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Заява заступника командира полку "Азов" Калини, з приводу евакуації цивільного населення з Маріуполя

  • Published on Apr 19, 2022
  • Slava Ukraini!
    Today is the 56th day of the war. The enemy does not stop trying to take Azovstal by storm. The situation is difficult and, in some places, critical. With the support of tanks, armored vehicles, and infantry, artillery, and missile attacks, the enemy is trying to break through. The defenders of the city defend it bravely. Characteristically, their vehicles marked with the letter V belong to the very criminals who committed crimes against civilians in the Kyiv direction. I believe that in this way, Putin wants to cover his tracks and liquidate these bastards who committed terrible atrocities against our citizens in the northern direction.
    Regarding the civilians at Azovstal. They have no opportunity to leave their basements, and they are afraid because of the constant shelling. Despite the Russian Federation's statements about observing the silence regime, it has not taken place. The enemy continues shelling, and it is not possible for our civilians to leave the territory of Azovstal safely.
    Therefore, I call for the observance of the guarantees, and only in this way and with the support of a third party will the civilians leave the plant. We are not holding them. We are asking to let them out. Even more so, we are asking for proper conditions for the civilians to leave from the first day of the war. Our constant appeals are literally focused on the civilians, our children, our women, to leave the territory of Mariupol. Which is almost completely destroyed.
    We communicated today with the highest political leadership. Namely, with Mykhailo Podolyak and Davyd Arakhimia. They say they are ready to come to the city of Mariupol to negotiate with Medinsky and Slutsky on the evacuation of the military garrison that remains here. We are ready to evacuate with the support of a third party from Mariupol with our firearms in order to save the personnel entrusted to us. To evacuate our wounded and take the bodies of the dead and bury them with honors in territory not under Russian Federation control. We want to call on the entire civilized world to join the security guarantees. And I also emphasize that we do not support the conditions of the Russian Federation regarding the surrender of weapons and the surrender of our defenders.
    We call for the bodies of the dead to be collected. We call for citizens to be able to leave the territory of Azovstal in peace. To stop the bombing and actually implement a silence regime, not in words, but in deeds.
    Фінансова допомога полу "Азов":
    Новини полку "Азов" на нашій офіційній сторінці / The news of Azov regiment on our official website:
    Приєднатись до лав "Азову":
    RUclips Azov military:
    ruclips.net/channel/UCc7w.. .
    Twitter: polk_azov
    Telegram: t.me/polkazov
    Рекрутинг Telegram: t.me/pidrozdil4308
    Рекрутинг Чат Telegram: t.me/pidrozdil4308_chat

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    So much bad information is being thrown around here. It's very hard for us to find the truth and likely woundt if it wasant for you good warrior's.
    Thank you and good luck.
    God's with you.

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