them up this poorly? Didn't know you wanted to get pedantic. So which other outlets set up their own feeds in courtrooms? They would have directors and change shots, if that happened, more skillfully, correct? Please tell me more, teacher.

  • Robert Luciano
    Robert Luciano 17 days ago +1

    Sorry unintelligible, audio too low...

  • Reality Bites
    Reality Bites 16 days ago

    Jones and his lawyers are a bunch of clowns. He may as well kiss his business goodbye because he’s going to pay a massive award.

    • MrSlanderer
      MrSlanderer 16 days ago

      @Jodi Dojnia He already exhausted his appeals for the TX case, and will be paying out a cool $45 million for that one alone. Also, these lawsuits were initiated almost concurrently; Connecticut is going to be even less forgiving than Alex’s own home state.

    • Jodi Dojnia
      Jodi Dojnia 16 days ago

      Alex will pay no one but his attorney. This will be dragged out in appeals for years.

  • charles russell
    charles russell 16 days ago +2

    If that funny little man with his sister's hair wearing his dad's trousers is Alex' lawyer, he has no chance.

  • M???????? A???????
    M???????? A??????? 17 days ago +1

    They have comments turned off now during the live trial proceedings

    • M???????? A???????
      M???????? A??????? 16 days ago

      Yea only those who can’t handle a heated debate or handle their own ideology thinking being thrown back at them would say this is good they turn off comments.
      Also only those who have no support or hardly any loyal followers or subscribers would have to boost their subscribers to make themselves look relevant and only those who gets thousands and thousands of dislikes more than likes on their posted videos would have to suppress the likes and dislikes to look more relevant than what they really are too.

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 17 days ago +1