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5 More Essential Regional Burgers You Need to Try | Burger Scholar Sessions

  • Published on Sep 5, 2022
  • For Burger Scholar George Motz, a hamburger isn’t just a hamburger. It’s a symbol of ingenuity, a reflection of local traditions, and an important connection to our past. That’s why he’s made it his life’s goal to learn everything he can about the regional American burger, and pass that knowledge on to you! In today’s lesson, we pick out 5 more essential regional burgers that you need to try: the Cuban Frita from Florida, the Smoked Burger from Texas, the Green Chile Cheeseburger from New Mexico, the Loco Moco from Hawaii, and the Original Hamburger Sandwich from Connecticut. Let’s do it!
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Comments • 499

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Month ago +443

    Good to see you, Motz! Like if you want more Burger Scholar Sessions 🍔

    • Dillon Rafferty
      Dillon Rafferty 10 days ago

      Chopping up great episodes instead of getting motz back is insulting.

    • bradley hall
      bradley hall 19 days ago

      So glad you did a smoked burger they're amazing and being from the south we smoke everything 😅

    • Digital Gangsters
      Digital Gangsters 25 days ago

      One of the very few things left on RUclips that I look forward to watching. Great episodes.

    • Alex Clark
      Alex Clark 26 days ago +2

      We want new content, not old content edited into shorter clips. More Motz!

    • TV Blue
      TV Blue 29 days ago

      Looking forward to the next burger video, Motz.

  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown Month ago +374

    I really enjoy this series, and George Motz in general ... but over the last couple years of watching this series, I am now under the impression that there are exactly 11 regional hamburgers, and the episodes are conveniently spaced out so that we have an appropriate amount of time to have eaten enough hamburgers to clog our brains with enough fatty hamburger goodness that we'll forget we already know about the "5 more" burgers featured in the new video.

    • monkeytube138
      monkeytube138 Month ago +9

      The sad part is that there's way more burgers in his book that have never seen airtime.

    • Danielle
      Danielle Month ago +16

      This isnt burger scholar, its burger scholar sessions. I get bummed every time they put out highlight clips instead of actual new videos :(

    • Brent Spetner
      Brent Spetner Month ago +16

      I mean this isn’t new footage it is just clips from past episodes. Motz himself probably has nothing to do with these. Blame FWF.

    • Cory Guy
      Cory Guy Month ago +2

      exactly. thought i was gonna learn something new. Ha

    • Ryan McGovern
      Ryan McGovern Month ago +30

      Yeah, First We Feast is milking what appears to be the same footage over and over again.

  • Troy
    Troy Month ago +394

    So many burgers out there... c'mon we don't need repeats! More Motz! More Motz!

    • Awkward Small Tlk
      Awkward Small Tlk 25 days ago +4

      Maybe he could go international. I bet different countries have some wild burgers

    • coreyobr26
      coreyobr26 26 days ago

      Repeats are ridiculous I agree... but I love George's comedy style of cooking so much I had to rewatch it. He is a legend.

    • Scott Dunn
      Scott Dunn Month ago +4

      This. The whole beard nonbeard continuity thing drives me nuts.

    • Chelsey S
      Chelsey S Month ago +4

      second this!!

  • rbufacchi
    rbufacchi Month ago +33

    I absolutely love the series, but why do we keep repeating the same burgers over and over again?

  • aveleziii
    aveleziii Month ago +151

    I need new burgers! or ambitious collabs with other food youtubers
    we all love George, but we need new content

    • Daniel S
      Daniel S Month ago +1

      Yes more George burgers.

    • IrLosin
      IrLosin Month ago +9

      Yeah I though this would be new burgers. Was quite disappointed. I think this isn't the first time this particular video was uploaded combining these burgers either.

  • bobbitchin260
    bobbitchin260 Month ago +32

    Dude can make 137,000 different burgers off the top of his head, in his house, and we're still recycling old episodes? Come on, we should have at least 93 new episodes by now, man.

  • Fredrick Dietz
    Fredrick Dietz Month ago +121

    Can't wait for the next 5 burgers that you've already taught us to make! Keep on recycling that old content with no new value added!

    • Harry Mavridis
      Harry Mavridis 16 days ago

      Imagine being upset over free content on RUclips.

    • Lakeshore.Skumbagz
      Lakeshore.Skumbagz 29 days ago +3

      Maybe he's relying on the audience that hasn't gone out of their way to critically deconstruct his entire catalogue? Just a possibility!

  • Nathan
    Nathan Month ago +4

    You should make an annual trip to Canada for "Le Burger Week"! Each summer hundreds of restaurants come up with a specialty burger to enter into this country wide competition. There's an official website with pics of each restaurant's burger, check it out!

  • Ben Bartlow
    Ben Bartlow Month ago +30

    George needs to start a restaurant with his top 20 or 30 regional burgers

    • Ben Bartlow
      Ben Bartlow Month ago

      @verirrtesKamel I get that but alot of the ones I have seen him mention aren't in business and he probably doesn't want to run a restaurant if he did he would be. But I would love it if someone did it

    • verirrtesKamel
      verirrtesKamel Month ago +1

      I don't think he'll do that as he wants to preserve the places they originated from

  • Tom The Plummer
    Tom The Plummer Month ago +62

    In some Southern Colorado cities, you can get a “Slopper”. The burger is topped with green chili verde. The pork stew stuff. Sometimes with a runny egg, served sometimes open-faced. Great hangover burger 🍔

  • Amanda A
    Amanda A Month ago +25

    I love watching you George, your burgers never let me down when I make them

  • DarknesseThirteen
    DarknesseThirteen Month ago +46

    Nothing more disappointing than seeing a new episode of Burger Scholar and then realizing its just another republish episode shuffle. smh

  • Robert Franklin
    Robert Franklin 29 days ago +1

    I lived in Hilo, Hawaii for five years - the home of the Loco Moco. My favorite is the Shoyu Pork Moco but basically you can't go wrong with rice, egg, meat, sauce. Also, being in college at the time it definitely fit my budget!

  • Ray
    Ray Month ago +7

    As someone who grew up in New Mexico, Hatch green chilies are the only way to go, and in my opinion, are the best burgers in the world.

    MLG GAMER Month ago +10

    Oh that sounds delicious. So the loco Moco has rice, the patty, brown gravy and then egg on top of it. That sounds really good. I most definitely want one

  • Ben Lemon
    Ben Lemon Month ago +8

    Love seeing this. One of my favorite RUclips shows by far. Informative and so fun.
    The only downside is that I am so hungry after watching the show.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Todd Terry
    Todd Terry Month ago +8

    Had a green chili cheeseburger traveling through New Mexico...been trying to recreate it ever since. No luck yet, but I love trying!

    • kasrkinable
      kasrkinable 28 days ago

      Im a New Mexican that moved to California for a bit before going back. From experience, you really cant unless you get real Hatch Chile

  • Allan Cerda
    Allan Cerda Month ago +1

    The frita and the loco moco are my favorites from this lineup. Highly recommend

  • Keller Lambert
    Keller Lambert Month ago +2

    I wish I could laugh with such pure joy and happiness as George does simply when a cheeseburger is cooking. I mean come on.

    MLG GAMER Month ago +37

    I've never had a green chile cheeseburger but it sounds like something I would love to have cuz it sounds very spice

    • Krieghandt
      Krieghandt 10 days ago

      @Gumby Gumblecakes Bueno Fire Roasted is the best of that brand.

    • Gumby Gumblecakes
      Gumby Gumblecakes 10 days ago

      @Max Devo try to get bueno frozen green also labled "hot" if you can't get fresh, the canned is.. well its canned

    • Gumby Gumblecakes
      Gumby Gumblecakes 10 days ago

      @Krieghandt #2 aint no lie, thatsa spice.

    • Nolan Lind
      Nolan Lind 17 days ago

      Green chilies really aren't spicy at all. At least not most varieties.

    • MC
      MC 29 days ago

      I don’t do spice much (can’t handle it), but the first time I tried one out in NM, I was surprised I could handle it. It wasn’t that spicey; more flavorful.

  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard Month ago +3

    Had a Loco Moco in Kualoa this summer and they included diced, grilled ham in the gravy. It was fairly amazing once I figured out what the flavor was.

  • Jason Culpepper
    Jason Culpepper Month ago +4

    I feel lucky that I've had an official Green Chile burger from Albuquerque and authentic Loco Moco from Honolulu... 2/5 is a good score for me :D

  • Thomas Wimer
    Thomas Wimer 9 days ago

    having been a chef for 25 years I know exactly what these taste like just having seen them, that being said I might have to find a vertical broiler and try Louis' buger.

  • Nicholas Leon
    Nicholas Leon Month ago +2

    Of all the burgers I've seen on here the Loco Moco is the one I crave the most. I frequently do an egg on a smash burger, but the brown gravy seems delish!

  • Dusty Magroovy
    Dusty Magroovy Month ago +6

    I had a green chili cheeseburger in Santa Fe at the Santa Fe Fuego baseball game! Amazing!!

  • cardinal8
    cardinal8 Month ago +2

    The frita is my all time favorite burger, but maybe that's just the Cuban in me lol. Every time I go back to Miami, I get one almost every day. But it's best with cheese!

  • dwang085
    dwang085 Month ago

    I want to enjoy life the way George enjoys a burger!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Don't read profile photo

    We can all agree that he never disappoints us with his content ⁦⁦💐

    • tired void
      tired void Month ago +1

      George doesn't but this repost of old stuff does

    • Stu Pidass
      Stu Pidass Month ago +3

      You sure do though!

  • Tom Pink
    Tom Pink Month ago +1

    The sound of George inhale-chewing the burgers makes me feel a little ill but other than that I love this series :D

  • Rudy Zepeda
    Rudy Zepeda 29 days ago

    Man I love burgers and I love this show! Give us more please

  • Jerome Thiel
    Jerome Thiel Month ago

    Love your content. Usually i would try and make some Motz puns, because they are fun and it's a fun name. But not today. Today i just want to ask you humbly to keep doing these. They are not only entertaining, they are a part of Americana.

  • Brandon Douglas
    Brandon Douglas 29 days ago

    That hamburger sandwich looks amazing! Gonna try that this week fo sho.

  • Battle 4ged
    Battle 4ged Month ago

    Watching George eat freshly cooked burgers is as close as the human race is getting to seeing true pure joy...

  • CapnRiggs2k5
    CapnRiggs2k5 Month ago +3

    Hoping this is a psych up for the next season coming soon!

  • Saint
    Saint 25 days ago

    Saint here from Sweden! Love your show! I’m one of the biggest burger lovers in Sweden. I have tried to make almost all the burgers from your show.. I haven’t steamed yet and there’s a few more I must try. But I would really love to see how you would make the Korean UFO burger. Show how it’s made 🍔

  • Leesa Logic
    Leesa Logic Month ago +2

    I grew up in NM, and nothing makes me more homesick than seeing anything prepared with Hatch green chile. We put it not just in our traditional NM cuisine, but on our burgers, our pizza, our pasta, our eggs---so so so very good. Fortunately, once a year here in Northern VA, Wegmans will get a shipment of Hatch green chile and roast it, transporting me right back home with that beautiful, seasonal smell :)

  • Neko Bugado
    Neko Bugado Month ago

    Such a great video. Love seeing all of these, will begin to try some of these.

  • Dacoyda Heath
    Dacoyda Heath 29 days ago

    for the loco moco you can also add a spoonful of sugar to the gravy for a twist thats seen in a lot of places in hawaii

  • DL FH
    DL FH 28 days ago

    I'd love to see you on the road having these regional burger gems where they came from.

  • Kawena Hirayama
    Kawena Hirayama 29 days ago

    I love how happy he is eating every single one

  • Kayden Van
    Kayden Van 18 days ago

    If you make more regional burger videos, but do one on the General Muir from Georgia. I'm curious to know if that can be replicated at home like other burgers you've done.

  • Nate W
    Nate W 28 days ago

    Feels like home to have Motz back at the griddle

  • Joey Broadway
    Joey Broadway Month ago +265

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't we seen all of these burgers before?

    • Hersey Hawkins
      Hersey Hawkins 27 days ago

      @DoubleStarships the RUclips algorithm is very strong. You watch one burger scholar video and they'll all hit your feed without much effort. It isn't George's fault but recycling content is lazy.

    • tstew147
      tstew147 Month ago

      @DoubleStarships it seems they already have run out

    • Please Don't
      Please Don't Month ago

      I think he's run out of regional burgers. He needs to show more foreign burgers not from the US.

    • Matthew Dunzello
      Matthew Dunzello Month ago

      Imagine complaining about free hamburger content.

    • Jason
      Jason Month ago

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • J Ren
    J Ren Month ago +1

    Hawaiian Pizza was also invented in Canada. Specifically I believe in Windsor Ontario.

  • Maria de-flower me now

    In some Southern Colorado cities, you can get a “Slopper”. The burger is topped with green chili verde. The pork stew stuff. Sometimes with a runny egg, served sometimes open-faced. Great hangover burger

  • M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    In some Southern Colorado cities, you can get a “Slopper”. The burger is topped with green chili verde. The pork stew stuff. Sometimes with a runny egg, served sometimes open-faced. Great hangover burger

  • El Burrito
    El Burrito Month ago +2

    Always love a Motz video!

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B Month ago +2

    Ever since I first seen the Loco Moco on this channel is been a household favourite.

  • AcquiringDads
    AcquiringDads Month ago +3

    I like these videos before watching because they are always so good and tasty

  • Trevor Stockwell
    Trevor Stockwell 15 days ago

    Cuban frita looks sooooo good. I prefer a smash burger, I just love the crispy outside of the patty it gives it a classic dinner feel

  • Adam Warren
    Adam Warren Month ago +1

    We need more new George episodes, not clips of old ones!

  • Henry Spencer
    Henry Spencer Month ago

    Subbing out the gravy on the loco moco for teriyaki sauce is also really good.

  • Garry Hammond
    Garry Hammond Month ago

    Thanks George! - I hope to see MORE!! - Cheers!

  • Martin Alexander
    Martin Alexander Month ago +6

    You've done all of these burgers before, and even better in previous airings. We don't even get told what's in the red sauce of this Cuban Frita

    • Donny Estee
      Donny Estee 29 days ago

      @tstew147 because in the full 5 minute version of the Cuban Frita atleast they explain how to make the red sauce

    • tstew147
      tstew147 Month ago

      how could it be better in previous airings when it's literally the same footage being recycled? did you think he was changing his clothes between each burger?

    • Donny Estee
      Donny Estee Month ago +2

      They even use the exact same footage when he's preparing it.

  • Michel Lemieux
    Michel Lemieux 29 days ago

    George and ketchup.....we are on new grounds folks!!!🙃
    Great as always. Tks for sharing!

  • Aspen
    Aspen Month ago +2

    You have a literal burger scholar and you *still* recycle the regional burgers. There's so much more to show

  • UnluckyClover
    UnluckyClover Month ago +10

    I broke my spatula yesterday by smashing my patties as hard as I could. I hope George is proud of me.

  • Peddependable
    Peddependable Month ago

    Love this show to bits!

  • Duncan James
    Duncan James Month ago

    Great video George! Yup, Ham and Pineapple pizza or Hawaiin (if you add bacon) is Canadian! 😁

  • Kayden Van
    Kayden Van Month ago

    The Hawaiian pizza was also invented in Canada. Feels fitting that pineapple on a burger from there too.
    Appreciate you doing these videos on Regional burgers. Please keep making more.

    • Greg Killam
      Greg Killam Month ago

      Pepperoni n pineapple! 👍
      Ham has no place on a pie.

  • JFets
    JFets 6 days ago

    Would love to see a special on the famous Minnesota Jucy Lucy!!

  • j3r3miasmg
    j3r3miasmg Month ago +1

    We need (want) a new season!

  • Ronnie Larsen
    Ronnie Larsen 12 days ago

    I have such a hard time wrapping my head around not toasting buns.. I understand you can choose not to... But... The crunch... The texture...
    But still looks delicious tho

  • SirBong
    SirBong Month ago +4

    I want to try all of these 🤤

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    My favorite FWF content!

  • Jack Lively
    Jack Lively 18 hours ago

    Had Moco Loco at Rainbow Diner in Oahu; absolutely great meal

  • Neoxon
    Neoxon Month ago +1

    Wait, I thought mixing spices into the meat makes it tougher?

  • Mike Mcintosh
    Mike Mcintosh 15 days ago

    Those all look fantastic!

  • John Cochrane
    John Cochrane Month ago

    Heavy hitters here! The Louis' Lunch trip is one every burger-lover must make. I ate two when I went.

  • hooptywes
    hooptywes 28 days ago

    You’re the man George!!!

  • Roya Lukas
    Roya Lukas 19 days ago

    In my hometown outside Chicago we had a local place that served a pizza burger. Nothing deep dish about it and it was fabulous

  • david mech
    david mech Month ago +1

    Happy to have you back! Going to try that green chili burger for sure

  • Hayden Brown
    Hayden Brown 18 days ago

    More of this - gets rid of my Sunday scaries

  • cattailmatt
    cattailmatt Month ago +3

    Fun fact: the Hawaiian pizza was also invented in Canada. Sam Panopoulus, a Greek immigrant, created it in Ontario in 1962.

    • Obi Wan Shanobi
      Obi Wan Shanobi Month ago

      He shouldn't have...no seriously he should not have.

    • Ketraar
      Ketraar Month ago +1

      And he shall be remembered in infamy for all eternity!

  • pflick13
    pflick13 Month ago

    George is back!!
    Bring on those burgers!!

  • Lyra Hall
    Lyra Hall Month ago

    Ugh!!!! why did I waste my lunch on a Cesar Salad and then watch this? I'm so hungry for a George burger now!! 🍔 😩 🤤

  • Melanie Fisher
    Melanie Fisher Month ago +1

    I haaaaaate that you don't upload your greatness every day, I could watch you daily and never get tired of you!!!

  • Samantha Shin
    Samantha Shin Month ago

    oh my goodness! i saw this guy today in brooklyn heights and was wondering why those sideburns looked familiar! i should have known from his license plate "HAMBURGR"

  • Vincent Priceless
    Vincent Priceless 18 days ago

    Yo @georgemotz that burger on rice with gravy is mad Japanese style. I make that at home for my girl and I and it has nothing to do with whatever you said. Never even heard that information before, however! That’s interesting. Wherever it came from, it’s a good way to eat a “burger”.

  • Dominic T
    Dominic T Month ago +9

    Bring back NEW recipes and stop recycling one of your greatest hosts

  • Brent McMillan
    Brent McMillan Month ago

    Thank you George! It’s good to see you!!!

  • Toad Sage Skateboarding

    More Motz content! i need all of it!

  • msjsq1966
    msjsq1966 Month ago

    I love you, George!!! So happy to see you again!!!!! xoxo

  • Jacob Nash
    Jacob Nash Month ago

    for the loco moco what kind of gravy would be used? does it matter or does it have to be a certain kind?

  • El Queso
    El Queso Month ago

    A new episode of Burger Scholar Sessions means another opportunity to push the local Portland, Oregon burger-style, the "Little John" or "Farmer John" burger. The Little John is a half-pound beef patty with two slices of American cheese, four strips of bacon, two pieces of ham, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickle, and a fried egg. The Farmer John is double the Little John. These came about to feed the workers at local factories and lumber mills quickly and give them the energy to build America in the mid-20th Century.
    Thanks for another awesome look at regional burgers, BSS Team!!

  • oldshovelhead
    oldshovelhead Month ago

    MORE MOTZ!!!! thanks George!

  • bierbrauer11
    bierbrauer11 28 days ago

    90% of what I eat when I travel for work are burgers… this is making me long for travel again!

  • Jennifer Estes
    Jennifer Estes 26 days ago

    One of the greatest smells in the history of smells is the smell of roasting green chiles during season. I grew up in a little town in NM and we lived out in the countryside. We would drive by the plant where they processed the chiles on the way to our house. When it was chile picking season the air would be heavy with the smell of roasting chiles. My favorite time of year.

    MLG GAMER Month ago

    That runny yolk on the loco moco is just so enticing 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • eXdXgXe4life
    eXdXgXe4life Month ago +18

    Everyone needs more George in their lives.

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen Month ago

    Loco Moco in Hawaii I usually get in a bowl plus cheese on top great bar food.

    MLG GAMER Month ago

    The loco moco sounds like a breakfast burger cuz I love egg and stuff

  • Señor Gamer
    Señor Gamer Month ago +2

    Need some NEW BSS episodes, man!

  • Rob S
    Rob S 29 days ago

    Blake's LottaBurger in New Mexico has the best green chili burgers! The only issue I have with green chili is sometimes you get super mild and then the next one you're burning your ears off. Great Channel great insight thanks.

  • 东北幽默的爷们
    东北幽默的爷们 12 days ago

    Why we getting repeats of George? We want more George! no matter in what form!

  • Zombie
    Zombie Month ago +1

    I think they are showing us the recaps because George is gearing up for another season😬

  • Glenn Zanotti
    Glenn Zanotti Month ago

    I make my smoked burgers with ground brisket. Love 'em.

  • Derrick Jinx
    Derrick Jinx Month ago

    I’m a little sad I couldn’t find the place in Tn where I had the Grizzly burger. I think it was in Townsend. Anyway, it was two or three 1/3 lb patties, four pieces of bacon, two fried eggs, and then your usual toppings. I was memorable because it was about 25 yrs ago. I guess there is a restaurant with the same name now. Does anyone remember the old store in Townsend, Tn that sold burgers? We also bought all their Boones farm ripple. 😀

  • Harrison Hall
    Harrison Hall Month ago +1

    Hasn't he already covered all of these burgers? I'm cornfused

    • tired void
      tired void Month ago

      Yes it's just recycled content

  • Johnny Bagwell
    Johnny Bagwell Month ago

    Can you tell us the brand, model and size of your flat top griddle? I want to get one to start making some of these burgers you been showing us!