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Pro Chefs Tour Seoul's Legendary Korean Street Food Market | Snacked

  • Published on Sep 12, 2022
  • Seoul's Gwangjang Market is one of the most famous street food markets in South Korea. In this special episode of Snacked, Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend stars Kristen Kish and Esther Choi eat their way through some of the market’s most iconic street snacks, along with Kevin Kreider from Bling Empire (Season 3 premieres October 5 on Netflix). From mounds of dumplings and crispy mung bean pancakes, to fermented flower crab and doughnut-like hotteok, Esther, Kristen, and Kevin sample the dishes every street food lover needs to try.
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Comments • 411

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  13 days ago +61

    Which Korean street food would you be most excited to try?

    • Arren Hidalgo
      Arren Hidalgo 35 minutes ago

      Hotteok probably

    • BaoPhac Do
      BaoPhac Do 3 days ago

      I don't like fermented food and I can't eat chilis so Korean food is very limiting to me.

    • Chi chi
      Chi chi 3 days ago


    • Patricia
      Patricia 4 days ago

      Sundae looks so good

    • P2floyd
      P2floyd 5 days ago +1

      @K P Mac and cheese is hard to graduate from, I understand.

  • Yong Joon Paek
    Yong Joon Paek 13 days ago +310

    you can tell how excited Esther is to introduce her friends too this stuff. this is exactly my energy when I took my american friends there hahaha

    • Timber land
      Timber land 5 days ago

      @SS Simon Said So! I'm sorry, i speak 6 different languages so a typo is easily made.

    • SS Simon Said So!
      SS Simon Said So! 5 days ago

      @Timber land themselves*

    • Nathson M.
      Nathson M. 6 days ago +2


    • Timber land
      Timber land 8 days ago +1

      @sneer0101 Nigel is a chef too (in the end everybody that cooks themselfs is a chef ;) )

    • sneer0101
      sneer0101 9 days ago

      @minmb82 Well these are actual chefs.

  • Tal Moore
    Tal Moore 6 days ago +73

    Esther wasn't just on Iron Chef. She made it to the _finals_ of Iron Chef.

    • C C
      C C 3 days ago +3

      Her food is amazing

  • victimofstereotypes2
    victimofstereotypes2 9 days ago +143

    As adoptees, and knowing some of their identity struggles, I love seeing Kevin and Kristen experiencing this together!😊 🇰🇷 🇺🇲

    • Darren
      Darren Day ago

      Identity struggles. Seriously, has there ever been a more 1st world problem? Take a tour round a field hospital in Yemen right now then tell me you are struggling. Give your head a wobble you egocentric, broken rung on the evolutionary ladder.

    • #walk Away
      #walk Away 5 days ago +2

      Me too, adopted back in 1973 by Irish Americans.

    • Chaebean Bak
      Chaebean Bak 6 days ago +1

      no wonder they didn't have asian last names

  • Sarah Skye
    Sarah Skye 13 days ago +133

    I love that they went to Korea and showed us around Korean street food, but I felt like they gave us the bare minimum! They could have done a 1 hr show with various eats there! Or even other street foods in other places. There's so much to see and eat there and this was barely touching the surface! Made me sad. This video could have been more. So much more! I loved Esther's energy and love for Korean food!

    • Stell P
      Stell P 8 days ago +4

      YUP they missed so many iconic dishes

    • stephen lee
      stephen lee 12 days ago +3

      I was thinking the same thing

  • sophia isabelle
    sophia isabelle 13 days ago +128

    Korean street food is extraordinarily unique. It's cool these chefs are giving us a tour of the whole marketplace. Usually there's a lot more variety when touring the whole area.

    • グクテテ
      グクテテ 6 days ago +1

      That’s quite an exaggeration. It isn’t unique, you can find this in any asian countries and the food are mostly a mix of different asian street/traditional foods, nothing original.

    • am fliegen
      am fliegen 13 days ago

      Yeah, we all know there is more ;)

    • King Kobra
      King Kobra 13 days ago

      Hello there! I make entertaining videos as well and I bet I can put a smile on your face ! Just see for yourself and let me know what video I should do or try next! Goodluck❤️‍🔥🙏🏽!!

  • Iain Ronald
    Iain Ronald 13 days ago +55

    Ah yes! This is the best thing First We Feast has produced in years! The chemistry is so natural, the video is subdued not just people screaming at each other like Pizza Wars, the food is beautifully presented and you get the explanation of what it is succinctly as well as some memories of eating it. If anyone knows any channels similar to this, let me know!

  • Joojoobeans
    Joojoobeans 5 days ago +3

    As a Korean living in the states I love watching videos of the korean food markets! :D My favorites are hoddeok and also the rice flour donuts (찹쌀도넛). The donuts are fried but they are light and fluffy and covered in sugar! Its something you should eat right away and fresh from the markets :)

  • Brandon Lovett
    Brandon Lovett 13 days ago +20

    Used to lived in Seoul, and have tried all of these things in that market. South Korean streetfood is amazing.
    Though I have to say- though the Netflix ladies handcut noodles were amazing, the mandu were just on par with the Bibigo frozen mandu you get in Korean grocery stores. But that's more of a compliment to how good the frozen mandu are there. 😂

  • Jim Do
    Jim Do 13 days ago +71

    This channel has come so far. Now sending celebrity chefs to Korea. Love the new content!

    • Jake Hammer
      Jake Hammer 13 days ago +8

      Pretty sure they were there to promote “Iron Chef” for Netflix & filmed this while there, because Kristen has been filming “Restaurants at the End of the World” for Nat Geo.

  • TheVideomakerArchive
    TheVideomakerArchive 13 days ago +74

    You can't go wrong with Esther and Kristen!

  • Frankenstein
    Frankenstein 13 days ago +31

    Sending love and support to Kristen on her first time in Korea! Good food and happy company!

    • Diana Kim
      Diana Kim 13 days ago +7

      I remember her talking about this on Top Chef! I'm so glad her dream to go to Korea came true.

  • 𝖗𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖓𝖌𝖊

    Esther is blowing up in the foodie world!
    And that "She wants to get tipped" double entendre had me laughing 😂

  • T. Park
    T. Park 13 days ago +25

    Kristen Kish AND Esther Choi?!?!?! I love it already.... Gwangjang market is awesome!!

  • bubblegummers84
    bubblegummers84 3 days ago

    Well, this was wholesome and lovely. Esther is a fantastic guide! More of these 3 please!

  • Amee Cooper
    Amee Cooper 13 days ago +16

    Love love love this! Definitely could have watched them for an entire hour+! Love their energy and love of food together!!

  • Rik Reichert
    Rik Reichert 13 days ago +12

    This is making me very "homesick" since I was stationed in Korea twice. The food, the people are always so humble and nice to us. I try to love American Korean restaurants but it never compares to Daegu or the community surrounding Osan AB. Love this! Thank you

    • 3Minah
      3Minah 13 days ago +1

      Me too! Seoul, Osan, Kunsan, Pusan/Busan and Taegu/Daegu all had amazing food, people and the best shopping.

  • Mónica Rivera
    Mónica Rivera 13 days ago +38

    I loved Esther on this, she was so passionate and happy to share this with Kristen & Kevin

    • Dalgång
      Dalgång 3 days ago

      You are right! Really had fun watching!
      Where are you from Monica ?

  • Bhanani
    Bhanani 5 days ago

    I came across the Korean culture during lockdown and I'm now a huge fan of the culture. I'm definitely going to Korea and checking out these food markets is top of the To Do list. Great video but super short - please make a super long video or a whole series 👍

  • Danai Kagwa
    Danai Kagwa 4 days ago

    This is one of the most interesting things about Korea. Wish there's more global export of Korean food culture 😋👍

  • Chef’s Flair Ph
    Chef’s Flair Ph 6 days ago

    Love watching videos like these! It makes me happy. I see myself doing exactly the same thing whenever i go to foodmarkets 😊

  • J Malonzo
    J Malonzo 13 days ago +8

    It's pretty sad these street food vendors are disappearing. They come and go, even in every country. I would like to go to these markets, and try out the food.

  • Daniel Arizmendy
    Daniel Arizmendy 13 days ago +40

    Auntie Esther’s tour of Korean street food was dope

  • Katie Teddy
    Katie Teddy 13 days ago

    Oh gosh, I want to do this! 👏🏼 I have never been to my homeland of South Korea, and I need this food adventure in my life! Nice to see Kristen and Esther together again 💕 will need to check out Kevin’s show 👀🍬😁

  • Melissa Govender
    Melissa Govender 5 days ago +1

    Love Kristen and the 3 together are great. They need their own channel.

  • Khalilah D.
    Khalilah D. 13 days ago +18

    Everything looks so fresh and made with love. I want to visit one day 🥹❤️

  • Walking Introvert
    Walking Introvert 11 hours ago +1

    A Korean here. They did an amazing job trying and describing Korean street food accurately. Great job! 😊😀🤤

  • Looper
    Looper 5 days ago +3

    I love this video!! We need more from these three it’s a great mix of people and their knowledge of Korean food - plus I loooove Esther 🥰

    • Dalgång
      Dalgång 3 days ago

      Great video ! I really had fun watching!
      Beautiful scenery, lastly Korean got great recipient. Where are you from?

  • Habanero 123
    Habanero 123 13 days ago +9

    These 3 need to do a food show/travel show :D Love theire energy, great video.

  • jor gutierrez
    jor gutierrez 6 days ago

    I’d like to see more of these three doing food review shows. Esther has a natural tv presence in my opinion.

  • YJCH0I
    YJCH0I 13 days ago +11

    I’m surprised that tteokbokki (떡볶이) didn’t make it into the video but I realize they couldn’t include literally every single Korean street food otherwise, the video would be very long!

  • MrDuckSauce
    MrDuckSauce 13 days ago +5

    Need a series on more Korean street foods and basically all of SE Asia.

  • jingcc01
    jingcc01 4 days ago

    Great segment! I love the interactions with the vendors.

  • Hussein
    Hussein 13 days ago +12

    Esther was amazing on iron chef, yall should watch it and bask in her awesomeness

  • Susan B
    Susan B 13 days ago +2

    So fun! Makes wanna go to that market and try everything. Please make these videos longer !

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q 8 days ago

    Can you please do more of these in Korea? Including with the same three friends ❤! Loved it!

  • Melissa Govender
    Melissa Govender 5 days ago

    Love Kristen and the 3 together are great. They need their own channel.

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture
    Eto Hige Gamer Culture 13 days ago +5

    What I loved about Seoul's street food is it was in full swing late into the night on weekends and was tasty.

  • blankroyai
    blankroyai 4 days ago

    Esther is an awesome host! Love to see her host more like when she collabs with uncle roger!

  • This Buddy Life
    This Buddy Life 7 days ago

    This was so entertaining and informative yet respectful. Wish it had been much longer.

  • Kavin A.
    Kavin A. 5 days ago

    I’ve been to seoul several times, this and the noryangjin fish market are the absolute favourite spots of mine

  • Art Garcia
    Art Garcia 5 days ago

    hummmmm... love that tour.. very interesting a variety of Korean foods.... love it...❤️🙏

  • Italian Lifestyle
    Italian Lifestyle 13 days ago +9

    Everything looks so mouth watering🤤

  • Tori Rahayu
    Tori Rahayu 10 days ago +3

    Love Esther's energy always

  • D Young
    D Young 13 days ago +3

    awesome, would love to go there, I love street food

  • GimmeAlltheFood
    GimmeAlltheFood 13 days ago +2

    This was awesome. I can’t wait to visit Korea one day

  • Esther Song
    Esther Song 8 days ago

    I can't wait to visit Korea again!!! Miss all the food!!!

  • Jed Reston
    Jed Reston 13 days ago +14

    I love chef esther anywhere. But she just shines here.

  • Jack Weskey
    Jack Weskey 6 days ago

    That's nice places to enjoy local foods. Interesting.
    Thanks for sharing.

    MLG GAMER 13 days ago +2

    Oh this is a very different episode of snacked. So we're going to see what Korean cuisine they have in the legendary food market. This is going to be very interesting as I've never had Korean food before or at least to my knowledge

  • Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21

    Korean street food is extraordinarily unique. It's cool these chefs are giving us a tour of the whole marketplace. Usually there's a lot more variety when touring the whole area.

  • 3Minah
    3Minah 13 days ago

    I was stationed in Busan, South Korea and the Korean street food markets were amazing!

  • Edward Sanchez Productions

    You guys are making me hungry 😋

  • thaPaleMexicanBoy
    thaPaleMexicanBoy 12 days ago

    This was awesome, I need to try that fermented crab and mandu ASAP

  • Crushi Vintage
    Crushi Vintage 10 days ago +1

    I love that Auntie Ester tells the truth and is honest.

  • priMARYlove1
    priMARYlove1 13 days ago +5

    Three Korean-Ams (2 adoptees) in Korea enjoying awesome Korean food. I wish I was there friend.

  • dbai18
    dbai18 8 days ago +1

    We need more of Esther!

  • Marcos Munguia
    Marcos Munguia 9 days ago

    Korean Food has always been a top food for my mexican family here in LA all my life. Im 26. Food is incredible.

  • yhnoh89
    yhnoh89 6 days ago

    Man it wouldve been awesome to see kevin try the raw beef with live octopus they sell in the market

    MATHHEW TOMPKINS 13 days ago +4

    I loved Korean street food when I was stationed there

  • Haley W
    Haley W 7 days ago

    Watching this video makes me miss my country!!🥲 love 괌장시장

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 13 days ago +4

    This was so fun, so light, so wholesome. Almost made me cry...not sure why.

  • kiddcrsh87
    kiddcrsh87 6 days ago

    Always good to see Chef Esther and Chef Kristen. Also surprised that Kevin had a shirt on the entire time.

  • Adventure_OnTheDaily
    Adventure_OnTheDaily 10 days ago +1

    Can anyone tell me the difference between Nokdujeon and Bindaetteok? I'm going to be in Korea next month and I want to try the mung bean pancake but i've heard it called differently. Thanks :)

  • David B
    David B 13 days ago +3

    Man... this is bringing back so many memories of being a US Army soldier stationed in Korea from 1997 to 1999. The food was so awesome!

    • g60force
      g60force 13 days ago

      I'm kinda jealous... how where the girls?
      Cuz I have a total Asian Female fetish!
      myself being a boring white EU male...

    MLG GAMER 13 days ago +4

    His reaction to the dry radish I'm like "this guy needs to be on hot ones"

  • tetepeb
    tetepeb 12 days ago

    I would love to do this with Esther

  • Tanner C
    Tanner C 13 days ago +1

    Ill never forget travelling here and having a mungbean pancake here!

  • niketha vijaykumar
    niketha vijaykumar 9 days ago

    Kevin is so good to see you .. you were amazing on Netflix series.. ❤️

    • XJLCA
      XJLCA 6 days ago

      Which show on Netflix?

  • 미먹
    미먹 5 days ago

    As Korean west Michigander living in NYC now, Im so glad Esther bring Kristen to Korea 🥹😊

  • Jelly Belly Fun
    Jelly Belly Fun 4 hours ago +1

    4:27. One thing I do NOT approve of at those markets is how they leave it wide open for flies, insects, bugs, and whatever flies out of people's mouths (E.g. saliva and dental bacteria). The store owners need to cover it up or have a barrier between the customers and the food.

  • Jason
    Jason 3 days ago

    I can listen to Auntie Esther all day long and never get tired

  • Kyle Carrozza
    Kyle Carrozza 9 days ago +2

    i have always appreciated the asian american representation from first we feast. and in this video, there are two asian adoptees. aside from documentaries about being adopted, this is honestly the first time i've ever had two adoptees on my screen at the same time. that means so much; thank you!

    MLG GAMER 13 days ago

    Yeah that's what I thought so getting a look at the mandu is definitely made a specific way. It's not any old dumpling. There's a lot of folds in the dough.

  • sactownism
    sactownism 7 days ago

    I'm still not into Korean food, except Korran bbq. I would love Auntie Esther to take me around and change my mind about Korean food.

  • c c
    c c 13 days ago +2

    kristen and esther in one vid! thats a lot of skill right there

  • Karl Saarela
    Karl Saarela 13 days ago

    This group has something special, watched a lot of Fwf and this is must watch. Much better than pizza and burgers imo!

  • Matty Leibel
    Matty Leibel 13 days ago +2

    So happy you got to visit your homeland Chef Kish

  • Derek Smalls
    Derek Smalls 11 days ago

    The first episode of "Snacked" I've watched, this is really interesting, much better than the 'these are the snacks that this minor celeb likes'

  • mei chai
    mei chai 8 days ago

    We need more of that episode! 7 minutes is a little too short!

    MLG GAMER 13 days ago

    Oh that's interesting so the first one is called mandu which is basically dumplings I've never had that style of dumpling before. Or maybe if I hand made my own dumplings then I brought it over to Korea they would say the same thing. Maybe? I feel like they have a specific way they make it though

  • K. T.
    K. T. 22 hours ago

    Why didn't we see any of those?! We have been there in 2018, but there were only a few stalls and almost no one eating there (it was around 2 o'clock at that time). Mungbean pancake was the only thing we had eaten.

  • Simply Myra
    Simply Myra 13 days ago

    this was so so well done.

  • BigBoyA77
    BigBoyA77 11 hours ago

    Just like to say street markets are not all gone or disappearing. Many has been covered with the clear roof so it's lot more hospitable during all weathers. Each city/town has at least one street markets with many fun activities such as night food market where cart vendors come out with different food you can try.

  • Will Le
    Will Le 13 days ago +11

    The new Iron Chef is cheesy af, but Kristen was dope on it.

  • D R
    D R 13 days ago

    The chef in the hat reminds me of the chef at a sushi restaurant i used to go to and the sushi was always amazing.

  • Suavelishes
    Suavelishes 12 days ago

    Have to taste All of it 😋

  • Martin Duran
    Martin Duran 6 days ago +1

    This would have been the perfect opportunity for Uncle Roger and Auntie Esther to have a fake date skit. That would have been funny.

  • moo422
    moo422 7 days ago

    Esther is an Iron Chef in my book.

  • Cheri Ann Swap
    Cheri Ann Swap 13 days ago +2

    My heart skips a beat whenever I see Kristen.

  • norman Santos
    norman Santos 4 days ago

    I love to see Kevin here in a different way! Ha ha ha ha 😜☺️☺️ The Bling Empire character is so cool!!

  • White Heart💟
    White Heart💟 2 days ago

    Korea food look so delicious

  • Dylan Ewing
    Dylan Ewing 13 days ago +3

    That looks 100 times better than McDonald’s I wish I was there

  • yvonnealexy
    yvonnealexy 4 days ago

    I can watch this like a Netflix series, pls more it longer and moreeeeeeeeee

  • xirfan
    xirfan 13 days ago +2

    A great video but let's hear people speaking the local language, it's cool!

  • country girl vlogs
    country girl vlogs 13 days ago +3

    I'm Iranian girl 😍👸 cooking food is very relaxing and nice 😍 thanks for you support 👩‍🎤

    MLG GAMER 13 days ago +2

    I cannot pronounce that word very well but the mung bean pancake, I'm an extreme pancake lover

  • iampim55
    iampim55 6 days ago

    I love lovee loveee Kristen 💜
    I will subscobe to Netflix now to watch Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend 😍

  • Jungwook Hahn
    Jungwook Hahn 2 days ago

    Only watched this because of auntie esther!!! Fell in love with her character watching her with uncle roger.

  • AznGosu
    AznGosu 6 days ago

    Korean role models. And Esther and Kristen were on Iron Chef!!