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What if Minecraft could control your computer?

  • Published on Apr 24, 2020
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    I allowed Minecraft to take control over my computer. Whenever I take any damage, my computer just shuts itself off, no matter what. This is chaos.
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Comments • 9 952

  • Lordmator
    Lordmator 2 years ago +17000

    Can we just take one moment and appreciate how fast he built that nether Portal

  • TimmiOnIt
    TimmiOnIt Year ago +2764

    Fundy: This video is sponsored by Rai-
    Everyone: Ohno not again
    Fundy: Filmora
    Everyone: huh

  • jas
    jas Year ago +225

    "You would lose a world if you're playing hardcore, but that's about it."
    Philza: *i should've broken that fish and your father's relationship before they had this abomination.*

  • check my description
    check my description Year ago +440

    I love how he said "sure you can lose important stuff" and then shows pokemoncards

    • FlynMaker
      FlynMaker 5 months ago

      Some of them CAN be hard to find...

    • R - G - C
      R - G - C 8 months ago +1

      Not any Pokemon Cards, PSA10 Holo base set first edition Charizard.

    • Sangram Raorane
      Sangram Raorane Year ago +4

      Hey POKEMON CARDS are important

    • Joanna Castillo
      Joanna Castillo Year ago


  • DevilGamerGirl
    DevilGamerGirl Year ago +533

    Fundy: Gets Coal
    The skeleton: Im about to end this mans whole Career

    • jhoannamae pascua
      jhoannamae pascua 21 day ago


    • yjut 1425
      yjut 1425 Year ago

      @Пляшка Василя that's because he has to start the puglin first. He took damage and then started the plugin

    • Пляшка Василя
      Пляшка Василя Year ago

      Did you see his health bar? He already took damage without shutdown

  • Test Tester
    Test Tester 2 years ago +5594

    Fundy now: “my computer shuts down when I take damage.”
    Fundy in 2040: “my house gets lit on fire when I take damage.”

    • GooseOnTheMoon
      GooseOnTheMoon 29 days ago

      Fundy in 5050: if I die, my pc explodes on my 1st monitor and then 2nd turn into bomb.

    • ImSzymcioYoutube
      ImSzymcioYoutube Month ago


    • Crazy Boy
      Crazy Boy Month ago

      Fundy in 10,000: The apocalypse happens when i take damage in minecraft

    • Alex Geo
      Alex Geo Month ago

      4566676437904 Fundy:"If i break a block, the sun explode."

    • Socom2
      Socom2 Month ago

      correction: if i walk

  • darksonic304
    darksonic304 6 months ago +3

    From experience, Filmora is a great video editing software - would definitely recommend.

  • puppylover17
    puppylover17 Year ago +68

    Imagine Fundy got someone to play Minecraft but it was just completely normal apart from he told them not to take damage and just made them really worried for nothing XD

  • Volaralex123
    Volaralex123 Month ago +2

    0:35 can we just appreciate how perfectly timed that is? I know it probably took multiple tries and i just want to acknowledge it

  • ఴ
     Year ago +66

    He: Starts mining
    The computer: Starts mining bitcoin

  • Night Angel
    Night Angel 2 years ago +8055

    "you may not rest now a computer is nearby"

  • moza
    moza Year ago +27


  • Plucky Cheeks
    Plucky Cheeks Year ago +64

    imagine if you simply got hit with a snowball and your computer exploded

    • SUPA Siblings
      SUPA Siblings 5 months ago

      @Mr New /gamemode c

    • Billy
      Billy 11 months ago

      @Mr New *Nothing.*

    • Galaxii
      Galaxii 11 months ago

      @Mr New you'd enderpearl, because when you get back there's a chance that you've reached land

    • Mr New
      Mr New 11 months ago

      Your about to fall in the void and your only hope is an ender pearl but if you throw it you take damage. Which one you pick?
      1. Fall in the void = computer restarts
      2. Throw an ender pearl = computer restarts

    • sony chandel
      sony chandel Year ago

      @Galaxii sorry I mean but

  • RowanCrE
    RowanCrE Year ago +5

    Note: if you’re gonna do something like this, use a virtual machine before NTLDR goes missing or Windows decides to not boot

    • Nicholas Darryl H.
      Nicholas Darryl H. 3 days ago

      i guess the point of the video was the whole thing crashing, but i see your point

    • minecraftify
      minecraftify 10 months ago

      NTLDR is now BOOTMGR

  • DiamondGrounds
    DiamondGrounds Year ago +9

    Fundy: Makes a Mod Where Minecraft Controls Your PC
    His Computer: *Scared*

  • Deushcwargern
    Deushcwargern 2 years ago +2505

    Me: Can’t even download a mod to Minecraft
    Fundy: What if Minecraft could control your computer

    • Deushcwargern
      Deushcwargern Month ago

      @Котёнок Грей damn bro thats crazy, who asked tho

    • Котёнок Грей
      Котёнок Грей Month ago

      *spelling mistakes*

    • Deushcwargern
      Deushcwargern 5 months ago

      @PVZ Funny Hacking
      Bruh i know it was just for a meme lol

    • PVZ Funny Hacking
      PVZ Funny Hacking 5 months ago

      Bruh. All U gotta do is download the mod and then put it in ur Mods Folder

    • A A A A A A A
      A A A A A A A 2 years ago

      @TheWorldofLivvy I'd also check suspicious files with virustotal before opening

  • EGoro
    EGoro Year ago +26

    Me: downloads filmora

  • Gaming Badger
    Gaming Badger Month ago

    can we just take a sec and imagine the amount of possibilities that this can be turned into like another YT smp

  • Momeme Momomeme
    Momeme Momomeme Year ago

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate how his computer isn't crashing

  • Sanjay Pandey
    Sanjay Pandey Year ago +7

    *"The perfectly cut scream doesn't exis-"*

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago +1537

    "Minecraft, but it crashes your pc"
    Everyone playing on a 2012 laptop:

    • Lord of Lemons
      Lord of Lemons 6 months ago

      @Energo expect idk my laptop name

    • Lord of Lemons
      Lord of Lemons 6 months ago

      @Energo YOOOO SAME

    • josiah powick
      josiah powick 7 months ago

      @Shahid Miah im on a chrome and play mc and it works fine

    • Iguro Obanai
      Iguro Obanai Year ago +1

      @Energo i got my laptop when i was 3 and i already knew how to type i don't know how?? but yeah and my computer got virus, but soon I'm going get a gaming pc don't worry :D

    • Gaming Pains
      Gaming Pains Year ago

      my account is underaged, @firwulf

  • TypicalGlitchers
    TypicalGlitchers 6 months ago

    Technically, with the security risk a few months ago in minecraft, exploiters could control things on your computer using minecraft. (on 2b2t the calculator opened 'randomly' for some people)

  • Bangernomics Ireland

    Bro...,you go too far on everything just for your viewers...I'm proud. I will support you!!

  • Salus
    Salus Year ago +1

    Next time make it a real bluescreen (there are programs you can run that'll make a non destructive bluescreen) rather than just it shutting down your pc :)

  • Animation maker
    Animation maker 5 months ago

    Imagine you download this mod after doing a 10,000 page test and when you take damage you have to rebuild your test so you don’t get in trouble!

  • ꧁༒Duchi༒꧂
    ꧁༒Duchi༒꧂ 2 years ago +1691

    *"That would absolutely be horrible, and that's why I made it"*
    I have a feeling that's the same mindset of those people who put Oreos on Pizzas

    • Juan Sanchez
      Juan Sanchez 5 months ago


    • Clip it
      Clip it 7 months ago

      @Sofia CARRERE RIVEROS reported

    • Clip it
      Clip it 7 months ago

      @Fundy lmao

    • Perle Ruby
      Perle Ruby 8 months ago

      wait... WHAT ?!

    • DaniFold
      DaniFold 2 years ago +1

      @Speed exactly, the people that calls it disgusting are cowards that dont eat

  • TobiLuvsHuskys
    TobiLuvsHuskys Year ago

    How about "every time you take damage, a random file in any directory gets deleted. Every time you die, a random folder in any directory gets deleted."
    Would be fun to watch how long someone might last with this (of course they probably should play this on a virtual machine).

  • Joaquin Luces
    Joaquin Luces Year ago +3

    0:35 When Fundy says "gone." while the creeper explodes, has a perfect timing on it.

  • The L&K Network
    The L&K Network Year ago +1

    You should make it on death instead of damage as an option!

  • Darkspedicey14
    Darkspedicey14 Year ago +1

    I kinda want to see a Minecraft manhunt with this. You should send it to Dream and let the chaos ensue

  • trollmanCompilation9001
    trollmanCompilation9001 2 years ago +22213

    “This video is sponsored by r- filmora”
    humanity restored

  • ItsNate
    ItsNate 5 months ago

    You should get Dreams permission to program this onto the Dream SMP. I’m sure he won’t mind.

  • R - G - C
    R - G - C 8 months ago +1

    So he coded real life in Minecraft, good to know.

  • Percy
    Percy Year ago

    Not sure if it’s a different filmora
    However, I downloaded wondershare filmora and it’s actually pretty good so in case you were wondering, yes I recommend!

  • astolfic
    astolfic Year ago +47

    “It’s only *69* dollars”
    *n o i c e*

  • Monika Soap
    Monika Soap 2 years ago +2653

    Filmora has a giant watermark covering 90% of the screen, so that's G R E A T

    • dirhi
      dirhi Month ago

      thats why i gave up and just bought premiere pro lmao

    • puffinthefish
      puffinthefish 6 months ago

      @ahmed4363 honestly, I shouldn't really be saying this, but filmoras kinda a ripoff for the price compared to what it could do... if you really want to use it, piracy is definitely a good option

    • Grogus
      Grogus 6 months ago

      or use vsdc

    • TheAwesome98
      TheAwesome98 Year ago

      vEdit: am I joke to you?!

    • wewli
      wewli 2 years ago

      @AGuy27 yeah but probably impossible to use just like every other editor

  • Eduardo Alves
    Eduardo Alves 2 months ago

    Fundy now: “my computer shuts down when I take damage.”
    Fundy in 2040: “My house gets lit on fire when I take damage.”

  • Aaron Loventio Doho 1739025

    Imagine that it open a file that blue screened your computer every time you take damage. That will be one step further

  • NotADuck
    NotADuck 7 months ago

    He took rage quitting to a whole new level.

  • Lunar Benign
    Lunar Benign Year ago

    Lowkey he could have made a world recently speedrun if it weren't for this mod

  • A Guy You Most Likely Dont Know

    Alternative title:
    "Turning minecraft into a malware"

    • A Guy You Most Likely Dont Know
      A Guy You Most Likely Dont Know 2 years ago

      @Initrox gotcha

    • Jonathan Hinga
      Jonathan Hinga 2 years ago


    • Banana Boi
      Banana Boi 2 years ago +4

      Nobody cares and if you know nobody likes it why do it? It's not like they'll be back to read the edit.

    • A Guy You Most Likely Dont Know
      A Guy You Most Likely Dont Know 2 years ago +1

      There technically is malicious intent and 0:30 kinda proves my point.
      Doesn't really delete your files or something, but it would be "absolutely horrible".
      And really, it's a joke and don't ruin jokes in the comments.

    • DR54
      DR54 2 years ago +1

      Malware stands for "Malicious software" and considering there was no malicious intent, it unfortunately doesn't fit the criteria, especially with 0 damage caused.

  • Sam Schmit
    Sam Schmit 2 months ago

    Remember when setting the language to Español (México), then clicking Opciones, and then clicking Controles would cause Minecraft to crash?

  • N. Sorata
    N. Sorata Year ago

    Now I don't have to look for a video editing software. Thanks Fundy! ^v^

  • Spoonz
    Spoonz Year ago +5

    0:14 did anyone notice that he dropped a bunch of pokemon cards and called tham valuble items?! XD

  • { - ᒪᑌᑎᗩ’ᔕ ᗪIᑎEᖇ - }

    Fundy now: “my computer dies when I take damage”
    Fundy in year 3000: *I get hurt when I take damage*

  • Sanchit _
    Sanchit _ 2 years ago +4098

    Love how he was so close to say raid shadow legends

    • A Kelleher
      A Kelleher 5 months ago


    • Rayan Kawser
      Rayan Kawser 6 months ago

      Thank god the cringe wasn't summoned

    • Dustin Proulx
      Dustin Proulx 6 months ago

      Can everyone just take a moment a think that I JUST READ EVREY REPLY ON THES COMENT! Bro sierrisly I did

    • Jacqueter
      Jacqueter Year ago

      Yeah i was scared

    • LittleguyNoah
      LittleguyNoah Year ago


    SCARLET BERREY 14 days ago

    Fundy as a kid: "I will torment myself and my friends sometime in my life"
    Fundy now: "That would be abosulty horrible, and that's why i made it."

  • shadow
    shadow Year ago

    So this is the equivalent to playing Minecraft on half a heart

  • ColaIsFresh
    ColaIsFresh Year ago

    I got a question about filmora, can you zoom into a part of the screen?

  • Umesh P
    Umesh P Year ago +1

    combine this with impossible++ mode and you get a sure death trap for computers

  • JayDubhen14
    JayDubhen14 6 months ago

    That wasn't a real bluescreen I think everyone knows that. I think shutting down was better for Fundy's computer though. :)

  • Milena Ridha
    Milena Ridha Year ago

    Fundy, from what I can see, you got a really good set-up, I'm very jealous

  • The Bone Man
    The Bone Man Year ago +3

    5:00 The pure terror in his voice made me laugh so fucking hard.

  • Damiano Iaquinta
    Damiano Iaquinta Year ago +54

    "helo sir, your computer have a virus"

  • s
    s 2 years ago +1924

    Without the plugin that could've been a world record run

    • LAM Simpson
      LAM Simpson Year ago

      @Jack_DoesGmod that somebody IS illumina LMAO

    • Echo
      Echo Year ago

      Like the nether with stone tools and 6 minutes done. Poor Illumina.

    • aye papi
      aye papi 2 years ago +1

      This is out of Context but I got called gay for using the asm10 :(

    • Radioactivian
      Radioactivian 2 years ago +1

      @Jack_DoesGmod WHAT

    • Mendheimer
      Mendheimer 2 years ago +3

      @Jack_DoesGmod it was seeded fundy created the world this time and it wasnt for a record so

  • axelestial
    axelestial 9 months ago

    Now do:
    When you take damage, your hard drive gets formatted

  • E
    E 6 months ago

    Make this same thing, but instead of shutting down it actually bluescreens your computer

  • Puddls 3
    Puddls 3 Year ago

    this sounds great for my moded survival world where I don't want to damage my radiation suit or else ill get mad because the durability is like none and its expensive.
    (but I don't rage quit when it gets damaged).

  • Firebreath2168
    Firebreath2168 Year ago

    Wait, Minecraft can control your laptop now?
    “Always has been”

  • Special Water
    Special Water 2 years ago +461

    I respect the fact that once he turned on the “pluginstart” thing he instantly digs down. 👌🏻

    • Hailey14
      Hailey14 2 years ago +1

      That is so true. lol. If he did it again after knowing what it does, He probably build up really high and jump down 👍🏼

    • Ducky Boi
      Ducky Boi 2 years ago +5

      Player: *takes damage*
      Computer: my time has come

    • Flash YT
      Flash YT 2 years ago +3

      Special Water 💦 I’m sweating

  • Robbe
    Robbe Year ago

    If you take any damage, your CPU fan stops spinning and a special program makes your CPU run at 100% Even when overheating

  • Della
    Della Year ago

    All this coding for an 8 minute and 5 second long video :( I wish it was longer, that was amazing

  • PaddoXX
    PaddoXX Year ago

    i use filmora for many things since 3 years and i love it

  • CJ lite
    CJ lite Year ago

    People who regularly do no damage runs: "This is my life"

  • Sheep
    Sheep 2 years ago +1191

    Y’all gonna ignore how fast he built that Nether Portal?

    • Rommel Medina
      Rommel Medina 2 years ago

      can we just appreciate how fast those two are without comparing them

    • Wyatt Parker
      Wyatt Parker 2 years ago

      I always do it that way?

    • susanna mccallister
      susanna mccallister 2 years ago

      Radical __noble fair enough have a nice day sir

    • Capuchino Sofia
      Capuchino Sofia 2 years ago

      Ikr? That was insanely fAST!

    • Connor
      Connor 2 years ago +3

      Dream goes way faster tho ;/

  • Kelp
    Kelp 11 months ago

    Speedrunner: *doesn't complete the game without taking damage*
    Computer: *dies from cringe*

  • Søng Shinobi
    Søng Shinobi Year ago

    fundy: sponsored by editer
    also fundy: messes up during him talking about it

  • Banana Bot
    Banana Bot 6 months ago

    fundy's idea of bluescreen:
    literally the screen saying "shutting down"

  • Koofoo78
    Koofoo78 Year ago +2

    0:42 that was the fastest i ever tried to skip a sponsorship till i realized it was filmora

  • Max Fig
    Max Fig 2 years ago +1636

    "that would be absolutely horrible-and that's why I made it *laughs*"

  • BM1x
    BM1x Year ago

    0:05 With 1.17, this is actually very true

  • Gravitational
    Gravitational Year ago

    Everyone watching this in the future knowing that Fundy will get sponsored by Filmora 10...

  • KITC
    KITC 2 months ago

    Part 2: If I take damage in Minecraft, I die IRL. That's it.

  • Shannon Stevens
    Shannon Stevens Year ago +2

    “Now this video is sponsored by r- filmora”
    I think we all knew where that was heading

  • Marz
    Marz 2 years ago +544

    "Nice, but can it run Minecraft?"
    Fundy: "Can Minecraft run IT?"

  • ♡ඞSUSTOWNඞ♡
    ♡ඞSUSTOWNඞ♡ 2 months ago

    Time to secretly download this on my brothers PC

  • mxlouka Playz
    mxlouka Playz 7 months ago

    he shouldve made it so that when you take damage, a random critical file gets deleted, and when you die it bsods

  • Mcman5
    Mcman5 Year ago

    Still waiting for this to be automatically implanted to every account

  • Dax Dirkse
    Dax Dirkse Year ago +1

    That really makes you think how much money raid shadow legends must make to sponsor so fricken much.

  • Random dino_
    Random dino_ Year ago +1974

    fundy: filmora is only 69.99 which is cheap
    me: he called me poor in ten different ways

  • Mr. Delgoth
    Mr. Delgoth 7 months ago

    So I'd love this with the mod that he made I'm not sure if it was before this video of after but the one where someone says I miss Fundy as a tweet he takes damage. It be a ticking time bomb. That you'll never know to go off.

  • Marcin Dolkowski
    Marcin Dolkowski 6 days ago +1

    "This video is sponsored by Rai- Filmora"
    Thank you Chad for that

  • Mathleys
    Mathleys 6 months ago

    Fundy in the year 2100: My PC explodes when I take damage

  • Mr FatRat ERA
    Mr FatRat ERA Year ago

    The only bad thing is that he needs to turn off his fire wall or whatever he is using so the code works

  • Valentine
    Valentine 2 years ago +779

    “Minecraft can be difficult”
    *Me, playing in creative on peaceful mode:* “yeah”

  • Lionwing Warrior Cats

    “Its only 69.99, which is incredibly cheap”
    *ah yes, 2021, where 70 dollars is ‘cheap’*

  • Confused Puppo
    Confused Puppo Year ago

    Let's all download this plugin, 'cause *what could possibly go wrong?*

  • PurpleJaedd
    PurpleJaedd Month ago

    Filmora seems cool, but it should be $0.30 cheaper

  • Thắng Nguyen
    Thắng Nguyen Year ago

    This man will go a step further and make it so when u take damage your pc go KABOOM

  • Zmonlad *
    Zmonlad * 2 years ago +1356

    Player: *loses half a heart*
    Minecraft: so anyway I started spawning particles

    • CayTube TV
      CayTube TV 2 years ago


    • Zeta
      Zeta 2 years ago +1

      @Supernova32 You are a milk gang, don't you.

    • Lego Builderman
      Lego Builderman 2 years ago +1

      Funny BUT STILL A SPOLER!!!!!!!!!

    • Bwaindead
      Bwaindead 2 years ago +6

      This comment made me laugh so hard.

  • scard
    scard Year ago +4

    4:43 for god sake... the way he build portal and that less than 20 sec at least

  • monke
    monke 6 months ago

    2060: "If i take damage my computer explodes"

  • CiannobonA
    CiannobonA 6 months ago

    Fundy: "when I take damage, my computer shuts down."
    Me: that's true hardcore

  • Ultimate Z
    Ultimate Z 11 months ago

    He could be better than dream at making nether portals

  • iikoko2008
    iikoko2008 2 years ago +1859

    "Filmora is free baby!!"
    Me: yeah.. and it comes with a free watermark too.

  • Yplan The Hedgehog

    "What if Minecraft could control you computer?"
    -free minecraft viruses in a nutshell

  • Khaled Mosleh
    Khaled Mosleh Year ago

    Fundy: What if Minecraft could control your computer?
    Windows: Wait, That's illegal

  • •Reare•
    •Reare• Year ago

    Also great job with the codeing

  • PacificOcean
    PacificOcean Year ago

    Minecraft but when you take damage, your OS is destroyed.

  • Hamdude3000
    Hamdude3000 Year ago

    If you somehow were allowed to do that command on a big server (with some other stuff...) if someone took damage would their computer crash to?