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WATCH LIVE: Day 9 - Johnny Depp Defamation Trial - Pre-recorded Deposition - Officer Melissa Saenz

  • Published on Apr 25, 2022
  • LIVE COVERAGE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial
    Happening in court:
    Day 9
    Tara Roberts - Plaintiff's Island Estate Manager
    Dr. Shannon Curry - Forensic Psychologist
    Pre-recorded Deposition - Officer Melissa Signs
    Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she spoke out about being the victim of domestic violence. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp as her alleged abuser, but according to Depp’s lawsuit, it relied “on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her.” Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.
    The defamation trial began Monday in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, with jury selection completing on the same day. There is a possibility of celebrity witnesses testifying, including James Franco and Elon Musk. Tune in to the Law&Crime Network for daily coverage of this high-profile trial.
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Comments • 5 917

  • Zainab Als.
    Zainab Als. 5 months ago +5309

    Wow. Learned so many things from Dr. Shannon. Felt like a student in psychology class. Loved it.

    • Stephen Fox
      Stephen Fox 2 months ago

      @Jack Russell I'd love to hear YOUR version of science. Big words are hard on you LOL

    • Stephen Fox
      Stephen Fox 2 months ago

      @Floridafanatic28 wow. Clearly got a thing against prettiness and intelligence don't you?

    • Stephen Fox
      Stephen Fox 2 months ago

      Yeah. She knows her stuff. Dr Janine DeMarte was the same in the Jodi Arias trial.

    • Lulu Cats
      Lulu Cats 2 months ago

      @Bettina A "ambas" 🤣🤣🤣

    • Linda Cousins
      Linda Cousins 3 months ago

      @TheRexTera Those that know someone with the illness was recognising the symptoms well before any expert was called. I would like to see other experts agree or disagree with Dr curry or Dr hughes.

  • Aaron Walderslade
    Aaron Walderslade 5 months ago +1066

    As someone who has studied psychology, it's highly enjoyable watching such a talented expert refuse to have her answers framed the way counsel for the defense wants to.

    • Loopy Lulu Blu
      Loopy Lulu Blu 2 months ago +1


    • Kayra Jordyn
      Kayra Jordyn 4 months ago +6

      I have enjoyed watching her testimony more than once. She can answer fully in ways a layman cannot. I feel badly for other witnesses, grappling with the stress of knowing they want to be clear but can’t quite reconcile how to do so or even what doesn’t seem right. For instance the very British sort of house manager working in Australia on day 8 I think, Ben King, was so polite and soft-spoken, but he became kind of rattled. Maybe it was the blunt, American-esque way they questioned him, maybe more, but he was clearing his throat and tugging on his collar, poor guy. He went off to work one day and had to find a fingertip and -he’s- supposed to be suspicious?

    • Danielle dazzads
      Danielle dazzads 4 months ago +15

      i couldn’t agree more. she’s a gem. i feel like the jury MUST have enjoyed listening to her and were totally engaged. she explained everything so well.
      she needs her own tv show or podcast.

    • Christina Oglesby
      Christina Oglesby 5 months ago +26

      She smiled almost the entire time, she was enjoying Amber's team making a fool of themselves

  • Savannah Rae
    Savannah Rae 5 months ago +966

    I love how Dr. Curry was mainly directing her words to the jury rather than paying Heard’s lawyer much attention at all. She appealed directly to the group of people that will ultimately conclude the outcome of this case. She was dynamite on the stand. And I am very glad that she was involved in this case. Justice for Johnny!!

    • Tracy Hastings
      Tracy Hastings 3 months ago +1

      Dr Shannon was phenomenal! I have very similar training and employment as she has, she did beautiful!

    • LlamaCzech 92
      LlamaCzech 92 4 months ago +2

      @Illustraful pretty sure they aren't. They're not there to talk to the jury, they're there to talk to the lawyer, the jury are there to listen in.
      Unless they're asked specifically to explain terminology for the jury or something like that, where they're explicitly asked to address the jury.
      That doesn't stop people from doing it, usually (as is often pointed out for Heard and her witnesses) its a manipulation tactic.

    • glock 34
      glock 34 4 months ago

      @Private Account wow you sound very intelligent. Did you have to look that up 🤣have another ice cream 🙂👏

    • Lala
      Lala 5 months ago

      @Djorgal I was just about to say this. Great comment.

    • Derp Y-Derp
      Derp Y-Derp 5 months ago +3

      Expert witnesses are trained to do this. Johnny himself was bickering with defense during an objection motion, even on redirect from plaintiff’s.
      Curry was really good, but there are people cheerleading about this and it’s sad. Heard’s lawyers have botched their presentations a number of times, but they named Depp on cross a lot.

  • Crystal
    Crystal 5 months ago +258

    Watching Ambers testimony and going back on Dr. Curry’s testimony is wild. Amber demonstrates exactly what Dr. Curry is saying.

    • LlamaCzech 92
      LlamaCzech 92 4 months ago

      @Devick Roop I think the square base part was brought up to imply that's what (she says) he was punching her with in the pubic bone, but the actual "penetration" was with the bottle neck, not that he was shoving the base of the bottle up there.

    • Kim Cox
      Kim Cox 4 months ago


    • Devick Roop
      Devick Roop 5 months ago +7

      That's so true... Especially d part when Heard testified that he kept shoving the square bottle inside her... I seriously laughed... She is clearly acting ....

    • Angela Marino
      Angela Marino 5 months ago +22

      That's the same thing I did: I watched AH's testimony and then Dr. Curry's and I had the exact same impression that you describe. Dr. Curry technically describes borderline/hystrionic personality desorder's features and Amber embodies them and showed them all while she was talking, and they are also clearly shown in the audio recordings between her and JD: in her aggressive tone and her going nuts everytime he tells her he needs some space, she feels abandoned and loses it. It's crystal clear she has not ptsd, and that she is lying. Apart from the trial situation, I actually pity her, she needs help.

  • Blueberry Muffin
    Blueberry Muffin 5 months ago +327

    Dr. Curry just can't stop smiling when she's talking about her education and credentials. She obviously loves her line of work. I want to be that passionate about my job! What an inspiring woman.

    • Loli O
      Loli O 2 months ago


    • Kris Milko
      Kris Milko 2 months ago +1

      Yes! You can tell a lot about a person by the way their face completely lights up how much they love a person or their job. I noticed the same thing when Dr. Curry was talking about her line of work.

    • Tracy Hastings
      Tracy Hastings 3 months ago +1

      She has similar training that I do and I could ever ever put it altogether like she did! She is accurate and knows her stuff!

    • Felicia Fee
      Felicia Fee 4 months ago +1

      I noticed that too! She is such a cool lady!

    • David Schumacher
      David Schumacher 4 months ago +1

      @Khurram Y blueberry

  • Nijin V
    Nijin V 5 months ago +806

    Amber's Lawyers: "Mr. Depp I'm trying to move things along and respect the court's time"
    Also Amber's Lawyers: "What toppings did you put on the Muffins?"

    • sonnie'sEdge
      sonnie'sEdge 3 months ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 right their questions are mega pint of BS.

    • Erin Kolachik
      Erin Kolachik 3 months ago

      Amazing! 😂

    • Tony Ho
      Tony Ho 4 months ago

      Yes. Mr. Rottenborn. He kept saying that, but not the judge nor anybody else had told him to hurry up. He was nervous. I don't think he is experienced in crossing smart alecks like Depp. He got rattled by Johnny and as the cross dragged on, you can see he became more and more inpatient and looked angry. All the AH lawyers come across as aggressive; always trying to use word play to indict people instead of truth-finding; hence the optics for the Jury became AH Team = aggressive, bullish, arguing for arguing's sake. Depp's team = soft, human, compassionate, truth-seeking. In a trial about violence, how else could they vote but for JD. Amber being a weak witness is one thing but her legal team left her with no chance, whatsoever!

    • Stephanie Moore
      Stephanie Moore 4 months ago +2

      This comment made me spit on my phone

  • BoundlessEyes
    BoundlessEyes 5 months ago +578

    Oh my god, the older woman on AH's legal team is SO ANNOYING. She just uses this indignant, disrespectful and over-dramatic tone for literally every question she asks and it makes ME feel like I'm being badgered, let alone the witness.

    • LunaGer
      LunaGer 3 months ago

      @Your Dead Friend

    • Terrance Adrian
      Terrance Adrian 3 months ago

      She is terrible. The entire defence team is terrible.

    • Ryan Tinch
      Ryan Tinch 4 months ago +2

      @Your Dead Friend there is a way to be confident and direct in a respectful way while arguing you’re case. Probably more likely to win too.
      You can never win playing dirty honey… as Miss Nene Leakes would say.

    • Haihong Ma
      Haihong Ma 4 months ago +1

      I want to see Dr. Curry’s assessment on this lawyer!

  • 中村Litari
    中村Litari 5 months ago +228

    Dr. Curry is like the woman I aspire to become. Dignified, patient, strong, composed, confident, compassionate, charismatic, educated, authentic, sincere, empathetic, gentle, yet straightforward, passionate - love her, became a total fan. Now this is what feminist role models should look like. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • Thilo
      Thilo 4 months ago

      @kelly xx I think her confidence is what makes her attractive.

    • kelly xx
      kelly xx 4 months ago

      And also gorgeous 🥰

    • Thilo
      Thilo 5 months ago +3

      those were really wise words!, @ray h. ! I will keep them in mind. Thank you.

    • sweet hart
      sweet hart 5 months ago +2

      Yes! She is a solid example of a smart and grounded lady

    • ray h.
      ray h. 5 months ago +3

      Holy crap ! You may end up on shrinks couch if you try to be anything but a little better everyday !

  • Lymmitless
    Lymmitless 5 months ago +380

    The entire trial has been exactly one pattern.
    Johnny’s Lawyers to actual witnesses: “So what happened here?”
    Amber’s Lawyers to actual witnesses: “You don’t know what happened, do you? Johnny could have taken coke/had alcohol before you got there, couldn’t he? He was drunk, wasn’t he?”

    • LlamaCzech 92
      LlamaCzech 92 4 months ago

      @Kathrin Siegmund I mean... Leading questions can still be objected to in the cross examination.
      Its just there's less scrutiny of them because its not their witness so its less likely they're trying to basically feed the witness lines.

    • Yes, I like bananas. So?
      Yes, I like bananas. So? 4 months ago +3

      @Derp Y-Derp you sound so confident for someone who doesn’t even seem to fully understand the comment you’re responding to

    • Your Dead Friend
      Your Dead Friend 5 months ago +4

      @Derp Y-Derp except they haven’t proven that in a way that matters bc almost everyone speaks in that way unless they’re always aware what they might say might be used against them. so unless you think they’re going to prove he planned all this out; trying to prove both is contradictory at best and a lie at worst. almost none of the ppl in this comment section should ever be involved in law. yikes

  • Jodie Javens
    Jodie Javens 5 months ago +4087

    What an eloquently spoken and educated woman Dr Curry is, stood her ground, called out inconsistencies and expressed her professional views like a true boss!

    • Matthias Schneider
      Matthias Schneider 5 months ago

      @Derp Y-Derp ??

    • Derp Y-Derp
      Derp Y-Derp 5 months ago +1

      @Serenity Smith She’s not a psychiatrist.
      She didn’t match up well because defense counsel is a) dealing with an expert witness and b) representing a deeply flawed client.

    • Derp Y-Derp
      Derp Y-Derp 5 months ago +3

      @Matthias Schneider Lmao, she’s an expert witness.
      She said that doesn’t *investigate potential crimes.* This is completely different than what you said.
      Police investigate crimes. She assesses the aftermath. You really don’t seem to understand this topic at all.

    • Winston
      Winston 5 months ago +2

      She’s wayyy way too smart for these people.

  • Tara Bussey
    Tara Bussey 5 months ago +363

    Her lawyers being rude to every person that comes on the stand is making them all look quite bad

    • Mystic
      Mystic Month ago

      @Eka Marie I'm not impressed by this judge in allowing AH team to ignore objections, testifying type of questions, arguing with judge and treat all witnesses as hostile. I watch a lot of trials and have seen judges not tolerate that BS so don't know what's up with this judge.

    • Khurram Y
      Khurram Y 4 months ago +1

      Specially to johnny

    • Maisie Durham
      Maisie Durham 5 months ago +5

      I very much doubt that Depp's lawyers will be rude to the defense witnesses

    • Only good Vibes
      Only good Vibes 5 months ago +2


    • Sue Goetz
      Sue Goetz 5 months ago +10

      @Eka Marie they have nothing. Hard to defend Amber with all the evidence pointing to her guilt

  • Penelope Hohenstein
    Penelope Hohenstein 5 months ago +91

    To date, this testimony is my absolute favorite and this Dr. will have attorneys beating down her door to hire her for her outstanding skills at explaining complicated diagnoses and remaining as cool as a cucumber under pressure.
    But most of all it's my favorite because this disorder describes Amber's dysfunction to such an astronomical degree that even she herself looked sick with the realization that she is one toxic person and has done nothing to better herself. She appears shell shocked that the universe is not fawning over her as it always has.
    Hello - it's called a Divine Attitude Adjustment.

    • Eka Marie
      Eka Marie 5 months ago

      Though sadly, I knew she was talking about AH but she described a particular person in my family to a T, I wish I could hire her to talk to this specific family member bc it’s absolutely maddening having to deal w it.

    • Sara
      Sara 5 months ago +1

      Couldn't have worded that better!

    • Seasoned Sofisticate
      Seasoned Sofisticate 5 months ago +1

      Love that….”Divine Attitude Adjustment”.🙂

  • Janet Dipetrillo
    Janet Dipetrillo 5 months ago +301

    I hope the jury can see how disrespectful Heard’s attorneys are to the witnesses. Their attack tone is condescending and bullying. Dr. Curry showed great restraint. I would not have been able to have been.

    • Roses
      Roses 4 months ago +2

      Then with the hearsay objections,I know it's part of how a courtroom works(I think I don't know a lot about law)but it's gotten pretty funny at how much they say it 😆

    • Elvira Feher
      Elvira Feher 4 months ago +3

      @Roses Yet they waste so much time asking the same question in different ways. Plus taking ages to find the audio recordings.

    • Roses
      Roses 5 months ago

      The trial does have to be done by a certain date though but I do remember Rottenborn saying 'I'm trying to save the court's time' while Johnny was on the stand

    • Shroom Shroom
      Shroom Shroom 5 months ago +2

      Seriously! I would have been charged wirh contempt of court if I was spoken to like that.

    • Shahad Al Jarba
      Shahad Al Jarba 5 months ago +2

      Bullying! That's the exact word it came to me when they question the witnesses.

  • Melissa Moss
    Melissa Moss 4 months ago +51

    Listening to Dr. Curry's description of BPD and HPD *after* watching Amber's direct testimony is mind-blowing! Was she spot on with those diagnoses or what?! It's like she explained what someone those diagnoses usually presents like, and Amber's like, "Here, lemme just show you!"
    •Intense emotion changes (literally sobbing uncontrollably one second and then sitting quietly during an objection the next)
    •Exaggerated, flowery language
    (Curry used the word "magical," and Amber said that actual word in her testimony several times!)
    You would think her attorneys would have tried to encourage her to rein it in a little, so that she wouldn't just look like the poster child for everything Dr. Curry just explained, but instead of seeing it as a disorder, Amber sees it as an opportunity to give the performance of her life and really sell it to the jury.... and she actually thinks it's believable! That's a testament to how delusional she is.

  • Red's Retros
    Red's Retros 5 months ago +1864

    If people were more like Dr. Curry, this world really would be a better place. So intelligent, warm, honest and inspiring. She's destined for great things.

    • BJenno1997
      BJenno1997 3 months ago +1

      @ROBERT you expect her to do it for free??

    • Alkimiya Wisdom
      Alkimiya Wisdom 4 months ago +1

      @ROBERT aaaand so what if she was paid?? Was she wrong?

    • Red's Retros
      Red's Retros 4 months ago

      @ROBERT disagreeing with you with a fair reason is not being "arrogant". You see things one way, I see them another. Having different opinions is part of being human, the difference here is I am able to do it and discuss it without resorting to name calling.

  • Patty Rivera
    Patty Rivera 5 months ago +127

    I want someone like Dr Curry to be my professor... I bet I'd be so interested in class. She's so well spoken, professional and was very detailed with explaining every detail.

  • Yolanda Duran
    Yolanda Duran 3 months ago +9

    Wayne Dennison I swear is exciting to watch. He is so good at what he does. All of the hostility that Ambers lawyers display is actually unnecessary. Its as if they are auditioning for Law & Order.

  • Serina Granville
    Serina Granville 4 months ago +20

    As a person who was diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), I INSTANTLY recognized the same diagnosis within Amber when they played audio recordings. When I watched this trial with this psychologist, it was just confirmation of what I had already sensed. BPD is actually a personality disorder that is treatable and has been proven to be reversed if the person with BPD does the hard work. 80% of my symptoms have been minimized. My mood is more stabilized, but I still have a fear of abandonment. I had the quiet borderline type, so I internalized a lot of my behavior towards myself, whereas Amber externalized her behavior towards other people. So intriguing to listen to.

    • Melissa Hess
      Melissa Hess 3 months ago +1

      I have to give you kudos. It's rare that people with bpd even accept their diagnosis nevermknd put in the work. On behalf of all empathetic people, we thank you.

    • PeppermintGekko
      PeppermintGekko 4 months ago +4

      That’s awesome that you put that hard work in. That’s not an easy mountain to climb.

  • Jack Greenstalk
    Jack Greenstalk 5 months ago +316

    Start: 16:20
    ms charlie roberts arrives: 19:28
    dr Shannon curry take stand: 1:17:22
    morning recess Break: 1:40:17
    Return: 2:01:17
    Lunch break: 2:53:39
    return: 4:04:58
    Muffin Gate😂: 4:28:15
    afternoon recess: 5:15:30
    jury enters: 5:42:54
    officer melissa signs: 5:44:38

  • Maria Pedersen
    Maria Pedersen 5 months ago +3058

    Curry’s testimony did not only come across as transparent, honest and professional - But it was also a great reflection of how AH’s lawyers try to capture/create false doubt in the jury’s mind. Curry really proved that to the jury. I love how she professionally handled Elaine’s out of line misinterpretations and unnecessary complex questions in attempt to trap Curry. I want to make curry chicken to honour Curry a little😁⚡️

    • TheHolisticDog
      TheHolisticDog 5 months ago +2

      @Darrell Dorsey now the trolls are coming in and or bots from Amber
      You are the troll Darrell Dorsey*

    • Darrell Dorsey
      Darrell Dorsey 5 months ago

      Girl you must be high

    • Gemini mind
      Gemini mind 5 months ago

      I think you're joking!

    • TheHolisticDog
      TheHolisticDog 5 months ago

      @Ana Chayres thanks! Yes just because one has a tiny bit of empathy does not mean that the person is not a Sociopath or psycopathic(antisocial personality disorder) for example and the other way around one with a seemingly weak empathy does not have to meet the criteria of the same.

    • Ana Chayres
      Ana Chayres 5 months ago

      Mmm sounds yummi, bon apetit

  • ash
    ash 5 months ago +90

    As someone who hopes to be a psychologist later in life, i really look up to Dr. Curry. She is highly educated, professional and sophisticated.

  • Cheryl Walsh
    Cheryl Walsh 5 months ago +156

    Amber’s female attorney has such a hostile approach to questioning. She is unprofessional and so is Rottenborn. Johnny’s attorneys definitely are more professional.

    • cartergirl3of3
      cartergirl3of3 5 months ago +11

      Yes but you have to understand the dynamics here. All the witnesses you've seen thus far have been plaintiff (johnny's) witnesses. So everyone Amber's lawyers have questioned are the enemy to them. They need to intimidate and break down that witness so as to try and get them to slip up.
      Once Amber's witnesses are on the stand they are going to be a lot nicer and you will see johnny's lawyers get a little nastier

    ISSKULL 5 months ago +61

    I love how she refuses to let that lawyer twist her words.
    A true professional, she really knows her stuff.

  • Jocelyn Hurtienne
    Jocelyn Hurtienne 5 months ago +82

    Dang. Dr Curry.. her educational background is everything. I am a counselor intern right now and my jaw is hanging. You go girl!

  • Veronica Renn
    Veronica Renn 5 months ago +2211

    Amber’s attorney tried to make Dr. Curry look silly. *It massively backfired.* What an abysmal and pathetic attempt to discredit her.

    • Tony Ho
      Tony Ho 4 months ago +2

      Yes!! Let's also give credit to the JD lawyer that did a short and sweet re-direct basically making Ms Bredehoft look a fool by illustrating through Dr. Curry that the other mental health professionals Ms Bredehoft were drilling Dr. Curry about were treating providers and thus not ethical to provide forensic opinions. That was so good! AH team is complete disaster!

    • PeaceLove &Music
      PeaceLove &Music 5 months ago +2

      Thank you for providing me with my word of the day! Abysmal! Totally forgot about that word annnnnd I will be using it for all the things now 🙌

    • TheMarouuu
      TheMarouuu 5 months ago +1

      @A J I knew it! Well, it is what it is. How much do I owe you for the comment? ;)

    • D B
      D B 5 months ago +4

      @Jaison J Just because someone attended an ivy league, that doesn’t make them any more credible than the person that attended another institution (especially when talking about an education in the scientific field). What really matters is the degree(s) that the person has achieved and what they contributed to their field. This ivy-obsession mindset has got to stop. It’s outdated

  • Coco Mager
    Coco Mager 5 months ago +59

    Love how Dr. Curry explains things.. and her overall composure is to die for

  • Major Zipf
    Major Zipf 5 months ago +72

    Oh my gods.. this lawyer of Herd’s makes me feel insane just listening to her pandering questions and the way she asks a question and looks incredulously at the witness then starts shaking/nodding her head dismissively as soon as they start answering. I would not have been able to remain to calm. She’s infuriating.

  • Rachel's Revenge.
    Rachel's Revenge. 5 months ago +68

    I’m so relieved she has taken the stand. She’s very knowledgeable and will be a huge helping factor toward the outcome of this case.

    • temp
      temp 4 months ago

      @urpieceofheaven 2 johnnys lawyer, Camille is being relentless on amber

    • urpieceofheaven 2
      urpieceofheaven 2 4 months ago

      @temp I’m so behind. Can’t wait to see her answers.

    • temp
      temp 4 months ago

      @urpieceofheaven 2 not really true since dr curry evaluated her spot on, her bias may come from her having amber all figured out, and let’s not pretend like amber hasn’t been doing that same thing, difference is it backfires because she makes baseless claims

    • urpieceofheaven 2
      urpieceofheaven 2 4 months ago

      Not really since she was Paid by his team and accepted “gifts” the dinner, you don’t meet like that with the client also she only evaluated Heard and not Depp. Bias.

    • temp
      temp 5 months ago

      change ur name and pfp

  • Tony Ho
    Tony Ho 3 months ago +14

    Dr. Curry is one witness (including Amber and Johnny) that has everyone's full attention when she talks. That includes lawyers from both sides and the gallery. What a star!

  • Meg V
    Meg V 5 months ago +2284

    as someone as educated in psychology as Dr. Curry is, Heard's attorneys can't play mind games with her or corner her into an abrupt admission. that was so satisfying to watch

    • 1204nedes
      1204nedes 5 months ago

      Yesss I kept replaying the muffin rant,miss Curry HAD HER DELIRIOUS!

    • Brandy Gonzalez Diaz
      Brandy Gonzalez Diaz 5 months ago

      @Nikki 1989 what's the difference between the two 🤔 😂

    • flynn haley
      flynn haley 5 months ago +1

      Yesss she reminded me of the psychologist who testified against Jodi Arias !!!! Calm & collected & definitely an expert.

    • Meg V
      Meg V 5 months ago

      @Dawn Mawhirter i agree 💯

  • johndogwater
    johndogwater 5 months ago +58

    I really hope Amber Heard takes these diagnoses on board and gets the help that will make her happier and able to live a more stable, pleasant life. It's no fun having a personality disorder, it's not your fault you have it, but it is your responsibility to get help with it.

    • Melissa Moss
      Melissa Moss 4 months ago +1


    • Michelle Fitzpatrick
      Michelle Fitzpatrick 4 months ago +3

      She's only going to take offence to her diagnosis.
      What she says is all that matters.

    • Nusaiba Abdulaziz
      Nusaiba Abdulaziz 5 months ago +1

      Exactly, if I were her I'd feel validated and seen. And it clearly explains why she did all she did. Should definitely accept this diagnosis as a matter of fact rather than take offence.

  • WitchyWoman
    WitchyWoman 5 months ago +39

    I would have loved to hear Dr. Curry’s assessment of Depp. It was fascinating to hear her speak on Heard. I had previously been convinced she suffered from BPD from my own minor degree in psychology.

  • rvk
    rvk 5 months ago +117

    The police woman was fantastic. Straight to the point. Couldn't be riled up.

    • mrs. f.
      mrs. f. 21 day ago

      Oooo it must be hard to swallow for AH that she didn't know who she was!!!!!

    • rvk
      rvk 5 months ago +5

      @Blue84Stang i liked that about her. Really good witness

    • Blue84Stang
      Blue84Stang 5 months ago +15

      Not just difficult to rile, but also supplies ZERO extra information. Yes, no, I don't know, I don't have that information. That's it. The lawyer is trying to trip her up, and she just refuses to be caught.

  • Cindy Carson
    Cindy Carson 5 months ago +13

    When the police officer said “A lot of people don’t like us” I choked. How would amber’s lawyer imagine that it’s unusual for people to talk to the police ????? This police officer is straightforward and won’t change her answers no matter how granny tries to turn the question around. You’re asking a police officer if she fears for her safety???? Really
    Throw the entire AH lawyer team in the bin

    • Chloe
      Chloe 5 months ago +1

      haha granny!!

  • Norah Dacy
    Norah Dacy 5 months ago +77

    I didn’t know anything about this case besides that there was a lawsuit before the trial started, I watch a lot of court proceedings because I’m studying to be an English teacher and learning to recognize rhetoric is a big part of my curriculum so watching these cases is super helpful. I actually got invested in this one simply because of how the incompetence of AH lawyers is making the case feel cut and dried for Johnny. It’s wild how much of a difference clear communication and questioning can make. Johnnys lawyers do the best thing they can and allow AH lawyers to make fools of themselves, they’re the biggest downfall of her case besides the recordings 😂

  • Alejandra Rodriguez
    Alejandra Rodriguez 5 months ago +26

    watching Dr Curry's testimony and now watching Heard's one, you can literally see that Heard's diagnosis is spot on!

    • Samia Serhani
      Samia Serhani 5 months ago +4

      Exactly what I thought! I'm even surprised AH kept her story as is, even using the same words Dr curry referenced, like "magical" and "soulmate", it's so fascinating to see someone so pationate and good at their job working

  • Colonel Action
    Colonel Action 4 months ago +11

    Borderline Persobality Disorder. Ive had first hand experience of being on the recieving end of this, and it sucks having somebody constantly making things up and warping the truth on you. I feel for Johnny and I feel for him

  • Kier K
    Kier K 5 months ago +12

    As a student who wants to become a school psychologist, I really look up to Dr. Curry. She is so intelligent and I actually learned new things from her that I never knew before

  • Ziggity Zag
    Ziggity Zag 5 months ago +45

    Dr Curry is spot on! She described AH perfectly. Even her examples of describing reactivity sounded like AH. AH became animated and wrote a LOT of notes when Dr Curry was on the stand.

  • Jessie Grisham
    Jessie Grisham 5 months ago +32

    That was so insulting that the lady lawyer tried to insinuate that the psychologist had drink and dinner in an inappropriate manner with Johnny depp. I was insulted FOR her.

    • The JJJs
      The JJJs 5 months ago +1

      Such a pathetic attempt. More points for Johnny’s side. Keep ‘em coming, defense.

    • tayl h
      tayl h 5 months ago +2

      Yeah! That was sooo cringey. Dr. Curry even looked uncomfortable being asked over & over. Like ma’am, this was and is a professional matter. So strange.

  • sweet hart
    sweet hart 5 months ago +39

    God it’s so telling watching AH furiously taking notes ; it’s the only semblance of control she has to cling to in this situation and the only way she can respond and get her voice “heard” even if it’s just to a piece of paper

  • Peakabooicu
    Peakabooicu 5 months ago +35

    The psychologist evaluator is gold! So we’ll at explaining everything. Professional to a T and you can tell she has a real passion for truth in psychology. I would love her to evaluate me. She was made for “the stand” in any court.
    The disgust on Ambers face as this Dr was speaking is so telling that she’s very self absorbed and can’t even accept the diagnosis as a good thing for her to grow in her life and get help with. Also her writing like mad as she can’t butt in, talk over or shut down this dr must be killing her especially considering it’s a qualified dr assessing and talking about Ambers problems rather than Amber taking about and diagnosing Johnny’s issues… it’s all out of heard control!..

  • Shahn Corry / Soo Good Soapery

    As a solicitor myself, she has held herself extremely well and is a profound witness for the plaintiff

  • Cassian
    Cassian 5 months ago +65

    The mimicking how their partners dress is so scary and consistent with how she was dressed. It was clear that she was trying to copy Johnny's style by wearing almost the same things. This is so accurate that it's scary

    • Jill Schmidt
      Jill Schmidt 5 months ago +7

      There was no mistaking when she pulled out her bee tie!

  • Alina B.
    Alina B. 5 months ago +23

    On one hand, it’s annoying that the judge doesn’t stop AH’s lawyers from harassing people on the witness stand, on the other hand it lets the jury and the world see the incompetence and how unprofessional they are fighting for her case.

  • Beyza Kartal
    Beyza Kartal 5 months ago +12

    Seeing Amber`s attorney go through the single scales or items on the MPI test is just painful, as a psychology student. The level of her ignorance on how a diagnosis is done is just unbearable.

  • Valentina
    Valentina 5 months ago +1539

    “May I clarify what occured so that we can stop talking about the muffins?” Hahaha this killed me
    The lawyers are a joke!

    • THETowandAA
      THETowandAA 4 months ago +4

      yeah 90% of their so called "examinations" are asking questions in a framing ambiguous way ... having the witness give a nuanced response... and reading back their testimony from 2 years ago where they gave a yes/no to just part of the original question.
      What killed me too was the "may I explain what this means?"..." nope"... like it's not conspicuous at all

    • Kitty Underwood
      Kitty Underwood 4 months ago +2

      @schmemmm and she already explained her reasoning for having the interview that way. I'm sure those other professionals would've done dinner and drinks with Johnny if they'd been offered 🤷‍♀️

    • Sarah Nikora
      Sarah Nikora 5 months ago +3

      So we're the muffins assaulted caramel?

    • Amber Marie
      Amber Marie 5 months ago +2

      And the fact that they still had to talk about the gd muffins after she clarified!!!

    • schmemmm
      schmemmm 5 months ago +1

      @ScurvyPir8 Many others in the field have weighed in and said they would not have had a private dinner with drinks, it's unprofessional and muddies the waters.

  • Nicole Mouser
    Nicole Mouser 5 months ago +57

    I know it’s a long video but everyone should keep watching after the Dr testified, because the cop that arrived in the scene when Amber called in regards to domestic violence took the stand. Long story short, she didn’t see anything that would make her think domestic violence happened.

  • Kayra Jordyn
    Kayra Jordyn 4 months ago +5

    Dr. Shannon Curry. She is SO self-assured, not to mention a smarty pants who is meticulous in detail. She is a fully-realized woman and I want to be JUST LIKE HER when I grow up!!! So proud she took no bait, clapped back with respect and keeps cool consistently. 👏 ✨🍾

  • Sarah Alfrey
    Sarah Alfrey 5 months ago +9

    OMG Johnny, I wish you all the luck. This sounds terrible for you. I pray you get through this and justice is served to the correct person i.e NOT you! STAY STRONG!!!

  • HH hh
    HH hh 3 months ago +4

    This woman is one of the reasons the jury understood Amber better, all that she described about her personality reflected in Amber’s testimony bravo!

  • nas mom
    nas mom 5 months ago +935

    Curry made an excellent presentation and I love the fact that she stated clearly that Amber was faking and overdoing the act of having nonexistent PTSD

    • Shroom Shroom
      Shroom Shroom 5 months ago

      All the way up to the 98 percentile.

    • Chuck Weber
      Chuck Weber 5 months ago +6

      @Commonsense66 I'm sure johnny is not perfect but amber clearly is crazy and the abuser anybody that sticks up for amber I'm staying far away from.

    • Commonsense66
      Commonsense66 5 months ago +1

      Oh please, she was paid by Depp and his team. Can’t believe she didn’t realize how having dinner and drinks with Depp and the legal team would look. Not very professional, probably in hindsight. Everyone so far testifying for Johnny is on his payroll, which they clearly don’t want to jeopardize. He does seem possibly psychologically abusive. Not that Amber is angel, but neither is he. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • BlackSeranna
    BlackSeranna 5 months ago +20

    Officer Saenz did a good job - the lawyers' questions were very thorough, and the answers left no doubt as to what she saw.

  • James Stevens
    James Stevens 5 months ago +46

    Court lawyers with an aggressive style can be a liability. Especially when they try their hostile interrogation tactics on an expert witness who's highly trained in mind games and who's level of intelligence is an order of magnitude above theirs.
    Dr Muffins - 1
    Grumpy Karen Lawyer - 0

    • Stueckchen
      Stueckchen 4 months ago +2

      I'm near the 5h mark and it's disgusting how happy and smug Lawyer Karen sounds when she has some answers to quote to take them out of context

  • Kelley Wood
    Kelley Wood 4 months ago +12

    Oh Lord Elaine’s questions are so mind numbing! She asks the same questions over and over and then goes to their deposition which says the same answer they just testified but stated a different way and she thinks that she has proved they are lying.

  • BJenno1997
    BJenno1997 3 months ago +8

    Dr. Shannon Curry is amazing. Hats down to the husband who’s married to her.

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight 5 months ago +2022

    By playing the role of the victimized woman, Amber put women who were exposed to violence in a difficult situation. She is a manipulator.

    • Michelle Fitzpatrick
      Michelle Fitzpatrick 4 months ago

      @Jawns Amber NEVER suffered

    • angelsanddemons
      angelsanddemons 5 months ago

      me too was always clear to me driving an agenda and amber heard was used. question is how did she get paid by them in secret.

    • Shroom Shroom
      Shroom Shroom 5 months ago

      And she makes all of those with bpd look like abuzers. Bpd is already extremely stigmatized. Some therapists won't even handle people with bpd because of it. Thanks a whole lot Amber.

    • Travel. Music. Food.
      Travel. Music. Food. 5 months ago

      @Cynthia Glasson Agreed.

    • jpp
      jpp 5 months ago +1

      @whynottalklikeapirat lol you know what they meant. 😆

  • Tam Ra
    Tam Ra 4 months ago +13

    Dr. Curry is such a beautiful soul. Her smile is so genuine and caring. Not to mention she's gorgeous! Excellent testimony.

  • Scuba J
    Scuba J 5 months ago +52

    Ouch. When the police officer was asked if she had ever heard of Amber Heard before that time and she said never I had never heard of her until that time. I'm sure that made her feel good

    MICKIE GEE 4 months ago +19

    the reason the psychologist was so fantastic is because instead of stating amber’s traits as absolute fact, she was clear in pointing out to the hury that in fact, she can NOT say these are point-blank truths, but that the answers *_indicate_* fact based on other examinations of people who were proven to have had such traits and disorders. she didn’t force a self-righteous appearance or show herself as the most knowledgeable person in the room- rather, she explained in thorough detail why the answers indicate her diagnoses as truths because of how many scales there are to score with and whatnot. i REALLY appreciated that and bet the jury did too.

  • K F
    K F 5 months ago +5

    This psychologist is so admirable and professional! I feel like next time I have an interview or am accused I need to look back at this video and see how she carried herself because there is a lot to learn there. Thank you Dr Curry!

  • Karla G
    Karla G 5 months ago +827

    Dr. Curry be looking like an actual lawyer instead. Very professional, truthful, smart and accurate in facts. One of the best testimonies in this trial! 🙌🏼 God bless this women!🙏🏼

  • Jason Wallace
    Jason Wallace 5 months ago +46

    Let's hope these jurors get this right. It is so blatantly obvious that Amber Heard was the abuser in this marriage. Johnny deserves his life back and compensation for all these false accusations that destroyed his life.

  • Laura Gasperini
    Laura Gasperini 5 months ago +44

    the whole “muffin” parenthesis was just painful (in a weirdly entertaining way of course) to watch. i can’t believe AH’s lawyers are so desperate to even think of bringing those up, let alone try to hammer Dr.Curry over it.

    • Alison M
      Alison M 5 months ago +2

      Well Amber didn’t give them much to work with… she made her bed very very well so no wonder they’re grasping at straws. The woman was lazy and overestimated herself completely 🥴 I almost feel bad for them LOL
      SOMEONE has to take the case, and this tyrant cannot be easy to defend.

  • Atlas Dean
    Atlas Dean 4 months ago +11

    Honestly I'm trying to sit through this but Elaine's cross exam is so weak it's giving me secondhand embarrassment

  • Susanna Langdon
    Susanna Langdon 4 months ago +16

    Dr. Curry is a godsend! She was so professional no matter what, especially compared to ambers “expert” witness. They are completely on the opposite ends of the spectrum comparatively speaking. Dr. Curry knows what she is talking about. Props to her.

    • Bess
      Bess 4 months ago +1

      It’s because Amber’s side cant hide crazy! Lol 😝

  • Mountain Prairie West
    Mountain Prairie West 5 months ago +18

    What a breath of fresh air Dr. Curry is!! Instant fan here. She's charismatic, intelligent, beautiful, and patient beyond belief. She has already been a successful woman, but watch her skyrocket now that she is basically a household name! Go Dr. Curry! Justice for Johnny!

  • sunnykaykay
    sunnykaykay 5 months ago +16

    The best part was when Amber's lawyer thought she described Amber but it was actually 100 % correct for Johnny. Love that even the camera operator picked up on that and zoomed in on Johnny!! 😂

  • stancexpunks
    stancexpunks 4 months ago +9

    How Dr Curry describes Amber is EXACTLY how she comes across in the tapes and her testimony.

  • Traci Devine
    Traci Devine 4 months ago +9

    She's always accusing people of knowing it was involving Johnny Depp, or they work for Johnny, or they're a fan of Johnny. Amber was with him BECAUSE he was Johnny Depp. Glad you lost.

  • kati
    kati 5 months ago +238

    I’m surprised how her description of borderline personality disorder matched so well with Johnny’s retelling of Amber’s actions/habits. Also reminded me of how he described his mom to be. It’s so interesting from a logical standpoint but also it’s sad to know that Johnny had to deal with this a large portion of his life.

    • hossein javanmard
      hossein javanmard 4 months ago

      @Savannah C Well after having to deal with this shitshow for a decade, it would be weird if he didn't miss the good days with Vanessa...

    • Savannah C
      Savannah C 4 months ago

      @D D his relationship with Vanessa was actually really healthy. I think she just got tired of having to stay home with the kids and not have her own career, which was why she wanted to separate. It was harder for her to work since most of her career is based in France. I definitely think he still has feelings for her or has deep regret for not addressing her concerns before it got so bad. He even referred to her as “my girl was pregnant” when discussing when his daughter was born.

    • Stueckchen
      Stueckchen 5 months ago +2

      But it isn't right to demonize people who are having this illness. Yes this woman sucks and his mother most likely did too but there are thousands of thousands of people in the world with bpd who are treated the right way, who take medication and live their lives best they can.
      It's mostly untreated people who become such menaces.
      One of my very good friends has bpd and she is nothing but caring, considered, patuent and open. She has been in treatment since we were teenagers and it works well.

    • Kat Webb
      Kat Webb 5 months ago +1

      @D D Yep. It's an unfortunate cycle.

    • marilynsgirl
      marilynsgirl 5 months ago +1

      We go, and often sadly, to what we know.

  • Lisa Savino
    Lisa Savino 5 months ago +10

    Dr. Curry, what a woman! So inspiring ❣️

  • Marsha
    Marsha 5 months ago +23

    Kudos Officer Saenz. Just the facts, ma'am. 👍 Dr. Curry is amazing. The attorney's tone of voice with the doctor would have been enough to escalate anyone's blood pressure. Both witnesses cool as cucumbers. The judge is amazingly astute, pleasant and firm. I with there were more like her.

  • AverageSupreme
    AverageSupreme 5 months ago +27

    I enjoyed listening to Dr curry. I wouldn't mind going to a seminar or a class of hers. I loved listening to her testimony. You can tell she is so passionate by the way she talks. I forgot it was a trial for a little bit lol I was so caught up in listening to her at times only to hear a lawyer interrupt.

  • sonja mceachin
    sonja mceachin 5 months ago +38

    mY eyes are opened. I really thought he was a monster since being a hardcore drug addict and alcoholic but now since watching this trial I changed my opinion. I think she took advantage of him and the fact he was againg and drug problems and she used that to her advantage. She probably did see it as a way to score big time financially. His other wife got a gigantic settlement over 170 million dollars , co this woman thought she could take him once she saw his severe drug use and alcohol use and used it to her advantage, Really sad because the guy does seem like a nice guy.

  • Malia Vander Zyl
    Malia Vander Zyl 5 months ago +593

    I love that Johnny gets to sit and listen to the fact that he is NOT crazy. Amber made him feel like he would misremember things and feel like he was crazy and he is now getting that closure

    • B
      B 4 months ago

      @Liz Ghost 🤣🤣🤣 Did you get one of your fellow JD fan club "stans" of VA to hold your sign and save your usual spot outside the courthouse just in case JD might see you and wave... while you went to cash your welfare check, so you could buy another obligaory tie dye t shirt to match the rest of the JD fan club members? Or do you all go together to cash your checks at once?

    • Liz Ghost
      Liz Ghost 4 months ago

      @B are you that one guy from that video that was alone at the courthouse saying “you’re not alone amber”😂😂😂😂

    • Roses
      Roses 5 months ago +1

      It does seem like Amber's evidence is helping him so what else can he do? plus he's doing this because he's tired of having to hold this on his shoulders

    • Sarah Holzapfel
      Sarah Holzapfel 5 months ago +1

      Is it me or does it look like Johnny is taking a nap 😴 lolz He looks like me when I would fall asleep in math class 😅 🤣

    • Kathrin Siegmund
      Kathrin Siegmund 5 months ago +2

      @B You seem bitter. I'm sorry for whatever happened to you. Telling people with different opinions from yours that they are crazy will not make your life any better.

  • Lucia Martinez
    Lucia Martinez 3 months ago +3

    Officer testimony was very concise and honest without embellishments. They weren’t able to trip her up. Very well done

  • Char 86
    Char 86 3 months ago +8

    14:20 Judge enters
    15:58 Jury enters
    16:23 Judge Speaks
    16:28 Tara Roberts is introduced
    18:10 Roberts is sworn in
    19:35 Roberts Testimony starts w/JD Team
    49:30 Roberts Testimony w/AH Team
    1:13:10 Roberts Testimony w/JD Team
    1:14:15 Tara Roberts Testimony ends
    1:14:50 Dr Shannon Curry Intro’d
    1:17:22 Dr Curry Testifies w/ Wayne
    1:40:20 Judge announces AM break
    1:40:27 Jury Leaves
    2:00:07 Judge brings Jury back
    2:01:17 Wayne cont. Dr Curry Testomony
    2:23:15 Wayne & AH team approach bench
    2:24:21 Wayne cont. Dr Curry Testomony
    2:52:53 Wayne no more Qs for Dr Curry
    2:52:56 Judge suggests Lunch
    2:53:08 Judge releases Jury
    2:53:36 Judge releases Dr Curry
    2:53:43 Judge leaves court
    4:04:05 Judge enters courtroom
    4:04:35 Jury enters courtroom
    4:05:11 AH Team starts on Dr Curry
    4:13:06 AH Team approach bench
    4:13:21 AH Team cont. on Dr Curry
    4:26:30 AH Team accuses Judge of bias
    4:28:15 Muffin Gate
    4:29:50 AH & JD Teams approach bench
    4:30:47 AH Team cont. on Dr Curry
    4:40:16 AH & JD Teams approach bench
    4:40:36 AH Team cont. on Dr Curry
    4:44:32 AH & JD Teams approach bench
    4:45:18 AH Team cont. on Dr Curry
    5:08:41 AH & JD Teams approach bench
    5:09:41 AH Team cont. on Dr Curry
    5:09:58 AH Team stops w/ Dr Curry
    5:10:05 Dr Curry testifies to JD Team
    5:15:14 JD Team no more Qs for Dr Curry
    5:15:35 Break PM
    5:15:38 Jury leaves court
    5:16:23 Judge leaves court
    5:34:53 Judge returns
    5:43:31 Jury enters court
    5:44:10 Officer Melissa Signs intro’d
    5:44:33 AH Team starts on Officer Sign’s Testimony
    6:46:57 Officer Signs’ Testifies to JD Team
    7:12:39 JD Team asks to clarify his own position
    7:13:10 JD Team cont. w/Officer Signs’ Testimony
    7:15:38 JD Team asks if can finish as 5pm
    7:15:43 Judge says can finish
    7:15:50 JD Team cont. w/Officer Signs’ testimony
    7:16:27 Pauses for admin control
    7:17:10 JD Team cont. w/Officer Signs’ Testimony
    7:31:01 AH Team starts on Officer Signs
    7:33:53 Officer Signs’ Testimony ends
    7:34:03 Judge dismisses Jury for the day & Jury leaves court
    7:34:40 Judge leaves court

  • Bethany Miller
    Bethany Miller 5 months ago +43

    I need an appointment with Dr.C. she seems like she could seriously help people understand their strengths and weaknesses. It would be so interesting to see how she would diagnose me!

  • Peakabooicu
    Peakabooicu 5 months ago +18

    Shame on this lawyer for putting this officer “on trial” the way she did. If a person doesn’t want to cooperate then they move on to more important matter! What a waste of the officers time then and now when testifying to all these ridiculous time wasting questions. Officers deal with with thousands of people weekly and can’t be expected to analyse every second of their walk into in a building or someone’s face.

    • Food is a mood!
      Food is a mood! 5 months ago +4

      Why would Amber's friend call the police if none of them were going to cooperate?So fishy smh. Waste of time definitely for someone else who could have needed them!

  • Angel Marie
    Angel Marie 5 months ago +944

    Dr. Curry blew my mind, she was sophisticated, well-educated, and stayed consistent with not only her testimonies, but ensured Ambers awful lawyer would not pull one over on her. I actually learned something from her, not only about psychology and PTSD, but that, based on her facial reactions to many of the questions, that Amber’s lawyers are getting paid to lie and cheat the system, and it worries me how many others these two have gotten off charges they deserved. They consistently try to remove narrative and keep JDs team from making any more ground, “objection” and “hearsay” every other sentence just keeps witnesses from doing their job.
    If ambers lawyers have clients after this trial, I’ll be shocked. Amber better be paying them better than she paid her personal assistant, especially with the lengths they are going to to continue spinning BS lies.
    5:00:00-5:05:00 were ridiculous

    • Diane K. Kovacs
      Diane K. Kovacs 2 months ago

      @schmemmm They ordered food delivery...

    • Sarah Heri
      Sarah Heri 5 months ago +1

      @schmemmm but is it against the rules? 🤔 (like i'm not sarcastic, i'm wondering. i too think it doesn't necessarily professional, but if it's not agaibst the rules then she wasn't hiding it because she didn't do anything wrong. it's also how the lawyer phrased it vs how dr curry phrased it. 'you had dinner and drinks w johnny depp' and 'i was interviewed by his legal team, dinner was served' are kind of two different statements...

    • schmemmm
      schmemmm 5 months ago

      @Sarah Heri Wining and dining isn't considered typically professional as many working in the field have said.

    • schmemmm
      schmemmm 5 months ago

      Lawyers aren't paid to cheat the system, they have a person they are defending, it's their job to defend them, they are doing their job. In every case there are lawyers for both sides no matter who the justice system decides is in the right legally speaking.

    • B
      B 5 months ago

      @Maureen R. except she doesn't have the "whole" package. She isn't board certified.

  • May Blake's Hideaway for Truth-Seekers

    I am officially a fan of Shannon Curry! She was a total CHAMP with Amber's moronic lawyer ("Ms. Amica Cream" 🙄) Watching her intelligent--sorry "sophisticated" redirection of those gotcha questions absolutely made my day! And those little smiles she gave because she CLEARLY understood what Ms. "Amica" was trying to pull. And that's to say nothing of how she clearly is a subject matter expert and knows just what she's talking about. Just an absolute champ!

  • Joanna Nica
    Joanna Nica 5 months ago +33

    Dr Curry is amazing with how she conducts herself. Very articulate and professional.

  • Stephanie Anderson
    Stephanie Anderson 4 months ago +3

    I love how Dr. Curry talks directs the conversation to the jury and not giving much attention to Amber and her team. You can tell that Dr. Curry loves her job by the way she talks about it and smiles while talking about her job. I think Johnny's legal team is doing a great job by letting Dr. Curry tell the jury what she has observed over the extent she talked to Amber. Keep up with the great work Depp's legal team... Justice for Johnny!

  • Emily Aspen
    Emily Aspen 5 months ago +77

    Ambers female lawyer is incredibly rude in the way she speaks to EVERYONE in the courtroom. She should not be aloud to work in a courtroom for many many reasons

    • Samantha Tarekegn
      Samantha Tarekegn 4 months ago

      she’s doing her job. she’s an annoying person and i don’t like her but her job isnt to be pleasant or likable. there are much more ruthless lawyers out there. this is nothing.

    • Ana Chayres
      Ana Chayres 5 months ago +1

      The tone and volume she speaks wow and what is all that coming and going to the desk meanwhile is stil talking 🤨🙄

    • Shroom Shroom
      Shroom Shroom 5 months ago +2

      @Stacy Perriera she interupted and argued with the judge a few times. So judge included.

    • Emily Aspen
      Emily Aspen 5 months ago

      @Lander just like you said if there is respect there is no problem and she has absolutely no respect for anyone in that room. And it’s VERY obvious. One example being that if someone doesn’t understand her 500 word out of order question, she mocks them and is condescending toward the witness. At one point her comment was so rude toward the dr on the stand that she has to retract her statement. She is just a disrespectful person.

    • Emily Aspen
      Emily Aspen 5 months ago +5

      @Lander it’s actually not emotional at all. It’s a matter of respect for others. There are 3 other lawyers in the room and they don’t speak to people like that. Everytime someone objects to her she throws a little fit like a 10 year old and argues. Every hour she approaches the judge to throw another tantrum. You can tell in the witnesses voices and facial expressions that they do not appreciate the way she speaks to them. You want to win a jury? Don’t make everyone uncomfortable and fed up with your presence in the room. Nothing emotional. Just fact of life

  • Dylan-trista Moores
    Dylan-trista Moores 5 months ago +216

    Dr. Curry had such a powerful impact on the court today, you could feel it through the screen. I’m so glad she was able to be a part of this trial. She was clearly able to read amber as a person without already having assessed Johnny for anything. Strictly a professional, unbiased opinion that was very much needed.

    • schmemmm
      schmemmm 5 months ago

      She was paid by Depps legal team to assess Amber, for that not to have happened Amber would have had to object to it. She wasn't paid to assess Depp if she was you would be seeing her talking about him also. You don't need to assess anyone else when doing an assessment. An unbiased assessment is something that is court mandated for both sides.

  • Shelia Law
    Shelia Law 5 months ago +63

    Amber’s Attorney: What is accurate?
    Dr Curry: You’re incorrect, that is not correct.
    I like how Dr Curry gave up on explaining context, rather she just explain what the English word of “accurate” means 😂😂

  • Loading
    Loading 5 months ago +20

    Court Starts/Jury Enters: 16:28
    1st break: 1:40:27
    Return: 2:00:07
    Lunch: 2:53:10
    Return: 4:05:00
    2nd Break: 5:15:40
    Return: 5:44:07

    • Ziggity Zag
      Ziggity Zag 5 months ago


    • Loading
      Loading 5 months ago +1

      @Kay2011Dee i dont think i can- but i hope the channel does pin this and my other timestamps for others!!😭

    • Kay2011Dee
      Kay2011Dee 5 months ago +2

      PLS PIN THIS 🙏🙏🙏

    • Mrs Potato Head
      Mrs Potato Head 5 months ago +2

      I’ve been watching the trial everyday and your timestamps are so good! 😍

    • Jade Nichole Skinner
      Jade Nichole Skinner 5 months ago +2


  • M Ahamed
    M Ahamed 5 months ago +6

    There are lots of learning from Dr. Curry. Even i try to evaluate myself and my friends and families based on her speech. Well spoken.

  • Flawlead
    Flawlead 5 months ago +55

    The funniest thing about this is that ambers lawyer is really trying to play mindgames on a professional psychologist.

  • Scousered
    Scousered 5 months ago +1024

    Look how angry Amber is getting! The faces the passive aggressive body language. I love it. She deserves everything she has coming.

    • sweet hart
      sweet hart 5 months ago +4

      @Graceful Petals I believe she was taking notes on everything she wants to disagree with. She was also taking notes about what the Psych doctor said about how people try to beat the tests and answering questions about symptoms. Dr curry was talking about how AH just gave a standard stereotypical description of symptoms and how if the symptoms were real she would have mentioned sound and smell and I watched amber immediately write what was probably“sound and smell”.
      She is writing furiously bc it’s the only semblance of control she has in this situation and with her personality disorders its driving her nuts to not be able to “correct” people or get her point across or scold whomever. It’s really sad actually. Struggling to hold her “victim” face the first couple days and then just giving up on it. Seeing her try to suppress rage during some of the witness testimony , especially JDs. Otherwise a blank and cold face.
      She needs serious help. This is all her doing. Significant time and expense and affecting countless people directly. All from a couple deceitful actions, a couple decisions she made years ago. What a butterfly effect. Hopefully it makes people think carefully about how decisions have consequences and lies//deceit can blossom and mushroom out.

    • larajhilton
      larajhilton 5 months ago

      On that tape he begged her, literally begged her to keep this private. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • DJ
      DJ 5 months ago +1

      @Marsha Naughten I don't think she's the most beautiful. She's very attractive, but there are other actresses that I think are much more beautiful.

    • Anwesende Abwesenheit
      Anwesende Abwesenheit 5 months ago

      I simply cannot understand this. She clearly is an unstable, ill, broken person and i feel sorry for her. She has to sit there and listen to how broken she probably is. Hard to digest. I know she caused this, anyways, she obviously is not able to protect herself… not to speak of others… This is in no way meant as excuse for the violence and destruction she caused on Depp, but this is not Game of Thrones, these are real people, both broken and sad… Empathy would be the least, showing some respect to those humans and their sad love story! Not even having ur own Island helps with that, it is just agony on silk & Champers, mega-pints for breakfast & despair all along!

    • Paola Sanchez
      Paola Sanchez 5 months ago +5

      @Graceful Petals I think she’s just writing down bits and pieces of whatever the person on the stand is saying. That’s what I’ve been noticing throughout all these videos. I think she does it because she has a lot of anger and can’t express it any other way. She has to remain calm and that’s kind of just her way of letting it out.

  • MIlica Jovanovic
    MIlica Jovanovic 3 months ago +4

    beautiful and smart woman, bravo
    it is a blessing listening to her

  • Vajee
    Vajee 5 months ago +8

    I admire the self confidence both Dr Curry and the police officer maintained.

  • Hannah Mott
    Hannah Mott 5 months ago +58

    It makes sense such an insufferable woman would have such insufferable attorneys.

  • It’s Dayanara
    It’s Dayanara 5 months ago +16

    Watching Dr Curry’s cross examination was so satisfying. Seeing the lawyer physically frustrated cause she wasn’t getting the answers she wanted to get 😂

  • Magda D.
    Magda D. 5 months ago +4

    This psychologist is amazing. Masterclass of psychology done here.
    Amber's lawyers are killing this defence. They are so antipathique that no one would think they may stand for a good person. It's impossible to sympathize with them all. Such a bad work...

  • Maram Zaim
    Maram Zaim 5 months ago +43

    funny how during Dr Curry’s testimony Amber doesn’t stare her down the same way she does to Johnny. i guess that suggests the power she has over Johnny as her victim vs the lack of power she has over Dr Curry as a person who knows her true self from a psychological perspective.

    • Alina B.
      Alina B. 5 months ago +5

      Guys she’s too busy taking diligent notes. I don’t think I took this many notes through college 😂

    • Olivia Davis
      Olivia Davis 5 months ago +4

      Yesssss!!!!!!!!! I wish I could like this comment a thousand times

  • Anna Sutton
    Anna Sutton 5 months ago +76

    Whoever on Johnny’s team sought out and hired Dr Curry deserves a raise

    • Melissa Moss
      Melissa Moss 4 months ago

      @Tony Ho yeah, I eventually heard Dr Curry testify to the fact that Camille's the one who reached out to her, and it makes me wonder if she has worked with her on other cases, so she already knew how good she was.

    • Tony Ho
      Tony Ho 4 months ago +1

      It was the queen, Camille Vasquez!

    • Melissa Moss
      Melissa Moss 4 months ago

      Dr. Curry said Camille is the one who called her and I'm not surprised at all.

    • Luke
      Luke 5 months ago +4

      @cartergirl3of3 Camille has really got her head screwed on for this. She’s been fighting for Johnny’s justice for a while.

    • cartergirl3of3
      cartergirl3of3 5 months ago +5

      Camille Vasquez one of his attorneys

  • Kesaia Tawa
    Kesaia Tawa 5 months ago +5

    Dr Shannon is very informative. Everything she said is everything that I’ve heard so far since the beginning of this trial 👌

  • Vintage Lizzy
    Vintage Lizzy 5 months ago +546

    I’m learning a lot from Dr. Curry’s psychological diagnosis of Amber Heard. She’s so spot on that it’s wildly fascinating.

    • A L
      A L 3 months ago

      @Whale Hunter Experts are always hired and interviewed by the attorneys, that's completely normal. No one said "candlelight" dinner. It was an interview with the attorneys, not a date.

    • Whale Hunter
      Whale Hunter 4 months ago

      @Devonna Semple So she is biased and very unprofessional since she went to his house for candlelight dinner and alcoholic drinks.

    • Devonna Semple
      Devonna Semple 4 months ago

      @Whale Hunter and?

    • Brian
      Brian 5 months ago

      She certainly seems to know her stuff and has the education background. She does like to hear herself talk.

    • Whale Hunter
      Whale Hunter 5 months ago

      But she was hired by Johnny Depp's lawyers