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Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer

  • Published on Oct 15, 2017
  • Long live the king. Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios . In theaters February 16! ► Subscribe to Marvel: bit.ly/WeO3YJ
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  • Swejway Maker
    Swejway Maker 2 years ago +6784

    RIP to the person who still made movies while battling cancer. That’s true royalty 👑🕊

    • Hafif Syukra
      Hafif Syukra 4 hours ago

      He's the King for several reasons.

    • Tru Drawing
      Tru Drawing Month ago

      We miss you Chadwick 😢
      My videos on my channel a tribute to you😢❤️

    • Randy Loyd
      Randy Loyd Month ago


    • Carol Carruthers
      Carol Carruthers Month ago

      It makes the movie a bit hard to watch knowing he was dying but not telling everyone. Wakanda Forever

    • Knave Arlecchino.
      Knave Arlecchino. Month ago

      Feels like Yesterday.

  • That anonymous Guy
    That anonymous Guy Year ago +3704

    3 years later and this trailer is still badass

  • Sabari Prasad Rajendran
    Sabari Prasad Rajendran 2 months ago +887

    Came back after watching “Wakanda Forever” trailer just to get that glimpse of the king. Rest in Peace my king…You are a legend and will forever be in our hearts 😢❤️

    • Robbie
      Robbie 6 hours ago

      @Bobby Fischer it’s not better

    • Shantanu David
      Shantanu David Month ago


    • Bobby Fischer
      Bobby Fischer 2 months ago +1

      I miss him. Funny how much better the new trailer is from this though haha.

    • Daniel Armstrong
      Daniel Armstrong 2 months ago

      I came and thought it was wakanda forever's trailer😭

    • Vithyasagar
      Vithyasagar 2 months ago +1

      Same bro

  • •Visca Barça
    •Visca Barça Year ago +2132

    Don't cry cause he's gone. Smile cause he was here. _LEGENDS NEVER DIE_

  • Andrew
    Andrew Year ago +157

    This is my favorite trailer out of all the marvel movies. The song choice is perfect for the culture and character of the movie combined with the amazing cuts to different action scenes in this movie. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this trailer and wished I was a hero. RIP king 🙅🏿‍♂️

    • Dayat Hidayat
      Dayat Hidayat 2 months ago

      @Johnny Tzeng ok thank you 🙏🏼

    • Johnny Tzeng
      Johnny Tzeng 2 months ago +1

      @Dayat Hidayat Vince Staples - Bagbak Remasterd and Extended (with the Remastered typo)

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 months ago +1

      @dina sule facts bro that trailer hits different

    • dina sule
      dina sule 2 months ago +1

      Have u seen the new trailer? Take that back

    • Dayat Hidayat
      Dayat Hidayat 2 months ago

      What the title of this song ?

  • Official Justin
    Official Justin 2 years ago +4799

    *“The Goal isn’t to live forever but create something that will”*

    • Puzzle and Dragons
      Puzzle and Dragons Year ago +1


    • andrew cruz smith
      andrew cruz smith Year ago

      @Archana singh Singh is someone who will live forever in the hearts of black and african youths capable of death

    • zavjo
      zavjo Year ago

      Chadwick Boseman tribute - Ma Rainey's black bottom can be viewed on my channel.

  • Ashley Stewart
    Ashley Stewart Year ago +754

    The best Marvel trailer ever, I still come back and watch it.

    • Jake_09YT
      Jake_09YT 2 months ago

      Shang chi trailer not as good as this

    • zarowo
      zarowo 8 months ago

      @Khaya wobill No, I’m Zarowo.

    • zarowo
      zarowo 8 months ago +2

      @Khaya wobill but you just talked about Shang chi right there so you basically talked about him

    • Khaya wobill
      Khaya wobill 9 months ago +6

      @Minh Phuc Nguyen we talking bout black panther not Shang chi

  • Anika Nawar
    Anika Nawar 2 months ago +41

    Even after your death, you're still inspiring us with all the incredible things you’ve done & all the great things you’ve said. Thanks for being such an icon, King💜🖤

  • Bright Ntuli Art
    Bright Ntuli Art 2 months ago +375

    Who's here after watching the epic Black Panther: WAKANDA FOREVER trailer?

    • Nawab Ali Khan
      Nawab Ali Khan Month ago +1


    • P$YCH0 Bunny
      P$YCH0 Bunny Month ago +3

      Me, and it makes me miss him even more, but I don’t cry because he’s gone, I smile because he was here. R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman, the one true king of Wakanda. 💐

    • Bebo
      Bebo 2 months ago +1


    • Carnowitdrip
      Carnowitdrip 2 months ago +1

      Me rip

    • The One Between All
      The One Between All 2 months ago +1


  • Geekapedia
    Geekapedia 14 days ago +3

    “Mom, why do all the good and great people die early?
    When you go into a garden, which flowers do you pick? The beautiful ones or the ugly ones?
    The beautiful ones.”
    Chadwick was like a beautiful rose among a field of weeds. This world can be so cold and horrible sometimes. You look around and things can be just terrifying and dark. Chadwick was a hero, both on screen and off screen. Rest in power, king T’Challa.

  • C3 Gainz
    C3 Gainz 2 years ago +3493

    Dang he really inspired me. Rest up king he’s in a better place now. RIP Chadwick Boseman 🙏🏾

    • Tru Drawing
      Tru Drawing Month ago

      He also inspired me ,He is a great actor, a mentor and a hero.
      I made a drawing video in my channel tribute to Chadwick Boseman 😢😢❤️
      He will always be our king forever.😢❤️

    • Mohd Fin
      Mohd Fin 9 months ago

      Wakanda forever

    • April C
      April C Year ago

      Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman 😭😭

    • Iron Man
      Iron Man 2 years ago

      What happen

    • KidFilms
      KidFilms 2 years ago

      ZZZtentacion StunningSteph#30 nah RIP Chadwick Boseman

  • Siggi Snorri
    Siggi Snorri Year ago +86

    R.I.P Chadwick Boseman. A man who truly shows how a human should act and a real role model to everyone. One of a kind. Rest easy 🕊💔

  • Eonian
    Eonian Year ago +290

    "I have seen gods fly!" = Thor
    "I've seen men build weapons that I couldn't even imagine." = Iron Man
    "I've seen aliens drop from the sky." = Chitauri
    "But I have never seen anything like this." = Wakanda

    • Stanley ツ
      Stanley ツ Month ago

      @SFG ah yes fellow dbl player

    • Toyan Tha OG
      Toyan Tha OG 4 months ago

      So badass

    • Kevin Durand
      Kevin Durand 5 months ago +1

      Is the film a documentary on how brilliant South Africa became when Mandela was voted.Wakanda?!

    • SFG
      SFG 10 months ago +1

      @Jonathan a game, "Dragon ball Legends."
      Gacha game.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 10 months ago

      @SFG what is DBL

  • Aaryanad
    Aaryanad Year ago +1812

    Iron Man: I am the richest avenger
    Black panther: hold my vibranium

    • Duncan Morin
      Duncan Morin 2 months ago

      @Russ are you okay? It feels like you wrote this while having a stroke or something

    • Russ
      Russ 2 months ago +1

      @Brandon Burum ..All black cast !?? I feel discriminated.LMFAO

    • Brandon Burum
      Brandon Burum 2 months ago +1

      @Russ it was so dumb I had to turn it off

    • Brandon Burum
      Brandon Burum 2 months ago

      @NotoriousSmoke good thing it’s fictional

    • Russ
      Russ 2 months ago +1


  • Titanus Jase621
    Titanus Jase621 Year ago +214

    The hype for this movie was a once in a lifetime opportunity. nostalgia..

    • KoKo
      KoKo 4 months ago

      Don't lie, the real hype was for Endgame

    • The Zu
      The Zu 5 months ago +3

      @Mike Priestey What does this have to do with BLM.? This movie was in the works and came out before the movement gained prominence. The character first appeared in 1966. But its messed up to mention that topic when the character was created during a few years after legal segregation ended and before MLK Jr was assassinated for begging for basic human rights. So duh, people were excited to see him back then. So what a tone deaf comment.
      PS. All the Captain America and Thor movies werent all hits either. So chill out with your race based comparisons.

    • TheFlukeDude
      TheFlukeDude 8 months ago +12

      @Mike Priestey nice edit lmao. i saw your first reply. seems like you have some issue and insecurities you need to work on so maybe worry about that first. also I'm not black, but as a minority I can appreciate what this movie offered and felt it related a lot to my fathers struggle coming to this county as an immigrant and missing home. you have no experience whats that like so obviously you cant look at with that view. rather, you wanna bring up blm which wasn't even a single thought in my head. if anything it proves what I said earlier was right.

    • Mike Priestey
      Mike Priestey 8 months ago

      @TheFlukeDude Just because it's playing off the BLM BS doesn't mean it's a good movie. Try and learn the difference 👌

  • adrian michel
    adrian michel 2 years ago +4048

    The fact that he made all these movies for 4 years while battling cancer makes him a real King. Rest in peace Chadwick. You will be missed.

  • Impressive Butt
    Impressive Butt 2 months ago +37

    Don’t mind me just rewatching the best trailer ever after the other best trailer ever Wakanda Forever

  • Nii Amart
    Nii Amart 2 months ago +14

    Revisiting this trailer after the new BP 2 teaser trailer released. I must say whoever handles the BP trailers is a genius. Both are so so good. It's weird watching this and remembering how happy and excited I was to seeing the movie contrasted with the sadness I feel when I watched the Black Panther 2 teaser trailer. I hope they make Chadwick proud wherever he is. Wakanda Forever! 🙅🏾‍♂️

  • AsianKaren
    AsianKaren 2 months ago +14

    Literally the best trailer I’ve ever seen, I always come back and watch it.

  • Zack-Mavin
    Zack-Mavin Month ago +5

    Everyone Show Chadwick his respect and Bow down 👑

  • Water Hazard
    Water Hazard 2 years ago +3274

    To most he was known as Black Panther, but to the rest of us, he was known as a new rising talent and an inspiring force.
    Rest in peace, you legend.

  • Matthew Ace70
    Matthew Ace70 5 months ago +22

    Amazing to all! The movie, cast, music, and everything else about Black Panther! Wakanda Forever!
    R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman. A marvellous king.

  • Alif Carrascalão
    Alif Carrascalão 2 months ago +101

    Who came back here after watching Wakanda Forever teaser trailer? Me! Anyone else?!

  • Eamonn Patrick
    Eamonn Patrick Year ago +17

    This has to be my favorite MCU trailer, watching it gives me chills to this day

  • Laura Postell
    Laura Postell 2 months ago +11

    R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman. You will always be the Black Panther.
    Also this trailer is AWESOME!!! Hoping we get a new one tomorrow for Wakanda Forever!!!

  • Help me reach 1k Subs
    Help me reach 1k Subs 2 years ago +1752

    Can we all take a moment to honor Chadwick Boseman. He not only inspired people around the world but he changed our lives. He will always be missed and one of the best superhero actors. Just take a quick second to send a prayer to his family and friends. RIP❤️. You will be in our hearts for ever.

    • King of Anything
      King of Anything 2 years ago

      @Reiner no they didn't.

    • Mob Snitch Anonymous
      Mob Snitch Anonymous 2 years ago

      I thought this was Michael B. Jordan’s movie

    • shumaila jaffar
      shumaila jaffar 2 years ago +2

      for paul walker they got his brother and kind ofmessed with some stuff to make it look like paul walker.

    • Daniel Ighedosa
      Daniel Ighedosa 2 years ago +1

      Talented actor and inspiration to us all he’ll be missed❤️

    • We Chimp Pimpin’
      We Chimp Pimpin’ 2 years ago

      Chadwick will never freeze

  • Precious' Moments
    Precious' Moments Year ago +3

    I watched this movie so many times, it's just so amazing to see. Not only did he make an impact being in this movie, but he also made a difference in real life. It's such an amazing movie.

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown 20 hours ago +2

    Man, I remember exactly where I was when I started sobbing seeing this for the first time. I love my culture. Wakanda Forever.
    Lets get ready for the heaviest marvel movie to date. I dont think were gonna get any of that funny we get from the first or other movies. I think its going to be heavy from top to bottom. almost 3 hours long and please everyone stay for the credits tribute. Dont get up and leave, ya only going to stand in the parking lot talking anyway.

  • Bushy Brow
    Bushy Brow 2 months ago +5

    Yeah BP2 definitely isn’t gonna feel the same without the king but I’m definitely excited to see it. Ryan Coogler, the cast, and production certainly outdid themselves

  • Ian
    Ian Year ago +32

    This movie really hits different knowing that Chadwick Boseman, (Black Panther’s actor) passed back In August 2020. RIP, King of Wakanda, and King Irl. Also I just watched this movie today to pay respects for Chadwick.

  • ARMY X Wizone
    ARMY X Wizone 2 years ago +1260

    The fact that BOSEMAN helped other cancer patients while struggling with his own just shows how much he cared for others. Truly deserves every bit of RESPECT. He was a great king by heart as well.
    His legacy in wakanda will Leave o.

    • max85
      max85 2 years ago

      @Night Shade **Death is not the End**

    • Rad Tanks
      Rad Tanks 2 years ago

      We may lost him. But he will always be in our memories.

    • Ashish Sharan
      Ashish Sharan 2 years ago

      I agree.....he was a inspiration too...

    • doysanchoi¡¿
      doysanchoi¡¿ 2 years ago +6

      shadowpriest300 it’s not overreacting. There are loads of people who looked to him and kids who wanted to be him.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 2 years ago


  • Amber Weaver
    Amber Weaver Year ago +7

    i remember being so young and exited for this film. rip chad you were and are a true inspiration.

  • SuperGauthu
    SuperGauthu 2 months ago +4

    Just one word "Legends never die". You will be forever in our hearts 💔💔💔💔

  • Shah Kabir
    Shah Kabir Year ago

    still gives me shivers to this day. Rest in Peace King Chadwick Boseman 🙏🏽 👑

  • Cobra Kai fan
    Cobra Kai fan 2 months ago +8

    Here after the black Panther wakanda forever trailer Chadwick is truly missed he maybe gone but he is not forgotten long live the king T’Challa black Panther rip 😢

  • Ria J
    Ria J 2 years ago +1993

    He literally filmed this when he was sick. Art just pure art. I remember getting chills watching this in the theater. Wakanda Forever🕊

    • KDJ
      KDJ Year ago +1

      @Gustaaf Argoan why was he a warrior? Oh i dont know maybe its BECAUSE HE SHOT A LOT OF MOVIES WHILE HE WAS SICK AND NEVER LET HIS CANCER STOP HIM FROM DOING WHAT HE LIKES. Warriors fight and this warrior fought a deadly cancer and was still able to make a lot of movies before he sadly passed away

    • Gustaaf Argoan
      Gustaaf Argoan Year ago

      @Antonio Robinson make me.

    • Antonio Robinson
      Antonio Robinson Year ago +2

      @Gustaaf Argoan shut up he will forever be a legend

    • Gustaaf Argoan
      Gustaaf Argoan Year ago

      @Vero R Why was he a warrior? He was an actor.

    • Gustaaf Argoan
      Gustaaf Argoan Year ago +1

      As far as Marvel movies go,, the movie sucked. The premise sucked. We are the richest country in Africa, but we are going to let the rest of Africa starve because of the plot. But hey, CBLM!

  • TECH-G
    TECH-G Year ago +9

    Seen this trailer more than 200 times still I get goosebumps ... 🥺

  • Kratos
    Kratos 2 months ago +4

    2022 and this trailer still hits different!
    The music used 🤌

  • Eddie Zimondi Online

    A man who wasn’t just a king in a movie, but a man who was a king in real life. RIP

  • Vaisakhan A S
    Vaisakhan A S 2 months ago +37

    Anyone after Black Panther 2 trailer, only to see our T'Challa💔😞

    • GreyOnline
      GreyOnline 2 months ago +1

      Don’t you mean “our Chadwick” because T’challa is a character that will never die

    • Vaisakhan A S
      Vaisakhan A S 2 months ago +2

      @Blueberry40 yes brother

    • Blueberry40
      Blueberry40 2 months ago +2


  • who
    who 2 years ago +838

    Now when we see Civil War, Black Panther, Infinity War, and End Game, we will do so with the understanding that he was sick throughout the filming. But he still did excellent. We will never forget how amazing you were, Chadwick. You will always be our king.

  • Ahmed Calart
    Ahmed Calart Month ago +5


  • Avontae Clinton Studios

    This makes me wanna watch Black Panther over and over again

  • wojtek
    wojtek 9 months ago +2

    Bring a tear to my eye still one my favourite films rip King Chadwick gone but never forgotten

  • DarthVader
    DarthVader 2 months ago +2

    This movie really had a unique vibe to it, none other movies had to it.

  • Matthias Vogelzang
    Matthias Vogelzang 2 months ago +7

    Just came back here after watching the trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Makes this one so more memorable.

  • Rav Hirani
    Rav Hirani Year ago +9

    This is still the best marvel trailer I've seen. So much hype. RIP KING.

  • She who doesn't exist
    She who doesn't exist Year ago +221

    Going back to see this after the Shang Chi trailer.
    Marvel is yet to drop another blockbuster as this

    • Nwachukwu Chika
      Nwachukwu Chika 4 months ago

      Exactly dear,
      How are you doing, good to meet you.

    • Hristian Marinov
      Hristian Marinov Year ago +2

      You were right, Shang Chi compares greatly to Black Panther!

    • Random User
      Random User Year ago +1

      Yes Black Panther was straight up amazing and nothing less

    • Batman the knight
      Batman the knight Year ago +1

      Black panther is overrated imo

    • Nunuboy
      Nunuboy Year ago


  • emsssx0
    emsssx0 4 months ago

    ahh im so glad i saw this movie opening night in theatres. this movie was so well done and the COSTUME DESIGN!!!!! everything about this movie is just beautiful. even the soundtrack for this movie was amazing! i miss this era of the MCU.
    also rest in peace chadwick! we miss you!❤️

  • I Ahluwalia
    I Ahluwalia 2 months ago +7

    Coming back here after Black Panther2 teaser. Nostalgia forever!

  • Ariana George
    Ariana George Year ago +1

    I miss the hype this movie had. Can't believe just 3 years ago it feels like nostalgia now. I was done with 2020 when Chad passed. Just couldn't process it, but I'm glad he was given his flowers while he was living. I miss his voice, presence, spirit, wisdom, and talent. So much I could say about what I loved and admired about him.... Thank you for leading by example and persevering! Continue to rest in heaven king!

  • Lowkey LOKI
    Lowkey LOKI 2 months ago +8

    The happy times...., Wakanda will never be the same anymore without you KING.

  • FernatikSlac
    FernatikSlac 12 days ago

    Literally one of the best marvel trailers to this day. Rest In Peace Chadwick 🙏

  • TheRealJuanMarston
    TheRealJuanMarston 2 years ago +3260

    R.I.P Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther himself.

  • Hisham NCT
    Hisham NCT 2 months ago +5

    Who watching this trailer after Black Panther Wakanda Forever Trailer, RIP Chadwick Boseman ( 1976-2020 )

  • el asyi
    el asyi Year ago +11

    Stumbled back here to see how amazing this trailer and film are.
    As if wanting to be in 2018.

  • TowerJunkie19
    TowerJunkie19 Year ago +14

    R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman. One of the greatest actors of all time.

  • Dorian Osvaldo López Ortega

    I came here after watching the Black Panther Wakanda for ever trailer, that trailer feels empty without him.

  • Moon
    Moon 2 years ago +2476

    “In my culture, death is not the end” - Black Panther

    • ayaan khan
      ayaan khan Year ago

      bro nice line but dont put something from a movie to a real life situation

    • katlego Assegaai
      katlego Assegaai Year ago

      @Naruto Uzumaki 🦊 🐐 I don't care !!

  • ganesh sonar
    ganesh sonar Year ago +21

    This trailer is a masterpiece.

  • Yusuf Kigera
    Yusuf Kigera 2 months ago +6

    Black panther means a lot to us as important as Spider-Man PLEASE MARVEL DON'T RUIN IT ,IN LOVING MEMORY OF KING Chadwick Boseman.

  • Pritha Chakraborty

    this trailer still gives me the goosebumps... you will be in our hearts forever

  • Adz Sommers
    Adz Sommers 2 months ago +6

    Re watching this after the wakanda forever trailer just makes me tear up

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller 2 years ago +225

    No matter whether you're a Marvel fan or not this is something everyone around the world feels,
    we love you Chadwick and we're gonna miss you so much thank you for all you have done the world will not be the same without the king of Wakanda but atleast he spent the final moments with his family thank you Chadwick we love you and we hope you enjoy your time in heaven

  • Garrett Petersen
    Garrett Petersen 2 months ago +3

    Still one of the best Marvel trailers

    ILLUSION 6 days ago +1

    this trailer still gives me same goosebumps like it gave me 1st time

  • Giorgos Manahiaris
    Giorgos Manahiaris Year ago +6

    He was fighting colon cancer for 4 years yet he managed to make this,avengers infinity war and endgame and da 5 bloods all together.
    What a king
    Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman(1976-2020)

    • SuperJackster01
      SuperJackster01 Year ago +1

      Watching these movies, I never would’ve guessed he had colon cancer. In them, he looked completely fine. What a true fighter

  • Nasri Rosman
    Nasri Rosman Year ago +6

    This trailer truly shows the exaggerated swagger of a Black Panther 👑 Rest in Power

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H 2 years ago +723

    “Don’t cry because he died.” “Smile because he was born.”

  • Daniel Dominguez
    Daniel Dominguez 2 months ago +1

    This movie is so good, and its characters so complex that the action sequences were actually the boring ones

    CHEIKH DIANKHA 11 months ago +3

    4 years later I came back to this trailer again, RIP MY KING

  • Revanth reddy Konnela
    Revanth reddy Konnela Month ago +2

    I'm so proud to say that black panther is my favorite movie. Waiting for wakanda forever.

  • TopMarvelClips
    TopMarvelClips Year ago +7

    This Trailer Was Amazing, I Just Wish I Can Go Back To 2016-2019 Those Were The Best Years Of My Life

    • Endangered Mexican
      Endangered Mexican Year ago

      For me 2018 was the best year so many of my favorite shows, movies, events, games came out that year and I went to Disneyland after 14 years. I was also a sophomore which was the best year out of high school. I know every year many things happen but I can't think of a single bad thing in 2018 that I experienced. But then stan lee passed away that year but I think he would want us to be happy not sad since he lived a long good life.

  • elieli
    elieli 2 years ago +223

    He is so strong for filming this and his future films while being sick. Truly an icon that became important to so many people. Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman

    • R Beats
      R Beats 2 years ago +1

      R.I.P To The Real King !

  • RPM Guy 64
    RPM Guy 64 8 months ago

    "Hero" "Legend" "King"
    Yes he was. Rest in peace, Chadwick Boseman.

  • Antonio Robinson
    Antonio Robinson Year ago +3

    We didn't know you was sick but you brought us all out to see this movie one of the best movies of all time love you

  • Zachary Tay
    Zachary Tay Year ago

    Long live the king! RIP Chadwick Boseman, one of the greatest actors in Marvel.

  • Hasan Tokul
    Hasan Tokul 9 months ago +3

    I have to admit I am spidey fan but this is the coolest hero in MCU. Rest in peace Chadwick 🙏

  • Marvel-ous Potterhead
    Marvel-ous Potterhead 2 years ago +228

    "Death is not the end. It's more of a stepping of point." - Black Panther
    Rest in peace, Chadwick.

    • ultra superior
      ultra superior 2 years ago +3

      how true that is. Chadwick was a christian he is in heaven now With Jesus forever

  • Destroyer Thedefender
    Destroyer Thedefender 2 months ago +12

    Show of hands who's here after seeing the Wakanda Forever trailer

  • Sahil Ameen
    Sahil Ameen Year ago +3

    RIP King T'Challa, Wakanda Forever, you will always live in our hearts Chadwick...

  • Christian G
    Christian G 2 months ago +6

    5 years later looking back is crazy after the new trailer just dropped

  • screwyootube1
    screwyootube1 Month ago +1

    I still can’t believe it. RIP, Chadwick. You were incredible!

  • Just another guy
    Just another guy Year ago +1

    I always loved Chadwick and his character as Black Panther
    But the only thing is hate how is that people are only paying respects after he’s dead
    He should of always been respected, dead or not
    RIP Chadwick Boseman
    I will not remember just as a king but as my hero

  • hotdamndan
    hotdamndan Year ago +4

    Before this, we never thought a superhero movie can be a masterpiece.

  • Homo Sapien
    Homo Sapien Year ago +3

    Most amazing movie from marvel ever made! We love you! You will be remembered forever! Wakanda Forever!

  • bubbles
    bubbles Year ago

    the feeling of watching black panther for the first time in the theatres was unparalleled

  • Jake Norg
    Jake Norg 2 years ago +220

    Seeing this now is so sad knowing that he’s gone, but we will never forget him, rest easy chadwick😭😕

  • Mahasiddharthan Anandakumar
    Mahasiddharthan Anandakumar 2 months ago +12

    who is here after watching black panther : wakanda forever teaser??

  • Ariana George
    Ariana George Year ago +1

    I've only heavily cried for Aaliyah, Left-eye, MJ, Whitney, and Chadwick. I cried the most for Chadwick since I was old enough to remember his entire career from when I was in middle school until now.

  • Sunlord
    Sunlord Year ago +1

    Who's here to pay their respects to Chadwick Boseman?
    Since I'm already here, I'll pay my respects. R.I.P Chadwick, you were an amazing actor and king of Wakanda. You will be missed greatly

  • TheRealAzyre
    TheRealAzyre Year ago +4

    If you watched this trailer when it came out, and your watching it today you know its good.

  • Arda Uysal
    Arda Uysal 2 years ago +1435

    He wasn’t just a king. He is our king and he creator of the Black Panther.

    • Tae G
      Tae G  19 hours ago

      @skillz gaming He was literally the first and only person to bring the character of T’Challa to a live action depiction. He created him and his Black Panther in that aspect. And we’ll never forget it

    • screwyootube1
      screwyootube1 8 days ago

      He was an incredible actor, and really brought the Black Panther to life, giving him a depth I hadn’t seen in the character.
      That said, he didn’t “create” the character. That was Stan Lee. A genius of epic proportions. Excelsior!

    • Marilyn Willett
      Marilyn Willett 9 days ago

      If that is your king I pity you.

    • Isaac
      Isaac  23 days ago

      @Kalvin187 Douglas umm he would def want someone to take the role after his passing.

    • MotionBrickStudios
      MotionBrickStudios 5 months ago

      He will be miss

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady Year ago +11

    "In my culture death is not the end" Rest in peace king 🖤🥺

  • Pom
    Pom 9 months ago +1

    We miss you Chadwick Boseman as an actor who played Black Panther.

  • bùi trung duc
    bùi trung duc 2 months ago +3

    I miss him so much while watching trailer 2

    ANEETA KOUL Year ago +11

    I am really waiting for the moment when Chadwick really comes and says
    "As you can see I am not dead"

  • Alex Min
    Alex Min 2 years ago +255

    "In my culture, death is not the end. It’s more of a stepping-off point. You reach out with both hands, and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into the green veld where you can run forever."
    I know people are sharing this quote, but it’s just too powerful for me not to share as well. He is not gone, but lives through his legacy of playing T’Challa, James Brown, Thurgood Marshall, and Jackie Robinson.
    Wakanda Forever and Rest in Power.

  • johnny limtest
    johnny limtest 2 months ago +6

    I'm From indonesia, always waiting for black phanter 2, but wheni see wakanda forever trailer yesterday and feel weird when i can't see Chadwick in the trailer.
    so i searched and because i don't watch tv news, it shock me when i just Know Chadwick Boseman the awesome Actor the King of Wakanda is RIP,
    and when i in the office for the first time i Cried silently for an actor . i feel his greatness and awesome charisma to be the Heroes. no one can replace the Black panther like Him..
    hope he will feel peace in the side of the God in the heaven forever.

  • raghav gairola
    raghav gairola Year ago +1

    This is one of the few marvel movies one can watch multiple times just for the story. Thank you king for bringing the character to life.