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Apple Engineer Fired When His Blogger Daughter Posts Video

  • Published on Oct 29, 2017
  • An Apple employee was fired after his blogger daughter posts a video containing sensitive company information. Kiet Do reports. (10/30/17)

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  • Lil Eddy
    Lil Eddy Year ago +5754

    If anyone wants an update, the dad now works for Microsoft, and his income is a lot higher now. So in a way it all turned out good in the end.

    • Mason Lockwood
      Mason Lockwood 4 days ago

      i wonder why, windows 11 looks a lot like apple

    • T
      T 7 days ago

      No one felt bad for that idiot

    • kay p
      kay p Month ago

      He made her entitled 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Minato_
      Minato_ 4 months ago


    • Rebel Zoe 1804
      Rebel Zoe 1804 6 months ago

      Thank goodness

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L Year ago +5993

    “They let him go because he broke a rule.” No, they let him go because *YOU broke a rule.

    • A S
      A S 4 months ago

      @Suhail Almajid she was definitely well aware

    • Comically Large Spoon Man
      Comically Large Spoon Man 6 months ago

      @Suhail Almajid S I M P

    • attache675
      attache675 10 months ago +1

      Well whether she was aware or not, the father also should’ve been aware of the rule. However that doesn’t excuse her for thinking it’s all the dad’s fault, last time I checked that was the DAUGHTERS CAMERA and DAUGHTERS VIDEO. She can’t take any blame herself?

    • Monserrat Soto
      Monserrat Soto 10 months ago

      @Dr. xyz wow there bud, I think you might just be projecting here...

    • Space Bar
      Space Bar 10 months ago

      @Suhail Almajid it just seems like common sense though.

  • LockeyThirteenYuuYA
    LockeyThirteenYuuYA Year ago +4828

    They're both to be blamed but I don't like how the daughter wasn't admitting her mistake.

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      I think the dad's more at fault. The daughter doesn't know any better. She doesn't work for Apple, doesn't know what the rules are. Her dad does and he knew she was filming. He should never have handed over his phone to her knowing it contained confidential information. Sad that he was fired over it and would've respected Apple more if they had forgiven him but who knows what took place behind closed doors.
      I think it's a matter of time before Apple gets overtaken by some other company because all their products seem to have become stagnant after Steve Jobs passed away.

    • Joker Society
      Joker Society 2 months ago

      @Rochit Gurung better than your stupid brain that can't click "read more"

    • The Bewitched Prophet
      The Bewitched Prophet 4 months ago

      i didn't see anything she did wrong while filming inside the premises.. i think there's no point for her to say sorry.. specially when apple fired his father.. privacy policy work for people who is not part of the company - her father does so what's wrong with it.. or why they didn't tell her when she's doing that inside the building carrying a big camera..

    • Rochit Gurung
      Rochit Gurung 5 months ago

      @Gamer Live Studio look guys here you will know how gay brain work

    • Y D
      Y D 7 months ago

      Y’all hating on @Yes Daddy T.D. Pop are so dense and apparently illiterate

  • Diary of The Fresh Prince

    "They let him go because HE broke a rule. " It's so sad to see her not take accountability for what She did. Poor father looked like he enjoyed working for Apple and was proud of his job until his own daughter screwed him over like that.

    • Lauren
      Lauren 3 months ago

      @Shizu Tanako she probably got a giant lecture after

    • thehobojarpen
      thehobojarpen 4 months ago

      @Henry she's not going to date you, bro

    • Blessed Thanksgiving
      Blessed Thanksgiving 5 months ago +1

      That's how they're brought up WHITE PRIVILEGE.

    • Comically Large Spoon Man
      Comically Large Spoon Man 6 months ago

      Woman moment

    • Krithick
      Krithick 11 months ago

      @Henry the phone is unreleased for a reason his father wouldn't know that his daughter was going around doing shifty volgs

  • Ryan Foxx
    Ryan Foxx Year ago +8889

    "HE broke a rule" ?!?!! girl, YOU broke the rule. This girl legit was the catalyst to getting her dad fired and has zero accountabilty...

    • MIHIR S K 1841066
      MIHIR S K 1841066 Month ago

      Gen Z

    • Xana
      Xana Year ago

      @Myra R true

    • Xana
      Xana Year ago

      Hahahahaha, indeed. She is the guilty.

    • ajc 123
      ajc 123 Year ago

      Hmmm. I an sure she has accountability. But her fault isn't in breaking a rule she didn't know about. Her father broke a rule and because of that he got fired. Fact. She, maybe, was not careful enough/aware to question that maybe she should not trust her father when he says it's okay to post sensitive information. She obviously feels bad about her role in this BUT the consequences of him being fired are on her. Employees of a company has a huge role and responsibility to their companies and he failed.

    • Guillermo sanchez
      Guillermo sanchez Year ago

      @kingtucan this is ludicrous she looks grown and if she vlogs she should know to review the video beforehand. It wasn't the filming it was her exposing sensitive information, you are missing the point completely.

  • Kevin Le
    Kevin Le Year ago +4583

    Dad seems like a very nice guy. I'm glad he found another job. As for the daughter saying her dad broke the rule, speechless.

    • Waltuh Goodman
      Waltuh Goodman 6 months ago

      @Aldrin Mercado how da fuk is she a karen

      JACKY LEE 9 months ago


    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant 9 months ago

      @sock apparently he didn’t because he was interacting with her camera

    • Moe Khalil
      Moe Khalil 10 months ago

      @Mshary Alrefaei It's a career not a sports team you support. Any rational person would prefer to be paid more and to work in a better work environment.

    • Muhammad Zariff
      Muhammad Zariff 10 months ago

      @Ryo Hazuki oh, so you have worked in both companies? Bull at its finest.

  • Aisha Z
    Aisha Z Year ago +5262

    Note to self: Never bring your Gen Z kids to work with you.

    • Curtis Johnson
      Curtis Johnson 10 months ago

      @Vic yeah you and every generation, until you actually live on your own for a while. of course with all the government hand outs we may be commie before that. then you can just hate your life.

    • Levon Young
      Levon Young 10 months ago

      @Natalie Gray I ain’t one of the dumb ones as well

    • Levon Young
      Levon Young 10 months ago

      @Aisha Z lol I’m gen z and I don’t lmaoo y’all get out with your stupid little Stereotyping

    • Ameerf.
      Ameerf. 10 months ago

      As a gen z I didn’t recognise this girl as one of us😐

    • Vic
      Vic 10 months ago

      @Metal Rockstarizer Yeah, the millennial vs gen z beef is mostly bullshit. Most of our beef is with gen x, aka our parents and such.

  • MysteriousCliché
    MysteriousCliché Year ago +2974

    Poor dad might have a baby Karen on his hands.
    No accountability at that age?

    • Peter Parker
      Peter Parker 11 months ago

      @baby c. uhm OK? 😆

    • Totsugeki
      Totsugeki Year ago +3

      Sorta the dads fault for bad parenting. That’s what happens when you treat your daughter like a princess and let them get away with everything. Passivity creates these kinds of children and so he should step it up before she hits the legal age, then it would really be out of his hands

    • Shahzad Ahmad
      Shahzad Ahmad Year ago


    • Dxshawn
      Dxshawn Year ago

      @Toallitas Húmedas Because she is clearly a privileged brat! Listen to her apology video and that fake fukkin crying.

    • MysteriousCliché
      MysteriousCliché Year ago

      @Toallitas Húmedas Yet she blamed Apple, not daddy dearest.

  • girl anonymous
    girl anonymous Year ago +507

    “Entitled” is the word that comes to mind here. She felt entitled and he felt entitled eventhough there were RULES and NDAs. Entitlement is getting a lot of people in this country in trouble these days.

    • KimY
      KimY 11 months ago

      Entitlement is also not getting people in to trouble even when they violently beat someone unconscious

    • MaeryUm
      MaeryUm Year ago +3


    • Ali S
      Ali S Year ago +5

      Very true. Spot on.

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens Year ago +3614

    I feel so damn bad for this guy. Seems like a good guy.

    • kay p
      kay p Month ago

      With a daughter like that I’m not so sure

    • Thinking man
      Thinking man Year ago

      @RoyalGobah 😂

    • crazydaysful
      crazydaysful Year ago

      The guy knows Apple's rules and he worked there for many years - he should have never allowed her on the job site with the camera

    • carmichael moritz
      carmichael moritz Year ago +2

      most companies only care about their own wealth. they are bad greedy uncaring

    • Candy Coated Cyanide
      Candy Coated Cyanide Year ago

      He is luck he doesn’t get used

  • soynull
    soynull 11 months ago +66

    The daughter is really messed up for not admitting her mistake. Of course they are both to blame, but this is a shame.

  • Vincent Haddad
    Vincent Haddad Year ago +659

    That “crying” at the end seems a bit forced

  • yuan hu
    yuan hu Year ago +214

    Her dad is at fault...But it is also a bit strange nobody stopped her, not caffe staff but Apple employees, especially in Apple park with sensitive information...

    • DelightfulMusic
      DelightfulMusic Year ago +3

      It was her exposing the email that was the problem which no one saw

    • Legendary Sannin
      Legendary Sannin Year ago +11

      @Nyree I don’t think cafe staff work for apple directly. They are usually contractors, and are not privy to the affairs or business of the people dining in the cafe. As for the other employees who saw them for all they know they might have permission to film certain things. The dad should’ve reviewed the video his daughter was putting together to make sure nothing sensitive is being shown before she posted.

    • Nyree
      Nyree Year ago +1

      @Kenneth Kristiansen idrm , they still work for the company tho

    • Kenneth Kristiansen
      Kenneth Kristiansen Year ago +25

      Cafe staff work at the cafe and having nothing to with tech

  • Shoaib K
    Shoaib K Year ago +55

    The dad knew the rules and still allowed her to bring a camera, record, and leak sensitive information. Though the daughter seems like she isn’t held accountable for anything

  • Tiago Shade
    Tiago Shade Year ago +235

    She cries without tears 😂😂😂

  • Jake Tapper
    Jake Tapper Year ago +105

    This is what happens when you have the never ending need to record every aspect of your life.

    • NightOwl 75
      NightOwl 75 Year ago +8

      Yes narcissistic disorder aka social media junkie.

  • Kerry
    Kerry Year ago +2

    When I first watched this, I was struck at the end when the daughter said that her dad made the mistake, instead of her, but when I really think about it, she's a teenager, she had no idea of the rules. That would fall to the father, who actually worked there and knew there was no filming. Unfortunate situation, regardless.

  • Godsend Tsen
    Godsend Tsen Year ago +9

    when she said “HE BROKE THE RULE” , she threw her own shame to herself

  • na me
    na me Year ago +72

    She’s so spoiled that she doesn’t even acknowledge her mistake. You can tell her dad must love her very much. So many people would die to have a loving dad in their life.

    • paul
      paul 10 months ago

      One can argue that she is one of the most easily hated person in America everyone can see thru her like she is transparent, people see her in public and say “hey it’s that bitch-ass daughter that got her father fired from apple”.

    • SMH
      SMH 11 months ago +4

      Baby Karen

  • J H A N
    J H A N 11 months ago +3

    I was speechless when she said "Apple.. really liked my dad, and they let him go because... because he broke a rule..." like seriously ma'am just take the blame and own up to your mistakes...

  • Gabby Valenciano
    Gabby Valenciano Year ago +135

    Dude's working for Microsoft, has higher pay, after such an act. This mistake was actually all for the better lol

    • Amiya Ranjan
      Amiya Ranjan 11 months ago +1

      Lol , microsoft just bought the information from him 😒,

    • Kamote Tops
      Kamote Tops 11 months ago

      @Nicolo 2524 Don't bother arguing with an iSheep.

    • Nicolo 2524
      Nicolo 2524 11 months ago +1

      @WiseKnight with 1k you buy 3 monitor stand for your all your monitor and have some more money to buy other pc accessories, being rich doesn't mean to be stupid.

    • WiseKnight
      WiseKnight 11 months ago

      @Shizu Tanako oh and the stand's price is kinda stupid, but if youre buying a 6k Display, you wouldnt mind paying 1k for a stand. like how you buy a 400 dollar monitor and pay 50 for a stand

    • WiseKnight
      WiseKnight 11 months ago

      @Shizu Tanako yeah but the stylus is really good reviewers have said tho

  • Kobe Vandeput te
    Kobe Vandeput te Year ago +80

    This is the type of girl that brags that her dad is an apple engineer to all her classmates

  • Mika미카
    Mika미카 Year ago +3

    God I feel so bad for him 😭

  • Jesse Ramirez
    Jesse Ramirez Year ago +40

    Adults: She got him fired! She should've known better.
    Kids: Well, she's technically his responsibility. It's not like she knew better.

    • alwaysyouramanda
      alwaysyouramanda Year ago

      “Don’t get married and don’t eat the yellow snow.”

    • Classy One
      Classy One Year ago +4

      I feel like both of them were wrong, but for totally different reasons. He is the parent, and he should have asked her to put the camera up when she was filming. After the firing, she was wrong. If my dad lost his job for something I did, I would feel so bad. I would have felt like “Dad, I’m so sorry.” She doesn’t seem to have any remorse, then she still seems to throw him under the bus. If he didn’t tell her the rules, she didn’t know. At the same time, she did know he was fired, so she should feel bad about that...

    • Jesse Ramirez
      Jesse Ramirez Year ago +4

      @harashe1000 Her dad seemed very lax. You've got to be more strict with kids like the girl in this clip. They really only care about the crap they post before anything else. A kid with some sense would have cleared the notifications on dad's device before filming. I think this is one of those cases where the intelligent but somewhat negligent parent believed his kid would be intelligent enough to not disclose information, lol.

    • Jesse Ramirez
      Jesse Ramirez Year ago

      @Psyche what are you even arguing against, lol

    • harashe1000
      harashe1000 Year ago +8

      Nah, the dad should not have allowed her to have a camera on the Apple campus. He knows the rules at the company and he’s the one who signed the NDA.
      Kids are stupid and they video everything. She’s probably never had a job and definitely doesn’t know much about her dads workplace apparently. It was on him to say “Hey, we’re gonna look around but you can’t record anything”

  • NoirBMX
    NoirBMX 11 months ago +11

    "Apple let him go, because he broke a rule"
    1.) YOU broke the rule
    2.) I think that's how it works

    KEEVVY Year ago +17

    That’s what happens with your kids when you over spoil them.

  • C 33
    C 33 Year ago +2992

    I feel sorry for the dad, but not for the daughter. This is what happens when you can't wait to SHOW OFF!

    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant Year ago +1

      If he knew that you not allowed to film on Apple campus so he at fault as well. He should have told his daughter that she couldn’t have film on the Apple campus

    • allen Gina
      allen Gina Year ago


    • LMS
      LMS Year ago +2

      She was simply recording and vlogging and her dad handed her the phone. How would she know that she broke a rule if her dad didn’t open up his mouth and tell his daughter to put that camera away.

    • Pamela Zimnizzle
      Pamela Zimnizzle Year ago +1

      @Ashlee Gee I mean I don’t feel sorry for him getting fired - he’s an engineer and obvs has a college degree. What he did was stupid, clearly.

    • Ashlee Gee
      Ashlee Gee Year ago +1

      @Pamela Zimnizzle umm not so sure clearly he’s an idiot he got fired for a video

  • Ro Tyler
    Ro Tyler Year ago +18

    She looks like the kind of person you ask to be quiet during the movie in your cinema. Ten minutes later she's texting, talking to her friends.

  • alex ojideagu
    alex ojideagu Year ago +7

    "I'm an influencer" Yeh you influenced Apple into firing your dad.

  • kilsnacks
    kilsnacks Year ago +1

    I mean he definitely knew the repercussions of having his daughter film on Apple campus. They outline it when you get hired… on top of this I thought it was common knowledge that nearly every single company out there is against posting information about their products early.

  • David
    David Year ago +2

    For those of you that don't know the reason why they're taking this so serious is because apple is one of the richest companies in the world Apple has more cash on hand than countries

  • JustanAmateur
    JustanAmateur 2 years ago +31130

    “Apple let my dad go because he broke a rule”

    • Nugget_RL
      Nugget_RL 6 months ago

      @Drew Kirner Me too lmao

    • Drew Kirner
      Drew Kirner 6 months ago +1

      I started yelling that, and then read your comment, and I was like, "respect, homie"

    • Nugget_RL
      Nugget_RL 7 months ago

      +1 Agreed lmao

    • Fernie Gutierrez
      Fernie Gutierrez 9 months ago

      They technically both broke a rule.

    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant 10 months ago

      @Savannah Tori he could have told her no

  • Shizu Tanako
    Shizu Tanako Year ago +33

    Apple: *fires him*
    Google and Samsung: "Damn, Bill Gates got him first"

  • Aanonymous88
    Aanonymous88 11 months ago +16

    The true loss if that girl of his don't take responsibility. Dad seems a good guy giving it all for his beloved child. Smh

    • Anxious Earth
      Anxious Earth 10 months ago

      I think you need to realise your bias. He brought her there knowing she would film. He actively showed her confidential information.
      He, the one who works there and knows the rules and broke them.
      His daughter is his responsibility and he never once forbid her or indicated that it was wrong or that he didn't want her to film.
      This isn't a case of her going behind his back on ruining his life. They were both in on it.

  • Joshua Abayog
    Joshua Abayog Year ago +68

    If she’s really sorry, she shouldn’t cried like a goat. Jk

  • Smita Nelson
    Smita Nelson Year ago +13

    Ummm she broke the rule not him. He didn’t hand her the phone and say “check out this sensitive information.” Should he have been more careful? Yep! But she’s the one who needs to apologize and take full responsibility.

    • james1787
      james1787 11 months ago

      How is she supposed to understand the rules if she’s not an employee? He read and signed the rules. He is ultimately responsible as the employee for her actions. If the company has a no filming rule.. he should have never let her film anything in the building. She has no way of knowing the rules. Sorry, he got himself fired.

  • Beryl Fringo
    Beryl Fringo 11 months ago +4

    Her - I can literally show you recording that he broke rule.
    Also her : oh wait I cant

  • Mygreyhoundchannel
    Mygreyhoundchannel Year ago +32

    He’ll bounce back if he already has. He’s a smart dude who knows the industry. And he probably has a ton of apple stock.

  • Nathan R.
    Nathan R. Year ago +6

    What makes me mad is the daughter is like “he broke a rule” no YOU DID GURL

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill Year ago +2

    U could tell it was one of those rules that noone really follows.(like my works no cellphone policy)The only reason they fired her was because of the email, if not why didnt anyone stop her from recording?

  • Adrianna
    Adrianna 3 years ago +27962

    Damn imagine getting your dad fired

      PRANEETH NALLA Year ago

      @Erique K. Oh he can fire himself if consumed by arrogance n stops listening to customers. Owning a company doesn't make u the king. Instead u r both the king and the slave at the same time.

    • Erique K.
      Erique K. Year ago

      @down side123 sole owner and has complete control.

    • down side123
      down side123 Year ago

      @Erique K. if there are investors or a board of directors that may not be true

    • Random 1
      Random 1 Year ago

      Happens all the time

    • Alpha Male Midwesterner2028
      Alpha Male Midwesterner2028 Year ago

      She was really really stupid for getting her father fired; her father should’ve warned her not to do that in the first place and she should’ve known what the rules are since he worked for 🍎🍏 Apple.

  • D
    D 11 months ago +1

    The email could’ve contained sensitive information must’ve been a tough decision for them

  • David Swanson
    David Swanson 18 days ago

    I had a short tour of the same campus back in 2016, and once you walk into the front lobby,you are told you can't record or take pictures anywhere. How she got away with filming the actual guest badge portion of the lobby, seems to me like a few more Apple employees were also neglecting their duties. That big DSLR wasn't exactly hidden in her coat or purse, someone should have said something to her right away.

  • CosplayHeroUnite
    CosplayHeroUnite Year ago

    I feel so awful for the father. His daughter need to take full responsibility a know what the hell she had done. And with any high company that is against competitors, you NEVER post shit that isn’t released yet!
    “Because he broke a rule”, no girl, YOU DID.

  • ninetails625
    ninetails625 Year ago +1

    Wow that's crazy but yeah, the dad knew better. The girl was just being herself so I wouldn't expect her to worry about the consequences...if anyone is gonna take the blame, it should be the father because he worked there for 4 years so he knew better...I hope he's learned his lesson and is living well 🙏🏿

  • Kow Loon
    Kow Loon Year ago +2324

    I hate to be mean but I feel someone needs to tell this girl this is because of her desire to show off on social media. Hopefully we all can learn a lesson here. Less is more.

    • Joshua lopez
      Joshua lopez Year ago

      What u said wasnt a less is more kind of thing, its less is more if she had too much of something, less is more doesnt apply here

    • John Thornton
      John Thornton Year ago

      The dad looked pretty on board with the shooting. Plus he raised her, so double whammy

    • Marci Robins
      Marci Robins Year ago

      This is on Dad. She’s just like him. Arrogant. He knew better.

    • Buffalo butt
      Buffalo butt Year ago

      She won't be getting her allowance anytime soon.

    • De Ganz Tv
      De Ganz Tv Year ago

      Truth nothing but the truth

  • Jinx Arcane
    Jinx Arcane Year ago +4

    He broke no rules, but his dump daughter made him done that.

    DAISSY MOSQUERA Year ago +1

    I feel so bad for the dad 🥲 he probably loved his job

  • AntCare
    AntCare 8 months ago

    To be honest, this is perfectly normal. When he gave her the phone I instantly understood what is this all about. Have to be very careful about this, even when it's just a conversation.

  • humanfirst
    humanfirst Year ago +1

    The daughter is ignorant I understand, no knowledge of IT rules and regulations, but the employee also didn't know what the rules were? That's strange! Can't blame Apple!

  • Azooz 919k
    Azooz 919k Year ago +7675

    She said “they really fired him because HE broke a rule” imagine costing your father his job and then blaming it on HIM. Her crying was very fake as well.

    • Pratickk Kumar
      Pratickk Kumar 11 months ago

      @gia there's a thing called decency, which this child don't have

    • Adriana Campos
      Adriana Campos 11 months ago

      The girl seemed so spoiled like I work for Samsung and even my five year old sister knows not to show prototypes phones 💀 she only wanted to be popular at her blog

    • Lola Daniels
      Lola Daniels Year ago

      @Shineay Andrews 😂😂😂

    • FOT2010
      FOT2010 Year ago +2

      Apple is just being emo and dramatic. There was no sensitive info in the pull down notifications.

    • L Jones
      L Jones Year ago


  • Astre
    Astre Year ago +1

    So you're telling me, this trying too hard to be a blogger girl went into apple where his dad worked, messed it up for him and had the *audacity* to take 0 accountability and say "hE broke the rules" now If that isn't the brattiest thing idk what is

  • sour lemon roll
    sour lemon roll Year ago +7

    The way she blames it on her dad- and says “he” made a mistake😐😑

  • John Rigali
    John Rigali 10 months ago +1

    The dad broke the rule. He knew that he got sensitive emails on his iPhone. Why did he let his daughter video-record her examination of his iPhone? 🤦‍♂️
    And then what did the dad do? He got a job with an even more evil Big Tech firm. Wunnerful. 🤦‍♂️

  • SamHamPlayz
    SamHamPlayz 3 months ago

    Daughter: Apple really did like my dad, and they let him go because (hesitates) because he broke a rule.
    Also Daughter: *literally sneaks in a camera to the office*
    What wtf why couldn't she admit her mistake, she says her dad is everything to her and then blames everything on him, what? I don't get it.

  • c17360
    c17360 Year ago +2118

    She said, “because ‘he’ broke a rule.” She made him bear all the responsibility even though the whole thing appeared in her blog.

    • Comically Large Spoon Man
      Comically Large Spoon Man 6 months ago

      Woman moment

    • james1787
      james1787 11 months ago

      @Michael H Exactly!!

    • james1787
      james1787 11 months ago +1

      The father is 100 percent at fault. The company has very strict NDA’s and rules against filming and he was ultimately responsible by allowing his daughter to bring a camera in and film and then post the content. As an employee he has to read, understand and acknowledge the rules. The rules were broken and he was terminated. End of story.

    • WECHE 408
      WECHE 408 Year ago

      @N O true

    • Crisp
      Crisp Year ago +1

      Accountability is like kryptonite to women

  • Chhin Chhon
    Chhin Chhon Year ago +1

    Give her a break man. She seems so proud of her dad. Yea she showed off a little bit but who wouldnt wanna show off their dad if you were proud of them.

  • 1 Introvert
    1 Introvert Year ago +3

    YOU BROKE THE RULE … don’t blame on your dad

  • Clarisa Betancourt Maryjane

    He broke a rule? No he did not his daughter got him fired shame on her, she should work as head of household then see how it feels.

    • doom slayer
      doom slayer 11 months ago +1

      The emails were private matters and she accidentally filmed that. Her filming in Apple Campus isn't the reason why he's fired. She's at fault for showing the notifications

    • james1787
      james1787 11 months ago

      He is ultimately responsible as he is the employee who read and signed the NDAs and other rules. He allowed her to film (breaking a rule). She didn’t break rules as she’s not the employee. He is responsible.

    • Finn Manuel-Miranda
      Finn Manuel-Miranda Year ago +3

      Yes, HE broke the rule. She didn't badge herself in with her camera. She didn't give herself the new iphone.

  • Coked-up cat
    Coked-up cat 9 months ago +2

    2:10 Fake emotions, and she lacks awareness of the fact SHE messed up.

  • L Hughes
    L Hughes Year ago +7906

    Wow, that's the worst fake cry I've ever witnessed. She's not even sorry and obviously takes zero responsibility for her actions.

    • Xavier X
      Xavier X Year ago

      that's NOT fake,
      seriously don't have children if you think that's fake, that's how you'll be reacting towards them when they're upset, so don't have children.

    • Christopher Groves
      Christopher Groves Year ago

      it literally made me lol when she cried at the end

    • K M
      K M Year ago

      @Hewan Yes also Apple is a bitch. I can’t believe we let that fly by our heads. But right after, it’s the dads fault.

    • Hewan
      Hewan Year ago +2

      It’s no fucking big deal. She shouldn’t apologize. It’s fucking Apple. You guys acting like Apple been paying your bills or some shit. The guy is smart he can EASILY get hired at another place.

    • Matthew Heben
      Matthew Heben Year ago

      @Terrell And how's that?

  • Nikki Chronicles
    Nikki Chronicles Year ago +3

    It’s both of them. He allowed her to record knowing the rules. There you go!

  • Mommy Cj & Gergina
    Mommy Cj & Gergina Year ago +1

    I feel sorry for the dad!🥺

  • fluffytomato
    fluffytomato Year ago +5

    My dad worked for a huge tech company too and bent the rules once or twice by bringing me around, I got to see the "it" product before the rest of the world.. It was a huge thrill and I was dying for those Instagram likes too but I wasn't as dumb as this girl. Also when I look back it feels like our special secret times and you can't replace that

  • Mahbub Sami Chowdhury

    Wow! Dad afterall! Hope dad atleast explained it to her n was able to make her understand it is her accountability as well! Should be a lesson for all!

  • Angus Irving
    Angus Irving Year ago +1

    That bit at the end when her voice started wobbling was such a weak attempt at seeming like she cared. I love how the title of her "emotional" talking about her familys situation and how her dad was fired was titled 'MY IPHONE X VIDEO WENT VIRAL'.

  • Jodi C. Rosalejos
    Jodi C. Rosalejos Year ago +1

    "I had no idea that this is a violation"...ummm, you're at a place where anything is confidential...and you've recorded and POSTED IT.
    it's pretty common sense girl.

  • Brandy L Jones
    Brandy L Jones Year ago

    I wish they could forgive the man. But working in HR, I understand why they couldn’t forgive this one mistake. As an HR personnel you have to be fair across the board because if you pick and choose who you want to give a pass too, that could be seen as showing favoritism and it has the potential to open the company up to lawsuits.

  • Stephan Vrudny
    Stephan Vrudny Year ago +1

    My first day joining Apple as an ICT level 5 PD (Product Design) It was made CRYSTAL CLEAR.that taking video or photos inside the campus would get you fired. This guy must have been clueless to not know that after four years at Apple

  • M.C. Collins
    M.C. Collins Year ago +4083

    Daughter: "He broke a rule."
    Also Daughter: *RECORDS EVERYTHING*

    • TL
      TL Year ago

      She can't do anything wrong

    • ajc 123
      ajc 123 Year ago +3

      Also dad: agreeing to record sensitive info and giving her daughter the apple iPhone to record.

    • Renatta Burke
      Renatta Burke Year ago

      Not just recorded, she posted it.

    • ::
      :: Year ago

      And the father was okay with it
      Like how could have the daughter know the rules?

    • 143summer28
      143summer28 Year ago +1

      Also that dumb cry 😭

  • KIP - Knowledge Is Power
    KIP - Knowledge Is Power 10 months ago

    …If anything, I personally see that video as fantastic advertising, especially for the new Apple Pay. Shows how quick & easy it was to pay for his & his daughters lunch. Sadly, this video demonstrates a young woman who’s very proud of her Dad, his job & achievements & a Dad, very proud of his daughter & helping her in her own achievements. However, I’m beyond pissed she put the blame on her Dad like that & took zero accountability!! I’d lay my neck on a chopping block for my Dad & his job, especially if it was MY fault to begin with!! Very disappointing 😒😒
    …. I fully grasp why Apple has such strict rules on it & really, that’s good business, however, the fact she’s able to walk around with that big camera & mic, through the cafeteria & other employees even interacting with them, past all the heavily monitored CCTV cameras & no doubt security guards, yet no one stopped them or said anything really makes me feel like perhaps he had Apple’s permission for her to film that, but perhaps the deal was that the video doesn’t go online till after the phones release date? If that’s the case then it wasn’t “him” that broke the rule, it was actually his daughter & I’ve always heavily disagreed with firing people because of something their family member or friend does… If anything, this video looks as though it would’ve helped Apple sales, not hindered them. I feel so sad for him, he looks like such a lovely guy & so proud to work where he did….
    ⚠️ PLEASE READ COMMENT BY LIL EDDY ON UPDATE ABOUT THIS EMPLOYEE. Things have worked out great for him in the end ☺️☺️

  • Arjeguz Rodriguez
    Arjeguz Rodriguez Year ago +2

    Diplomas, awards, certifications , high IQ and professional career doesn’t mean necessarily such person have

  • aimansahaja
    aimansahaja Year ago +3

    how did a smart brilliant man end up with a dumb daughter is just mind bothering

  • joy j
    joy j Year ago +8

    Omg it made laugh when the daughter telling apple love my dad but they let him go... lol

  • Mkk88
    Mkk88 3 years ago +1260

    I love how she worded that”they fired him because” he “broke a rule”when really she did it.

    • Patrick M
      Patrick M 2 years ago

      @Steve Johnson If the guy who works there and tells you that its not allowed for employes to make videos, you have a responsibility towards HIM to not do that because he would get in trouble for that because he let you in. You arent responsible towards the company because the rule cant apply to you since you are not working there.

    • Ramii Bee
      Ramii Bee 2 years ago

      @Patrick M yup, this people are stupid hahaha, blaming without knowing the facts....

    • Patrick M
      Patrick M 3 years ago +1

      @THEGAMINGHELP101 thats how it is, but on youtube, people prefer feelings and subjectivity over facts, so for them, she broke the rules.

    • WifeandWife
      WifeandWife 3 years ago

      Stephanie Marino she paying that bill? Otherwise, it was his phone, there were no notifications in that phone for HER, therefore she should not have checked it. Tf. If she were younger I’d get it, but she’s old enough to know to respect his privacy.

    • Not a Phony
      Not a Phony 3 years ago +3

      The iphone didn't just magically fall into her hands, He handed it to her knowing damn well she was filming it

  • Ali D
    Ali D Year ago

    I worked security at an Apple facility and they required us to take off our boots and get wanded every time we went in and out of the "cage" where the employees worked on products. They also wanted us to stand completely still and not speak to the employees so we didn't become friendly with them. They hire most employees through temp agencies and let them go before putting them on payroll so they don't have to pay benefits. They allowed Muslims to pray on rugs and Seiks to carry daggers, but I was told to put my Bible away when I was reading it on my lunch break.
    It was the worst security job I ever had.

  • Rayray
    Rayray Year ago +1

    I feel bad for the dad. Must of been a dream job for him till his daughter ruined it.

  • Sheikh Ameen
    Sheikh Ameen Year ago +38

    "The teenager says: she didn't know she was doing
    _anything wrong_ "

    • Benedek Halda-Kiss
      Benedek Halda-Kiss 11 months ago

      @Stephen Nguyen well it's one of the most vulnerable places

    • Stephen Nguyen
      Stephen Nguyen 11 months ago

      @Benedek Halda-Kiss I wouldn’t guess that, I wouldn’t think that I can’t record unless there’s a sign and I’m sure there is but not in the video.

    • Benedek Halda-Kiss
      Benedek Halda-Kiss 11 months ago

      Yeah I'd guess the rules are don't bring a camera in

    • Stephen Nguyen
      Stephen Nguyen Year ago +3

      I mean is she? She got her dad fire by posting it, but it is also his fault for not telling her the rules. U expect her just to randomly know the rules? Do u know the rules when u go to anything like that?

  • Rae Imani
    Rae Imani 6 months ago +1

    Ummmm…are y’all okay? Y’all do know it was technically HIS fault…grown or not…he was there, saw and was okay of what she was doing..so yes, its his fault

  • 6star Driver
    6star Driver Year ago +1426

    He definitely broke a rule by bringing you around. I feel sorry for the guy, she got him fired, threw him under the bus & train in one shot.

    • Huy Nguyen
      Huy Nguyen 11 months ago

      @james1787 Yes but like I said she didn’t take accountability

    • james1787
      james1787 11 months ago +1

      @Huy Nguyen Still, she didn't even understand she was breaking any rules at all and it was ultimately his fault, not hers. Anyone who works for a large corporation (myself included) has to sit through several hours of "training" per year and acknowledge that you understand the rules and what the consequences ultimately might be if they are broken. I've seen rules get broken, while not bad intened, ultimately led to termination of co-workers. It sounds like there is a no filming / camera policy not to mention what she accidentally captured & posted with the email. She had absolutely no way of knowing she was breaking any rules at all. She's just a kid and she's not an employee. She did sound genuinely upset at what happened but she was not wrong in stating that Apple let her father go because he broke the rules.

    • Huy Nguyen
      Huy Nguyen 11 months ago +2

      @james1787 The girl didn’t even take accountability for what she did. The dad shouldn’t be treated that way

    • james1787
      james1787 11 months ago +3

      @fluffytomato Ultimately it’s still her dads fault. He’s the employee who read and signed the NDAs, allowed her to bring that large camera, film, and handed her the unreleased phone. He should have known better… way better.

    • chesnis
      chesnis Year ago +1

      @fluffytomato woah that’s so cool

  • Jun Kawasaki
    Jun Kawasaki 11 months ago +1

    "Apple did really like my dad"
    Maybe, but you made Apple hate him...

  • Finn Manuel-Miranda
    Finn Manuel-Miranda Year ago +1

    i think the people in the comments are missing something. His daughter was very proud of her dad and proud of the place that he works. She didn't know she was doing anything wrong and noone, including security, made her turn off her camera. She wasn't hiding the camera or anything.

  • attache675
    attache675 10 months ago

    “He broke a rule” look albeit the dad shouldn’t have let you on the campus filming the video in the first place, YOU ultimately broke the rule too.

  • Steven Peralta
    Steven Peralta 11 months ago

    The phone was issued to him. He was solely responsible. Either he should have restricted her access to the phone or insisted she give him review and editorial control over everything she posted. Her general demeanor and on screen sobbing strike me as self obsessed and disingenuous. I could be wrong. Maybe she’ll learn a valuable lesson about personal responsibility and consequences from this episode.

  • HackedTaxdotcom
    HackedTaxdotcom Year ago

    The father allowed the daughter to break the rules (she deserves blame too). She is a blogger holding a camera with microphone the size of her arm. This was not "Donuts with Dad" day. He is an engineer of 4 years and clearly knew what was in the NDA he signed. He should have not put her in that situation as I highly doubt she would have made the video if she knew the potential consequences. Seems like he was proud that his little girl was proud of him.

  • Dima is a tree.
    Dima is a tree. 11 months ago

    2:11 I really don’t understand why she felt the need to pretend like she’s crying. Was she hoping that Apple will see this and rehire him?

  • Will Freddy
    Will Freddy Year ago +2

    Poor dad with happines smile🥺,feel bad for him,His carrier as apple engineer was destroyed by his own daughter

  • Gary Overman
    Gary Overman 6 months ago

    Pride and ego can be become dangerous when one is trying to impress others….. focus on personal stature created a terrible outcome.
    There were no winners in this situation. It’s sad that the father let all judgment fly out the window while trying to impress a teenager with his cool job… that is now gone.
    Hopefully people will learn the real lesson here. He’s obviously a smart guy who intelligence need a little wisdom. Hopefully this does not stain his career to the point where it follows him to future opportunities. He lasted 4 years with Alphabet …. Hopefully MSoft will be longer.

  • Testo Resto
    Testo Resto 3 years ago +2987

    The daughter deleted all her videos after that incident and is not a “vlogger” anymore.
    The father sure made her regret that stupid video.

    • Jack Kraken
      Jack Kraken Year ago +1

      The father probably shouldn't have allowed her to make the video in the first place.

    • Jack Kraken
      Jack Kraken Year ago

      I would blame the father first..

    • Charles Floyd
      Charles Floyd Year ago

      @King Luigi cry about it ❄️

    • Delton
      Delton 2 years ago

      @Œ ¡ XDDD

    • pax und peace
      pax und peace 2 years ago

      He is the stupid one he should know better.

  • Derek Uhm
    Derek Uhm Year ago +23

    Gen Z RUclipsr: I’m crying, so everything must be forgiven.

  • MaeryUm
    MaeryUm Year ago

    How do you not know that leaking stuff before the company releases would get you in trouble.

  • Joseph R
    Joseph R Year ago +5

    I mean he can literally get a job for the competition in a heartbeat.
    Iron clad non disclosure. I'm sure a nice steak dinner and a half a bottle of Jim Beam will spill everything right out.

  • Cindy Fernandez
    Cindy Fernandez Year ago

    I personally feel that yes he broke the rule but if they really valued him and wanted him to stay, they would've made him do a formal apology. At the end, this engineer got another job with a big company.

  • Kari M
    Kari M 3 years ago +3339

    I feel so sorry for that dad! That girl feels no remorse for what SHE did!
    Shes FAKE crying and then blaming her dad! Get a real job, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions!

    • Kari M
      Kari M Year ago

      @K M scapegoat for what??? 😂 What are you talking about ?? 😂
      Just as dim as me??? 😂

    • K M
      K M Year ago

      @Kari M The other 3.4k just want to find a scapegoat and are on the trend of ‘Karen is a bitch’. Kare truly is a bitch but she isn’t karen here. They are just as dim as you

    • K M
      K M Year ago

      @Kari M She took it down like Apple asked. If she did not comply that is a different topic

    • Kari M
      Kari M Year ago

      @K M why not ask the other 3.4k that agree with me and have a discussion with them.

    • Kari M
      Kari M Year ago

      @K M whose was the recording?? And whose recording got dad fired?? Hers. Simple as that!

  • Sugar Pie
    Sugar Pie Year ago

    "because HE broke a rule." Wow, just when you thought this spoilt entitled brat couldn't be anymore annoying. Poor dad.

  • Sergeant Retard
    Sergeant Retard 11 months ago +2

    Damn, all these Apple sheeps defending Apple 😂It's sad

  • thesimpdaughter
    thesimpdaughter Year ago

    She is the type of person who will always make mistakes and point others to blame. Shameless.

  • ruzzell907
    ruzzell907 11 months ago

    She broke the rule! Not the dad. This what happens to teenagers who are self-obsessed with themselves and recording everything, we all get to see their complete stupidity online.
    This one has got to be the worst.

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres Year ago +2145

    "Because he broke a rule"
    How about taking responsibility of your actions?? YOU broke a rule and your father allowed it

    • Trixie Agustina
      Trixie Agustina Year ago

      @Danielle Coffey Racist much? 💀

    • Zina Verde
      Zina Verde Year ago

      @Don she did sign an NDA before entering the building so she was aware. Her dad definitely should have looked over the footage 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m guessing he got fired to be an example sadly bc u could hardly make out the email

    • Ha Su
      Ha Su Year ago

      @Jose Espitia I'd argue it's the fathers phone. If there are strict no filming on campus rules, and he knows it, then why on earth would he think it is okay for her to film a prototype? He can show her whatever but it's so obvious that none of the info about the prototype and whatever else she sees on campus should be published. So yes, it is on him for not telling her not to film at all. And it's not just apple. Any other big company has these rules.

    • Danielle Coffey
      Danielle Coffey Year ago +2

      She a white girl. She thinks she can cry her way out of everything and not be accountable

    • Synergy Revolution
      Synergy Revolution Year ago

      @EPOC 16 What you're saying about the dad is absolutely true but that doesn't change the fact that she's also responsible and should also take responsibility for her own actions instead of trying to wash her hands.

  • booyah2u 2
    booyah2u 2 11 months ago +4

    She messed up and blames her dad for him losing his job. Sounds entitled and spoilt. The father should keep his entitled daughter far away from his new workplace.