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Manyu Immersive Body Care Spa ASMR

  • Published on Nov 19, 2023
  • I hope you will always be healthy and carefree.
    • 我跟曼玉manyu的故事要从何说起呢.......
    #柴犬 #manyu #shibainu #pet #萌宠 #宠物 #豆柴 #曼玉
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Comments • 4.6K

  • @Elpibasoheteroxd
    @Elpibasoheteroxd 11 days ago +11148

    Who agrees than this dog lives better than 99% humans?

  • @Phanthergs
    @Phanthergs 2 days ago +217

    I love the part where he rubs Manyu’s nose. SHE’S TOO CUTE!!!❤❤❤

  • @natashafriedman1336
    @natashafriedman1336 Day ago +590

    This is the most calmest dog I’ve ever seen washing their paws and trimming their nails

  • @daniellemommaof4girls
    @daniellemommaof4girls 6 days ago +1381

    The fact that the Shiba made a heart with the other dog 🥹

  • @itsgachaem5490
    @itsgachaem5490 Day ago +76

    That dog's paws have more skincare than my face. Adorable:]

  • @fiddlestickswithruffledfea6505

    This dog is more relaxed than I will ever be in my entire life.

  • @actionfire4036
    @actionfire4036 13 days ago +5253

    that little sneeze was too precious!! 🥰🥰😍😍

  • @royalbacky543
    @royalbacky543 Day ago +7

    The sneeze got me dying of CUTENESS!!!

  • @markrosenthal9031
    @markrosenthal9031 2 days ago +5

    That puppy probably lives 1,000,000% better than a human

  • @Bella-cb7ps
    @Bella-cb7ps 5 days ago +348

    I wish my dog would stay that calm while she gets her nails cut 😭

    • @Panda72021
      @Panda72021 5 days ago +5

      Our cats flail and try to escape. I've never injured them while trimming their claws, so I think it's more about them not liking their paws touched.
      As far as dogs go, I've never owned one; but in the majority of the nail-clipping videos I've seen, the dogs are screaming like they're getting a limb amputated.

    • @user-tg3pu3ig1w
      @user-tg3pu3ig1w 2 days ago +1

      На чиле на раслаблне

    • @user-yc4jk8io6k
      @user-yc4jk8io6k 2 days ago


    • @pellzzie
      @pellzzie 2 days ago

      They drugged the dog so it’ll stay (not in a bad way)

  • @kshdjdjeysyysd736
    @kshdjdjeysyysd736 Day ago +7

    While cutting her nail the sound is just sooo good.
    Your doggie is ADORABLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • @sakuramomo1147
    @sakuramomo1147 13 hours ago +3


  • @RainFarrlz
    @RainFarrlz 13 days ago +2136

    the bombastic side eye when you lift bros tail 😭😭

  • @jillvancamp4062
    @jillvancamp4062 Day ago +4

    The dog during the brushing face an foot rubbing looked like it was having the time of its life

  • @Anias_trash_bin
    @Anias_trash_bin Day ago +11

    He looks so happy 😭
    soooo cuteee

  • @aks1994u
    @aks1994u 4 days ago +644

    Love the way he just falls asleep while being taken care of

    • @Shyknit
      @Shyknit 2 days ago +6

      Manyu is a she

    • @catanrunyan7319
      @catanrunyan7319 Day ago

      @shyknit it don’t matter

    • @Shyknit
      @Shyknit Day ago

      @@catanrunyan7319 I was just letting them know since they didn't, and if it doesn't matter why are you replying to me

    • @DerekandRyansadventures
      @DerekandRyansadventures Day ago

      ​@@Shyknitthe dog is living better than 99% of humans

  • @erpega
    @erpega 2 days ago +3

    -"did you poop?"
    -*sigh* *starts the whole capital cleaning process*

  • @ca3089
    @ca3089 2 days ago +5


  • @Rexy0.8
    @Rexy0.8 6 days ago +412

    This dog lives better than some of us here.

  • @jamiegibbs1043
    @jamiegibbs1043 Day ago +3

    The face massage was the best so cute

  • @user-ye3nk9xh7e
    @user-ye3nk9xh7e 13 hours ago +1


  • @user-sb6ti5mt8g
    @user-sb6ti5mt8g 11 days ago +517


  • @tubakamalofficial
    @tubakamalofficial Day ago +1

    You have got to admit that she is genuinely enjoying herself.

  • @rajashrizambare4219

    The luckiest dog in the world

  • @El_Perrito_Dani
    @El_Perrito_Dani 11 days ago +664

    That little dog lives better than I do

  • @user-hg3is3bx5s
    @user-hg3is3bx5s 11 hours ago


  • @caydenruyscronicles9170
    @caydenruyscronicles9170 2 days ago +10

    If you feel bad for the other dog and think he needs a spa day

  • @BloomingwisdomYT
    @BloomingwisdomYT 7 days ago +703

    This must be the cleanest and happiest dog on the planet 🥰

    • @dani4-top
      @dani4-top 5 days ago +1

      Как сказать она скорее не чистоплодная просто её с детства приучали

    • @MiguelMontoyaTamayo
      @MiguelMontoyaTamayo 5 days ago +1


    • @edileuzagrigorio3398
      @edileuzagrigorio3398 5 days ago +1


    • @deibu__
      @deibu__ 5 days ago +3

      For real, with all the sedatives they give them to stay put they must feel like they're in heaven at all times

  • @Lime1310
    @Lime1310 16 hours ago +1

    I love manyu She is really just living life right now 😊

  • @user-rw2mi6ni9x
    @user-rw2mi6ni9x 13 hours ago


  • @Shadw0z6128
    @Shadw0z6128 13 days ago +426

    That little wink at the start

  • @snowflakeTHERIAN
    @snowflakeTHERIAN 11 hours ago

    То самое чувство когда этот пёс живёт лучше чем я..😊

  • @s1n0ty4
    @s1n0ty4 16 hours ago +1

    犬が幸せそう!見てるこっちが癒される(◦ˉ ˘ ˉ◦)

  • @zt1239
    @zt1239 13 days ago +638

    THAT SNEEZE ❤❤ Manyu is too cute!

    • @kellyrociodurandsilva9934
      @kellyrociodurandsilva9934 12 days ago +2


    • @valkimus
      @valkimus 12 days ago

      At least you didnt get boogered

  • @frys69
    @frys69 Day ago +1

    the sneeze was the most adrable thing ive seen all day, i needed that thank you

  • @vvitch-mist20
    @vvitch-mist20 19 hours ago

    This is the happiest dog ever.

    @iTZ-MAYANK 11 days ago +493

    This Dog lives Better than Us....
    👇🏻 Who Agree

  • @Ash-wg1gf
    @Ash-wg1gf 17 hours ago

    The fact that this dog got better health care routine then me

  • @Zazu1337
    @Zazu1337 13 hours ago

    This must be the cleanest dog in existence.

  • @Saya.Minatsuki
    @Saya.Minatsuki 8 days ago +173


  • @user-nj9qz2qc4h
    @user-nj9qz2qc4h 18 hours ago +1


  • @Shayanoobie
    @Shayanoobie 12 hours ago +1

    Best behaved dog I’ve ever seen ❤❤❤

  • @MicASMR546
    @MicASMR546 4 days ago +125

    The first part of it sounded like a beatbox lol. Still adorable

  • @miget3
    @miget3 Day ago +1

    That pupper loves you more than anything!

  • @Delaware31
    @Delaware31 2 days ago +1

    This dog has more care than human😂

  • @MyKutie
    @MyKutie 13 days ago +77

    I dont care how many times ive seen it, its still to damn cute.

  • @Laura.-cu1hj
    @Laura.-cu1hj 15 hours ago

    That egg and that sneeze is to cute for my life

  • @aldringebauer8349
    @aldringebauer8349 11 hours ago

    Me:*dies of cuteness*

  • @paigebasenberg
    @paigebasenberg 6 days ago +295

    The sneeze😭🥰SO ADORABLE!❤

  • @skyroblox1099
    @skyroblox1099 14 hours ago

    The more you take care of them,the more are willing to love you

  • @lieutenantwoomy3146
    @lieutenantwoomy3146 16 hours ago

    lil bro feels like he is in heaven with all that-

  • @Lisammm27
    @Lisammm27 10 days ago +113

    This is the first time in my life that I see such a well-groomed dog.

  • @Papa-xh5ik
    @Papa-xh5ik Day ago

    The dog: ahh this is so relaxing. I love you human

  • @ismailiper49
    @ismailiper49 Day ago

    The least trained dog I've ever seen looks so happy😊

  • @user-iz8nh1qe7q
    @user-iz8nh1qe7q 12 days ago +173

    Я ведь не одна завидую этому милому песику? 😊

  • @trishagates7512
    @trishagates7512 17 hours ago

    She is living her best life right now

  • @user-bn6bw8lu2w
    @user-bn6bw8lu2w 18 hours ago

    That dog gets groomed 24/7 for our entertainment and idk why but im happy

  • @billhowson
    @billhowson 3 days ago +33

    I love it when the dog shuts it's eyes in these videos. It REALLY enjoys some of them.

  • @FlapsyYT
    @FlapsyYT Day ago

    This dog is getting treated better than most humans

  • @Raven_2556
    @Raven_2556 17 hours ago

    that dog is living in paradise

  • @Metalman200xdamnit
    @Metalman200xdamnit 13 days ago +435

    Such a well behaved and pampered pup.

  • @noahforray1245
    @noahforray1245 16 hours ago

    This dog is being treated better than I was getting massages all the stuff Dingman the stars figured it out🐶

  • @user-jf6ms9px9p
    @user-jf6ms9px9p 5 days ago +47

    These puppies are so calm that I wanna watch them 24/7

  • @Ava_xo23
    @Ava_xo23 Day ago

    The first part of it sounded like a song 😂😂. Sooo cute ❤❤

  • @I_cReAtE_and_YoU_hAtE

    This dog is so freakin cute and looks soo damn relaxed❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • @carlcofr
    @carlcofr 9 days ago +304

    I can watch this all day!

  • @GhostBusterssss

    He so gentle and CUTEEEEE AHGASGSGSHJS

  • @Blakeplays-cm3zh
    @Blakeplays-cm3zh 21 hour ago

    That dog is having the time of its life😂

  • @modencalligraphy01
    @modencalligraphy01 12 days ago +90

    Manyu: sneezes
    Me: dies of CUTENESS🥺

  • @andrewcrowther7009

    That dog is living the best childhood

  • @user-jq4dm5hy1d
    @user-jq4dm5hy1d 13 days ago +534


  • @uncanari
    @uncanari 16 hours ago

    even his lil toots are adorable!

  • @Olivia0257
    @Olivia0257 12 hours ago

    omg he is calm the hole time he is such a good boy.

  • @user-dv7rc5qg4u
    @user-dv7rc5qg4u 10 days ago +125

    웃는거 넘 귀여워ㅋㅋㅋㄱㄱㅋ시원한가보네

  • @tiffanydingman1854
    @tiffanydingman1854 2 days ago

    This is one of the calmest Shiba inu's ever

  • @Ella_and_mommaT
    @Ella_and_mommaT Day ago +1

    Shes so cute when she sneezed!

  • @ohdrey89
    @ohdrey89 3 days ago +189

    I love how the baby pulled their butt in like “don’t look at my butt sir!!” So cute!!

    • @dorotakarwowska3579
      @dorotakarwowska3579 Day ago

      Ҵ ӝдїөбдї өя ӎдҋұҵ?
      (ᴜ ᴍᴇᴀɴ xᴀɪᴏʙᴀɪ ᴏʀ ᴍᴀɴʏᴜ?)

    • @ohdrey89
      @ohdrey89 Day ago +1

      @@dorotakarwowska3579 I think it’s manyu? The little shiba baby!

  • @fionnsmells5205
    @fionnsmells5205 12 hours ago

    That dog got a better skincare routine than Kim Kardashian

  • @Grimgamer328
    @Grimgamer328 Day ago

    You’re dog may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  • @user-rz2eg5uu2e
    @user-rz2eg5uu2e 5 days ago +88


    • @user-ok1rd8vv3w
      @user-ok1rd8vv3w Day ago +1


  • @JackEatsWatermelon


  • @user-vo2vf5dn8h
    @user-vo2vf5dn8h 14 hours ago

    Owner:whos the calmest dog in the world?
    Dog:its me b!cht

  • @rahmonaliyevbekzod5292
    @rahmonaliyevbekzod5292 13 days ago +196

    Bro’s skincare routine is better than most people on the planet 😅😅💀lol

  • @LoveableRATS
    @LoveableRATS 22 hours ago

    Those dogs have a better skincare routine than me💀💀

  • @pechaberryjuice
    @pechaberryjuice 16 hours ago

    Bro is having the time of his life

  • @maru3174
    @maru3174 13 days ago +168


  • @elephantcrazy
    @elephantcrazy 2 days ago

    that dog looks so relaxed ❤❤

  • @hueothi6645
    @hueothi6645 16 hours ago

    The dog's face looks so cute😊

  • @saaaaaahi5966
    @saaaaaahi5966 13 days ago +126


    • @ryuzfr1
      @ryuzfr1 13 days ago +1


  • @Nuke_KG75
    @Nuke_KG75 15 hours ago +1

    Заводить питомца ради конфорта❌ заводить питомца ради асмр✅

  • @justinpiccirillo7960

    That sneeze and fart was so cute!❤❤❤

  • @Yirou_Peur
    @Yirou_Peur 6 days ago +125


    • @karloslitchetanheim6873
      @karloslitchetanheim6873 5 days ago +9


    • @mocaJava
      @mocaJava 4 days ago +6


  • @feya220
    @feya220 Day ago

    У Мануи райская жизнь!❤

  • @carterbrown614
    @carterbrown614 23 hours ago

    This dog has the best life

  • @WangQiQi.
    @WangQiQi. 12 days ago +58

    omg, why is he more relaxed than my pet😩

  • @andyshistorylessons8278

    I can’t handle the cuteness!

  • @davidhunter2824

    This cute dog is living the good life!!

  • @gachalisa249
    @gachalisa249 11 days ago +77

    both manyu and the other pup was soooo cute!

  • @dogman5062
    @dogman5062 17 hours ago

    I love how the clipping of the nails makes a little beat lol