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I made the Pufferfish Meme in Minecraft

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • So I made the pufferfish eating a carrot meme in Minecraft, and added a few extra things. Just vibe checking, Peta don't sue me. " I made the Pufferfish Meme in Minecraft " and a bunch more.
    Twitch (streaming): www.twitch.tv/fundylive
    Discord: discord.fundy.tv/
    Thanks to Sloimayyy who made a Datapack version! (resource pack included)
    Download: www.mediafire.com/file/daoomhv...
    ★ If you enjoyed, keep in mind: subscribing is free, and that's a great price! ★
    Outro music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IatXU...
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 8 687

  • VNI
    VNI 2 years ago +2335

    Fundy: hits pufferfish with a slipper
    Pufferfish: gains the ability to levitate in mid air

    • RainbowGamez
      RainbowGamez 6 days ago

      pufferfish: ÆŪGH

    • I’m a Communist
      I’m a Communist 2 months ago

      Asian parents required

    • Kolton
      Kolton 5 months ago +1

      You guys keep making me think of the Awooga meme

    • Kolton
      Kolton 5 months ago

      Puffer fish be like getting hit by slipper
      : aHHHHHH why the Freak would you do that

    • SaSnIy ChEl
      SaSnIy ChEl 6 months ago


  • DerpO Kat21
    DerpO Kat21 Year ago +333

    When that puffer fish said, "Æugh" I really felt that.

  • The Puppets Greed
    The Puppets Greed Year ago +26

    I like it how he has room slippers in water and then just whacks the pufferfish

  • Fliteful Wants Subs
    Fliteful Wants Subs 7 months ago +3

    fundy seems to have gotten a lot more confident (at least on camera) in the past few years, props

  • Trina Claire
    Trina Claire Year ago +4

    "Wait, That's Illegal"
    Achievement made by making a nether portal on a mountain directly above water and going in
    "It's Carrot time"
    Achievement made by Grabbing a pufferfish from the hot springs of the nether

  • Can I get 50k with videos?

    Everyone: how good are you at coding?
    Fundy: yes

  • FireClawInfinity
    FireClawInfinity Year ago +24

    "There's no use to this"
    Me who just realized I can ruin the Bucket Economy on any server with this

  • Mickey Cobos
    Mickey Cobos Year ago +5


  • Jay Shmay
    Jay Shmay Year ago +4

    “Obedience slipper”

  • shulaces
    shulaces Year ago +1

    I still can't believe they made a pufferfish eating carrot a meme... The poor fish was struggling and suffocating.

  • Aquele canal antigo do jac
    Aquele canal antigo do jac 2 years ago +2770

    Fundy: *gives pufferfish 5 carrots *
    Pufferfish: A E U G H

  • 0 1M US3L3SS 0
    0 1M US3L3SS 0 2 months ago

    3:31 so heartwarming I legitimately cried because of how beautiful these words are 😔

  • Medichap
    Medichap Year ago

    i remember when i thought the pufferfish effect was funny
    so i would go fishing for these things and when night came i would eat all of it
    it was like drugs. the poison dont kills you, just lets you with half heart

  • Lusiana Rachman
    Lusiana Rachman Year ago +67

    Dog Goes "Woof"
    Cat Goes "Meow"
    Bird Goes "Tweet"
    And Mouse Goes "Squeak"
    Cow Goes "Moo"
    Frog Goes "Croak"
    And The Elephant Goes "Toot"
    Ducks Say "Quack"
    And Fish Go "Blub"
    And The Seal Goes "Ow, Ow, Ow"
    But There's One Sound...
    And No One Knows...

    • Dayane Cristina
      Dayane Cristina 11 months ago

      @Dogs rule!its a joke u missed the joke

    • Dogs rule!
      Dogs rule! 11 months ago

      @Dayane Cristina R/woooooooooosshhhhhhhh

    • bread da cat
      bread da cat Year ago +1


    • Dayane Cristina
      Dayane Cristina Year ago +1

      @bread da cat bruh ur wrong-

    • bread da cat
      bread da cat Year ago +3

      This is wrong
      dog goes "meow"
      cat goes "woof"
      and mouse goes "moo"
      Cow go "tweet"
      frog goes "toot"
      And the seal is "blub"
      And puffer fish goes "ow ow ow"
      but heres 1 sound....
      nobody knows....

  • MysteriousGamerGuy
    MysteriousGamerGuy Year ago +6

    "This is useless"
    *Makes bucket duplication exploit*

  • Sebastian Watts
    Sebastian Watts 2 years ago +9968

    "Obedience slipper"
    Is that one my mom used

  • Toxic walmer
    Toxic walmer Year ago +2

    "if you feed a pufferfish
    ehh carrots more than five
    times make sure he's
    obedient by slapping
    him with a slipper
    -fundy 2019
    Rip ÆUGH

  • Puddle
    Puddle Year ago +21

    Fundy: I HAD ENOUGH
    Grabs slipper
    Puffer Fish: ouch

  • Lil’Braxden Vlogs
    Lil’Braxden Vlogs Year ago +2

    when he got to the nether i almost closed the vid cause i was laughing to hard. after that. I LAUGHED LIKE THE END OF THE WORLD WAS THERE. enough carrots for today!!!!! DANG DUDE

  • Tyson Dennis
    Tyson Dennis Year ago +5

    The sound of a pufferfish 🐡 dying from overdosing on carrots 🥕 is ÆEEEEEEÜÜÜGHHHHHH

  • Noobo
    Noobo 2 years ago +13800

    Water in the nether? Thats illegal

  • Technical XII
    Technical XII Year ago +6

    I don't even care that he killed an animal, I'm angry that he killed the *augh* pufferfish. 😞

    • miles
      miles 11 months ago

      that pufferfish died in the original video...

  • A K
    A K Year ago +2

    Alternative Title:
    Men makes a Minecraft mod and absolutely shits himself laughing while presenting it to his RUclips audience.

  • Fanixey Ream
    Fanixey Ream Year ago +1

    "There is literally no use to this"
    Bucket duplication in the Hotbar: Im joke to you?

  • Whiteness
    Whiteness Year ago +1

    Alternative title: *How to use pufferfish to duplicate buckets*

  • Valentina Siles
    Valentina Siles Year ago +2330

    Fundy is going to be so confused when he comes back and finds out this suddenly got recomended to everyone

  • DeathTheReaperCat
    DeathTheReaperCat Year ago +3

    I'm here from Phoenix's video that was posted on December 29th, 2019..it showed a picture of Fundy's channel only having 388 subs, idk if it was real or not but, I'm glad to be subscribed to such a very talented minecraft RUclipsr that can code different things in the game along with other people too uvu

  • BlueStar
    BlueStar Year ago +1

    The way he got the puffer fish was funny the whole way through

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Year ago

    "Listen, it's gonna be fine, he might be crying, he might have his mouth stuffed with ... tiny bits of carrot"
    Idk man, the 'carrot' seems kinda sus to me

  • Aviixx
    Aviixx Year ago

    Hello Fundy. I have watched your content for quite some time now, so therefor I will tell you this in our native language;
    Hallo Fundy. Ik houd heel erg van de video's die je maakt. Je bent naar eigen zeggen de beste RUclipsr die ik ken. Ik heb al je video's al een keer gekeken, maar het blijft leuk ze opnieuw en opnieuw te kijken.
    De kansen dat je dit ziet zijn heel klein, maar ik wil gewoon dat je weet dat ik, en iedereen die deze video kijkt van je houden, en we hopen dat je binnenkort 4m haalt!
    Have an amazing day. Also to the people who took the time to read/translate this comment.

  • A literal rat
    A literal rat 2 years ago +8832

    “Has had enough carrots for today”
    *Æ Ö Ü G H*

  • Tasimo
    Tasimo 5 months ago

    grim fact: that carrot was actually the puffer fish's last meal in the video, the one from the clip that fundy showed. and that wasn't actually a meal, that was the guy just showing off the puffer fish's bite strength. after that the fish was killed and served up as a meal.

  • Pippa
    Pippa Year ago

    Is it just me or the part when he killed the pufferfish is actually kinda realistic
    If you want to know what I am talking about watch the full video of the pufferfish

  • Timmy IsTired
    Timmy IsTired 9 months ago

    I love that The advancement that Fundy achieved was :Wait. That's illegal.

  • wufy xD
    wufy xD Year ago

    This guy went from such good content to average. Ig that’s what happens when you sellout

  • Jean Starnes
    Jean Starnes Year ago +1264

    Fundy: “Let’s get a pufferfish”
    Confusion: none
    Fundy: **starts building a nether portal**
    Confusion: mild
    *Theres water and pufferfish in the nether*
    Confusion: *HIGH*

  • rayhan
    rayhan Year ago +5

    "Water in nether is not real"
    The Water:

  • moya the stoopy potato

    After a 5 carrots
    Puffer fish: ÆŪGH
    Also puffer fish: enough carrots for today :] * DIES *

  • Joyce Evans
    Joyce Evans Year ago

    There's a use for it whenever he crafted the bucket of pufferfish he still has a bucket of water that means infinite bucket well after you harvest some carrots and a puffer fish and a golden apple

  • MooButNo
    MooButNo Month ago

    you should have made it revivable by crafting it with a golden carrot instead of a golden apple

  • bruv
    bruv 2 years ago +4068

    Pufferfish: *Üæğĥ*
    Internet: Interesting

  • Cedric Bongco
    Cedric Bongco 2 months ago

    I love how he goes to the nether and after he gets the fish he jumps in lava

    COREY_BUGGZ 8 months ago

    “If you feed a pufferfish ehh carrots more than five times make sure he’s obedient by slapping him with a slipper
    So..inspirational..* Sniff *

  • nothing here
    nothing here 6 months ago

    I love how when he found the water in the nether he got a achievement that was called wait that's illegal

  • Imagiking
    Imagiking 8 months ago

    Fundy: when he's had "enough carrots for today"
    Editor: DEATH
    Pufferfish: A A U U E E G G H H

  • Raiz
    Raiz 2 years ago +1480

    He got the achievements “it’s carrot time” and “waits that’s illegal “

    • Figure
      Figure 2 years ago

      R4iz _!

    • Raiz
      Raiz 2 years ago

      How did this comment get 1000 likes?

    • Zaczek
      Zaczek 2 years ago

      Waits that illegal xD

    • lil tmur
      lil tmur 2 years ago +4

      No shit Sherlock

  • Me
    Me 8 months ago

    Wait till Fundy finds out the chef chopped the pufferfish in half.

  • Sarah Warren
    Sarah Warren Year ago

    if you feed a pufferfish ehh carrots more than five times make sure he's obedient by slapping him with a slipper ehhm
    -Fundy 2019

  • mrkomps
    mrkomps Year ago

    0:33 I hate it when fall damage knockback does that, and what was supposed to be a 3 damage fall turns out to be a 8 damage fall

  • Zazzy the sleep queen 🌚

    the fact he did this on half a heart XD
    also the way he just duped buckets LOL

  • Ice Cold Coffee
    Ice Cold Coffee Year ago +2367

    “Let’s get our hands on a puffer fish.”
    **proceeds to go to hell**

    • SirJ2000
      SirJ2000 6 months ago

      It makes sense, because the fish died and he wants it in minecraft.
      Than he need to go to the nether

    • WantedBird55's random channel of weirdness.
      WantedBird55's random channel of weirdness. 9 months ago

      @Lil the stuffy commands I think, it is possible to use /fill to get water, but I use pe, which is bedrock so I don't know if it works on Java or not.

    • Swaadh Swapnaareddy
      Swaadh Swapnaareddy 9 months ago

      it’s not a pufferfish maybe it’s a hell fish fundy made

    • Ramurino
      Ramurino Year ago

      Me: *visible confusion

  • Wølfiedragon YT{Road To 50!}

    Now I am just going to watch pufferfish memes everyday

  • BreakingSoul
    BreakingSoul Year ago

    Man ok honestly that's a cool kitchen you've got there

    SOMETHING Year ago

    If you haven't watched the actual meme, well I'm here to tell you, it's much darker than this...

  • LoopHole Music
    LoopHole Music 3 months ago

    The Revive was too powerful that it duplicated the bucket

  • Julie Freeman
    Julie Freeman 2 years ago +461

    it’s funny that the advancement for getting a bucket of pufferfish is: “its carrot time”

    • Honey Man
      Honey Man Year ago

      What about “wait that’s illegal”

    • ༝*clcl8 *༝
      ༝*clcl8 *༝ Year ago

      Second reply it’s odd how no one else replies it is a 231 liked comment.

    • Em
      Em Year ago +9

      so the torture begins...

  • ThatBenguinKidd
    ThatBenguinKidd Year ago

    I haven't seen the pufferfish meme until now and I'm laughing my head off XD

  • Orange Mccoy
    Orange Mccoy 11 months ago +2

    "Ohh but fundy there is dead pufferfish this is so sad! I'm calling 911 Peta and you are going to die" can't stop laughing

  • Olivia!
    Olivia! Year ago +1

    Fundy: Gets pufferfish
    No one:
    Minecraft: It’s carrot time! :D

  • Tiffany O
    Tiffany O Year ago +2

    3:45 is gonna be my senior quote

  • Victoria :0
    Victoria :0 2 years ago +2115

    Everyone talking about the fish...
    Me seeing a pool of water in the nether:
    That’s illegal

  • espero
    espero 4 months ago

    You mean he’ll have “enough carrots for his life”

  • GlaceonPlays
    GlaceonPlays Year ago +1

    1:57 I died of laughter like hell

  • JustAPerson
    JustAPerson Year ago

    3:29 you just turned 8 gold and a apple into 3 iron, time to make a iron generator

  • Freddie_06
    Freddie_06 Year ago +2

    Where did you think pufferfish live? This is very accurate

  • andri gonzalez27
    andri gonzalez27 2 years ago +550

    I have 3 questions:
    1. What happens if you feed it a golden carrot?
    2. What happens if you feed it a nibbled carrot?
    3. Can you eat the "Aeugh"? And if so, what happens?

    • Fanclyde123
      Fanclyde123 3 months ago

      Never came

    • Utube is karen
      Utube is karen 8 months ago

      1: It becomes god
      2: It gets war flashbacks
      3: If you eat it you turn into the Ender Dragon and then you die

    • Leonard James Deleon
      Leonard James Deleon 2 years ago

      @Jacob Kimpoison. The carrot Removes da poison so how poison

  • emma xx
    emma xx Year ago +3

    mojang after this video:

  • Vermont
    Vermont Year ago +1

    “Has had enough carrots for today”

  • Affa Tank
    Affa Tank Year ago

    Did you realise that he multiplied buckets in the pufferfish resurrection recipe?

  • ß
    ß 2 months ago +1

    "I'm not cruel to animals"
    *literally a minute ago*
    *_" SMAC"_*

  • Google Demonetization
    Google Demonetization 2 years ago +4435

    My brain: I spot *_C O M E D Y_*
    My brain: *Now I will laugh*
    Me: Ho ha funny meem

  • `•sakura6h4•`

    The way Fundy pull out the slippers and hit the puffer fish that will be in the future if he have a son🤣🤣🤣

  • Checkmate6659's Speedruns

    3:16 The only use I could think of is to duplicate buckets

  • Heisenberg White
    Heisenberg White Year ago

    "after 5 carrots or so he'll have quote-unquote enough carrots for today" Fundy puts the carrot inside the mouth of the pufferfish* also the pufferfish:"Ä̷̯̖̳̦̳̟̮͕̒̊̔ͩ͋͊̊̑̊͐́̾̉̎̑̏̿ͨ͗ͦ͂̔̓̀͂͂̇̌́́̕ͅͅ͏̵̵̶̸̸̢̧̡̧̛̀́̀͘͢͞͏̢͏̷̛҉̢͘͜͟͞E̴̵̶̶̵̷̵̶̢̢̢̡̲̼̤͖̱̫͓ͨ̽͊̉̔̾͑̇̌̉̑͒͛̊̓͗̉͆ͣͪ͊̂̾ͨ͋̿̌͆͆͋ͥͩ̊ͮ̅́̀̀̚̚̚̕͘͘͢͢͢͜͡͡͞͝͝͞͝͞͏̶̵̴̸̧̛̛́́̀͟͝͞͏Ụ͖̰̦̯̜͍͓̳̘̱̼̫͚̩̖̝̟̟͔̼̠̤͔͚̼̼̯̘͚̰͇̫̝̦̝͖̈́ͮͤͣ̍̈́̓ͥͭ̇ͪ̎̉ͯ̃͒͑̂̚͏̡̛̛͞͝Ģ̡͇̖̙̥̘͚͔̹͇͓̹͈̝̞̪̦̮̼͍̬̪̥̯̱̇ͥͮ͑̈́̿͑̌͛ͥͤ̆̈̽͌̉̓̎̔͑̌ͬ͑ͦ̊͂͑ͭ̚͘ͅͅ҉̵̵̶̷̵̵̢̨̨̡̢̡̧̡̧̛́̕̕̕͜͜͟͝͞͞͡҉̴̸̵̵̴̧̛̕͘͢͞͠H̝̬̖̣̰̪͔̺̦̝̩͇̩̜̺̲̞̫̻̲̫̫͍̦̞͎̫̝̔̏͛̐̊͒̽̎̄́̑̄̽҉̴̨̨́̀̕͘͡͝҉̸̡̢̧̡̛́͘͘͜͠͏҉̶͝҉̵̡̧͘͜҉̨̛̛̕͟ "

  • Max the I pad FlipaClip animation maker.

    who also noticed the advancement "It's carrot time" when he got the pufferfish

  • Pythagoruz
    Pythagoruz 2 years ago +2010

    Fundy: *Enter the nether and get water*
    Advancement: "Wait, that's illegal"

  • Sustama
    Sustama Year ago +1

    I love how when he enters the nether it says this is illegal

  • bingle
    bingle Year ago +2

    0:17 Achievement Unlocked: How di- wait what the fuck.

  • Void
    Void 8 months ago

    If only he used the the part where they made it into a dish

  • Everan
    Everan 5 months ago

    3:18 infinite bucket generator, you get an extra bucket during crafting

  • Jonathan Pikmin
    Jonathan Pikmin 2 years ago +10556

    Human: *feeds pufferfish a carrot*
    PuFFeRfisH: *_ÆÜGH_*
    Edit 2: I have typed this comment SO LONG AGO and yet people are somehow liking it and commenting on it

  • Nighat Khan
    Nighat Khan 7 months ago

    "there's no use to this"
    Literally duplicated buckets

  • Light Sylver
    Light Sylver Year ago +3

    Pufferfish: dies
    Fundy: *Dying in the background*
    Edit: also what in the Frick is that in 3:30 (look at the pufferfish)

  • reynaldo male
    reynaldo male 7 months ago

    My mind: there is no such thing as water in the nether
    Fundy:"casualy gets a bucket of pufferfish in nether"

  • Mr. Cube
    Mr. Cube Year ago

    The achievement actually says it’s carrot time!

  • FLAME 666
    FLAME 666 2 years ago +1550

    Fundy: *feed the pufferfish 1 more carrot*
    Pufferfish: ÆUHHHHHH

    • Tan Wei Khye
      Tan Wei Khye 2 years ago


    • Catto_
      Catto_ 2 years ago


    • Brizzly Blackshield
      Brizzly Blackshield 2 years ago

      @konnor colley yes, and I didn't know it was rare to find someone who knows Terraria

    • Brizzly Blackshield
      Brizzly Blackshield 2 years ago

      @konnor colley it's just the humor of this new generation is so out of touch that some of us that have been on the internet for years still kinda don't get it.

    • Brizzly Blackshield
      Brizzly Blackshield 2 years ago

      @konnor colley OH well my friend. You're going to have a blast on the internet.

  • Sabrina Wei
    Sabrina Wei Year ago

    is nobody gonna talk about how he duplicated the bucket?

  • Im A Mess :]
    Im A Mess :] Year ago +5

    Ah, when you know your childhood too well, you might as well remember the chanclaaaaa.

  • DumByr
    DumByr Year ago

    if you give him a carrot he grants you a wish

  • Gloria Pérez
    Gloria Pérez Year ago

    Casually starts dying trying to feed a pufferfish.

  • Dark_Starz
    Dark_Starz Year ago +472

    *The thing is the pufferfish repays you for reviving him with a extra bucket.*

    • James Zhang
      James Zhang Year ago

      If this is in Minecraft that will be a duplication glitch

    • BASIL
      BASIL Year ago


    • Jir PW
      Jir PW Year ago +3


  • Drip Goku
    Drip Goku Year ago

    The pufferfish meme was honestly cute

  • Vxcvf
    Vxcvf Year ago +1

    Eating the carrots makes the puffer fish away

  • No.
    No. 11 months ago +1

    What a legend, greetings from Serbia 🇷🇸

  • Agnieszka Karpinski

    *I love how the advancement says [It's Carrot Time]*

  • Peanutz
    Peanutz Year ago +1428

    The dogs go: Woof
    The cats go: Meow
    The birds go: Tweet
    The pufferfish go: ÆUGH
    Edit: thank you guys for this much likes! I also i edited some of my comment

  • Black Skull Skeleton

    The perfect sound doesnt exi- 1:58

  • BagelsYT
    BagelsYT 3 months ago +1

    For some reason the water in the nether looked normal

  • TheBrotherOfSeek
    TheBrotherOfSeek 3 months ago

    As an asian i can relate to the pufferfish getting slapped by a slipper

  • X123Monster EX4
    X123Monster EX4 Year ago +1

    I like how this puffer fish is dying and trying to breath and they keep shoving carrots in its mouth and everyone thinks it’s funny.

    • Nahsir
      Nahsir Year ago

      Because it is