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French-made self-propelled gun 'Caesar' with automatic loading in the service of 🇺🇦 artillerymen

  • Published on Nov 17, 2023
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Comments • 2.9K

  • @TimTams_64
    @TimTams_64 14 days ago +3632

    THats some robocop looking weaponry

    • @shakengandulf
      @shakengandulf 14 days ago +26

      Hahaha was thinking the same thing. Didnt expect the top comment to mention it tho.

    • @Nickb-fk5vi
      @Nickb-fk5vi 14 days ago +19

      well..great minds think alike..thats what i was gonna say..its pretty badass though

    • @allenking8678
      @allenking8678 14 days ago +28

      We are in a new era, we have made fucking everything into a mobile turret form and slapped an autoloader on it. Ww3 will be fought with controllers and big ass robots, calling it now

    • @dangermaus4084
      @dangermaus4084 14 days ago +12


    • @tyapa3829
      @tyapa3829 13 days ago +7

      ​@@allenking8678ещё Инштейн сказал, - 3я мировая будит с камнями и палками..

  • @admiralspacecat6334
    @admiralspacecat6334 Day ago +378

    Ukraine is just a massive weaponry testing site now

    • @user-rj3nc5yu3v
      @user-rj3nc5yu3v 12 hours ago +6

      Вы тоже так считаете☺️

    • @maxfocusing
      @maxfocusing 11 hours ago +5

      Like France for Germany or Perl Harbor for Japan

    • @dankengine5304
      @dankengine5304 7 hours ago +2

      Yeah, for our old shit. Our new shit wont be tested here.

    • @BT_Venator
      @BT_Venator 7 hours ago +1

      Spain for Germany @@maxfocusing

  • @kaiseseeingthings
    @kaiseseeingthings 5 days ago +598

    China in the corner : _haphazardly takes notes_

  • @ISAFMobius18
    @ISAFMobius18 14 days ago +2761

    In reality, all these countries giving Ukraine these weapon systems is the best way to see what we've been building for decades, seeing what works, what doesnt. So far very impressive

    • @juliioa.j207
      @juliioa.j207 14 days ago +269

      pretty much a shooting range

    • @nos4me
      @nos4me 14 days ago +165

      Shows how good technology beats sheer numbers

    • @scrublord6591
      @scrublord6591 13 days ago +26

      true uk said this themself

    • @morcheba2184
      @morcheba2184 13 days ago +87

      It's almost as if those weapons were designed in the 90s were made for this very space and time and also this very enemy
      All those years people complained of defence budget spending increase ..not so loud now

  • @josiahmonnett762
    @josiahmonnett762 4 days ago +26

    To all those who made fun of them for making bread.

    • @icehoof
      @icehoof 7 hours ago +2

      No, we make fun of them for making white flags
      And being total snobs about their bread

  • @MyLateralThawts
    @MyLateralThawts 6 days ago +99

    “Caesar”? I would have thought the French would have called something that could toss a heavy object great distances “Obelix”.

    • @farsiga2899
      @farsiga2899 5 days ago +2

      Caesar is an acronym.

    • @MyLateralThawts
      @MyLateralThawts 5 days ago +28

      @@farsiga2899 And Obelix is a joke every Frenchman and most Europeans would get.

    • @monkemode8128
      @monkemode8128 Day ago

      ​@@MyLateralThawtsI don't get it

    • @pablomanuelescolar685
      @pablomanuelescolar685 Day ago +15

      ​@@monkemode8128Obelix is from a French cartoon (at first it was a serie of book for kid) called Asterix, then Asterix and Obelix, they are quite popular, to keep it simple it's adter the conquest of the Gaul by Caesar, everything but one little village that resisted caesar's invasion because of the magic potion their druid named Panoramix make, giving them inhuman strengh and reflexes temporary, and obelix is known for beeing able to throw Mehnirs at high distance alone with his hands only because he fell into the potion when he was a kid, giving them some sort of super strengh at all time.

  • @riykkzsunshine9669
    @riykkzsunshine9669 14 days ago +289

    Need to shut the cab door to save the hinges.

    • @epicgames420orsum
      @epicgames420orsum 14 days ago +5

      It was shut

    • @sanell4460
      @sanell4460 12 days ago +9

      But the door opened so it wasn't shut

    • @nickkaraoke2128
      @nickkaraoke2128 12 days ago +1

      Was maybe not all the way

    • @user-zk6rr3kj3s
      @user-zk6rr3kj3s 8 days ago +5

      Петли сохранить? От этого ведра через три минуты нечего не останется.

  • @novarhenium8217
    @novarhenium8217 18 hours ago +27

    Crazy how quickly the world forgot about Ukraine after the Israel thing

  • @user-rv8bl3le5y
    @user-rv8bl3le5y 2 days ago +166

    Страну просрали,но зато испытали импортное оружие, чудаки!

    • @user-ls6lf1xw7e
      @user-ls6lf1xw7e Day ago +8

      Пока не кто страну не просрал, чудак

    • @d1kstrykz
      @d1kstrykz Day ago +6

      Business is business.

    • @maxrus16
      @maxrus16 Day ago +3

      Тебе из под Китая виднее

    • @Thanos-eq9ss
      @Thanos-eq9ss 21 hour ago +1

      Ещё не просрали))

  • @claverton
    @claverton 14 days ago +341

    look at the recoil on that thing! it lifts the cab of the truck up

    • @RussoFigs
      @RussoFigs 13 days ago +6

      POV your in the cab: BONK

    • @Allan57670
      @Allan57670 13 days ago +16

      Yeah it's 155 mm

    • @bubbles190
      @bubbles190 12 days ago +1

      No shit, they rock tanks

    • @gregutdmglaucos3757
      @gregutdmglaucos3757 11 days ago +11

      It's normal in artillery, it's classic for the guns to move more or less, the important thing is that the orientation doesn't change from one shot to another.

    • @slavikk6712
      @slavikk6712 7 days ago +1

      It swung the door open lol

  • @1p4tzz
    @1p4tzz 4 days ago +3

    That looks like something straight from the future

    • @costa4988
      @costa4988 4 days ago +2


  • @julesgaillard5694
    @julesgaillard5694 5 days ago +40

    Le césar c'est une dinguerie 🔥

  • @no_name8973
    @no_name8973 8 days ago +1386

    Russian Lancet: it's for me?

    • @Proud2BRussian2003
      @Proud2BRussian2003 4 days ago +65

      Underrated comment

    • @mozarkozark
      @mozarkozark 4 days ago +120

      Exactly, people only tend to see one side to things when they romanticize war. They ignore the fact that machines like this later get hit with the crew vaporized by a lancet.

    • @BigMax-
      @BigMax- 4 days ago +87

      By the way, the russian bot, during the 2 years of the war, the lancet hit only ONE Caesar. And then he was not on a mission.

    • @barkthebarker429
      @barkthebarker429 4 days ago +47

      ​@@mozarkozarkcool, any artillery get vaporized by any type of explosive lol, we could say the same thing about MSTA Artillery, but that would burn vatnik hearts wouldnt it?

  • @niqq4839
    @niqq4839 11 hours ago +1

    France: French made self propelled gun
    Russians: "There is nothing we can do"

  • @user-dp1db3xq4t
    @user-dp1db3xq4t 15 hours ago +3

    Орудие словно живое

  • @red_white1
    @red_white1 7 days ago +824

    This thing: more than 5 million
    Lancet: 35k

    • @Spip-yt6dx
      @Spip-yt6dx 7 days ago +25

      lets the field make the decision who is better

    • @user-db3fy4nh3u
      @user-db3fy4nh3u 6 days ago +41

      Lancet: 340k*

    • @otofoto
      @otofoto 6 days ago +31

      This thing is free.

    • @antoinegsf-ep358
      @antoinegsf-ep358 5 days ago +63

      How Many russian Equipment one Caesar destroyed before get hit ? More the price of 5M.. How many T72 get satellized by Javelin or NLAW.. Comparing price is idiot.

    • @bluedistortions
      @bluedistortions 5 days ago +38

      Battlefield efficiency is not always simply "cheaper is better." Russian logic to use massive amounts of cheap shit and poorly trained conscripts makes casualties very high and logistics a nightmare. And as a result of high casualties, poor equipment, and low moral, you will start to see rebellion, which is why now Russians have to keep their own snipers and artillery focused on their own men at all times.

  • @moizkakar8620
    @moizkakar8620 Day ago +3

    " there is nothing we can do "
    Napoleon bornapart

  • @susta1815
    @susta1815 17 hours ago +2

    French army and equipment is crazy

  • @Cyxxxou
    @Cyxxxou 10 days ago +145

    Больше не стреляйте, оставьте для нашего музея

    • @user-eo4zf4mf1o
      @user-eo4zf4mf1o Day ago +14

      в Киеве прям на улице музей доблестных трехдневников сво время прошло трупами уже не воняет

    • @user-ni9jq6by3f
      @user-ni9jq6by3f Day ago +1

      @@user-eo4zf4mf1oместа на кладбищах закончились и вам теперь бедолаг приходится в центре города хранить ? Какая жалость(

    • @DemoKnightOn2Fort
      @DemoKnightOn2Fort Day ago +1

      ​@@user-ni9jq6by3fваших никто не забирает,вот пусть и лежат в городах, может ваши же Ваньки, когда-нибудь там очень скоро придут и доедят😊

    • @user-uc4ex8xs8o
      @user-uc4ex8xs8o 16 hours ago

      ​@@DemoKnightOn2Fortсвоих по полям- всех собрал?

  • @user-wu9hd5rh5l
    @user-wu9hd5rh5l 5 days ago +62

    всу это не поможет и не спасёт.

    • @douinek
      @douinek Day ago +1

      Cette mauvaise foi

    • @ackimmichelo9234
      @ackimmichelo9234 3 hours ago

      You think this is Hamas right, Ukraine has withstood all weather war Pattens, Russia won't be tHe same after this war

  • @khoroshoigra8388
    @khoroshoigra8388 5 days ago +1

    We need coffee while its loading

  • @user-vy2dn6hd8r
    @user-vy2dn6hd8r 9 days ago +47

    Отличный трофей для России

    • @nismo9728
      @nismo9728 3 days ago +4

      Так а чё ни одного не взяли ещё?

    • @nismo9728
      @nismo9728 3 days ago


  • @BoerKnight
    @BoerKnight 18 hours ago +1

    By God, we are entering the age of Advanced Warfare.

  • @edilangsultan3522
    @edilangsultan3522 18 hours ago +1

    Enough to make a young artillery officer named Napoleon to cream his pants.

  • @dmitriyvsykiy5700
    @dmitriyvsykiy5700 7 days ago +71

    Одного повара на переднем плане опознать можно. Давайте ещё выкладывайте, кто по посёлкам и городам обстрел делает.

    • @jjsmthr
      @jjsmthr Day ago +4

      Ваня, ты так не шути. Проголосуешь весной за Путина и сразу после мобилизации побежишь Авдеевку брать. Всё-таки руссофашне нужно держать темп по взятию 1 города в год. В 2023 был Бахмут, в 2024 Авдеевка. Таким темпом, глядишь, пригород Донецка к 2050 году наконец-то "освободите", вторая армия мира.

    • @_Otets_
      @_Otets_ Day ago +9

      @@jjsmthr Как там контрнаступ?)

    • @DemoKnightOn2Fort
      @DemoKnightOn2Fort Day ago +1

      ​@@_Otets_как там сво за 2 года проведения?)

  • @juanmoetaco6582
    @juanmoetaco6582 3 days ago +1

    If the government made a terminator then asked him to make a Howitzer this is how I would imagine his R&D would lead him to. Lol

    • @mrfisher1072
      @mrfisher1072 Day ago

      You should look up the loading mechanism on the german spg looks like a factory inside the turret lol

  • @VoraciousGobbler
    @VoraciousGobbler 59 minutes ago

    They look cool when they’re not being used on you.

  • @za83
    @za83 14 days ago +742

    Дальше прилёт "Ланцета", куча трупов и кучка металлолома.

    • @TACTICAL-wr9uh
      @TACTICAL-wr9uh 14 days ago +110

      и єто все в твоем воображению

    • @user-tl6eg4vz5m
      @user-tl6eg4vz5m 14 days ago +79

      ​@@TACTICAL-wr9uhКакое нахрен воображение? Видел с применением Ланцетов посмотри.

    • @za83
      @za83 13 days ago +71

      @@TACTICAL-wr9uh попроси своих новых хозяев вернуть тебе мозги! Сходи на ближайший погост!

    • @thomasm7798
      @thomasm7798 12 days ago +10

      ​@@za83so you know the direction to take and go.

  • @pawaboy2895
    @pawaboy2895 4 days ago +1

    Press "T" to apologize to an ally

  • @LLDSK
    @LLDSK 3 days ago +1

    Finally someone fixed this issue. I could never get over the fact seeing people carry heavy shells one by one instead of juwt autoloading.

    • @obium110
      @obium110 Day ago

      Soviet mbt: what about me? 💔
      Soviet artilery: what about me? 💔
      Naval: what about meeee? 😓💔

  • @jonnielad6402
    @jonnielad6402 14 days ago +402

    Big ups France and Denmark these are beastly

    • @bousieziboo2042
      @bousieziboo2042 12 days ago +25

      Merci 🇨🇵

    • @scorp_i7
      @scorp_i7 12 days ago +2

      Hi, let’s get acquainted? I liked your avatar :3

    • @craigconey9971
      @craigconey9971 12 days ago +14

      @@bousieziboo2042looks like a good bit of kit you French have there mate 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇫🇷

    • @bousieziboo2042
      @bousieziboo2042 11 days ago +12

      ​@@craigconey9971Il est vrai que cela est efficace et mobile 👍 Bon je n'ai pas contribué à sa construction mais je suis fier de ce que mon pays peut faire parfois👍
      Après chaque pays dispose de son propre arsenal 👍

  • @seanbakley
    @seanbakley Day ago +1

    Would be uber impressive to see it reload itself, and reposition itself remotely.

  • @silvertoezsilver7106

    Its like the vehicle sneezed lol

  • @user-qi4je8fk3y
    @user-qi4je8fk3y 14 days ago +69

    Выложено,10 часов назад ,дай бог чтобы уже девять часов вы уже кормите червей

    • @rayzo5342
      @rayzo5342 11 days ago +4

      за все время потеряно 1 цезарь етой модификации

    • @eboysadro1629
      @eboysadro1629 10 days ago +6

      Дай Бог, чтобы ты и твоя семья кормила червей, и побыстрее.

    • @user-db3fy4nh3u
      @user-db3fy4nh3u 6 days ago +1

      Так иди на фронт, помогать червей кормит, раз ты так о них беспокоишься

  • @inelllumba1727
    @inelllumba1727 5 days ago

    Meanwhile the US: yeah so our howitzer is run by a pissed off 19 year old from Alabama who’s on 10,000 mg of caffeine, 2 packs of cigarettes and 3 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours

  • @javiermartinezjr8849
    @javiermartinezjr8849 14 days ago +15

    Remember when this first got declassified and French showed them in mali it blew my mind they loaded and shot five rounds almost as quick as a heavy mortars then 180d and left

    • @antoinegsf-ep358
      @antoinegsf-ep358 5 days ago +2

      Afghanistan first used in combat. The video you are talking is in Irak :)

  • @josephescott3263
    @josephescott3263 2 days ago +1

    I think it needs more shoring or support for the recoil but that is a legendary piece of artillery, looks beautiful even for a tool of war.

  • @saitama9529
    @saitama9529 2 days ago +1

    Can we agree that usa and other country’s are testing their fire power in Ukraine

  • @raymarobedoza3461
    @raymarobedoza3461 14 days ago +46

    mirage jet fighter damn good french technology

    • @user-vm2dy4th7p
      @user-vm2dy4th7p 14 days ago +3

      Не подлизнете, не дадут.

    • @farsiga2899
      @farsiga2899 8 days ago

      Why aren't Mirages in Ukraine not to mention the LeClercs?

    • @volterix2914
      @volterix2914 6 days ago +1

      @@farsiga2899mirage is almost a retired jet not gonna be use anymore in a couple years

    • @honhonhon5513
      @honhonhon5513 6 days ago +3

      ​@@farsiga2899 because Leclerc is not in production anymore, and Ukraine already have leopards and Abrahams, a third tank would mean more mechanics and tank crew to repare and operate a different tank, and same for obtaining parts, same problems with planes, Ukraine will soon have f16, France probably gonna give money instead tu support buying ammo and parts for those vehicles

  • @grimmpickens5766
    @grimmpickens5766 6 hours ago

    Shame on France for sending that over

  • @BeStupidWithIntent
    @BeStupidWithIntent 6 days ago +1

    So it shot two at once? The loaders are satisfying af, so smooth

  • @co.5966
    @co.5966 14 days ago +100

    Для полноты картины, не хватает "ланцета" в кадре..

  • @Seabee203
    @Seabee203 4 minutes ago

    Oh man the logistics for this thing is gonna be difficult and expensive

  • @ThereAreOnly2Genders05

    That looks badass

  • @ragnarchinknor159
    @ragnarchinknor159 10 days ago +33

    damn that thing looks like its worth more than most Ukrainian cities lol

  • @chertsBass
    @chertsBass 16 hours ago

    Woah they actually figured out how to use it👏

  • @user-hd2wm8ei6n
    @user-hd2wm8ei6n 2 hours ago

    Следующий ролик- колонна машин с жевто блакитными флагами и грустная музыка.

  • @user-dk5bl2gy8y
    @user-dk5bl2gy8y 14 days ago +136

    Ланцет уже вылетел

    • @mateusz3555
      @mateusz3555 14 days ago +6

      Вормейт уже вылетел

    • @thenarrator1408
      @thenarrator1408 11 days ago +8

      ​@@mateusz3555ага, конечно,к вам в окоп😊

    • @uss_enterprise.
      @uss_enterprise. 10 days ago +9

      How much 10-15 rubles?

    • @augusto8821
      @augusto8821 10 days ago +10

      Die sind weit außerhalb der Reichweite von dem üblichen russischen Schrott

  • @yesmam7958
    @yesmam7958 3 days ago +2

    Just for your knowledge,
    France "donate" their weapon isn't because they want to support them.
    Everything is a strategie.
    They do it to see the flaw in there weapon,
    Improve their weapon,
    Report to france every step,
    Build relation with the country,
    Its surveillance with more step,
    They are like guinea pig for them,
    Number on a paper,
    Worthless, just a tool to get better themselves.
    But sure, so generous.
    Or I'm just pessimistic.

  • @gerhardtmuller7439
    @gerhardtmuller7439 14 days ago +66

    passenger left the door open.

    • @dumbwabbit
      @dumbwabbit 14 days ago +5

      The passenger side door was closed until it fired.

  • @dantekhavary9295
    @dantekhavary9295 4 days ago +3

    It's sad seeing Every country testing their weapons in Ukraine

  • @user-jb9nc7oe3g
    @user-jb9nc7oe3g 11 hours ago +1

    Лучший полигон мира - ОКРАИНА!

  • @user-wb9td1nm4l
    @user-wb9td1nm4l 14 days ago +71

    Похоже попутно идет и демитилизация гейропы....

    • @OzzyWill
      @OzzyWill 6 days ago +8

      Киллометровые колонны российской техники и камазы Росгвардии в начале 2022 года тоже демилитаризировались, когда уверенно по открытым дорогам шли, про такое количество сгоревших людей за такое короткое время у нас вспоминать не любят.

    • @user-wb9td1nm4l
      @user-wb9td1nm4l 5 days ago +1

      @@OzzyWill считаете это демитилизацией?

    • @vanylka9646
      @vanylka9646 2 days ago

      @@user-wb9td1nm4l считаю это барбекю

  • @MrIhatespamiam
    @MrIhatespamiam 4 days ago +3

    Cool weapon system. What's the song though it's pretty sick, I'm loving it?

  • @mrspankyuk
    @mrspankyuk 5 hours ago

    Sorry but the coolest loader and artillery silhouette ever!

  • @RtB68
    @RtB68 4 hours ago

    Fun fact: They haven’t lost a single one of these in combat - it has sensors that know when it’s being targeted and then immediately surrenders.

  • @JoeyCampbell988
    @JoeyCampbell988 14 days ago +776

    These were given by Denmark 🇩🇰 and they were brand new . Thank you Danish army!

    • @BloodFourBlood
      @BloodFourBlood 14 days ago +32

      ​@@Gal2k6 but Denmark is a way smaller country tho

    • @zago8905
      @zago8905 14 days ago +6

      ​@@BloodFourBloodwith Groenland ?

    • @master_shifu4208
      @master_shifu4208 14 days ago +8

      @@zago8905thats in the danish kingdom but its not apart of the contry denmark

    • @emilschwalbe4894
      @emilschwalbe4894 14 days ago +35

      You welcome I’m from Denmark and I’m glad that our army can help!

    • @MrArray1967
      @MrArray1967 14 days ago +10

      ​@@master_shifu4208and they also receive more from our commonwealth than they 'give' to it.
      In that sense it's even more honourable. Considering only some 50.000+ Greenlandic Inuits.
      Перемоги і миру всім українцям.
      Слава Україні 🇺🇦 героям слава 🇺🇦 слава ЗСУ 🇺🇦🇩🇰🇬🇱

  • @mr.freeman2236
    @mr.freeman2236 4 days ago

    Пока она зарядится, наши уже 2 раза хлопнут !

  • @user-bo4li7ky3o
    @user-bo4li7ky3o 7 days ago +36

    supply of weapons to terrorists from terrorists

    • @bluecreeper6161
      @bluecreeper6161 Day ago +1

      What the hell is that supposed to mean?

    • @TempusEst
      @TempusEst Day ago +3

      *against a terrorist

    • @bluecreeper6161
      @bluecreeper6161 23 hours ago +1

      @@TempusEst Is he talking about Ukrainians? Americans? Russians? The French? Cause we are not terrorists in this war, and neither are the Ukrainians or the French

  • @venomousrecon7450
    @venomousrecon7450 4 days ago

    I’m glad they finally decided to at least use concealment with their artillery after all the US cannons got blown to hell

  • @felitsu3772
    @felitsu3772 7 days ago +10

    One caesar salad coming right up.

  • @gawkingtimetraveler1704

    I'd rather have Marines reload my artillery. They don't malfunction or need to be repaired.

  • @foesnt
    @foesnt 6 hours ago

    the thing is like, "mmm these munitions so yummy (licks fingers)"

  • @user-gg6cg4jd2i
    @user-gg6cg4jd2i 13 days ago +35

    Какой-то обычный ланцет который летит и заметил случайно какую-то западную вкусняшку😁😁😁

    • @riflemanRUS
      @riflemanRUS 13 days ago +6

      Патриотизм головного мозга..

    • @farsiga2899
      @farsiga2899 5 days ago

      ​@user-mn5zu3qj7r Those Lancets will be German Gepard bait. More German Gephards have recently arrived.

    • @eps1376
      @eps1376 3 days ago

      и его сбила одна не западная Оса)

    • @zenkydoggmailcom
      @zenkydoggmailcom 2 days ago +1

      @@eps1376 но насколько Ланцеты дешевле? Если даже вы собьёте часть из одновременно выпущенных Ланцетов, другая часть доберется до цели. И это всё равно будет дешевле любой уничтоженной техники.

  • @RallyFan94573
    @RallyFan94573 3 days ago

    After 20 years later every soldier in europe became lazy

  • @Rabbit_Trix
    @Rabbit_Trix 4 days ago

    Skynet is gonna like the next gen of this weapon system.

  • @DavidRobinson-vd6tg
    @DavidRobinson-vd6tg 14 days ago +18

    Wow, that is really impressive stuff ! 😮

    • @VelimirAndan
      @VelimirAndan 11 days ago

      They didn't show how this "automatic" loader or loader's ,take 155mm round from storage.... Ofcorse crew mambers manuly load this,then we could watch "automatic" Cezar. Didn't you hear about Serbian 155mm howitzer's, several version of NORA/B52 ( original name). American military deside to take Serbian-Nora/M21, Swedis-Archer, Izraeli-Atmos and one howitzer that I can't remamber the name,but it was American made howitzer. Evry singl howitzer were in Arizona testing feald almost 12 mounths. In the end they didn't chose any of them,but they just saw best capebilitas from singl one,so in the end they make howitzer that are on 10×10 chassi (it look like our Nora) and most like that will be new American howitzer whic replace Paldin... Last version of our howitzer have crew of 2 or 3 soldiers that are doing everything from armor cabin of MAN chassi 8×8 and in real automatic loader they could fire 30 rounds of diferent 155mm ammunition. Very seriose and BEAUTIFUL howitzer that we also make in Serbia is ALEXANDER MSG-25 that have diferent way of loader and it's also need only 3 person ,whitout exiting cabin. I will put link of them because this Cezar last version can't be at same level of our howitzer's.

  • @Starmine1231
    @Starmine1231 5 days ago

    That looks like a lot of stress damage

  • @robertcron5746
    @robertcron5746 2 days ago

    about time artillery became more mobile and quicker to relocate

  • @Teo317
    @Teo317 14 days ago +232

    Merci France 🇫🇷

    • @michaelibsen2040
      @michaelibsen2040 14 days ago +12


    • @esbenm6544
      @esbenm6544 14 days ago +18

      @@michaelibsen2040 👶

    • @wikirexmax
      @wikirexmax 14 days ago +10

      ​@@michaelibsen2040We are all someone else's fool.
      Some are merely foolish than others.
      Russia has merely been the fool of many and for many year. And some are even Russia's fools. Those are usually without hope.

  • @LiezelAsuncionInong-sr6oo

    Thought that was a transformer for second

  • @user-db7rl9je4x
    @user-db7rl9je4x Day ago +5

    Красиво работает . А горит еще красивей !!!!!!

  • @iachi73
    @iachi73 14 days ago +125

    L'obbiettivo dei droni Lancet

    • @farsiga2899
      @farsiga2899 14 days ago +6

      If Russia has any Lancet drones left. Haven't seen any lately.

    • @user-qu2nl1tn3e
      @user-qu2nl1tn3e 9 days ago +8

      ​@@farsiga2899Так их массово в 2023 начали выпускать.

  • @bal-duredt2190
    @bal-duredt2190 2 days ago +2

    That's one of our national proudness but unfortunately it's badly used 🇨🇵

    • @gregutdmglaucos3757
      @gregutdmglaucos3757 Day ago +1

      Tout les rapports montrent au contraire qu'ils sont bien utilisés, que se qui ne vas pas celons vous ?
      Et les pertes sont très faibles, 10% de pertes, dans le même temps les russes perdait 24% de leurs meilleurs artillerie (2S19, 2S33), les ukrainiens perdait 15% de leurs AS-90s en moitié moins de temps ( obusier automoteur britanniques moderne).

    • @matishanquez9793
      @matishanquez9793 8 hours ago

      ​@@gregutdmglaucos3757par ce que ça ne devrait pas être utilisé contre la Russie..

  • @someguydan
    @someguydan 5 days ago

    It looks like someone is too lazy to mix a drink in a glass, so it's a shot of gin and a splash of tonic. Fire!

  • @rico3777
    @rico3777 14 days ago +45

    Terminator He is not a man, he is a machine. A Terminator. Model Cybernetic Systems 1-0-1.👍🇺🇸🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • @user-hf7is6ui7f
    @user-hf7is6ui7f 28 minutes ago

    The father of the Star Wars At-At Walker.

  • @mikhail79279
    @mikhail79279 3 days ago

    the fact is that they usually use such cannons to destroy Donetsk city, not army regiments on the battlefield

  • @eddyoreilly579
    @eddyoreilly579 14 days ago +22

    Typical French romanticism..!! It even opens the door for you when it fires..!!

    • @TonyM540
      @TonyM540 13 days ago +2

      I had a Renault truck once and the door would open if you sneezed !

    • @victor6814
      @victor6814 9 days ago +3

      Yes but before it fill you with his huge 155mm baguette.

    @STARSHINE2.0 Day ago

    and yeah guys we have professional equipment, not Lego's

  • @restojon1
    @restojon1 2 days ago

    If this is what they're showing us, imagine what has already replaced it and is still secret.

  • @alexanderf.8915
    @alexanderf.8915 14 days ago +15

    This is a amazing weapon. I ask myself why our goverment not develope more modern weapons with France 🇩🇪🇲🇫!!!!

    • @user-mn5zu3qj7r
      @user-mn5zu3qj7r 14 days ago +4

      Два три выезда и прилетит ланцет

    • @miskaknapek
      @miskaknapek 14 days ago +1

      the german panzerhaubitzer 2000 is actually better :)

    • @lohanguzeloglu4756
      @lohanguzeloglu4756 13 days ago +10

      ​@@miskaknapekcompletely different and no, its not

    • @lohanguzeloglu4756
      @lohanguzeloglu4756 13 days ago +8

      You do but its look like german dont want to share, many times they try to scam, they do joint projects, learn the technology, and will do something else with it in their corner

    • @ommsterlitz1805
      @ommsterlitz1805 13 days ago +2

      @@miskaknapek it's worse on everything except light armor protection

  • @mummelmann-hd2xu
    @mummelmann-hd2xu 5 days ago +1

    Ein Monster 😊
    Gruß an die Orks 🎉aus Dänemark ..🇧🇧🇩🇪

  • @tamminh6973
    @tamminh6973 18 hours ago

    Cầu mong ơn trên phù hộ cho những người lính anh hùng của Ukraine luôn an lành may mắn và thành công nhất định ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @Jason-rn4jk
    @Jason-rn4jk 8 days ago +35

    The amount of technology invested in century old artillery is mind boggling when $300 dollar drones can annihilate any of these machines.

    • @elohimaplop4749
      @elohimaplop4749 4 days ago +5

      Lol we already have weapon that can shot and destroy 10drones per second man. If u want to destroy one of this machine you have to send more than one drone. Ukrain is very far to have all the best equipment in europe

    • @obitruekanobe
      @obitruekanobe 3 days ago +1

      ​@@elohimaplop4749how ever no one has decent enough tech that can withstand a emp attack and making a grenade form emp is not hard, hell I can make a hand held device out of a metal detector that is good upto 200 yards and that's with civilian grade tech 😆

    • @ShaftersUploads
      @ShaftersUploads 2 days ago +2

      These can remove fortified positions. The $300 drone cannot

    • @mihailcoscodan8422
      @mihailcoscodan8422 2 days ago +1

      How do you think, what should have a drone to produce any damage ? what was used before for lunch. SO in theory it works but in practice is not as easy as it may think at the start.

  • @Jnourse1977
    @Jnourse1977 3 days ago

    This is amazing piece of technology

  • @tonperefaitdubobsleigh2420

    In the name of the vast majority of French people I can safely say that nobody want our money used to give that kind of stuff to Ukraine

    • @sdfghgtrew
      @sdfghgtrew 2 days ago +1


    • @ajax6523
      @ajax6523 Day ago +2

      On est d'accord

    • @tonperefaitdubobsleigh2420
      @tonperefaitdubobsleigh2420 Day ago

      @@sdfghgtrew you are clowning yourself keep working hard to provide weapons to a War, I prefer to work hard to substain my family 🤡

    • @julmar9153
      @julmar9153 Day ago

      Je crois que t'as pas capté que c'est un moyen pour les industriels de tester leurs équipements en conditions réelles facilement

  • @Dancing_Ukrainian_Man
    @Dancing_Ukrainian_Man 14 days ago +6

    That is badass

  • @vietnamtactical2088

    Ukraine is just a test for all our weapons at this point

  • @moizkakar8620
    @moizkakar8620 Day ago +1

    I hope there are some countries that will also support palastien in the near future my full respect to them ❤❤❤

  • @sturmstorm
    @sturmstorm 14 days ago +7

    Robots on the back of tanks is going to be the future 😅 damn I’m gonna have to rewatch a bunch of anime and look at their robot models! Because some versions are probably not that far away from us!

  • @chrisfisichella7665

    That is a nice piece of machinery.

  • @MrQwert403
    @MrQwert403 2 days ago

    For every Caesar there is a Lancet.

  • @Lieaul
    @Lieaul 14 days ago +71

    Es lebe die deutsch-französische Freundschaft ❤

  • @adriankettler695

    No more missing hands or fingers 🎉🤙🏼

  • @stephenlittle7534
    @stephenlittle7534 4 days ago

    Dam thats one clever bit of kit there. Wow.