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Watch Live: Pike County Massacre Trial - OH v. George Wagner IV Day Nine

  • Published on Sep 21, 2022
  • George Wagner, IV is standing trial for the April 2016 murders of eight members of the Rhoden and Gilley families. Wagner IV faces 22 counts including eight counts of aggravated murder with death penalty specifications, aggravated burglary, conspiracy, tampering with evidence and forgery.
    Wagner’s brother, Edward “Jake” Wagner, and his mother, Angela Wagner, have already pleaded guilty to taking part in the conspiracy to murder the eight Rhoden and Gilley family members over their desire to obtain full custody of the then two-year-old daughter Jake shared with victim Hanna May Rhoden. Angela and Jake Wagner have agreed to testify against their family members.
    George “Billy” Wagner, the father of Jake and George, faces the same 22 counts.
    On the morning of April 22, 2016, family members found Chris Rhoden, Sr., 40, and his cousin, Gary Rhoden, 38, dead in Chris’ mobile home on Union Hill Rd. Chris Sr.’s ex-wife, Dana Manley Rhoden, 37, and their children, Hanna May Rhoden, 19, and Chris Rhoden Jr., 16, were found shot in the head in their sleep in their mobile home down the road. Hanna May had given birth days earlier to a baby girl who was not harmed. Clarence "Frankie" Rhoden, 20 and his fiancee, Hannah "Hazel" Gilley, 20, were also found shot to death in their sleep. Their six-month-old son was in between them covered in blood but unharmed. Frankie’s four-year-old son was unharmed in the home as well.
    Kenneth Rhoden, 44, was found shot once in the eye in his camper on Left Fork Rd. more than seven miles away.
    Angela Wagner’s mother, Rita Newcomb, pleaded guilty in 2019 to a misdemeanor count of obstruction. She had been charged with forgery and obstruction of justice for lying about signing and notarizing custody documents related to Hanna May, Jake and George’s children. Newcomb has agreed to testify against her family members.
    Billy Wagner’s mother, Fredericka Wagner, was initially charged with obstruction of justice and forgery for allegedly lying about purchasing a bullet-resistant vest for Billy. The charges were dropped after it was discovered a plate in the vest was manufactured after the homicides. Prosecutors have said they may refile the charges at a later date. Fredericka has been subpoenaed to testify.
    The victims:
    Christopher Rhoden Sr., 40
    his ex-wife Dana Manley Rhoden, 38,
    their children Christopher Rhoden Jr., 16, Hanna May Rhoden, 19, and Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden, 20,
    Christopher Sr.’s cousin Gary Rhoden, 38,
    Sr.’s brother Kenneth Rhoden, 44,
    and Frankie’s fiancée Hannah “Hazel” Gilley, 20
    The Wagners did it so they could get custody of the young daughter Jake had with his ex Hanna Rhoden, prosecutors said. Jake indeed won sole custody of the child, now 8, after the murders. The Wagners moved to Alaska. That all changed after authorities arrested them in November 2018, sparking a legal battle lasting almost four years.
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Comments • 88

  • lady warrior
    lady warrior 4 days ago +4

    I feel blessed to see any of this trial. This trial isn't about me, a woman in another state who's heart goes out to all involved and bleeds for the children left behind. We need to understand that our US judicial system has rules and regulations set up for all parties involved, up to and including the accused. The accused has the right to a fair trial. If anything were to jeopardize that right then the judge can make decisions we would not like. This trial, like I said isn't about me. It's about those murdered and those babies left behind first and foremost. Then it's about the family left behind and that can't be separated only by one on billionth of a billionth from those children who lost so much in only a few hours. It is also about a small town tight nit community of country folk who have been devestated by this disgusting tragedy. I speak only on my behalf when I say I am here to support this family and town and anything that gets these people locked up and not having a mistrial I understand completely and put my own desires aside for them to have justice. The chat is full of good persons! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this as I do hold this case close to my heart. Let's not let it become a media circus!

  • Jodi Focht
    Jodi Focht 4 days ago +16

    This wasn't just murders these people went through pulling blankets and pillows over faces but leave two babies to fend for themselves. Horrible Horrible evil in this world

      AMERICAN JOE TV 4 days ago +1

      Exactly, extra extra heinous honestly. Murdering mothers with babies asleep next to them in bed???!!! And then leaving said babies to fend for themselves until someone found them....because the sound of gunshots inside wouldn't wake them up at all. The thought of the older baby being awake makes me absolutely sick. A nursing baby at that. And those people thought they should have custody of a child????!!!! None of them should have ever been allowed near a child!!

  • c r
    c r 4 days ago +22

    Every single person involved with this crime should get the death penalty

  • A Thompson
    A Thompson  4 days ago +13

    This poor prosecutor literally speaks in “umms”. Her opening was horrible. But she even does it while questioning witnesses. I heard her put “um” between each word of an entire sentence. That’s quite a feat! What a horrible habit though. Especially for someone whose speaking and presentation skills are important to their position.

    • LionSwimmer
      LionSwimmer 2 days ago +2

      She also opens numerous questions with "Aaaand...". Unbearably tedious; unprofessional. She also pauses too much and is unprepared technologically. Wasteful of the court's (and our, the People's) time and attention.

    • Judi Ashley
      Judi Ashley 2 days ago +2

      It's beyond horrible a few ok but yes it's almost every other word and doesn't seem to even try to contain it.

  • We Lost Vietnam and Afghanistan lol

    Dude shouldn’t have listened to his brother, I mean uncle, I mean father

  • 🌸Just Call Me Jen🌸

    The judge said he was told one of the juror's needed a break so they took a 10 min break. After that they came back on and said both sides said it was okay to stop for the day and start again in the morning.

  • Judi Ashley
    Judi Ashley 2 days ago +2

    Could someone please tell the prosecutor to stop the ums it has to be driving the jury into insanity.

  • Cynthia Carter
    Cynthia Carter 4 days ago +14

    I sure hope the footprints prove George was at the scene of the crime.

    • jakesgrl6378
      jakesgrl6378 3 days ago

      @Cynthia Carter he could squeeze in them..

    • jakesgrl6378
      jakesgrl6378 3 days ago

      @Cynthia Carter what if Billy had on the shoes and not George?? What if Billy goes on stand and says George was not there??

    • Cynthia Carter
      Cynthia Carter 3 days ago

      @Melissa Miller Do you think Billy could fit into a size 11 since he is 6’6”. I am just curious. Not trying to be snarled.

    • Cynthia Carter
      Cynthia Carter 3 days ago +1

      @A Wright yes you are correct. George was standing in front of Chris Jr door.

    • Cynthia Carter
      Cynthia Carter 3 days ago +1

      @Amy Eades Jake did say George was at the scene. The footprints will prove Jake is telling the truth.

  • JonP
    JonP 3 days ago +3

    We dont need a close up of the witness pointing off camera to nothing. PLEASE just leave the camera on the tv screen when theyre showing pics of the house etc. You pan up for 3 or 4 seconds then pan it back down to the witness talking. Why?
    I understand not showing the bodies but please, if youre going through all the trouble to share it with us, leave it on the screen so we can whats going on. Ive never seen such poor camera work in a trial.

  • Rose Borgert
    Rose Borgert 4 days ago +6


  • cherylb2008
    cherylb2008 4 days ago +4

    I’m glad that judge doesn’t cater to the murderers demands

  • sndrud1
    sndrud1 4 days ago +4

    Please bring on the prosecutor they had for baby Groves trial! Replace this prosecutor..She is extremely unprepared…

    • jakesgrl6378
      jakesgrl6378 3 days ago

      Just think, she was actually the top prosecutor for the whole state of OHIO🙄

  • Country dog lady
    Country dog lady 4 days ago +9

    Why don’t they at least show us the diagram he’s pointing to

  • mwhappy24
    mwhappy24 4 days ago +7

    Prosecutors are just boring the jury to death. Bring jake to the stand and get this over with

  • Debra Salmon
    Debra Salmon 3 days ago +1

    Why all these stipulations? I've watched a lot of trials and have never seen that before. If I was a juror I'd be confused. Is it just to show the collect a lot of evidence, that doesn't show anything?

  • PrincessMariposa
    PrincessMariposa 4 days ago +6

    Wow the county needs to use some funds to remodel their courtroom

  • WalkerD
    WalkerD 4 days ago +4

    Why isn't the camera man not showing the house photos! I get not sharing the victims, but the outside of the houses aren't bloody.

  • Jerry Rutherford
    Jerry Rutherford 2 days ago

    WTF is the relevance of all of this bs “evidence”, it’s a total waste of time and the jury has to be bored out of their minds, I know I am.

  • Dawn M
    Dawn M 4 days ago +12

    Photos are over kill? Your clients actions where overkill

    • jakesgrl6378
      jakesgrl6378 2 days ago

      @Jerry Rutherford interesting..but my ex bil was an accomplice to murder. He got 10, the guy that did the actual shooting got life.. right here in Ohio.

    • Jerry Rutherford
      Jerry Rutherford 2 days ago +4

      @jakesgrl6378 that’s completely irrelevant, anybody involved in any way is just as guilty of murder as a shooter

    • jakesgrl6378
      jakesgrl6378 3 days ago

      He didnt kill. Jake and Billy both said George did not shoot anyone

  • PaxilMadness
    PaxilMadness 4 days ago +1

    I wanted to see the crime photos until i heard some of the victims were shot in the face multiple times.

    • Ann A
      Ann A 4 days ago +1

      These murderers pretty much blew their heads off. Horrible! None deserve any mercy of any kind. They are the lowest of low killing mothers with their babies in bed with them.

  • NLHester
    NLHester 3 days ago

    This judge needs a new clock.

  • Dave S
    Dave S 4 days ago +4

    That’s actually a valid motion for mistrial. It’ll be an issue for appeal.

  • stephanie thoroughman

    I have to get updated on what’s happening missed a lot prob since yesterday

  • Becy Reed
    Becy Reed 2 days ago


  • Jerry Rutherford
    Jerry Rutherford 2 days ago

    Did they take any photos of the skies on that day🤗

  • Kerry Hughes
    Kerry Hughes 4 days ago +4

    what's the point in all this evidence that has nothing to do with the defendants.

    • Debra Salmon
      Debra Salmon 3 days ago +1

      I agree, waste of time. I'm still waiting to see the mounds of evidence they said they had. So far I haven't seen anything.

    • Anni
      Anni 4 days ago +2

      @Kerry Hughes sorry, no idea why they’re asking about that. Only thing I can think of is to show all evidence was collected & tested?

    • Kerry Hughes
      Kerry Hughes 4 days ago +1

      ​@Anni was more meaning things like cigarette butts lying outside that belong to the victims. the rest I get .

    • Anni
      Anni 4 days ago +2

      Unfortunately the prosecution have to explain exactly what & how victims were found, evidence collected as in theory the jury know nothing about the case. There’s few more weeks of evidence including defendants brother & Mother. At some point it will all start to make sense, well I hope it does anyway!

  • Becy Reed
    Becy Reed 2 days ago

    Show the photos PLEASE

  • Lucy Elaine
    Lucy Elaine 4 days ago +1

    The one thing that I have to mention is if he didn't have any involvement in this crime...why would there be three guns? I don't think Jake or his dad is going to shoot two guns off at a time.

    • Lucy Elaine
      Lucy Elaine 2 days ago +2

      @Kay Well said. 😊

    • Kay
      Kay 2 days ago +4

      Right, whether he shot anyone or not, he was definitely involved and was there. He went to four different homes and all the adults were murdered. Not something an innocent person will do. He may not get the death penalty but he'll be in prison for the rest of his life.

    • Lucy Elaine
      Lucy Elaine 3 days ago

      @jakesgrl6378 I'm sorry but this time you're wrong. Look it up

    • jakesgrl6378
      jakesgrl6378 3 days ago

      @Lucy Elaine jake hasn't even been on the stand. Therefore you haven't watched him at all.🙄

    • jakesgrl6378
      jakesgrl6378 3 days ago

      @Bobby Flynn thanks

  • Mercedes Adler
    Mercedes Adler 4 days ago +6

    I wanna see the crime scene photos

  • Becy Reed
    Becy Reed Day ago

    Please show the photos

  • Mary Fitzpatrick
    Mary Fitzpatrick 4 days ago +4

    Really friendly, non-toxic global live chat group. Not so in AJ CT proceeding, where infantile toxicity got the chat shut down 🙄

    • Heather Risher
      Heather Risher 4 days ago +3

      What are the AJ CT proceedings? Now I have to watch it 😳

    • Wanda Avant M
      Wanda Avant M 4 days ago


    • A Thompson
      A Thompson  4 days ago

      I was wondering what happened. I saw the comments shut down. Not surprised though what a SS that has been! I agree. Great group on this trial (when testimony is shown/heard).

  • Becy Reed
    Becy Reed 2 days ago


  • Becy Reed
    Becy Reed 2 days ago

    Why don’t you show the photos ????) show the photos

  • Pauline Aquilina
    Pauline Aquilina 4 days ago +2

    Hang on did the prosecution just call Jake Wagner a liar if so why are they believing anything he says so that’s how you make a case you pick and choose what people say just not the truth

    • Space Sin
      Space Sin 3 days ago

      Shooting , The prosecutor said but they have so many witnesses, witnesses trumped a video , before even viewing video . Our Justice System is Criminal

    • Kim Thomas
      Kim Thomas 4 days ago +2

      They said the defense is saying jake is a liar not the prosecution.

    • Miss Melody
      Miss Melody 4 days ago

      No, they said they are bringing into evidence certain things, like the fact that Hannah was breast feeding, to corroborate Jake's statements. So, if he is correct about one thing, then, he is probably telling the truth.

    • A Wright
      A Wright 4 days ago

      He's a murderer who moved a body so a newborn baby could continue trying to breast feed from a dead woman, you don't think he'll lie?? Of course they don't believe everything he says! They believe what can be corroborated by evidence.

  • Rhonda Patterson
    Rhonda Patterson 3 days ago

    Good morning.

  • Penny Shaw
    Penny Shaw 4 days ago

    Why did they quit early today?

    • Janelle
      Janelle 2 days ago +1

      So I can catch up 😂 J/k

    • Ugur Ozuner
      Ugur Ozuner 4 days ago

      It's was a very emotional day for the Jury.. Crimea seen photos

    • Janice Schweibenz
      Janice Schweibenz 4 days ago

      Yes, they ended early today

      BAMAGIRL 4 days ago +4

      @Future you are welcome. I know right. The pictures they are having to see, it has to get to them because everyone is human no matter if they say they can handle it or not. On top of that knowing children were in these houses at the time of these killings is just heartbreaking.

    • Future
      Future 4 days ago +1

      @BAMAGIRL thanks for the info! I know that earlier they had a juror who wasn't feeling well after seeing some of the evidence, so that could definitely have been it. I feel sorry for the jurors in this case. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to see some of the evidence in this trial.

    NISHANT 4 days ago