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H3H3 Productions Break Down Their Favorite Snacks | Snacked

  • Published on Aug 8, 2022
  • Ethan and Hila Klein-AKA H3H3 Productions-have been churning out some of the funniest stuff on the Internet for years. But when the husband-and-wife duo aren't hosting the H3 Podcast, or repping Hila's Teddy Fresh clothing line, they're snacking on an outrageous assortment of classic Israeli treats and nostalgic '90s novelty candies. From Hila's love of Bamba and Bissli, to Ethan's masochistic obsession with Warheads and Fireballs, H3H3 Productions share the snacks that make them tick.
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Comments • 2 641

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Month ago +2279

    Who chose the better snacks? Thumbs up for Hila, comment for Ethan.

    • Rockbiter
      Rockbiter 22 days ago +1

      @dream man Its true. I remember I wrote "Ethan smelly" on some random video, and a bunch of people in beanies broke down my door and stole all of my collectable Garfield memorabilia

    • samie
      samie Month ago

      Walmart sells Cactus coolers. Only place I can find them in Northern California

    • theupandup
      theupandup Month ago

      ​@Eno how is it a "rage" click? anyway who cares.

    • dream man
      dream man Month ago

      Try not to disagree with them, they might encourage their audience to attack you

    • Meme Connect
      Meme Connect Month ago

      you should really look up people before you invite them to your show Ethan Klein isn't exactly the best thing to have on your channel....

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D. Month ago +5290

    The fact that Ethan has not let the Howie thing go is killing me 😂😂

    • sonichilled
      sonichilled 22 days ago

      @Cristinita Nothin’

    • Cristinita
      Cristinita 22 days ago

      @sonichilled and if it is, what do we do about it?

    • Daniel Stencel
      Daniel Stencel 23 days ago

      Ethan is the God of "the running gag"

    • vollsticks
      vollsticks Month ago

      I don't think he lets anything go tbh

  • vee
    vee Month ago +4031

    a camera angle that doesn't make Ethan look like Humpty Dumpty 😂

    • Julie M
      Julie M Month ago

      He doesn't believe in fitness so I hope his enlarged heart is something he can not believe in too

    • Star _gazer
      Star _gazer Month ago +1


    • Star _gazer
      Star _gazer Month ago +1

      A comment on a You Tube video that Mike Fosturd from Rockford 🤡 doesn't reply to himself under from a ton of other accounts

  • Grant Young
    Grant Young Month ago +2259

    How are they not eating beef jerky and syrup with a fork as a snack???

    • Rebecca Gavin
      Rebecca Gavin Month ago

      It tastes like beef jerky

    • The Beast
      The Beast Month ago


    • Lily McInnis
      Lily McInnis Month ago

      tastes like beef jerky

    • shaivi
      shaivi Month ago +3

      because it’s not from their childhood butcher

    • Ryan Renteria
      Ryan Renteria Month ago +2

      you can only get that in buffalo NY, and obviously they in LA.

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. Month ago +1973

    Ethan’s fav snacks are just physical pain and mind games

    • Brent D
      Brent D Month ago +2


    • Kens Ball
      Kens Ball Month ago +8

      Best comment and most accurate/relatable thing 😂

    • Dhebi Hay
      Dhebi Hay Month ago +12

      I literally cried laughing at this comment

    • SquidyDesu
      SquidyDesu Month ago +41

      With a nice refresh cactus cooler 🏜️😎

  • iamfallfromgrace
    iamfallfromgrace Month ago +677

    I love how far Hila has come out of her shell since the early H3 days. She is an absolute queen 👑

    • Amy Andrews
      Amy Andrews 6 days ago

      @Aaka But you can't name one for me?

    • Aaka
      Aaka 9 days ago

      @Amy Andrews You will find at least 10 examples if you look it up. It won't take you but a minute of digging.

    • chapters
      chapters Month ago +3

      someone coming out of their shell doesn't immediately make them a "queen" if they are becoming less humble and more egotistical. listening to her try to explain anything is insufferable and she usually resorts to identity politics. the Hila arc is not a good one imo

    • ADH3
      ADH3 Month ago

      Yea she was so shy and awkward on the first hot ones episode

    • Amy Andrews
      Amy Andrews Month ago +5

      @Aaka any examples?

  • tom Hanks
    tom Hanks Month ago +224

    Hila’s outro was incredible, as a long time fan it’s nice to hear her more comfortable in front of the camera :)

  • wisp
    wisp Month ago +313

    it’s always funny to see H3 outside of their show. Ethan is just as unhinged as usual, and Hila reeling him in at the end while plugging the Howie prolapse TikTok is girlboss energy.

  • James Green
    James Green Month ago +176

    Ethan finally got a decent camera angle on someone else’s production!
    Way to go First We Feast!

    • Girtis Holland
      Girtis Holland Month ago

      Yes, that ground breaking forward shot is changing the game.

  • R M
    R M Month ago +183

    Whoever the guy is has MASSIVE hands and must have BEAUTIFUL feet 🤌 and the girl w the beret has such great style!!! She should own a clothing company

  • sophdoeslife
    sophdoeslife Month ago +960

    the matching teddy fresh 🔥🔥🔥

    • Alex Jimenez
      Alex Jimenez Month ago +1

      Wonder where they stole their design from for this video

    • Tay
      Tay Month ago +1

      They look like senior citizen clothes

    • Kristin Cunningham
      Kristin Cunningham Month ago +2

      love u and love that you're and h3 fan

    • Tom Darippa
      Tom Darippa Month ago +3

      I swear I keep seeing you around in the comments.

  • boldasbecca
    boldasbecca Month ago +98

    Hila is such a great carer. This really does have a nostalgic h3h3 productions vibe

  • Sugarsore
    Sugarsore Month ago +142

    Ethan is entertaining doing absolutely anything.

    • Dot
      Dot Month ago +3

      @Sugarsore you are overreacting way more than a nah

    • Sugarsore
      Sugarsore Month ago +11

      @Engie Someone has a different opinion than you. Ohhhh nooooooooo!

    • Engie
      Engie Month ago +1


  • LemonCrush72
    LemonCrush72 Month ago +89

    Ethan: this is my favorite snack
    Also Ethan: *gags immediately*

  • Gabe Shakour
    Gabe Shakour Month ago +1197

    Ethan asking Hila (his wife of two kids) to “dap him up” absolutely made my day 😂

    • Max Edwards
      Max Edwards 12 hours ago

      He doesn’t know the correct phrase he said “dab me up” because he is a boomer

    • peepeepoopoo
      peepeepoopoo Month ago +2


    • osiris towers
      osiris towers Month ago +26

      Especially when he calls her Dude 🤣 I love that

    • sonablom
      sonablom Month ago +43

      If they ever renew their vows hundred percent they need to dab it up at the you may kiss the bride part

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +223

    Fun fact: Dumbledores favourite sweet in the Hebrew version of Harry Potter is Crembo
    Fun fact: Israel has one of the worlds lowest rates of peanut allergies due to them often feeding young children Bamba

    • Star _gazer
      Star _gazer Month ago +1

      Lame facts from Fosturd 🤡

    • Scivnce ,
      Scivnce , Month ago +3

      @Josh they also have apartheid, illegal chemical warfare weapons, 1in5 that cant vote, UN human rights violations and segregation 😍😍😍

    • Scivnce ,
      Scivnce , Month ago +3

      Fun facts about israel?! LOL! Fun fact north korea has the lowest rates of obesity on this planet 😍

    • Mary Elena
      Mary Elena Month ago


  • Sheesh
    Sheesh Month ago +53

    Ethan’s snack comparisons. “I like dog kibble, stomach bile, and getting pepper sprayed in the mouth” 😂😂 honestly, same.

  • Joana H.
    Joana H. Month ago +29

    Aw this was wholesome! I’m glad to see Hila & Ethan doing more stuff outside their channel ♥️

  • C T
    C T Month ago +72

    My friend Neil prolapsed when he ate a warhead... is this covid related? If so, what are we going to do about it?

  • Mikayla B
    Mikayla B Month ago +2275

    Seeing Ethan and Hila outside of the H3-verse is always so wild

    • Steph
      Steph Month ago

      The exact same

    • inmyworldkindagirl
      inmyworldkindagirl Month ago +7

      Like seeing your teacher outside of school. Only this is more awkward because you have to wonder if the host show and the other audience understand all the inside jokes 😂

    • Chris Fent
      Chris Fent Month ago +17

      ​@Rusty Shackleford I think it's them being so unapologetically themselves that makes it wild. A lot of people just act a certain way based on the vibe or setting but not these two.

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford Month ago +22

      I disagree. They’re the same genuinely and endearing awkward duo as always. Ethan goes off the rails and Hila brings him in. The the kite and the line.

    • Matthew B
      Matthew B Month ago +35

      Watching in them in other people's content is like completing a side-quest

  • HarvHR -
    HarvHR - Month ago +44

    Man I haven't seen H3H3 in ages, since they stopped doing main channel stuff really. It's crazy to see how upbeat and confident Hila is when I remembered her being so shy and just starting to come out of her shell. Good on her👏

    • T T
      T T Month ago

      @The Beast it's funny

    • T T
      T T Month ago

      @1mclv Everything

    • 1mclv
      1mclv Month ago

      also don't check their podcast as it is extremely awful, you rrally don't want to know what kind of person Ethan is behind his skits.

    • 1mclv
      1mclv Month ago

      @The Beast what's negative about gaining weight?

    • Brianna Mottola
      Brianna Mottola Month ago +7

      Check out their podcast on h3h3 it’s the best

  • Nat Le
    Nat Le Month ago +7

    Such mom and dad energy with their matching tops 😆

  • Tania Arréllaga B
    Tania Arréllaga B Month ago +39

    We try to escape the chew zone and yet we all come here to support the family ☮&❤

  • Ibraheem Talha
    Ibraheem Talha Month ago +6

    This is such a weird feeling seeing two things that you love watching in the same video. Absolutely loved it!
    Hila Kleiners forever :)

  • may b. lily
    may b. lily Month ago +70

    that felt so much like something you'd see on their side channel ethan and hila back in the days. made me feel nostalgic.

  • Alayssia
    Alayssia 15 days ago +4

    Ethan and Hila really are just a dynamic duo. Genuinely funny. Love you guys❤️

  • Arditi1889
    Arditi1889 Month ago +122

    This is EASILY the best snacked episode, Ethan makes everything he touches insanely entertaining.

  • Chiara Rose
    Chiara Rose Month ago +17

    Ugh you can just tell how much they love each other especially in the outro :,) this reminded me of their old videos, I hope we see more of these🤞🏼

  • Ava Adams
    Ava Adams Month ago +2714

    How can Ethan enthusiastically show Warheads as one of his favourite candies when the immediate reaction to eating them is disgust 😂

    • Dillon Qaphsiel
      Dillon Qaphsiel Month ago

      That’s how honor is won 🥇

    • Star _gazer
      Star _gazer Month ago +1

      Mike Fosturd from Rockford 🤡🦧 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Red Kiwi
      Red Kiwi Month ago +1

      He liked them when he was a kid.

    • Felipe Nunes
      Felipe Nunes Month ago +1

      Bro forget to change channels before comment 💀

  • Cameron
    Cameron Month ago +11

    Hila: So I like these because we had them in Israel
    Ethan: So I used to eat this ball of battery acid and mace when I was younger and it is still awful

  • H3 Out of Stock
    H3 Out of Stock Month ago +158

    Absolutely loving how much Hila has been more confident in herself since starting off on youtube ✌❤

    • Crash Fistfight
      Crash Fistfight Month ago

      @Nunpho ya I know that’s what I’m saying. She isn’t more confident. She’s just on happy pills.
      Y’know that’s why I first said “uhh no dude” no means I disagree with what he’s saying if that wasn’t clear.

    • Nunpho
      Nunpho Month ago +1

      @Crash Fistfight I take it myself. Like I already said, it doesn't do anything when it comes to confidence, I wish it did.

    • Nunpho
      Nunpho Month ago

      @Jeffrey James Norris it's Monday Man

    • Jack
      Jack Month ago +3

      @Crash Fistfight it's a direct translation of your comment buddy, you know exactly what the context and meaning is.

    • Jeffrey James Norris
      Jeffrey James Norris Month ago +7

      @Crash Fistfight Coconuts in Barbados

  • Katie Pearson
    Katie Pearson Month ago +4

    I'm really feeling the visual with both of you, love this look!

    • f j
      f j Month ago

      They slay

  • Chello
    Chello Month ago +5

    I love how Ethan is gagging and choking while eating his “favorite” snacks

  • KayEstrada
    KayEstrada Month ago +1804

    I love how Ethan is like “these are my favorite snacks!” And then says they taste like battery acid and pepper spray. Anyways seeing H3 in the wild is so great

    • Animaniac
      Animaniac Month ago

      @Madkroniik amen brother 😉

    • SukkaBlukkaCheez
      SukkaBlukkaCheez Month ago +2

      @Madkroniik ahh, I haven't heard that since 2011.

    • Kevin Dube
      Kevin Dube Month ago

      I feel like he just wanted to see Hila go through it

    • Sukant Panigrahi
      Sukant Panigrahi Month ago +5

      @Madkroniik they are comments on a video starring the h3h3 couple so it makes sense

    • Hugo Strange
      Hugo Strange Month ago +3

      He truly loves to hate..

  • Zack H
    Zack H Month ago +12

    Love seeing Ethan on different channels the last few months! Makes me so happy!

  • Max
    Max Month ago +4

    ethan and hila both look soooo cute in this video! the matching teddy fresh, hila looking like a queen as always. just some funny and wholesome vibes. love this vid, would love to see more of them on here!!

  • MelodyReports
    MelodyReports Month ago +17

    I swear if Hila wasn’t in Ethan’s life to save him all the time 😂

  • S W
    S W Month ago +16

    Always so glad to see Hila doing things like this. She has really come out of her shell

  • Miguel Davila
    Miguel Davila Month ago +2665

    This brings back some nice Ethan and Hila nostalgia. Just a close camera on them two doing their thing. Good stuff

    • TryItWithRanch
      TryItWithRanch Month ago

      @fernando contreras he's always been a clown. He's a goofer and a gaffer

    • fernando contreras
      fernando contreras Month ago

      @TryItWithRanch i used to love h3 but he's a clown now. No offense to you so don't get all defensive cause you have a crush on him

    • TryItWithRanch
      TryItWithRanch Month ago

      @dream man considering all of your comments on h3 videos, sounds like you're projecting.

    • dream man
      dream man Month ago

      @TryItWithRanch realistically you seem like the only one that's mad

    • Amber James
      Amber James Month ago +1

      Yes this is why I loved this!

  • Liza_Official
    Liza_Official Month ago +1

    I love how far Hila has come out of her shell since the early H3 days. She is an absolute queen 👑

  • Jennifer Contreras
    Jennifer Contreras Month ago +4

    Watching Hila reeling in Ethan from the Howie TikTok video was hilarious yet precious at the same time 🤣

  • Amelia
    Amelia Month ago +4

    Ethan's choices of candy are so funny to me 😂.

  • Flabby_Armz
    Flabby_Armz Month ago +6

    Would be funny af to see Ethan and Hasan do the hot ones after this 🤣

    • Nunpho
      Nunpho Month ago

      Ethan has done it before

  • Joel Blizzard
    Joel Blizzard Month ago +957

    Love that Ethan picked absolutely awful snacks

    • Mr.DeFeatly
      Mr.DeFeatly Month ago

      @Cam yes im a bit wacked that's true and I enjoy it because it's a choice yall are dumb why not play with the little game on your levels. Sadly I don't take meds

    • Cam
      Cam Month ago

      @Mr.DeFeatly go take your medicine

    • Mr.DeFeatly
      Mr.DeFeatly Month ago

      @Anime Vs Hip-Hop 🎧 humans

    • Anime Vs Hip-Hop 🎧
      Anime Vs Hip-Hop 🎧 Month ago +1

      @Mr.DeFeatly I mean, I'm pretty sure they meant in a non mean way. Ethan is a goofball. OF COURSE he would choose awful snacks. But that's also what made it funny and interesting. They could have easily just chosen all pleasant treats. Calm down.

    • AlaskaBoyAlex
      AlaskaBoyAlex Month ago +1

      that is completely not the point of this series but I'm not mad about it lol made for a funny spin on the usual thing they do on Snacked

  • The Beast
    The Beast Month ago +5

    It's so wild to see them out of the podcast setting. It reminds me of when they used to make h3h3productions videos.

  • carefreelivingg16
    carefreelivingg16 Month ago +3

    Went from directly rewatching them on hot ones to this video and seeing Hila grow into her confidence as an amazing, hilarious and empowered female role model is so awesome. Fupa for life

  • Emily Epic mess
    Emily Epic mess Month ago +3

    I’ve never seen Ethan and Hila look more adorable than in this video 🥺

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  • LadyAurian
    LadyAurian Month ago +8

    Those first ones Hila had are interesting, I feel like they are very similar to a Swedish snack. Now I wanna see Love bring some of our variety next time he's in the US and have Hila compare to the Israeli version :3

    • Nunpho
      Nunpho Month ago

      We have similar things in the UK too

  • Angel Delarocha
    Angel Delarocha Month ago +3

    Let’s goooo ! Best guests so far 🙌🏼 love these two

  • Chelsea Mag
    Chelsea Mag Month ago +4

    Love these two so much ❤️

  • Isaac Salem
    Isaac Salem Month ago +3

    Hila killed it those are the best snacks indeed

  • Amber Cunningham
    Amber Cunningham Month ago +3

    I love Ethan and Hila 😍They were adorable in this video.

  • sakaya987
    sakaya987 Month ago +1169

    This explains Ethan’s GERD.

  • Chad Berk
    Chad Berk Month ago +2

    As a fan of everything H3 I may be biased but this is awesome and I want a daily Ethan and Hila Klein review lol

  • Philip DeShanco
    Philip DeShanco Month ago +3

    This whole thing is so funny - I love my internet mom and dad 💕

  • Jessie Lo
    Jessie Lo 29 days ago +1

    Hila is the cutest!! Her laugh is contagious 🤣😂

  • Kelly Kwochka
    Kelly Kwochka Month ago +3

    After watching H3 for many years, seeing Hila blossom with confidence is truly amazing

  • Thisdamnchannel
    Thisdamnchannel Month ago +962

    Pro move from Ethan’s caretaker taking over at the end there

    • Christina Villanueva
      Christina Villanueva Month ago +2

      We stan Hila!!!!!

    • Scum
      Scum Month ago +17

      @Sebastian Hackembruch “let himself go” what do you mean by that? because in my opinion he’s gotten better,, his eating and exercising habits have nothing to do with the people he is 💀 he doesn’t need to change for Hila i’m sure she rather him be happy than anything else

    • Sebastian Hackembruch
      Sebastian Hackembruch Month ago +10

      @sakaya987 She is really an amazing woman, I've watched them since the beginning and is hard to watch how Ethan let himself go. I know he is medicated for depression and sometimes is a really deep well to crawl-out off, but he needs to start tacking better care of himself, eat healthier, exercising, etc ; only for her, because she deserves it.

    • Awesome Sonia
      Awesome Sonia Month ago +18

      We love our queen.

  • Pseudo Legend
    Pseudo Legend 23 days ago +1

    Ethan :these are my favourite snacks
    also Ethan : i haven't had this in like 20 years

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie Month ago +5

    Ethan lookin hella handsome as usual.
    Also Hila is a queen but that goes without saying.
    Even though I said it.

  • Brian Ellithorpe
    Brian Ellithorpe Month ago +7

    First We Feast editors leaving the Howie plug in is next level

  • Christie A
    Christie A Month ago +6

    I love them! This was so funny. Hilarious for people to claim Ethan is the worst person alive. Embarrassing.

  • Tea With Danny
    Tea With Danny Month ago +660

    Surprised Ethan didn't take out a can of Surströmming

    • Nick V
      Nick V Month ago +3

      He’s allergic to it

    • vVAstrAVv
      vVAstrAVv Month ago +10

      If he did that and ian came in thaatd be amazing lol

  • Mono
    Mono Month ago +10

    I remember how reserved Hila used to be. She seems so much happier on camera now.

  • Abigail Esparza
    Abigail Esparza Month ago +1

    They are so adorable!!! 😭💙❤️💙 and Ethan’s coughs always makes me laugh lol 🤣

  • peepeepoopoo
    peepeepoopoo Month ago +4

    Love the guests yall been having on

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  • Nika Yasou
    Nika Yasou Month ago +3

    They need to start doing stuff like this again

  • Jayme Franklin
    Jayme Franklin Month ago

    I love how Ethan always takes the chance to bring Howie, it's always so funny

  • selena
    selena Month ago +9

    I wish this was an hour long lol so good

  • ilancient0
    ilancient0 Month ago +2

    i always love how hila goes in and stops ethan from saying the things he says XD

  • realityreimagined
    realityreimagined Month ago +11

    i love how ethan describes everything even though they are his most fav snacks

  • Travis Nelson
    Travis Nelson Month ago +5

    Love Ethan and Hila! So cool to see how much they've grown since they appeared on Hot Ones back in 2017.

  • Gabe San
    Gabe San Month ago +1

    so glad these two were on here LOVE them!

  • Jill A
    Jill A Month ago +4

    I wish this ep was 2 hours long. Ethan and Hila are the best

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  • Hugo roblex3
    Hugo roblex3 Month ago +5

    Hila husband should start a podcast

  • Rush.P
    Rush.P Month ago +673

    Ethan never letting the Howie thing go hahahaha

    • BangDroid ✪
      BangDroid ✪ Month ago

      Did we ever find out if it was covid related?

    • lil bigplanet
      lil bigplanet Month ago +5

      @Out Of Comission You wish you were half the man Ethan Klein is.

    • jasmine
      jasmine Month ago +2

      what do we do about it?

    • TheClutchxGawd
      TheClutchxGawd Month ago +1

      @Daniel Villarreal And if so, what do we do about it ?

  • AF
    AF Month ago +1

    Love these two. Great guests

  • Maple Moth
    Maple Moth Month ago +1

    I need more content like this from them 😭💕 I really miss when they’d just react to stuff together

  • Alexis G
    Alexis G 29 days ago

    Hila picked such wholesome sweet candy while Ethan's choices literally took them on a freaking psychodelic rollercoaster, fun though I like that lol

  • Michael B Traveller
    Michael B Traveller Month ago +1

    missed you guys, make H3H3 great again please!

  • twitbumble babeyyy
    twitbumble babeyyy Month ago

    Love seeing how much confidence Hila has gained in front of the camera

  • Jambo
    Jambo Month ago +2

    feel like I will hear the intro at any time...
    wow, Ethan, great moves, keep it up. proud of you

  • Narimène Narimène
    Narimène Narimène Month ago +6

    I can't stress enough how much I love these 2 people

  • Gourami
    Gourami Month ago +1

    I discovered cactus cooler from a vending machine at The Getty Museum during a 3rd grade field trip about 15 years ago, still my favorite soda and I remember drinking it with my friends and arguing about what it’s supposed to taste like 😂

  • mariann
    mariann Month ago +419

    this reminded me of old Ethan & Hila when they would react to videos together 😭

    • caspar valentine
      caspar valentine Month ago


    • The Beast
      The Beast Month ago +1

      @Gotcha that's so true!

    • Lars MacReady
      Lars MacReady Month ago +3

      miss that channel so much 😭

    • norayogurt
      norayogurt Month ago +3


    • Gotcha
      Gotcha Month ago +18

      Except Hila is x10 more confident! So lovely to see how much more comfortable she is.

  • Liza_Official
    Liza_Official Month ago +1

    How can Ethan enthusiastically show Warheads as one of his favourite candies when the immediate reaction to eating them is disgust 😂

  • Liza_Official
    Liza_Official Month ago +1

    How can Ethan enthusiastically show Warheads as one of his favourite candies when the immediate reaction to eating them is disgust 😂

  • S
    S Month ago +4

    Watching hila’s snacks my whole childhood came back.

  • Ayal Agami
    Ayal Agami Month ago +2

    love the Israeli representation with all those classic Israel snacks from Hila!

  • Tori B
    Tori B Month ago +1

    😂😂😂😂 I love them so much! so freakin funny!

  • Cassandra Schmitt
    Cassandra Schmitt Month ago +1

    It's so nice to watch Hila and Ethan outside of H3/Teddy fresh ✨🦋 loveee them 🥰

  • Gabby
    Gabby Month ago +3

    So happy to see them back on the channel papa bless

  • LÖmpi
    LÖmpi Month ago +3

    The prolussy gets me every time 😂lol

  • Throw Away
    Throw Away Month ago +127

    They are really entertaining. Imagine if they had a longer platform where they just talked and goofed around.

    • Jack Mccarrison
      Jack Mccarrison Month ago +14

      I believe it would easily become one of the top 12 podcasts in the world

    • mimi naomi
      mimi naomi Month ago +9

      they should totally consider doing something like that!

    • sakaya987
      sakaya987 Month ago +12

      Imagine that.

  • lizard king
    lizard king Month ago +2

    Wow Ethan, great moves. Keep it up. Proud of you. ✌🏼& 💜

  • Dec Jackson
    Dec Jackson Month ago +2

    Hila looks so good!!! Her outfit is so nice what a fashion icon!! Hilas husband is there too

  • hot pink
    hot pink Month ago +3

    hila totally coming in at the end to save the day 😭

  • Dania Alonso
    Dania Alonso Month ago +2

    The cutest most wholesome couple 💞

  • FoxHole Charlie
    FoxHole Charlie Month ago +486

    With peace and love we better hear, "This tastes like beef jerky"

    • K Strong
      K Strong Month ago +24

      @Bexx Genx he took it straight from a Ringo Star vid that he played on show and has said 100s of times that Stearn is a big influence. Keep hatin' tho 👍

    • TheClutchxGawd
      TheClutchxGawd Month ago +26

      @Bexx Genx He’s literally said multiple times how he’s influenced by the Howard Stern show 😂 that’s not the gotcha you thought it was

    • cole siopp
      cole siopp Month ago +12

      @Bexx Genx Yes. If you're a Howard fan shouldn't you be happy about that? Spreading the culture.

    • Bexx Genx
      Bexx Genx Month ago +2

      With peace and love is stolen from Howard Stern just like the rest of his pathetic show and recycled for the younger masses who don't know anything about howard.

    • 🍓 𝐌𝐘 𝐇𝐎𝐓 𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐎  - SĘÉ NÓW !
      🍓 𝐌𝐘 𝐇𝐎𝐓 𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐎 - SĘÉ NÓW ! Month ago +1

      Hubby had to get the dogs 🐶🥴🤥😮‍💨😵😶🤢😓

  • Nicole Berg
    Nicole Berg Month ago

    I'm always so happy seeing how Hila has grown in her self confidence