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Inside The Fabulous ‘Vanderpump Villa’ Chateau with Lisa Vanderpump | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Mar 31, 2024
  • Today, AD is welcomed by Lisa Vanderpump to tour the set of Hulu’s ‘Vanderpump Villa’. Outside the medieval French town of Carcassonne, the reality star transformed Chateau Rosabelle into the fabulous setting for her new show. Vanderpump injected her signature style into the chateau through dusty pinks, ornate silhouettes, and abundant rose bouquets, making it the perfect backdrop for rivalries, romance, and drama.
    New episodes of 'Vanderpump Villa' stream on Mondays on Hulu.
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Comments • 380

  • @eddieg6436
    @eddieg6436 Month ago +477

    I met her at the Gucci boutique at the Wynn in Las Vegas. She was lovely, polite, friendly, and gracious….not to mention beautiful, exquisitely dressed, and smelled fantastic! 🥂👌

    • @rital7518
      @rital7518 Month ago +14

      Lucky you! I envy you!😅

    • @venetia6296
      @venetia6296 Month ago +3

      Obviously not this dress ✌️

    • @cytechlux
      @cytechlux Month ago +2

      i wanna know her scent. her aura is amazing

    • @laurabrandao7246
      @laurabrandao7246 28 days ago

      Wow you are lucky 🍀. I adore her.❤

    • @zoe9298
      @zoe9298 23 days ago +2

      It’s Chloe!

  • @vanessataylor9939
    @vanessataylor9939 Month ago +119

    As a fellow pink lover, I am so pleased to see Lisa incorporating the colour at every phase of her life. So many times people try to make pink a juvenile thing. But it is so calming, beautiful and delicate and I love seeing how it's represented here.

  • @nickmuniz1825
    @nickmuniz1825 Month ago +619

    She really does have an eye for opulence. It might not be everyone’s taste, but she knows what works for the spaces she’s using. I dig it.

    • @DbzTO
      @DbzTO Month ago +18

      She does not. She has an eye for tacky

    • @Robert-bg7bl
      @Robert-bg7bl Month ago +10

      She actually might be blind 🫣

  • @anastasiaf.4421
    @anastasiaf.4421 Month ago +127

    I see lots of weddings happening at the villa. It is very romantic and glamorous and LVP designed.

  • @emilykeefe
    @emilykeefe Month ago +158

    we want villa rosa next !

  • @christyluckett439
    @christyluckett439 Month ago +26

    This lady really got it going on everything is so Beautiful everything she put her hands on makes money u go LV.

  • @blythegirl4348
    @blythegirl4348 Month ago +37

    Loved this chateau so much. So incredibly maximalist. I loved all of the gorgeous flowers and furniture. What a wonderful place to stay! Thank you AD for this!

    • @rital7518
      @rital7518 Month ago +1

      I thought I was the only one who used the word "maximalist"!
      It definitely describes me!

    • @blythegirl4348
      @blythegirl4348 Month ago

      @@rital7518 Me too! Love it so!!!😀

  • @TheTaxburden
    @TheTaxburden Month ago +54

    This place is beautiful! Love her eye for furnishings. Would love a detailed view of Villa Rosa.

    • @florentinalily
      @florentinalily 22 days ago

      its rented for the show. Its not her chateau...

  • @ronc831
    @ronc831 Month ago +82

    It looks like a modern villa. I like it. An owner that appreciates the history is great.

  • @loveforeignaccents
    @loveforeignaccents Month ago +39

    Never heard of the show, but I wouldn't mind living in this gorgeous place.

  • @lebogangmatholwane3132

    Oh my word. I don’t understand her personality but she is an embodiment of SOPHISTICATION!!! ❤

  • @charlotteaitchison2922

    the house is the setting for a reality show so i think the gaudy interior design works by selling the fantasy and exaggerated glamour, which is what is conventional for a Bravo reality tv show format. tasteful design isn’t necessary when you’re making a show set in a chateau selling a fantasy to the audience with a bunch of attractive 30 year olds fighting each other

    • @jameshaddan8538
      @jameshaddan8538 Month ago +11

      I realize the overhead florescent light strips (that are apparent in the upstairs hall and the foyer) are required for filming…but they really ruin the look.

  • @laurenjhjh
    @laurenjhjh Month ago +12

    Why does everyone think this is her actual house? Lmao. It’s one of her businesses. She even mentioned the guests.

  • @gerardguida7727
    @gerardguida7727 9 days ago +1

    She never disappoints.......❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • @shaliacampbell3709
    @shaliacampbell3709 Month ago +18

    French Country Grandeur at it's finest. I love French, Tuscany style houses. This was beautiful and just exquisite. Magnifique! 😊

  • @angelaortiz3406
    @angelaortiz3406 Month ago +15

    The château is beautiful❤

  • @luxelist
    @luxelist Month ago +6

    Majestic presence inside out! Every room took my breath away.

  • @holyhiphopper
    @holyhiphopper Month ago +12

    Love the murals and painted features. So pretty 😍

  • @PanAbazur
    @PanAbazur Month ago +19

    I have to say that I do love those outdoor chandeliers

  • @ailina63
    @ailina63 Month ago +35

    As a French, I must say it looks very unusual and a bit strange to me. I have never seen such a decoration in a chateau. We are so used to see castles here and many of them have a very modern but subtle decoration. But the rooms for the guests are very nice.

  • @chrissy6005
    @chrissy6005 Month ago +6

    Love her style and the place. Gorgeous 😍🤩

  • @Ninaagabi
    @Ninaagabi Month ago +9

    I love this woman, in the best way possible she reminds me of my grandma 🥹

    • @lexibakker8876
      @lexibakker8876 Month ago

      Your grandma is that iconic. You could make a youtube channel with her. Teaching the fans about charme, ellagance and style.

  • @user-wt8jn1wu3m
    @user-wt8jn1wu3m Month ago +6

    Very unexpected use of pink! Lovely shades. 🎉 beautiful🎉

  • @SandeepJL
    @SandeepJL Month ago +6

    Nice video. Very beautiful shots.

  • @rachelleizard7597
    @rachelleizard7597 Month ago +2

    I watch this show solely for the decor. I knew Lisa wouldn't let us down 🩷

  • @Chris-pt1bl
    @Chris-pt1bl Month ago +22

    It’s just not for me it’s very much Barbie color I love the architecture but not her interior design

  • @ChristSaves88
    @ChristSaves88 Month ago +2

    Absolutely gorgeous chateau!!! Love her new show as well.❤

  • @kristiinatoivola2442
    @kristiinatoivola2442 Month ago +6

    Lovely Lisa and so so beautiful house. I LOVE it. Thanks !

  • @ImaneBou30
    @ImaneBou30 Month ago +24

    You should have done her California house!!!!!

  • @carolann811
    @carolann811 Month ago +15

    To be accurate, the Farrow & Ball pink is Sulking Room pink, not just Sulking.

  • @jessiejoseph1093
    @jessiejoseph1093 Month ago +28

    The lighting designer needs to rip down that led lighting next to the chandelier asap! Replace it with recessed fixtures that are flush with the ceiling if you MUST have linear LED lighting in a formal foyer.

    • @Sunshine-zm1fx
      @Sunshine-zm1fx Month ago +2

      Did you happen to notice the ceiling lights on the second floor? It reminded me of when I was in school.

    • @jessiejoseph1093
      @jessiejoseph1093 Month ago +4

      @@Sunshine-zm1fx I turned it off after the foyer.

    • @Lizlizlizlizlizlizlizlizzie
      @Lizlizlizlizlizlizlizlizzie Month ago +6

      I assume the lighting is optimized for filming not for comfort or aesthetics

    • @minimoto99
      @minimoto99 Month ago +1

      It's just lighting required for filming purposes for the TV show. I'm sure it's not a permanent fixture.

  • @rik4754
    @rik4754 Month ago +1

    I can hear Trixie screaming while seeing these rooms for the first time 😂😍

  • @courtneyj2134
    @courtneyj2134 Month ago +10

    I love lvp she's so cool

  • @r-cdmx
    @r-cdmx Month ago +51

    Feels more like Beverly Hills than France.

  • @cimmiecimmie5142
    @cimmiecimmie5142 Month ago +4


  • @iamannacasey
    @iamannacasey Month ago +5

    Wow this place is fabulous

  • @Frchgrl
    @Frchgrl Month ago +4


  • @gnsp07
    @gnsp07 Month ago +2

    Thank you for sharing Lisa your château it’s breathtaking and stunning. 🩵

  • @kimstahl6833
    @kimstahl6833 Month ago +1

    Oh ! Lisa you are just so elegant and chic. I love your style.

  • @cartomancycarmen
    @cartomancycarmen Month ago +2

    Love this lady❣️ she’s so fun

  • @padillaandrea1
    @padillaandrea1 Month ago +2

    I absolutely adore the whole color
    palette in this chateaux! 😍 those pinks and dusty blue/greys are impeccable! The only thing I didn’t love was the black fire place mantel. I wish people would stop using a true black and go with a shade just slightly subdued black, like a rich stone black.

    • @sargasm227
      @sargasm227 Month ago

      I agree. That black fire place mantel looked so out of place.

  • @artigotale
    @artigotale Month ago +2

    So magical

  • @thegrievancegordieshow9882

    Way to give the Director of Photography a shoutout 🎦

  • @charlenenovak8393
    @charlenenovak8393 Month ago +1

    This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I would love to live here. xx

  • @terrielee8622
    @terrielee8622 Month ago +1

    Gorgeous Chateau!!!✨

  • @SylviaRodriguez-lx9em

    Lisa, you do what you love doing and do it very well. It's no wonder you're successful, you never disappoint. Gorgeous💖💖💖💖

  • @paulette6087
    @paulette6087 Month ago +2

    I love this concept Lisa! I watch all Utube chateaus🎉

  • @NostalgiCrazy
    @NostalgiCrazy Month ago +3

    I've been binging RHOBH and she's the reason the show was so fabulous! Loved all her houses, hope to have my own someday.
    Side note: I can tell her accent's become just a bit Americanized here compared to the early seasons, just on certain words :)

  • @Halezyeah
    @Halezyeah Month ago +5

    I love it!

  • @makeamericakateagain
    @makeamericakateagain Month ago +3

    Stunning! 🌸🌸🌸💗💗💗

  • @peytonstanley1197
    @peytonstanley1197 Month ago +30

    this is the best day of my life

  • @rawsunnata829
    @rawsunnata829 Month ago +1

    It is very beautiful and perfectly in my style! I would feel very comfortable in those interiors and the garden 😊🥰💕

  • @hellototheworld
    @hellototheworld Month ago +15

    Would love a tour of Villa Rosa

  • @minosmagnan1111
    @minosmagnan1111 Month ago +1

    Love the sulking pink paint!

  • @helenannleeshung9028
    @helenannleeshung9028 Month ago +2

    Just exquisite ❤💯👏🏾⭐️👌🏽

  • @ayterapisi2160
    @ayterapisi2160 Month ago +2

    I love her shoes

  • @lisathomas1622
    @lisathomas1622 Month ago +1

    Ooohh. Absolutely divine and scrumptious. ❤. Your shoes… wow! I’m thrilled we share our name.

  • @kirstenwood5301
    @kirstenwood5301 Month ago +4

    LVP is the Epitome of CLASS!

  • @aarushkumar7052
    @aarushkumar7052 Month ago

    Love Lisa! Miss her on tv 😭

  • @muhammadasifiqbal1538


  • @Lommy9999
    @Lommy9999 Month ago +2

    How can two restaurants create such a vast wealth? Something is not adding up...

  • @simple_naildesigns
    @simple_naildesigns Month ago +1

    Looks beautiful.

  • @frallengtraductions
    @frallengtraductions Month ago +1

    Sublime !

  • @michellestella7477
    @michellestella7477 Month ago +44

    *Goodbye, Kyle!!*

  • @alishaj1472
    @alishaj1472 Month ago

    Stunning 😍

  • @jungletheme2094
    @jungletheme2094 Month ago


  • @patriciaoreilly8907
    @patriciaoreilly8907 Month ago +13

    Beautiful decor Lisa 😊

  • @Sirius-ly
    @Sirius-ly Month ago +10

    I remember when that fabulous villa was for sale thinking how well priced it was for today's prices. If only I had had even that much! So happy Lisa got it. She'll do it justice! 😊

  • @emiliechaumont5034
    @emiliechaumont5034 Month ago +2

    thank you for this AD, we need more

  • @bexiexz
    @bexiexz Month ago

    ooo i love this sm

  • @TaminOZZ
    @TaminOZZ Month ago +1


  • @richardbicycle5262
    @richardbicycle5262 Month ago +13

    perfect choice for april fools day!

  • @lorenzojordan389
    @lorenzojordan389 Month ago

    The dig at Brandi when she said she loved flowers….😂😂😂

    • @lorenzojordan389
      @lorenzojordan389 Month ago

      Like girl, we know you were so mad at her that you couldn’t receive your favorite thing as a forgiveness gift

  • @Magarita810
    @Magarita810 Month ago +3

    Sadly a lot of things in that property is no in keeping with the actual property. She has lived in LaLa land for too long

    • @xx-vw9ep
      @xx-vw9ep 14 days ago

      How do you mean?

    • @xx-vw9ep
      @xx-vw9ep 14 days ago

      Is it listed on a historical register where it had to be restored according to it's period?

    • @xx-vw9ep
      @xx-vw9ep 14 days ago

      When was it built? Will have to look it up.

  • @shaneh734
    @shaneh734 Month ago


  • @annataleen
    @annataleen Month ago +3

    Chateau Dairies, The Petherick's, Chateau Love, and How to Renovate a Chateau are all chateau related RUclips channels that have much better decor than this chateau. Please feature them AD.

  • @Stella20244
    @Stella20244 22 days ago

    I love the entrance doors

  • @PassiveAgressive319
    @PassiveAgressive319 Month ago +2

    It’s giving me 80s vibes

  • @altaroode4044
    @altaroode4044 Month ago


  • @theshypersistence
    @theshypersistence Month ago +1

    The girl arranging flowers at 06:00 looks like a living oil painting 😀

  • @sharonwaters2300
    @sharonwaters2300 Month ago

    Mind Blowing ✨GORGEOUS✨., 👑Lisa Vanderpump’s, Chateau in Frances, is Par Excellence ✨👏🏼‼️. 👑Lisa is in a league of Her own in Decor & Style !!! Bravo 👏🏼✨✨✨🌹💖💗

  • @Grandstreet1
    @Grandstreet1 Month ago +40

    It looks like a bordello

  • @fabio3734
    @fabio3734 Month ago

    oh to live in a villa like this...

  • @davidrodriguez7654

    AD PLEASE Drop the second part of the central park video

  • @ximenasinaidzibquej4654

    Me encantó su casa es una mezcla de lo victoriano con lo sereno y minimalista pero tambien con lo exótico maximalista.....me encanta 😊.

  • @desiderata333
    @desiderata333 Month ago +3

    WOW! WOW! WOW!!! I love it all!! Lisa had IMPECCABLE taste. WOWWWW!!! A glorious feast for my eyes.

  • @claudecrosatto7599
    @claudecrosatto7599 11 days ago

    Toujours très belle Lisa , et quelle magnifique chateau

  • @renatoamaraldemiranda2558

    Remember when you watch her shows and when she is flaunting her opulence and diamonds that she was strongly against the rise of minimum wages and was vocal about it! She wants your views but wants you to stay poor don’t forget

  • @jamesdellaneve9005
    @jamesdellaneve9005 Month ago +1

    I see box lights on the ceilings. That’s strange.

  • @lllill
    @lllill Month ago

    Does anyone know where to get gold gilded mirrors like the ones in this chateau?

  • @pamelahudson824
    @pamelahudson824 Month ago

    I like it. It's fabulous 😊

  • @corvettenyc72op21
    @corvettenyc72op21 Month ago +28

    Cheap American LA style in a French castle! You can tell that is not designed to live in anyway, it is stage for a show!

  • @otilijazilyte6476
    @otilijazilyte6476 Month ago +2

    Super Video

  • @angelathornbury3750

    Wow all class well done

  • @Jackie-bf5zh
    @Jackie-bf5zh Month ago


  • @anncarter5945
    @anncarter5945 Month ago +1

    I Love It ❤️

  • @sophiab5260
    @sophiab5260 Month ago

    Don't know the show, but love the chateau!

  • @wesdey9385
    @wesdey9385 16 days ago

    This is Norma. Not Wes. Absolutely stunning. What magnificent taste Lisa Has. Awesome.

  • @sergioantonio2510
    @sergioantonio2510 Month ago +1

    Buttery rich, and eclectic, and smooth. Love everything about it, inside and outside!

  • @evas7769
    @evas7769 Month ago +11

    La décoration est vraiment magnifique