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Texas Sheriff Investigating Migrant Flights To Martha's Vineyard

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, an elected Democrat, railed against the flights that took off in his city as political posturing. But he said investigators had so far only spoken to attorneys representing some of the migrants and did not name any potential suspects who might face charges. He also did not mention DeSantis in a news conference that appeared to mark the first time a law enforcement official has said they would look into the flights.
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Comments • 1 181

  • Gary R
    Gary R 9 days ago +133

    Did Sheriff Javier care about death of 51 migrants in sweltering Texas truck and those crossing and dying. Not a peep.

    • Benjamin Filbert
      Benjamin Filbert 7 days ago

      Lots of us did. It was a massive backlash. Just cause you didn't, doesn't mean we didn't.

    • Bill Randleman
      Bill Randleman 9 days ago

      @Just Crazy Quite the mental gymnastics to think that I was claiming that a state could not act on its own behalf if the federal government failed to fulfill one of its few legitimate functions.

    • Antony 24
      Antony 24 9 days ago +2

      Javier Salazar is part of the problem so send the busses to his home next

  • Glen Benson
    Glen Benson 9 days ago +69

    That sheriff most likely has a secret santa this year or someone blackmailed him.

    • Brave Just Defend
      Brave Just Defend 9 days ago +1

      BETO must of gave him some of his campaign money to speak that BS

    • Just Crazy
      Just Crazy 9 days ago +1

      @George Lux lol you mean the little democrat deputy and only a deputy no one high up ! How many are you housing? We all know the answer zero none not a single one

  • Frank Drevin Police Squad

    Remember- this sheriff is right next to Uvalde and the police response time in Martha's Vineyard was quicker than the police response time at the Uvalde shooting

    • Margie Montgomery
      Margie Montgomery 5 days ago +1

      Yes and Uvalde all the children were killed and school teachers

    • Matt Kelly
      Matt Kelly 9 days ago +5

      His jurisdiction also had the 50+ dead immigrants in the back of the truck. Fact.

    • thebangles
      thebangles 9 days ago +4

      In both cases, they responded to their masters voice.

  • CatBug
    CatBug 9 days ago +46

    Pretty sure that Sheriff has plenty to worry about in San Antonio

    • Kerry Lewis
      Kerry Lewis 9 days ago

      San Antonio says it all in their name. Just like Austin

    • EC Stanton
      EC Stanton 9 days ago

      I would say migrants being kidnapped and lied to is a pretty big issue

  • Joshua Ball
    Joshua Ball 9 days ago +34

    If "It's not my problem" is the attitude of some districts then they shouldn't have a voice in the issue. Otherwise it should be made their collective problem.

    • Antony 24
      Antony 24 9 days ago

      @J Kstn About as secure as me winning the lotto lol

    • Nathan Sutphin
      Nathan Sutphin 9 days ago

      @J Kstn We still you trolling comrade.

    • El pacho ....
      El pacho .... 9 days ago

      @J Kstn where do you live?

  • Flynn Stone
    Flynn Stone 9 days ago +16

    Wow! They wouldn't have to investigate nothing if they were just to abide by their OATH. Read it. Same with the military, read that, section 502.

  • Jen Mack
    Jen Mack 9 days ago +28

    "investigating if any laws were broken" - ummm yeah, they entered ILLEGALLY

    • Benjamin Filbert
      Benjamin Filbert 6 days ago +1

      Since when is seeking asylum illegal?

    • GBWM2021
      GBWM2021 7 days ago

      @shaun graff exactly.

    • shaun graff
      shaun graff 9 days ago +2

      @James Enger if they didn’t enter illegally then what crime has been committed? If they are allowed to be here legally then they are not being trafficked at all. They would just be people taking money for a trip to a random location.

    • iamthe partyone
      iamthe partyone 9 days ago +1

      @James Enger that is a fact, they entered illegally.

  • darrin moore
    darrin moore 9 days ago +8

    Wonder if he applies that to Biden and his 70 night flights of them

  • Pat kelley
    Pat kelley 9 days ago +6

    So this is who has been sending clandestine flights all over the country and he's going to open an investigation. That's rich.

  • Dave Jackowski
    Dave Jackowski 9 days ago +16

    Than Martha vineyard phases the people out of the town saying they have open arms than made them go to a military base. Just fly them back home.

    • Lotus Auer
      Lotus Auer 9 days ago

      Martha's vineyard isn't a town, it's a small island with a transient community populating it. The fact they had the migrants flown to such a restrictive place in the first place is the whole reason they had go be relocated again. And if your argument is "why not just fly them home" why tf did the governors of Texas and Florida decide to use taxpayer dollars to put the migrants further away from their homes? Now they have to be flown back the same distance, and then some to accomplish your goal. Best case, we just wasted millions flying people all over for no reason than to try and "own the libs". You people are so close to grasping a straw, yet you're reaching in the knife drawer.

  • DarleneDMD
    DarleneDMD 9 days ago

    Interesting how the sheriff believes somebody who’s breaking the law because they’re illegal coming into this country and then, of course, why would they lie?

  • Gretchen Manzella
    Gretchen Manzella 9 days ago +19

    Yes Sheriff, a law WAS broken!! They came into our country ILLEGALLY!!!

    • Mike Weaver
      Mike Weaver 9 days ago


    • fallen alpha
      fallen alpha 9 days ago

      @Mike Weaver sounds like you advocate for immigration policy not being followed.

    • Aereto
      Aereto 9 days ago +1

      @fallen alpha
      Though there's little funding to actually handle processing at the border states since it was supposed to be a Federal responsibility. Was.
      So it would make sense to send them to sanctuary cities since that's the state governor and city mayor responsibility to actually enforce the policy.

  • RR
    RR 9 days ago +15

    Well what better life are they being offered in Texas? Do they have jobs, a home and a car…………probably not so nothing wrong here just spreading them out. Perfectly fine.

    • Knight《☆》Bishop
      Knight《☆》Bishop 9 days ago


    • Todd Gaak
      Todd Gaak 9 days ago

      @Knight《☆》Bishop THESE. ARE. NOT. REFUGEES.

    • Papa Wheelie
      Papa Wheelie 9 days ago +4

      @Knight《☆》Bishop What are they seeking asylum from? Don't be shy, my guy. Tell us. ❗

  • Chad Wicks
    Chad Wicks 9 days ago +1

    With all the people sleeping in tents out west! This is considered evil and inhumane! I like how the media finds puppets to just talk about how evil this all is! Instead of saying we are happy these people are closer to suburban city’s where they will be successful! It’s evil and inhumane!

  • Don't you wish you knew my name

    Lol, the sheriff doesn't know what the law was but he is going to find it. 😂 Taxpayers are the ones being hoodwinked

  • El_Cypress
    El_Cypress 9 days ago +17

    Sounds like a sheriff not protecting the people he serves.

    • Benjamin Filbert
      Benjamin Filbert 7 days ago

      The constitution applies to all people in this country, not just citizens or residents.
      "No person shall be denied life, liberty or property without due process" -14th amendment.

  • Just Crazy
    Just Crazy 9 days ago +2

    A democrat little deputy from the same county that had a truck load die from heat !! But he’s NOT saying ANYTHING about that .

  • MegOh! Businesses
    MegOh! Businesses 9 days ago +7

    Napoleon said to his dogs "get him" and they've been barking out the windows ever since.

  • Gary Creasy
    Gary Creasy 9 days ago +6

    Democrat, liberal, is political and doesn't have authority. However, he opened to the door for his area to take say 10,000 illegals . Who pays for the attorney representing illegals. Maybe they should be held responsible for the illegal entry into our country in the first place. Maybe Americans should sue them to get that stopped.

  • Joe Houck
    Joe Houck 9 days ago +1

    Oooh, that sheriff is so smart. Wonder what he does when his district is overrun? It's easy to judge others. Are there no jobs in California?

  • AZgardener
    AZgardener 9 days ago +224

    Gotta love how the Sherrif "a law enforcement officer" says DeSantis didn't violate any laws but he's investigating it anyways. OMG. We are living in a circus.

    • AZgardener
      AZgardener 5 days ago

      @J Kstn Not sure I understand the question. I think Biden sucks.

    • AZgardener
      AZgardener 5 days ago

      @J BRD If you find tge entire interview with the Sherrif, you can see for yourself. Dont rely on what I or others say. I watched it and the Sherrif said no laws were broken

    • AZgardener
      AZgardener 5 days ago

      @Builds United I'm not saying I agree with what DeSantis did. I don't like using people for political reasons.

    • AZgardener
      AZgardener 5 days ago

      @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. Find and watch the whole interview with the sherrif. What you are seeing here us an edited version. Sorry

  • Lee Wilson
    Lee Wilson 9 days ago

    Well it is amazing with all of this going on how many women have been harmed trying to make it across the southern boarder.

  • Aardvark1904
    Aardvark1904 9 days ago +44

    Love it. Send more. Every day. Hypocrites are all talk until real people land in their "sanctuary". Sheriff Salazar admits no crime committed - he's doing it based on "feelings". Waaaaaaa! 🤡

    • iamthe partyone
      iamthe partyone 9 days ago +5

      @Jack abug there was no fraud other then the false claim of being a sanctuary where these people were welcome.

    • Todd Gaak
      Todd Gaak 9 days ago +7

      @Jack abug "Fraud" LOL. You guys are really grasping at straws.

  • John Albert
    John Albert 9 days ago +80

    If only we could find someone who cared to enforce the border. 🤔

    • Brave Just Defend
      Brave Just Defend 9 days ago

      BETO must of gave him some of his campaign money to speak that BS

    • DrWrap
      DrWrap 9 days ago +1

      @Shay Morcormick Don't forget the main thing that made Trump's wall fail--Democrat resistance and refusal to fund its construction.

    • Shay Morcormick
      Shay Morcormick 9 days ago +1

      @Selonious lol oh ya Trump's border wall was so successful....except against wind,improvised ladders and cheap cutting tool

    • J Kstn
      J Kstn 9 days ago +1

      12 years worth

    • John Albert
      John Albert 9 days ago +1

      @Selonious … 👍🏼🇺🇸

  • jar8459
    jar8459 9 days ago +11

    good they can see why the feds did the something shipping all over the country.

  • guitar jeff
    guitar jeff 9 days ago +72

    Sounds like a Sheriff that needs to be recalled!

    • J L
      J L 8 days ago

      @circle A you dont have any friends huh?

    • guitar jeff
      guitar jeff 8 days ago

      @Wendy Hardin They are doing a great job at exposing you people and your hypocrisy!

    • J L
      J L 8 days ago

      @circle A stop talking about yourself

  • Steve
    Steve 9 days ago +4

    How about he goes to New Mexico and investigate Alec Baldwin, since New Mexico is doing such a great job investigating that murder case.

  • Richard Pasquale
    Richard Pasquale 9 days ago

    This Sheriff is the best law enforcement at it's best

  • Anna Monti
    Anna Monti 9 days ago +1

    Close the border! Cierra la frontera !
    Respect the laws we have, citizens, veterans etc homeless, take care of them first .

  • Gary Roadkill
    Gary Roadkill 9 days ago +13

    An immigrant is a person that comes to the US from another country through a port of entry and has all the proper documentation who plan on becoming a US citizen.
    A migrant is a person that comes to the US to work usually seasonal work in agriculture with a work visa and once the work is done they go back home to their country of origin.
    An illegal alien is a person that comes across the border illegally with no visa or passport after paying traffickers to get them across the border and they do not plan on becoming a US citizen or returning to their country of origin.
    Please use the proper term for each individual - Buck Fiden

    • JustAnotherGuy
      JustAnotherGuy 9 days ago

      @Sara it’s less than 20% it’s actually like 5%.

  • Painkiller Jones
    Painkiller Jones 9 days ago +23

    Guess the DNC gave him a little "bump" in his paycheck....

    • Papa Wheelie
      Papa Wheelie 9 days ago +1

      @Knight《☆》Bishop This doesn't meet any legal definition of human trafficking and you know it. You lose. 👍

    • Todd Gaak
      Todd Gaak 9 days ago +1

      @Knight《☆》Bishop STOP. LYING.

    • Knight《☆》Bishop
      Knight《☆》Bishop 9 days ago

      @Papa Wheelie Yeah, transporting undocumented people under false pretenses while interfering with the legal asylum process and stranding them is totally above board. If you never actually argue a point and declare that someone has lost the argument, you've lost the argument. As for redefining words, go cry about people calling everyone "groomer" simply for disagreeing with them. 🤣

  • Benito Montemayor
    Benito Montemayor 9 days ago

    I was born in Eagle Pass, then my parents moved to Del Rio, Texas when I was months old.
    The migrants don’t have Sesame Street? I want to be there not here…! No, no, but I went there and now I’m here.

  • Doug Texas
    Doug Texas 9 days ago

    I don't think the Texas Sheriff has the authority to launch an investigation of this type. He is just a Sheriff, not the state attorney.

  • Morbidly Oppressed
    Morbidly Oppressed 9 days ago +3

    It’s only trafficking when a republican drives the bus. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Brave Just Defend
    Brave Just Defend 9 days ago +2

    BETO must of gave him some of his campaign money to speak that BS

  • Dewayne Leek
    Dewayne Leek 9 days ago +14

    Hes probaly guilty of something,,its usually somebody guilty that hollars loudest

  • Lupe Morales
    Lupe Morales 9 days ago +1

    This fool can't keep his officers from driving drunk. Atleast DeSantis didn't leave them locked up in a trailer for them to die.

  • Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry 9 days ago +2

    Supreme Court Decision? How long will that take?

  • Larry Dallas
    Larry Dallas 9 days ago +9

    Need new Sheriff

  • DZ302
    DZ302 9 days ago

    Is he talking about the 2 million migrants flown to Texas and Florida in the middle of the night by his president?

  • H K
    H K 9 days ago

    Martha's Vineyard is a great place to arrive. As an illegal immigrant, you do not have any right to pick and choose which state you wish to migrate to and you really must be gullible to expect any promises of work in this country, or promises of anything for that matter. You get to migrate to the U.S. and leave the craphole you are running away from, be thankful for that. Now, you figure it out like every other immigrant. There are homeless citizens still stuck many states away from where they'd like to be, yet we are supposed to pave a grand entrance and a golden road for every illegal immigrant? I say, we make this the norm.

    EDGING ON DEATH 9 days ago +2

    The sheriff is jealous, he wants to live in Martha's vineyard. 🤣 Send him over there

  • Alf Calzon
    Alf Calzon 8 days ago +1

    Lure somebody over a State Border is

  • Jarnvir
    Jarnvir 9 days ago +4

    Can I “migrate” to Central America for a better life? Will they welcome me with open arms or would they consider my “migration” illegal? This is the question.

    • Jarnvir
      Jarnvir 9 days ago

      @It's Me
      We’re not talking about centuries ago, we’re talking about the present.
      Try to catch up!
      The question still remains. I’m just looking for a better life. As a “migrant” can I go to Central America and be welcomed with open arms and set up shop, and let’s not forget demand they cater to me and my language of choice? Or will it be considered illegal?

  • tardnut1
    tardnut1 9 days ago +27

    Funny cause they interviewed them and they knew where they were going and no one promised them anything!

    • yomamapwnz
      yomamapwnz 9 days ago

      Did you watch an interview for each and every person or just some of them? Also in this report it says some of them were lied to as in, not all…

  • HomieDClown
    HomieDClown 9 days ago +13

    Migrant word of the day: “Nacho”
    Sorry Obamas it’s nacho vineyard anymore!

  • Robert Allred
    Robert Allred 9 days ago +1

    Desantis was so worried after he heard this he took the same plane and loaded it full of immigrants headed to Delaware. Should arrive within the next 2 hours so enjoy.

  • Daniel Griffin
    Daniel Griffin 9 days ago

    They came illegally now they cry they were treated illegally. 😢 they broke the law by coming illegally. Whot a joke our justice system is.

  • Kathy Burress
    Kathy Burress 9 days ago +1

    That Texas sheriff needs to investigated the drug runners crossing the southern border

  • You Me
    You Me 9 days ago +9

    So coming to a country illegally gets you a vacation trip to Martha's Vinyard!🤔 & it's all paid for courtesy taxpayers. What a life!

  • Laynie
    Laynie 9 days ago

    The fact he is a Democrat says it all. Okay sheriff, let some of them into your home.

  • dayblood Tempest
    dayblood Tempest 9 days ago

    He couldn't even keep a straight face . He knows that promise was done made by the sanctuary cities

  • shot forshot
    shot forshot 9 days ago

    "Mr and Mrs detainee, would you like to be housed in separate tents at this location until status is determined? Porta potties and communal showers are to the left, school lunches we can no longer afford to serve our children are available to the right BTW Or... you can take a nice airplane ride to a place that promises you'll live happily ever after.

  • Martian Texan
    Martian Texan 9 days ago

    No real sheriff speaks this way. Look at him, the body language of a liar.

  • Bunker
    Bunker 9 days ago

    YES!- Move the issue to their Democratic backyard....PERIOD!

  • Zeke Lucente
    Zeke Lucente 9 days ago

    Oooh an investigation this must be serious. Serious BS.

  • Russell Miner
    Russell Miner 9 days ago +2

    Deport the sheriff

  • Old Fashion real American!

    what right does he have meddling in Florida's law?..especially since he has NO power he's a local sheriff in Texas!! lol. political theater

  • Samurachi
    Samurachi 9 days ago +1

    Send them to french Canada, they would love that

  • Treemike2323
    Treemike2323 9 days ago

    This sherrif must have the biggest open door in texas!!! You start messing with brother Ronny you will be in for a busload of trouble!!lol

  • John Jaso
    John Jaso 9 days ago +23

    Democrat sheriff case closed.

    • Johnny Applesneed
      Johnny Applesneed 9 days ago

      @Tejano J Indeed, we call them neocons and RINOs.

    • Selonious
      Selonious 9 days ago +1

      @Tejano J democrat never

    • Tejano J
      Tejano J 9 days ago +1

      Not every republican thinks the way you think.

    • jakebrakebill
      jakebrakebill 9 days ago +7

      see what happens next election cycle. He gone

  • Rebecca Lankford
    Rebecca Lankford 9 days ago +14

    Laws broken? LMAO

  • The Coroner
    The Coroner 9 days ago

    I wish I could jump on the flight to Martha’s Vineyard.

  • F Cole
    F Cole 9 days ago

    and Florida has a 50k fine waiting on him if he does anything XD

  • Bill Kaldem
    Bill Kaldem 9 days ago +120

    That sheriff is a prime example of what’s wrong with law enforcement in this country

    • aro 327
      aro 327 7 days ago

      @Sid P im just glad you agree people get better care and conditions in massachusetts and not texas.

    • Sid P
      Sid P 7 days ago

      @ShipwreckedDemon Good.

    • Sid P
      Sid P 7 days ago

      @aro 327 I get better care? Yes maybe....But Apparently Immigrants delivered to sanctuary cities get crammed back onto the bus?

    • Sid P
      Sid P 7 days ago

      @aro 327 No... I'm just saying those clowns are all talk and claim they are willing to work with whatever, and we give them a chance to live up to the promise.
      BTW, vast deserts have no political affiliation.
      Jaskson Mississippi has no border to Southern border. They are probably doing OK?

  • BunkerBroadcasting
    BunkerBroadcasting 9 days ago +15

    Send thousands more! Way to go, Governor!

    • Robert Allred
      Robert Allred 9 days ago

      Wait until the plane arrives in Deleware within the next 2 hours.

  • Morbidly Oppressed
    Morbidly Oppressed 9 days ago +17

    How can I get a free flight to a vacation destination ??????

  • Unvaccinated Anticommunist

    We are going to change the demographics of Chocolate cities by replacing black with brown...

  • Perry Hawley
    Perry Hawley 9 days ago +3

    American leaders need to do there jobs now and kick em out send em back America has its own problems with high gas prices not much jobs and our own homeless people all over the country

  • Tim Bryan
    Tim Bryan 9 days ago +2

    Sheriff? He has his five minutes of fame.

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 9 days ago +10

    I'll volunteer to go to Martha's Vineyard.. PRETTY PLEASE 🤑🤑🤑. The bigots will reject me tho because of my dark skin tone.. 🤬

  • Cory Kobe
    Cory Kobe 9 days ago

    End dual citizenship with other nations.
    See how quickly this all stops...

  • christopher tharp
    christopher tharp 9 days ago

    but they are headed to a sanctuary city who will embrace them, i think it's a good deal.

  • 1guysopinion
    1guysopinion 9 days ago +1

    The feelings police at their best. They are here illegally, just another democrat that doesn't care about the actual law.

  • American Jones.😎
    American Jones.😎 9 days ago

    Leave them there!!!!! Sanctuary!!!!

  • Armandsong
    Armandsong 9 days ago


  • Brian Berthold
    Brian Berthold 9 days ago +1

    Texas Sheriffs have no power what so ever for people in Florida.....

  • iHomePro Services
    iHomePro Services 9 days ago

    What’s about the thousands getting sent to Florida ?

  • Kim Banks
    Kim Banks 9 days ago +39

    He just sent unlawful border crossers living on the streets in your city to a sanctuary state! I have not seen you this mad at the commander who caused the problem! Have you solved the 50+ dead in that 18 wheeler or you only arrested the driver?! You and them need to be investigated! Send more!

    • Seeker296
      Seeker296 9 days ago +1

      @Kim Banks you're generalizing, not discussing the facts of the case. Please take your comments to social media and stay away from political and news commentary. Thank you,
      A concerned citizen

    • Kim Banks
      Kim Banks 9 days ago +1

      @Raggedy Hobo Ignoramus, you've obviously never visited a border town or even seen footage of them living on the streets! They came unlawfully, and aren't always caught. I bet you think they unlawfully cross and drive to their homes! Your name is fitting by the way, but I think it would be much better if you changed it to Ignoramus the Raggedy Hobo!😂

  • GNome
    GNome 9 days ago

    Watch one video of my housesdirty and tell me you can believe anything the few migrants going to a 5 star area said.

  • Matt T
    Matt T 9 days ago

    Go Ron! Real Americans love you.

  • Rebecca Aldrich
    Rebecca Aldrich 9 days ago +33

    Unbelievable. They're trying to hurt the good guys now.

  • James M
    James M 8 days ago

    The best part is the sheriff has no jurisdiction.

  • Mason Burt
    Mason Burt 9 days ago

    Sent to “master two shits” and no one is talking about that slip?

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson 9 days ago +1

    Plan A , Go to Venaswhala then come back and walk across the border , get sent to Martha’s Vineyard, live better than I do now.

  • Sheryl Capone
    Sheryl Capone 9 days ago

    The jobs were there if they are anywhere. Get real!

  • godonniecom
    godonniecom 9 days ago

    They always have that return flight flying back how you like them apples

  • Sally jane Campos
    Sally jane Campos 9 days ago

    This people can do anything and they cannot will not get in trouble these government people will pay

  • David Velasquez
    David Velasquez 9 days ago

    A Latino sheriff going after a white sheriff ....it's gonna be good to watch

  • allgoo 19
    allgoo 19 9 days ago

    History shows that the US has been stable economically compared to other countries because of unlimited supply of cheap labor and constant consumption increase.
    It was specially apparent during the Gold Rush.
    Let's see the result of Texas and Florida
    By the way, today more Mexicans leaving the US than coming in.
    How the economy is doing in your town?

  • Craig Forest
    Craig Forest 9 days ago +1

    *Sniff sniff… I smell a sheriff recall.*

  • Vanillanova Rex
    Vanillanova Rex 9 days ago

    This is disgusting, lock that Florida high talker up

  • SunnyAquamarine2
    SunnyAquamarine2 9 days ago +6

    That's an incredibly diplomatic way of saying they did it to purposefully move potential democratic votes to places where they're not needed, as opposed to where they were and where they were needed.

  • adventures of the double amputee outdoorsman

    Just ship them all to ukriane they could use some help.

  • Mo Garcia
    Mo Garcia 9 days ago +2

    Someone should of asked him could you offer a better life, part of your sheriff’s department, no, he’s politically posturing for the upcoming sheriffs election

  • NPC #1337
    NPC #1337 9 days ago +1

    This sheriff is bought and paid for

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson 9 days ago

    Sounds like somebody needs to 'investigate' this sheriff.

  • johnathon mullis
    johnathon mullis 9 days ago +2

    They definitely need to investigate what occurred on Martha’s Vineyard!
    The news coverage of what has happened to them since leaving Martha’s Vineyard is nowhere to be found. We seen their happy faces when they arrived and we seen their tearful departure but nothing since they left Martha’s. They must have been so scared when the Massachusetts Army National Guard arrived in battle dress utilities wearing bulletproof vests and took them with an overwhelming show of force to a secure military installation/internment camp that is secured with barbwire fences and armed personnel. Where are they now, and why aren’t we hearing from them? Where’s the outrage over this? I fear the worst because we all remember the stories of torture on our military bases.
    The residents of Martha’s Vineyard fed and embraced them until the Massachusetts Army National Guard could show up and deport them. Since compassion is what’s important to some not our laws I ask who’s been cruel and who has demonstrated compassion? Those immigrants have, without question, been mistreated but not by Texas or Florida. We need answers and nobody is even asking real questions.

  • Nick R
    Nick R 9 days ago

    Must be up for election.

  • Nunya Bizznus
    Nunya Bizznus 9 days ago +2

    Investigate the sheriff