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I Rigged A $10,000 Build Competition...

  • Published on Apr 24, 2021
  • I Rigged A $10,000 Minecraft Build Competition... they were very mad lol
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Comments • 1 264

  • Bazerk
    Bazerk  Year ago +663

    The reactions on the second round were too good 😂, I hope you all enjoyed!

  • Shinobi Ranks
    Shinobi Ranks Year ago +5

    Nice job bazerk keep up the good work!

  • Torres
    Torres Year ago +120

    I love how he rigs all these competitions.

  • Dolphin
    Dolphin Year ago +91

    every time you rig these videos we fall for them man...

  • Lightning
    Lightning Year ago +47

    Yay he is back to making rigged competitions I love these!

  • *Laughs In Nervousness*

    Bazerk back at again.

  • Blank
    Blank Year ago +5

    the bazerk classic is back🤩

  • Jacket Heinz

    “Danny did you use world edit?” “no” I’m dying

  • Fortnite battle pass

    I love how Danny just added one of his builds when everyone was watching

  • DARKboi
    DARKboi Year ago

    Can we just appreciate that he aploads the best vids in youtube

  • NGU Daniyal
    NGU Daniyal Year ago

    Love Bazerk content

  • Soji Agbelekale
    Soji Agbelekale Year ago

    Bazerk: Maybe this one will be fam friend. Also Bazerk: WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT

  • xmay32
    xmay32 Year ago +20

    My boy bazerk is underrated

  • Jimrug171

    Idk why he gave Danny the win but in round 1 he had a burger, a hotdog and soda

  • Drag Bone
    Drag Bone Year ago

    They:I trusted you...

  • animeforlife
    animeforlife Year ago

    bazerk is the non upgraded version of mr beast

  • RewireThat

    I wouldeve been winning that competition regardless if its rigged

  • Michael Javier

    I like how in the thumbnail the dirt house wins.

  • kingprincepittman
    kingprincepittman Year ago +9

    Love bazerk content

  • _friendlyneighborhoodjay_

    I actually built that huge Japanese style house in my Minecraft realm, even the sword netherportal. My friend built that one