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TRIPREPORT | Aeroflot (ECONOMY) | Moscow Sheremetyevo - Tokyo Narita | Airbus A330-300

  • Published on Oct 6, 2022

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  • Matthew G.S.
    Matthew G.S. 3 years ago +142

    In recent years Aeroflot has really improved a lot. I mean it used to be the joke of the airline world with many crashes and now they're even better than all 3 legacy carriers. People should really stop making fun of them and start to look at them seriously and this is a proof of it

    • MikeSucksAtEditing
      MikeSucksAtEditing Year ago

      @YallGot Cheez? its like a 4 star skytrax THAT MEANS IS VERYYYYYY GOOD ....

    • MikeSucksAtEditing
      MikeSucksAtEditing Year ago

      The crashes are all from sukhoi jets now in 2021 Aeroflot has been improving

    • Danda Games
      Danda Games Year ago

      i remember hearing a joke about every russian pilot having a shot of vodka before takeoff

    • Shoeske
      Shoeske Year ago

      @Lipnitskaya Fanpage как и то, что у тебя в голове

    • LordF3AR
      LordF3AR 2 years ago

      Now they have subsidiary lowcoster "Pobeda". I didn't flight with it, but if you ask somebody, who did, they'll tell you about "best service ever". Also' i heard a joke, something like "worst pilots and stewardess of "Aeroflot" works in "Pobeda" for thier sins"

  • 。。
    。。 3 years ago +7

    Wow! Another awesome video. I'm sure it must have been a really smooth landing, I never get smooth landings since my parents always choose Ryanair. I really wish I could feel that landing! 😭

  • Leon Woudstra
    Leon Woudstra 3 years ago +2

    Flew the same flight, back in July. Aeroflot is a really good airline with the most efficient network between Europe and (East) Asia. Both their ground personnel and cabin crew are very friendly. No delays whatsoever and their cabins are comfortable. Only improvement I can think of would be to reinvent the meals. Very small portions served...

  • Ezy OutDoor
    Ezy OutDoor 3 years ago +2

    Wow, seemed like a great flight!! And also excellent trip report as always. Were there more Japanese or more Russian passengers on the plane? It looked so peaceful on board. Great job! A fan from the East Coast. Kris

  • Mathéo
    Mathéo 3 years ago +9

    As always a super great tripreport guys !!! Keep up the great work. I'll support you as much as I can

  • Beatriz Lopez
    Beatriz Lopez 3 years ago +2

    Y’all delivered with this one! This is the exact route I will be taking this summer to Tokyo from Paris/Moscow and was dying to get a review from you guys. Thank you!

  • deafening screech
    deafening screech 3 years ago +9

    Aeroflot's international product is really good (I fly them from Estonia back home to Russia all the time), but the domestic product kinda sucks in my opinion. Anyway, great video!

    • bob pepega fishing
      bob pepega fishing 3 years ago +6

      I'd have to disagree, I flew from Moscow to Amsterdam on an a330-300 and from Astrakhan to Moscow on an a320. Most domestic planes are new between 1-3 years old, mine was just 6 months old. For 85$ you get really good value, cabin is extremely clean and modern, seats are comfortable and stewardesses beautiful as usual. Apart from the ife and the food, the domestic flight was better. Not to mention that the domestic arrivals terminal in Sheremetyevo is much better than the international arrivals. Comparing directly to a domestic b737 United airlines flight in the USA, Aeroflot was miles ahead in any category.

  • ASkamikaze egy
    ASkamikaze egy 3 years ago +221

    He said bye Russia but he probably was above Russia most of the time during the flight lol

    • Ben
      Ben 2 years ago +1


    • Elmo
      Elmo 3 years ago +7

      He was no longer in russia.
      But he was in Russia's airspace.

    • Christos NB
      Christos NB 3 years ago +1

      Vladivostok to Russia ahahahhaah

    • ThrillCraftMCG
      ThrillCraftMCG 3 years ago +2

      ASkamikaze egy True

    • Nice Guy
      Nice Guy 3 years ago +8

      Yeah should mention bye bye Moscow😁

  • pat brennan
    pat brennan 3 years ago +9

    Amazing flight review of Aeroflot airlines heading to Tokyo Narita from Moscow 👍. Keep up the awesome vids simply aviation❤️

  • DENflyer
    DENflyer 3 years ago +1

    That landing was absolutely gorgeous!

  • Dim Mih
    Dim Mih 3 years ago

    A great flight report as usual. All in all, it looks like a flawless flight except for the slow entertainment system. By the way, the night shots of Moscow were beautiful.

  • Klas Eriksson
    Klas Eriksson 3 years ago

    Thanks for an economy report, all these first and business class videos are eye candy to look at but in reality only a small percentage of the population can afford it. I rather see a report like this one and yes SU is really underrated, their catering is one of the best in economy class that I’ve come through.

  • QFS Aviation
    QFS Aviation 3 years ago +7

    Awesome video! I'm glad you were able to review the A330. I did a trip report on Aeroflot back in October on the 777!

  • Henry Hunter
    Henry Hunter 7 months ago

    Great review. I've seen Aeroflot advertised very cheaply on Europe - Asia routes.
    Glad to see what they're like now! 👍

  • Awarua Spirit
    Awarua Spirit 3 years ago +2

    Great video Felix. Beef overload aside, I would happily give Aeroflot a try when nxt flying to europe. Their economy product looks pretty good. BTW it appeared no alcohol was served. Is Aeroflot a 'dry' airline?

  • MrMoccachinoo
    MrMoccachinoo 3 years ago

    That landing was so smooth, you could actually not say from the video, when exactlly tuch down happened.
    I think Aeroflot has one of the best Economy Service in the world an by far the best Premium Economy (at the same time its also one of the cheapest).
    Also Moscow is at a very strategic position for Transit, as it is very northern.
    All in all a very underrated Premium Airline. Glad to test their A350 product in the future (will fly from 2020)

  • AirlineTraveller
    AirlineTraveller 3 years ago +1

    Awesome video! Thank you for sharing with us, Felix! Very nice to see what Aeroflot has to offer on long-haul. Looks good! =D

  • purplelady fye
    purplelady fye 3 years ago

    Amazing trip felix! Isn’t that aeroflot are one of the oldest airline in the world? Correct me if i’m wrong. Hope can fly with them someday 😊
    Edit : did they have japanese cabin crew onboard?

  • Schlomothebest
    Schlomothebest 3 years ago +2

    I took also the exaxt sale flight also coming from Paris! I liked SVO Airport better than CDG. And I really like Aeroflot. I was lucky the cabin was almost empty!

  • FRAproductions
    FRAproductions 3 years ago +8

    Ive been flying with the same Aircraft from SVO-SIP. I must say that Aeroflot is a Really Good Airline. In my oponion underrated. Great Video thanks for filming and Cutting. Wish yall a great weekend

  • Eric Andrich
    Eric Andrich 3 years ago +1

    Perfect trip report!! Well done greetings from Germany 👌

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy 3 years ago +1

    After watching this, my perception against Aeroflot totally changed😀

  • JBM425
    JBM425 2 years ago

    By the way, I really liked that brief summary that appeared as you were deplaning. Since most of these reviews are not part of your "Brutally Honest" series, that summary helps the viewer understand how you felt about the experience. Be sure to include those with every flight review!

  • TmanSnaps
    TmanSnaps 3 years ago

    I got rebooked by American on Aeroflot to go London to Moscow to Sochi this year. Their short range business class is actually a great experience, and better than comparable US First class. Although BA from Moscow to London is better as they have lie flat similar to JetBlue Mint

    SONJA IVKOVIC 3 years ago

    Great flightreview! We needed this before booking a flight with Aeroflot.

  • advay gupta
    advay gupta 3 years ago +9

    Hey um guys? A suggestion:
    Pls don’t skip the takeoff roll as it is my favourite part of a trip report. I’m sure many viewers will agree with me.
    All in all, a great video, keep up the good work!
    Love Simply Aviation from India!

  • Lisa's forehead
    Lisa's forehead 3 years ago +5

    Since Aeroflot is a 4 star airline, didn't expect it to have amenity kits and menu cards to economy class, nice touch 😊 (LUFTHANSA ERRRGGMMHH 5* airlines??? )

    • Lisa's forehead
      Lisa's forehead 3 years ago

      @BurningFuel not getting offensive but moscow to Bangkok is just a 9 hour flight.

    • BurningFuel
      BurningFuel 3 years ago

      Actually I think Aeroflot only serves it on certain routes. I did not receive any on my leg to Bangkok.

    • Lisa's forehead
      Lisa's forehead 3 years ago

      @Globetrotter +Lufthansa give amenity kits not on all long haul flight

    • Globetrotter
      Globetrotter 3 years ago

      You also get a menu card on Lufthansa+ the service is way better than aeroflot. Lufthansa is great only their business class sucks.

  • muh zidon
    muh zidon 3 years ago +20

    Good job felix its simply amazing!!

    • Abrar M.
      Abrar M. 3 years ago +1

      Indeed it's Simply Aviation 😉

  • Consacious
    Consacious 3 years ago

    Very good trip report! Keep it up!

  • Shaikh sanfm
    Shaikh sanfm 3 years ago +4

    It was a great flight loved it. Make a buisness class video of this airline . Hope you do👍👍👍👍

  • Virgil D'souza
    Virgil D'souza 3 years ago +7

    Slippers in economy? Now that's next level!

    • Nice Guy
      Nice Guy 3 years ago +1

      Yeah it was everywhere during the disembarked from the plane lol

  • Pickle Cooked
    Pickle Cooked 3 years ago +2

    Simply aviation is my favorite channel on ytb🤩 btw are you going to try the first ever ANA A380 on May 24? Would be eager to see a trip report on that!!!!

  • Into Wanderlust
    Into Wanderlust 3 years ago

    Hello, I'll be doing this exact same flight, except I'll be coming from Rome. How hard was it to navigate inside the airport? Did you have any trouble finding your gate?

  • Agito Hiruishi
    Agito Hiruishi 8 months ago

    12:52 Mmm! Tokyo 2020 sadly was “without spectators” but I still enjoyed it, especially their mascots.

  • oAc H卂LĹucᎥNAtinǤ

    Great report, lotta beef🍖
    Future airlines that I like to see you on (again):
    1. Allegiant
    2. Frontier
    3. Southwest

  • Do-Yeon Cho
    Do-Yeon Cho 2 years ago

    Impressive economy service (two hot meals, snack bar in the back, menu card and amenity kit!!)

  • ssb9053
    ssb9053 3 years ago

    Спасибо за отличный видео отчёт. Желаю Вам успехов и жду новых видео!

  • BurningFuel
    BurningFuel 3 years ago

    Did try them out to Bangkok, but never have I witnessed such a poor service given by them.... The cabin was way too hot, cabin crew did care little to nothing about their passengers. The legroom is below average on longhaul and the food was barely edible. It made me cancel my return leg and book an one way ticket with a different airline.

  • Kenny G G
    Kenny G G 3 years ago

    A330 seems very smooth compared to the 777. Also the food was better

  • Эрнст Стефанюк

    5:52 - Beautiful Moscow!

  • Vishal Panwar
    Vishal Panwar 3 years ago +13

    I cried while looking at the city lights below after take off when I left Moscow in 2009.

    • Whanker Flanker
      Whanker Flanker 3 years ago +2

      Vishal Panwar well you can always go for a vacation. If you have a visa

    • Vishal Panwar
      Vishal Panwar 3 years ago +3

      I lived there for 2.5 years and had to leave cuz of transfer. The feeling and the way I loved Moscow... Cannot be parallel with where I'm now... Its home here but my heart is still in Moscow 😄😄😄

    • theVakhovske
      theVakhovske 3 years ago +2


  • Pan Am006
    Pan Am006 3 years ago +5

    WOW, Aeroflot Is Not what I Thought.

  • Bob
    Bob 2 years ago

    If the meals tasted as good as they looked, I'd give food service top grades, especially if you like beef! For the other things (legroom, IFE, etc.) they appeared to be just average. I didn't notice a universal power port. Certainly better than Aeroflot years ago!

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 2 years ago

    Заметил когда летал аэрофлотом, у аэробуса 330 ощутимо меньше места для ног в эконом классе, чем в боинге 777.

  • Jenniboi 29
    Jenniboi 29 3 years ago +1

    Awesome Video on an underrated Airline!

  • Ron Daniels
    Ron Daniels 3 years ago +1

    Finally, the legendary Aeroflot!!!

  • mading wang
    mading wang 3 years ago

    finally a true comprehensive review on aeroflot

  • Kay’shots
    Kay’shots 3 years ago

    Awesome tripreport Felix! I had a feeling you was flying these days lol

  • Kukus1 255
    Kukus1 255 3 years ago +15

    that A-330 was hand-made by stalin using stalinium.
    love the vids btw

  • SkyHighGuys
    SkyHighGuys 3 years ago

    Loving this report!!!

  • danta
    danta 3 years ago +1

    Amenity kit on economy class is epic

  • orlovsskibet
    orlovsskibet 3 years ago +4

    That's what I call a beefy meal :-D Great video as always !

  • Sir Arthur
    Sir Arthur 3 years ago +8

    Thanks Felix for this video about Aeroflot.Thank you so much.

  • Ron Ortmeier
    Ron Ortmeier 3 years ago

    Deine Videos sind immer hervorragend :-)

  • PoletMe Aviation Videos
    PoletMe Aviation Videos 3 years ago +1

    Felix, great tripreport! Thanks for Russian airlines review :)

    • Nikita
      Nikita 3 years ago

      PoletMe Aviation Videos :)))) Я тоже никогда не комментирую видео, только если прошу сделать видео про российские авиакомпании, либо когда уже сделали:))))))

    • PoletMe Aviation Videos
      PoletMe Aviation Videos 3 years ago

      @Nikita на самом деле я редко комментирую в чужих видео, но мне очень нравится, когда иностранцы делают обзор наших авиакомпаний

    • Nikita
      Nikita 3 years ago +1

      PoletMe Aviation Videos Сколько я не смотрю видео, про Аэрофлот, всегда натыкаюсь на твои комменты, кстати я твой подписчик:))))

  • Эрнст Стефанюк

    Thank you for a nice tripreport about Aeroflot, I hope, you will fly on board Boeing 777-300ER (Aeroflot) have a nice day!

  • Belgrade ssbu
    Belgrade ssbu 3 years ago

    Keep up the good work guys. Also, when are you guys going to do Alaska Airlines?

  • Abhishek Suresh
    Abhishek Suresh 3 years ago

    Awesome job, Felix! Man, it's been a long time.. :D

  • RMD 420
    RMD 420 3 years ago +2

    Yes!!!!! new airline thanks for representing my Home country!!!!!
    awesome video.

  • Wissam
    Wissam 3 years ago +16

    I sat in the KLM at 10:25 😍saw your landing haha

  • Neo Android
    Neo Android 3 years ago +1

    Aeroflot looks so different now!

  • Watford fc 🐝
    Watford fc 🐝 3 years ago

    Looks a nice airline but sadly the legroom for that flight is not good so it would put me off . But in saying that I will use them for shorter flights as impressed.

  • SunnySide James
    SunnySide James 3 years ago

    hey love ur vids keep up the good work heres some support from Australia hope u can do some trip reports here so anyways bye Gandhi random person scrolling through the comments :D

  • Doren agbay
    Doren agbay 3 years ago

    Amazing vids keep it up

  • Fly Live
    Fly Live 3 years ago +1

    Thanks for a great video 👌🏻

  • MT.aviation
    MT.aviation 3 years ago +2

    2:01 GE90 engine start up 😍

    • Spicy Peppers
      Spicy Peppers 3 years ago

      Airside Tahiti oh okay I see what you mean.

    • MT.aviation
      MT.aviation 3 years ago

      Spicy Peppers Was talking about the engine start up sound not about the aircraft. I know the A330 got RR engines.

    • Spicy Peppers
      Spicy Peppers 3 years ago

      Airside Tahiti not even a GE engine. It’s a Rolls-Royce.

  • Poundland Speedwagon Requiem

    Aeroflot is awesome!

  • maria cristina ospino diaz

    Genial me encanta

  • am1966ath
    am1966ath 3 years ago

    In the old soviet days, Aeroflot had a flight that went from Paris to Tokyo via short stop in Moscow..the same from Rome and Copenhagen..the aircraft then was a IL62..today I think only London has such flight, now an airbus or a boeing but Im not sure....in those days Aeroflot was quite alone on the transsibirian route to Tokyo...most other carriers flew via Anchorage or the southern route..those days being long gone..

    • uuee atc's retarded archive
      uuee atc's retarded archive Year ago

      Um... How soviet aeroflot can make the international flights? USSR was closed country, Aeroflot was do only domestic flights

    • Simply Aviation
      Simply Aviation  3 years ago

      This is still the same flight from the "good old days" as it's the same flight number from Paris to Tokyo 😉

  • Zihan Zheng
    Zihan Zheng 3 years ago

    Nice video as always!

  • Crazy Day Tripper
    Crazy Day Tripper 3 years ago

    I love your videos!!!! so how often do you get to "turn left" on your flights :p ?

    NREAL 3 years ago +6

    A Russian airline with a European jet with British Engines..... That made me laugh .... Good video as always ! Wish I could visit Russia... :(

  • Isaacflyaway
    Isaacflyaway 3 years ago +62

    Seem's like Aeroflot serves a lot of beef for the in-flight meal on this flight 😂

  • Nicholas Walditama
    Nicholas Walditama 3 years ago +1

    Next pls make review about flight from moscow to denpasar..this is inaugural flight

  • cabbage
    cabbage 3 years ago +2

    My dad is flying to Tokyo on an Aeroflot A330 too
    *T H O N K I N G*

  • Milan
    Milan 3 years ago

    Fly by spicejet or vistara buisness class they both have amazing food

  • sgtransportations
    sgtransportations 3 years ago

    hi, will you be doing singapore airline first class? I would like to see how it's look like. thanks

  • youyoufu
    youyoufu 3 years ago

    Awesome video! And welcome back to Japan!

  • Jared Ist Channel
    Jared Ist Channel 3 years ago

    Please do an Aer Lingus Tripreport to Ireland

  • Noor Muhd
    Noor Muhd 3 years ago

    I thought this is premium economy since the seat is super wide

  • Ignacy Z
    Ignacy Z 3 years ago +7

    My fav airline❤️

  • SpeakAndAnnoy
    SpeakAndAnnoy 3 years ago

    Is this the flight originally booked on the business class error fare?

  • Jyoti Darge
    Jyoti Darge 6 months ago

    5:27 Almost a vertical takeoff


    On Aeroflot they have three lights - one for seatbelts, one for smoking and one for vodka

  • BobEckert56
    BobEckert56 3 years ago

    How much did this flight cost in USD?

  • Kristian Atubo
    Kristian Atubo 3 years ago

    Спасибо за видео

  • Jan Heinemann
    Jan Heinemann 3 years ago

    Nice Job man!

  • Khairuzaman Haidzir
    Khairuzaman Haidzir 2 years ago

    Hi my friend...tqvm I have followed ur videos on ur travel blog...anyway I would like u to try to fly from Singapore to Port Moresby Papua New Guinea inboard Air Niugini...hope u can enjoy the trip

  • Zeynep Şenyuva
    Zeynep Şenyuva 3 years ago

    u should try turkish airlines business class in long-haul flighttt

  • am1966ath
    am1966ath 3 years ago

    that Aeroflot hans out menu card in economy is a good sign...

  • Jaffan Eizel
    Jaffan Eizel 3 years ago

    A tripreport that starts with leaving a plane xD

  • Peter Aviation
    Peter Aviation 3 years ago

    Do you have a trip report of the Aeroflot flight from Paris to Moscow

  • Stefan Schäfer
    Stefan Schäfer 3 years ago +2

    Sehr schöner Report, hätte ich bei Aeroflot nicht vermutet.
    der offensichtlich beschädigte Kotflügel bei dem Vorfeldbus in Moskau
    sah schon etwas bedenklich aus.

  • Anastasia hello
    Anastasia hello 2 years ago

    Did you fly to Paris on return way from Tokyo or left airport at Moscow?

  • Aereon - Stormworks
    Aereon - Stormworks 3 years ago

    Aeroflot is biggest airline in Russia!

  • Anita Scarr
    Anita Scarr 3 years ago +1

    Wow! The menu even shows calories,fat, carbs etc!!

  • BobEckert56
    BobEckert56 3 years ago

    That IFE is run on the blood of Ukrainians/Crimeans, the menu card is made on a 1970 mimeograph machine.

  • Nikita Iatskin
    Nikita Iatskin 3 years ago

    Thank u for this tripreport! Hi from Russia!)

  • Nikita
    Nikita 3 years ago +22

    Waited for Aeroflot video for so long, since February 2018, when you responded me that the work is on progress!!! I love it, love Aeroflot, love you channel, love Russia, love aviation!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

    • Nikita
      Nikita 3 years ago

      Pro Skillz ) Nothing, I just love Aeroflot, because I’m a patriot, i know, it sounds strange, but Aeroflot, is one, of my favorite airline)))

    • Pro Skillz
      Pro Skillz 3 years ago +1

      How much did they pay you

  • Hunter_
    Hunter_ 3 years ago

    awesome video