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Aeroflot Is Reportedly Using Its Young Airbus A350s For Spare Parts

  • Published on Aug 11, 2022
  • With sanctions forbidding any export of aircraft or their spare parts from the EU or the US to Russia, it was only a matter of time before airlines needed to cannibalize their own fleets to maintain operations. In an interesting new report, Russian flag carrier Aeroflot has begun stripping one of its brand-new Airbus A350s for parts.
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Comments • 307

  • Josia Evans
    Josia Evans Month ago +128

    The A350 has so many exotic and leading edge technologies. I am not aware of any agency in Iran - including military aviation supplier - who can properly produce spare parts that are identical in material, dimensions, weight, and most importantly QUALITY... I think the real question is how many critical parts can an A350 safely fly WITHOUT. Russia may show us the answer if they drag things out long-term

    • No name Cos that's not imp
      No name Cos that's not imp 20 days ago +1

      @Josia Evans ah well it's a black box.... we don't know if it's done already. But modern Russia isn't what it used to be. They used to build stuff like Antonov. Now even Ukraine has kicked them in the balls

    • Josia Evans
      Josia Evans Month ago

      @Хью Моржоуи lol ok, propaganda 🤣

    • Josia Evans
      Josia Evans Month ago

      @Хью Моржоуи in Russia, possibly. not sure where else.

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      @Herbert Miller They'll be just fine! Russian planes 100 years as flying around the world.

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      @Bilal Ahmed Ahahah! Tell that Iranian planes - 20 years the fly just fine!

  • Chisco Williams
    Chisco Williams Month ago +176

    The planes should be written off by the insurance companies as they will never be returned to their rightful owners.

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      @bordmike Russia is fine without EU airspace. How EU does without Russian one? Look at the map

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      @Trevor Austin They are fine without EU or US airspace - there's a whole world around whisch doesn't give a f_)) for certificates.

    • Damian Johnson
      Damian Johnson Month ago +1

      Rightful owner is the one who paid for it. That would be Aeroflot. It wasn’t the insurance company that paid for the aircraft.

  • martin prosser
    martin prosser Month ago +57

    I expect they have a stock of the commonly replaced components as any airline would. My guess would be you will start to see aircraft out of service when the sensors or electronic systems fail.

    • steinwaldmadchen
      steinwaldmadchen Month ago

      @derek20la ARJ21 and C919 depend on Western components as much as an A320 or 737. They can't afford to break the sanction rules unless they can clone 100%, or Winne the Pool goes wild.

    • derek20la
      derek20la Month ago +1

      @Fred Fred I think everyone missed it lol

    • SORLOK
      SORLOK Month ago +1

      @derek20la China is all about money and self interest

    • SORLOK
      SORLOK Month ago +1

      @derek20la I hope, they will feel real destruction

    • SORLOK
      SORLOK Month ago +1

      Yes but some/many of those parts are in service centers outside RU. Germany I believe it was

  • Cybil Martin
    Cybil Martin Month ago +8

    ILFC got burned in 2013 when aircraft on lease to defunct airline Krasair were effectively seized under dubious 'customs paperwork'. I don't know if GECAS is leasing over there, but, I have to agree that nobody is going to lease diddly squat to a Russian airline after this. I assume it'll turn into a massive insurance flop, but still, nobody's going to willingly go into a known headache.

  • Mit Seraffej
    Mit Seraffej Month ago +2

    I assume the sanctions also prohibit the plane makers providing technical advice to the Russian airlines. There is not an airline in the “ civilised “ world that does not seek such advice to keep their fleet airworthy.

  • RC-Fan NL
    RC-Fan NL Month ago +15

    Shame to see all the energy and resources that went into making the planes, go to waste, by this dissembly. Then again, it pales in comparison with the waste of resouces and lives of the war that's being waged. It would be nice if mankind could someday shake off this urge to destroy.

  • Killefitz 35
    Killefitz 35 Month ago +20

    Modern aircraft are flying supercomputers. Critical or electronic parts send signals to manufacturers or airline headquaters, even the Coffeemakers on board, to be more servicable. The engineers on the ground get noticed of a failure part, as the plane is still flying in, so they can get a spare in advance to repair the plane as soon, as it has landed. Remember: they were tracking the missing Malasia 777 by its engines technical signals through satilite. They will know instantly if parts are changed in from another plane or sourced from another friendly country.
    Unfortuantely this is not good for the statistics, as otherwise clean stats like the 787, 350 will have plane crashes with this.
    I hope this is not a Laboratory for the plane makers, to see, how can we lower quality and earn even more money until a plane crashes.

    • No name Cos that's not imp
      No name Cos that's not imp 15 days ago

      not the 737 max....and i'd doubt if oeing would ever be trusted again....mcas=me crashing airplane silently... what a joke.. in part due to severe computational deficiency....its like running flight sim on a pentium 2 computer

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      Russia is fine with not so modern planes. Take a look at one of the best planes in history - IL-96

  • Fred Fred
    Fred Fred Month ago +8

    The truth is that modern aircraft are so overengineered with multiple redundant ststems, they'll be flying for years. After all, reliability is everything in aviation...

    • Jordon David
      Jordon David Month ago

      Not true. There's regular replacement items especially on the engines. If they're GE or Pratt or Rolls Royce especially, Russia is not getting them. Redundant systems for sensors computers but there's 2 engines and when regular parts wear isn't done your down to one.

    • cjmillsnun
      cjmillsnun Month ago

      It won't take long before they go beyond a MEL item.

  • Sophie & Ken
    Sophie & Ken Month ago +69

    I can’t see Russia ever being leased another plane from Airbus or Boeing.

    • abcdedfg
      abcdedfg Month ago

      Even if russia payes for the written off aircraft, their will likely also be a settlement for any parts they manufactured due to sanctions.

    • Anton H
      Anton H Month ago

      @Trevor Austin Where do you see theft here? The measures were taken in response to Western sanctions and asset freezes (same as theft pretty much, just different wording used). In fact, a foreign lessor can request that a Russian lessee keeps making payments on the planes, but they will be in RUB, onto an account in a Russian bank, and can be converted to EUR or USD only when the asset freezes lifted. No theft really.

  • Alex Beuerman
    Alex Beuerman Month ago

    I think it is more likely that Iran will use its extensive network of straw purchasers to procure *already existing* parts for Russian airlines than actually make new ones. If you work in aviation parts procurement and you suddenly get a lot of orders for stuff only used on the 737NG, 777 and A350 from sketchy Armenian shell companies, keep an eye on that.

  • Joseph Ybarra
    Joseph Ybarra Month ago +1

    I read an article several months ago that Iran and Russia are going to start to produce new Tu 214s in a cooperation so they can have domestic built planes that won't be affected by any sanctions.

    • bladeboy2041
      bladeboy2041 20 days ago

      Ans fly them where? Also, how long will that take? Years probably.

  • Neil Pickup
    Neil Pickup Month ago +21

    I suppose it all depends on how frequently a part needs to be changed, and how many are fitted to each aircraft.
    Also, in the case of, for example cockpit windows where each pane is unique, a few unfortunate bird-strikes could eat through the available supplies - engines too!

    • Mark S
      Mark S Month ago

      Most airline winscreen damage is done by other means :) Birdstikes don't count for that much glass, a lot of panel beating yes, but not that much glass

    • Glynn Morgan
      Glynn Morgan Month ago

      Good point

  • TheTheatreOrgan
    TheTheatreOrgan Month ago

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see whole aircraft getting grounded and demolished without being parted in the far future

  • Sho
    Sho Month ago +13

    I didn't know that SMBC leases A350s to Aeroflot. Huge insurance matters for the leasing industry.

  • Tzschyo
    Tzschyo Month ago +31

    my condolences to all the family members of these aircraft

    • Tzschyo
      Tzschyo Month ago

      @Glynn Morgan yeah 100 years ago was worse

    • Glynn Morgan
      Glynn Morgan Month ago

      @Tzschyo Not as sad as 100 years ago.

    • Tzschyo
      Tzschyo Month ago +1

      @Dog looking at camera man what a sad world we live in today 😔

  • Sharon Fieber
    Sharon Fieber Month ago +1

    Tack off and landing wear on landing gear, brake packs first part. Bird strike to engines and air frame second issue.

  • Matthew La Rose - Realtor, HHS, CID, GREEN

    Using counterfeit parts from a non supplier makes a Frankenstein aircraft with questionable safety to say the least. Feeling lucky??

    • Selfish Potatoe
      Selfish Potatoe Month ago

      @Commentator541 well good luck with that mindset 👍

    • Commentator541
      Commentator541 Month ago +1

      The mindset of people who had nothing is not the same as the mindset of those who always had everything. For me, as someone who grew up under „unsafe“ conditions, it is just daily operations, I don’t even question the aircraft safety as there is no one to complain to.

  • Ian McAllister
    Ian McAllister Month ago +12

    For those who see this as scrapping, it isn't. Aircraft parts are very modular. Engines, all instruments, flaps, all interior parts, landing gear, windows, doors, etc. are all removeable for use on other aircraft. What will render the aircraft as scrap is doing this at an unapproved repair station.

    • Mark S
      Mark S Month ago +1

      @Orbit No it dont, planes are removed from service for ALOT of reasons.
      Major Checks ABCD
      Return to lessors
      Anytime a plane cant fly for its airline its OUT OF SERVICE. Thats all it is. Every plane FedEX owns came in as out of service MD10s MD11 etc, they just register them and tada, back in service and ready to fly

    • Chris Lam
      Chris Lam Month ago

      It's scrapping when you have to pull out the plane from flying and get the parts for the other aircraft.
      Same thing happened to the retired 747 and many other plane, their engines and other valuable parts will go to the other planes to keep them in the sky for longer.

    • Mark Evans
      Mark Evans Month ago +2

      Without the correct paperwork, it can be very expensive to recertify parts.
      In the case of whole aircraft doing so may cost more than ordering a new one from Boeing or Airbus.

    • Orbit
      Orbit Month ago +4

      It’s still being removed from service, which by definition means it’s being scrapped, even if the parts are being used to revitalize other aircraft.

  • 12345fowler
    12345fowler Month ago +2

    When you mean "belonging" did you actually check that they indeed belong to them, aka these are aircrafts that were paid out by Aeroflot or they could be leased aircrafts ? Obvioulsy apply to the A350 in your story, not the other Russian RJ.

    • Jimorian
      Jimorian Month ago +3

      He goes over that in the video.

  • Aadavan Elangovan
    Aadavan Elangovan Month ago +1

    While this sounds dire, it isn’t really. Never forget that Russia’s own aviation industry can rise to a challenge, and I see them making equivalent parts albeit not as nice as the OEM ones in the near future.

  • fred Ted Stedman
    fred Ted Stedman Month ago

    what is happening to the "leased" jets ....cannibalised too ?

  • Μ Kyriakides
    Μ Kyriakides Month ago +1

    “Sanctions”😂😂😂as if Airbus will lose money! What stops Russia from obtaining Airbus spare parts from its friendly Nations? We don’t live in times of full transparency and news are manufactured. Anyway, love the clips of aircraft 😊

    • Twixieshores
      Twixieshores 25 days ago

      "What stops Russia from obtaining Airbus spare parts from its friendly Nations?" Mostly the penalties to nations caught helping Russia circumvent the sanctions: the nation helping them gets slapped with sanctions as well

  • skip davis
    skip davis Month ago +2

    when i was usaf we called these "hanger queens." at my ang base we had a rescue c130 that was a hanger queen at travis for years, and we fixed it right up!

    • Mark S
      Mark S Month ago +1

      Yeah but you had all the correct tools, all the correct parts, all the correct training, and the manufacture on the end of a phone. Russia has lets see now, the sq rt of jack haha

  • Lionheart89
    Lionheart89 Month ago +3

    Russian should use own aircraft during the war. At this point you can’t avoid aircraft cannibalize each other.

  • Wiryan Tirta
    Wiryan Tirta Month ago +4

    man repo-ing russian jets would've made awesome episodes for reality tv

  • Mr. Boring on YouTube
    Mr. Boring on YouTube Month ago +4

    This made me violently ill hearing them violate such young aircraft like that

    • Matching User
      Matching User Month ago

      @wsx2000lol Widebodies*

    • wsx2000lol
      wsx2000lol Month ago +1

      me who hates new twin widecabin's: mwahahahahahHAHAHAAH

  • ph am
    ph am 28 days ago

    my country(Vietnam)during 1975 to 2000:14 air crash,thousands die
    now(2000 to 2022):no one die

  • The Killers Clan
    The Killers Clan Month ago +2

    I honestly don‘t think that the aviation in that country will exist in its current form for long anymore. Just think about the fact that basically all silicon is engineered & manufactured in other countries like the US, Taiwan and Israel.

  • Roderik Van Reekum
    Roderik Van Reekum Month ago +5

    Why they do not use the Antonov An-2? They only have Russian parts.

    • Anton H
      Anton H Month ago +1

      They'll use Tupolevs Tu-214, refreshed SSJ that has only Russian parts including new generation engines, and MS-21.

    • boom vang
      boom vang Month ago +1

      That huge biplane looks like a joke, but is actually functional. Could carry mail or a cruise missile, but maybe slower than ground transport.

  • H - M
    H - M Month ago +2

    There'll come a day when say Airbus will install software that will ground aircraft on demand.

    • Thijs de Jonge
      Thijs de Jonge Month ago

      @Хью Моржоуи I would dare to try. Russia is ancient by their military. It’s nothing then old rubbish.

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      The Russia will strike back so bad the Airbus will never dare to perform this step.

  • Ariel Leblond
    Ariel Leblond Month ago +5

    You can buy Airbus parts indirectly by your friends all over the world...

    • D Casteaux
      D Casteaux Month ago

      Agree. There are many aircraft parts brokers all over the world who can source Airbus parts from South America, India and even the EU and USA: they are passed through many different companies before they end up in Russia. It's a black market. Banned VW/Mahle spare truck parts are still available in Russia but at a price.

  • Count Benjamin
    Count Benjamin Month ago +2

    What else can they do. But soon they won't have many places to fly.

  • Christian
    Christian  Month ago +2

    Russia won't need that may planes in the future I guess. 1 for Egypt to lovely Sharm El Sheikh, 3 for China when they open up after covid and maybe one for India and Pattaya👍🏻.

    • Christian
      Christian  Month ago +1

      @Harbin Tiger so including domestic flight to the list then...

    MORRIS REDDIC Month ago +4

    Be real!
    Who did NOT see this coming???

  • Mark Trvls
    Mark Trvls Month ago +6

    Sad to see Russia going backwards, this will probably be the end for Aeroflot also

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      For now I see Europe losing its economy.

    • Vlad Snape
      Vlad Snape Month ago

      Aeroflot will survive. It survived the Soviet Union after all.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +4

    2nd hand Iranian parts great idea

  • Руслан Иванов

    Another question: How long airbus and boing will live without russian titan?

  • psrpippy
    psrpippy Month ago +17

    Won’t be long until we’re hearing stories of planes having major incidents in Russian airspace. Heading back to the dark days before the fall of the iron curtain.

  • Mole Js
    Mole Js Month ago +1

    Long long time. Not too worry. There are a bigger country can help for parts as itself also makes planes

  • 38911bytefree
    38911bytefree Month ago +2

    Qatar just put another purchase order for spares.

  • Gone To Earth
    Gone To Earth Month ago +11

    It’s just a matter of time until one of these planes yet again falls out of the sky

  • zealman79
    zealman79 Month ago +8

    I remember the 80's when every other week involved an Aeroflot flight dropping out of the sky, either due to parts failure , incompetence or excess vodka consumption on the pilot's part (or all 3)

  • Gerry Flashmann
    Gerry Flashmann Month ago +9

    Good luck making those Rolls Royce engine parts in an Iranian shed.

  • Alan Gibson
    Alan Gibson Month ago +1

    Define ‘Airworthy’ at this time?

  • A318s Nose
    A318s Nose Month ago +11

    Poor a350s

  • MSRT&A Productions
    MSRT&A Productions Month ago +5

    Wow they really tearing down their planes huh

  • Mark
    Mark Month ago +4

    A dangerous practice

  • jkacvbhijfn
    jkacvbhijfn Month ago +3

    That thumbnail is straight up nightmare fuel

  • Muhammad Nurriza
    Muhammad Nurriza Month ago +2

    What ?! Not the news what we were hoping for. Big mistake

  • mrtank2010
    mrtank2010 Month ago +1

    You gotta do what you gotta do

  • Hans Bjorkman
    Hans Bjorkman Month ago +7

    This happens within a few month of the war. The future locks bleak for Russian aviation. 👌👍👏😂

  • Cecily
    Cecily Month ago

    Does Aeroflot have adidas livery yet?

  • Fly Marshall
    Fly Marshall Month ago

    It was only a matter of time! Check out our new A350 video

  • jean tsai
    jean tsai Month ago +1

    Soon Russia will use china's c939

  • zvakanaka2000
    zvakanaka2000 Month ago +3

    We kept all our civilian aircraft flying with perfect maintenance during the 15 years UN sanctions was imposed on us ! If we were able to do it, so will the Russians.......

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      @tu ge Russians dont ask permisson

    • Grey Hunter
      Grey Hunter Month ago +1

      @tu ge FAA Standard, cough, 737 Max says "Hi!!!"

    • tu ge
      tu ge Month ago

      @zvakanaka2000it is not up to oem,easa or faa standard and you don't know what I know or not. tell me how can you do overhaul etc without having the original parts or repairing without asking to manufacturer if it is serviceable or not

    • zvakanaka2000
      zvakanaka2000 Month ago +4

      @tu ge Oh yes, it was and so were our army planes a helicopters !!! Don't talk about things you don't know as you were not there.....

    • tu ge
      tu ge Month ago +2

      it is not perfect maintenance and you know it

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed Month ago

    Very saddened

  • Yuniko Yato
    Yuniko Yato Month ago

    Why a350? Why not drop there older stuff

    • exsandgrounder
      exsandgrounder Month ago +1

      Their best source for A350 parts is other A350s. There’s probably not much they could pull from an A320 to keep an A350 going.

  • Soren Ingram
    Soren Ingram Month ago

    What a shock Not

  • agung prasetyo
    agung prasetyo Month ago +2

    So.. humans in those planes are less worthy than Ukrainians. It's just ridiculous to also ban the civilians planes spare parts.

  • Petesy
    Petesy Month ago

    “REPORTEDLY “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Graham
    Mark Graham Month ago +8

    Why would they strip a new A350 versus an old one?

    • Jason Eldridge
      Jason Eldridge Month ago

      @Johannes Holzäpfel aircraft parts are probably ordered and supplied by a serial no ( chassis no ),as with vehicles and a trace of who owns the aircraft would soon be picked up ?

    • Johannes Holzäpfel
      Johannes Holzäpfel Month ago

      @N-ze' PRIDDIE. then these customers for parts will not receive more parts from Airbus and Boeing. Airbus and Boeing know very well which customer needs what parts. They replace parts based on age not when they fail. This allows planes to not fail mod air and the air framers know their customers

    • N-ze' PRIDDIE.
      N-ze' PRIDDIE. Month ago +1

      @Muhammad Irfan one new aircraft would provide 10 of the part to service 10 aircraft?. No one is thinking that maybe Russia is sourcing aircraft parts from other countries or on the black market. A company in a country friendly too Russia May order double or triple the amount of parts they need and then ship it to Russia. Now what if 10 countries dose that .

    • Muhammad Irfan
      Muhammad Irfan Month ago

      It make sense to me. You only get 1 aircraft if you fly new planes, but with cannibalization you could keep maybe 10 old aircraft into serviceable condition.

    • N-ze' PRIDDIE.
      N-ze' PRIDDIE. Month ago +1

      @3:15 that article about the agreement between Russia and Iran, and your point on why not just fly the new plane. Makes me question these un-name sources. Sources reported,that they got the information from a credible source., who told them that they pulled the information, from out of the sky.

  • Christopher Schodt
    Christopher Schodt 18 days ago

    VP vicker papa, was the call sign for thodesia. which then became Z zulu...... so how is VP become russian?????

  • William Wildcat
    William Wildcat Month ago

    I think about 6.5 years

  • XCaliber
    XCaliber Month ago

    I SERIOUSLY don’t agree with this.

  • Banker Dave
    Banker Dave Month ago +5

    Thieves will cannibalize anything!

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      @Banker Dave Dont be so upset, sugar! You'd better start preparing for the winter - winter is coming.

    • Banker Dave
      Banker Dave Month ago

      @Хью Моржоуи Hahaha......cry like a baby!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • LBG1943
    LBG1943 Month ago

    No surprises here. It was inevitable.

  • dave moran
    dave moran Month ago

    When people start dying because of crashes it will be a very sad Day

  • Hamilton Aviation
    Hamilton Aviation Month ago

    I don't get how aeroflot operates

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      U should buy some stock. Aeeroflot survived sanctions strike the most best! Stocks will go skyhigh.

  • Klaas Dove
    Klaas Dove Month ago +1

    The Point is that every part has its paperwork atached to it. When the planes are returned at some point , they have to redo all of that . For every part of the plane. Or it will never be allowed to fly international again. In most cases that is so mutch work that it's cheaper to write the plane off as a loss. Almost none of the planes stuck in russia will fly outside of russia ever again.

    • D R
      D R Month ago

      They are still flying out of Russia, only not in the West.

  • Emil Hilmy
    Emil Hilmy Month ago +5

    Russian only need those Airbus and Boeing to fly for some years more, before their own Industry can produce more SSJ-100, MC-21, versions of non Western parts. China already prepared to that direction with ARJ-21, C919 and the Russian-Chinese C929. By the end of this decade they will not need much Airbus and Boeing anymore.

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      @Harbin Tiger It's not a matter of trust - it's a matter of fact. Look at Russian economy brimming with energy. It turned out that to thrive and blossom u need cheap energy sources from Russia - and not approval of arrogant European colonial polititians

  • Graham Garnett
    Graham Garnett Month ago +1

    Why would they break up a new aircraft too use the parts on an older aircraft?

    • KingGenesis39
      KingGenesis39 Month ago +1

      Most likely because those parts have less wear.

  • YouTuber.
    YouTuber. Month ago

    Russia always make copies ! Remember the Concordski TU 144 it was a disaster

  • Thijs de Jonge
    Thijs de Jonge Month ago +2

    It would be even more awsome to remotely disable all systems, so Russia wouldn't have any working airplane remaning,....

  • Bluestreak
    Bluestreak Month ago

    Russia made a bad decision. The consequences are on them. Grounded aircraft, or worse? Oh well, make better choices next time.

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      For now most consequences strike arrogant united West and Europe particulary. Russia survived sanctions without any visible damage to economy. Russians partying hardd on all sea resorts all over the world

  • Slave Coder
    Slave Coder Month ago

    Why are they still wearing the SkyTeam logo? Delta, get rid of that communist airline.

  • Nazarii Malakhivskyi
    Nazarii Malakhivskyi Month ago +25

    As an Ukrainian, I’m really happy to hear that😁

    • Nazarii Malakhivskyi
      Nazarii Malakhivskyi Month ago

      @JAMES WUERTELE the war will only stop when Russia lose on the battlefield. There is no other option

    • OnTourWithGerrit
      OnTourWithGerrit Month ago +2

      @EJK k about 75 of the Russian People share the opinion of the Government. At least regarding the "special Operation" in Ukraine.

    • EJK k
      EJK k Month ago +8

      You shouldn't be happy that people's lives are going to be put in danger. The enemy is the Russian government... not the Russian people.

    • John Kim
      John Kim Month ago +2

      Me too, John in Taiwan, let’s hope the same happens to XI in China

  • Adam Stevenson
    Adam Stevenson Month ago +1

    This is horrible...

  • Eric Willis
    Eric Willis Month ago

    They can't, beause they have no international certification. They can only be operated in "piate" mode in isolated airspace.

  • Кайран [8_Kairan_8]

    this is terrible. I understand if sanctions were imposed only on military parts, but why on civilian ones? put innocent people in danger?

  • Paulos
    Paulos Month ago

    Not sure I see the logic in dismantling a nearly new plane to use as spare parts for an old plane. Why not just use the almost new plane instead and ditch the old 1.... Use the old 1 for any spare parts that are still serviceable.

  • Crxctious
    Crxctious Month ago +1

    5 seconds prob

  • user Cman
    user Cman Month ago

    Next Russia will operate IL-62 and Tu114. 🤣

    • user Cman
      user Cman Month ago

      @Хью Моржоуи MC-21 never ever 🤣

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      MC-21 and IL-96

    • Pesmog
      Pesmog Month ago +1

      Yes, I bet there is many an old dog being dug out of the weeds across Russia either for parts or to be considered for reactivation to airline status.

  • Hittrewweuy
    Hittrewweuy Month ago

    Russia needs to start looking for propeller powered planes from the 50s , they didn’t have electronics and were simple , that’s the only way I see Russia having aviation

    • Selfish Potatoe
      Selfish Potatoe Month ago

      @Хью Моржоуи if it can produce the planes, why won't they fly them instead of buying western airplanes?

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      @Dan Martin Fortunately Russia v can produce them itself or order in china in 1-2 years. Recently the very first flight with PD-14 solely Russia-produced engines was performed.

    • Dan Martin
      Dan Martin Month ago +1

      @Хью Моржоуи Unfortunatley, the SSJ100 requires a lot of international parts, and so does the MC-21 (for now), so the IL-96 would be the latest plane that Russia could produce.

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      Read "MC-21" and "SSJ100" and "IL-96"

  • skylineXpert
    skylineXpert Month ago

    In 2024 I doubt they would be flying

  • Pioneer Nut
    Pioneer Nut Month ago

    Haha russia needs West more than West needs russia

  • Steven Riplinger
    Steven Riplinger Month ago

    They will be out of service faster than they think

  • Andrei Nastase
    Andrei Nastase Month ago +2

    So much BS propaganda.
    Tires and brakes are first parts to be changed.

  • chris 889
    chris 889 Month ago +2

    The Russian billions held by western banks should be used to rebuild Ukraine and lost company assets.

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      Who told u that? U have no connection to that billions and have no right to decide where they should be directed. They are not yours to start with

  • Peter Verhauwen
    Peter Verhauwen Month ago

    Isn't Airbus, Boeing, ... able to disable their machines remotely?

    • Хью Моржоуи
      Хью Моржоуи Month ago

      They wouldn't dare. Russia will strike back in that case so bad that it's unthinkable

  • Cecily
    Cecily Month ago

    This is so beyond pathetic and unfortunately classically Russian.

  • Miloš Drča
    Miloš Drča Month ago +7

    Russians using dismantle plains for spare parts but ingenious west will use farts for heating.
    100% green, well done!!!