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Bodycam Shows YouTuber ‘IShowSpeed’ Handcuffed by Ohio Cops After Swatting Call

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • Bodycam footage shows Ohio police responding to a false threat and handcuffing RUclipsr Darren "IShowSpeed" Watkins on August 8. An officer told Watkins that someone called 911 using his name and told police that he was going to hurt himself and his family. Officers let Watkins go after determining the threat to be false.
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Comments • 25 498

  • Dr. Beau Hightower
    Dr. Beau Hightower 13 days ago +42544

    People making false reports should be charged with the crime they are alleging

    • Antonio Zacarias Becerra
      Antonio Zacarias Becerra 37 minutes ago

      The cops should just get some common sense and do a house call instead of arresting the streamer

    • Moa Fanai
      Moa Fanai Hour ago

      @SyphLikesApples don't be hypocrite, if the same happened to you, you won't like it either

    • A man named Finger
      A man named Finger 2 days ago

      Yeah but still, he needs a legitimate lawyerm

    • ShynaGloe
      ShynaGloe 2 days ago

      Too much

    • Bloxy
      Bloxy 3 days ago

      Oh hey

  • Mario Bescós Leal
    Mario Bescós Leal Day ago +58

    Leave him an his family alone, they sound like they are so stressed about it. There are limits. RESPECT!

  • Alex
    Alex Day ago +71

    The handcuffs that were on his hands should be on the person who prank called hands.
    Imagine calling 911 to file a false report of a crime that doesn't even exist.
    You would do that only if you hate the person to the death, or they have done something miserable to you.
    These people need to be stopped and held into custody.

    • Sarah Anderson
      Sarah Anderson 14 hours ago

      I agree like why do some people hate speed? Are they jealous? Like? What in the world?

    • Dallas
      Dallas  20 hours ago

      I agree

  • CrimsonGeode
    CrimsonGeode 6 days ago +2123

    The fact they don't hold the people who make these calls accountable to these fake reports is ridiculous.

    • i stir up arguements
      i stir up arguements 2 hours ago

      @Adam M ik it was late at night I couldnt be bothered to research it

    • Adam M
      Adam M 2 hours ago

      @i stir up arguements just some friendly advice. Always always do research on something don’t ever take somebody’s word for something. People lie all the time you would be surprised. Just by instinct you should google and find out if it’s true or not. One example : people accusing PNB rocks girlfriend of setting him up because somebody posted two different instances of deep fake text messages. A lot of people were sending harmful text messages to her and it probably messed with her mental health. All because people needed an escape goat.

    • i stir up arguements
      i stir up arguements 2 hours ago

      @Adam M idk somebody said it and I took their word for it

    • Adam M
      Adam M 4 hours ago

      @ICumGameplay actually it is very illegal here in the U.S doxing is also illegal as well. In fact the U.S has a lot of extensive laws on privacy worse than the EU at times when it comes to this kind of things.

    • Adam M
      Adam M 4 hours ago

      @i stir up arguements I would like you to elaborate further on this because how is it hard to prove exactly? When there is logs… and such and that account belongs to the user. I don’t see how this is hard to prove in court that it was falsified when all the evidence they need is there. Look up the case death due to swatting it should come up. They quickly arrested the individual responsible for it and they had no trouble proving it in court. If you have extensive knowledge on the law or any loophole I would like to know thank you. Because from my knowledge is that everything you do on the internet every message leaves a fingerprint even if it is small.

  • Chris
    Chris 5 days ago +964

    Kudos to the kid for staying calm, cool and cooperating. His mother did a great job of teaching him how to interact with officers. Great job officers for showing respect AND explaining how bad the threat was. This video should be blasted out everywhere showing how you should behave when officers interact with you.

    • Spiky Blade
      Spiky Blade 4 hours ago

      If this video was blasted everywhere, it would give more attention to the swatter(s)

    • Dezva
      Dezva 12 hours ago

      @Khalnayak bruh

    • DomesticGoos
      DomesticGoos 16 hours ago +1

      "When someone has been suspected of criminal activity, the law enforcement officers that observe the individual may arrest him or her." It's literally written in front of your face for you on google. They have the right to detain you if you are a suspect.

  • Gru
    Gru 13 days ago +24860

    People who make these calls need to be held accountable. Unbelievable.

  • Lahindu
    Lahindu 3 days ago +58

    This is so messed up dude! I know youtubers are always getting false reports all the time but this is unbelievable.

  • Ashton Phoenyx
    Ashton Phoenyx 20 hours ago +11

    The dangerous part of this, is this footage just showed the neighborhood Speed lives in. I really really hope that doesn't put him in any more danger... God please be with this kid and his family.

  • きよしろ!! ♡
    きよしろ!! ♡ 21 hour ago +21

    The way the police officer said "look we're tryna make sure you won't harm yourself" and Speed, in his mind, was like "hurt myself? I'm just gaming!". He sounds genuinely panicked and kept being cut off but still he did well explaining the situation

  • im a FLA Man
    im a FLA Man 3 days ago +10

    Whoever lied and made that call needs to go to jail

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 12 days ago +16094

    Cops that actually apologize are a breath of fresh air

      DOUBLE JAY REACTS, UPGRADED. 23 hours ago

      The cops and speed are so chill, as they knew each other.

    • Potandthekettle
      Potandthekettle Day ago

      @Gosty trashing someones 4th amendment rights isn't part of a cop's job. Some people seem to think so though....

    • Potandthekettle
      Potandthekettle Day ago

      Yeah it makes it easier for the lawsuit 😂

    • Bide Ni
      Bide Ni Day ago +1

      Ha, these type of "SWATing call" joke, here in Europe is a serious crime.
      And if you make risky things like go to mountain with stormy weather and rescue teams need to rescue you, you pay fir all, starting from the helicopter.....

    • Anita Biswal
      Anita Biswal Day ago

      Tell this to anbu cops minato

  • ThatKnifeKid
    ThatKnifeKid 5 days ago +70

    He may have hang around some questionable people but nobody deserves this, this is too much

  • Kaizen 17
    Kaizen 17 6 days ago +5

    It's a person's right to know on which charge he is being arrested and clearly when he asked at the very start of this video, he was being ignored by the police.

  • myo the mayo
    myo the mayo 6 days ago +40

    I can't believe people do this, it's so disgusting. our world is truly rotting

    • Chris Robinson
      Chris Robinson 3 hours ago

      @Saitama how? There responding to a call?

    • Saitama
      Saitama 2 days ago

      It's more The polices fault too.

  • Lol Lags
    Lol Lags Day ago +2

    Man it really sucks that Speed is so disoriented and overwhelmed by the situation he can’t accurately describe what’s happening. Saying “it’s a prank” makes it sound like HE called doing it to himself. What really is happening is there are people that watch Speed, these people either thrill it’s funny or are genuinely trying to get him hurt. The fact the officer stated “they said you have an AR-15 and a Glock and want to kill everybody.” Is a perfect que to what the “prank callers” intent was. Him getting swatted would potentially get him killed. I know I don’t need to spell it out for most people- I just wish Speed could have said this sadly. Feel bad for him man. I understand why he couldn’t accurately describe the situation, just wish it was easier to explain. Just think if he would have had the “flight” response instead of cooperating, or think about the consequences of the “fight” response. It’s very startling being walked up on in general, even worse it being cops, but luckily he is very well mannered, level headed, and generally a calm guy. Very smart man Speed is. Best wishes to him and everyone involved. Great job by the officers handling this situation.

  • Jason N
    Jason N 14 days ago +11281

    It’s crazy how anyone can say anything AND get another person into something.

    • Proud Troll
      Proud Troll Day ago

      @Metropolitan Transportation Authority
      If the cops think that someone has a gun in school, they should be allowed to check him out. That's because he's on school property, and you can't do whatever you want on school property. You can't say whatever you want, you can't wear whatever you want, and the cops are allowed to search you.

    • Proud Troll
      Proud Troll Day ago

      @tolmine 354
      "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
      -Benjamin Franklin

    • Metropolitan Transportation Authority
      Metropolitan Transportation Authority Day ago

      @Proud Troll I understand your feelings, but sometimes all you have is what information is reported to you. There was a shooting 2 days ago near one of my school-owned buildings. It would be a disaster if the suspect could not be detained when the cops arrived on the scene because they had no hard evidence other than reports from people about what they looked like.

    • Zenox
      Zenox 2 days ago

      @zapdos xy I can show some trust on this comment.

  • damarh
    damarh 21 hour ago +2

    The cops are NEVER on your side. they were asking him questions waiting for him to make a mistake and slip up.
    They were looking for a reason to book him on anything, glad he stayed cool.

  • Jhârèñ
    Jhârèñ 4 days ago +3

    they didnt even let him wear his clothes properly why are people like this respect to speed i hope he is doing well now and i hope he has calmed down now

  • Kris Larsen
    Kris Larsen Day ago +1

    Man I do not like how the police are saying they're on a side because most of the time they're not they're on their side and if it happened to be your side good but if not you're screwed. This turned out pretty well but honestly he should consult a lawyer.

  • Yello Cavo
    Yello Cavo 5 days ago +3

    That’s sad y’all not only wasting the cops time when they can be actually saving live but y’all also put speed whole family on life at risk. That is absolutely sad bro all the people out here dying by police imagine if y’all so called “stans” got speed killed then what?

    ET_ ETKING 13 days ago +7739

    Honestly respect for the camera man the guy made the situation much better then it would’ve been hadn’t he introduced who he actually is

    • Naked Mario
      Naked Mario 5 days ago

      @AVATonyT because every cops are sooooooo bad people without meeting one irl
      Isnt what your rappers told ya ?

    • Owibi
      Owibi  6 days ago +1

      @Jay Iidd 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀Whig privilige?.?…1.2,22,1 🫣🫢🫢🫢🫢🫢🤥😬🤨😲😢😮😢😲😮🤯🤯🤯😮😧😦🥱😵😵‍💫

    • himynameisDamian
      himynameisDamian 9 days ago

      That’s not a guy that’s a bodycam

    • gamingisfun15 _
      gamingisfun15 _ 9 days ago

      @Jay Iidd bro can't even spell

    • The O5 Council
      The O5 Council 10 days ago

      @Jay Iidd I didn’t know whigs had privilege

  • Mickael Wilkinson
    Mickael Wilkinson Day ago +1

    I know that swatting has happened before and it’s a thing but Watching this go viral, it’s bound to happen again. Someone is at home
    With buddies watching this and freaking out. Other psychopaths at home admiring. God bless them and future streamers/influencers.
    Got a bad feeling about this

  • Austin Giugovaz
    Austin Giugovaz 3 days ago +1

    Cops can’t take chances, they have to find out more before letting you go. This is nothing but the person who calls fault

  • Richard Riddick
    Richard Riddick Day ago +10

    *puts him in handcuffs without saying a word*
    "Relax! Relax!"

  • Eduardo Mapelli
    Eduardo Mapelli 4 days ago +3

    Props to the cameraman for explaining the situation to the officers

  • Tyler Putnam 2.0
    Tyler Putnam 2.0 15 days ago +580

    what makes me upset is that they keep trying to "explain themselves" and the cops wont let them "Explain" the situation... they just keep telling them to calm down and keep repeating themselves saying "we're just trying to figure this out" .... well then why wont you hear them out and actually listen to what they're trying to "explain" to you...

    • Bassin'Idiot
      Bassin'Idiot 10 days ago

      @pustulio81 thank you, someone with common sense

    • Bassin'Idiot
      Bassin'Idiot 10 days ago

      @Mack Joseph proven by whom? And is ever single police officer the same?

    • Bassin'Idiot
      Bassin'Idiot 10 days ago

      They themselves don't know who they can trust in the situation, they don't know anything yet and they don't know who he is either, they are just called in

    • Forsaken
      Forsaken 11 days ago

      @Dan Ked I'm sorry but when police get a call and the dispatcher says that somebody has called them talking about how "they want to hurt themselves and their family" they absolutely have to control the scene before they can talk. It's not guilty until proven innocent because no actual punishment is being made.
      He wasn't charged with anything, wasn't sent to jail they just controlled the situation.

      GHOSTTIEF 13 days ago


  • Dan Harold Petiluna

    "Im not about to kill myself, im straight!"
    Somehow killed me ☠️😭🤣👌

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L 18 hours ago

    Are these cops really not aware of the phenomenon known as "swatting?" You're telling me they don't have training or courses on how to identify what these are and when these happen?

  • Xyrein
    Xyrein Day ago +1

    i hate how the cops never let him speak.... they always try to put themselves first and control the narrative its so manipulative....

  • Mr Rodger’s sensual slave

    Imagine how sad the life of whoever swatted him is. Must be a small and sad POS who enjoys the power of authority but they’ll never come out themselves and admit it cus they can’t handle accountability. They gotta live their lives knowing they’re a laughing stock to the internet

  • Bruffy
    Bruffy 11 days ago +19406

    Speed has undoubtedly the worst most immature fanbase i've ive ever seen, i feel so bad for speed, he doesnt deserve this stress

    • Oblivion
      Oblivion 2 hours ago

      that's what happens when you cultivate edgy teenagers as your fanbase

    • Im_JavianBuxtonWilliams
      Im_JavianBuxtonWilliams 4 hours ago

      @The dark King yeah because I really expect Speed to be a youtuber for grown adults 😑

    • The dark King
      The dark King 5 hours ago

      This because speed himself is immature

    • MikeDiesel
      MikeDiesel 13 hours ago

      why did they even do this why did they covered the face of speed face

  • Malavos
    Malavos 4 days ago +2

    I hope he sues the department. If no legal action is taken, government and the police won't take serious the swatters. Something must be done, and the only way to make government and legislators to listen, is by hurting them where it hurts.
    Speed got money, get a legal team, and get the ball rolling.

  • 15th Doctor
    15th Doctor 19 hours ago

    These cops are so lucky to be with someone who can see it from their point of view and doesn’t freak out or escalate the situation.

  • Just Some Guy
    Just Some Guy 5 hours ago +2

    police still having the power to just walk up on you on like that is really getting old.

  • Adrien beeatingpeaches

    The amount of trauma this man, his friends and family just went through. Anyone who finds this funny or was involved in this is a sick individual. Get some help and live your life differently.

  • Cówboy Bebop
    Cówboy Bebop 16 days ago +13319

    isn't it crazy that people can do this easily to someone without consequences.

    • Varshkietukas
      Varshkietukas 6 days ago

      @PastPositive Yes there are consequences but no one does anything even though there are laws,rules no one does anything typical american style

    • PastPositive
      PastPositive 6 days ago

      There are consequences lol, you guys need to go study the basics of law.

    • LoveIsWar
      LoveIsWar 12 days ago


    • Kri
      Kri 12 days ago +1

      @Johannes "are some of the many examples" my guy how many examples do you need? surely you dont expect me to spend hours researching every single case that has going through the legal system and naming absolutely everybody, do you?

    • Varshkietukas
      Varshkietukas 12 days ago

      Its america what do you expect

  • Kay4 Channel
    Kay4 Channel 6 days ago +16

    I'm happy speed is well raised great mother and son

  • Ben Churchill
    Ben Churchill Day ago +1

    Crazy how every us citizen has this much power.. it’s like calling in an air strike.

  • Initiis Novis
    Initiis Novis 2 days ago +1

    This whole situation is unfair to speed and the cops, although they both handled it great imo

  • Larry Sommers
    Larry Sommers Day ago

    This is prime evidence why we need cops to be trained more

  • OnlyPopple
    OnlyPopple 8 days ago +3458

    The people that do this are the most scummy, immature, and inconsiderate people ever. Truly disrespectful to do that to a person.

    • Jabuticaba
      Jabuticaba Day ago

      @phewchiWolf Someone prank-called the police saying Speed was going to kill his parents and himself, so the police went, and while the whole family was explaining it was a swatting call, the cops doubted because, well, they can't really trust in everything somebody says

    • Skinny & Pudge
      Skinny & Pudge 3 days ago

      I just don't understand how the police are allowed on his property.

    • Goose
      Goose 3 days ago

      @ExoticMythic ur not funny

    • Theoxist
      Theoxist 3 days ago

      @ExoticMythic no time for these jokes

  • ZhaoWarudo
    ZhaoWarudo 3 days ago

    Beats me if there's a whole must-do procedure specifically to approach a situation in which the suspect is being cooperative because the cops kept saying "I know, am just doing my job" in response to the streamer, knowing it might be a false report

    LANSM GROUP Day ago

    The cops did their best job. I would love every cope to be this professional

  • Zulu Shanx
    Zulu Shanx Day ago

    Good job for those policeman for taking it seriously, it shows they are really doing their job for ones

  • DarkDsyk299
    DarkDsyk299 5 days ago +46

    "You're not in any trouble" -starts handcuffing him- LMAO wtf

  • Ivory Gaston
    Ivory Gaston 15 days ago +5996

    It irritates me that the police ask a question but continue to cut the person off that’s trying to answer or explain . That creates a hostile situation.

    • buttsecks
      buttsecks Day ago

      @Vagus21 it’s the fact they “want to know what’s going on” but they don’t even let u finish about “what’s going on”

    • buttsecks
      buttsecks Day ago

      @Vagus21 imagine getting falsely accused of smt and getting cut off every time u try to tell ur truth

    • Luckyy
      Luckyy 6 days ago

      I mean. Sometimes (well, a lot of times) it helps to just stfu around police. Miranda rights and all that.

    • lz Uchiha zl
      lz Uchiha zl 10 days ago

      @lemontea128 you say that until it happens to you and your watching these people ruin your life and your powerless to do anything about it. You can just sit there and enjoy the show

  • Ben Churchill
    Ben Churchill Day ago +2

    “If we get another thing at this address,” so a potential boy who cried wolf situation? Great. This anonymous a hole really screwed the entire system up. Wow

  • Cladcreeper
    Cladcreeper 5 days ago +2

    Poor speed, he has so much misfortune. Hope he's okay.

  • Ayye Izzo
    Ayye Izzo Day ago

    “Hey come here we just wanna talk to you” *proceeds to put hand cuffs on him* 🤦🏻‍♂️ then they wonder why people are so scared of them

    BAB FSLB 7 days ago +3

    and people wonder why he rages on stream, his life ain’t stable man

  • Daniel Bowens
    Daniel Bowens 12 days ago +2129

    Laws need to be changed for these jerks, when you make a false allegations against someone, law should be changed so you receive the punishment that you wanted to inflict on an innocent person. False allegations can cause lifelong damage and absolutely destroy your reputation in an instant.

    • Bobby Hill
      Bobby Hill 3 days ago


    • Ema
      Ema 5 days ago

      Pure Bureaucracy

    • Ema
      Ema 5 days ago

      Puré bureaucracy

    • elsea scotty
      elsea scotty 9 days ago


    • V-0
      V-0 10 days ago

      Let's imagine you're my friend, and you admit to me you killed a 6 year old kid. I report it to the police, and they take you to the interrogation room. You end up being a creative liar and don't get any allegations against you and are free to go. Should I be charged then for "falsely" reporting you and destroy your life? You want these people who make false allegations to be punished, but how can the court proof that they are joking or actually serious?

  • Mastiff Mom
    Mastiff Mom Day ago

    His mom is right. People doing this are the ones who need to be found out and stopped. Now I understand what “swatting” really is. The cops need to figure out how to reverse this and get those that are guilty and make THEM take responsibility

  • Bemci
    Bemci 5 days ago +2

    You're are there to help, and he's in handcuffs? TF?
    These losers are crazy 🤦

  • Ayaan Shaikh
    Ayaan Shaikh 11 hours ago +1

    Man leave him alone, he must've been feeling so wrong bruhh

  • Chook's To Go
    Chook's To Go 4 hours ago +2

    How can this cop arrest someone without a warrant? just how?

  • hootjohnson
    hootjohnson 13 days ago +5288

    I feel bad for the guy. I understand his frustration. I hope they find the troll who did this and press charges.

    • Jonathan Jimenez
      Jonathan Jimenez 4 hours ago

      @kotone shiomi also is that why a guy made a video about you being immature

    • kotone shiomi
      kotone shiomi 15 hours ago

      @Tt Ff I’m not and u have no proof

    • kotone shiomi
      kotone shiomi 15 hours ago

      @Vera I’m not 12

  • Dana Mosley
    Dana Mosley 7 days ago

    "because your son wanted to kill you"is what he said. He's clueless! That's not us. We are not those type of people. Weird how he keeps trying to justify it all. The restraints were not needed.

  • Asuki Folxfer
    Asuki Folxfer 19 hours ago +1

    People really just don't know what to do anymore. Remember when pranking and trolling was just playful and in video games? Now every time I here or see "prank" anything, my first thought is "someone is about to die for nothing because some shitlord is bored"

  • Abdullah Al Mahmoud
    Abdullah Al Mahmoud 2 days ago

    The most hideous respond I ever heard from a cop is being asked you know what a streamer is, and the cop responds “I guess..”

  • Darion Jude
    Darion Jude 3 days ago +6

    “You got my son in cuffs and he hasn’t done anything wrong, what’s wrong is people keep pranking my house y’all need to take care of that”
    Cop: “well you need to explain it to me”
    *after she just explained everything*

    • Will
      Will 2 days ago

      Prime example of how incompetent police are.

  • Innocence
    Innocence 12 days ago +5051

    On his stream he is nothing but a persona, it really shows how good of an entertainer he is but irl he's a very mature and down to Earth dude, props to Speed.

    • raindrop
      raindrop 4 hours ago

      yeah no thats definitely not a persona

    • NFL.fifty35
      NFL.fifty35 22 hours ago

      @slxce lxfe gaming you do know he play like dat right

    • Herring
      Herring Day ago +2

      It’s not a persona it’s him but amplified by a thousand 😂

    • Dacal LP
      Dacal LP Day ago

      i mean he did mention his sub count and that he is very popular like 350 times but other than that yea

    • Bharg
      Bharg 2 days ago

      it doesnt seem like a persona to me he just tones it down in front of the swat teams

  • Gresh
    Gresh 3 days ago +2

    notice how with other streamers, cops are never usually this rough with them…. notice something?

  • Texting Story Watcher
    Texting Story Watcher  4 hours ago +3

    I hope Speed's location isn't leaked that much because it would put him and in his whole family in danger. It probably is at this point so maybe if they move it will be much better for their safety.

  • Joey Clinch
    Joey Clinch 2 days ago +1

    Police Psychology class Rule 101: Tell them u have kids and u feel the same.
    "They prank us all the time"
    "I have 5 kids"

  • Trav da Sav
    Trav da Sav Day ago

    Im shocked. Law enforcement had no warrant. I’d sue. I’m extremely disappointed with the lack of professionalism

  • TheRyan24
    TheRyan24 12 days ago +2746

    Major respect to speed and his camera man for how they handled this. The police need to be briefed on these situations.

    • String Cheese is Not Stringy
      String Cheese is Not Stringy Day ago

      Yea the police handled it perfectly too, they did their job and were pretty chill abt it

    • RYNLDio
      RYNLDio 2 days ago

      dude they are doing their jobs, what if the threat is real then? you still gonna blame the cops.

    • Freeze 472
      Freeze 472 3 days ago

      Ok, Chief you go and brief them on these situation since you got the training and knowledge.

    • TheRyan24
      TheRyan24 3 days ago

      @bob I know, obviously, but his camera man was in the video talking to police

    • bob
      bob 3 days ago

      The cameraman didn't film this the cops did using their body cams

  • HikariNo Yami
    HikariNo Yami 3 days ago +1

    "We're gonna explain to him."
    Doesn't explain anything.

  • Teddy Blomstrom
    Teddy Blomstrom 4 days ago +1

    Swatting is just one of the many reasons we need to de militarize the police. (Not defund just demilitarized)

  • Olive Oil
    Olive Oil 4 days ago +1

    Bro he’s 17 y’all really about to ruin this kids life when he’s tries his absolute best to entertain us everyday he’s streams, y’all gonna make this man quit and than complain why?? And I honestly don’t blame him if he does y’all ruin this man’s life everyday he streams, y’all can’t do anything nice to him

  • McMerry
    McMerry 4 days ago +1

    I love how police attend false calls faster than they attend legitimate calls. 😂

  • BeastlyBlue
    BeastlyBlue 13 days ago +6045

    Crazy how someone that lives 2 states away from Ohio, made a prank call that led to all of this. Powerful, dangerous call that anyone from anywhere can be pranked so dangerously


      Ohio moment

    • KingJordan2221_
      KingJordan2221_ 9 days ago

      @YEGOR 😂😂😂

    • YEGOR
      YEGOR 9 days ago

      bro commenting from the youtube app on xbox

    • Honest Gamer
      Honest Gamer 11 days ago

      @Benny Pit That is the part where those people who think they are something but in reality are not should be judged without needing to court. I mean He could actually get shot there or die. We saw those people claiming "i cannot be found" being found by fbi but does it always have to be Court's decision to look after those people ? They should already look for those people. If a cop defends themselves in such situation they get judged not the person who actually makes these calls/texts and so on even tho they should be judged as real murderer.

    • Benny Pit
      Benny Pit 11 days ago

      I saw IShowSpeed reach towards what could possibly maybe be interpreted as his reported waistband. These cops had legit right to fear for their life, they are lucky to be alive right now. T&Ps.

  • Sean
    Sean 17 hours ago

    Handcuffing before being explained what’s happening…. Nope , fair play on speed for calmness man big respect

  • Sigma Cursed
    Sigma Cursed Day ago +1

    I love how his face is blurry but he's a famous youtuber/streamer and you literally put his name on the title. Nice job 😂

  • crisppyy_bacon
    crisppyy_bacon 9 hours ago +1

    "im a popular streamer" wonderful way to explain the situation

    • UppZ
      UppZ 4 hours ago

      He tried to say that is being trolled and lot of people does this..

  • The Black Hippie Jesus

    How do you handcuff someone without explaining why and then tell him calm down we will explain. How do you not expect people to freak out lol. He clearly doesn’t have any weapons. The handcuffs are unnecessary and traumatizing.

  • Fardin Bhuiyan
    Fardin Bhuiyan 11 days ago +1339

    Being swatted and unable to defend yourself is one of the most frustrating feelings to experience, especially that feeling of being powerless in your own house where you are meant to feel safe. Having been told to understand the crimes that you have not commited makes you think that this will change your life.

    • Tomalle
      Tomalle 2 hours ago

      @No name I got put on doxbin 😐

    • Fardin Bhuiyan
      Fardin Bhuiyan Day ago

      @No name ah alright, but even then, calling the police on someone with reasonable intent is better than being a silent bystander. However the way that authorities handle some situations can be a bit extreme.

    • No name
      No name  Day ago +1

      @Fardin Bhuiyan I was joking but there were times where I was gonna call for reasons like that

    • Fardin Bhuiyan
      Fardin Bhuiyan Day ago

      @No name I think that's fine honestly. It's a duty you get trained for in order to protect others from real harm. If the scenario was different like a person is intending to hurt innocent people, then police raids are an appropriate preventative measure. I only have respect for you and the people who take action to keep others safe 🫡

  • JordonPlaysYt
    JordonPlaysYt 4 days ago +4

    I love how they blurred IShowSpeed's face

  • жыжа жыжевич
    жыжа жыжевич 2 hours ago +5

    Only in Ohio this can happen 💀💀☠

  • Kelvin416
    Kelvin416 4 days ago

    Totally outrageous, not only are they framing speed, and causing issues, but are wasting emergency services time, there could've been a actual crime happening

  • Kai Kai
    Kai Kai 19 hours ago +1

    Why are police officers incapable of having a conversation.

  • Ryan Devore
    Ryan Devore 14 days ago +6217

    Whether it comes from a place of immaturity or malice those responsible need to be held accountable. This will continue to happen if something is not done to the perpetrators.

    • Dubem Anyichie
      Dubem Anyichie 11 days ago +1

      Dang rye rye this comment blew, well said 👍🏿

    • zendariun
      zendariun 11 days ago

      That's ishowspeed you boomer

    • InformationOverload
      InformationOverload 12 days ago

      @Kalvin They really don’t get away with it

    • DragontheKid
      DragontheKid 12 days ago

      i agree, but i have no clue of what u just said too much high words for me to process through my brain. sorry

    • Kalvin
      Kalvin 12 days ago +1

      They only do it because they know they can get away with it.

  • NOOB
    NOOB 4 days ago

    "We are on your side" is SUSSiest thing somebody can say while arresting you

  • Connor Brooks
    Connor Brooks 7 days ago

    Bro I wish a cop would do this to me so I could catch a bag, the way he keeps saying we will explain it to him but never does and the other cop takes the phone out of the other kids hand. All of this if speed knew his laws and what to say could have been so bad for the cops right at that moment but it didn’t. They will definitely get introuble tho

  • Pho3nix
    Pho3nix 6 days ago

    Calling the cops as a joke is already dangerous, but it’s a whole different level when the person being swatted is a POC.
    I don’t think people understand that some cops in America don’t stop and try to figure out if the call is serious or not.
    These actions have killed people in the past. Stay safe everyone.

  • Kem J
    Kem J Day ago +1

    Welfare checks aren’t supposed to turn into prolonged detainment.

  • Kmmb
    Kmmb 9 days ago +6017

    This young man didn’t curse, carry on and was cooperative. Yet there were a couple of cops that wouldn’t let him explain himself. He was cut off mid sentence How frustrating and frightening and threatening

    • O que não te contam
      O que não te contam 12 hours ago

      Is this the law that works?

    • Dumm Tier
      Dumm Tier Day ago

      @chelic who wouldn’t? Get arrested for a crime you did not commit and spend a night in jail. Lmk how u feel about ur saviors then.

  • rrrtr
    rrrtr 3 days ago

    I like how the officer deal with the situation it remind me they are human, so humor😊

  • Adam Guennoun
    Adam Guennoun 2 days ago +1

    Police handled it well I blame the system that they have to go through this

  • L L - revival my dream ModCheck

    he actually made it to law and crime

  • MrTopHatMan
    MrTopHatMan 4 days ago

    Speeds a genuinely good content creator, he’s just bullied by “fans” though

  • H3nry
    H3nry 13 days ago +3440

    Honestly wasn't expecting him to be so mature, no one over reacted and him, his family and friends understood the situation and did not escalate it in any way.

      GRYPHON SCHNITZEL 11 days ago

      @Estevan Lawrence yeah exactly

    • GTR0K
      GTR0K 11 days ago

      @Senator Armstrong guilty till proven innocent?

    • H3nry
      H3nry 11 days ago +1

      @GRYPHON SCHNITZEL he most definitely did not over react. If you have a number of law enforcement show up at your house, arrest you and say someone called them and said you were about to commit a crime, while you have no idea what’s going on, it is *absolutely* normal to me anxious and react in that way.
      He didn’t make it hard and didn’t try to run, he was ofc confused though which is warranted.

    • Estevan Lawrence
      Estevan Lawrence 11 days ago

      @GRYPHON SCHNITZEL I was thinkin the same thing . He couldn’t talked a way that would’ve made it go much smoother. There was no real problem so he was gonna be released anyways but it could’ve just went smoother.

  • Inanimate
    Inanimate Day ago

    Dude leave this man alone, he doesn't deserve this

  • Dinosaur
    Dinosaur 5 days ago +1

    Isn't it illegal to spread false information 🤔

  • Adam M
    Adam M 2 days ago

    Poor speed he can’t even answer the question of how do they know where he lives because he doesn’t even know how they do it. Sadly he should take more care of his OPSEC. A simple background from a live and you can get somebodies location. It’s sad these people use these skills to terrorize instead of help smh

  • RetroFN
    RetroFN 2 days ago


  • KayBee 211
    KayBee 211 16 days ago +6152

    They need to find out who made that call and they need to be held accountable

    • Radars
      Radars 13 days ago

      TextNow + MullVad + Burner Email = untracable. You cant find who made the call lmao

    • Asylum Rain
      Asylum Rain 13 days ago

      @Varis man easy to call them slow irl too

    • Dank XI
      Dank XI 14 days ago

      @Astro Clxpz you spelled “you’re” wrong birdbrain.

  • Timothy bean
    Timothy bean 4 days ago

    People that do this should get charged with a felony, 200k usd fine and 5 years in prison.

  • Talk Sense🔵
    Talk Sense🔵 6 days ago +1

    This is not how to do a job, they even couldn't let him explain 🤐

  • T
    T Day ago +4

    The funny part is that they covered his face

  • Justin Roiles
    Justin Roiles Day ago

    Cop: Hey hey calm down, I’m on your side
    Mom: There are people pran-
    Cop: We do our job and guns bad