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Why Did this Aeroflot Pilot Let His Son Take his Place in the Cockpit? 🤔 Air Disasters | Smithsonian

  • Published on Apr 14, 2022
  • March 22, 1994: the pilot of Aeroflot 593 decides to let his children into the cockpit, and even allows his son to temporarily man the controls. It would prove to be a misjudgment of tragic proportions.
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Comments • 435

  • edible JP-8
    edible JP-8 5 months ago +742

    One of the few crashes where there was absolutely nothing wrong with the aircraft

    • Sequoia Fortnera
      Sequoia Fortnera 10 days ago

      It turned because t OK it wasn’t the fathers fault that the plane crash it was the sons fault for touching the steering wheel actually touching it like turning it in the stairwell he was not supposed to do that so he made everybody die imagine being on this flight dying I would hate it I would cry to death

    • Tejas M
      Tejas M Month ago

      @Great Steam! Wow thanks for that generic answer dude u are a life saver

    • Great Steam!
      Great Steam! Month ago

      @Tejas M DO WHAT @Habib Abdullah SAYS

    • Alpha Omega
      Alpha Omega 2 months ago

      There was an idiot flying .That whats was wrong with it.

  • Tsheed1
    Tsheed1 5 months ago +427

    This is a prime example what you will call a "Crash Course" in aviation. Only in a flight simulator you will put a kid in the cockpit not an actual live flight where you got hundreds of people's lives in your hands. You also see the facial expressions of the investigators when they heard the Cockpick voice recorder.

    • Ion Sheriff • 98 years ago
      Ion Sheriff • 98 years ago 18 days ago +1

      @Trauma i’m pretty sure this is a joke but im gonna inform people: microsoft flight simulator was released in 1982, definitely not as advanced as anything today but it did exist

    • Patricia Schuster
      Patricia Schuster 19 days ago

      Smug Soviets.

    • Trauma
      Trauma 2 months ago

      They didn’t have Microsoft flight simulator back then

    • Triggered Cat
      Triggered Cat 2 months ago +1

      You mean the cockpit?

    • The Old Man and the Sea of Cats
      The Old Man and the Sea of Cats 5 months ago +22

      Perhaps the most egregious Karen/Kevin moment of all time: “Dad can I fly the plane please please please?” “Of course you can, son!”

  • Anton Lian Pascua
    Anton Lian Pascua 5 months ago +204

    While seated at the controls, the pilot's son had unknowingly disengaged the A310's autopilot control of the aircraft's ailerons.

  • Charlotte Webster
    Charlotte Webster 5 months ago +202

    Most mind-blowing thing to me apart from the obvious stupidity is that when Eldar noticed and first said the plane was turning, none of the pilots immediately went “Jump out and let me see” They stood and pondered why it was doing that from enough distance that they couldn't get back in their seat when it had reached a nearly 90 degree bank angle.
    I remember giving my adult kids driving lessons in my car and drilling home first and foremost “If I say come off - feet up and away off all the pedals” and we practised it so I was sure they knew and wouldn't panic and try hitting the brakes. I could control the car with the gears, handbrake and steering but if they hit the pedals in a panic and rammed the accelerator hard we were screwed so after a few goes, I felt confident and they knew to just feet up and let me take over. This is in a car. Legally. On an quiet road. With L plates.
    I can't wrap my head around none of the four pilots going “Jump up let me siddown”

    • Sathanas
      Sathanas 2 months ago +1

      Yeah and when they wants to swap the change the decisions was already too late …

    • idiot
      idiot 5 months ago +15

      Eldar pushed the yoke too hard for 30 seconds which disabled the autopilot. It was a new safety feature added to the airbus a310 At that time the airbus a310 was new to the pilots and they didn't knew about that feature
      When eldar was "controlling" the plane The plane was in autopilot so the pilots knew eldar couldn't do anything The weird thing was when eldar disabled the autopilot no autopilot disconnect alarm sounded So when the plane was turning "by itself" They thought its the autopilot turning it not eldar thats why they were looking at the instruments to see whats wrong instead of taking the seat

  • tina
    tina 3 months ago +15

    It's such a shame what people will do for their children out of "love". This is an absolute OUTRAGE that so many innocent, unsuspecting people lost their lives over complete foolishness. Shame on that silly pilot for allowing the "love" he had for his children to outweigh any common sense. The terror those passengers went through is unimaginable, SHAMEFUL. God rest their souls

  • Zahara Horror gaming
    Zahara Horror gaming 5 months ago +188

    The autopilot particularly disconnected. It's still controlling the pitch but not Bank. All the pilots had to do was let go of the control coloumn. By doing this the auto pilot will stabilize the plane. It's a safety feature.

    • Alpha Omega
      Alpha Omega 2 months ago

      you're comment make this video so much more depressing. But I thank you for the facts :D

      DHARMENDRA TRIVEDI 2 months ago +1

      It's blunder. Didn't pilot know his responsibility? I am a car instructor from India🇮🇳. I give controls very slowly step by step. That also in an open ground and after I feel confident, then only start on a very less crowded road.

    • Zahara Horror gaming
      Zahara Horror gaming 5 months ago +10

      @_Mester Playz_ The feature is good in case of something goes wrong pilots don't have time to shut off auto pilot so they can use the yoke to control it. The autopilot will know something is wrong and gives the manual control to pilots as they can make their decision and save the plane. Imagine a terrain comming in fog, the plane will shout pull up! Pull up! You don't have time to shut off the auto pilot u pull back the yoke and take the control. I'm sorry but the reason for the crash is the pilots didn't know the autopilot was off all they had to do was let go of the yoke then automatically the plane stabilize itself. But u can't blame the pilot he didn't know that this feature exists, back in the days anyone could get in the cockpit there was no strict rules. The crash was caused by stupidity,False training, And most important because the co- pilot also joined in. Like if this was informative.

    • ozgur kuzu
      ozgur kuzu 5 months ago

      Sir thank you.

  • Caroline UWU!
    Caroline UWU! 5 months ago +112

    I have a great solution to prevent a crash like this:
    Don't let kids in the cockpit!

  • Kokoete Antigha
    Kokoete Antigha 3 months ago +18

    I once flew in a lite two seater with a friend who is a trained pilot; he took us up to two thousand feet, set a course parallel to the Western Australian coastline near Bunbury and told me to have a go. I'd flown Flight Simulators for years by then but was still in awe of taking control of a craft of that size at three thousand feet over the Indian ocean. So I held the stick for a while not even daring to attempt a turn until he told me to. Then he took back the control and executed a high wing, powered turn that scared the crap out of me, and next was asking me to have a go at the same thing. My chuckled response was no-way, no-chance, no-thanks. Lol 😆!!

  • Marcus Warfield
    Marcus Warfield 5 months ago +399

    If the captain was gone play with his kids in the cockpit, atleast he should've watch them more closely... Innocent people died for nothing, because of the captain. First officer should've been like Hell No!

    • darsh
      darsh Month ago

      @Tommy Kuo still it was unnecessary

    • PilotBoys
      PilotBoys 2 months ago


    • Mid Squash
      Mid Squash 2 months ago +1

      @Tommy Kuo everything wht the pilot did was wrong.many passengers died as a result of that decision to let his child sit on the pilot seat

    • Mid Squash
      Mid Squash 2 months ago +1

      @Espen there should have been one but sadly no child shouldve been allowed to sit in the seat midflight,even with supervision and autopilot on.there is a reason why pilots dont get off their seats midflight despite havong turned on autopilot .sorry,but i think if the 15 year old didnt know how the plane worked,he shouldnt have been allowed to do this in the first place.pilot fault 99 percent

    • William the cat
      William the cat 3 months ago

      @A Chaps electric malfunction

  • Tammy Cawman
    Tammy Cawman 5 months ago +67

    I watched another full documentary on this and for the life of me under no circumstance should a child sit and take over controls in a aircraft. It amazed me then the captain didn’t even stay focused when the child had the controls also. Nor did any of the others their speak up the child was encouraged to go to the controls I know we all want are children to know what we do and maybe show them but the logic of this is mind blowing it was unprofessional and against every rule in aviation this pilot killed everyone of those passengers period it’s sad but that’s the truth living or dead this was this crews fault never play with a aircraft.

    • o
      o 2 months ago +2

      My issue is the pilot saw something was wrong and didnt immediately get his kid out of the seat

  • Niels Kroidl
    Niels Kroidl 2 months ago +12

    As commented below, the reaction to the anomaly was not immediately to swap places, which must have been the cause to the catastrophe.

  • Mario Duron
    Mario Duron 5 months ago +21

    The story reminds me of my younger brother having an impulse problem.
    I remember certain tensity or envy set him off. One time my brother grabbed the wheel of our dad's truck, we were going around 65 and we were in the shoulder of the road in an instant. Another time my brother broke a pedal of our Grandmother's piano. I see it as most people have one decent kid and one little ass. But people tend to love that little ass.

  • we r munich
    we r munich 3 months ago +3

    Holy hell, in this case for real! It's hard to believe how immature and unprofessional the pilot is this is unreal, feel so bad for the passengers who had to die for the most stupid mistake made by an unprofessional pilot.

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand 4 months ago +7

    The pilot probably thought he could get away with letting his kid “fly” the plane by letting him just turn the yolk the same way the computer was already moving it . AKA he put too much trust in the Autopilot. This is already bad if your stupid enough to let your kid get in the pilots seat AT LEAST when the plane started experiencing issues you tell the damn kid to get the fuck up so you can sit down and figure it out.

  • Sofia Rina
    Sofia Rina 3 months ago +8

    Nothing wrong with the aircraft, this is pure human error. Never put your children alone in a control panel.

  • miggis
    miggis 5 months ago +60

    Keep up the good work guys!!! These are so interesting!!

    • •lemoon•
      •lemoon• 5 months ago +2

      for a second i thought you meant that for the people who crashed the plane i was so worried

    • ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ
      ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ 5 months ago

      Yes, Dad and Son always keep it up.

    • CuppaTea
      CuppaTea 5 months ago +2

      @Taylor H UM!

    • Taylor H
      Taylor H 5 months ago +3

      Hey Willy

  • Kelly Gold
    Kelly Gold 5 months ago +120

    Though a child or guest should not be in the cockpit, as soon as the son said that the plane is turning left by itself the pilot should have then jumped back in the seat right away.

    • Idkkkkk123
      Idkkkkk123 5 months ago +4

      Exactly what I was thinking! I was literally screaming in my head "GET IN THE SEAT AND TAKE OVER OMFG" lol

    • Sam, I Am
      Sam, I Am 5 months ago +9

      @Golden that doesn't make it any less bad, he should've known better

    • Golden
      Golden 5 months ago

      Bro this was years ago

    • Tobias
      Tobias 5 months ago +1


  • 69auby69
    69auby69 3 months ago +4

    Wow! That kid is so good at flying! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • panthersgb
    panthersgb 5 months ago +48

    I kinda feel bad for the kids, because they had no bad intentions, but then again, they shouldn't of been controlling the plane in the first place.

  • A Rober
    A Rober 5 months ago +8

    Very good job fellows!! Keep up the good work guys!!! These are so interesting!!

  • NRB-Tấn Đạt
    NRB-Tấn Đạt 5 months ago +180

    one of the most stupid accidents to ever happen -_-

    • Bloodring Banger
      Bloodring Banger 3 months ago

      @Justin Edse Bro, at the age of 15 a person can manage a corn mill quite well. I remember my grandmother told me that on the collective farms of the USSR, boys at about this age were allowed to drive a corn crop (with a co-pilot, of course)

    • Justin Edse
      Justin Edse 3 months ago +1

      @CaptainElliot Excuse me? Solo at? I hope you don't mean a real aircraft. You must not operate in aircraft at that age under any circumstances!
      You don't know what you're doing! You're like Eldar!

    • The Roblox Core Animated
      The Roblox Core Animated 3 months ago

      The pilot did this so his son won't get upset

    • Frepzter
      Frepzter 3 months ago +1

      @CaptainElliot Go fly a commercial jet then.

    • Frepzter
      Frepzter 3 months ago +2

      @CaptainElliot bla bla bla

  • HansRolo
    HansRolo 3 months ago +3

    Why on earth would you let this happen with your children, you have to set rules for this

  • Introverted Oreo
    Introverted Oreo 5 months ago +34

    You guys need to watch Qxir's video on this incident. It shows the insane turns, flips, and dives this plane took during the corkscrew drop that would have you vomiting, pissing and shitting yourself if you were on this plane lol such an avoidable accident tho.

    • Sandra Lopez
      Sandra Lopez 3 months ago +1

      This is the link

    • randomrazr
      randomrazr 5 months ago +1

      all they had to do was let go of the steering

    • Marian Hanson Counselling Service
      Marian Hanson Counselling Service 5 months ago +4

      Go to Mentour Pilot’s channel he covers this in lots of detail

    • Ahnaf Fardin
      Ahnaf Fardin 5 months ago +2

      Guys (MayDay:Air disaster)go to this channel...you can find full videos

  • sparky
    sparky 5 months ago +14

    i love how smithsonian has the its brighter here ending when it comes to tramautizing plane crashes

    SOUMIK PAUL 5 months ago +5

    Really upset to see the thing that you hand over a huge responsibility of the lives of passengers to the hands of kid.

  • Melodie Frances
    Melodie Frances 5 months ago +6

    The absolutely most ludicrous crash ever. The pilots messed up at every step. Unfrickinbelieveable.

  • dj enzo24
    dj enzo24 3 months ago +7

    When take your kids to work day goes horribly wrong

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 5 months ago +7

    When Eldar pushed controller hard to the left, previously turned auto-pilot went off, he disconnected it, so basically, 15yo was flying real plane by himself...

  • Stella Kowalski
    Stella Kowalski 9 days ago

    To all you experienced aviators: my understanding is that Eldar unknowingly shut off the autopilot when he turned the yoke to the left. That action also set the ailerons to manual so in effect Eldar was partially flying the plane. Am I understanding that correctly? Thank you ☺️

  • PetXCWFS
    PetXCWFS 5 months ago +40


    • PetXCWFS
      PetXCWFS 4 months ago +1

      @apple im 12 yo lol

    • apple
      apple 5 months ago +1

      Fr man, the kid should’ve just pulled out Microsoft Flight Simulator in the 90s

    • PetXCWFS
      PetXCWFS 5 months ago +2

      im not talking about the 90s im talking about not letting the kid control a plane

  • Taryn Gutierrez
    Taryn Gutierrez 5 months ago +10


  • CountryBalls_MainChannel124

    I honestly Felt bad for the kid that controlled the plane because that Was His Last Day Of Him Being Alive.

  • Gerson Reyes
    Gerson Reyes 5 months ago +9

    Such an imprudence from an experienced crew

  • KöhlerSAStudios
    KöhlerSAStudios 5 months ago +6

    00:51 that’s when the captain 👨‍✈️ should have told Eldar to move and sat back in the pilot seat immediately.

  • Zahara Horror gaming
    Zahara Horror gaming 5 months ago

    @_Mester Playz_ The feature is good in case of something goes wrong pilots don't have time to shut off auto pilot so they can use the yoke to control it. The autopilot will know something is wrong and gives the manual control to pilots as they can make their decision and save the plane. Imagine a terrain comming in fog, the plane will shout pull up! Pull up! You don't have time to shut off the auto pilot u pull back the yoke and take the control. I'm sorry but the reason for the crash is the pilots didn't know the autopilot was off all they had to do was let go of the yoke then automatically the plane stabilize itself. But u can't blame the pilot he didn't know that this feature exists, back in the days anyone could get in the cockpit there was no strict rules. The crash was caused by stupidity,False training, And most important because the co- pilot also joined in. Like if this was informative.

  • Obomba BeenLaid
    Obomba BeenLaid 3 months ago +1

    It didn't matter how or why the plane was turning, they should have controlled it while they could.

  • Victor Fontaine
    Victor Fontaine 3 months ago

    Probably because the kid was forcing the wheel to turn while the father changing course on the dashboard. The computer may have become confused and thought the kid was still turning the wheel left, which is why the plane was banking right…

  • football_edits10afc_lfc
    football_edits10afc_lfc 5 months ago +7

    Have a feeling he must have been doing something with the rudders because nothing seemed out of the ordinary

    • football_edits10afc_lfc
      football_edits10afc_lfc 4 months ago

      @fangio92 Alright

    • fangio92
      fangio92 5 months ago +2

      continuously applying force on the column for 30 seconds partially disengaged the auto-pilot. The kid was unknowingly controlling the ailerons and the plane started to bank. The pilots didn't know this would only be indicated by a light signal but no sound (unlike soviet aircrafts which they were more familiar with). The report points that the pilots were insufficiently trained.

  • pawpawsbboy
    pawpawsbboy 3 months ago +2

    Ah yes, let me put my, underaged and unexperienced son who knows nothing about planes into the pilot seat. Sounds safe.

  • JCBro2014
    JCBro2014 4 months ago +2

    Really? Letting a child into the cockpit? That shouldn't ever be allowed.

  • Mannya Thabang
    Mannya Thabang 5 months ago +2

    "...and there's nothing anyone can do"😭💔

  • Alfie
    Alfie 5 months ago +7

    Why even let the kid try to FLY :/

  • NoRegretLife120
    NoRegretLife120 Month ago

    Good job👏👏, all pilots keep it up with this example😤😤

  • Charon Christ
    Charon Christ 5 months ago +8

    That's worse than letting a kid play with a loaded gun 🤦

    • Zaimy
      Zaimy 2 months ago

      Honestly..kills more lives than a loaded gun

  • _BoT_
    _BoT_ 3 months ago +3

    The family should not be allowed in a flight that has their close relatives as pilot on that flight

  • Reyco 2.0
    Reyco 2.0 4 months ago +6

    Imagine dying because some idiot pilot let his teenage kid play with the plane you're on

  • mansoor muzamil
    mansoor muzamil 5 months ago +2

    The Tag line is ridiculous. Why did the pilot let his children in the cockpit. Obviously so that it shall crash 😂

  • Ron Landrum
    Ron Landrum 5 months ago +12

    I like how every Smithsonian ending says it's brighter here after every plane crash

    • Mohammad Usman
      Mohammad Usman 5 months ago +4

      - brutal explosion, with no survivors
      - cheery music

  • Mg123rules
    Mg123rules 5 months ago +2

    should of asked the passengers for approval

  • Shaharyar Hussain
    Shaharyar Hussain 5 months ago +3

    The truth is the daughter was just sitting there and applying no force on the yoke,but when the bigger brother came in
    He applied force

    • idiot
      idiot 5 months ago

      And no autopilot disconnect alarm sounded What were the engineers thinking

    • Ambalika Nag
      Ambalika Nag 5 months ago


  • RBLXGamer 10
    RBLXGamer 10 23 days ago

    Son:*does nothing but maintain steadiness*
    Pilot and copilot:*tries their best to keep plane surviving mostly too*

  • Mrityunjoy Goswami
    Mrityunjoy Goswami 5 months ago +170

    This kid play Microsoft flight simulator in his pc . So don't worry.

  • Space Exploration
    Space Exploration 4 months ago +2

    At 0:40 one of the cameramen was visible and its obvious that they're indestructible so that's probably how the investigators were able to solve why the plane crashed

  • Eldah Krab
    Eldah Krab 5 months ago +7

    Rule number 1: If you see the Smithsonian crew dont board the plane.
    If you want to then Rule number 2: Grab a camera. You can't die.

  • Jim Patriot
    Jim Patriot 5 months ago +7

    Are you kidding me? All this and the captain is still allowing his son to sit in the captains chair? 😱 If that was me that kid would've been out of that seat so fast he would've gotten whiplash! I can't believe he's standing there looking at screens .. START FLYING THE AIRPLANE YOU IDIOT!

    • idiot
      idiot 5 months ago

      @Meme Infantery he thought the autopilot is turning the plane not the kid But the autopilot disconnected (with no alarm)

    • Meme Infantery
      Meme Infantery 5 months ago +1

      @Senon Perera he had time to go away before the g force got to bad

    • Senon Perera
      Senon Perera 5 months ago

      I think because the G-Force acting on the plane during dive the kid was not able to get out of the seat

  • Harbe Pirot
    Harbe Pirot 5 months ago +2

    0:57 Shouldn't CMD1 show on top the degrees of the bank?

  • CunningTutorials
    CunningTutorials 5 months ago +1

    Why a kid controlling a plane DANGER

  • Music gaming
    Music gaming 5 months ago +9

    The kid would have been a good pilot it’s not his fault I think

    • Anon Ni Moose
      Anon Ni Moose 3 months ago

      It was an undiscovered glitch that crashed the plane, he ended up discovering it by accident.

    • adrianPlayz
      adrianPlayz 5 months ago +3

      He was 15

    • Anon Ni Moose
      Anon Ni Moose 5 months ago +1

      Nah he'd make a good bug bounty. Imagine finding bugs in software.

  • tae lol
    tae lol 2 months ago

    What happened is that because of the kid still in the yoke turning it to a direction with ap on it makes it turn off so basically all the kid had to do was get up and they could had saved the plane

  • David N.
    David N. 3 months ago

    At 1:50, I thought the autopilot’s AI was rebelling.

  • ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ
    ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ 5 months ago +5

    Son to Dad, are we going in the heaven?
    Dad: Yes my son we trying best.

  • Triggered Cat
    Triggered Cat 2 months ago

    This could have been completely unavoidable but the actions were absolutely idiotic. Lives lost because of this decision.

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    Medical equivalent - doctor's son came to give him a surprise visit in the operating theatre. The doctor was in the process of delivering a baby through cesarean...the doctor allowed his 15 year old son to remove the baby out of the mother's stomach. The son accidentally pulled too hard and pulled the baby's head out of the body ....
    My point is, in any other profession it would have made sense to allow a kid to play with people's lives...what made him think it made sense in this scenario???
    If he wanted to impress his child thar badly, he could have chattered a private plane

  • TTrain Doge: Transport and Aviation

    Kids, that's why you don't go in the cockpit until you are qualified to even BE in that cockpit.

  • Zack Q
    Zack Q 2 months ago

    I know I shouldn't be laughing but this incident is just hilarious. Yeah why not let a kid fly the plane for awhile. That's seems reasonable enough lol.

  • Anarva Tandel
    Anarva Tandel 3 months ago

    Putting kid in cookpit without anytranning and experience is one of the most idiotic thing

  • Kaiurr
    Kaiurr 5 months ago +1

    All he had to do was let go of the control👁👄👁

  • tina
    tina 3 months ago +1

    I hope they've changed their rules and keep people, ALL PEOPLE out of the cockpit. They do not need the distraction afterall their job is to transport people safely. How can they do that being distracted with a bunch of thrill-seekers in the cockpit with them. SHAMEFUL and an OUTRAGE

    • tina
      tina 3 months ago

      @Andy Ro Such a shame so many people lost their lives so the pilot could pacify his silly children. What parents will do for their kids in the name of "love" is disgusting. That's not love, it's pure stupidity to risk the lives of others for their dumb whims

    • Andy Ro
      Andy Ro 3 months ago +1

      It was already against regulations. According to the black box one of the crew members says something about waking up the other pilot (who was on his scheduled break) and the pilot in the cockpit refuses saying they will get fired.

  • Magic
    Magic 3 months ago

    Bro its against the rules letting someone fly with no experience...

  • Dr. Love 1987
    Dr. Love 1987 5 months ago +1

    To make this accident dumber, The pilots where given a "Hero's Burial".

  • Quaxky
    Quaxky 2 months ago

    His mom must have been so mad

  • Tom Valencia
    Tom Valencia 2 months ago

    Bringing your kids to work is one thing, but this here is somm'n else!

  • Carlene Grainger
    Carlene Grainger 5 months ago +1

    That’s so sad

  • sports fan
    sports fan 5 months ago

    even though it was thir mistake thank them for giving us an interesting incident

  • toycollector28
    toycollector28 5 months ago +3

    I'd just rather install some flight simulator in my phone/tablet lol

  • Meme Infantery
    Meme Infantery 5 months ago +2

    good plan, bad execution

  • Freddie Sandoval
    Freddie Sandoval 5 months ago +4


    • souvlaki
      souvlaki 5 months ago

      first 2 are for aeroflot only, last one is probably true

  • Shabdekh Saboon
    Shabdekh Saboon 5 months ago +43

    Eldar has such a slappable face

    • Among_us Fan
      Among_us Fan 4 months ago

      @thisperson25 I’m not worried just asking? I’m not dumb

    • Obsessed.With.Country *QUIT*
      Obsessed.With.Country *QUIT* 5 months ago +1

      @Aviation Mohamed if I was the kid I would get scared and let dad take over

    • Aviation Mohamed
      Aviation Mohamed 5 months ago

      @thisperson25 What did the kid do?!! Not his fault at all…

    • thisperson25
      thisperson25 5 months ago +1

      @souvlaki yes, the pilot shouldn't have let the child in the seat, but ultimately it was the kid who disengaged the autopilot and put the plane into a dive

  • Sooraj Antony Francis
    Sooraj Antony Francis 5 months ago +4

    Legs were on the rudder which made the plane bank

    • extremely fast
      extremely fast 5 months ago

      It was because the autopilot disconnected without anyone knowing

  • The Studdering Truth
    The Studdering Truth 3 months ago +1

    If there was no survivors, how do yall know he let his son fly the plane?

    • The Studdering Truth
      The Studdering Truth 2 months ago

      @Sentient TvAfter further research, Ive learned the following , The black box records not only conversations with the pilot & air traffic control, but also the conversations with the pilots amongst themselves too. So, it’s possible that the investigating team probably heard the father say “Son you wanna fly the plane” or something to that effect.
      I stand corrected and informed on this matter!

    • Sentient Tv
      Sentient Tv 2 months ago

      @The Studdering Truth He never did let atc know lol, it was revealed in the black box recordings that the kids where in the cabin and controlling the plane

    • The Studdering Truth
      The Studdering Truth 3 months ago

      @Andy Ro Im familiar with the black box, (from watching documentaries and such) but would the capt put his job on the line by letting the ATC know “Im letting my son drive/fly the plane? That would get the pilot in trouble. I feel theres more to the story, Thats why Im asking initially.

    • Andy Ro
      Andy Ro 3 months ago

      Aircrafts have a system called the black box. It records cockpit conversations and flight data. It is designed to withstand crashes.

  • demonetized history
    demonetized history 5 months ago +1

    "so you say you want to be pilot, shame, maybe in the next life... Maybe in the next life". Lolll

  • RealAimStars
    RealAimStars Month ago

    3:23 That is 100% an animation.

  • ChrisTheManY
    ChrisTheManY 5 months ago

    0:40: I think I just found a cameraman

  • Quaxky
    Quaxky 2 months ago

    I’m not gonna tell the guy how to parent a child but he chose the wrong time to be a good father.

    AMAZE-VERSE 5 months ago +3

    They just had to let go of the controls so the autopilot could fix the plane.

    • K Gaming
      K Gaming 5 months ago +2

      Autopilot disengages itself when there is a big movement to the yoke. The son wasn't careful and must've disabled the A/P. I totally agree though. They didn't trust the plane enough, if they had just let go of the controls... well let's just say the result would be much much much better.

  • D. b.
    D. b. 2 months ago

    A pilot that has No common sense and has no need to be flying anything more then a kite. Sad it cost almost 80 lives just to get him to never do it again.

  • HbutBetter
    HbutBetter 5 months ago +4

    When the person who accidentally murdered alot of people is actually innocent:
    ik ik this is just a joke comment

  • Bảo Châu
    Bảo Châu 5 months ago +1

    yep, that how pros pilot teach kid to drive a310 :))))))))

  • Sharki
    Sharki 4 months ago

    El alarde de los pilotos delante de niños los mató a todos.

  • Mohammed Rahman
    Mohammed Rahman 5 months ago +2

    That fake fire though…

  • The Monopoly Guy
    The Monopoly Guy Month ago

    “You ever been in a cockpit before?”

  • Russian Federative Soviet Republic

    Imagine a Stupid Pilot let his Son doesn't know to fly a plane flys a plane, And it kills a hundreds of people ;-;

  •  3 months ago

    I do not let my son fly even on my plane simulator phone

  • Rizky Aldi
    Rizky Aldi 2 months ago

    Wtf bro? how can this even happen?

  • 51DDH4R7H
    51DDH4R7H 5 months ago +3

    Was that view necessary

  • Waka Waka
    Waka Waka 5 months ago

    So basically the autopilot simply disengages itself when something goes wrong? This is hilarious

    • Speedbird
      Speedbird 4 months ago +2


  • X-26 YT
    X-26 YT 5 months ago +1

    but why did the plane bank

  • Muhammed Ziyan
    Muhammed Ziyan 4 months ago +2

    Because of a pilot now everyone who is innocent dies

  • Thomas Griffin
    Thomas Griffin 4 months ago +1

    If it was an airbus, it wouldn't have a dashboard yoke.. it has a joy stick to the left.

    • Speedbird
      Speedbird 4 months ago +1

      That would depend on the Airbus type..😉

  • CallMeCris
    CallMeCris 3 months ago

    that is very brutal