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Can Neil Patrick Harris solve this spicy riddle?!🌶 🤯

  • Published on Aug 11, 2022

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  • JC Not
    JC Not  +223

    This guy’s pretty good at solving puzzles. He should buy a bar and name it…puzzles.

  • LEGION Clips

    His face expression and the way he answered it was exactly as he acted Barney in HIMYM 😂

  • Work In Progress

    NPH looked so proud of himself for getting that right 😂

  • nawal
    nawal  +6

    “that’s a riddle and i’m about to die” lol

  • Rain Replay

    If Nardwuar were to be on Hot Ones who would be the interviewer? Nard definitely should be invited on Hot Ones, would make for a very interesting episode.

  • Groovy tunes Love

    After watching many of these, which I'm obsessed 😍 the one thing I can't believe that no one's asks for a frozen towel 😆🥶

    MLG GAMER  +33

    That is a really good riddle for Da bomb though?

  • Opalizard

    Wow, I knew Sean looked familiar and now I know why!

  • ON3L0VE
    ON3L0VE  +4

    The short worked good job. I wasn’t interested in the NPH episode until I watched this.

  • ishaan
    ishaan  +4

    I thought he said your mom 😂

  • Shallot
    Shallot  +1

    This guy has given me so many rides, I didnt know he was famous.

  • Dan Baranowski

    Sean Evans’ heterosexual look-alike (as Jay Pharoah put it) FINALLY sat at the Hot Ones table

  • Omaer 1

    Very Nice Bro! Get Good People!

  • Dean Thurman

    Just saying I enjoyed his role on Harold and kumar. His portrayal was so hypnotic I don’t think he was acting , but I’m probably wrong so forget I said, don’t want to accuse him of something he didn’t do

  • Johnny
    Johnny  +2

    I still think Neil Patrick Harris could have been an amazing Riddler.

  • Omaer 1


  • Patricia Mooney

    DaBomb is a punishment. They put extra pure capsaicin liquid in it. Not just peppers.

  • The Gioverse


  • novacor_56

    Pilo en versión inglesa