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San Francisco Police Release Video of Deadly Barber Shop Shooting

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • San Francisco police screened body camera footage Thursday evening of a shootout that killed a suspect and injured five other people, including an officer, in a barbershop in the city's Crocker Amazon neighborhood last week. Joe Vazquez reports. (3-29-18)

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  • Boosinator
    Boosinator 8 months ago +1301

    Imagine defending a guy who literally ambushed police officers and put everyone's lives in danger there.

    • Douglas Bradford
      Douglas Bradford 8 months ago

      @Conrado FMC_Ny Mostly senate and House republicans in Washington

    • Conrado FMC_Ny
      Conrado FMC_Ny 8 months ago

      A lot of politicians DO defend dirty bags like that

    • pepe pepino
      pepe pepino 8 months ago

      It’s okay though he was black so he should’ve been left alive and the officers should just grow a pair and take the bullets like champs BLM ✊🏿✊🏿

    • Douglas Bradford
      Douglas Bradford 8 months ago

      Just imagine any guy who defends criminal felons posing as cops who ambushed a law abiding home owner putting other neighboring homeowners at risk.

    • Will
      Will 8 months ago

      @Ryan Simpson just because he chose to ambush people with better aim doesn’t make it not an ambush

  • Micheal McCarthy
    Micheal McCarthy 8 months ago +412

    To the young lady angry that her family member was killed by the police, I'm sorry for your loss, but your relative put the police in a situation where they had to shoot him, he fired first, the response he received is what he made happen.

    • Jonathan Dauria
      Jonathan Dauria 8 months ago

      @Robert Rosas I'm not a boy. Im a man. I don't like cops either. I just made parole in October, after doing 3 years behind the fence. So I don't like pigs either. But to say someone is racist every time you have a disagreement, shows a serious lack of judgement and intelligence. All lives matter, not just black lives, buddy.

    • Robert Rosas
      Robert Rosas 8 months ago

      @Jonathan Dauria man shut yo. Mouth up boi. You people don't care About black lives

    • Jonathan Dauria
      Jonathan Dauria 8 months ago

      @Robert Rosas Who is racist? You must have a small man complex or racial complex. When someone immediately gets offended and points out racism as an immediate defense, they have a very scewed outlook of the world and how it works. Grow up, you f**cking baby. Go cry elsewhere.

    • Paul Hope
      Paul Hope 8 months ago

      @Jonesey Boy The fact that he had Mental health issues means they shouldn't have returned fire and defended their own lives. because he didnt really mean it.. right?
      Wow, what astounding next level logic. You are in the wrong job Jonesey, you should be a top lawyer... ya daft frickin sausage.

    • E
      E 8 months ago

      What’s that idiot woman’s name? She’s a nuisance to society

  • Airsoft Luke
    Airsoft Luke 8 months ago +51

    That lady had no reason to bring up race when he shot first and injured everyone

  • Triple Threat
    Triple Threat 8 months ago +37

    My friend was there, I know him prior to him being a Officer. He still works for SFPD. He did any amazing job and was the first officer to go inside after shooting started. Some went in, others stayed out. Not all people are made the same. I am so proud of him.

    • Rainbowy
      Rainbowy 2 months ago

      My uncle was in that Barber shop

    • e e
      e e 2 months ago

      @Douglas Bradford minimum wage worker or unemployed spotted! goodness you may be more useless than the scum who opened fire on cops in the video! you should try this same tactic id love to see your casket :) ❤️

    • Douglas Bradford
      Douglas Bradford 8 months ago

      @Mike Delaney Delusional

    • Douglas Bradford
      Douglas Bradford 8 months ago

      @Mike Delaney for sure 😃

    • Mike Delaney
      Mike Delaney 8 months ago +1

      @Douglas Bradford sure

  • corey martin
    corey martin 4 years ago +4365

    What did the cops do wrong? And why did the lady bring up race in the first place? A random dude pulled a gun on police. Wtf did you think was gonna happen?

    • Electronics For Fun
      Electronics For Fun 7 months ago

      Typical California liberal.

    • ShotInTheDark81
      ShotInTheDark81 7 months ago

      @mohit gupta I would have to ask you how do you know what my family's been through or what they've seen or dealt with when it regards to law enforcement instead you make judgments on your own opinions

    • ShotInTheDark81
      ShotInTheDark81 7 months ago

      @N Alameddine amen

    • That6thGen_2SS
      That6thGen_2SS 8 months ago

      @C lightning But they support criminal behavior which was the point of the comparison champ.

    • C lightning
      C lightning 8 months ago

      @That6thGen_2SS unions don’t resort to criminal behavior… BIG difference

  • Derek Horne
    Derek Horne 8 months ago +139

    There is no friggin way that lady just said that! He shot an officer first! If there are people out there who actually believe that type of nonsense this world doesn’t have a chance

    • watamalonez
      watamalonez 8 months ago

      @Arnold Ceja Don't tell me you just called Democrats a race

    • Arnold Ceja
      Arnold Ceja 8 months ago

      @M H yup always try to make everything about race

    • Frankie Lopez Zamudio
      Frankie Lopez Zamudio 8 months ago

      Cartels are ran by governments as tools to halt progress .
      Mitt Romney is known to be a leader on this field . Lol people think that the people that died in his lands were innocent . They put their children at risk for being involved with the drug trade . Mormonism is just a front.
      This world is so fucked up .

    • Frankie Lopez Zamudio
      Frankie Lopez Zamudio 8 months ago

      Leaders in Latin America are as racist as leaders here in the U.S except that the leaders in Latin America get payed really well by the U.S to screw people over to halt progress , you know ....because of politics .....

    • Frankie Lopez Zamudio
      Frankie Lopez Zamudio 8 months ago

      California has cleaner drinking water than Alabama and Georgia combined .....
      You're just speaking out of your ass at this point. You're just filled with hate .
      I hope you can crawl out of that some day , bye bye and btw I'm not a democrat .

  • Gilmar Lopez
    Gilmar Lopez 8 months ago +10

    Shits gotta change man….
    Shots rang for what?
    RIP to the guy.
    And condolences out to those injured in this senseless act man.
    It’s disgusting
    What were the cops supposed to do?
    Not fire back?

    • Daven Hiskey
      Daven Hiskey 8 months ago

      I dont know who shot me BUT I FORGIVE THEM!

  • Peter Twiss
    Peter Twiss 8 months ago +46

    Shouldn't that lady be mad at her family member who snot first? What did they expect to happen? How about not pull out a gun? It's his own fault :-/

  • TurdFurgeson571
    TurdFurgeson571 8 months ago +28

    If my family member pulls a gun on anyone and the other person shoots back, I'm not mad at that person for shooting back. My family member wagered their own life and the life of the other person when they decided made that decision. I may be sad, upset, confused. That is not the fault of another person protecting their life -- even if they are a bad guy. Guns kill people. I have to know that my family member knew that. It's possible that acknowledging this will provide me zero comfort. But that's the way any form of combat is. It's why we ought to denounce violence whenever it happens.

    • ProFudge
      ProFudge 8 months ago +2

      Guns dont kill people, people kill people

  • Abid Mahmud
    Abid Mahmud 8 months ago +1460

    It must be hard to lose a loved one. My heart goes out to the family members and those hurt in the incident. On the other hand, actions have consequences, and the gentlemen that shot first and hit the cop in this scenario needed to be put down…. 100% Nothing to do with race.
    Evil is evil in any color.

    • V I
      V I 8 months ago

      @M'kay Cut the shit, you have no morals and prefer to watch these videos like its the Roman Colloseum! People like you are too cowardly to admit that you just like that there is a police force that kills people you don't like. You don't respect the law or freedom because if you did than you'd advocate for due process. I want a trial and punishment, not an auto execution!

    • M'kay
      M'kay 8 months ago

      @V I More phony outrage and crocodile tears! The guy started shooting at the cops. What were they supposed to do? Call in a bunch of psycho babbling social workers?
      You also would have angry if the cops had done nothing and innocent bystanders had been injured or killed.
      Your childish virtue signalling is nauseating.

    • M'kay
      M'kay 8 months ago

      @Check_Mate People often have to repeat themselves to low IQ individuals like yourself who cannot grasp a simple line of thought.
      You used a simplistic either/or line when you said I don't care about human life, which is BS. Yeah, that is why I spent 23+ years as an Oakland CA firefighter/paramedic. I said I don't care about criminals lives. Period.
      Why do you pretend to care anyway? Truth be known, you really don't but you are programmed to feign phony outrage and pretend that you do.
      You are such a f***ing phony!

    • Check_Mate
      Check_Mate 8 months ago

      @M'kay you literally just repeated yourself check the comments dumbass you're a broken record.

    • M'kay
      M'kay 8 months ago

      @Check_Mate I have no regard for the lives of violent criminals. Stop your nauseating posturing and virtue signalling. It is childish.

  • Vally Vibes
    Vally Vibes 8 months ago +4

    The officers did a great job, the person legit opened fire at police he deserves what he got

  • Jamo Greeno
    Jamo Greeno 8 months ago +2

    Wow! Look at how well that neutered magazine stopped someone from committing violence with a gun! It's almost like people who want to do you harm will find a way regardless of the law.....

  • Rex
    Rex 8 months ago

    Good job officers! You are appreciated!

  • TheMrmoc7
    TheMrmoc7 8 months ago +4

    It's interesting how when people get emotional reason flies out the window. This is why you can't reason with evil. You must fight it to the death. No words, just hot lead.

  • Andrew rush
    Andrew rush 4 years ago +2010

    When that family member brought up race it pissed me off. They didn’t shoot him because he was brown, black, yellow or green! They shot him because he tried to kill them and shot at them first!!

    • Jake4595
      Jake4595 8 months ago

      @James Based God LOL I still stand by with what I believe. We need to stop being soft, and I'm not talking about the "reject modernity embrace masculinity" bullcrap. I'm talking about being real with reality of the world we live in. Once you see all the messed up stuff that people do to one another, you'll realize that sometimes some people are just mentally insane and there's nothing you can do about it.
      Just a question: Have you seen the video called "snow shoveling shooting incident"? That'll give you a small glimpse of the world humans live in.

    • ginger elvira
      ginger elvira 8 months ago

      There is no room for Common Sense...

    • Mario's Recycling
      Mario's Recycling 8 months ago

      I'm with you brother 💯

    • Jack
      Jack 8 months ago +2

      Fucking liberals

    • Louis M.
      Louis M. 8 months ago +2

      We can’t let these people with their political views win. Because they want crime to be legal for their people

  • KD Frogg
    KD Frogg 8 months ago +3

    The lady bringing race into this has to be doing it in hopes of some sort of pay day. How smart you gotta be to see that he shot first…not only shot first. He wounded the cop first.

  • Moody Goats
    Moody Goats 8 months ago +2

    Dude pulled a gun out ON CAMERA and people still find a way to justify his actions.

  • selyts4
    selyts4 8 months ago

    How dare that lady try to use race as a cover for the fact that her relative opened fire on a police officer! What did she expect them to do? Just keep getting shot by this guy and not defend themselves?! Truly disgusting!

  • Walkin Lullaby
    Walkin Lullaby 8 months ago +1

    I get it’s hard losing a loved one but you gotta be delusional to defend someone like that

  • Constantine Constantine

    Officers, my respect.

  • CrippledMerc
    CrippledMerc 8 months ago +1

    People get so pissed off at the police even when it was the suspect who kicked off the situation by shooting at them first. I get it, losing loved ones is horrible, but actions have consequences and those consequences can be deadly. If you pull a weapon on a cop or shoot at them then they’re going to shoot back until you’re no longer a threat to their safety or the safety of others. If you drive your car at high speed and lose control, you could be seriously injured or killed. It’s not the cars fault if that happens though. You made the choice to drive that fast. The best thing you can do is to not put yourself in that situation to begin with.
    Make good choices people, I wish you all the best.

  • Buddy's DIY
    Buddy's DIY 8 months ago +31

    Imagine this. There is someone out there dating that woman who said that crazy ish on the mic 🤣

    • Old World
      Old World 8 months ago +2

      Just imagine, she is allowed and able to procreate. The world has been on a downward trajectory for quite some time. All by design of course.

    • Starting Tech
      Starting Tech 8 months ago

      BUDDYS EVERYWHERE LETS GOO TRUTH. when the next vid coming out?

    • ImZackson
      ImZackson 8 months ago +1

      She's not the marrying kind, but definatly tagable!!!!!!!

  • Louis Casas
    Louis Casas 8 months ago +1

    *@ **1:40* *"It is a complete tragedy that once again a black or brown family must grieve the death of their son"*
    Of course she totally ignores the fact that he brought it upon himself by having committed suicide by cop while kids were inside the establishment.
    Her attitude is part of the problem.

  • Arthur Unk'Nown
    Arthur Unk'Nown 8 months ago +1059

    That woman's comment says way more about her and that family than about the cops or their tactics.

    • Arthur Unk'Nown
      Arthur Unk'Nown 7 months ago

      @ShotInTheDark81 three weeks & that's your response? "Common sense". Well ignorance & arrogance are common whereas education & intellect are not. So, your unsupported assertion is potentially common amongst the cognitively challenged, politically prejudiced or ethically dishonest.
      And since sense is another way to say feelings, which aren't a reliable pathway to truth, & are not based on facts, evidence & reason, your fallacious offering & failure to provide any proof renders either you a troll or too stupid to be a troll.

    • ShotInTheDark81
      ShotInTheDark81 7 months ago

      @Arthur Unk'Nown again you provide the same and I will

    • ShotInTheDark81
      ShotInTheDark81 7 months ago

      @Arthur Unk'Nown I think it's ridiculous to ask for expertise when your city is overflowing with crime and violence fix your own house before you ask about mine

    • ShotInTheDark81
      ShotInTheDark81 7 months ago

      @Arthur Unk'Nown it's called common sense

    • peezhead
      peezhead 8 months ago

      @SBG Dylan dude wasn't even black...🤣

  • siding8
    siding8 8 months ago

    Thank you officers 👮‍♀️🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Son of Jesus Christ
    Son of Jesus Christ 8 months ago

    Okay…I’m confused! According to this video this man fired at officers first! What does this have to do with “a person of color!?” Doesn’t matter your color! If you open fire on an officer is he just supposed to let you kill him?! Officers are humans too. Not all officers are bad AND ACCORDING TO WHAT I SEEN THE OFFICER WAS TRYING TO PROTECT EVERYONE INCLUDING THE KIDS! It’s one thing to protest and speak about injustice and race…it’s another thing to condone what should be condemned! Why did he open fire on the police?

  • Kevin
    Kevin 8 months ago

    God bless the boys in blue 🙏

  • Troy Williams
    Troy Williams 8 months ago

    On this incident I have to agree with the police department, I mean the guy in the barbershop opened fire first and the police returned fire, it's not like in the movies where you know you shoot a guy in the shoulder and he drops down and tells you that he's sorry for everything that's not how the real world is. When a guy points a gun at you and pulls the trigger he's going to kill you unless you kill him first. This time the police were doing their jobs, I do think 29 rounds were a little excessive but in the heat of the moment things happen.

  • jayhop
    jayhop 8 months ago +568

    There’s no way that lady stood up there and said that 😂😂😂

    • Gemini Woods
      Gemini Woods 8 months ago

      @Nuby He was threatening people in the store with his gun. Tf you think is gonna happen? Cops gonna come, duh.

    • TheBoysUpStairs
      TheBoysUpStairs 8 months ago

      Liberals and BLM for you. The demographics and diversity made USA as a joke and more difficult to deal with crimes because of the ethics or whatnot?

    • Autistic Pixel
      Autistic Pixel 8 months ago

      @Nuby He shot a cop in the leg without anyone saying anything to him first. They didn't even get a Hello in before he started firing.

    • Shelly Marie
      Shelly Marie 8 months ago

      ignorant libtard like all the rest.

    • Ishaq Ibrahim
      Ishaq Ibrahim 8 months ago

      What is going on here? I heard that they called him "JEHAD EID". Is the guy just a CRIMINAL, experimenting with "ISLAMIC RACISM" or ISLAMIC JIHAD (HOLY WAR) ? Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! Haaa! Haaa!

  • Jim Werther
    Jim Werther 7 months ago

    Hit him 18 times? Excellent job by the cops!

  • Ali Naseer
    Ali Naseer 8 months ago

    I’m brown and I don’t know what this lady means. Nice shot cops and thank you for your service. Btw anyone know why this incident happened.

  • Mail
    Mail 8 months ago +1

    yeah let’s bring race/skin color into it when the guy had a gun and shot first at the officer. it’s not about race anymore when shots are fired. it’s either your life or their’s and i love my life a whole lot more

  • Eval Zeyn
    Eval Zeyn 8 months ago

    Emptied the whole clip and on point i assume.. good shot im happy the kids were not injured or killed. Good work on these police officers!

  • B347
    B347 8 months ago +484

    I didn't see anything wrong in this video. Outstanding job from the officers

    • Douglas Bradford
      Douglas Bradford 8 months ago

      @keem31 I also watched video and said thought the complete opposite 🤪

    • Douglas Bradford
      Douglas Bradford 8 months ago

      I saw everything right in this video.Outstanding job from the homeowner in defending himself and family from criminal home invading killer cops.

    • Robert Roberts
      Robert Roberts 8 months ago

      @MrTangent sure it happens, bad things happen all the time, but you can't blame all cops for other cops mistakes, just like you can't blame anyone for the mistakes of other people who are like them whether it be race, religion or sex. "Defunding" police only makes things worse as well as treating them poorly, take a look at LA and SF and NY and other cities that have disdain towards police, theyre not doing too good right now, very high crime rates, alot of cops not even wanting to work anymore or just leaving to a different state or city

    • Bill Meriwether
      Bill Meriwether 8 months ago

      @MrTangentYeah, ”unaccountable enemy occupiers”? Sounds like someone who “could care less” when they read about cops, federal agents, judges, and D.A.’s getting smoked (it’s actually “couldn’t” but hey, I couldn’t care less with that sickening statement) - and they are not “unaccountable” that’s why the term “qualified immunity” has a modifier. Qualified exists for dereliction, mistakes or simple misunderstandings which usually prove not so simple. Just like fleeing, resisting, fighting, reaching somewhere to get rid of evidence. That happens a lot more than the overly compliant nervous person reaching into his pocket to retrieve a wallet and having a bloodthirsty “enemy occupier” just “smoke” him. Sure their are “errant” rounds, a lot more so when drug houses are being shot up or rival criminals take some revenge. That would be off the charts in the “take your chances” scenario you are promoting. No Thanks! ….I COULD certainly care less about that

    • MrTangent
      MrTangent 8 months ago

      @Bill Meriwether I’d rather take my chances than have the unaccountable enemy occupiers we call police. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away…”

  • Chase Byerly
    Chase Byerly 8 months ago +1

    Things do need to change. People need to start with themselves instead of pointing fingers

  • D34TH_NOTE_001
    D34TH_NOTE_001 8 months ago

    You can see the guy just pulled out his gun and the cop reacted to that. How dare that woman bring up race

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon 8 months ago

    "It was a cop and I feared for my life!" 😂 😂 😂

  • Fmethenif
    Fmethenif 8 months ago

    Police did the right thing. Keep up the good work.

  • Efone
    Efone 8 months ago +549

    My mom always told me to stay away from women like her. My bet is she was one of his enablers pushing him to engage in irresponsible and criminal behavior.

    • watamalonez
      watamalonez 8 months ago +2

      @onetoeinthegrave im gonna start using "small little unimportant person" as my go-to crappy insult from now on

    • Tim Roach
      Tim Roach 8 months ago


    • Okay
      Okay 8 months ago


    • Yusuf Hussein
      Yusuf Hussein 8 months ago +2

      @onetoeinthegrave she ain’t gonna sleep with you bro

    • J8426
      J8426 8 months ago

      @CnSins 👏🏾🎯☑ Exactly! ✅🎳🙌🏾

  • B Stanley
    B Stanley 8 months ago

    Listen I am about the sanctity of human life as much as anybody. When a cop walks into a barbershop and somebody opens fire, it doesn’t matter color the cop is or what color the shooter is. When your life is in danger you just see another human being trying to kill you regardless of what they are. People are so crazy they can’t even see things for what they are.

  • Jason Janbahan
    Jason Janbahan 8 months ago

    A+++ for the officers. When being shot at if the police go down and there weapon is surrender to such a threat to the public if this person is killing public safety what do you expect for this person to do next in such a matter. Long story short. A++++ for the officers

  • etiquettefiend
    etiquettefiend 8 months ago +2

    "You have to let crime happen, or you're a bigot." The philosophy of determinism.

  • Anthony Andrade
    Anthony Andrade 8 months ago

    Thank you Officers....

  • The Last One
    The Last One 8 months ago +201

    Wow, her family member opens fire on a cop first, and she has the nerves to say what she said. She must not have seen the video

    • Archie Shaver
      Archie Shaver 8 months ago

      Unfortunately, narrative is how lawsuits get won.

    • Max Mason
      Max Mason 8 months ago +1

      these bottom feeding maggots only see payout if possible at any angle necessary

    • L C
      L C 8 months ago

      Victim mentality means it’s never their fault regardless of what the video shows.

    • Get Lost
      Get Lost 8 months ago +3

      People like that have a narrative they follow. Black Brown good and oppressed no matter the facts, Cops always the white oppressor no matter the facts.

    • 2 Guns
      2 Guns 8 months ago

      Chances are she didn't. That meeting was probably before the cam release.

  • Legendary Sentinel
    Legendary Sentinel 8 months ago +1

    I will say this, those officer put a lot of those shots right on target. 18/26 rounds hit is utterly amazing for just a scenenerio.

  • Tazz
    Tazz 8 months ago

    Even though I usually blame the police for escalating situations. This time the police had no choice but to fire back. The police didn't shoot 1st in this altercation!!

  • Kevin Nelson
    Kevin Nelson 8 months ago +1

    That female officer walked in first thank God she was not hit and killed as well as the other officer, and as a black man I agree with some of the comments I read from others this was not about RACE pulling a gun and firing on an officer carries heavy penalties he chose his own actions police officers families grieve the loss of their loved one just like citizens, this is clearly not about race but a wrong choice💯👌🏿

  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez 8 months ago +1

    Cops did a great job. Dude deserved what he got

  • Morgan York
    Morgan York 2 years ago +554

    This family has had levels of craziness beyond any comprehension. It has existed for many generations. I hope the unforgiving family member finds peace and mental health so they can accept responsibility for the shooting.

    • A T
      A T 8 months ago

      @yungdre Official i Agree, cannot be said better than that

    • A T
      A T 8 months ago +1

      @yungdre Official I know, I wouldn't change it either. I know we get better with time. BTW, I am Jamaican/German brother. I understand. Not unvalidating our past. I fight the same fight as you; we have to become one. A big Yes!!!!! I know not to forget, because; if we forget, it will be repeated. Completely understand. I use our struggle to fuel me to be better and more intelligent. Yes, WP can be people who victimize themselves today with how they Jim Crowed us. I get all that. All I know is that; we are not what they called or taught us. We survived the most horrific things; it must be taught and continued, and all we can do is thrive and become successful for social, economic, and racial equality. Eh brother? Me have a question though? Don't you feel like all this Covid, Metoomovement, and the LGBTQ and the past two years and some took the focus off of Black injustices that we where hoping to push to improve? I do!

    • yungdre Official
      yungdre Official 8 months ago

      @A T your talking bout things form this generation. If racism didn’t exist segregation wouldn’t have happened. If racism didn’t exist Malcom x b Martin Luther king would probably still be alive achieving different goals. If racist didn’t exist then this whole world would look completely different. But it does tho. You can’t make it go way without resolving the issues. A lot of y’all would like to forget it but Our people suffered so much n continue to suffer because of it,,(not the ones who use it as a excuse but the ones who really experience it) for us to just forget about it and become one. We need to remember and become one ☝🏽💯

    • A T
      A T 8 months ago

      @yungdre Official truth, us melanted peoples would defend it all over each race, but when it comes to defending their own cause, I've seen them make a much more unequal effort at higher than would they defend another race outside white. Not always, but in most cases. racism is what keeps all of us, less intelligent. If racism de-existed; we would have not of ever have gone through even things like this Covid-19 or lives matters, or revolutions. Until we get it together, there will be room to improve as humanity elsewhere. Right now, we are stuck on small matter sillyness that keeps us all back.

    • A T
      A T 8 months ago

      @yungdre Official absolutely understand that part! Of course. White people do need to check other white people too. When us melanated people check them, sometimes it works but we all have to deal with our own shit before we move forward

  • Buster Casey
    Buster Casey 8 months ago

    I hope the cops are OK

  • Munchino Hill
    Munchino Hill 8 months ago +1

    Black or Brown huh? Man I tell you...
    Every time I was involved with any law enforcement, by complying and being straightforward, everyone was happy.

  • Wayne Harris
    Wayne Harris 8 months ago

    Good job officer's!!

  • Josephine Nicolette🇦🇱

    Let me ask you a question.. if you were the cop and someone opens fire on you you wouldn’t fire back? Just let them kill you? If the man saying he got kids with him has the gun.. he should of thought about it when he pulled his gun and shot a cop. The only thing that’s horrible is the kids and other people caught in the crossfire.

  • Rosa Mesa
    Rosa Mesa 8 months ago

    So sad, cop need to start thinking first omg apologize don’t help, police need more training

  • lolseagull
    lolseagull 8 months ago +1

    the dude a gun out on the cops trying to kill them, I have 0 remorse for the man who was shot and killled

  • carlos Mejia
    carlos Mejia 8 months ago

    God provide the strength the police need over all this new wave of thugs

  • shadowbrucelee
    shadowbrucelee 8 months ago +1

    That lady really gonna play the race card when he pulled out the gun first 😂

  • James Smith
    James Smith 4 years ago +293

    It is a complete tragedy that the shooter had no regard for the lives of the individuals in the shop or the police officers that responded to the call. Good shoot.

  • A P
    A P 8 months ago +1

    Why did this happen? What started it all?
    Why was police called to barber shop?

  • Facxt TV
    Facxt TV 8 months ago

    Honestly. Outstanding job by the police in this one.

  • docdiesel415
    docdiesel415 5 months ago

    So look, I’m going to clarify why I said what I said in this video! Yea I forgave whoever it was that shot me, why not? It is what it is and I can’t change what happened, but I’m still alive and get to see my wife and kids still! As far as shit needing to change, I wasn’t only referring to police protocols, we as parents need to teach our kids better! Be better influences to them and others in our communities! I never said the SFPD were wrong for their decision to shoot the suspect who shot at them, I mean what do u expect? It’s the simple laws of physics, every action has an equal or opposite reaction!! Both sides made bad decisions that day! Decisions that could’ve cost innocent people to lose their lives! Thankfully that didn’t happen!! I feel the SFPD could’ve handle the situation better from the jump! They should have never showed up the way they did, especially because “WE” didn’t call them to our place of business. But they came and confronted him in a small crowded barber shop full of innocent bystanders knowing that he was armed and dangerous, knowing that he had just threatened his own family down the street with a gun, and for that they are wrong! They put our lives in danger just as much as the suspect did! I understand that they had the right intentions to protect us, but sometimes shit doesn’t go accordingly! Regardless, u still have to take responsibility for your actions whether right or wrong!! Just as parents need to take responsibility for their children’s actions whether right or wrong regardless of their age!

  • Autistic Pixel
    Autistic Pixel 8 months ago

    That'll give you PTSD for real. One second you're getting a haircut and joking around, next you are on the floor bleeding from a GSW. The exact same thing has given soldiers some trauma.

  • Shawnshootin
    Shawnshootin 8 months ago

    That lady is probably missing a few screws up there. Because if someone started dumping a 40 cal at her from 6 feet away I would love to see if race would matter to her in that moment. That man changed everyone’s life in that barbershop that day and she had the nerves getting up there and saying that. I would have lost my shit in there.

  • xRareBoi420x
    xRareBoi420x 8 months ago +1

    I have no sympathy for the man that put everyone in that barber including the police and the kids life in danger, how did he think things will go?

  • Clark Campbell
    Clark Campbell 8 months ago

    Proud of those officers that ran towards gunfire as others ran away.

  • Michael Mormile
    Michael Mormile 8 months ago

    You point at a law enforcement officer. I am sorry we must teach our children so these situations do not arise .

  • General Ivan
    General Ivan 8 months ago

    I'm glad the majority of the people in the comments at least recognize how bat shit crazy that lady is. Gives me hope for humanity yet.

  • A Burden
    A Burden 8 months ago

    It is incredible, isn't it? (Almost) beyond belief. I would have to say it was...scripted. She was literally reading it.
    Just as ridiculous-or even more so than the shooter-what does it say about a culture, a people, a nation?
    So free to travel, move about, reinvent yourself by changing jobs, going back to school, amassing massive wealth.
    Yet unable to walk freely without fear of random crime. No sane person walks alone at night in any big city.
    You can't fill up your vehicle without being harassed, someone sneaking thru open door to steal your stuff or
    just brazenly walk up with a gun to your face and carjack you. Then there's drive by shooting, road rage shooting.
    Domestic dispute shooting. I could go on, but it is just too depressing. Now trains are being swarmed! And still-people vote for the same losers. Many don't even vote. Gun sales-always up. It's your culture. Not mine.

  • Smith Smith
    Smith Smith 8 months ago

    Evil has no race , every human is capable of evil, but not every human has the power to overcome it. Tragic.

  • Eric Thomas
    Eric Thomas 8 months ago +1

    family thinks themselves and their dead relative is a victim! Woman is sick!

    JOSHUA LEAL 8 months ago +95

    When the girl brought up race I got mad, it was not about race, the guy was shooting at officers and they returned fire, there is nothing wrong about this shooting, that girl just wants to just spark more arguments and protest

  • Brian Cusick
    Brian Cusick 8 months ago

    The way people are defending someone who literally shot a cop then when the cops return fire they’re wrong? It blows my mind. White, black, Mexican, Italian, it doesn’t matter. If you shoot a officer do you expect them to do nothing? The world nowdays blows my mind

  • r
    r 8 months ago +7

    "I got kids here" but you had them around an armed criminal prior to police showing up.

  • ActuallyAA
    ActuallyAA 8 months ago +1

    You cannot defend this guy he literally pulled out a gun first

  • Angle
    Angle 8 months ago

    For someone that's trained to be a cop, I would assume, but u know what they about assuming, but you either trained how to shoot or your just that stupid, to shoot someone 26 times, that's excessive, ain't it?
    Bad guy wrong decision alright but cops are trigger happy. And they do this on anybody.

  • funnyyoushouldask53
    funnyyoushouldask53 4 years ago +460

    Why would she bring up race he shot the officer was he supposed to just let him kill him. Because he was dark skinned give me a break what has society come to.

  • Mr Cmn
    Mr Cmn 8 months ago +1

    The girl who brought up race, she clearly hasn’t watched the video.

  • Half Lit
    Half Lit 8 months ago

    Yeah it’s a real tragedy they have to understand the dude literally fired on them first etc. how dumb you gotta be to let that fact even come close to passing you by? Really.

  • BoogBoi _Actual
    BoogBoi _Actual 8 months ago

    How about you hold your loved ones accountable for their wrong doings ? In what world do you live at where you pull a gun on a cop and expect not to be killed ? Some people just want to be victims so badly

  • Stan Hutchins
    Stan Hutchins 8 months ago

    Absolutely incredible job officers, taking out the trash

  • Luis Cepeda
    Luis Cepeda 8 months ago +113

    Know what I'm Latino and it's disgusting to me when I hear my people using this same excuse. That latinos are being targeted!! Stop it this cop did the best they could even to call out that there was a baby with all the commotion going out!

    • Xasan. Guled
      Xasan. Guled 5 months ago

      I know black/brown unity these arab hold there nuts

  • Stan Hutchins
    Stan Hutchins 8 months ago

    Absolutely incredible job officers, taking out the trash

  • crim somreaf5555
    crim somreaf5555 8 months ago

    People defending the guy are crazy, like did you not see that he shot first?

  • Bless and ignore the rest.

    Hope that lady reads the comments, and have some time to reflect on what she said, and not get triggered, us colored folks sometimes needs to know that there’s consequences to our actions. We also shouldn’t be popping off rounds when there is innocent kids and ppl around, that’s the first thing we should talk about. remember, We ain’t above no one, why ppl keep doing the same thing over and over and they know the outcome? That’s why things will never change. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • fabian lopez
    fabian lopez 8 months ago

    Great job by the boys in blue!

  • Chainey
    Chainey 8 months ago +92

    1:38 people like this irk my soul. He was pointing a gun at the police. She pulls the race card to make her even more victimized

    • JK
      JK 8 months ago

      That's what Democrats are like.

    • Johnny 5
      Johnny 5 8 months ago


    • Bless and ignore the rest.
      Bless and ignore the rest. 8 months ago

      Yup true, that’s how they keep up the stereotypes of us colored folks, and the barbaric ways 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • hihellothere100
      hihellothere100 8 months ago +3

      @Boundless Blade 👍

    • Boundless Blade
      Boundless Blade 8 months ago +4

      @hihellothere100 same comment but with a lil extra lol: It is a complete tragedy that this person exists and will never be a productive member of society. Instead her only role will be spread ignorance all over the community. How sad indeed

  • ツNerpwop
    ツNerpwop 8 months ago

    The ppl booking after they heard the shots from the other body cam was hilarious, and the cop shooting after getting shot was badass. And also the female tryna make it racist after the guy shot the cop first was just funny aswell

  • B.Q. Gaming
    B.Q. Gaming 8 months ago

    The guy literally drew gun and shot the police had all the right to kill him like he could of just talked but he decided to put other people at risk and what if he shot an innocent person what are the police going to do do nothing from peoples standards??

  • Vernon Ashby
    Vernon Ashby 8 months ago

    As a Black man that's been a victim of police brutality..... I would have responded the exact same way as those Officer's!! Are there serious racial issues within Law Enforcement...Absolutely, but from what I saw ...those Officer's didn't do anything wrong! There are many outstanding Great Officer's!!!! And
    There are a lot of people that believe racism and injustices does not exist at a high level. With that being said....people have to be careful not to "cry wolf" because when the wolf (injustice) actually show up...no one will listen. This was a very unfortunate situation....but again those Officer's didn't do anything. wrong.

  • - ᴅᴀɪʟʏ ʙɪʙʟᴇ ᴠᴇʀsᴇ

    Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:7

  • See my Playlist of gun violence updated daily

    A person never forgets being shot at. Every pop you hear brings you back to that moment frozen in time, in your mind.

    • Georgios Georgoulis
      Georgios Georgoulis 8 months ago

      Some people get trauma from someone yelling at them some people don't some people get trauma from having someone shoot at them and some people don't you understand that right? you just sound like a softie at heart :)@See my Playlist of gun violence updated daily

    • Demi Human !
      Demi Human ! 8 months ago

      @Johnny Cash i mean you are Johnny cash after all ain't no grave can hold your body down.

    • See my Playlist of gun violence updated daily
      See my Playlist of gun violence updated daily 8 months ago

      @Georgios Georgoulis You've probably never been in a gun fight then.

    • ShotInTheDark81
      ShotInTheDark81 8 months ago

      Shall we taking me to a piece of s*** that decided to create Havoc unnecessarily

    • Marco -717
      Marco -717 8 months ago

      I grew up around it all. No trauma here, I'm just ready for a home intruder

  • Steven john Rodriguez
    Steven john Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Amazing !!!! WHAT SOME WILL DO FOR CLOUT!!!!!

    ITS MONTE 8 months ago

    I’m with the cops the dude shot at them

  • jesse noneofyobussines
    jesse noneofyobussines 8 months ago

    That guys second nature was to shoot the cop as soon as he walked in.? And they tried to blame it on the cops. I mean that's absolutely nuts! I'm lost for words.

  • Supertramp
    Supertramp 8 months ago

    Get your kids out! Cops have the right to defend themselves!

  • James Robert Jr
    James Robert Jr 4 years ago +73

    I hope the wounded officers as well a children are ok, and recovering. The perpetrator was justly dealt with. If a person attempts to harm another, civilian or LEO. they should be handled with extreme prejudice. Case closed.

  • JAY Dee
    JAY Dee 8 months ago

    Bringing up race in an instance like this diminishes the actual instances of racial inequality

  • Bruce Faulkner
    Bruce Faulkner 8 months ago

    They're bringing up race but fail to mention the dude shot first... Life lesson, don't shoot at cops bro

  • Shield Protected
    Shield Protected 8 months ago

    This is all I have to say. You should’ve raised your child right

  • Arley Howard
    Arley Howard 8 months ago

    Fight fire with fire...Unfortunately the guy that shot first got riddled. The perpetrator put everyone in jeopardy by firing first. Absolutely nothing to do with race, only stupidity. The victims should sue the gunman's family. He started the shit!