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Inside Benny Blanco’s Fun-Filled L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Apr 30, 2024
  • Today, AD is welcomed by hit music producer Benny Blanco to tour his home in Los Angeles. Built in 1939, Blanco’s spacious home is just a stone’s throw away from his recording studio, but despite its proximity to work, Blanco’s design brief was all-play, no-work. With the help of Rachel Leigh Ward and Dana M. Vitrano of bonVIVANT Interiors and designer Keefe Butler of Studio BAD, the resulting space is eclectic and playful with plenty of areas to kick back and relax with family and friends, including superstar girlfriend Selena Gomez. From a red velvet movie theatre with a candy room to a Mariah Carey-worthy dressing room, Blanco’s home is full of personality and fun for all. “I know the house is kooky…one time, a friend told me, ‘I love coming over to your house because I feel like I can just let go and be my true self.’ That’s exactly what I’m going for here.”
    Shop pieces inspired by Benny Blanco's LA home:
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    "High in the Sky" 2021 |Grant Levy-Lucero| Courtesy of Night Gallery
    Impossible Viscosity 2012 | Faig Ahmed | Courtesy of Artist & Sapar Contemporary
    Untitled (portrait of boxer with roses) c. 1984 |Copyright Martin Wong Foundation | Courtesy of the Martin Wong Foundation & PPOW, New York
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Comments • 1.5K

  • @AS-kq7hw
    @AS-kq7hw 17 days ago +1738

    Its funny how much he talks to the film crew. Most celebs just talk to the camera, but he is actually talking to the people. He seems like a nice guy. And I like his place, it looks very comfortable.

    • @nikijanssen548
      @nikijanssen548 16 days ago +10

      Yes, that's the difference!

    • @H0oLIgAnSsRo0lMaRrSz
      @H0oLIgAnSsRo0lMaRrSz 14 days ago +25

      Yes he definitely seems like a people person! The fact that he said he would have a bottle ready for his guests if he noticed they liked it before shows how caring he is

    • @Coolramvishnu
      @Coolramvishnu 12 days ago

      Yes, because he is not an actor 😅😅

    • @JNMKlover
      @JNMKlover 8 days ago +2

      @@Coolramvishnu People have made a huge deal of Selena being too hot for him. That is so ignorant! They could make music and have fun, like she didn't get to. He cooks for her. How many guys have tried to or dated Selena that were into only themselves. I hope they make a life together and stay laughing.

  • @naiwumbwesumayah1464
    @naiwumbwesumayah1464 16 days ago +1501

    He is so supportive of his friends, I noticed that all the rooms have something made by a friend 🥺💕

  • @DesiSears
    @DesiSears 15 days ago +515

    You forget how epic this man’s career is because of how much time he spends uplifting others. Super cool dude A+

  • @farisbosnic1786
    @farisbosnic1786 16 days ago +773

    10:48 "You're not a professional athlete, getting in a cold plunge for 6 minutes a day isn't going to help you write 12 e-mails faster!" True! 🤣

  • @ScarlettJ1221
    @ScarlettJ1221 17 days ago +4520

    I can honestly see what Selena sees in Benny, he seems like a great guy and fun to be around

  • @mkelly534
    @mkelly534 17 days ago +1901

    I am shocked at how much I like his house. It truly looks like a place where you feel welcome and can relax

    • @kmontagna1
      @kmontagna1 13 days ago +8

      Where you can have fun and be free ❤❤

    • @derekhammett8634
      @derekhammett8634 13 days ago +3

      most people who have money have the tackiest stuff

  • @TheGabbieShow
    @TheGabbieShow 12 days ago +272

    I love when adults who own a whole house say "this is my room" when talking about their bedroom. Like all the rooms are your rooms. thats your bedroom. but when you're a kid, you have YOUR room, so it sticks lol

  • @mcchannel9923
    @mcchannel9923 13 days ago +190

    I was expecting a very cluttered and non cohesive house, but surprisingly, one of the most "homey" houses ever featured. He seems like a childlike genuine soul. There's truly more to a person than what you see on the outside.

  • @aidasall4815
    @aidasall4815 17 days ago +2168

    His personality is what makes him attractive - so rare to find someone actually funny & nice to be around in Hollywood these days tbh.

  • @slowrigami
    @slowrigami 17 days ago +2184

    My new goal in life is to become Benny’s friend so I can go to dope dinner parties and have him hand feed me while I’m splashin’ around in the pool. He seems like such a fun and caring person.

    • @annjohnson8437
      @annjohnson8437 17 days ago +11

      I love that goal!!! ❤

    • @ramryn592
      @ramryn592 17 days ago +20

      I see how you didnt say you wanted to use the shower with him

    • @slowrigami
      @slowrigami 17 days ago +16

      @@ramryn592😏😏 that's further down the line in our friendship lol

    • @eveningstar8581
      @eveningstar8581 17 days ago +5


    • @mariahsturgeon694
      @mariahsturgeon694 15 days ago +6

      I didn't really get the appeal before but he seems like a really fun, sweet guy and his house is amazing. I didn't expect to love it but I did!

  • @emilyaustin1327
    @emilyaustin1327 6 days ago +25

    Benny Blanco is the friend we all need 🥺

  • @HoangPham-251
    @HoangPham-251 16 days ago +199

    "I dont know... makes me happy" might be my favorite life motto

  • @erinlambert3710
    @erinlambert3710 17 days ago +984

    I see why Selena Gomez is dating him. He is a sweetheart and hilarious!

    • @Blufishii
      @Blufishii 12 days ago +4

      And she just really wanted a bf

    • @magdalenaestrada7517
      @magdalenaestrada7517 11 days ago +4

      Selena didn’t go date somebody the next day or before her current relationship was over. She always waits. She’s a celebrity even though there is bad people out there that body shame her, anybody would want to date her just because she’s a celebrity.

    • @k.h6267
      @k.h6267 11 days ago +5

      ​@@Blufishiihe openly said he did stuffs to impressed her if she was desperate she would have dated him way back when they collaborated.

    • @Blufishii
      @Blufishii 11 days ago

      @@k.h6267 obviously she wasnt desperate then she was still in her prime.

    • @k.h6267
      @k.h6267 11 days ago +1

      @@Blufishii so you are a mind reader

  • @elsabenavides7576
    @elsabenavides7576 17 days ago +545

    I can tell he treats Selena like the queen she is ♥

    • @EthanRamirez13
      @EthanRamirez13 15 days ago +8


    • @elissalombard7021
      @elissalombard7021 13 days ago +22

      @@EthanRamirez13I think it’s because he seems to treat everyone well, and if it’s his person, even more so!

    • @BuddyDanger
      @BuddyDanger 13 days ago +3

      Why do you think she is a “queen”? Because she is famous? That doesn’t make you a queen!!!

  • @retro000
    @retro000 17 days ago +156

    So glad Selena developed this relationship with him.
    She deserves a solid guy, quirky to match her creativity but stable and confident and happy in himself.❤🎉

    • @cguide2598
      @cguide2598 13 days ago

      This comment seems its being pay for his team. Do you know people are wonder-questioning why Selena is dating him. 🤔
      He is like a kid and wird but not in nice way.

    • @retro000
      @retro000 6 days ago +2

      @@cguide2598 Oh well, you can wonder as much as you like!!! Hope you're being paid for it

  • @DemarcusQ
    @DemarcusQ 11 days ago +144

    Benny’s litteraly a modern day Picasso. His art, his style, his personality everything about him is art.

  • @katlangford
    @katlangford 17 days ago +1286

    His house looks so cosy, nice and full of personality

    • @seen.3
      @seen.3 17 days ago +7

      He looks like he permanently smells like he didn’t shower for 2 weeks

    • @carrieohio
      @carrieohio 17 days ago +8

      I've never seen a bread chair before.

    • @user-sl6fo1mz8q
      @user-sl6fo1mz8q 17 days ago +6

      How much fun can a human be, love it!!!

    • @dddc57
      @dddc57 16 days ago +7

      He’s cute and so nice and makes you feel so welcoming that means more than anything!❤

    • @bintlooda
      @bintlooda 13 days ago +5

      Totally agree.. its hard for me to find a celebrity house that i like and feel like i can live in without feeling like abandoned resort… his house is somehow cozy and feel like a beautiful relaxing place with personality

  • @JaslynFellows
    @JaslynFellows 17 days ago +271

    He cooks, gardens, has dinner parties and feeds food desert communities 🙌🏾

  • @MM-oh1qx
    @MM-oh1qx 14 days ago +62

    This changed the way I see Benny, he’s super down to earth and doesn’t deserve the hate he gets on TikTok

    • @natashab3412
      @natashab3412 13 days ago +4

      Most ppl don't.
      He definitely doesn't

  • @AvocadoAffogato
    @AvocadoAffogato 13 days ago +40

    I am so jealous of his duel head steam shower! Showering with a buddy before an event sounds so nice and fun. It’s refreshing to see those kind of platonic friendships talked about and normalized. ❤

  • @uniqueweasel
    @uniqueweasel 17 days ago +364

    This is everything I wanted and more. I love that he is 50% goofball and 50% loving sweet gentle human. What a solid dude.

  • @nathy0308
    @nathy0308 17 days ago +518

    Love love love his vibe, style, priorities, and house! It's full of personality and not excessively ostentatious. Definitely feels homey and lived in. I love how he incorporated so many of his friends in his design process 🥹

    • @Nationwide2.0
      @Nationwide2.0 17 days ago

      Stream 1:59 ft. Gunna by Normani today at 1:59pm!

  • @NikkiBWithTheAdHd
    @NikkiBWithTheAdHd 13 days ago +28

    This may be one of my most favorite homes we’ve seen on AD. I love his style so much. I love all of his possessions that he holds dear. I love the stuffed animals on the couch. This guy is very appealing. Selena girl, we get you. It all makes sense. He’s cute, charismatic af, sweet and seems like an all around amazing guy. 😍

  • @Era665
    @Era665 13 days ago +8

    I’m glad Selena and him are together

  • @beckyann9339
    @beckyann9339 17 days ago +419

    Yeah I can see why Miss Gomez adores this guy.

    • @AnnMax-hk9br
      @AnnMax-hk9br 17 days ago +19

      yes, looks like a nice guy

    • @donnaclark2413
      @donnaclark2413 16 days ago +17

      I bet they all laugh so much. He's a doll.

    • @user-yz5mn2go2d
      @user-yz5mn2go2d 14 days ago +5

      Yeah, because she can borrow his heels while he showers with his friend, Dave. 😂🤦🏻

    • @wonderful5914
      @wonderful5914 13 days ago +3

      Personality makes a big difference

    • @wonderful5914
      @wonderful5914 13 days ago +2

      His shines through

  • @outloudkat
    @outloudkat 17 days ago +606

    I love that everything centres around friends

  • @sxwx6567
    @sxwx6567 16 days ago +74

    The fact that he offered bro a sip tells everything. Like what? You don't know where my lips been bruh?!? Thats love. Idgaf. Shoutout to Benny

  • @DaoWoW
    @DaoWoW 13 days ago +22

    Benny seems like the most genuine, down to earth guy in the industry, period. Much love to him and Selena - a great match

  • @thehappyhousewife8838
    @thehappyhousewife8838 17 days ago +281

    Wow. I do see what Selena sees in him. He seems to grounded, so down to earth and kinda just an ordinary, breath of fresh air. A celebrity that hasn't let fame ( totally) go to his head. The best part is he genuinely seems to care about the people in his " community ".

    • @mazzee
      @mazzee 9 days ago

      Guy painted his toe nails...

    • @ek.2533
      @ek.2533 9 days ago +1


  • @pablobal313
    @pablobal313 17 days ago +274

    He definitely has a eye for art, but not in a ostentatious way, the entire house is filled with it, and still feels relaxed, although the decor it's not my style, I liked it a lot, ah, and it's the first time in AD that you can tell that the owner REALLY cooks in the kitchen!!!

  • @Barks_with_Benji
    @Barks_with_Benji 9 days ago +9

    I love how he starts explaining something then gets distracted and starts talking about that 😂 he’s not scared to be real and he’s not trying too hard he’s just being himself.

  • @Shafflees
    @Shafflees 13 days ago +14

    his house and personality screams a caring granny with touch of a heart like a kid 🤍

  • @taniapinedo4905
    @taniapinedo4905 17 days ago +270

    He seems like such a nice, fun guy to be around.

  • @gisellekeena
    @gisellekeena 17 days ago +183

    Shook to my core cause now I’m obsessed with Benny Blanco

    • @janejustin1788
      @janejustin1788 3 days ago +1

      Me too....and before this video i was wondering why Selena is dating him but now i understand

  • @marianunez4610
    @marianunez4610 16 days ago +15

    This guy truly is beautiful. Now I can see why Selena loves him. He is so adorable….. I love him with the queen

  • @jackgrimm2600
    @jackgrimm2600 13 days ago +5

    His house got the most personality ive ever seen in AD. As much as i like the sophisticated classy houses this is more attractive

  • @milly9897
    @milly9897 17 days ago +252

    This is the funniest segment of the series. Benny is just a stand up guy.

    • @lorcashine
      @lorcashine 13 days ago +2

      Yes, usually they are so pretentious with people like Gwenyth... Not at all like this interview!

  • @erikaleonard2848
    @erikaleonard2848 17 days ago +264

    Cozy house, dating a fantastic lady and he's very goofy and friendly 😊❤

    • @Nationwide2.0
      @Nationwide2.0 17 days ago

      Stream 1:59 ft. Gunna by Normani today at 1:59pm!

  • @Marielalitas
    @Marielalitas 10 days ago +3

    Fell in love with Benny in 14:28 minutes

  • @stormykay1994
    @stormykay1994 9 days ago +8

    He's absolutely adorable! This is the first time I have seen him in anything other than gossipy sites talking about being Selena's bf. He's rare for Hollywood and I'm in love lol

  • @blueburdie6953
    @blueburdie6953 17 days ago +236

    Love his house style, his personality and he can COOK!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • @dearmeecha1310
      @dearmeecha1310 13 days ago +2

      Omg that movie room!!!! Loved this house tour and Benny. One of my favorite segments.

  • @MeelaMeela000
    @MeelaMeela000 17 days ago +127

    Everyone who wasn’t familiar with Benny Blanco’s personality and soul was so shocked when he started dating Selena Gomez. I was not at all. I was actually thinking, what a lucky girl she is lmaooo but that’s only because I knew of him (as much as a person who’s never met him can) and he just a gem. U should check out his RUclips cooking series with Matty matheson

    • @Elizabethx15
      @Elizabethx15 15 days ago +7

      these were my exact thoughts 😊

    • @DNBon.an808
      @DNBon.an808 14 days ago +3

      same, i saw this house and Benny for the first time on that show with Matty and ive been charmed by both ever since. I love him for her

  • @NJosy91
    @NJosy91 9 days ago +5

    Well now I know why SG loves him. He’s so nice and funny 🥰

  • @marshaw
    @marshaw 11 days ago +5

    My favorite one yet! What a great personality and genuine soul. Love his house and the design isn't stuffy. Just great quality items and comfortable!

  • @robbielex
    @robbielex 17 days ago +139

    Dude is just loveable.

  • @claytonlatone8959
    @claytonlatone8959 17 days ago +73

    Benny truly embodies the personality of a golden retriever

  • @maggiefigueredo8620
    @maggiefigueredo8620 17 days ago +13

    He must be loved! he seems to love friends and girlfriend, I hope everyone around him appreciates him!!❤❤❤

  • @cindypeth6699
    @cindypeth6699 14 days ago +31

    Definitely see why Selena loves him, he’s very down to earth and isn’t about showing off or anything you can tell he is definitely a genuine person and he’s very talented, creative and funny. Very chill relaxed extroverted personality basically someone who is real.

  • @westernsage
    @westernsage 17 days ago +108

    Thank you for having a house centered around actually living in it and enjoying it! What a fun, thoughtful person, he also seems like a great friend.

  • @sebrinadickerson3341
    @sebrinadickerson3341 17 days ago +52

    Benny: The Queen of Quirk. The King of Authenticity. The Page of Childlike Wonder. The Joker of Life's too short to not be Yourself.

  • @bribegala179
    @bribegala179 16 days ago +13

    This is definitely my favourite AD tour, Benny seems so chill and like such a down to earth soul, love his vibe.

    • @user-fu8si2kt8j
      @user-fu8si2kt8j 11 days ago

      I’ve watched tons of these on AD and this one is my favorite by far ❤

  • @stefaniaq8166
    @stefaniaq8166 13 days ago +6

    I’ve always loved this dude!!!!! He is so down to earth!!!!! I’m sure him and Selena are living their BEST lives!!!!!

    • @taniakahu9353
      @taniakahu9353 13 days ago +2

      He seems so real and down to earth 😊I can see why selena loves him😊

  • @nevaehhardy8961
    @nevaehhardy8961 17 days ago +82

    “you wanna sip?” is so cute. I hope dey get married, have babies. he seems so sweet.

  • @danielnorgaard14
    @danielnorgaard14 17 days ago +102

    How dare you not show the underground kitchen storage room

  • @abarakadabaras
    @abarakadabaras 12 days ago +11

    One of the all time best Open door AD ‘guest’

  • @Em-pv5ey
    @Em-pv5ey 13 days ago +6

    This interview made me fall in love with Benny! He’s soo genuine!

  • @eveningstar8581
    @eveningstar8581 17 days ago +60

    He is most definitely a one in a million! I am so taken aback by his kindness and his gentle energy. I've never seen a celebrity that I've wanted to be friends with, more than him! You are incredibly lucky to be a part of his world!

  • @lrogers707
    @lrogers707 17 days ago +186

    his closing was more heartwarming than other 'closings' on this site. thank you for sharing

  • @neptuneplants
    @neptuneplants 15 days ago +13

    Omg, this was fantastic AD! Benny’s whole vibe is inspiring. What a nice guy

  • @laurarader6846
    @laurarader6846 11 days ago +4

    One of THE best Open Doors I've seen which is a lot. Benny is such an appealing, unpretentious, fun host. His appreciation of the art he owns and the art his friends have created. His plushie collection! The kitchen! Makes me want to know more about him. Thanks for the tour, Benny ❤

  • @youtubeaddict1
    @youtubeaddict1 17 days ago +54

    Benny is higher than his net worth, and i love it.

  • @eli92
    @eli92 17 days ago +51

    Love Benny, he’s unique and not afraid to be himself. Very genuine!!!💯

  • @jessellis7359
    @jessellis7359 16 days ago +11

    green flags! Go Selena Go!! Full steam ahead

  • @KasmiraAnne
    @KasmiraAnne 16 days ago +7

    The most real lived in house tour I've seen on AD, thank you Bennyyyyy

  • @tywilson574
    @tywilson574 17 days ago +93

    His house represents him and I love it! He reminds me of a regular size Andre the Giant.

  • @MatuAndrade
    @MatuAndrade 17 days ago +80

    I like his house. It really reflects his personality.

  • @ljciudad7445
    @ljciudad7445 12 days ago +2

    He’s husband material, realest and very down to earth fun guy omg. I would love to have a Benny Blanco husband for me too

  • @Katt54
    @Katt54 16 days ago +4

    He seems so down to earth and real. I hope he and Selena have an amazing future together. They both deserve it.

  • @afsanatai7572
    @afsanatai7572 17 days ago +79

    His house is beyond gorgeous, it looks warm and inviting and very well decorated ❤

  • @adrianaalara6724
    @adrianaalara6724 17 days ago +36

    Definitely top tier celeb house. Benny is so refreshing! Love his style and manners and vibe and I want to be his friend so bad. Thank you for opening your door Benny ❤

  • @allisonmosley7573
    @allisonmosley7573 10 days ago +3

    It’s impossible to not like this guy.

  • @momjeansasmr
    @momjeansasmr 12 days ago +2

    HE IS A SWEET HEART!!! He seems like the most genuine dude. Love him.

  • @matmul4850
    @matmul4850 17 days ago +123

    Dont know who he is but seems like heck of a nice dude 🙂

    • @unclesusan6429
      @unclesusan6429 17 days ago

      One of the biggest record producers of all time. Google Benny blanco

  • @tabithan2978
    @tabithan2978 17 days ago +20

    He cooks and feeds everyone! I’m in love❤. And grows his own veggies!!!

  • @tarafunson
    @tarafunson 13 days ago +3

    He seems like a great partner. I think this ship is going to make the distance.❤

  • @shinynickel29
    @shinynickel29 12 days ago +2

    Omg he’s great 😂❤ This guy deserves Selena!

  • @Krizz139
    @Krizz139 17 days ago +30

    He seems lovely, very warm, funny and friendly.

  • @ewakonieczna6346
    @ewakonieczna6346 17 days ago +38

    I love how surprised I am to know that Benny Blanco's house is so gorgeous and classy😍😍😍

  • @christinamanweiler3541
    @christinamanweiler3541 12 days ago +3

    What a sweetie. Benny's whole vibe an generously sweet down to earth personality is what makes him adorable an a great catch. I'm so happy for Selena.Edit: Also him of course❤

  • @natalielawrence8809
    @natalielawrence8809 13 days ago +3

    One of the most creative, thoughtful, cosy and understated homes and people ✨️

  • @champagnepaci
    @champagnepaci 17 days ago +25

    How could you not love this guy?

  • @austingregg323
    @austingregg323 17 days ago +37

    I just love the thought of Benny showering with lil Dicky 😂

  • @genesishernandez6199
    @genesishernandez6199 13 days ago +2

    I’ve never wanted to go to anyone who’s famous house like Benny blanco, just amazing

  • @emilyantoniades8546
    @emilyantoniades8546 13 days ago +4

    YES. Selena never look back. He's magic.

  • @moxie70
    @moxie70 17 days ago +15

    Benny is so lovable 😊 he is so genuine ♥️ I’m glad he and Selena are together ♥️

    @JOTYYY 17 days ago +46

    Th most charismatic and fun house tour so far AD !!!

  • @tashchanner5329
    @tashchanner5329 16 days ago +2

    What a great guy! He's so down to earth snd welcoming. I love how his life is about food,friends, family,art and music. Really enjoyed this AD.. best by far!

  • @PrettybuoyJones1992
    @PrettybuoyJones1992 17 days ago +51

    He seems like a fun guy,and his house is beautiful and creative.❤🤟🔥💪🥀🌹

  • @andie9691
    @andie9691 17 days ago +37

    Loved this Tour. Benny Blanco is very entertaining and made me laugh quite a bit throughout the video. Can see why him and Selena are together. Cute couple❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @professionalcommenter
    @professionalcommenter 12 days ago +2

    I adote his personality, his house and his ability to make you feel at ease immediately.

  • @tmmtmmtmmy7901
    @tmmtmmtmmy7901 16 days ago +4

    its perfection, the art is insane

  • @ingrapaulino570
    @ingrapaulino570 17 days ago +26

    Now I can see why Selena is dating him, look at his house and his soul? ❤

  • @Earlybirdandworm
    @Earlybirdandworm 17 days ago +22

    I see it! I get the supreme charm and warmth in Benny. Really loved this one; his house is as inviting as his magnetic personality. At every turn he mentions another friend, and his passion for loving on others, which speaks volumes about his character. I want to be his friend too! And those couches, sheesh 😍

  • @arielm1112
    @arielm1112 11 days ago +2

    Love that Benny partnered up with Maggie Baird and her charity, Support & Feed. Maggie Baird is AMAZING. Look her up!

  • @blumachine
    @blumachine 14 days ago +1

    this was one of the best AD's, he is very thoughtful and it shows

  • @sonchi203
    @sonchi203 17 days ago +10

    His house is gorgeous and he seems like a genuine, nice person. He is also a great artist.

  • @lunanegra6253
    @lunanegra6253 17 days ago +8

    I love how his house has so much of his personality and it looks like him. Looks like so much fun and he seems so sweet.

  • @TheHickoryshow
    @TheHickoryshow 8 days ago +1

    I love how he created a vision for you in every room
    What his friends and family would be doing
    He just seems like the sweetest most generous person…buying a drink or making food that he knows someone loves for when they come over next so sweet ❤

  • @miracudrag
    @miracudrag 17 days ago +6

    It's funny he implies he's somewhat ugly because he's absolutely not ugly. He has a beautiful face.

  • @chanelross1657
    @chanelross1657 17 days ago +9

    His insides are reflected on his outsides, what a great guy for Selenie