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  • Published on Nov 21, 2022
  • Amelia is joined in the kitchen by Love Island UK winners Davide & Ekin-Su who have willingly agreed to help her cook a delicious meal using 5 very special key ingredients! Go to www.casetify.com/ameliascooki... to shop CASETiFY's Black Friday sale now! #ad
    Created and Written by Amelia Dimoldenberg
    Director: Adrian Choa
    Executive Producers: Amelia Dimoldenberg & Liv West
    Producers: Tir Dhondy & Liv West
    Co Writer: Promise Moyo
    Director of Photography: Jamie Getting
    Camera: Tayo Yusuff
    Sound Technician: Paul O’Hare
    Production Assistant: Manpreet Gehlan
    Editor: Adrian Choa
    Motion Graphics: Jake McConnell & Greedy Goons
    Sound Mix: Mark Duckett
    Colourist: Louis O’Connell at Tag. Collective Arts
    Colour Producer: Neuma Llusiá dos Santos at Tag. Collective Arts
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Comments • 344

  • @alissacathy8860
    @alissacathy8860 Year ago +2466

    I love how Ekin just says every thought she has and feels no embarrassment saying it 🤪

    • @BM0S
      @BM0S Year ago +41

      She’s so funny. Reminded me of why I loved her in the villa.

    • @plty3931
      @plty3931 Year ago

      @@BM0S hate her she’s such a diva

    • @Tea-rq2ho
      @Tea-rq2ho Year ago +4

      Like when she said frying the ham reminded her of a human body cut into pieces?? 😂😂🤣😩😭

  • @hayeschidera9967
    @hayeschidera9967 Year ago +689

    Amelia: You can't spell champions without ham
    Davide: Why😐

  • @Babe-wp7xq
    @Babe-wp7xq Year ago +2187

    Davide is naturally funny and a bit awkward I’m dying 😭💀

    • @jibzzz1
      @jibzzz1 Year ago +5


    • @tovcii
      @tovcii Year ago +1


    • @smokey2222
      @smokey2222 Year ago +53

      Lool I think it’s because he doesn’t fully get UK humour yet, so it gets awkward

    • @VGNAL
      @VGNAL Year ago +3

      @@smokey2222 nah think thats just how he is, im saudi and think his hilarious

    • @SP-ie1vx
      @SP-ie1vx Year ago

      Rest in peace you hysterical attention seeker ⚰️

  • @ashleyb6545
    @ashleyb6545 Year ago +749

    this is so genuinely funny and slightly awkward bc you can tell theyre just being themselves lmaoooo

  • @rihennv
    @rihennv Year ago +2473

    I’m crying soooo bad Davide and Ekin are too chaotic for Amelia 😭😭😭 she was trying to slow them down so bad 😭

  • @shreyashivan5341
    @shreyashivan5341 Year ago +160

    The silence after she said stop flirting with me was so loud LMAO he did NOT know what to say

    • @honey3202
      @honey3202 Year ago +6

      😭🤣 Ekin looked at Davide like “mhmm she right, you BETTA stop ..”

  • @ashleyamarales
    @ashleyamarales Year ago +257

    never seen someone come on the show and take over they way davide and ekin-su did. Best episode yet

  • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
    @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +1164

    Hi everyone. Absolutely loved having the cHAMpions of love island in my kitchen. It wasn’t chaotic AT ALL, very chilled, very calm - as per usual. I also loved being a third wheel I feel like it’s the best type of wheel to be ❤ who do you want on the cooking show next? Xx

  • @leonajames5517
    @leonajames5517 Year ago +425

    Davide cracks me up! He is made for this type of stuff!!! He has a proper dry sense of humour!

  • @queengaga3
    @queengaga3 Year ago +295

    We need an episode of Amelia and Alison Hammond 😂💚

  • @thandimtsetwene4081
    @thandimtsetwene4081 Year ago +166

    Davide wanted everyone to see how he opened the spaghetti but they weren’t watching 😂😭

  • @NAlessthanthree
    @NAlessthanthree Year ago +116

    Whether they’re actually together or not they are so entertaining so it doesn’t even matter 😂

  • @bey3133
    @bey3133 Year ago +68

    Usually amilia weirds people out but ekin defo took over😂😂

  • @siphesihle_k1857
    @siphesihle_k1857 Year ago +93

    Ekin looks so good 🥺

  • @noradora5712
    @noradora5712 Year ago +125

    The 3 of them are a menace🤣 Ekinde are so interesting & fun to watch 🥰

  • @Lyricvids72
    @Lyricvids72 Year ago +188

    When Amelia got pied that was her genuine reaction 😂😂😂😂 she was hoping to pie one of them

    • @RomanSionis85
      @RomanSionis85 Year ago +2

      I bloody bet it was genuine 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • @oof9090
      @oof9090 Year ago +1

      It wasn’t genuine, she was expecting it. Watch how she starts rapidly blinking right before getting pied.

  • @versaceblanc138
    @versaceblanc138 Year ago +154

    I can't stop laughing 🤣🤣 this is gold Ekin amd Davide are chaotic couple 😭

  • @actuallyxanna774
    @actuallyxanna774 Year ago +111

    This video sent me fr 😭😭. These two are so good together and Amelia was a great addition to the already chatoic duo!

  • @jessicas3207
    @jessicas3207 Year ago +20

    “I have all my eggs in one basket”
    “OK 😐”

  • @KholofeloMafolo
    @KholofeloMafolo Year ago +84

    they said Amelia will never third wheel them but she did lol. 😂

  • @MancunianManxman
    @MancunianManxman Year ago +130


  • @naomioladeinde3055
    @naomioladeinde3055 Year ago +95

    This was great everybody’s personality flows so well together LOL

  • @vv.1912
    @vv.1912 Year ago +48

    they're all over the place 😭 I LOVE IT 💗

  • @rebeccataggart6249
    @rebeccataggart6249 Year ago +201

    Is it just me or is anyone else wondering where the Turkish delight and Nutella ended up?
    This is one of my favourite episodes so far! I could not stop laughing when she dropped the spaghetti 🍝

  • @jasminkauranand2098
    @jasminkauranand2098 Year ago +68

    This is absolutely hilarious! It really hits when you've third wheeled an oblivious couple before 😂😂😂

  • @PositiveWomenTV
    @PositiveWomenTV Year ago +30

    “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” Rumi

  • @milanaate
    @milanaate Year ago +29

    'ive got all my eggs in one basket'

  • @b_r_a_n
    @b_r_a_n Year ago +10

    they're so cute🥹🥹

  • @tajashania
    @tajashania Year ago +29

    ‘is it not a joke? is it real?’ EKIN SU IS NOT REAL 😭

  • @shesabeige
    @shesabeige Year ago +14

    my fav love island’s champihams too

  • @sydneysinner
    @sydneysinner Year ago +34

    Ive never seen her break character 🤣

  • @kazanikovavaleria5262
    @kazanikovavaleria5262 Year ago +114

    Yet another brilliant video from you, Amelia! Ty for all this content

    • @MysticMarble
      @MysticMarble Year ago +1

      You watched the whole vid in 7 mins?

    • @georgia6818
      @georgia6818 Year ago +1

      @@MysticMarble … it‘s a 20 minute video

    • @MysticMarble
      @MysticMarble Year ago +2

      @@georgia6818 Meant to put 7, the person commented 7 minutes after release

  • @stephanielawson3082

    LOVED this! slayed Amelia

  • @rihennv
    @rihennv Year ago +890

    I laughed so much! Davide spitting out the Turkish delight, him not wanting to do the cabonara without all the ingredients and Amelia’s jokes just not hitting 😭

  • @Rose07-99
    @Rose07-99 Year ago +47

    I didn't want it to end 😭♥️

  • @snowmia9878
    @snowmia9878 Year ago +4

    i was waiting for this

  • @AA-qb7ni
    @AA-qb7ni Year ago +17

    A trio I didn't know I needed but LOVE!! Omg

  • @rheinadidan5704
    @rheinadidan5704 Year ago +7


  • @lisfitz8291
    @lisfitz8291 Year ago +77

    Omg I haven't laughed so much in ages. This was the best one yet- well done 😂😂😂

  • @abbiebrown2733
    @abbiebrown2733 Year ago +23

    They are both fabulous together 💕💕💕

  • @rihennv
    @rihennv Year ago +1027

    This was the best trio ever! I hope Davide and Ekin venture more into tv or do their own cooking style series and invite Amelia on it.

    • @goleylla
      @goleylla Year ago +17

      They have tv show starting Monday 28 November on ITV2

    • @rihennv
      @rihennv Year ago +1

      @@goleylla yes I’ll be tuned in

  • @SkippyLaughlin
    @SkippyLaughlin Year ago +85

    I freaking looooove Ekin-de. Ekin-Su just blurts put what's she's thinking I effing love it. Please bring thwm back 😭😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Edit: please get Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey on your show. Preferably together

  • @lxb118
    @lxb118 Year ago +52

    I absolutely loved that interview. What a trio 🤣🤣

  • @lakebdhendhd3480
    @lakebdhendhd3480 Year ago +39

    This was so funny LOLL ekin is so unhinged

  • @Annie035
    @Annie035 Year ago +57

    literally this show is the best thing i have ever watched 😭😭

  • @salenadixon6530
    @salenadixon6530 Year ago +8

    This is so genuinely funny.Loved everyone's personality.Amelia you're so naturally funny and just seem like the type of person who can get along and vibe with anyone and make it comfortable

  • @tanitavga
    @tanitavga Year ago +13

    I loved this trio so much 😭

  • @hongkongrat900
    @hongkongrat900 Year ago +4


  • @sarahnwosu1714
    @sarahnwosu1714 Year ago +38

    😂 10 minutes in and I'm on 4 minutes because I'm rewatching EVERYTHING. I love watching these 2!

  • @rita1196
    @rita1196 Year ago +5

    Love itttt

  • @sophiebreslin8421
    @sophiebreslin8421 Year ago +8

    love it and i didnt even watch love island this year

  • @erinburditt6852
    @erinburditt6852 Year ago +14

    if this isn't top quality entertainment i don't know what is

  • @rosiesanders9282
    @rosiesanders9282 Year ago +23

    Love these two! They are brilliant and perfect together. Best interview yet Amelia 👏🏻

  • @J454T
    @J454T Year ago +1

    This was my fave episode

  • @elliyblur4541
    @elliyblur4541 Year ago +5

    Love u Amelia

  • @meganroberts8584
    @meganroberts8584 Year ago +17

    I love them both so much together 💗❤️

  • @aminadere5348
    @aminadere5348 Year ago +25

    This was jokes from the beginning to the end! Loved it! Go on Ekin and Davide!

  • @siphesihle_k1857
    @siphesihle_k1857 Year ago +21

    my love island cHAMps 😂

  • @gwenaelle7993
    @gwenaelle7993 Year ago +4

    I cant breath whatt is this magic

  • @Jackattackkkkk
    @Jackattackkkkk Year ago +11

    Ekin and Davide are so lovely ❤

  • @becpotts523
    @becpotts523 Year ago +2

    I love them

  • @naomiisaiaholive4576

    Amazing ❤🎉

  • @bertha710
    @bertha710 Year ago +29

    Ekin Su has a dark side, and it's hilariously funny.

  • @Lauren-fg3hc
    @Lauren-fg3hc Year ago +10

    Never watched Love Island but I'm here for it 😅

  • @itsmukhtarabdi
    @itsmukhtarabdi Year ago +7

    Love your Videos Amelia every day❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @sarahnwosu1714
    @sarahnwosu1714 Year ago +7

    Not baby Irene and the crawling on the floor 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • @kylasazon
    @kylasazon Year ago +19

    Amelia u are making my dreams come true with this collab 💌 legend

  • @OfficialDvanny
    @OfficialDvanny Year ago +20

    What is Amelia doing with that entrance 😂😂
    They are so awkwardly funny😂😂

  • @iseetheWAYVision
    @iseetheWAYVision Year ago +8


  • @LUV04111
    @LUV04111 Year ago +15

    ok but amelia on love island would be amazing lmao

  • @marthaaa006
    @marthaaa006 Year ago +7

    Love Ekin

  • @alchemyprodhq
    @alchemyprodhq Year ago +8

    The BEST one yet!!! Awkward and loads of ❤️❤️❤️

  • @KellySedinger
    @KellySedinger Year ago +7

    That was wonderful!

  • @chloebailey2194
    @chloebailey2194 Year ago +8


  • @babysparks05
    @babysparks05 Year ago +9

    I love them so much oh my god

  • @lulufoster7070
    @lulufoster7070 Year ago +10

    this is thhe best one so far 😂

  • @bibichesaidi8928
    @bibichesaidi8928 Year ago +33

    This was chaotic and funny af 😂😂

  • @noahrussell2043
    @noahrussell2043 Year ago +74

    Amelia will be great on Taskmaster!!

    • @tomgruitt6563
      @tomgruitt6563 Year ago

      No thanks!

    • @noahrussell2043
      @noahrussell2043 Year ago +14

      @@tomgruitt6563 She’s already been announced on the line up for the New Year’s Treat, hence my use of ‘will’ rather than ‘would’. And if you don’t like her, it begs the questions as to why you’re commenting on her latest video 😅

    • @AmeliaDimoldenberg
      @AmeliaDimoldenberg  Year ago +46

      I am literally filming the News Years episode of TaskMaster right now !!!!!! ❤

  • @willowmoran6827
    @willowmoran6827 Year ago +24

    I swear Amelia is the funniest and best person ever to exist love u Amelia ❤

  • @noemivivianiaia8062
    @noemivivianiaia8062 Year ago +29

    "You don't like Nutella?" "No." "Ok you don't eat"

  • @clarkejuliette
    @clarkejuliette Year ago +20

    Davide opened that spaghetti like a true mafia boss

  • @nicolejedward
    @nicolejedward Year ago +17

    Omg how do you stay so serious 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @marissa5664
    @marissa5664 6 months ago

    davide's "oh" and eye roll at 1:40 forever has me, he truly is such a sassy italian stallion

  • @chloeanderson5739
    @chloeanderson5739 Year ago +9

    I love this

  • @ige_euv
    @ige_euv Year ago +7

    "you should cry" 😭😭😭😭

  • @tismejackieg
    @tismejackieg Year ago +24

    I love them so much, I hope they grow old together.

  • @taejgaul5991
    @taejgaul5991 Year ago +8

    Love Ekin so much

  • @icecreamyoga
    @icecreamyoga Year ago +8

    love everything you do Amelia :)

  • @kusurak79
    @kusurak79 Year ago +6

    The thumbnail looks like amelia tryna grab davides Italian sword lol

  • @reenrobertson7398
    @reenrobertson7398 Year ago +10

    Love them so much 😂😂😂

  • @basicyoutubehandlename

    My two worlds are colliding 😭😭

  • @rheinadidan5704
    @rheinadidan5704 Year ago +5

    I’m watching 50 times idc

  • @andyh3285
    @andyh3285 Year ago +5

    I love this channel even though I have no idea who the guests are

  • @Hannah-yb2ps
    @Hannah-yb2ps Year ago +16

    The 'remember me??' Bit killed me
    So funny

  • @lawrie0
    @lawrie0 Year ago +1

    I was laughing so hard watching Davide and Ekin-Su with Amelia. Hahahah

  • @eliana524
    @eliana524 Year ago +2


  • @Estostri
    @Estostri Year ago +10

    Would love to see Amelia as the next love island host tho😂

  • @rose_9813
    @rose_9813 Year ago +20

    Help they're so awkward but funny at the same time

  • @addicted2youtuberss612

    Love how davide asked ekins permission before lifting the blondie

  • @DirkPHo
    @DirkPHo Year ago +8

    Best episode by a mile