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Parkland Judge Refuses to Disqualify Herself, Rapper Ludacris’ Manager Charged with Murder

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • Judge Elizabeth Scherer declined the defense’s motion to disqualify herself from presiding over the Parkland school shooter trial. Plus, rapper Ludacris’ longtime manager Chaka Zulu was charged with murder after a shooting in an Atlanta strip mall parking lot on June 26. The Law&Crime Daily team has the latest on these stories.
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Comments • 186

  • Cathy Bena
    Cathy Bena 14 days ago +40

    If the jury wasn't present during the so called out burst,then it is moot.This defense is outrages.

  • Amalia Webber
    Amalia Webber 14 days ago +66

    I’ve been watching this trial the whole time and the defense has been a mess the entire time and these tactic are low.

  • Catherine Rodriguez
    Catherine Rodriguez 14 days ago +83

    The people he shot received no hearing or chance to live. There are unfortunately many people who have been exposed to unhealthy substances during their development in utero. They do not become mass murderers. He didn't just snap, he planned this and researched his planned decisions meticulously. Both of his mothers failed him but that is not reasonable premise for mitigation in a mass murder penalty.

  • VMW
    VMW 14 days ago +34

    The judge told the truth!

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 14 days ago +29

    He killed all those kids what's fair about that

  • Michelle Adamchak
    Michelle Adamchak 14 days ago +68

    No surprise the defense on the Parkland trial tried to dismiss the judge. Glad the judge told them to pound salt. Defense is awful on purpose.

  • Stacey Ritchie
    Stacey Ritchie 14 days ago +66

    I love this judge! She shouldn't have to put up with disrespect from anyone in that courtroom. Let 'em have it girl!

  • Debbie Patrick
    Debbie Patrick 14 days ago +41

    They don't want her because they know she's right. I say let. Her stay

  • ReelBeefTV
    ReelBeefTV 14 days ago +28

    The Defense team should be charged themselves with contempt.

  • Kathleen Weinberg
    Kathleen Weinberg 14 days ago +21

    Some people should be ashamed of their self

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe 14 days ago +42

    It wasn't an outburst. She told them they are wasting everyone's time, and she wasn't even rude about it. Just put it as it was.

  • Tee Art
    Tee Art 14 days ago +3

    I think this was the defense's strategy all along....I agree, they are trying to set this up for appeal; even at the expense of their reputation because they know the evidence is overwhelming to support the death penalty ruling.

  • Bobby Swain
    Bobby Swain 14 days ago +29

    Defense team is a dumpster fire.... unreal

  • Birdie_A.T.
    Birdie_A.T. 14 days ago +7

    Stay strong girl!

    TANK SHERMAN 14 days ago +4

    It’s nothing but a game for these lawyers.

  • Twinkle Star
    Twinkle Star 14 days ago +2

    This judge is so BEAUTIFUL and smart!! She has been put through so much by these useless defense lawyers. This is what happens when you give PSYCHOPATHS all these preveledges and attention they DON'T deserve in the first place!!

  • Autumn Apollonia
    Autumn Apollonia 14 days ago +2

    Oh no! Chaka is such a great guy. I'm sorry he's found himself in the middle of some mess. He's always been such a chill dude. Always pleasant to be around. Shame.

  • Birdie_A.T.
    Birdie_A.T. 14 days ago +13

    The judge should stay. She's fabulous! The defense is pulling at straws!

  • John Fish
    John Fish 14 days ago +25

    Start disbarring defense attorneys, that will change the game

  • Roxanne Moser
    Roxanne Moser 14 days ago +9

    Heck yeah! Sherri Papini got 18 months! She took MANY resources from the actual missing girl Sherri went to school with.