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Oakland Chinatown Street Attack, Shooting Caught on Camera

  • Published on Aug 7, 2021
  • Saturday afternoon in Oakland’s Chinatown a brazen sidewalk robbery attempt and shooting was captured on surveillance video. John Ramos reports. (8-8-21)

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  • epmike123
    epmike123 Year ago +1705

    Doesn't matter how many cops if there is no punishment. Nothing but slaps on the wrists.

    • PepeFrogLive
      PepeFrogLive 3 months ago

      These idiot criminals have no idea that simply asking an Asian American in a street for a few dollars, most likely they can spare a few dollars. You could probably get $20 total in an hour. Kindness is better than violence.

    • Gods Wrath
      Gods Wrath 5 months ago

      If it were Asians attacking blacks like shooting 5 yrs olds it would have been slap on wrist

    • Jurj Sam
      Jurj Sam 7 months ago

      Niggas rob and kill niggas. And after that, blaming racists for your problems. Blaming racists for all your problems. That's just the main racist is you. And in Liberia, you yourself became slave owners. They turned the indigenous population into slaves. And then you have the audacity to open your mouths. You made slaves of your black brothers. shame on you, niggas...

    • John Lee
      John Lee 8 months ago

      @Gone Divin’ strange how the constitution means nothing because criminals are depending upon the law taking away the rights of the people so they can have a easier time harming the unarmed. My advice is buy a M79 they do amazing work!😁👍

    • John Lee
      John Lee 8 months ago

      @Nitro you mean certain people see opportunities in harming people they would assume have no combat experience.

  • Isaak DLG
    Isaak DLG Year ago +35

    This is not a gun issue, this is a crime issue and leadership issue.

  • KY209
    KY209 Year ago +17

    That’s why we Asian have to take matter into our own hand and help protect ourselves. That’s why we all should start have our own weapon and when time comes or like this we can use it against those who does it to us.

  • My Comment
    My Comment Year ago +10

    Would've been nice to see a licensed concealed carry intervene. Those guys are really brave for bringing their fist to a gunfight.

  • Lamar Herring
    Lamar Herring 8 months ago

    I used to shop in this nice area years ago when I lived in Oakland. Simply have 2 plain clothes police with a shoot to kill order where crimes like this take place. This sends the message. Rotate these cops with others so the criminals cant identify them. This is shameful.

  • David Meeks
    David Meeks Year ago +455

    Way to step up guys. To many people wouldn't have helped others. Hope you have a speedy recovery

    • D
      D 7 months ago

      Those women wouldn’t have helped him
      If the roles were switched 💯💯

    • allowedme
      allowedme 9 months ago +3

      RogalDorn23. Where are you can I send some boys over for your for your wallet? Everyone knows by now that you would not resist so I will actually send mine 5 year old friend over.

    • RogalDorn23
      RogalDorn23 Year ago +3

      Yeah, way to put additional lives in danger. Accomplished nothing but adding a victim here.

    • Mattias LP
      Mattias LP Year ago +6

      you wouldn’t have helped either so stop shaming other ppl

    • Bunny Wolf TV
      Bunny Wolf TV Year ago +5

      That guy didn't run even in the presence of a gun and after the other getting shot.

  • Libaaxa Leerta Jiifa Channel

    If they are that confident to do stuff like that in a broad day light I can't imagine how bad it is at night time.

  • CDXX
    CDXX 20 days ago

    "No one would be stupid enough to do that in front of the cops!"
    Bro, what rock are you living under? *People are stupid.*

  • EthicalRealist
    EthicalRealist Year ago

    My buddy and his family were victims of a armed home robbery in l.a last week. Held the whole family at gunpoint and stole $100k worth of cash and goods.
    The cops are apparently doing nothing. The assailants were the typical suspects as well.

  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott Year ago +42

    Keep on giving these guys freedom and letting them out of prison.

  • Vince Castillo
    Vince Castillo Year ago +626

    It sucks people they only stepped up enforcement when the senator got robbed what about the normal people? Shouldn’t that right be a reason to step up enforcement.

    • KuBurd1
      KuBurd1 Year ago

      No one gives a shit about peasants. Peasants don't even give a shit about peasants, lol.

    • xtrafranky
      xtrafranky Year ago +1

      @LookAtMyHands I do too, especially the ones who pass gun control laws. They don’t want us to be able to protect ourselves but they have armed bodyguards that are funded by our tax dollars.

    • Truth2Power Millions
      Truth2Power Millions Year ago

      A bunch of cry babies in this comment section. LOL

    • xtrafranky
      xtrafranky Year ago +1

      That’s politicians for you, especially democrats. Who not only will make your city/state high in crime, but they will also disarm you with their insane gun laws so you can’t defend yourself from criminals like this.

    • Andy
      Andy Year ago +1

      Right. And the damn government still want our tax money!!! F*** the government!

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson 7 months ago

    Props to em both takes mad courage to act in the moment. Dude at 2:46 got pistol whipped and still managed to retrieve the purse, one of them got shot in the arm, however bad it may be it's lucky it wasn't literally anywhere else. So you gotta ask yourself was it worth getting shot/possibly killed over a few quid like? Sometimes logical thinking defeats pride and this may have been one of those moments seeing as they weren't armed. Either way well done lads you both got that warrior heart.

  • Anthijuan Beeks
    Anthijuan Beeks 8 months ago

    This is a epidemic across the country. Very sad. Hats off to the two guys who stepped in. God bless you.

  • bizzy
    bizzy Year ago +1

    Shout out to the brave young men who step in..

  • H M
    H M Year ago

    Crazy, everyone needs to hold guns on you without being put in jail

  • Uniquely Beautiful
    Uniquely Beautiful Year ago +355

    Brave men, very brave men. Prayers go out to them. We need more like them

    • Shawn 4x42500
      Shawn 4x42500 Month ago

      So, be like them or live as a coward!

    • Monte Mitchell
      Monte Mitchell 3 months ago

      We need strong, brave, independent women to step up!!

    • kain euler
      kain euler 3 months ago

      I hope both of them get some free cheeks.

    • JoT
      JoT 8 months ago

      most of them died

    • Igb Og
      Igb Og 9 months ago +1

      Thats not brave its stupid

  • Evan O'Neill
    Evan O'Neill 8 months ago

    Dude in the plaid shirt understands how shit happens and what's really going on!

  • Nicole Raheem
    Nicole Raheem Year ago

    This man is a fair man 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾"Criminals are all opportunist. It does not matter the race. If they see you are an easy target,they're going to do it" 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    This is the only non black person that I ever came across that shares the same perspective as I do👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    I always tell people,
    " To choose racism, is to choose ignorance" because they choose to judge someone based off their race and not based off their character or how they treat someone.
    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Someone please give this man his flowers.
    Does he have a store in Chinatown ? I would gladly come to support😫❤❤❤👏🏾❤👏🏾❤👏🏾❤👏🏾❤👏🏾👏🏾❤👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Chris Zekableyat
    Chris Zekableyat Year ago

    And right in front of the camera when it happened(wow),I know a planned incident when I see one, don’t give in to fear cuz this is exactly what they want us to feel fear.

  • California Dream'n
    California Dream'n 4 months ago

    And yet we all ACTUALLY know why it's all happening yet no one says it publicly...that's when you know it's only gonna get worse

  • Claymore
    Claymore Year ago +344

    The amount of balls needed to intervene in close range barehanded when two thugs are holding guns is remarkable and heroic. Glad that guy is not badly hurt and will recover. Let’s be real, most of us won’t have the guts to intervene physically if the other party is armed, and it’s understandable.

    • ILLiteSociety
      ILLiteSociety 5 months ago +1

      @DREAM BOY exactly

      DREAM BOY 5 months ago +1

      That’s not heroic or takes courage. That is literally just an idiot trying to protect his pride in front of his girl and got shot for it. If he was really smart he would of just given everything up or had his own gun

    • ILLiteSociety
      ILLiteSociety 8 months ago


    • VoskiArdziv
      VoskiArdziv 8 months ago

      @D_Chatz 83 Not excuses, but just the same problems and hindrances as everyone else, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, and failure is not an option, and neither is getting mugged.

    • D_Chatz 83
      D_Chatz 83 8 months ago

      @VoskiArdziv idk. I'm tired and have to work. I have a lot of excuses...

  • Demented_Senile_Joe_Biden
    Demented_Senile_Joe_Biden 8 months ago +1

    It's not "people crazy", it's "joggers crazy"
    There's a huge difference.

  • D Will
    D Will Year ago +3

    Bless the ones who stepped up. Everyone stay safe it’s a crazy world out here.

  • Nah Mos
    Nah Mos Year ago +2

    They stepped up patrol due to the incident involving an “important” person

  • Rudy Carreon
    Rudy Carreon 7 months ago

    What a shame, these poor folks being preyed upon by these clowns. We need to start policing like we did in the 90's

  • SpiceC Delite
    SpiceC Delite Year ago +47

    Bring back the death penalty and ramp up executions. If criminals were actually punished in accordance with their crimes (i.e. murderers are executetd, etc.) then that would be a deterrent to crime. If not, at least the criminals wouldn't be alive to hurt anyone else.

    • 바보Queen
      바보Queen 25 days ago

      they need to use the DP for all robberies.. no more catch and release shit

    • allan oteyza
      allan oteyza Year ago

      It the democratic progressive policies, and high taxes and regulations

  • Rick 0000
    Rick 0000 8 months ago

    Kudos to those that tried to help.

  • Ree Faa
    Ree Faa Year ago

    Im so glad I left the Bay Area. I’ll always miss the good but I’m in a way safer place now. Very low violent crime rate. I’ve been here for about 9mos and I’ve only witness 1 fight in a bar so far. That’s huge coming from the Bay

  • Jason lives 69
    Jason lives 69 8 months ago

    Thank you young man. You risked your life and saved her from losing her purse filled with makeup
    and condoms.🙂

  • Stan Anderson
    Stan Anderson 8 months ago

    God Bless 🙌 everyone out there because it is getting too bad out on the streets especially in the cities!!! I live in Bmore and everyone is carrying a gun because you don't want to be the next person who they try to rob. They used to rob you and leave but now they are killing you too!!! Stay safe 🙏

  • MOWO Media
    MOWO Media Year ago +390

    Guy in the white shirt wasn't backing down.... even after the shots fired he protecting the lady AND got her purse back from the suspect. Sheesh.

  • I hear Voices
    I hear Voices Year ago

    "one of the guys was hit in the arm and is lucky to be alive" ppl admiring these two guys for wrestling the gunmen gon get theirs someday. Luck as we know runs out n when it does! RIP

  • A Degenerate with Glasses

    Form a local militia group to patrol that area, open carry, lose those fin grips and 10 round mags. Illegal in California, yes, but if the government is failing, then why bother obeying? Protect your community and yourself, it should be above the law.

  • 坦然無懼
    坦然無懼 10 months ago

    Pay some armed watchmen to keep post in second story windows, and make it known to patrons in the area that should you be attacked just let them take your purse and step back 10 steps as fast as possible to allow the watchmen a clear shot at the assailants and the tires of it’s escape vehicle. Most importantly, watchmen should embrace all races and peoples - not in words but in action - by disregarding the color of the assailants’ skin. Just focus on preventing the crime quickly and cost effectively.

  • LighteN Ing
    LighteN Ing 8 months ago

    How can you let this shit just casually happen like that?!😡

  • silvermica
    silvermica Year ago +364

    Just horrible. SF and Oakland are totally dysfunctional. I seriously doubt this will ever change.

    • Nxlckin DumBz
      Nxlckin DumBz 6 months ago

      @Scrapcash2 How is California communist? It is quite the exact opposite. Big cities, booming economy, homeless people, and working towards free healthcare for all. I guess it does sound a bit communistic. But if that is what communism is then, Long Live The Socialist Republic Of California!

    • George Ulicny
      George Ulicny 9 months ago

      Not under the current political leadership.

    • 10 million dogs tortured in China each year
      10 million dogs tortured in China each year Year ago

      Vote Larry Elder - that's our best hope

    • Tou Vang
      Tou Vang Year ago +1

      It's never gonna change if you have people like Newsom in charge lol. He's acting like there's no crime.

    • Liz Dee
      Liz Dee Year ago

      @Bianca Fights The Zombies No it is not, but finding a sheriff to issue it may be a problem.

  • Stephen Bromley
    Stephen Bromley 8 months ago

    Kudos to the 2 men that stepped in.

  • Lee Phan
    Lee Phan 3 months ago

    I praise to god everyday to let one of these guys rob me and put my life in danger. I may have walk down MLK street with a gold chain around my neck for this to happen. love the self defense laws in Texas.

  • teddyxny
    teddyxny Year ago

    If you're caught red handed, depending on the crime you should either be amputated, castrated, or just executed point blank.. then maybe.. just maybe the criminals will actually think about possible repercussions of their actions

  • confused cynic
    confused cynic 8 months ago

    There seems to be a common denominator in a lot of these violent crimes, mob smash and grabs etc... I just can't quite put my finger on it.

  • Jeffrey P
    Jeffrey P Year ago +188

    Wow. Those guys are brave. They brought bare hands to a gun fight with no hesitation. Respect.

    • LaBluEyezzzzz
      LaBluEyezzzzz 3 months ago

      Guy in the white shirt tried some jacki Chan moves with his jacket. Yall see that? Tried to wrap the jacket around the gun .

    • Kkgzz Rico999
      Kkgzz Rico999 5 months ago

      They didn’t won’t to shoot nobody frl,both guys woulda be dead if the criminals were cold blooded

    • Guillermo Parra
      Guillermo Parra 6 months ago

      That was pretty silly never bring fistfights to gunfight you seen how they still took the person they still shot that poor dude do not intervene crazy if you don’t have a weapon

    • CJ 29
      CJ 29 7 months ago

      @Alex Rodriquez ong bro they’ll have 45s up ur ass in no time

    • CJ 29
      CJ 29 7 months ago

      @ابراهيم الجبوري the wild Wild West

  • islipin
    islipin 9 months ago

    That’s what happens when Your state don’t want law-abiding citizens to be armed all the criminals have the guns and this is what they do if Los Angeles wasn’t a state that was so strict about firearms In the hands of law abiding citizens this wouldn’t happen it’ll be a different outcome

  • GuestName
    GuestName 8 months ago

    Omg that guy who help so brave respect may God bless u

  • Never 2bknown
    Never 2bknown 8 months ago +1

    They need more people able to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

  • K Wong
    K Wong 8 months ago +1

    Time for people to arm themselves now, out of necessity. This may be the Wild West but time to fight back rather than to end up as helpless victims , instead of taking the offensive side head on.This may sound like some old cliche that people had heard off numerous times, but in these desperate times, one needs to rethink about personal security.

  • Briscoe Darling
    Briscoe Darling Year ago +90

    “There’s no law and order”. Best explanation in the entire video.

  • Shopeefy
    Shopeefy Year ago

    So interesting to see little difference with the upgraded camera tech. Great vid as always!

  • Tye Curtis
    Tye Curtis Year ago +1

    These people are trying to work and earn a living and be honest citizens. Crime is out of control across america. More cops needed for sure.

  • A J
    A J 4 months ago

    imagine if someone in these cars actually have the balls to follow the getaway car and call police, but nah let em get away so they hit another lick on someone else

  • Movado
    Movado 10 months ago +2

    Mom: my poor babies need money to go to college. What are they supposed to do? They were not given the opportunities.

  • TheMilford99
    TheMilford99 Year ago +295

    Anybody who cries racism, when their bros are involved, should start condemning these muggings and murderers, instead.

    • J.D. Contreras
      J.D. Contreras Year ago

      @RobW Que?!?

    • Shaka
      Shaka Year ago

      @mikixP How old are you?

    • Kody Kindhart
      Kody Kindhart Year ago

      Just cause the sky is “blue” don’t mean it’s not gray sometimes
      Every one is so rigid in thought pretty sure they break b4 they bend

    • Kody Kindhart
      Kody Kindhart Year ago

      Look at the percentages and facts people are such pussies
      They hide their racist beliefs behind “facts”
      Too scared to say they don’t like the “others”
      Fooling no one but themselves

    • Dan S
      Dan S Year ago

      Right on

  • Chino Ching -Topic
    Chino Ching -Topic Year ago +2

    We all need to pray to god and be strong GodBless you guys may god help the people amen

  • jose silva
    jose silva Year ago

    "Only Wen A Politician Gets Rob" The Police Gets To Work ,How Sad Unfortunately Is The Real Life All Over The USA , It Is Time For The Citizen's To Educated Them Selfs & Save Our Country.👮🏻‍♂️🇺🇸.

  • dangerous liberty

    Two words: armed citizens!!

  • Rubin Telcy
    Rubin Telcy Year ago +1

    Every one should have conceal fire arms and stand your ground!!!

  • 3_more_days_till_friday

    That dude got balls! His friend got shot already and he’s still trying to retrieve the lady’s purse.

    • Human Bean
      Human Bean Year ago +1

      @xtrey19x Its damn if you do and damn if you dont, right? If he didnt defend from the robbers, than people would say Asian dont fight back and are easy targets. If they do, than theres people like you who call them dumb. Cant please everyone. I believe he did the right thing for a bigger cause than that purse.

    • xtrey19x
      xtrey19x Year ago

      Risking life and limp for something that most likely can relatively easily be replaced? He’s more stupid than anything else. He’s lucky those robbers aren’t killers because some are actually more interested in killing you than robbing you.

    • ekhks
      ekhks Year ago +1

      @youtubeden I am impressed someone in the comments has this kind of knowledge. most commenters just find one to blame. it's Sun Tzu btw.

    • youtubeden
      youtubeden Year ago +6

      If you ask sun-zu that would be a rookie move only fight unless you see an advantage and unless it's absolutely crucial to the estate. It was not a life-or-death situation in fact it was just the opposite

    • DivineAlign8
      DivineAlign8 Year ago +17

      @Doug Quon No one is safe until the firearm is secured. Always go for the gun first and if you get it serve the perps up some lead sandwiches. Never feel bad about ending a violent criminals lyfe bc they are l e s s than human.

    SICKFREDO 9 months ago

    We need to go back to the days where thieves got their hands chopped

  • juan galan
    juan galan Year ago

    I’m sure those two guys had a conceal carry permit and another for extended mags. Thanks cali for setting an example

  • spawn10
    spawn10 2 months ago

    us as people the community who fall short of protection from the law 🚔. Must, have to, need to protect ourselves. its life or death you or them, its a sad reality we live in, most people don't like to face it but we have to or crime continues. if criminals dont follow weapon laws....
    why should law bidding citizens.... so we"re easier victims whom cant defend themselves, bearing arms against serious crime will protect lives, families, property, and communities

  • Planet Aiden
    Planet Aiden 9 months ago +1

    we need more plain clothes cops that open fire on criminals!

  • Barby Bubbles
    Barby Bubbles Year ago +79

    What wonderful citizens to step in, not knowing they really put their lives in jeopardy to help people in need! God bless these individuals that helped

    • Chingu Power
      Chingu Power Year ago

      if the two good you men have a gun

    • Barby Bubbles
      Barby Bubbles Year ago +1

      @Chief_Nobody I was thinking the same thing especially when they pulled the gun out. I was just impressed that somebody was willing to help. But it is not worth a life, everything in the purse and the purse are replaceable, a life isn't

    • Chief_Nobody
      Chief_Nobody Year ago +2

      A see what you are saying but a purse is not worth your arm or your life.

  • 日出东方
    日出东方 8 months ago

    Why similar cases happen again and again? nothing about race or anything else, simply because criminals do not get punished what they deserve.

  • C.M.B Jay
    C.M.B Jay Year ago

    They was calm as hell😨

  • Eri Angelino
    Eri Angelino 8 months ago

    "Going back to wild wild west" well said.

  • Donna Miranda
    Donna Miranda 9 months ago

    How is all of this happening down the the street from OPD???? The police department needs lot of work to do! They are playing you, boys in “blue”. They recent crime sprees have been happening right under your noses!!!

  • jenn0802ifer
    jenn0802ifer Year ago +42

    Absolutely disgusting how easily someone can take someone else's life.

    • John Hamrick
      John Hamrick Year ago

      I too have been recently struggling with tryin to understand the disconnect of humanity that these people who pull triggers so easily are living with. Half of these shootings are probably drug related in some form or another which explains half but what about the other half...what went so wrong that they have no regard for their life and the person at the other end of their gun...just venting ✌

    • Nice Guy
      Nice Guy Year ago

      @Doing r u black

    • Adam Gilmore
      Adam Gilmore Year ago

      @Doing if they are white does that change how morally bankrupt someone has to be to so easily pull the trigger on a complete stranger?

    • Nono Smith
      Nono Smith Year ago +1


    • Doing
      Doing Year ago +1

      By any chance are you white?

  • Name Game
    Name Game Year ago

    Stray strapped folks. You never know when you gonna have to save your life or another. Dont bring a knife to a gun fight. Go get you CCL practice your shooting regularly. Always he aware of your surroundings. Be safe God speed 🙏

  • Lisa Bloemers
    Lisa Bloemers 11 months ago

    🥺😭😢💔🙏OMG! That looked like my son!!! Urgggh!

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray Year ago

    Armed yourselves people, I got my license to carry, I hope more people should get theirs too

  • Bobby Chao
    Bobby Chao Year ago

    It’s a way of the police saying y’all wanted to defund us ok we gonna let this keep on happening to y’all and ain’t doing nothing about it. They got the car license plate in the video why can’t they go get them ? Because the police don’t care.

  • LE
    LE Year ago +44

    Those two young men are very brave. I’m glad the one who was shot survived!

    • K A
      K A Year ago

      Brave but risked their lives for 2 purses. They could have been shot dead!

  • wots ma name
    wots ma name Year ago

    Sadly the residents are correct 😞

  • Derrek Milby
    Derrek Milby 9 months ago

    If that happens, just give them the bag and don't fight back. It's not worth a life for something materialistic. Then again, there should be a severe punishment if you committed something like this.

  • Jenkins S Thomson
    Jenkins S Thomson Year ago +1

    Just another case ppl dont want to do an honest day of work stealing from people that do a honest day of works.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 10 months ago

    I wish someone else on the scene could have gave those robbers a lead infusion.

  • Veridian
    Veridian Year ago +115

    Those guys who intervened are hero’s. I hope the one shot recovers. And I hope the joggers gets the “he was a good boy and didn’t deserve to get shot by the police” ending

    • French Bulldog Dad
      French Bulldog Dad 8 months ago +1

      @Gearsturfs Facts! Stop with the excuses!!

    • Chris X
      Chris X 9 months ago +5

      @Gearsturfs in every single video the assailants are always from one group. That's why hes saying it. Hundreds and hundreds of incidents against asians recently and they all lead back to one group

    • Gearsturfs
      Gearsturfs Year ago +2

      You really just say racist shit about black people when a black person intervened?
      Most black people are decent caring people

    • MFitzTpryceCopycatWarning!MyRealAccountJoinedJan02
      MFitzTpryceCopycatWarning!MyRealAccountJoinedJan02 Year ago +8

      He was released from the hospital and is doing ok, he was shot twice (once on the leg and once in the arm). The problem is criminals are embolden because prosecutors refuse to prosecute criminals and when they do they usually lower the charges and give them just a slap on the wrist.

  • Fonz Aug
    Fonz Aug 4 months ago

    "No one would be stupid enough to do it in front of cops." Ahhh..there are a few...

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 5 months ago

    True heroism right there...I you see someone making an effort to stop the criminals or even more PROTECT THE INNOCENT AND HELPLESS...STEP THE FUK UP AND JOIN THAT GOOD SAMARITAN!!! If one brave soul comes to the rescue, all it takes is one more bystander to step up and it immediately opens the flood gates and everybody joins to help a fellow citizen in dire need. it's human psychology, step up and take your streets back people! step up and speak up

  • Mike Mian
    Mike Mian 8 months ago

    Those guys should get a medal and the Oakland Mayor should be recalled for allowing the city she manages to devolve into a shit show. The only people allowed to carry guns on Oakland are criminals.

  • Laveyan Monk
    Laveyan Monk Year ago

    Never intervene never help. Those dudes should have run the other way.

  • Terri Pebsworth
    Terri Pebsworth Year ago +78

    That's what happens when there are no consequences for you actions. Who in their right mind legalizes any theft under $950?? And chasing after criminals in the act of committing a crime? Stupid is as stupid does. People get the government they elect.

    • Andrew Sprague
      Andrew Sprague 8 months ago +1

      In almost every state over 1000$ equals a felony. For most crimes. Fraud, Stealing, etc... Most Misdemeanor crimes you don't go to jail for.
      Misdemeanor grand theft carries a basic punishment of 3 years of informal probation, up to six months in jail, a $1000 fine, or both. Felony grand theft can be punished by16 months, 2 or 3 years in state prison. ---California
      In Alabama Theft First Degree is a Class B felony; the potential punishment is from 2-20 years in prison when the alleged value is over $2,500 dollars. ... Theft of property in the fourth degree is a Class A misdemeanor with a range of punishment up to one (1) year in the county jail.
      Imagine that California has stricter laws then Alabama. Here is what some Conservative Propaganda has to say about it
      "Why is shoplifting so rampant? Because state law holds that stealing merchandise worth $950 or less is just a misdemeanor, which means that law enforcement probably won’t bother to investigate, and if they do, prosecutors will let it go."
      So Theft in Alabama must be 2.5 times worse then California since it only becomes a Felony at 2,500$.
      You people are actually complete morons.

    • David s
      David s 9 months ago +1

      God help us.

    • MFitzTpryceCopycatWarning!MyRealAccountJoinedJan02
      MFitzTpryceCopycatWarning!MyRealAccountJoinedJan02 Year ago +2

      It’s come to a point the good samaritan is more likely to be charged than the criminals are.

    • David Colmer
      David Colmer Year ago +1


  • Alejandro Cabrera

    I was in Oakland this weekend and it looks ghetto af and dirty and I did hear it was the most dangerous city in the Bay Area. Though nothing happened while there I didn't feel safe, especially at night

  • dddjmkn2011
    dddjmkn2011 8 months ago

    Unfortunately, this won't change.The punishment as the criminals already know is basically a slap on the risk.Even when there's a gun involved.

  • Yasir Wesley
    Yasir Wesley Year ago

    Pay attention. Oakland has a rich history in dealing with adversity and oppression. They're not usually on the radar for random acts of terror

  • kawika dee
    kawika dee Year ago +1

    That city needs more cops like Dirty Harry. Then I know for sure the streets would be safe as Japan.

  • Danny Perez
    Danny Perez Year ago +217

    That's what happens when you let out 90k social justice warriors out of jail

    • Alden Zenko
      Alden Zenko Year ago

      They're called tweakers. They don't care about social justice, same as you

    • stopcryingalready
      stopcryingalready Year ago +3

      Yea these guys definitely just got out of jail and are social justice warriors great eye! Glad you could see through the hoodies and identify them so easily.

    • OldM1tanker
      OldM1tanker Year ago +2

      Well said.

  • artsafact
    artsafact Year ago

    I used to work security right there glad im unemployed rn

  • Kenji Yagi
    Kenji Yagi 11 months ago

    1:40 I've been hearing about this in China Town for a long time.

  • Julio Ramirez
    Julio Ramirez 3 months ago

    Hundreds of people and nobody has a gun to defend themselves wow

  • hahn soar
    hahn soar 9 months ago

    This thing happened in China too but the differences is once get caught it's the end of your life.

  • F1JFX
    F1JFX Year ago +98

    The reality is; no matter how many cops you put on the streets - they can't be everywhere. Everyone needs to defend themselves - let lawful citizens arm themselves and bring back the rooftop Asians.

    • aly 884
      aly 884 8 months ago

      @VoskiArdziv it's ok. This time it does not have to be Korean.

    • VoskiArdziv
      VoskiArdziv 8 months ago

      the rooftop Asians were Koreans, not Chinese. Huge difference.

    • Andreas Winet
      Andreas Winet Year ago

      Learn to use a axe and a short sword criminals hate them.

    • TH3 ENT1TY
      TH3 ENT1TY Year ago

      Legit being some seeing these things happen in real life is an excuse to hate them.

    • yellowsupra88
      yellowsupra88 Year ago +11

      Unfortunately California has done every thing they can to dis arm law abiding people.

  • Michael Thibault
    Michael Thibault Year ago

    To those two criminals...Their time will come. Remember that.

  • Walter Pope
    Walter Pope 9 months ago

    This guy is so right periodddddd

  • Steven
    Steven 9 months ago

    I'm here struggling to get US Visa and some out there is messing up the country. God please bless me with US VISA

  • Frankscoolection
    Frankscoolection 9 months ago

    No more easy fixes, long sentences needed for criminals.

  • Robert Lamirand
    Robert Lamirand Year ago +340

    Those boys deserve medals even after one was shot the othef lad still got the purse back much respect guys

    • Oscar Osei
      Oscar Osei 8 months ago

      Everything in that purse is replaceable but his life wasn't. Stupid risk imo. I don't know how people value stuff more than their lives

    • Nelson Melgar
      Nelson Melgar Year ago

      Medals are for stupid losers

    • Parm Mohan
      Parm Mohan Year ago

      @Jessie James no the guy got shot, goes down, and still the purse is not surrendered. Value life over a purse.

    • Jessie James
      Jessie James Year ago

      @Parm Mohan the gun wasn't pulled tell after the fight.

    • Scout
      Scout Year ago +2

      @Bubbha Good to know I’m not alone. Easy for these other Betasians to use the purse as an excuse. The gun can come out anytime someone resists. They weren’t going to help anyway; they will watch the elderly get beaten right in front of them and claim its not worth fighting for a walking cane.

  • Mactech Mactech
    Mactech Mactech 9 months ago

    Those who make the law should pay for this!

  • J.M.R Guy
    J.M.R Guy 10 months ago

    I love how he said it. The wild Wild West. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Cees Van der Schoot

    2 brave hero,s

  • Captn D
    Captn D Year ago +1

    I wish my small town had a Chinese town within it. Come to WV please, it's very safe here.