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Soldiers Adopt Puppy In Iraq, Bring Him Home To California

  • Published on May 19, 2016
  • Soldiers adopted a puppy, Ollie, in Iraq and have brought him home to the U.S. John Ramos reports. (5/19/16)

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  • Ennis Del Mar
    Ennis Del Mar 6 years ago +527

    "You don't leave a friend behind"
    True words right here.

    • Em Spearing
      Em Spearing 5 years ago +8

      Lard Mob - Are you always drunk, or only when you post your ass-apples in public forums?

    • Lord MAB
      Lord MAB 5 years ago +4

      But you left bodies of men women n children behind too 😛

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson 4 years ago +10

    Brought tears to my eyes. God bless you young man!!!

  • raoul diblasi
    raoul diblasi 6 years ago +323

    Some imbeciles will say this was a waste of money! We who have souls know it was worth it! Heartwarming!

    • Pale Feather Valdez
      Pale Feather Valdez 4 years ago +1

      Worth every frecken penny in my opinion... So Happy for them. :)

    • Hilda AYBAR
      Hilda AYBAR 5 years ago +18

      So happy that he rescued that poor dog , God bless him🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • Roy Pereira
      Roy Pereira 5 years ago +1

      raoul diblasi true bro

    • raoul diblasi
      raoul diblasi 5 years ago +1

      Thank you, lovely lady!

    • Kourt Ndiaye
      Kourt Ndiaye 5 years ago +1

      raoul diblasi fit gent

  • AB
    AB 3 years ago +8

    All my respect to this soldier , thank you so much for giving this pup a 2nd chance in life, God bless.

  • XiLZERt
    XiLZERt 6 years ago +68

    Congratulations Ollie! Wish You the Best Life ahead!

  • Jenny K.
    Jenny K. Year ago +6

    Love this soldiers huge heart to get Ollie back home with him.

  • CelticAngel †
    CelticAngel † 5 years ago +23

    What a beautiful ending to a wonderful friendship. It would have been agony to leave him there knowing his fate. Raoul Diblasi you are so right, this is priceless. You cant put a price on this type of rescue. Its so good to hear a heartwarming story like this one. Where there are so many sad stories. I love when I hear that these dogs who work in the middle east and who form friendships with the soldiers come home with them. That bond is never broken. God bless everyone who made this possible. Everything that lives must be protected. ^j^

  • Me Myself And I Z
    Me Myself And I Z 6 years ago +56

    How in the hell did 66 people give this story a thumbs down?

    • PUAlum
      PUAlum 8 months ago

      lots of haters out there!

    • Namis
      Namis 11 months ago +1

      Most of them are Iraqis

    • Kendrick
      Kendrick 11 months ago +1

      Probably liberals

    • Yasmin Layloni
      Yasmin Layloni Year ago +2

      @Dina B. so you disliked this because of history?

    • Bmwmotorsportguy
      Bmwmotorsportguy 3 years ago +1

      ​@Kathleen You are right, Lets Make America Great Again.

  • Alicia torres
    Alicia torres 5 years ago +9

    wow , what an an amazing story, i couldn't stop crying!

  • To Fu
    To Fu 5 years ago +11

    Never leave a man behind!🐶

  • DeafMusician
    DeafMusician 6 years ago +6

    AWESOME!! thank you both for your service! God bless you both!

  • MitzySmith
    MitzySmith 4 years ago +6

    That's really sweet , I'm happy for the both of them 😊

  • انا انسان حر I'm free man

    That's what you call loyalty good for the lovely dog now his a US citizen 😃

  • Ralph Garvin Jr.
    Ralph Garvin Jr. 3 years ago +2

    Awesome...just awesome. And Ken, thanks for your service man! Glad you and Ollie made it home safe.

  • Cris Melo
    Cris Melo 5 years ago +13

    Family matters! What a good man!

  • Pamela Turner
    Pamela Turner 4 years ago +2

    Love this story.So uplifting.And thank you to all who have so selflessly served our country.May you & your 'dog people' have many years of companionship & fun.God sees you & Blesses You.

  • Denise Higson
    Denise Higson 5 years ago +6

    awwwwwwwwwww that's so sweet you are a treasure for taking hollie home with you enjoy your life together it's going to be so amazing well done young man x

    ELIZABETH MORALES 2 years ago +4

    Give me hope in humanity again!!❤️🙏

  • Jolujo 58
    Jolujo 58 2 years ago +4

    Welcome to you're new home Ollie ❤

  • jalynne
    jalynne 5 years ago +7


  • Rainbow Fox
    Rainbow Fox 5 years ago +3

    Every time we value an animal, we value life, then we begin to value human life. It is a progressive opening of the heart.

  • TheNamesAlex
    TheNamesAlex 6 years ago +16

    That is amazing and I'll share this video with my friends. because it is the true meaning a mans best friends

  • Cabbage Lettuce
    Cabbage Lettuce 5 years ago +1

    God bless our soldiers!

  • Megan 19
    Megan 19 4 years ago +1

    This video warms my heart!

  • Skip Sanzeri
    Skip Sanzeri 4 years ago +1

    Wonderful story - Mr. Wyrsch - thank you for your service ....and Bringing Ollie back.

  • Lch Coco
    Lch Coco 3 years ago +1

    touching story. Thank you for taking him. ♥😘

  • manuela redding
    manuela redding 5 years ago +2

    absolutely wonderful!!

  • Swedish Game Nerd
    Swedish Game Nerd 6 years ago +5

    Naaw, that's so heartwarming!

  • Diana a
    Diana a 3 years ago +5

    Love this story Truly✨
    Thank you for shareing this
    Made my day so much brighter✨🙌😁🇺🇸🐾💖

  • Rachel Gutierrez
    Rachel Gutierrez Year ago +1

    Geeze , this was posted years ago. Still, I love that guy! Be blessed!

  • Alexandros A Lavdas
    Alexandros A Lavdas 6 years ago +20

    Judging from the thumbs down, eighteen people seem to need the help of a therapist.

    • Linda Timmons
      Linda Timmons Year ago

      Theyve never read the book " A Mutt. A MARINE and A Miracle" obviously. Or they would understand better. Written bu a Marine Capt. In Iraq

    • Jolujo 58
      Jolujo 58 2 years ago +1

      Yup too many nut jobs out there.
      Too bad those idiots can vote.

  • George Siriani
    George Siriani 6 years ago +2


  • Deborah Field
    Deborah Field 4 years ago

    Good job and thank you for your service to keep us safe. God Bless U Always

  • Sonny Mushy
    Sonny Mushy 6 years ago +19

    SO many ppl to THANK in this video, 1st i will say thank you to Ken and his platoon for giving us our freedom. Then we can thank them for their EMPATHY and COMPASSION. Even over seas in a war they still raised a puppy and returned him to USA for a better life. BLESS YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN !!

    • Sonny Mushy
      Sonny Mushy 6 years ago +1

      amazing how i have a magnet for dumb ppl--- dip shit and mother f ,, 2 fking trolls with with bloody tampon dripping from the mouth :) ciao you 2 done wasting my time idiots

    • Sonny Mushy
      Sonny Mushy 6 years ago +1

      youre as dumb as they come dont they. They reason you can talk such shit is because these ppl PROTECT your rights. Try going to iraq and talk all your shit see what happens. Now go do more of your internet trolling

    • Robert Of Iceland
      Robert Of Iceland 6 years ago +3

      @scott porteous And I quote "1st i will say thank you to Ken and his platoon for giving us our freedom" what fucking freedom does America need in Iraq ?

    • scott porteous
      scott porteous 6 years ago

      What the hell are you talking about MFJ.

    • Robert Of Iceland
      Robert Of Iceland 6 years ago +5

      What fucking freedom do you need in Iraq ??? Stupid shit.

  • Official JOY
    Official JOY 4 years ago +2


  • Pale Feather Valdez
    Pale Feather Valdez 4 years ago

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, A MILLION TIMES... FOR SAVING THAT DOG FROM OVER THERE. I have often thought about the dogs over there caught in all the bombing & it made my heart ache for them, I am a very big animal lover so this story was the BEST...... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TOO...

  • Cynthia Janis
    Cynthia Janis 5 years ago +1

    Heartwarming story!

  • Zimmerman
    Zimmerman 3 years ago

    Awesome story. He'll probably have a good life out here.

  • Sharon L
    Sharon L 2 years ago

    Great man, great dog!

  • amarin amarin
    amarin amarin 4 years ago +2

    God bless you!!!! Now that sweet angel will live the all american life. We love our pets (family members) in USA.... god blesssssss America 😁😁😁😁

  • aerialkate
    aerialkate 6 years ago +10

    I completely understand the posters who are writing that civilian deaths in Iraq were horrendous and unforgiveable. But at the same time, adopting the dog was a good thing to do. The war in Iraq was a shameful humanitarian disaster and it's the politicians, not the soldiers, who should shoulder the blame - but I'm glad the dog has a good home.

  • Juana R
    Juana R 6 years ago +1

    awwwww so cute!

  • Ann Sparks
    Ann Sparks 6 years ago +3

    Luv it 💞💞💞💞💞

  • Mike Ferrannini
    Mike Ferrannini 4 years ago +1

    Great story with a happy ending!!!

  • PrecisionT
    PrecisionT 3 years ago +2

    That's so great.

  • Helen Patterson
    Helen Patterson 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this good feeling story .

  • Pawan Kumar Singh
    Pawan Kumar Singh 6 years ago +1

    Few country's love their puppy's more than the human.

    LOBO LOCO 2 years ago

    God bless you Hero, the true American hero, your blessings will triple, thanks for saving our best companions, our loyal four legged angels, You are a true HERO.

  • Maricel Toledo
    Maricel Toledo 2 years ago

    That pup is such a gorg I would take him too if I were him

  • Mary Speidel
    Mary Speidel 5 years ago +1

    Only love has value in our lives.

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 2 years ago +1

    Damn he's blessed and a nice dog, how can u no like this video

    MARIA MAROVICH 3 years ago

    Because of this story and donations towards the friends of our soldiers that are being left behind, I shall make sure to alway's donate to the SPCA, our soldiers deserve to bring back their fury babies.

  • athaweth chayangsu
    athaweth chayangsu 6 years ago +1

    Such a lovely man and the lucky dog

  • Rachel Gutierrez
    Rachel Gutierrez Year ago

    Hopefully you will update on our friend ollie? We need some love in this world and I love him!❤️

  • Albert Zion
    Albert Zion 5 years ago

    This made my day

  • DubSito
    DubSito 5 years ago +12

    Can do a film with this story
    Incredible! nice one

  • Chii Milo
    Chii Milo 3 years ago

    You saved the world you saved all creature

  • clairo wong
    clairo wong 6 years ago +1

    nice, am glad for ollie

  • Mari Smetan
    Mari Smetan 3 years ago


  • Nitro Express
    Nitro Express 4 years ago

    unlike many Progressives, let me thank you for your service.

  • Kangal Europa
    Kangal Europa Year ago

    Class and great respect

  • Allen Rhodes
    Allen Rhodes Year ago

    Imagine being an Iraqi who fought side by side with this guy and call him your bro, just to hear him say you'd probably use a dog as target practice.

  • Kazan
    Kazan 5 years ago +1

    Beautiful dog

  • An
    An 11 months ago

    God Bless you!

  • favoured lisa
    favoured lisa 5 years ago

    That is one lovely dog.

  • John Slade Jr
    John Slade Jr 3 years ago

    No one left behind,l love it.

  • Blue Thunder73
    Blue Thunder73 5 years ago

    That dog has travelled more than me.

  • Laura Rodriguez
    Laura Rodriguez 5 years ago +1

    beautiful story

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 3 years ago

    Love it

  • Kuldip Powar
    Kuldip Powar 3 years ago

    This is what life is really about.............we should love them and look after them. We, humans, create war and all of nature suffers.

  • Devin Davidson
    Devin Davidson 6 years ago

    I am all for them to be reunited BUT I hope that HE had to pay for some of the expense and didn't rely totally on others to pay it for him. Serving in Iraq during a time of "war" entitles him to combat pay and he doesn't have any expenses to speak of during his active duty so he is banking some well deserved cash. I hope that if SPCA International covered the entire bill that HE do the right thing and pay a good portion back in a nice donation so that other needy animal lovers can benefit in the future.

  • Noodleydoo
    Noodleydoo 5 years ago

    Fantastic story. People are complaining about the money spent? So it's okay to continually sell arms to that part of the world, but it's not okay to bring this dog home to a man who obviously loves him? Sometimes I feel like I am not part of the human race.

  • Tame MeDown
    Tame MeDown 5 years ago

    Real men are kind to animals. And that makes them so much more attractive and sexy. I would never date someone who does not love animals. It really shows how healthy your heart and soul is. Bless this soldier!

  • Bru - uh
    Bru - uh 2 years ago

    I wish a guy like this would adopt me

  • Antoinette vanderpool
    Antoinette vanderpool 6 years ago +6

    congratulations to a super American, and God bless you. what's not to love ? God gave us these wonderful animals to take care of. Humans cause their own problems, NOT these 4footed animals. GOOD FOR YOU.

  • Blue
    Blue 3 years ago +1


  • Ian Tse
    Ian Tse 2 years ago +1

    ❤❤❤True Love Story

  • tiger talks
    tiger talks 3 years ago

    A REAL man.

  • Frances Sweeney
    Frances Sweeney Year ago

    Ollie is preventing his new owner from falling victim to delayed shock. If delayed shock is allowed to take hold, it could render him unable to work for years,costing the taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars in medical care and welfare. Ollie is worth every penny of the $6,000 it cost to ship him to the states.

  • whats my name?
    whats my name? 4 years ago

    Welcome home solider, and welcome to America ollie.

  • MrQbenDanny
    MrQbenDanny 3 years ago


    DOOM SLAYER 5 years ago +1

    uh I'm sorry I'm from Iraq and we don't treat dogs as target practice wtf we love animals

  • mark willis
    mark willis 6 years ago

    A real man.

  • Jayaram V
    Jayaram V 3 years ago

    This is true love .some time i dont no who uploading some videos that they are saving puppy's from water from python actually these bastards are making a movie . But these is really true love thats why i like americans ,Britain's specially big salute sir

  • nancy wakili
    nancy wakili Year ago +1

    Thanks for adopting dog

  • Coqui Audio
    Coqui Audio 6 years ago +1

    never leave a comrade

  • Rodney Kevin Messiah
    Rodney Kevin Messiah 4 years ago +1

    #Beautiful 👌👌👌👍💯

  • Michael P. Carr
    Michael P. Carr Year ago

    1:33 good boy
    Welcome home

  • David Maruska
    David Maruska Year ago

    The money is nothing you gave the greatest 63 years I have lived as a free man thax for giving us the best (I have a shepherd) I promise no one I would give her a home. I just promise to give her a good life

  • Briseur De Lance
    Briseur De Lance 5 years ago

    Dude is freaking ripped.

  • Sydney Brooks
    Sydney Brooks 5 years ago +1

    good boy

  • Farfar
    Farfar 6 years ago +1


  • Everlasting Bass
    Everlasting Bass Year ago


  • DeedeeBee
    DeedeeBee 2 years ago

    Thank Goodness 🙌🏼

  • Eunice Ramirez
    Eunice Ramirez 2 years ago


  • Joe Martin
    Joe Martin 2 years ago +1

    The puppy was in California for a month and asked if it could go home.

  • Don Vaillancourt
    Don Vaillancourt 6 years ago +1

    cute dog & guy

  • The one With the bird
    The one With the bird 5 years ago

    Yes, I'll take both please.

  • Tamora P
    Tamora P 6 years ago

    I am very happy right now!

  • Yasmin Layloni
    Yasmin Layloni Year ago

    For the record 134 ppl dislike this because of history, literally lmao