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I Secretly Cheated in a Fortnite Tournament!

  • Published on Oct 12, 2021
  • I Cheated in Kaidoz' $1000 RUclipsr Fortnite Tournament...
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    Instagram: @Bazerk
    Twitter: @Bazerks
    TikTok: @Bazerk
    Discord: discord.gg/BSXX5RX
    Thank you @Kaidoz for hosting this!
    USE CODE BAZERK in the fortnite item shop ❤️ (epic partner ad)

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  • Sanity Lyric Video

    This was a BANGER Bazerk! I like how you literally like to troll people and that's the best part of it, Keep up the grind as always Bazerk!💪

  • Lemon’s a straight up rapstress

    It’s funny seeing the sweats get mad because they were teaming 😂

  • SD123_ML
    SD123_ML  +28

    When Bazerk upload he makes my day. Love your videos Bazerk

  • Ray_or_Matt Pontanillo

    Bros face cam looks like an anime character that’s about to go insane

  • Soldier
    Soldier  +22

    I just love how they all three split it and just forgot about swift 😂

  • Ed Slater


  • IceKarl_YT
    IceKarl_YT  +150

    The best face cam shot of Bazerks Forehead xd

  • Hu8rah
    Hu8rah  +1

    Keep safe and keep on keeping people entertained

  • Armon Burnett

    The face cam when he won😂

  • Itz AustinYT

    His reaction at the end🤣

  • Lukey D
    Lukey D  +529

    I like the face cam during the gameplay 😂

    AJPLAYZ  +3

    The face cam was just to funny 😆

  • Luca scarfo vlogs

    My jaw dropped when he won

  • Vex2Goodシ.

    I love your videos keep up good work


    Seeing them laugh and have fun together just makes me remember good times that I had before with my friends

  • YEET Master9909

    I love how at the end he finally showed his hair😉😀🤣😂

  • Siddhartha Guha

    The flopped he ate helped him win literally he won on 10 hp

  • Said And The Animals

    Finally another upload welcome back King! ❤️

  • Admiringmessi

    It’s been 1 months 🙌 Good to see you back! 👋