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I Surprised Gamer With A Date

  • Published on Aug 27, 2022
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  • Bazerk
    Bazerk  Month ago +2331

    FULL DATE HERE: ruclips.net/video/WBkfqlutps4/video.html

  • Bortingle
    Bortingle  28 days ago +4548

    Legend says he still never got a girlfriend

  • somekindofchannel
    somekindofchannel 27 days ago +7339

    “I like it when you *bark like that daddy* “ 🤨

  • mangosaurus
    mangosaurus 25 days ago +311

    “the funniest gir-“
    mission failed

    • smoking toilet
      smoking toilet 10 days ago

      Agreed. Comment "agreed" if you agree

    • Gooch F
      Gooch F 12 days ago

      💀💀 came out of nowhere

  • Benjamin Norton
    Benjamin Norton 25 days ago +139

    "The funniest girl on the internet" My face the entire video: 😐

    • Reclaimer001
      Reclaimer001 7 days ago

      @Big man i personally wouldnt take that

    • Joshua XD
      Joshua XD 7 days ago

      @Big man sheeeeeesh calm down 🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥

    • Hunky Cody
      Hunky Cody 13 days ago

      @Big man damnnnn. You really destroyed him now didn’t you?

    • XylonBanda
      XylonBanda 21 day ago +3

      @Big man Damnn 🔥🔥 that there is violation 💀

    • dawn
      dawn 23 days ago +4

      @Big man you really got him there huh 💀

  • A kinnett
    A kinnett 24 days ago

    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the shirt

  • Jaguar Morgan
    Jaguar Morgan 25 days ago +3

    "I'll give him a second chance"
    Girl - Doesn't want to
    "Lemme say that again, I WILL give him a second chance"

  • Adrien Larochelle
    Adrien Larochelle 16 days ago +41

    I like how the guy last time was like I like it when you bark like that daddy 😂😂😂

  • One stop shop
    One stop shop 26 days ago +1

    I laughed so hard when I saw he taped his icon on his shirt

  • Donovon Beavers
    Donovon Beavers 27 days ago

    This is going to be hilarious if he gets a second try

  • GEVids
    GEVids Month ago +70

    how did he fumble that hard 💀

    • TixY1000
      TixY1000 28 days ago

      Lol 💀

    • Kiwi
      Kiwi 28 days ago

      @Ismael Dartaha 💀💀💀

    • Kiwi
      Kiwi 28 days ago

      @Winkiepie LMAO

    • Winkiepie
      Winkiepie 29 days ago +1

      Bros in the multiverse now 💀💀

    • Ismael Dartaha
      Ismael Dartaha Month ago +4

      Wrong game bro 💀

  • GIGA chad
    GIGA chad 8 days ago

    “The funniest girl on the internet”
    There is no such thing

  • ♡Ariixxx
    ♡Ariixxx 23 days ago +3

    The video when you made him bark for a guy had me dieing and I count stop watching that 😭😂😂

  • Argie Marin
    Argie Marin 24 days ago

    "Play the wolf and no one wil believe you"
    - A betrayed man

  • YellowMan
    YellowMan 15 days ago

    so fun to make others get trust issues :)

  • Andrej Petrović
    Andrej Petrović Month ago +1670

    Bro bazerk got like a biggest glow up from 2020

  • April
    April 23 days ago

    Give him another chance it will be hilarious!!

  • Buff Helpy
    Buff Helpy 10 days ago

    at the end i think he started to realize when you said "ill give him a second chance"

  • •Cosmo•
    •Cosmo• 19 days ago +4

    his reaction is priceless XD

  • Anonymous Jax
    Anonymous Jax 23 days ago +1

    She should’ve sent him a photo of the
    PC with her account pulled up

  • Basic pfp guy
    Basic pfp guy 28 days ago +2806

    Him: "funniest girl on the internet"
    Me: *realizes she's not funny*

    • sycke
      sycke 5 days ago

      @Oochi Boo Misogyny , Refreshing!

    • lx
      lx 9 days ago

      @Oochi Boo "basic" - said 16 year old boy with an anime girl pfp

    • George Loveridge
      George Loveridge 14 days ago

      still the funniest girl on the internet though

  • Musicased
    Musicased 8 days ago

    "the funniest girl"
    "hello daddies"
    welp. Guess I'm finally putting the bullet into my brain tonight

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 26 days ago

    Her: “Im not a dude!”
    Society nowadays: 😂

  • Andre Freeman
    Andre Freeman 19 days ago

    give him a second chance please😂

  • Eliana 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    if there's one thing i want in life, it's Sizl. i need him.

  • BLANK C7
    BLANK C7 27 days ago +151

    I don’t blame him for having trust issues. You basically embarrassed him in front of thousands of people.
    Before someone says “it’s a joke” I know Mr. obvious but it’s still sad.
    Edit: wtf nm it’s 29M people!

    • asriel
      asriel 11 days ago


    • lunar
      lunar 23 days ago

      @Spenity Dull embarrassed me how?

    • Spenity Dull
      Spenity Dull 23 days ago +2

      @lunar so if I embarrassed you in front of 30+ million people (and rising), you’d be ok with it?

    • lunar
      lunar 23 days ago

      It isn't that deep though

  • Zoobastore
    Zoobastore 25 days ago

    Legend says he still got a trust issue

  • PersisAce
    PersisAce 13 days ago

    Can’t blame him , the first had ME doubting my gender recognition senses

  • Ryan's Piano
    Ryan's Piano 26 days ago

    "if there's a hole there's a goal" -masteroogway

  • Chelsea Black
    Chelsea Black 25 days ago


  • thatgirlgatto
    thatgirlgatto Month ago +831

    if there's one thing i want in life, it's Sizl. i need him.

  • Abdullah Ff
    Abdullah Ff 24 days ago +1

    This dude is chasing me 😂😂

  • Normal Vietnamese guy
    Normal Vietnamese guy 25 days ago

    "dude is chasing me" that got me

  • Dr.Sacred
    Dr.Sacred 25 days ago

    Im a maniac when it comes to regret. I love to see people regret stuff. Idk I'm a lunatic BUT thats besides the point. I want a video link of him noticing and REGRETTING that he didn't talk to the girl

  • 🍀cookie🍀 A J
    🍀cookie🍀 A J 26 days ago

    Imagine him seeing this 😂

  • ♤Chemist♤
    ♤Chemist♤ 29 days ago +702

    People: Poor guy has trust issues:(
    Me: Wait… is that smile on his shirt taped??
    Edit: omg thanks for all the likes!
    Edit: rip “ my notifications “

  • TTOTTisnothere
    TTOTTisnothere 21 day ago

    Calls her "funniest girl on the internet"
    Her:"proceeds to make a joe mama joke-"

  • Jelly moyer
    Jelly moyer 25 days ago +12

    Him: I am making more shorts
    Also him: * only has two shorts *

  • Blue Cheese
    Blue Cheese 24 days ago

    Give him another chance 😂

  • Coleth Hernandez
    Coleth Hernandez 23 days ago +1

    Give him a decent chance

  • XxnuggiebeanxX
    XxnuggiebeanxX 24 days ago


  • Precious Sapphire Cristo

    I want the full video "I like it when you bark like that daddy"😩

  • nixon aspect
    nixon aspect 24 days ago +1

    Wow that's more realistic than your parents love for you 👍

  • Dylan Mearas
    Dylan Mearas 24 days ago

    I can't blame him though Guys freaking paranoid
    With how far technology has come We can't tell what's real or what's fake anymore

  • bri'ish quandale dingle

    Bro took it seriously 😂 damn

  • Yousef Salem
    Yousef Salem 17 days ago


  • Veronica Estrada
    Veronica Estrada 22 days ago

    Give him a second chance bro

  • pablo
    pablo 25 days ago

    “Funniest woman on the internet”

  • abdul Latif
    abdul Latif 28 days ago +887

    The baka mitai at the start gave me hard nostalgia for no reason

    • shadow giz
      shadow giz 19 days ago

      @B bruh

    • nba young boy2
      nba young boy2 20 days ago

      Ong yo Yakuza 5

    • B
      B 21 day ago

      Dame name?

    • A lost Editor
      A lost Editor 24 days ago

      No shit, if u play yakuza ofc it willl feel like that

    • MyBodyIsReggie
      MyBodyIsReggie 24 days ago

      It was really out of place because it played for like 2 seconds

  • Y. Simon Alkhatib
    Y. Simon Alkhatib 16 days ago

    “She sent him a photo of proof”

  • DAVIS_dk
    DAVIS_dk 14 days ago

    Come on bro ww need more please 🙏🔥

  • Alec Fawcett
    Alec Fawcett 24 days ago

    Bro give him a second chance,.you did give him trust issues after all

  • Fuwa_Jokichi
    Fuwa_Jokichi 22 days ago

    "i like it when you bark like that daddy"
    His face:"even better"

  • LizzieTheKing
    LizzieTheKing 24 days ago

    They would seem like a good couple

  • En3rgized
    En3rgized 26 days ago +2

    i was about to think this was going to rated R and my food on my legs were rising 😤

  • Winters Tree
    Winters Tree 7 days ago

    POV: Your a girl that can make a good male impression

  • Nevin
    Nevin 24 days ago

    You can't just expect people to trust you after that bro

  • SpecialOpsYT
    SpecialOpsYT 25 days ago

    The amount of times he said *DADDY* is the times I enter meme state

  • Kingianscott
    Kingianscott 26 days ago

    "funniest girl on the internet"
    haha not such thing exists

  • Marcus Gomez
    Marcus Gomez 23 days ago

    Upload more content just an idea people would like to see more of this

  • ItsJohnnyos145
    ItsJohnnyos145 25 days ago

    Let him have a second chance man

  • Ryan Exon
    Ryan Exon 28 days ago +61

    Blow this goddamn video up I want him to get a second chance

  • elia sujashvili
    elia sujashvili 24 days ago +1

    He Can't Even Trust His Crushes 💀☠️💀

  • Mr_Cam
    Mr_Cam 25 days ago

    Bros gonna give him trust issues 😭

  • Arian Muller
    Arian Muller 25 days ago

    I would also have trust issues after the first episode.

  • Chxcolate
    Chxcolate 24 days ago

    How people get trust issues:
    😂pls say u have a reaction of him replaying the video

  • Melt
    Melt Month ago +122

    The saga continues😂😂😭

  • Ifot2011
    Ifot2011 24 days ago

    Give him a second chance

  • fgarand
    fgarand 10 days ago

    Give the poor man a second chance

  • TrashyCan
    TrashyCan 25 days ago

    Give him a second chance
    It's kinda not his fault for not believing you after what u did to him

  • Supriya Naik
    Supriya Naik 26 days ago

    Give him a second chance


    Give him a second chance

  • Junaid Ali
    Junaid Ali 20 days ago

    Legends noticed that he taped a smiley in his t shirt

  • Michael T
    Michael T 19 days ago

    Give him a second chance

  • pennyrick
    pennyrick 26 days ago

    Give him a second chance you got him paranoid

  • Toby _214
    Toby _214 24 days ago

    You literally traumatized him, what do you expect?

  • Goku Drip
    Goku Drip 24 days ago

    Bro I swear there's no way someone legit thinks he sounds like a girl

  • bozo fard
    bozo fard 21 day ago

    Still waiting for a girl that was actually funny

  • Touch. Me. I Will Turn You

    Legend says he still never got a girlfriend

  • Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦

    Legend says he still never got a girlfriend

  • Voizbeats
    Voizbeats 25 days ago +1

    “Mr Fumble” Lol 😂

  • Hunter
    Hunter 20 days ago

    I know for a fact that he wish that he could see it in real life

  • Emma Mish
    Emma Mish 12 days ago

    I loved these 😂😭

  • Emir
    Emir 29 days ago +21

    shirt is fire when is merch coming out!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • NotSo🦕
      NotSo🦕 19 days ago

      bazerk am a fan

    • Bazerk
      Bazerk  28 days ago +5

      SOON (could be a year lmfao)

  • Maria Esquivel
    Maria Esquivel 25 days ago

    Give him another chance come on man just give him another chance make a meet in real life and like a park okay so just give him another chance

  • Jayvince dragon
    Jayvince dragon 25 days ago

    Legends says he is still barking

  • More Editz
    More Editz 25 days ago +3

    “Mr Fumble” you didn’t have to do him like that 😭😭

    • Dakota
      Dakota 25 days ago

      Who wouldn't it was a dude at first now a girl I wouldn't trust ir either or o would just go along n play around like bros do his fault he barked lmao

  • Nabiya Sis
    Nabiya Sis 19 days ago

    When You Dont Have Your Channel Merch : Sticks logo to shirt with tape

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi 28 days ago +21

    “Mr fumble”😂

  • sike yo boi no cap
    sike yo boi no cap 26 days ago

    Legend says he never got a girlfriend ever again because he didn't believe it was a girl but I was in the sky he might get another one

  • pie with no title
    pie with no title 26 days ago

    bro when u said “funniest woman” that was the biggest cap of 2022

  • Frogfrog Gaming
    Frogfrog Gaming 20 days ago +1

    More like the funniest girl I could afford in fivr

  • Lstep22
    Lstep22 25 days ago

    If I barked to him I would still be like yeahhhhhhhh

  • Maxx23
    Maxx23 28 days ago +4

    If you give him a second shot, make the second one a man

  • Sharif Mehdi
    Sharif Mehdi 14 days ago

    You have to give him a re-do 🥺

  • Phoenix Leaf
    Phoenix Leaf 24 days ago

    ""If you blow this up il give him a second chance"" my guy your gonna make the video regardless. I know how these channels work. And this is either a setup with scripts or potentially just a strange video of you trying to get your friend a fortnite girlfriend for veiws. But what do I know.

  • ddoblyz W
    ddoblyz W 24 days ago +1

    but his friend is now married to that guy he barked to, so i guess he doesnt want to cheat on him?

  • kid who said the joke louder.

    "I like it when you bark like that daddy"

  • boudymaza77username
    boudymaza77username 29 days ago +20

    Sizl caught in 4k 💀

  • Harrison Parker
    Harrison Parker 25 days ago

    i’ve seen the first one where he barked for him ages ago and have no only realised it was natt