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Sandy Hook Plaintiff Details Harassment From People, Called 'Crisis Actress' in Public

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022
  • Plaintiff Erica Lafferty detailed how she was harassed by people online and called a "crisis actress" in public by people who believed Sandy Hook was a hoax. "I walked by and somebody would just say on the side oh crisis actress," Lafferty said. "You never know who's going to say what."
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Comments • 190

  • UnvaccinatedBlackLivesMatter

    Like nicole hoaxlie, Ericka is a bigFatLiar!

  • BingeWatch_ReallyGraceful

    Why is Jackie Barden, Robbie Parker, Carlee and Jillian Soto on the 911-calls?

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange 2 days ago

      What 9-11 calls? You need to be more specific. Is it because how the person sounds on the other end? People sound alike all the time!

  • Angelica Benefact
    Angelica Benefact 12 days ago +2

    What's so funny @4:15?

  • Manuel Tercero
    Manuel Tercero 15 days ago

    Brave hunter 24

  • Маша Бурова
    Маша Бурова 15 days ago +1

    Delicious part 35

  • CovidCovertCommunism
    CovidCovertCommunism 14 days ago +5

    10:44 - She's moved a lot because she's been divorced, ALOT

  • glock
    glock 15 days ago

    Cruel advocat 89

  • J K
    J K Day ago

    phony Bolognese

  • 😇WEZZY😇
    😇WEZZY😇 14 days ago +1

    Dry girl 93

  • Dodecahedron
    Dodecahedron 14 days ago +7

    "Eyes are the windows to the soul"

    • Dodecahedron
      Dodecahedron Day ago

      @William Jackson She looks like a "Gorillaz" anime and also "The Joker"

    • William Jackson
      William Jackson 13 days ago +2

      Call her the basement dweller

    • Radric Davis
      Radric Davis 14 days ago +6

      Her eyes are dark bottomless pits

  • Sintija Stalidzane
    Sintija Stalidzane 15 days ago

    Short soldier 77

  • Operation Airwolf
    Operation Airwolf 13 days ago +1

    I love that they stick with the bottled water props lol these people are sick

  • Юлия Щапова
    Юлия Щапова 14 days ago


  • good Grief🙄🤦
    good Grief🙄🤦 15 days ago +7

    Did attorneys tell her what to say 🧐

  • Cancel Chemtrails
    Cancel Chemtrails 14 days ago +7

    She was laughing about her fake dead mom in the interviews she did the days after. No tears. Don't you just love her struggles are that some random letter claims her mom wasn't killed by AdamLanza, which the FBl confirmed?

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange Day ago +1

      @Daerdfotuoer’ew Exactly

    • Daerdfotuoer’ew
      Daerdfotuoer’ew Day ago

      @Patrick Lange It’s hilarious how all the families, witnesses, and police investigation aren’t enough to convince them it was real, but one clip is enough to convince them it was fake. If that video even exists.🙄

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange 2 days ago

      @Cancel Chemtrails Well, It has been 12 days and your comment is still active! If what you are saying is true and the government trying to cover up the truth, wouldn't your comment be deleted very fast?

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange 2 days ago +1

      but Smiling and Laughing are not actual evidence of a hoax. Some people just smile and laugh at the most inappropriate times. It doesn't really mean anything! If you wanted to go to court and prove that it was a hoax, you need more solid evidence than just people smiling on camera. Otherwise people wouldn't take you seriously.

    • Cancel Chemtrails
      Cancel Chemtrails 13 days ago +1

      @Daerdfotuoer’ew She's laughing @4:13, as well as all the original videos from 2012 immediately after. Or how Ian Hocklie was laughing thru "Dylans" funeral. But they scrubbed it from the internet.

    CRlSlS CUCK 13 days ago +2

    Classic Crisis Cinge!

  • MelTX
    MelTX 15 days ago +3

    Idk are they all 👽

  • Maureen Crowley
    Maureen Crowley 14 days ago +1

    Conga line pic uploaded night before the event. Case closed. Wake up

  • Nina Sage
    Nina Sage 15 days ago +13

    the damage this guys done can never be fixed. He just keeps doing it

    • William Jackson
      William Jackson 13 days ago +2

      What about the damage Adam lanza did? These parents are using their dead kids to make themselves wealthy

    • Operation Airwolf
      Operation Airwolf 13 days ago +2

      Keeps exposing the lies and manipulating

  • good Grief🙄🤦
    good Grief🙄🤦 15 days ago +8

    The attorney speaking to her is helping her along the way to answer questions he's reminding her and no one is objecting so what's going on here. 🧐⚖️🇺🇸

  • History AndHorseplaying
    History AndHorseplaying 15 days ago +17

    So, if someone calls me a name in public, this gives me grounds to sue? Good gosh.

    • I'm right you're wrong
      I'm right you're wrong 14 days ago

      @History AndHorseplaying liar.

    • History AndHorseplaying
      History AndHorseplaying 14 days ago +1

      @John Williams My friend, I have served in two branches of the US military, all over the world, and then served for years as a police officer, had more friends and colleagues and comrades die than I can count, sometimes right in front of me. I have been called every name in the book, in public as well as in private… never even dreamed of suing people for saying them.

    • Cancel Chemtrails
      Cancel Chemtrails 14 days ago +2

      LOL! This is so funny!

    • Cody
      Cody 14 days ago +2


  • Cancel Chemtrails
    Cancel Chemtrails 14 days ago +5

    LOLZ @4:13

  • Michael_Jackson_♂️


  • Ken P
    Ken P 15 days ago +1

    How has anything she said incriminated Alex Jones? And why talk about her mother? What about her child who was killed? No questions?

    • Heef
      Heef 15 days ago +1

      Alex is going down. Maybe you can visit him in prison for a conjugal?

    • Shonie Finn
      Shonie Finn 15 days ago +1

      Her mother was the principal of the school... She was killed, not her child...

  • Goomer Doctor
    Goomer Doctor 15 days ago +11

    Everyone involved seems so weird,I can see why someone could think something was strange about it

    • Angelica Benefact
      Angelica Benefact 12 days ago +1

      Actors, on the world's stage, being exposed for the first time in our generation.

    • Alan Welsh
      Alan Welsh 13 days ago

      Right, the people who didn't exist were acting so weird that they themselves engendered the notion that they didn't exist.

  • grxvzy
    grxvzy 15 days ago +8

    She's not even a real person

  • Biggs _Buzz
    Biggs _Buzz 15 days ago +8

    Wow. A lot of censorship happening here.

  • Moony Reel
    Moony Reel 15 days ago +3

    I’m suspicious of people who say they never heard of Alex Jones… seriously?

    • LovelyRhodes
      LovelyRhodes 15 days ago +2

      I had only heard of him mainly the last trial. I watch H3 podcast and I had heard his sound bites but didn’t know who he was. If I wasn’t an avid RUclips watcher I definitely wouldn’t have learned who he was. I’m 28 and when I asked other girls in my salon if they had heard of him or the trial they had no clue. They are 23 and 40.

  • Drew G
    Drew G 15 days ago +17


    • Christopher Montrose
      Christopher Montrose 14 days ago +3

      @prumbuggel Free speech means, you may not like it, it may even disgust you, but even if you detest it, you will fight to the death their right say it. Politics is cyclical. So if you are ok with this, when the pendulum swings the other way, and your speech becomes limited or even silenced because politics has re-written the narrative, I hope that you STILL feel this way. Because its easy when you don’t like the man, the speech, or even the politics involved, its a much different view when its your turn.

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 15 days ago +4

      Apart from defaming parents of dead kids but hey, that's as good as nothing, right ?

    • Heef
      Heef 15 days ago +7

      Except slander. Maybe buy more vitamins from his website, help out with his forthcoming bankruptcy.

  • Мадина Тахтарова


  • An Chok
    An Chok 15 days ago

    Delicious night 53

  • Basketball dad
    Basketball dad 15 days ago +11

    Why are comments and live messages being disabled. Censorship is alive

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange 2 days ago

      If that is true, why the comment section here still open?

    • Silent Owl Scribe
      Silent Owl Scribe 15 days ago

      Due to threats against the families. What kind of threats, and whether those threats are legitimate is unknown.

  • Lauri Roggenkamp
    Lauri Roggenkamp 15 days ago +7

    This woman is so brave and the fact that she has to live with this is despicable!!

    • Cancel Chemtrails
      Cancel Chemtrails Day ago +1

      She's persistent in her lies, and duper's delight!

    • Cody
      Cody 14 days ago +5

      Fake, you mean?

    • Chairman
      Chairman 15 days ago +5

      Stunning and brave Indeed

  • Cody
    Cody 14 days ago +5

    I love how browsing facebook is worse than the actual alleged crime.

  • AskAnAshkenaziAspee
    AskAnAshkenaziAspee 14 days ago +2

    Que the fake crying, poor acting @6:50

  • john doe
    john doe 15 days ago +5

    So she was harassed by internet bullies and trolls? How is this related to Alex Jones?

    • CannibalCupcake
      CannibalCupcake 15 days ago +3

      They're arguing that he's the reason she was bullied.

  • Chowdog Chowdog
    Chowdog Chowdog 14 days ago +3

    so what if she got harrassed alex jones has a free right to speech unless he commited a specific with date and time and premeditation.

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange Day ago

      @Cody Yes, it's defamation by calling them propagandists. You have absolute no real evidence to convict these people in court that they are committing any treason. You are just making accusations which could not hold up in court!

    • Cody
      Cody Day ago

      @Patrick Lange Defamation? By not believing these propagandists?

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange Day ago

      @Cancel Chemtrails You have no proof that she's lying! That is the thing.

  • Operation Airwolf
    Operation Airwolf 13 days ago +3

    She looks totally normal with those wide lying eyes huh

  • good Grief🙄🤦
    good Grief🙄🤦 15 days ago +1

    She looks like she's scared to death because she sitting in the corner of a lion about being called a liar and she's scared and staying and hiding don't make no sense to me.

  • ImSrry4BeingWhite
    ImSrry4BeingWhite 15 days ago +4

    Free alex jones

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange 2 days ago

      Free him from what exactly? He is not going to prison or anything. He may just have to pay a big fine!

  • Emma Hogg
    Emma Hogg 14 days ago +4

    So now its illegal NOT to believe someones story? and call them liars if thats your opinion? Reminder: Nobody is entitled to your belief in their story. You are entitled NOT to believe or believe ANYTHING you want and express said beliefs! NOBODY told me SH was fake, these peoples relentless hunger for money and political agendas, however, has been very suspicious since day 1.

  • Myk Clayton
    Myk Clayton 15 days ago +2


  • 💀My True Crime Library💀

    This is horrific.

    • PepsiCoke
      PepsiCoke 9 days ago +2

      @💀My True Crime Library💀 AJ is YOUR hero! I disagree with him! You side with Alex Jones!

    • PepsiCoke
      PepsiCoke 14 days ago +2

      Horrifically funny!

    • Chairman
      Chairman 15 days ago +3

      I know, the acting was terrible

  • Soullessgingerftw1
    Soullessgingerftw1 14 days ago +7

    These comments are infested with horrid people

    • Cancel Chemtrails
      Cancel Chemtrails 13 days ago +3

      Yeah, but most comments are great to expose the corrupt crisis cast and the wretched acting.

  • Random Channel 7878
    Random Channel 7878 15 days ago +6

    Waah online isn't always nice. It sucks but that's life.

  • bluegrass nnawoods
    bluegrass nnawoods 15 days ago +36

    she makes her living off of antigun sentiment. also disabling the chat on the livestream of the trial says a lot about the censorship of this trial and censorship in general.

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange 2 days ago

      Why you guys never bring up the SH Parent who stick up to gun rights and NRA member?

    • David Evans
      David Evans 15 days ago

      WTF, are you saying that poor womans mother is still alive???? Seriously remove this comment and show some respect!!!

    • Alan Welsh
      Alan Welsh 15 days ago +1

      When I was an undergrad, a lot of people had a really hard time in the logic and critical thinking classes.
      I'll never forget that.

    • Alan Welsh
      Alan Welsh 15 days ago +1

      This comment has a third of the upvotes the original has.

  • K March
    K March 15 days ago

    Poor woman.

    • Cody
      Cody 14 days ago

      That's a Clown.

  • good Grief🙄🤦
    good Grief🙄🤦 15 days ago +22

    Why do they have this woman on the stand if she didn't even know Alex I think this is a setup to prosecute someone this woman knows too much to to have just seen a 2-second view of a video I wonder if she's telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth she sure is bug-eyed

    • Cody
      Cody Day ago

      To muddy the waters for the TV-entranced sheep

    • Alexandra Cole
      Alexandra Cole 14 days ago +1

      Good grief... She didn't know who Alex Jones was at the time of him saying all this. I'm sure she knows who he is now, years later.

    • Joe Krebs
      Joe Krebs 15 days ago +1

      What are you babbling out?

    • Alan Welsh
      Alan Welsh 15 days ago

      I'm always cautious of the bugaboos, myself.

  • G G
    G G 15 days ago

    she is a hero

    • Chairman
      Chairman 15 days ago +2

      Are you Assuming gender? For shame