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Bobby Shmurda can't stop laughing while eating snacks 😂 🍫


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  • ste11ar
    ste11ar 4 days ago +38

    he's just been livin it up ever since he came out. happy for him and he's obviously happy for himself too 💀💀

  • Nate Arendell
    Nate Arendell 5 days ago +97

    When they tell you shrooms can't be in the episode so you eat them all at once....

  • Shawn smith
    Shawn smith 5 days ago +31

    I wish i could be this happy lol I haven't laughed that hard in a long time

    • David P
      David P 4 days ago +1

      hes high on...something. i dont know my drug knowledge is sorely lacking

    • I sla
      I sla 5 days ago

      he's high

    GHETTI 5 days ago +270

    Homie high af ☠️

    • Roachdogg JR.
      Roachdogg JR. 5 days ago

      He’s in my dream blunt rotation

    • Cory Hernandez
      Cory Hernandez 5 days ago

      Light weights...

    • Remy Jaime
      Remy Jaime 5 days ago

      He is on a whole different plain of existence

    • Aegon Targaryen
      Aegon Targaryen 5 days ago +9


    • TRex Bait
      TRex Bait 5 days ago

      Agreed this is the only comment needed to be left here I'll have what hes haveing.

  • joe smith
    joe smith 5 days ago +55

    When the shrooms start to come on… 😅

  • Raelynn 🍆 29 y.0 -check My V!deo

    I wish i could be this happy lol I haven't laughed that hard in a long time

  • Esteph Effy
    Esteph Effy 5 days ago +30

    He’s high for sure, but mostly he’s just happy to be out of the cell

  • Daily Q50
    Daily Q50 5 days ago +8

    Bobby spent mad time away. I see this as him living his best life. Y’all must’ve forgot

    • Thomas Andrews
      Thomas Andrews 4 days ago

      @TonyTheDude that was tekashi mate . Shmurda is what 69 was trying to be.

    • Naruto Lol
      Naruto Lol 5 days ago +2

      @TonyTheDude lol bro he didn’t snitch that’s why he stayed in jail

    • TonyTheDude
      TonyTheDude 5 days ago

      What about all the homies he snitched on?

  • Antoinette
    Antoinette 4 days ago

    Such an infectious laugh 😂🤣

  • Scars McLovin
    Scars McLovin 5 days ago +2

    Man sounds like he was having the time of his life

  • Otto Rocket
    Otto Rocket 2 days ago

    We all happy to see Bobby home and happy having fun tho !!!

  • Bub
    Bub 5 days ago +9

    My mans wasn't high anymore, he was freaking orbital

  • Estefana  **Check Me
    Estefana **Check Me 4 days ago +1

    When they tell you shrooms can't be in the episode so you eat them all at once....

  • Lori Phillips
    Lori Phillips 4 days ago +1

    I have no idea who this is, but I totally wanna hang out and eat snacks with this dude. 😂

  • Emmanuel Oppong
    Emmanuel Oppong 5 days ago +2

    Shiieeetttt if I was locked up for as long as he was, I would be cheesing all day every day no matter what happens

  • Sha Shee
    Sha Shee 5 days ago +1

    Man, those edibles kick in when you least expect it. 🤭

  • Artie
    Artie 5 days ago

    This guy seems fun to be around ✌🏽

  • Philodoxer
    Philodoxer 5 days ago +1

    Hahahahahhaahahaha he’s just a bundle of laughs 🌲

  • YouTube Watcher
    YouTube Watcher 3 days ago

    Dudes literally a killer what a legend

  • Eliana 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    When they tell you shrooms can't be in the episode so you eat them all at once....

  • Jae Truzic
    Jae Truzic 5 days ago +25

    Bro been away so long and came back to this new lab Mary and is gone gone 😂

  • squirt cobain
    squirt cobain 2 days ago

    He’s so cute hahahahaah

  • Derek Staten
    Derek Staten 5 days ago +3

    😂 idk him but seems like fun

  • griefcase
    griefcase 4 days ago

    he's happy and that's great

  • ctnative203
    ctnative203 5 days ago +2

    😂 ready for a spliff if you know you know .

  • 74554N 41-5H4TTi
    74554N 41-5H4TTi 2 days ago

    I’ll have what he’s having

  • 91 K
    91 K 5 days ago +8

    The brushed and floss confidence 👌

  • Erick
    Erick 5 days ago +2

    maybe you don't eat ten lbs of mushrooms before you do a snack review...

  • zurfey
    zurfey 4 days ago

    This guy is a meme

  • Blackton Obvious
    Blackton Obvious 5 days ago +4

    Why are ppl acting as if they haven't seen someone high w/ the munchies before?

  • Manuel Luna
    Manuel Luna 5 days ago +2

    Send this man back 💀

  • Trap_
    Trap_ Day ago

    When that new set of dentures finally comes in.

  • grungle
    grungle 5 days ago +4

    Sounding like when i squeegee my windows

  • Malcolm Hebbes
    Malcolm Hebbes 4 days ago

    Bobby Shmurda turned into a meme

  • sean barnes
    sean barnes 3 days ago

    I had friends like this. I had to cut them off bc they too hype with everything.aking everything awkward and uncomfortable. I always thought he was special. Untill he started smoking like a mule when he ate and then I knew it was the parents fault.

  • Axel Stone
    Axel Stone 5 days ago +5

    Looks like he’s got someone else’s jaw in his mouth.

  • Lamont Kachale
    Lamont Kachale 5 days ago +2

    When you just hit the blunt 😭😭😭

  • Ben Henderson
    Ben Henderson 5 days ago

    Idk if I can handle what Bobby’s on ☠️

  • I got this 2.0
    I got this 2.0 5 days ago +1

    My boy sound like seal laughing 🤣😭

  • Christopher Harter
    Christopher Harter 5 days ago +1

    We all make mistakes, First We Feast.

  • Zyzzus Christ
    Zyzzus Christ 4 days ago

    Contagious laughter 😷

  • KMC 19XX
    KMC 19XX 4 days ago


  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    When the shrooms start to come on…

  • cesa97
    cesa97 5 days ago

    really living life now

  • TreeHouse Traders
    TreeHouse Traders 3 days ago

    How much sugar did you give this man

  • Esteban Caldera
    Esteban Caldera 4 days ago

    Where my dental peeps at? What do you think? A purple tray huh? 😂

  • Lucas Ottens
    Lucas Ottens 5 days ago

    Laughing the loudest at your own jokes and gesticulations like a toddler. I can tell what kind of gifted wit this dude is.

    • 1337x
      1337x 5 days ago

      @Johannes Mattsson great to see he's finally alive

    • 1337x
      1337x 5 days ago

      Smile you pathetic depressed duck

    • Johannes Mattsson
      Johannes Mattsson 5 days ago +2

      Prison changed him so much💀

  • Rwoody Niace
    Rwoody Niace 9 hours ago

    G shi Bobby on dat gas fr😂

  • dick trickle
    dick trickle 5 days ago +2

    Over the top. We get it.

  • Omaer 1
    Omaer 1 Day ago

    Very Nice Bro! Get Good People!

  • Good Mythical Mukbang

    He is so slappable.

  • محمد عنتر
    محمد عنتر 5 days ago +3

    Normal sun chips… 🧢

  • Garett Wolff
    Garett Wolff 5 days ago +1

    I think he's having a seizure. Is he okay?

  • Derrin Calk
    Derrin Calk Day ago

    Thought this dude was in prison lol

  • Sri Schwab
    Sri Schwab 5 days ago

    Is that Cee-lo green ? 😂

  • gingerstool
    gingerstool 5 days ago

    Get Jamie Salvatory on the hot ones show!

  • Flo100k
    Flo100k 5 days ago +1

    Why is he “famous”? 1 hit wonder 🤡

    • Taj Bates
      Taj Bates 4 days ago

      Lol you are literally a nobody cant even get a single like on your comment 🤣

  • thisguy2687
    thisguy2687 4 days ago

    He got the oil checked in jail and now he cray cray

  • Badger Mcblasty
    Badger Mcblasty 5 days ago

    Introducing our “future” leaders.
    Idiocracy is a thing.

    • 1337x
      1337x 5 days ago +1

      You thought of him as a leader, nobody else
      Why do people make up things to wine about ?? i'll never ever understand that trend

  • Jeffrey Bruno
    Jeffrey Bruno 5 days ago +2

    Man's just happy to be free

  • Shootie
    Shootie 5 days ago

    This is what happens when your brain never developed kids stay in school

  • Julio
    Julio 5 days ago

    Dude acts like Lil Kevin from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  • Ken Z
    Ken Z 5 days ago +2

    No disrespect but I didn't understand a single word he said in the entire video

  • JD Sullivan
    JD Sullivan 5 days ago +1

    He's on shrooms

  • Odin31b
    Odin31b 3 days ago

    This is the beginning of the end of this channel.. get back to wings.

  • Joe Fontaine
    Joe Fontaine 5 days ago +1

    Bro’s happy

  • Elliot Garneau
    Elliot Garneau 5 days ago

    mans just happy he outta prison

  • P Villa
    P Villa 4 days ago

    Faking it ode 😭

  • Roger Hernandez
    Roger Hernandez 4 days ago

    So they have people with special needs on the show now?

  • Erik the individual

    When you smoke for the first time

  • tom intrabartola
    tom intrabartola 5 days ago +3

    Mushroom chocolate bar

  • downwthethicccness


  • (~Jen~)
    (~Jen~) 5 days ago

    This guy is a complete joke, to me, and himself.

  • Duo Maxwell
    Duo Maxwell Day ago

    Nah he baked af

  • Harry Toeface
    Harry Toeface 5 days ago

    Mushroom giggle

  • Benoît
    Benoît 5 days ago

    Can someone let him know how to eat properly ? Can't stand people eating mouth wide open. Yes we can clearly see you had a big dental.

  • God Slap
    God Slap 5 days ago

    Was he acting like this in jail block?

    LOS_👀_UNICOS 5 days ago +1

    I sure he don’t want to go back to jail

  • Ferda
    Ferda 5 days ago

    Them new teeth hittin huh

  • doogie Five-Four
    doogie Five-Four 5 days ago

    That boy zesty

  • Stranger
    Stranger 5 days ago

    What is in that snack

  • Phill
    Phill 5 days ago

    Jolly fellow

  • Omaer 1
    Omaer 1 Day ago


  • Touch. Me. I Will Turn You 🔞

    Homie high af

  • SomeHappyDude
    SomeHappyDude 5 days ago

    Homie high af

  • Psychotic Gengar
    Psychotic Gengar 5 days ago +1

    He's all teef

  • Majestic Goyim
    Majestic Goyim 5 days ago

    He seems obnoxious to be around

  • ArbitraryLifestyle
    ArbitraryLifestyle 5 days ago

    Them implants look goofy af

  • sergeant_salty
    sergeant_salty 5 days ago +1

    why his teeth stick out farther than his nose

  • Dylan Keddie
    Dylan Keddie Day ago

    Jaw titan

  • Akif Ghumra
    Akif Ghumra 5 days ago

    This guy is high

  • Whookie10
    Whookie10 5 days ago

    yah he high

  • SJ
    SJ 5 days ago +1

    I don't know who this man is but the squeaks and gasps between his laughs are adorable

  • Hossein Salehi
    Hossein Salehi 5 days ago

    Wish he was back in prison

  • Robert Ferrier
    Robert Ferrier 2 days ago

    This is sad.

  • ForcedInductionTV
    ForcedInductionTV 5 days ago +1

    Biggest teeth in the game

  • thousand points of light

    bobby shmurda is highly overrated, mediocre at best.

  • Cole Benovy
    Cole Benovy 5 days ago +3

    Most obnoxious video ever

  • freakshow
    freakshow 5 days ago +1

    why tf does this video have 17 comments but i cant see them 🧍

  • Ian Holland
    Ian Holland 4 days ago

    Yo is geekin….