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You did not know❓ But it WORKS💡

  • Published on Nov 17, 2023
  • ‼IMPORTANT‼ The container must be airtight, so I use tape. The bottom of the bottle should be warmer than the top, so it needs to be placed on a stone or something warm. This is the only way to get the treasured sip of clean water, but nothing more.
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Comments • 1.8K

  • @fuzeycs
    @fuzeycs 15 days ago +6025

    If you're shipwrecked on a desert island, you must have a knife, tape and a working lighter. Or you'll die. 🤣

    • @vasugiamarnath2691
      @vasugiamarnath2691 14 days ago +12

      😮 sp

    • @user-ce5cy8wv9g
      @user-ce5cy8wv9g 14 days ago +28

      Or her

    • @AleX065470
      @AleX065470 14 days ago +62

      first: you're probably dying anyway, even having those things.
      Second: you can surely split the bottle without a knife
      third: i am a chemist, and distillation was the only passage that i couldn' replicate at home without buying specific equipment.
      I didn't really try hard, but creating equipment for that is not easy at all.
      This girl made distilled water without even having a constant fire source under the water!
      This is fucking amazing.

    • @user-jo6wk6ij7m
      @user-jo6wk6ij7m 14 days ago +7

      Не поверишь всегда с собой ношу

    • @phucknaw2104
      @phucknaw2104 14 days ago +20

      Dont forget your phone with internet access

  • @jagathkumara1035
    @jagathkumara1035 7 days ago +420

    For those who have been curious why she puts an stone in, It was to absorb heat energy easily to ivaporate water easily..

    • @gregorygumbyrahman1500
      @gregorygumbyrahman1500 6 days ago +4

      Thanks not sure about the rest either ... pages of BS about her nipples ,, not the happiest she's toning it down after reaching critical subscriptions and likes , , perhaps we can read comments about the real content ...Thanks for yours !

    • @joelewis999
      @joelewis999 3 days ago

      You can probably use tree sap and some kind of long slender plant part(leaf). And fire can make produce without a lighter. And a knife ,duh.

    • @saltyfixes7
      @saltyfixes7 3 days ago

      Thank you!

    • @gobbollino2688
      @gobbollino2688 2 days ago +1

      Guy’s a fcukin’ physicist but he can’t spell evaporate 😅

  • @user-yg5jn5jo9s
    @user-yg5jn5jo9s 7 days ago +792

    Вернись в лес, нам надо понять, холодно ли там

    • @marcelopimentajunior8324
      @marcelopimentajunior8324 2 days ago +9


    • @hamond5683
      @hamond5683 2 days ago +3

      Убил 😂😂😂

    • @olegchan3326
      @olegchan3326 Day ago +3

      в тепло свалило, значит не просто холодно. Даже за ПЭТ ныряет, греется

    • @Resmanc
      @Resmanc Day ago +5

      Все правильно говоришь, фары не включают дальний свет без холода

  • @user-ym4br5jv9p
    @user-ym4br5jv9p 8 days ago +66

    Why don’t you bring a bottle of water since you brought knife, tape and lighter 😅

    • @iparkhomenko
      @iparkhomenko 6 days ago

      🔴Бутылка с водой утонула😅

  • @momo.m.j7105
    @momo.m.j7105 7 days ago +441

    Never thought plastic bottles sink in water. Lol😅

  • @User_U_Sir
    @User_U_Sir 8 days ago +736

    where are those two points of survival?? 😭

    • @gmer860
      @gmer860 6 days ago +10


    • @scottc8459
      @scottc8459 6 days ago +18

      Pointless! 😂😂

    • @user-rr1ml1rg4g
      @user-rr1ml1rg4g 5 days ago +12

      Без них не выжить - ролик не рабочий 😅

  • @equistarter
    @equistarter 15 days ago +1010

    All you need is an endless supply of tape! 😊

    • @DaMurphyBeat
      @DaMurphyBeat 14 days ago +26

      Yeah, thank God for the forests of wild duct tape trees known to exist on deserted Islands around the world.

    • @dharmeshkumarparihar
      @dharmeshkumarparihar 14 days ago +1


    • @gazizovislam8670
      @gazizovislam8670 14 days ago +1


    • @Panzermech
      @Panzermech 14 days ago

      Not really

    • @constantinenm
      @constantinenm 14 days ago +5

      All you need is the brain. But you can't worry. In your case, it is not compatible with the body

  • @bunga-CHECK_MY_ABOUT__
    @bunga-CHECK_MY_ABOUT__ 21 hour ago +22

    She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing🙄

  • @user-dp3eu9rc6g
    @user-dp3eu9rc6g 7 days ago +10

    Каждая выкинутая бутылка в море может спасти одного человека на необитаемом острове. Задумайтесь

  • @jmanlinc
    @jmanlinc 12 days ago +46

    Distilling water with garbage laying around is not that hard. Distilling enough water without purpose built equipment to survive is incredibly difficult.

  • @icih_Hurst_LogIn_About
    @icih_Hurst_LogIn_About 10 hours ago +18

    If you're shipwrecked on a desert island, you must have a knife, tape and a working lighter. Or you'll die ☠

  • @Michelle_Lavisa
    @Michelle_Lavisa 9 days ago +102

    No doubt ،the Creator is great & beautiful. So, you are perfect❤😍✨

  • @CubanoCommentKing
    @CubanoCommentKing 14 days ago +237

    *sorry buddies no dots today* 😂

  • @Itss_Catheryn
    @Itss_Catheryn 8 days ago +40

    I bet she's a lot of fun!😋😍❤

  • @mikemike5619
    @mikemike5619 8 days ago +4

    Я из лесу вышел и в море вошёл)) 😆

  • @siddheshchunale4446
    @siddheshchunale4446 12 days ago +205

    She definitely knows how to survive on RUclips 🗿

    • @user-fw3hf4zk6p
      @user-fw3hf4zk6p 11 days ago +14

      You definitely knows how to copy and pest 🗿

    • @pooppee1153
      @pooppee1153 10 days ago +5

      ​@@user-fw3hf4zk6pDon't defend her bro. She not letting you hit😂

    • @Nope-vg2nc
      @Nope-vg2nc 9 days ago +4

      ​@@pooppee1153Why does everything have to be so sexual.

  • @Mario_Desired
    @Mario_Desired 7 days ago +29

    Маруся, возвращайся домой в Набережные Челны. У нас сейчас благодать. Как раз будет возможность выпустить видео "Как выжить в зимнем лесу" 👍🥶🙃

    • @iragolubnicaja9242
      @iragolubnicaja9242 2 days ago +2

      Да когда холодно интереснее.

    • @Dinar91
      @Dinar91 2 days ago +1

      Она челнинская что-ли?)

    • @user-te6pk2uu8h
      @user-te6pk2uu8h 2 days ago +1

      У нее нет лайфхаков для зимы😢

    • @Mario_Desired
      @Mario_Desired 2 days ago

      @@Dinar91 Если взять во внимание название туалетной бумаги, то она с Челнов...

  • @user-ut8by6hn1q
    @user-ut8by6hn1q 7 days ago +1

    Let's just be honest guys, we watch all of her videos for the same reason, she provides us key survival tips

  • @user-wg9pr8mt9o
    @user-wg9pr8mt9o 14 days ago +273

    Сосков нет, все расходимся! 😂

  • @ROGER2095
    @ROGER2095 2 days ago

    In Boy Scouts I learned a similar technique: Dig a basketball-sized hole, put a couple inches of un-pure water in it. Put an empty cup in the middle, and cover the hole with a sheet of plastic or rubberized cloth. Put a small rock on the sheet directly over where the cup is. The sun warms the dirty water, it evaporates and collects on the plastic sheet, where it runs down into the cup. Drinkable water.

  • @ruzaimifarizan3773
    @ruzaimifarizan3773 8 days ago +1

    honest to me! where did you get the idea from?? all small things but very useful❤️

  • @gamerak8848
    @gamerak8848 13 days ago +89

    Missing those two points 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @user-to3yq7lz7w
    @user-to3yq7lz7w 7 days ago +1

    Absolutely brilliant ❤

  • @love082804
    @love082804 10 days ago

    Happy Thanksgiving. I pray that you always have plenty to be thankful for.

  • @Jiggle_Jiggle
    @Jiggle_Jiggle 15 days ago +127

    а где сосочки?😥

    • @NaBKa0
      @NaBKa0 15 days ago +6


    • @user-om3wn5ry9r
      @user-om3wn5ry9r 15 days ago +7


    • @CnpyTTu
      @CnpyTTu 15 days ago +8

      Маруся зараза, верни сосочки 👍🥰🥰

    • @GmdMINECELL
      @GmdMINECELL 15 days ago


    • @user-cr8ww6oj2r
      @user-cr8ww6oj2r 15 days ago +3

      Похоже в том месте они не приветствуют их наличие

  • @Emili_your_next_doll
    @Emili_your_next_doll 2 days ago +20

    Your beauty is as captivating as your content, your videos are a true reflection of your charm and grace

  • @MichaelC538
    @MichaelC538 4 days ago +1

    "Don't take the duct tape with you on vacation" they said. Well, who's laughing now?

  • @lopsidedimpracticalmoose9208

    These bustcraft channels are so educational.

  • @bassmangotdbluz
    @bassmangotdbluz 2 days ago

    Transpiration is the same principle as a solar still. She's in salt water, but by creating an atmosphere in the bottle, the moisture, which rose through evaporation, clings to the bottle top and is captured at the bottom of the top half in the form of drinkable, salt free, fresh water. Ingenious.

  • @mahaphoublue7644
    @mahaphoublue7644 11 days ago

    But please with the warning sign, due to the plastic bottles if found wildy that can be containminate while the worst one is when leaving on the sun that will spread the chemicals when there’s liquid touch it surface of the bottle

  • @shortsmelodyofficial
    @shortsmelodyofficial 10 days ago

    Behind her great Success , Has a great Man . ❤️

  • @tooterplumber1128
    @tooterplumber1128 14 days ago +56

    If you can find a plastic bottle. The rest of these things you should have with you and you had no drinking water this would desalinate the ocean water. Extremely better than nothing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

  • @kamalelfaida404
    @kamalelfaida404 8 days ago

    I am a fan of your activities, as well as your methods of camping and exploring nature.

  • @jayshreemohurley2702

    Don't forget to take that bottle with you from that beautiful place

  • @abway4642
    @abway4642 14 days ago +110

    she is missing two points

  • @user-so5bb5rf4o
    @user-so5bb5rf4o 3 days ago +1

    Не обращай внимания на тех кто пишет тебе плохое и воспринемает твои видео не так продолжай снимать видео для тех кто любит смотреть твои видео и для меня спасибо Маруся ты многим помогла в выживании

  • @7HWB
    @7HWB 9 days ago

    Good idea! Will need 100 bottles to fill one bottle of 1 litre 😅

  • @miladqaderi9865
    @miladqaderi9865 6 days ago +1

    You're in the middle of jungle and connected to internet 💪
    Just teach us how to find internet when we lost 😂

  • @terryalfred2243
    @terryalfred2243 2 days ago

    RUclips must be paying very well. Moved to survival videos in the tropics. Proud of you

  • @bomberromberromberbomber7799

    Сначала я хотел посмеяться, но в конце видео понял что это хороший лайфхак❤❤❤

    • @user-he1xb7dw2v
      @user-he1xb7dw2v 3 days ago

      А камень зачем

    • @bomberromberromberbomber7799
      @bomberromberromberbomber7799 3 days ago +3

      @@user-he1xb7dw2v Думаю для лучей солнца, вода то прозрачная плохо нагреваеться)

    • @zalgonlucifer6534
      @zalgonlucifer6534 3 days ago

      Ага ещё бы на пляжу в выживание играть 😂😂😂
      Лучше уж смастерить фильтр быстрее будет

  • @dzakwannafisalmusoffa8667

    Its amazing survival ❤❤❤

  • @keithgleason4738
    @keithgleason4738 9 days ago +3

    For when you’re trapped on an island with no water but remembered to bring duct tape.

  • @Olivia_Faramis
    @Olivia_Faramis 12 days ago +50

    Stay safe beautiful angels. My God be with you🥰❤

    • @AzKoce
      @AzKoce 12 days ago


  • @diji5071
    @diji5071 4 days ago

    Great idea!

  • @user-xg2xc3yn9e
    @user-xg2xc3yn9e 4 days ago +1

    молодец деточка!

  • @kill_joy90
    @kill_joy90 14 days ago +12

    Похоже что иностранцы окончательно захватили этот канал😢

  • @prakashchandran2863

    24 hours waiting but little bit some water only 😅

  • @yahya_outdoors
    @yahya_outdoors 15 days ago +41

    She can survive in all different places

    • @theamazing3916
      @theamazing3916 13 days ago +3

      As long as she has a hardware store on her back 😂

  • @user-ru9tu7tn3j
    @user-ru9tu7tn3j 3 days ago

    Спасибо,очень полезная информация 👍👍👍

  • @squwrdtenpoles5663
    @squwrdtenpoles5663 9 days ago

    When I'm stranded on an island maybe I just need your presence and your skills 😅😂

  • @-Deputat-
    @-Deputat- 13 days ago +3

    Из леса лапочка перебралась на берег моря😊

  • @seriously-tv5uu
    @seriously-tv5uu 7 days ago

    The beauty of nature 👀

  • @baikal8414
    @baikal8414 13 days ago +5

    Можно с вами на выживание?
    (Залайкайте может мне фартанет)😊

  • @Scott-fy8hg
    @Scott-fy8hg 3 days ago

    Bottle is the Star of the show, can bend a banana leaf down to drip tropic rain water in it. Tape is to make another bathing suit. Knife is for the coconuts

  • @dyadyafedor42
    @dyadyafedor42 13 days ago +91

    То есть в лесу бюстгальтер не нужен, а на пляж я его надену?! Я опечален.

  • @dman747
    @dman747 23 hours ago

    Great craftsman skills!😊

  • @lovesafrica111
    @lovesafrica111 3 days ago

    Love it Marusya....These ideas are sooo great.

  • @BASSREM21
    @BASSREM21 14 days ago +53

    Я думал , что будет снимать Маруся, когда наступят холода , а она просто улетела в теплые страны, дальше пилить такой же контент😊 вот она преданность к подписчикам 😅

    • @user-nk6kf7lx3u
      @user-nk6kf7lx3u 13 days ago +4

      мы смотрели, смотрим и смотреть будем! Я например жду когда у ней скотч на зажигалках кончится. Ну и вершины холмов, ну хотя-бы одну )))

  • @GhaniArjuna
    @GhaniArjuna 5 days ago

    Luckily, on a remote island, someone sells duct tape

  • @blooy1753
    @blooy1753 7 days ago +1

    Everyone is so creative 😂😂😂😂

  • @Michelle_Lavisa
    @Michelle_Lavisa 14 days ago +42

    You always make my day, I love your videos😍💖✨

  • @user-cg5vz8os7s
    @user-cg5vz8os7s 15 days ago +28

    Дела пошли в гору! Из леса к морю в джунгли! Молодец!

  • @user-sh4dh2fy1e
    @user-sh4dh2fy1e 8 days ago

    Спасибо, идея очень великолепная😊😊😊😊😊л

  • @oculwarrior1706
    @oculwarrior1706 4 days ago

    Nice! They need to manufacture these worldwide. Everybody is buying purified water

  • @timkretschmer5780
    @timkretschmer5780 15 days ago +30

    А я думал бульбулятор

    • @mrterminator6069
      @mrterminator6069 15 days ago +3

      А как же, летом пыхнуть охота

    • @user-ec3vo6zn5d
      @user-ec3vo6zn5d 14 days ago +3

      Когда пресной воды нет дунешь из всего что под рукой есть...

  • @user-wf3qx5zx8r
    @user-wf3qx5zx8r 8 days ago +1

    Господи ребят хватит писать такие комментарии тип: соски торчат , где нижнее белье,мы все знаем почему тут так много лайков Господи у неё может быть болезнь груди зачем писать такие гадости если вы даже нечего не знаете

  • @NovaScotiaOutdoorAdventures

    Can tell when it’s warm out 😊

  • @avanijani3049
    @avanijani3049 7 days ago

    Bring water : ❎
    Bring lighter, infinite tape : ✅

  • @user-ic3tr4eq2o
    @user-ic3tr4eq2o 14 days ago +4

    значит зажигалку, нож и скотч есть где взять, а с пресной водой не сложилось ...

  • @mojtabairani8654
    @mojtabairani8654 11 days ago

    ❤❤❤👏👏👏it works 🎉🎉🎉

  • @Success_Conscious_abhijeet

    Tutorial of How to make waste out or waste😂

  • @reddicetwiceX9
    @reddicetwiceX9 14 days ago +4

    Hopefully she finds a pair of ice skates to chop down trees and make a raft to make it back home. 😂

  • @TheHumbleCarpenter
    @TheHumbleCarpenter 5 days ago

    You have serious skills, but we all know why we’re here: more videos of you “pointing north” 😉 by the way, bless you in that department! Can’t wait for your next video!

  • @Alex2023Solomatin
    @Alex2023Solomatin 14 days ago +5

    Райское наслаждение ❤🌴

  • @thecandyman2588
    @thecandyman2588 9 hours ago

    That sunburn looks like it hurts

  • @mirzaahmad3531
    @mirzaahmad3531 10 days ago

    Lovely skills

  • @melomailperm
    @melomailperm 15 days ago +4

    О! Испаритель! Неплохо!

  • @lordbelvoir2543
    @lordbelvoir2543 9 days ago

    Yep I always take gaffa tape no matter where I go😂

  • @carlosfreitas4308
    @carlosfreitas4308 9 days ago

    Wonderful Marusya ❤👏

  • @ernestos.a.5371
    @ernestos.a.5371 15 days ago +8

    Ahora ella ya no tiene frío!

  • @chrisanthony868
    @chrisanthony868 6 days ago

    First thing I thought of when I woke up on a desert island…..” you know what I’m dying for? some plastic riddled warm water”

  • @user-ld9co4hb8r
    @user-ld9co4hb8r 14 days ago +90

    Ага я тоже думал сейчас аппарат как сделает, как дунет и расскажет о том как с тайги выйти на берег тёплого моря🤣🤣🤣

    • @user-ec3vo6zn5d
      @user-ec3vo6zn5d 14 days ago +1

      ...фольги то в кадре небыло...

    • @user-pr6nh6hj9y
      @user-pr6nh6hj9y 14 days ago +2

      Ну мали ли, можж новый вид бульбулятора, 😀, без фольги с каким мудрёным каменем, с экзо острова☝️.

    • @user-nk6kf7lx3u
      @user-nk6kf7lx3u 13 days ago +1

      ну я сначала тоже так подумал, когда она за заготовкой к аппарату нырнула ))) А потом разочарование, Марусю-растуху не увидел ((((

    • @sergei94110
      @sergei94110 13 days ago +2

      Без сосцов не канает

  • @jiv_0642
    @jiv_0642 7 days ago +1

    Men of culture.. we all think the same.. we are coded with the same algorithm.. i miss the two points.. 😊

  • @kitkat869
    @kitkat869 14 days ago +19

    You so totally ROCK! We all need to be able to take care of ourselves out of doors, maybe stranded or something. You definitely make it look effortless. You go girl!

    • @V12_Toyota
      @V12_Toyota 14 days ago +1

      Ого у тебя есть целый хозяйственный магазин с собой

  • @user-wk3pl3is1h
    @user-wk3pl3is1h 10 days ago

    Маруся просто шикарная ❤

  • @martiand1882
    @martiand1882 3 days ago

    Make sure to breathe in that plastic to get adequate survival stuff in.

  • @user-pi9eq1mk7g
    @user-pi9eq1mk7g 14 days ago +382

    Соски не торчат, отписываемся!!!

    • @evgenylux
      @evgenylux 9 days ago +18

      Не холодно как в России

    • @rapedmind
      @rapedmind 9 days ago +6

      Аналогично хотел написать)

    • @klaudy_good
      @klaudy_good 9 days ago


      @FREEMANRUS. 8 days ago +1

      ​@@evgenyluxв России тепло же

  • @bakemono5580
    @bakemono5580 Hour ago

    I was looking at the bottle😂

  • @user-um4vw1zg7h

    Невероятно просто, и гениально!
    Все сходится......

  • @bassiclymike
    @bassiclymike 14 days ago +3

    Any way to make a still will get you fresh water. You can do it with a plastic sheet and a bucket, and lots of other ways. The salt doesn't evaporate out of the seawater, what collects is pure water.

    • @Johnketes54
      @Johnketes54 14 days ago +1

      Distilled water what top up car batteries almost similar to rain water but has collected impurities from the air, Both are wet but certainly not spring water or mineral water from a bottle

  • @Martin-fl7fe
    @Martin-fl7fe 6 days ago

    Sad to find plastic in such a beautiful place 😢

  • @FaisSk
    @FaisSk 7 days ago +1

    She knows how to attract peoples

  • @vkt0049
    @vkt0049 14 days ago +4

    Great, well done girl ❤

  • @thebash3152
    @thebash3152 7 days ago

    from fairy of the forest to mermaid of the seas , ❤❤❤

  • @user-nm8iv8yu7v
    @user-nm8iv8yu7v 5 days ago

    "OOOOO a lighter just spawned let me take that"

  • @user-te6pk2uu8h
    @user-te6pk2uu8h 15 days ago +4

    Расслабилась Маруська на чужбине под палчщим солнцем,навыки потеряла снимает какуюто дичь,ни такую мы подписывались😊

  • @Cornelius36
    @Cornelius36 7 days ago

    he definitely knows how to survive on RUclips💀💀

  • @IaLwaysCoMeBacK12394

    I like how she used her vape with tape around it to tape the bottle

  • @imdoneplus
    @imdoneplus 15 days ago +6

    This could save my life someday. Thanks!

    • @anthonywood7420
      @anthonywood7420 14 days ago +1

      Might have to scale it up a bit. But it's a good principle.

  • @gabrielvillalobos6102

    Buena idea lo hice en emergencia y si funciona