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Hit This Trickshot, Win $2000

  • Published on Feb 11, 2022
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  • @Bazerk
    @Bazerk  Year ago +407

    If you wanna play the map, the code is 7179-9384-1801
    and don’t forget to subscribe ❤️

  • @Melt
    @Melt Year ago +150

    This was the closest trickshot race I’ve ever seen I had no clue what was going to happen the entire time that was insane

  • @penguin8615
    @penguin8615 Year ago +17

    Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort Bazerk puts into his content for us. Great job

  • @TeamLarry
    @TeamLarry Year ago +12

    Its cool how he never fails to entertain us + never disappoints, and vids are so damm good

  • @ljwelch5083
    @ljwelch5083 Year ago +13

    Can’t wait to do this with all my friends! I did the last one and it was fun!

  • f
    f Year ago +5

    No matter how many times I watch these videos, they never get old

    • @nedaYT
      @nedaYT Year ago +1

      Crazy bot

    • @matteo337
      @matteo337 4 months ago

      ⁠@@nedaYTfacts most comments are bots lmao plus did anyone notice that when berserk took his hand of his keyboard he was still movin

  • @sweetiimini
    @sweetiimini Year ago +7

    hey man i just want you to know that your videos are fire and you gone really far and i hope you stay safe

  • @nottrackstarnts3645

    I love this series make more keep it❣️ up good work ☺️

  • @MrHenchkid
    @MrHenchkid Year ago +17

    Can we take a moment and appreciate that bazerk puts so much effort to make us happy

  • @chelsaeburke33
    @chelsaeburke33 Year ago +4

    Your trick shots are insane keep up the good work

  • @aidan49169
    @aidan49169 Year ago +5

    This was soo Amazing Bazerk, I loved the video!!! :)

  • @lisaclifford4960
    @lisaclifford4960 Year ago +3

    this is cool i like it you guys are good content creators! hope you reach 2.mill subs soon!!!!

  • @ssnsanta
    @ssnsanta Year ago +33

    I'm ready for 8 minutes and 39 seconds of pure entertainment

  • @azizsakhi108
    @azizsakhi108 Year ago +3

    i love your videos Bazerk always when you post a video i get happy

  • @Flowaze
    @Flowaze Year ago +5

    the storytelling in this video is absolutely insane

  • @jacovenoneal8379
    @jacovenoneal8379 Year ago +1

    This was basically a test to see how good they are at trickshot

  • @armonburnett6957
    @armonburnett6957 Year ago +4

    Let’s go bazerk with another banger

  • @trash5615
    @trash5615 Year ago +3

    Love ur vids!Keep up the good work and I subbed and liked the vid!

  • @Cyclone382
    @Cyclone382 Year ago +2


  • @red4211
    @red4211 Year ago +1

    This guys is the BEST! He makes my day!

    • @guzarz4
      @guzarz4 Year ago

      Πολύ ωραία φωτογραφία

  • @baby-girl-0411
    @baby-girl-0411 Year ago

    really good vid keep up the work

  • @tunghurkok6316
    @tunghurkok6316 Year ago

    Such a good video, and the trick shot is insane

  • @womenontheriseny1178

    I hope you can get more videos in the future 🙃

  • @legendzfn
    @legendzfn Year ago +4

    Bazerk when Zisc hits the 1st one: NO WAY!?! Bazerk Seconds later on the first level: I have to hit this one it’s the easiest one

  • @sandronadiradze7493

    actually seeing zisc sad its just hurts seeing them both sad its just really hurts

  • @Jaxon47
    @Jaxon47 Year ago

    great video bro! loved lvl 5 ;)

  • @jaydoniscool6605

    Bazerk I love ur content it's amazing ur my fav yt I look up to you

  • @lightninglynxgaming989

    Entertainment at it's best 👍🔥

  • @pyxxl7605
    @pyxxl7605 Year ago

    Bazerk your vids are insane i love you mate

    @MEHRKED Year ago +37

    That tornado shot was so satisfying 😳🔥

  • @RhitonYT
    @RhitonYT Year ago +1

    The editing was insane on this video

  • @emme2661
    @emme2661 Year ago

    Damn that last trick shot was insane

  • @piotrekchoinski3799

    1:45 he was so happy that he turn his camera off lol

  • @jensenzamora7471
    @jensenzamora7471 Year ago +1

    I love this guy he so funny

  • @walihassankhan3468

    I love it when Zisc gets a lead but then bazerk gets a comeback : Done I subbed

  • @viktorplatteau1334
    @viktorplatteau1334 Year ago +3

    I love ur content u always make my day :)

  • @GoodGuyCali
    @GoodGuyCali Year ago

    this was done so well

  • @coppahshorts8699

    i was so hyped when bazerk won, i started to scream

  • @zionbecktt3288
    @zionbecktt3288 Year ago

    The last one bazerk felt tired thinking that he wasn't going to hit the target but he was wrong and he hit the target

  • @zainhat3693
    @zainhat3693 Year ago

    i dont know why but when zisc hits a trickshot its like he hitted the hardest trickshot

  • @genisearetz8172
    @genisearetz8172 Year ago +1

    Ur so good bazerk u destroyed him at the end after saying its so hard lol

  • @TxnsGaming
    @TxnsGaming Year ago +5


  • @henrynguyen4584
    @henrynguyen4584 Year ago +1

    Those trick shots were so epic

  • @katepohrte3407
    @katepohrte3407 Year ago +1

    He clutched it at the end

  • @smurfcatyt314
    @smurfcatyt314 9 months ago

    Nice Video Bazerk!

  • @zoelle3040
    @zoelle3040 Year ago

    "you have to impulse into a shockwave" -zisc 2022

  • @matteo337
    @matteo337 4 months ago

    Yo bro y’all just ignored the moment when berserk took his hand of the keyboard and his character was still moving lmao 😂

  • @sheep9330
    @sheep9330 Year ago +266

    "Literally 99% won't see this but, who ever sees this have a good day and stay safe" 💚🙏💙

  • @liamshah7925
    @liamshah7925 Year ago +1

    Bro that’s insane I can’t hit anything with a heavy😂

  • @stevenmatsuda7800
    @stevenmatsuda7800 Year ago +1

    Bro those trick shots were sooo good like I’m ngl!!

  • @amyh1646
    @amyh1646 Year ago +1

    Sheesh worlds best content love it👍

  • @weddy.
    @weddy. Year ago

    another certified banger

  • @gamingwithrev9629

    Bro i like the way these are so intense 🥶

  • @datrickshotdog1933
    @datrickshotdog1933 Year ago +1

    I like how berserk missed the trick shot and didn't ask to sub usually RUclipsrs try many time to hit it and then ask for subs that's why I sub to the banana boi

  • @itsjxomusic
    @itsjxomusic Year ago

    the way the other guy screams "Yeeeeesssss" cos hes skimming the levels 😂

  • @GunayYangozileGeometri

    1:12 nice shot lol

  • @Slingybro
    @Slingybro Year ago +1

    Seems like your becoming a Trickshotter again

  • @rohanchandna
    @rohanchandna Year ago

    Dayum Bazerk Nice Comeback 👌🏻, 1000 dollars oo , interesting, gonna pay my medical bills with that

  • @anitacrowder8935

    Your videos are the best videos I have ever seen.

  • @HarrysBigWorldOfFun

    Love the trick shot vids

  • @jdod5106
    @jdod5106 Year ago

    You are so good Bazerk

  • @romanianmapper456

    I subbed to your channel and i love your videos ❤️👍

  • @saqibdetho8352
    @saqibdetho8352 Year ago

    Is it just me or every shot Zisc missed he said "that was so close".

  • @AmandaBelue
    @AmandaBelue Year ago

    This guy has the best concert I’ve ever seen in my life

  • @Alex_YT2012
    @Alex_YT2012 Year ago

    Hi berserk I just subscribed Do you always do trick shots?

  • @raineballesteros8851

    I love it when the clinger got stuck in the targets crotch LOL

  • @Rve17
    @Rve17 Year ago +1


  • @Floridacozylife
    @Floridacozylife Year ago +1

    Best one yet!

  • @leaderzark
    @leaderzark Year ago

    This video is so good you keep doing it

  • @zach_grimm832
    @zach_grimm832 Year ago

    I love all your videos bazerk

  • @samrinagrewal
    @samrinagrewal Year ago

    I love your videos man

  • @alessandropirrone9164

    Yo you just hit that you will surely be a great trick shotter

  • @FNB_JA
    @FNB_JA Year ago

    Best trick shot of all times berserk the best

  • @robertrosscolburn1171

    I love your channel.its funny

  • @Noahh-jl9oc
    @Noahh-jl9oc Year ago

    On all of the ones fearless could’ve done all of them first try LOL

  • @FamousYTC
    @FamousYTC Year ago

    Have you tried that as well guys? 🔥🔥🔥

  • @connorfitzgerald1007

    It’s always the creator that wins

  • @SUtMp
    @SUtMp Year ago

    Have a breack your effort is phantom cool with your 1.73M subs good job for your effort!

  • @fernandoguzman9969

    I love your content

  • @LoganPogan
    @LoganPogan Year ago +1

    another great video hopefully i win 🤞🤞

  • @ishahkhan7110
    @ishahkhan7110 Year ago

    Love your videos

  • @reecemac5768
    @reecemac5768 Year ago +1

    Fabulous keep up the work

  • @voramarie
    @voramarie Year ago

    This was an amazing video. I want a shirt with the Bazerk logo taped on it.

    @TWE.SANTAHAT Year ago

    I like how
    Zisc was like
    GIVE ME THE F******

  • @Giadauh
    @Giadauh Year ago

    another bangerr and be safe bro

  • @leobultitude1161

    I love the end shot

  • @Mohammad-yf5be
    @Mohammad-yf5be Year ago

    The trickshots are crazy 😧 man I logged on to the serve and made it to level 9 level 10 is so hard to do😎

  • @rapacio2008
    @rapacio2008 Year ago

    That was so insane

  • @gokumaster6867
    @gokumaster6867 Year ago

    Nice trick shot bazerk I like your content

  • @marissadeboer8630

    That was absolutely insanity

  • @dfwsoju
    @dfwsoju Year ago

    this video was sick bazerk

  • @ItzYaBoiLightning

    Finally uploaded I’ve been waiting but this is a banger

  • @gamingmaster2781

    Congrats bazerk on 1.69m (wink wink) subs

  • @strangerthingsnerd3815

    I love your videos dude

  • @N1NeMonster
    @N1NeMonster Year ago

    although I am Russian and I don't understand a lot of things, but the video is really cool)))

  • @kuwaitq8804
    @kuwaitq8804 Year ago

    Soo good bazerk

  • @joshroyale3945
    @joshroyale3945 Year ago

    That was insane

  • @JustA_RandomNoob

    I wish bazerk to win and it come true

  • @elielhedberg6515

    thats one of the most craziest trickshot competitions ever!

  • @blackoutdeadeye1588

    I wish I had the skills to do this