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REWATCH the 71st MISS UNIVERSE Competition | FULL SHOW | Miss Universe

  • Published on Feb 23, 2023
    Rewatch the 71st MISS UNIVERSE Competition with us on the official Miss Universe RUclips channel Feb. 24 at 10am EST.
    The 71st Miss Universe is R'Bonney Gabriel of the United States!
    Learn more about the competition at www.missuniverse.com
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  • @jermynmatthew9376
    @jermynmatthew9376 9 months ago +430

    *The 71ST MISS UNIVERSE live in New Orleans, LA, USA*
    01:45 Opening with the delegates.
    12:41 Meet the hosts.
    15:37 Meet the hosts.
    19:01 Meet the judges.
    23:47 Top 16 announcement.
    51:39 MISS UNIVERSE Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu INDIA.
    59:13 Top 16 swimsuit.
    1:13:55 Women all around the Universe.
    1:16:29 The new owner.
    1:29:20 Top 16 evening gown.
    1:43:55 Top 5.
    1:49:57 Top 5 question and answer.
    2:03:13 Top 3.
    2:09:53 Top 3 final question and answer.
    2:18:30 Final look of the top 3.
    2:27:43 The next host country is EL SALVADOR.
    2:29:00 MISS UNIVERSE reigning queen passing the crown.
    2:30:57 Runners Up and Crowning moment of the new MISS UNIVERSE R'Bonney Gabriel USA.

    • @camilaortiz.008
      @camilaortiz.008 9 months ago +10

      It has been 11 years since a country didn't win Miss Universe for the first time

    • @riacarvajal16
      @riacarvajal16 9 months ago +2


    • @idosoraernie
      @idosoraernie 9 months ago +2

      thank u

    • @TheEuzkatroika
      @TheEuzkatroika 8 months ago +2

      Gracias de verdad porque tanto relato y experiencias y habladurías hartan....vale, si un poco, pero hacen mas promoción a esas cosas que a lo que todos hemos venido aqui..a ver a las chicas competir, top 10 top5 top 3 y ya...

    • @blaxtraordinaire
      @blaxtraordinaire 8 months ago +1

      @@jermynmatthew9376 Only the first half of your statement is a fact.

  • @peterohmarmendoza6381
    @peterohmarmendoza6381 5 months ago +155

    Catriona Gray should host the next Miss Universe, very talented and superb in hosting. Very natural and can relate to the contestants because she's Miss Universe 2018 and one of the best Miss Universe!

    • @abilehner4409
      @abilehner4409 3 months ago +1

      they should dress her in black to look more elegant

    • @giegie815
      @giegie815 2 months ago

      I agree, she doesn’t have that slim figure with that lousy yellow gold outfit.🥹

    • @ryanbrell
      @ryanbrell Month ago

      Or she should at least be a MGI

    • @sugarpink4483
      @sugarpink4483 Month ago +1

      Just because ur filipino so you said catriona should be the host

  • @pol4171
    @pol4171 2 months ago +115

    USA appears so effortless and calm the entire night, from her performance to Q&A rounds. She didn't try too hard. And this is often the essence of the winner each year - they just enjoyed their moment.

    • @foodculture6355
      @foodculture6355 9 days ago +1

      Additionally, she was the best speaker. When she got in the top 5 it was game over for everyone else.

  • @carmiefuller5414
    @carmiefuller5414 6 months ago +173

    Dominican Republic is pretty, a mix of Beyonce and Nicole from Pussycat Dolls. Happy for Filipina American to win this! Assl a fellow Filipina! You've made all Filipinos around the world world's proud! She's intelligent, classy, empathetic to humankind, and trying to save the planet, which definitely defines Miss Universe!

    • @oliviakikon9303
      @oliviakikon9303 6 months ago +2

      really yea ...u wrote my mind

    • @neonhell5320
      @neonhell5320 6 months ago +6

      Basically almost all the winners are half Filipino half European.

    • @armanabelino7517
      @armanabelino7517 4 months ago +2

      Hi 👋 filipino here ❤

    • @ov7spears
      @ov7spears 2 months ago +1

      If you know TINI Argentinian pop star, you would also see that she looks like her as well.. not so much Nicole tbh

  • @tomkingsfin
    @tomkingsfin 7 days ago +1

    Congratulations Miss Universe R'Bonney Gabriel, the Filipino-American community is very proud of you..

  • @moderngrooveph4059
    @moderngrooveph4059 9 months ago +164

    I love the format this year. It gives all the contestant to shine both Swimsuit and Evening Gown.

  • @cheerTILidie
    @cheerTILidie 2 months ago +32

    I absolutely loved the opening!!! The best opening I’ve ever seen. I love Peru I thought she was a shoo-in for top 5! I wish we could have see their garments that represented their country! Congratulations to USA that dress was perfect!

  • @renealcid6708
    @renealcid6708 5 months ago +74

    Venezuela moved so gracefully as in every Venezuelan, she grooved to the music and took in the moment!

  • @yourmomsfavsl-t
    @yourmomsfavsl-t 5 months ago +41

    I was absolutely blown away by this year’s competition. The creativity, the beauty, and how they really brought their cultures into this was absolutely unreal!💕✨

  • @colourqueen22
    @colourqueen22 2 months ago +16

    I just saw a post about how this edition had an amazing top 5 and I couldn't agree more. Definitely the best we've had after 2018. This whole edition was amazing so I need to rewatch it (again) at 1am lol

  • @carlosdeleon7743
    @carlosdeleon7743 10 days ago +3

    I will never get over Miss Dominican Republic!! 🇩🇴 she just has it all. Te amo Andreina estamos súper orgullosos de ti ❤️

  • @forthedivine
    @forthedivine 3 months ago +6

    Looks like so much fun 😂❤
    Well done to all the girls that took part

  • @carlosguevaraw
    @carlosguevaraw 8 months ago +127

    OPENING: 00:11:42
    TOP 16: 00:46:04
    TOP 5: 01:44:37
    Q&A: 01:50:31
    TOP 3: 02:04:44
    Q&A: 02:13:07
    FINAL LOOK: 02:22:14
    FIRST RUNNER UP: 02:31:31

  • @mr.rightnow.7300
    @mr.rightnow.7300 8 months ago +69

    This is the best audience I've ever heard at a MU pageant. The energy is just huge. This was def one of the best shows I've ever seen and I've seen them all. Ms USA 2012 was also very special. Literally every single girl was just incredible. Akon was also off the hook.

    • @traffiquejamm1780
      @traffiquejamm1780 5 months ago +8

      I had the privilege in being in the audience that night and the energy and the vibes were so immaculate. It was like a huge international party. Being there in person is such an experience and hopefully that wasn't my last time seeing MU live. Even though my country (Philippines) didn't make it, I had such a fun time and it was amazing.

    • @mandipyo
      @mandipyo 5 months ago

      Pinoy power ....half pinoy and USA is the winner

  • @pamelabarrett417
    @pamelabarrett417 Month ago +10

    Miss USA...so classy, cool, and collected. She killed it!!!

  • @halcyonx1713
    @halcyonx1713 4 months ago +12

    That artist performance was dope- loved her positive vibes.

  • @adalbertojusayu912
    @adalbertojusayu912 3 months ago +6

    OPENING: 00:11:42
    TOP 16: 00:46:04
    TOP 5: 01:44:37
    Q&A: 01:50:31
    TOP 3: 02:04:44
    Q&A: 02:13:07
    FINAL LOOK: 02:22:14
    FIRST RUNNER UP: 02:31:31

  • @WinterLynCuento
    @WinterLynCuento 6 months ago +44

    All 3 of them are amazing and deserving of the crown but it is so obvious that even though all of their answers are great, Ms USA's answer in the final Q&A was so deeply embedded for a strong will to change.

  • @josephdominican
    @josephdominican 9 months ago +61

    Andreina has shown until today that she is the one who had the desire and the inspiration to do this job. Your country is proud of you!!

    • @mc_adventure1999
      @mc_adventure1999 7 months ago +1

      i hope she join MGI...she suits there...

    • @ES-vd6pp
      @ES-vd6pp 6 months ago

      ​@@mc_adventure1999 we are blocked on that pagent

    • @degree5638
      @degree5638 4 months ago +1

      @@mc_adventure1999She’s MU caliber, not Grand.

  • @martinsantos3644
    @martinsantos3644 3 months ago +35

    Venezuela was amazing! She has so much grace.

  • @KiaraMozee7287
    @KiaraMozee7287 Month ago +14

    👑💫 Rbonney Gabriel accomplished alot in such a short time using discipline, focus, and lots of training. She will always be inspirational to me.💫👑

  • @no-pd2bi
    @no-pd2bi 5 months ago +29

    I love R' Bonney, she definitely deserved her win. Sending lots of love to USA!!! 🇺🇲❤, from the Philippines 🇵🇭

    • @RobertDeluna-de5ou
      @RobertDeluna-de5ou 2 months ago +2

      I love R’ Bonney too. She deserved the crown…. Others can question the results, but USA won it fair and square!👏👏👏🎉

  • @cleorentiaferine6056
    @cleorentiaferine6056 9 months ago +88

    looking forward to see the 72nd edition in El Salvador at the end of this year ! hopefully it's going to be more upgraded and tons of fun

    • @thwb4661
      @thwb4661 8 months ago +15

      I hope they get to show El Salvadoran culture as they did in Thailand or El Salvadoran tourism as they did in the Philippines. I'm glad this year they get to showcase New Orleans music and vibrance. They should do it more.

  • @hyq3185
    @hyq3185 3 months ago +8

    I love they selected Laos and Canada who represented another type of classic Asian beauty- humble, down to earth, and indirect.

  • @yvi89_
    @yvi89_ 9 months ago +83

    Lo vuelvo a ver y me encanta Republica Dominicana, las tres son muy lindas, pero siento que ella sí quería impactar como Miss universo.

  • @eflorian4655
    @eflorian4655 3 months ago +3

    A full 6 months after the event, it is clear to me why RBonney won - she is one of the most memorable, likeable and approachable MU ever!!! Gorgeous, super articulate and fun - Luv her!!!

  • @ronelpagao2813
    @ronelpagao2813 4 months ago +18

    miss USA R'Bonney, she definitely nailed it, the way she answer the question is so humble , but the answers are fierce 💪💪💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 her Gown also makes me goosebumps 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 very proud of her, from Philippines here 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • @Ed-tm3qc
    @Ed-tm3qc 7 months ago +23

    Congratulations Miss USA. May your loving heart and inner beauty shine upon the whole world.

  • @sophien5416
    @sophien5416 5 months ago +29

    I love how every year Miss Universe becomes more and more inclusive. 💕

    • @lostsock9852
      @lostsock9852 23 days ago

      Hopefully it will start to be more inclusive to more than just earthlings some day.
      _Universe?_ Pah!

  • @nassahrongnaragam781
    @nassahrongnaragam781 2 months ago +9

    I am a Filipino and I'm proud for the victory of Miss USA cuz I know she's half filipino, but after rewatching this 71st Miss Universe, I realize Miss Venezuela deserves the crown she's literally slay for the final q&a. Yes for the top5 q&a Miss USA slay that round but in the final 3 I think Miss Venezuela deserves to be Miss Universe 2022. But congratulations ladies for the amazing performance that night, you all beautiful. Again congratulations Miss USA 👑 proud here as your kababayan 👏👏🎉🎊❤️

    • @yulisaromero853
      @yulisaromero853 2 months ago

      Se llama peso de bandera.

    • @divinearia1601
      @divinearia1601 Month ago +1

      How did Venezuela slay the final Q/A? She had the worst answer. They were asked about how they would show empowerment and the _progressive_ image of the organization, and Venezuela started by saying she would follow the legacy of the winners before her. How is that a progressive answer??? They're looking for someone who will be _different_ than the women before her and who will bring transformational change. Sorry, but with Venezuela's answer, she basically insinuated that she would bring more of the same and that she's a follower, not a transformational leader. It really was not a good answer.

  • @onenuttyprofessor
    @onenuttyprofessor 3 months ago +7

    USA is so well deserved. She's beautiful as well as smart. In my opinion Only someone who has depth can deliver such brilliant answers like that! All the other candidates' answers during interview section sounded so common and rehearsed. Nothing's special. Also, Miss Curacao is so pretty , like the beautiful girl next door.

  • @mr.rightnow.7300
    @mr.rightnow.7300 9 months ago +46

    Just like Olivia in 2012, this Ms USA is just flawlessly beautiful. I knew in the introduction she was going to win. A pageant winner must be something very special. Not just beautiful, because every one of these girls are magnificent. She needs to have that wow factor. The neck piece she designed to be put on her cape is incredible. She looks like a superhero or a VS angel. Her updo was epic. It shows her long delicate neck and beautiful bone structure. That gown was everything. She's just incredible.

    • @squishybear5728
      @squishybear5728 9 months ago

      phenomenal statement!!

    • @matamovie9799
      @matamovie9799 9 months ago

      i know sarah rose summer is mad because she win. sarah rose summer miss usa 2018

    • @germainsulbaran7460
      @germainsulbaran7460 7 months ago +4

      What? Olivia was the worst miss in that year, her walk on the stage was terrible

    • @mr.rightnow.7300
      @mr.rightnow.7300 7 months ago +1

      @germainsulbaran7460 well i guess she showed you didn't she?

    • @sophien5416
      @sophien5416 5 months ago +2

      Yeah her hair and gown made her standout of the crowd. I literally kept saying she was flawless.

  • @nanacumberbatch676
    @nanacumberbatch676 6 months ago +38

    no one else more deserving of this title than Miss USA to be fair. Not only her talent & beauty but her intellectual elegance is what outshine others the most! Her sincere & noble integrity clearly shows in what she’s done IRL & for others.
    just feel like the other contestants seem desperate to win than to actually have a deeply meaningful mission to inspire people

  • @tinadymova6245
    @tinadymova6245 5 months ago +33

    The beauty of Miss Venezuela is surreal!

  • @kennyglesga
    @kennyglesga 2 months ago +1

    You've warmed my heart with these lovely global girls. Lord love them all, everyone's a winner!

  • @cherubim3460
    @cherubim3460 7 months ago +37

    I can feel the confidence on the facial expression of R'bonney as if she's eating all the finalists being so hungry to get the crown after 10 years drought for USA!

  • @the-drama-queen-keeilustre
    @the-drama-queen-keeilustre 9 months ago +15

    I can see that the girls loved the she won! Congratulations R'bonney! 🙌🏻♥️🎉💐🇺🇸🇵🇭

  • @jjmartin5194
    @jjmartin5194 8 months ago +27

    I love R’Bonney, I love Amanda but honestly speaking, it could’ve been a refreshing sight if Curacao’s Gabriela Dos Santos was crowned Miss Universe 2022.
    I mean, it’s been about 11 years since a country wins their first Miss Universe crown, and damn, Gabriela happens to be the best Curacao sent to any pageant. 😍

    • @pol4171
      @pol4171 2 months ago

      I also love her among the top 5, but her answer wasn't deep enough to sustain her placement.

  • @leorodriguez5015
    @leorodriguez5015 Month ago +4

    I love Venezuela's confidence dancing in the final

  • @janamckendree3529
    @janamckendree3529 19 days ago

    Congratulations ,Miss U S A. 🎉 you win with your truth beauty and confidences. We are proud .❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • @lemuel2352
    @lemuel2352 5 months ago +4

    I hope Miss Universe would continue to use the Miss Universe soundtrack when announcing the Top 16, the last time it was used was in Miss universe 2011 it was hosted by Brazil, last January they used it in welcoming Harnaazh on stage. I hope they used it in El Salvador. 🔥 🔥 🔥 💕 💕 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • @angelbonilla8292
    @angelbonilla8292 6 months ago +15

    He loved when Catriona says "A Flawless Catwalk" to the girl from the Dominican Republic, It is that it was not for less, that girl made an exit in an impeccable bathing suit.I loved her, she went out to kill, devastating, and her body ufff.

  • @Missologo777
    @Missologo777 3 months ago +4

    Catriona Killed it as a presenter and Dominican Rep killed in all stages and steps of the competition just wow

  • @moderngrooveph4059
    @moderngrooveph4059 9 months ago +66

    This is the most appropriate selection of the Top 16. Personally, All of them deserved the placement.

  • @lapowtahdelmundo8553
    @lapowtahdelmundo8553 7 months ago +39

    Dominican Republic is effortlessly beautiful and ellegant.

  • @DailyShortz
    @DailyShortz 9 months ago +28

    Venezuela🇻🇪 - she's so charismatic and lovely
    Dominican republic 🇩🇴 - when she's talks i listen
    USA 🇺🇸- Very intellectual she's knows what she's doing. She's a queen boss.

  • @muhris_fg
    @muhris_fg 5 months ago +10

    1. Puerto Rico
    2. Haiti
    3. Australia
    4. Dominician Republic
    5. Laos
    6. South Africa
    7. Portugal
    8. Canada
    9. Peru
    10. Trinidad and Tobago
    11. Curacao
    12. India
    13. Venezuela
    14. Spain
    15. USA
    16. Colombia

  • @wiltz13
    @wiltz13 9 months ago +19

    I love the opening number!! Nola is a great host city

  • @marcosquintero9855
    @marcosquintero9855 9 months ago +35

    without a doubt, Panama and Mexico deserved to qualify, they had 2 of the 5 best catwalks of the edition.

    • @VivianReedVocals
      @VivianReedVocals 9 months ago +2

      Mexico's catwalk is great but she has inconsistencies and she can't really speak.

    • @blaxtraordinaire
      @blaxtraordinaire 8 months ago +2

      They didn't do well in the private interview round.

    • @VivianReedVocals
      @VivianReedVocals 8 months ago +4

      @@blaxtraordinaire Aruba can speak better than some of these top 16 semifinalists she also slayed the preliminary so how come she didn't advance?

    • @blaxtraordinaire
      @blaxtraordinaire 8 months ago +1

      @@VivianReedVocals Her interview didn't go well.

    • @VivianReedVocals
      @VivianReedVocals 8 months ago +4

      @@blaxtraordinaire how?she's one of the most well spoken candidate and better than some of the top 16

  • @rach.3899
    @rach.3899 12 days ago

    Inolvidable y Republica dominicana fue increíble! 🥹👑🇩🇴✨

  • @eeveefansonlyy8221
    @eeveefansonlyy8221 7 months ago +24

    Miss Venezuela and Miss USA are both fashion designers. The former use digital processes while the latter uses traditional recyclable materials.

  • @jjmartin5194
    @jjmartin5194 25 days ago +3

    2:28:36 to 2:28:48 - Olivia and Jeannie manifested it, they’re going to be back as hosts (official!!) in El Salvador this November 18!!! MISS UNIVERSE 2023!!

  • @jonquilcat7945
    @jonquilcat7945 8 months ago +17

    Such wonderful, inspirational women, but Miss Laos touched my heart, education and mindset are so important 🌼🧡 what a strong and wonderful young woman.

  • @seascorpio3820
    @seascorpio3820 9 months ago +29

    I wish they did a top 20 that included Vietnam , Thailand, Jamaica and Mexico.

    • @joesakic91
      @joesakic91 9 months ago

      Hell, if MU 2022 had a Top 21 edition with a fan vote, Philippines would've been in there.

    • @seascorpio3820
      @seascorpio3820 9 months ago +2

      @@joesakic91 They did have a fan vote and it went to LAO.😘

    • @joesakic91
      @joesakic91 8 months ago

      ​@@seascorpio3820 You forgot an S in Laos, bruh.

    • @blaxtraordinaire
      @blaxtraordinaire 8 months ago +1

      I really wanted to see Jamaica strut!!!

    • @AmyNguyen-cl5yz
      @AmyNguyen-cl5yz 6 months ago

      I am happy with Top 16 but they could have seriously left out Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Laos, Australia, Canada, Spain and this would easily be doable.

  • @armanabelino7517
    @armanabelino7517 4 months ago +9

    Top 5 and top 3 are well placed
    I’m sure they have every reason to crowned USA as miss universe for this year but if I given a power to vote and chose definitely miss Venezuela for the Miss Universe ❤
    However I have to agreed with selection of professional jury members they’re the experts ❤❤❤
    And of course Congratulations Miss USA 🇺🇸 Universe 🍾🎊🎉🎈

    • @lzrnsong49
      @lzrnsong49 4 months ago

      Same. In my opinion miss Venezuela final answer was the best.

    • @rioikeda8598
      @rioikeda8598 2 months ago

      on my own opinion Miss USA had already Impowered women more than Miss Venezula's aiming for.. the BIG differences is Miss USA had already fulfilled Miss Venezulea's dreamed . Miss USA already had done more...not just a dream ! But She's already a One of the Best example what a Miss universe could be! Try to listen again what they had answered to the question...Its totally different!

  • @LonelyNEBoy
    @LonelyNEBoy 3 months ago +2

    For me i would have loved to see Australia in top 5 and would prefer her to win over USA. And why nobody is talking about Laos i find her absolutely smooth and full of grace and i love Trinidad and Tobago too so refreshing

  • @briandrake1972
    @briandrake1972 7 months ago +14

    It's a shame that R'bonney received more congratulatory love from her Miss Universe sisters than she did from her Miss USA sisters...smh😢

    • @carmiefuller5414
      @carmiefuller5414 6 months ago +3

      Because She's Worldwide and Miss USA is not. The warmest and most supportive people live outside the US OF A.

    • @briandrake1972
      @briandrake1972 6 months ago

      ​@Carmie Fuller you are soooo correct with this reply. But, if you think about Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, & Miss Universe competitions in the last years since 2018, the winners have been women of color. Your thoughts???

  • @lemorky
    @lemorky 9 months ago +22

    Glad to watch this again, especially that the announcement of the selection panel has been corrected!

  • @isacf2598
    @isacf2598 9 months ago +29

    Miss US was a great choice, beautiful exotic face, stunning gown, the final hair was right, above all she is a humble person (I always see her on her Social Media 💖💖💖

  • @MReyes-qy9uf
    @MReyes-qy9uf 13 days ago +3

    Just watched today coming from 2 days ago's 2023 Ms.U. I don't know but the 2022 pageant was really so good in terms of their music. I was dancing all through-out the show, you feel like you're in a concert. I really enjoyed them. I really loved Ms. Nicaragua's historic win this year but R.Bonney is also my top Miss U winner. So calm and so intelligent.

  • @darwinqpenaflorida3797
    @darwinqpenaflorida3797 8 months ago +9

    In the Neutral Region of Calabarzon, Miss Universe 2022 watched in our region to supports Philippines and Indonesia and urged pageant fans to keep calm and stop bashing, but when on top 16, Calabarzonians especially in San Pablo City are dismayed and sad as Philippines and Indonesia failed to make it to Top 16

  • @lanacare2469
    @lanacare2469 3 months ago +1

    Miss usa is such a natural beauty and the answer she gave at the end just the perfect. She was herself even with the gown that’s what Miss universe is about ❤

  • @pol4171
    @pol4171 2 months ago +1

    Spain is so authentic and natural. I wished she would be in top 5.

  • @blameviolet
    @blameviolet 8 months ago +16

    top 3 was a pure neck-to-neck, anyone of them deserved that crown (i was rooting for dom rep btw)

  • @karlalehnhoff6069
    @karlalehnhoff6069 Month ago

    Miss USA is absolutely refined, elegant, unique, and intelligent. She deserved this crown way above the others!! Wow!
    All contestants are beautiful but it takes one that is different and unique, the other finalists were more common. Congratulations Miss USA!
    With this said, I was very disappointed in the choreography of the show. The singers looked like a freak show. Miss Universe is all about elegance, sorry but it looked like a children’s b-day celebration, not a formal event as Miss Universe.

  • @SonOfChinoy
    @SonOfChinoy 9 months ago +20


  • @saycanakinou7192
    @saycanakinou7192 6 months ago +14

    Just watched It all over again and honestly Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 was that IT girl of that night!!!!!

  • @mehrozeshah7261
    @mehrozeshah7261 7 months ago +9

    Harnaaz kissing the crown with her hand was incredible her love for that crown is soooo much

  • @Slickkvickk
    @Slickkvickk 9 months ago +40

    LAOS❤ Payengxa Lor did amazing and is so deserving of placing in the Top 16!

    • @joerexdelosreyes8495
      @joerexdelosreyes8495 9 months ago +3

      Hope laos will continue its streak. Philippines loves you

    • @cuddles1767
      @cuddles1767 9 months ago +6

      @@joerexdelosreyes8495 I also hope your streak continues just like in 2000's 🤣 make pageants great again

    • @joerexdelosreyes8495
      @joerexdelosreyes8495 9 months ago

      @@cuddles1767 bitter much? 🤣🤣🤣 Oh well Philippines proved itself in the pageantry

    • @cuddles1767
      @cuddles1767 9 months ago

      @@joerexdelosreyes8495 I'm just putting you on your place philipina 🚮

  • @diannefisher7985
    @diannefisher7985 9 months ago +21

    Having seen it for the first time on this rerun I think the opening was pretty good

  • @rusbelprt8097
    @rusbelprt8097 9 months ago +24

    Se nota lo linda que es la MISS UNIVERSO, al terminar la ultima pregunta, le da una palmadita a Venezuela como:"Lo hiciste muy bien ¡vamos!"

    • @beluu21
      @beluu21 9 months ago +8

      Linda es la venezolana, la ganadora de linda no tiene nada, solo sus vestidos!!

    • @monicaarlenealvarez2089
      @monicaarlenealvarez2089 8 months ago +1

      ​@@beluu21 no se refiere a lo físico 🙄💀🤦‍♀️

    • @mikaroxana6062
      @mikaroxana6062 3 months ago

      ​@@beluu21USA no es linda es hermosa,una muñeca y tiene la corona muy bien ganada...

  • @astoldbychrisv9464
    @astoldbychrisv9464 9 months ago +308

    For the 72nd edition, I want them to go back giving out the special awards before the crowning moment.

    • @janandreilayugan3606
      @janandreilayugan3606 9 months ago +11

      Not just I, We

    • @InstinctChannel
      @InstinctChannel 9 months ago +4

      Indeed 🎉🎉🎉

    • @mr.rightnow.7300
      @mr.rightnow.7300 9 months ago +1

      I don't ever remember Ms universe having those side awards. Ms congeniality, or Ms photogenic. That was Ms America.

    • @astoldbychrisv9464
      @astoldbychrisv9464 9 months ago +8

      @@mr.rightnow.7300 You're most likely one of the new age Miss Universe watchers. The side awards were handed out during coronation night in the mid to late 90s.

    • @mr.rightnow.7300
      @mr.rightnow.7300 9 months ago

      ​​@@astoldbychrisv9464k I googled my a** off. It appears they do not film the side awards. I thought I was losing it.

  • @lailishahrestani
    @lailishahrestani 5 months ago +5

    she's so beautiful so well deserved

  • @christianmaboloc9944
    @christianmaboloc9944 4 months ago +6

    Zuri Hall and Catriona Gray as main hosts for MU 2023✨❤️

  • @veroportillo1189
    @veroportillo1189 Month ago +1

    Portugal se miraba muy bien para ser coronada! También Venezuela y República Dominicana!

  • @debashisbasu2556
    @debashisbasu2556 8 months ago +8


    • @RobertDeluna-de5ou
      @RobertDeluna-de5ou 2 months ago +1

      actually, miss Venezuela is beautiful, no questions about it but her demeanor was just “different”…. the dancing in the top 3 was just cringey! She was so unnatural , sorry!

  • @mehrozeshah7261
    @mehrozeshah7261 7 months ago +14

    At first i was not satisfied with the winner because miss Venezuela is beautiful than miss USA but listening to her answers her walk and her energy she js the resl deserver congratulations Miss USA ❤

    • @mikaroxana6062
      @mikaroxana6062 3 months ago

      Miss SUA is beautifull,inteligent and beauty body...

  • @phatminh4765
    @phatminh4765 8 months ago +9

    I think the Dominican Republic will win with her beauty, intellect and bravery

  • @christianmaboloc9944
    @christianmaboloc9944 4 months ago +7

    I hope Zuri Hall and Catriona Gray will be the main hosts of MU 2023✨😍🙏

  • @pinayqueen5029
    @pinayqueen5029 9 months ago +58

    Rooted for our very own Celeste, I loooiveee R'Bonney but my Miss Universe is venezuela 💅❤️✨
    Happy for my favorites Rep Dominicana, Puerto Rico, Curacao & Portugal 🙌❤️
    Asian pride Laos & India 🤩
    Felt sad for Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Italy, Ghana, Guatemala & Vietnam 💔💔💔
    Olivia did a great job hosting compared 2 years agooo 👏👏👏 Also Jeannie, i hope Catriona and Zuri will host again for this year's edition 🙏

  • @angelaencantadia7283

    Did Miss USA not hear her name as the winner? Took her 10 seconds to realized. 😊 So beautiful ❤

  • @billysteenn
    @billysteenn 8 months ago +3

    Una verdadera reina

  • @deannagueta4492
    @deannagueta4492 2 months ago +1

    Miss Puerto Rico killed it in the swimsuit round

  • @lucassantaana9735
    @lucassantaana9735 3 months ago +6

    Miss Dominican Republic is simply the best. ❤

  • @thyraxenia854
    @thyraxenia854 9 months ago +9

    A very well deserved victory! Congrats Miss USA R'bonney Gabriel much love from your fellow kababayan! 🥰💖

    @VELASCOJANETHT. 4 days ago

    I just came here for rbonney and cat.. Super love them both❤❤❤
    Infairness ang flawless ni Ms canada
    All of them are Gorgeous with different unique beauty...

  • @FiaRosetheAdventurous

    Phils 🇵🇭 you made us proud.🥹😢

  • @santiron0607
    @santiron0607 15 days ago

    Catrionas Hosting skill is superb ❤️❤️❤️

  • @carolinajara8071
    @carolinajara8071 9 months ago +10

    No puedo decir si la corona fue merecida o no, ya que para eso tendría que saber como fueron las entrevistas con el jurado o comprender las respuestas que las candidatas dieron a las preguntas en esta noche final, lo cual no sé, ya que no manejo el idioma inglés, pero lo que si puedo decir es que en cuanto a belleza las que más destacaban eran Venezuela y República dominicana, a una de las dos me hubiese gustado ver coronada. Si bien es cierto la ganadora es una mujer bonita a mi parecer no tenía el impacto de las mencionadas anteriormente. Lo que más me gustó de este certamen fue que las 16 candidatas tuvieron la oportunidad de desfilar tanto en traje de baño como traje de noche, lo otro que me gustó mucho también fue la participación de la bellísima Catriona Gray, la cual tiene una forma de animar fenomenal. En cuanto a la musicalizacion de las competencias de traje de baño y traje de noche creo que deberían buscar canciones o melodías más impactantes o que queden en la memoria como en los miss universe de los años 80 o 90. Mujeres con una belleza facial impactante que creo que si podrían haber considerado para el top 16 fueron Chile e Islandia. Algo que me llamó la atención, y a la vez me dolió que no haya ocurrido fue la no clasificación de Guatemala, ella era una mujer muy impactante y completa.

    • @blaxtraordinaire
      @blaxtraordinaire 8 months ago +2

      So, are you implying they get rid of the interview rounds and question rounds? You really want a contestant to win based off of physical beauty ONLY? Miss USA won because she was more intelligent Dear. The interview rounds can be found on RUclips. Miss USA gave the best interview and did well during the question rounds.

    • @carolinajara8071
      @carolinajara8071 4 months ago

      ​@@blaxtraordinaireno digo que su desenvolvimiento fue malo, quizás si sus entrevistas fueron espectaculares, pero en belleza habían mejores, esa es mi opinión, además es un concurso de belleza y ese factor debería primar.

    • @mikaroxana6062
      @mikaroxana6062 3 months ago

      ​@@carolinajara8071but USA is beautiful....

  • @valedme2957
    @valedme2957 9 months ago +27

    2:22:53 the charisma !😍

  • @shaunalbao
    @shaunalbao 9 months ago +12

    I thought the last three spots in the Top 16 are for the women who has Filipino blood but COLOMBIA stopped PHILIPPINES! I wish Khun Anne awards the Miss Photogenic to Miss Universe Philippines

    • @d.l.c7456
      @d.l.c7456 9 months ago +3

      Filipino isn't a race fyi. It's a nationality. Think of the Zobel de Ayalas, not an ounce of your Filipino blood yet these European descendants were the original Filipinos.

    • @Rinevet8165
      @Rinevet8165 8 months ago +1

      @@d.l.c7456 True. But for the Zobel de Ayalas, many of them have been intermarrying with locals so many, especially the younger generations have some local blood as well. Tx.

    • @d.l.c7456
      @d.l.c7456 8 months ago +1

      @@Rinevet8165 rather say, married Filipinos of Austronesian origin, as per your comment on the Ayala's.

  • @DeltaMS
    @DeltaMS 5 months ago +3

    Imagine being the prettiest one in a room of thousands! That’s miss USA!

  • @kanochiodoobua
    @kanochiodoobua 8 months ago +7

    Love everything ❤ Miss Universe ❤

  • @beautahhh9772
    @beautahhh9772 8 months ago +7

    RBonney is clearly the big winner. No doubt!

  • @joseleonlanoire6891
    @joseleonlanoire6891 7 months ago +19

    La más bella definitivamente Miss Perú. Una persona natural, cero cirugias…

  • @carmenzoraidaalvarezperez6506

    Ahora me di cuenta tantas peleas y ellas son bellas todas en su estilos las latinas dominaron y estás chicas son compañeras

  • @neonhell5320
    @neonhell5320 6 months ago +5

    She seems so down to Earth and approachable even though she’s drop dead gorgeous. I think that’s hard to find in todays society. Really gorgeous women always seem so snobby.

    • @alrose8870
      @alrose8870 15 days ago

      Well, if you are the right type of guy, all of a sudden those gorgeous women are NOT so snobby.
      Men either have looks or personality. It's rare for a man to have both, but when they do, Girls find them irresistible. On the flip side, girls with looks and personality are very common.

  • @vivekk4793
    @vivekk4793 8 months ago +9

    THE ASIA's Flag Bearer for three consecutive year's ❤️❤️

  • @user-lt2xt6ow9q
    @user-lt2xt6ow9q 19 days ago

    Increible pero en la competicion de miss universo El Salvador, que esta a pocos dias de celebrarse, hay mas mujeres bellas, tanto que mis pupilas se abren lo maximo y se ven que han sido mejor seleccionadas, por lo que no se define quien podria ganar, aunque hayan algunas que se han destacados sobre las demas.

  • @AngelMartinez-cz7dc
    @AngelMartinez-cz7dc 29 days ago +1

    Dominican Republic was teaching how needs to be done!…
    The Caribbean was the top region with 5 girls from the 16