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Cops Allegedly Find Enough Fentanyl to Kill 100,000 People in Suspect's Car

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022
  • Authorities say Florida police arrested a man after allegedly finding a large amount of fentanyl in his car on September 18. The Flagler County Sheriff's Office said deputies found James Wilson Duke asleep and smelled marijuana in his car when they approached his vehicle in a gas station parking lot to conduct a traffic stop. Deputies said they found marijuana in the vehicle and enough fentanyl " to kill the entire population of Flagler and Putnam counties."
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Comments • 2 660

  • agordianknot
    agordianknot 16 days ago +2743

    No way to know how many lives you just saved officer. Thank you for your commitment to keep the community safe.

    • Rosinlover710
      Rosinlover710 6 hours ago

      @Alan Flamenco oh yes all those drug addicts are going to see this guy got busted and go sober

    • Alan Flamenco
      Alan Flamenco 7 hours ago

      Im gonna take a wild guess and say 100k people was saved

    • NM real Talker
      NM real Talker 18 hours ago

      Charges were dropped due to illegal search and violation of his constitutional rights. The video is cut, he actually said he didn’t consent to a search.

    • QuesoBurner
      QuesoBurner Day ago

      @n cam I mean it really didint do nothing more drugs come in everyday

  • MathewsArrowSlinger
    MathewsArrowSlinger 16 days ago +853

    She’s lucky he was somewhat cooperative… She was alone in a dark area without any identification of who he actually was - with a lot of drugs and charges about to stack up on him. Scary situation.

    • Nick W
      Nick W 9 hours ago

      Because he's high as a kite lol... He doesn't know he's about to go to jail for life

    • David de la cruz
      David de la cruz 7 days ago

      @MathewsArrowSlinger 99 to 2000? I’m lost here buddy

    • MathewsArrowSlinger
      MathewsArrowSlinger 7 days ago

      @David de la cruz 660 to 1. I think I’m ahead bro

    • David de la cruz
      David de la cruz 7 days ago

      She handled it like a gee , she didn’t freak out, she gave him chances and he failed with giving his name etc kept him calm tho and she started pressing shortly afterward 👏🏽

  • steven m
    steven m 15 days ago +11

    I'm glad they caught this guy but... never fall asleep in your car anywhere, even a rest stop, apparently it's illegal, because I drive alot and every time I've stopped to nap regardless where it is, I always get woken up with a police flashlight in my face and I get treated like a criminal and asked a million questions. Just a warning to innocent people.

    • J5 Productions
      J5 Productions 4 hours ago +1

      I mean if your tired whats the alternative? Get into an accident cause you didn’t want to stop to take a nap?

  • Mistress Mary
    Mistress Mary  16 days ago +295

    the officer is a brave woman being out there dealing with all the creeps

    • Wolfy 5Svn
      Wolfy 5Svn 9 days ago

      also..imagine signing up for a job and being too scared to actually perform your job after training 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Wolfy 5Svn
      Wolfy 5Svn 9 days ago

      @1Shot you really cant see that he’s calling someone else scared to be in her shoes??

    • Le Spectator
      Le Spectator 9 days ago

      @1Shot Her voice just isn't very intimidating, she sounds like she's scolding a child. Having a scarier presence will help make people think twice about fighting you.

      LITTLE CHERRY 🍒 12 days ago +1

      You couldn't do it.. Your Scared of a Fly 🪰, Spider 🕷, Snake 🐍, And finally a Mouse 🐁

  • Brianna Carter
    Brianna Carter 12 days ago +295

    I have realized that cops do tend to bother people a lot who sleep in their cars.. even though when you’re tired, it is recommended to pull over.. They just walk up and start demanding information. He had the right to be asleep in his car. She could’ve made sure he wasn’t intoxicated and let him leave or something but in this case, he actually had stuff on him. I saw a story where a guy was sleep in his car with a gun on his lap and the cop came up making all kind of demands for him to get away from the gun.. he was just waking up and very disoriented so he grabbed the gun and got killed.. idk, I drive a lot so I sleep in my car sometimes and my gun is definitely on my lap because you never know who may walk up. 9 times out of 10, you’re expecting a robber not the cops. Glad they actually found something with this stop but still…

      WATASHIWA SMARTPHONE GA! 3 hours ago

      I agree but in this case it was not random this was reported.

    • Alfonzo
      Alfonzo 7 hours ago

      Very good take 👏🏼

    • Winter Marie
      Winter Marie 4 days ago

      I 100% agree. Such a contradiction. Pull over don't drive tired.. it saves lives. Yet 100% of the time if they see you they f**k with you. Obviously this dude isn't heading home from working a long shift but it's the mixed messages for me.

    • 𝗕𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘆𝗯𝗼𝗼💗
      𝗕𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘆𝗯𝗼𝗼💗 5 days ago

      May the guy who got killed rest in peace may God bless his soul and his family 🙏❤️❤️❤️😔

  • D. T. A Don't Trust Any1
    D. T. A Don't Trust Any1 14 days ago +150

    I would just like to“ THANK " THE OFFICERS WHO WERE INVOLVED IN THIS, because they have just saved countless lives with this bust

    • luke konopka
      luke konopka 4 days ago

      @Qram so what lie am I telling then as its proven fact that feeding animals makes them less scared of humans and easier to hunt

    • Qram
      Qram 4 days ago

      @luke konopka I didnt say anything about feed animals the wrong food...stop being the guy on the internet that what's to give me a better understanding...lmao

    • luke konopka
      luke konopka 4 days ago

      @Qram it is true people feed ducks swans and other birds bread which causes malnutrition and birth defects

    • Qram
      Qram 4 days ago

      @luke konopka u believe that lie? Pa.le people are more scared of themselves being hunted by the animal...

    • luke konopka
      luke konopka 4 days ago

      @Qram the reason we are told not to feed certain animals is because we feed them the wrong food or it trains the animals not to hunt and just accept food from people

  • Infamous420
    Infamous420 15 days ago +127

    I got scared for the officer after she asked his middle name. Hands went to the belt, she kept it cool and handled the situation perfectly.

    • echotribe
      echotribe 14 days ago +4

      yeah I assume she had her hand on her pistol the entire time, at least I hope.

  • ParkNasty
    ParkNasty 13 days ago +1

    Glad you guys found that! You saved THOUSANDS of lives, God Bless you officers. ❤️‍🩹🙏

  • Denise Flores
    Denise Flores 5 days ago

    Thank you officers for saving many lives. I've seen in the last year where I'm at in California, many young people die from fentynol and a few older people.

  • Bill Hickman
    Bill Hickman 16 days ago +2190

    Surprising, he looks like such a law abiding citizen.

    • ClemTooEazy
      ClemTooEazy 4 hours ago

      @John Locke's Ghost so ur from the gen that thinks tattoo are devilish. Ok 👌🏻

    • Elon Mask
      Elon Mask 18 hours ago

      Cuz he just woke up recently

    • Nahscar
      Nahscar Day ago

      @John Locke's Ghost you probably drive a tesla and you watch biden speeches

    • Gerardo Marroquin
      Gerardo Marroquin Day ago

      I think my friend Billy Bob is a better example than him with his dont thread on me flag , I would trust him with his beutiful skull tattoo on the back of his shaved head.

    • Gerardo Marroquin
      Gerardo Marroquin Day ago

      Almost an examplary citizen like Billy Bob with his nice razor shaved head with a skul tattooed on his back of his head and on his back it says something about him having power that no other group of people has but his.☺️

  • Android Junkie
    Android Junkie 14 days ago +3

    I feel sympathy for the suspect. I know many here will demonize him, and that's not a topic I'm here to debate. But this drug will make you do ANYTHING for a fix. Including selling, when given the option of a solid source and with no way to hold down a job while balancing the addiction. It is HORRIBLE beyond words.
    Anyone that has not actually felt the effects cannot begin to understand this epidemic.
    Those that have cannot see past tomorrow.
    While put into my own words, I'd be happy to go over the affect on the brain that I based that last statement off of. The implications it has are boggling to the mind.
    Food for thought

  • ypcomchic
    ypcomchic 15 days ago +53

    Whenever someone just randomly starts giving a weird story without being asked is a red flag that they are up to something.

    • [Hashknight Gaming]
      [Hashknight Gaming] 9 days ago +1

      Or someone's grandpa not now but old people break into random stories all the time.

  • Jodi Stanton
    Jodi Stanton 15 days ago +29

    Thank you to the female officer who handled this call on her own, you are the one who saved all those people, more than ¾ likely under 24, from death.

    • Chris M
      Chris M 7 days ago +1

      Lol she didn't save anyone, there's a million other dealers and suppliers out there to take this guys place. Nearly all addicts know several places they can go to score.

    • //◭// YUNG EYEZ //◭//
      //◭// YUNG EYEZ //◭// 11 days ago

      Are ya'll yanks seriously that naive and truly believe that there isn't going to be any other dealer with the same amount of weight to provide for all the addicts or is it some sort of sophisticated irony?

  • Travis Arnold
    Travis Arnold 7 days ago

    Great job, officers! You just saved some lives!!

  • haritaḥ
    haritaḥ 16 days ago +661

    Honestly, I don’t know how the police officers do this. Just watching this body cam video raised my anxiety level. That guy could have pulled out a gun at any moment. Much respect to all you officers. Thank you!❤️✌️

    • jeff marin
      jeff marin Day ago

      To be honest it’s taught to not ever stand in front of a window like that, use the pillars for cover, the light to blind them and ofc call in for back up just in case, I agree with the high anxiety level

    • Dr. Rodz
      Dr. Rodz 10 days ago

      @Holo Scope bro what

    • im Judeau
      im Judeau 10 days ago

      @Holo Scope ?

  • Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto Comm 10 days ago +1

    It’s really clear that you’re hiding something when an officer asks you for your middle name and you are thinking what to answer !! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Richard Shultis
    Richard Shultis 11 days ago

    Good job, officer. You handled this creep in a firm, but non-confrontational way.

  • Good morning, Sunday morning

    Thank God for good cops! Normal law abiding citizens love you. Please remember that.

  • William Richichi
    William Richichi 9 days ago +1

    bro all due respect, this officer had 0 right to question this man after just waking up and being disoriented.

  • Jordan Hooper
    Jordan Hooper 16 days ago +54

    I hate that these videos are cut so short. We wanna see his reaction when confronted about it 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Gumba209
      Gumba209 11 days ago +1

      We all know what happens. They confront him, he denies it’s his and they take him anyway 😂

    • Jaymes's Channel
      Jaymes's Channel 14 days ago +1

      He went informant lol

    • videoluvr4204
      videoluvr4204 16 days ago +2

      exactly, we didnt get to see him get out of the vehicle

  • ItsDevlcon
    ItsDevlcon 16 days ago +19

    He might be able to get this thrown out. They went to investigate an alarm and ended up investigating a passed out person in a pickup truck. If he hadn't answered questions he would have definitely been fine. I would have just said I'm sleeping I'm allowed to be here.

  • Dianne Donaldson
    Dianne Donaldson 8 days ago +1

    She has a lot of heart, she is very brave God Bless her look how dark it is out there 😳🙏

  • Danny Law
    Danny Law 16 days ago +7

    Good cops, doing good things everyday in all our cities, even if the media and community organizers try to lie about almost everything to make them look bad.

  • OJH
    OJH 12 days ago +1

    I noticed that some of the most suspicious people are usually ones like these, rough looking ones taking naps in their vehicles. Specifically on a dark night like this. You know they just look up to no good.
    I saw a video from sometime ago which was just like this, a female officer confronting a man taking a nap in the front seat of his car. Long story short, cop got too close, man got a hold of her through window, attempted to hurt her. Turns out that man was hiding from a horrible crime he committed.

  • R Teal
    R Teal 14 days ago

    I love it when these people pause when asked for either a middle initial or DOB . Once you hesitate the police know that you are lying .

  • Joanna Moreno
    Joanna Moreno 6 days ago +2

    I am really glad to hear that you guys found all of that there are so many kids out here dying from that it’s not even a joke

    • AngryDiverತ_ತ
      AngryDiverತ_ತ 11 hours ago

      Thats because of drugs being ilegal blame the lawmakers 😉🤣.

  • Eskimo Zoe
    Eskimo Zoe 16 days ago +2

    Thank you officers for confiscating lethal drugs out of the hands of these people and off of the streets to only end up selling back to the streets ..eventually. Great job!

    • Tobacco Getting
      Tobacco Getting 12 days ago

      What’re u saying? That the cops are gonna sell that fetty?

  • Dillon Matthews
    Dillon Matthews 14 days ago +4

    My biggest pet peeve is when people tell other people about their "attitude"

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez 16 days ago +34

    I love that this happened. That drug is devastating to all communities.

    • J5 Productions
      J5 Productions 3 hours ago

      @P o o m it wasn’t glamorous but it was a good show

    • Big Boy
      Big Boy 8 days ago

      @P o o m yeah but that's meth nowhere near as potent or deadly

    • uh jeff
      uh jeff 9 days ago +1

      George Floyd would disagree

    • Tobacco Getting
      Tobacco Getting 12 days ago +1

      @Seline Dirroco cold world baby, ain’t nothin sunny

  • Alejandra Newton
    Alejandra Newton Day ago +2

    They just stopped hundreds of people from getting high. That’s messed up man.

  • Mikey Marinkovich
    Mikey Marinkovich 16 days ago +1

    Great job for law enforcement saved alot of people 👏👍God bless

  • Sean Daugherty
    Sean Daugherty 16 days ago +59

    Wilson’s life really fell apart without Tom Hanks to keep him straight.

  • Invinite Studios
    Invinite Studios 14 days ago +1

    Thank you and bless all the 100,000 people who had to die to get us this information in the name of science

  • m954
    m954 11 days ago

    The fact that this is a pharmaceutical drug made and sold my drug companies is insane. The CEO and those responsible of manufacturing this drug should be charged with crimes against humanity

  • brian johns adventure
    brian johns adventure 16 days ago +3

    Really glad they finished the search without incident. I was a little concerned for her safety for a minute

  • sprout sisters
    sprout sisters 16 days ago +4

    I'm sure he was on his way to deliver that pack straight to the authorities. He probably found it on the street somewhere and didn't want a kid to find it. Then he had to make sure what it was by putting it in his veins.

  • J. J. Sinclair
    J. J. Sinclair 15 days ago +7

    I'm still laughing over that middle name issue. 🤣 That's one way to raise suspicion. Good job Officer!!! 👏

  • I AM
    I AM 16 days ago +16

    That'll save some lives for sure, and unbelievable heartbreak. We know unfortunately, my wife and I. Our youngest son passed at 30 years a few years ago and it changed life. I feel so far away and old. Thank you and God bless you, Brian

    • I AM
      I AM 13 days ago +2

      @Christian Fritz thank you very much Mr Fritz. He loves music and especially the music from our days growing up. Dion Dimucci and the Belmont's, the Byrd's, Canned Heat and old Motown. We talk to Conor everyday and he's ever in our heart. You have a wonderful day, Brian

    • Christian Fritz
      Christian Fritz 13 days ago +2

      @Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol leave the speculating out of it. It is unwarranted and lacks compassion. It reflects your self esteem more than it defines the OP of the comment.

    • Christian Fritz
      Christian Fritz 13 days ago +2

      Rest in peace to your son, Brian. 🕊️ 🕊️ 🕊️ It is devastating to lose a child. You can still live his legacy for him. What did he cherish when you were raising him? Was it music, sports, video games, math and science? Always know you are not alone out here. Much love from Florida ✌️

    • I AM
      I AM 14 days ago +2

      @Seline Dirroco Hy, his name is Conor and he left a wife and three children. Seline I look at it this way , if God asked me that you can have this son for thirty years or not at all, I would take the thirty years. Look to the good and the bad pain leaves but my heart has a hole.

    • Seline Dirroco
      Seline Dirroco 14 days ago +2

      @I AM...Mr Brian; May God bless you as well. I miss him everyday. 😢 July 19th was a year since he's been gone. He loved his kids, his siblings, his step dad and me unconditionally. He couldn't get through his day without talking to me atleast 4 times on the phone or seeing me 2 or 3 times a week. The kids chat online with us; And miss their daddy. I don't like the fact that they sneak to talk to us, but they said that it's the only way. I'm sure your son and mine have earned the most beautiful wings in heaven. Even though we wanted them to be here,They were needed by the almighty even more. Although taken from our world and us, nobody can ever take away the love we have for them in our hearts 💕 You take care Sir; You're not alone ❤️

  • Linda Bennett
    Linda Bennett 16 days ago +5

    Right STOP at the Right Time!!! Great Job Officers 👏 👍 👏

  • Collecting Cardboard
    Collecting Cardboard 16 days ago +568

    You know you're dealing with a liar/career-criminal when they gotta'......" _THINK_ "......for 10 seconds, if they have a middle name/initial!

    • Michael Dolan
      Michael Dolan 8 days ago

      “Why you shining that light” facts lol

    • ChosenchildofGod
      ChosenchildofGod 10 days ago

      I knew he was done when he could not give a middle name

    • Luizifer Behel
      Luizifer Behel 12 days ago

      Trust me the best ones dont even have to think, theyre freestyling convincing stories 24/7

    • Robbie Matthews
      Robbie Matthews 13 days ago

      that’s the legal medicine we need to drown out this crap in the us

    • AssWaterTv
      AssWaterTv 13 days ago

      Thanks captain obvious

  • Yeshua's Talmid
    Yeshua's Talmid 16 days ago +5

    Why the edited video? It didn't show if they had consent from the individual to search the vehicle, let alone the fact there was no crime to demand identification when the officer engaged the individual.
    If the officers didn't have consent prior to searching the vehicle or RAS of a crime, then everything will be thrown out of a court of law and that criminal will walk free.

    • Gary Hoddinott
      Gary Hoddinott 14 days ago

      Asking for ID is standard practice in investigatory police work. When the individual in question provides false information to that early request it significantly raises the probability that the individual is not a law abiding citizen.

    • lightfighter25TH
      lightfighter25TH 16 days ago

      Exactly what was the RAS for getting his details a good lawyer will chew this up

  • Johnny G
    Johnny G 16 days ago +37

    To this very day, that individual cannot remember his middle name.
    😥 Drugs are bad

    • Michael Hunziker
      Michael Hunziker 15 days ago

      Still trying to get his head straight...

    • Billy Do Right
      Billy Do Right 16 days ago

      @Tommy From Snowboard Kids 2 she threw him off hard with the middle initial. He was expecting her to ask for last name lol

    • anthony konz
      anthony konz 16 days ago +2

      he knew it. just couldnt think of a good fake so he gave none at all.

  • Milton Hollis
    Milton Hollis 15 days ago

    Lady Officer" excellent Job!! Being Inquisitive an Asking he Right questions And Saving Thousands of LIVES.......

  • Eduardo Oblea
    Eduardo Oblea 15 days ago +3

    I THINK this reminds me how blessed I am? I was on those for 4 years & there’s one thing I’ll never understand. “Poppin” one pill can potentially kill you, yet when smoked I’ve seen ppl reach 20-40 in one day. Theyd smoke till they passed out wake up and do the same thing all over again 💔

    • Aaron M
      Aaron M 11 days ago +1

      The fety batches tend to have have dark and light spots. Some pills from a batch will be heavy hitters, and then the rest could be duds. Hence why some die off one, and then some can take 10 a day

    • Dave C
      Dave C 12 days ago

      Happy for you both my brother and sister are on those things don’t know what to do with them we tried putting in rehab but since they’re both adults they can sign themselves out it everyday I have this fear that one day I’m gonna receive a call that one if not both passed because this crap all I can do is pray for them

  • Ja Nana
    Ja Nana 16 days ago +439

    I was on the edge of my seat with the female officer questioning, I was worried for her safety!

    • smittyondadeck79 whodat79
      smittyondadeck79 whodat79 15 days ago

      Do you need a safe place to watch this video?

      pattz_trips ON INSTAGRAM SELLS GOOD STUFF 16 days ago

      👆👆The handle above has the best tips and stuffs for micro dosing shrooms, psych meds, dmt trips, psilocybin and ships swiftly 🍄…..

    • Mattnel
      Mattnel 16 days ago

      I was more worried about his at that point

    • Delmar Donte
      Delmar Donte 16 days ago

      No gun was found so what did you think he has grabbing ?

    • Moreno
      Moreno 16 days ago

      His left hand was clutching something the time and she kept talking like nothing..crazy!

  • Dxrk髪
    Dxrk髪 7 days ago +1

    He could of easily done something to her if he wanted to thank god he didn’t he was very cooperative wow

  • Backyardmech1
    Backyardmech1 11 days ago

    😳 The cop who found the stuff looked at his hands like he was figuring out how to get the gloves off after without exposing himself further, or others.

  • Sad Machines
    Sad Machines 15 days ago +2

    Hard to stay awake and alert when you're 10 heartbeats away from a drug induced coma/death.

    • uhjewdgbu oiujkerfhjeodu
      uhjewdgbu oiujkerfhjeodu 14 days ago

      @Tom Rogers technically it really would be, just wouldn't be a sad day 😂😂😂

    • Tom Rogers
      Tom Rogers 14 days ago

      As if it would be any loss to humanity!

  • SavagePase
    SavagePase 11 days ago

    This needs more recognition on a natural level

  • Carl Fouquet
    Carl Fouquet 16 days ago +229

    Thank you Flagler county officer's. Much love to you and all.

    • Zarvelda
      Zarvelda 16 days ago

      @RideForLifeCR250R Tells people to get a life while trolling in the RUclips comments. Grow up 😂

    • clowns
      clowns 16 days ago

      @Holo Scope US Military lab farms underground base\small city.

    • Holo Scope
      Holo Scope 16 days ago

      its the mexicans I tell ya! lol

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 16 days ago

      Agreed. Don't listen to these friends of criminals here.

  • damian green
    damian green 16 days ago +4

    What a genius.
    Great job guys.

  • Fightheads MMA
    Fightheads MMA 16 days ago

    Thank you Lord they prevented many people from falling victim and hopefully saved him

  • Rob Hunter
    Rob Hunter 15 days ago

    I hate when I pass out after a 1/2 assed attempt at a break in with all my drug dealing gear in my car, gosh, it ruins my day.

  • Samantha Busch
    Samantha Busch 4 days ago +1

    Lol when he said why you shining that light in my face and she said she's trying not to he said well you're not doing a very good job of it man I busted up laughing

  • Elisa Rosenberger
    Elisa Rosenberger 16 days ago +180

    What a great stop by the cop! Thank you for getting this stuff off our streets...

    • lanxy
      lanxy 9 days ago

      @J L I don’t care what he had. Illegal stops and seizures should not be tolerated and both the suspect should be punished for the drugs while the arresting officer was punished for unconstitutional stops

    • Boosted Lamb
      Boosted Lamb 12 days ago +1

      @nigerjuh8r so how do you know it was an illegal search? Explain which part you saw or didn’t see. The video goes from her being there with him in the vehicle to him being detained or arrested. Missing the middle part lol

    • elbenado elbenado
      elbenado elbenado 13 days ago

      It starts with chinese wrkn with cartels is why abbot callin cartels terrorists

    • Ronathon Greenwood
      Ronathon Greenwood 14 days ago +3

      @J L that’s a very unamerican view point, once an officer breaks the law they are criminals as well, they swear in oath to protect everybody and abide by the constitution.

  • [Redacted]
    [Redacted] 16 days ago +4

    A working watch is really important if your a first responder. Apple has terrible reputations for breaking and not holding battery for even a full day. I charge my Garmin Instinct for 5 hours, and it lasts 2 weeks.

  • Bob Coleman
    Bob Coleman 15 days ago +2

    How did they instantly know it was fent without testing it?

    RAG1NGx xINFERN0 14 days ago

    It's weird how they all got quiet once they realized what it is, they saved alot of lives.

  • Pro-Tech Tinting
    Pro-Tech Tinting 14 days ago

    This is why you respect and care for our Law Enforcement.

  • carolyn thornton
    carolyn thornton 16 days ago +387

    Thank you officers for doing your job saving lives taking this deadly drug off the streets. May God bless all of you and keep you safe in Jesus name.

    • carolyn thornton
      carolyn thornton 11 days ago +1

      @ArashiKageTaro IN MY VIEW/ God does exist. Ask Him yourself if He exists. Tell Him you want to know Him personally. Go ahead. Ask Him.

    • carolyn thornton
      carolyn thornton 11 days ago +1

      @LSnium IN MY VIEW/ How do you know God does not exists, did you ask Him? He has been waiting for you all your life to meet Him. You are in for a wonderful surprise. Go ahead. Ask God if He is real.

    • ArashiKageTaro
      ArashiKageTaro 13 days ago

      @DC Kidd very godly-like and religious of u. Just like how all you “christians” crusaded others different from you back in the day.

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 13 days ago

    Can't believe we live in a time where you.can get in trouble for using your common sense and good judgment when looking at a person and making a decision based on who they appear to be.

    • HoodTalkTV
      HoodTalkTV 12 days ago

      Believe it because it’s real out here my bro. Peace

  • John Doe
    John Doe 16 days ago +6

    Great catch. Amazing work officers.

  • TrippieButters
    TrippieButters 12 days ago +1

    “Well you’re not doing a very good job at it” 😂had me dying

  • Mace Maylion
    Mace Maylion 16 days ago +2

    good to see good cops 👍🏻 heroes

  • TTVsicknick _
    TTVsicknick _ 15 days ago +7

    I’m dead 😂 when he said “ it’s 3:30 in the morning … officer : yes Suspect: Good god almighty ..” I lost it 😂😂😂

    • Jayme Johnson
      Jayme Johnson 12 days ago +1

      Sounds like every man that lives around here honestly

    • HoodTalkTV
      HoodTalkTV 12 days ago +1


    • Don C
      Don C 13 days ago +1

      😂 ikr

  • noah brinker
    noah brinker 16 days ago

    thank god these police were able to get that drug off the streets. definitely saved lives.

  • Eazy
    Eazy 15 days ago +1

    No way she got a call about an alarm. That's a full fledged lie..... I understand the guy is a bad guy but come on now.... Gal just went to this vehicle and just so happen to see a guy passed out....

  • Ruth West
    Ruth West 12 days ago +3

    What a really brave policewoman. May she always stay safe.

  • Allen Rivera
    Allen Rivera 16 days ago +401

    thank you. after all these kids overdosing on one pill, they need to crack down more on these people

    • Joshua Williams
      Joshua Williams 9 days ago

      @Sylvia Rivas Yh but u also don’t know everyone’s situation so we can’t judge it’s as simple as that

    • [Hashknight Gaming]
      [Hashknight Gaming] 9 days ago

      @Kelly Renee Why do you think you have the right to tell anyone what to put into their bodies? Maybe you should have been this worried about your own family and what foulest of things in their bodies. The only 'drug' that anyone should use is the gift from God cannabis tossing people in the slammer is not the way better parenting is the way all 'drugs' legalized is a great way toward ending drug use.

    • [Hashknight Gaming]
      [Hashknight Gaming] 9 days ago

      @Kelly Renee I live in a state with legal cannabis and you can't find a street dealer for cannabis here that is how it will help by taken the power from the small time dealers and strictly regulate all drugs really if you take the market you can control the doses so they don't kill just get the high they're going for nothing wrong with being high as long as your in a controlled environment.

  • Jay Boley
    Jay Boley 14 days ago +3

    I need to get my self together after I wake up before I can remember my full name and age. Usually takes me like 2 red bulls and a cup of coffee, so I feel what this guy was going through.

    • udontkno
      udontkno 9 days ago

      More like a shot of fent

    • Elijazfraz Elsassafraz
      Elijazfraz Elsassafraz 13 days ago

      Psssst.... i can understand being groggy after just waking up as well but dont compare yourself to him lol he genuinely had a reason to be worried and was probably tired as well as shitting himself trying to come up with anything lol

  • Jim Ratliff
    Jim Ratliff 16 days ago

    Zeros like that taxiing around our communities have no business being on our streets with that much destructive power in their possession. Cats like this need to go away forever as they bring no value to our society. Unacceptable. Hold him accountable.

  • hahaha
    hahaha 16 days ago +6

    I bet she's glad she looked into him.
    Great work. 👍

  • Andrew Hutto
    Andrew Hutto 12 days ago

    The sad part is even though he had all those drugs, he’lol Barely do any jail time because our justice system is such a failure

  • Erick NATHAN
    Erick NATHAN 16 days ago +112

    Thank you for doing a great Job officers 👏🏽 🙏🏽 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽. Be safe out there !!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • Youngerick1990
      Youngerick1990 14 days ago

      @UrGreatestEnemy in the description under the video is that it smelled of marijuana. Idk if that’s true or not though. Can never tell when it come to the police. They lie so much!

    • mat lohn
      mat lohn 16 days ago

      @UrGreatestEnemy yeah any decent lawyer would be able to get this case dismissed.

    • DillyDallyLove5000
      DillyDallyLove5000 16 days ago

      They're saving lives! I can't believe good lives get destroyed because of that stuff. I hate it!

    • UrGreatestEnemy
      UrGreatestEnemy 16 days ago +4

      This video is concerning because this looks like it maybe an illegal search and seizure, so this case could possibly be thrown out, the video skipped over the reason for the probable cause.
      What was the cause for the officer to detain the guy and search the vehicle without a warrant.
      They cut from a person sleeping in a passenger seat which is legal he wasn't breaking any laws, he maybe considered suspicious because he is on private property at night but that is not a crime and a reason to detain someone, unless the owner of the property wants him to be trespassed and even then he must be asked to leave and refuse before being detained.
      He did not give his true name but he did not have to identify unless he is suspected that he committed or was about to commit a crime.

  • S C
    S C 16 days ago +4

    Some illigal activity, that's what's going on sweetheart. Nice catch by the way. 👍 You just saved alot of lives !

  • ImDemonWolf
    ImDemonWolf 16 days ago +1

    All drugs should be legalized taxed and regulated. That way we insure drugs that are safe to consume, consistent with freedom, and increase wealth for the government. Win/win/win.

  • Brie 🇺🇦
    Brie 🇺🇦 12 days ago +1

    Me: anyone who hesitated while answering their name is lying.
    Also me when the Starbucks employee asks my name: “uh, um, Brianna I think”

  • G8oo8N
    G8oo8N 15 days ago +2

    As a "criminal" this must be the dumbest. How you going to have all this on you and trespass? Haha 😄 🤣 GOOD POLICE WORK. Hope he gets a serious sentance..ND also make the trespassing STICK haha. Period.

  • Dee T
    Dee T 16 days ago +337

    What an upstanding citizen he is. 🙄

    • Dee T
      Dee T 11 days ago

      @The Shield I heard the FBI ran in on your man the other day. 😅 😂 😂 That's rather unfortunate isn't it? ☺️

    • Heroin Mom
      Heroin Mom 14 days ago

      @Peggy Murphy *You're, fool

    • The Shield
      The Shield 14 days ago

      Democrats still think he’s innocent

    • Zion843
      Zion843 15 days ago +1

      @Heroin Mom Lmaoo 😊

    • Good morning, Sunday morning
      Good morning, Sunday morning 15 days ago +1

      @Douglas Watters lmao you don't understand sarcasm, do you?

  • Gordon Hopkins
    Gordon Hopkins 15 days ago +1

    At 4:12 what was the female officer placing in the back seat of the truck? I am definitely pro police, but I thought that looked suspicious.

  • Paula Soutchek
    Paula Soutchek 16 days ago

    Let's hope the judge doesn't release him tomorrow. Thank you officer.

  • Makima209
    Makima209 Day ago

    We need more brave Female Officers like her!💯💕👌

  • lee jones
    lee jones 16 days ago +2

    I'm very curious, how do they know what drug it was. Does it have a certain look? And why was it blurred?

    • Bus Town BC
      Bus Town BC 13 days ago

      They also placed something in the back and then all of a sudden pulled out a book bag and knew what drug was there b4 testing it.....odd 2 me and fishy

  • Sweet928 Yeez
    Sweet928 Yeez 16 days ago +106

    When someone can't remember their name it's either, they're suffering from a head injury, or, they're high as a kite or there's a warrant out for their arrest.....

    • AssWaterTv
      AssWaterTv 13 days ago

      @Kevin Cloud you got alleged right in the alleged alleger.

    • Lukas Cage
      Lukas Cage 16 days ago +1

      Or maybe all 3…

    • Kevin Cloud
      Kevin Cloud 16 days ago +3

      @Mahaffey JasonIs that supposed to mean something? If so it actually doesn't

  • Victor Gutierrez
    Victor Gutierrez 10 days ago

    Huh, I thought cops were rendered unconscious when they got too close to that stuff. 🤔

  • Rashainn
    Rashainn 14 days ago +2

    God bless you all and your families 🙏🏽✝️🛐🛐

  • John Robles
    John Robles 5 days ago

    A death sentence should be imposed for those who sell and smuggle this poison.

  • Robert Trout
    Robert Trout 16 days ago

    I'm proud of the police for catching that. Those cops just saved way more than a hundred people's lives right then

  • migopurp
    migopurp 12 days ago

    thank you guys from getting it off his hands and giving it to places with licenses who legally kill!! thanks!

  • Sam Zurick
    Sam Zurick 16 days ago

    passing out in the passenger seat vs drivers seat bought him a year of freedom... i.e. instead of being locked up for a year and week he'll only be locked up for a week. dude's a genius. (and during that week he can get more tats at a sixth of the price)

  • Augusto Pinochet
    Augusto Pinochet  16 days ago +1

    I am happy that some, well, most of these bottom feeders are not very smart. Good work Officers, many many lives saved as a result of the discovery.

  • Stephan
    Stephan 16 days ago +5

    Good Job officers finding that and saving so many lives because of it 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    • Zachary Peery
      Zachary Peery 16 days ago

      For a couple minutes maybe, junkheads will OD on the next bag

  • Luizifer Behel
    Luizifer Behel 12 days ago +1

    He could make up a convincing story but coming up with a middle name was his inevitable demise

  • Matthew Washington
    Matthew Washington 16 days ago +1

    That's like saying "cops find enough bullets to kill 17 people in one gun!"
    just state the amount and move on. No need for the click bait. We love your channel anyways.

  • Mickey Gomez
    Mickey Gomez 15 days ago

    You can tell they where scared to handle the drug when they opened it.

  • pushingTR33s
    pushingTR33s 16 days ago

    So.....where's the point in which she "smells the odor of marijuana?"
    You know.....that thing that supposedly gave her consent to search his vehicle?

  • iforgot2fly
    iforgot2fly 16 days ago +184

    I've never seen a single brain cell work so hard to fire off a neuron! He really thought hard about that middle initial lol 😆

    • [Hashknight Gaming]
      [Hashknight Gaming] 9 days ago +1

      I have two middle names I have five names in total this is from birth two last names so I would take second to decide how to tell them a my five names.

      pattz_trips ON INSTAGRAM SELLS GOOD STUFF 16 days ago +2

      👆👆The handle above has the best tips and stuffs for micro dosing shrooms, psych meds, dmt trips, psilocybin and ships swiftly 🍄…..😎

  • Subaeruwrx
    Subaeruwrx 8 days ago

    kinda harrowing to see officer reactions to finding that, could easily die handling it improperly

  • James
    James 16 days ago +1

    It is however very suspicious a kid with all kinds of burglary tools is sleeping behind a business with enough fent to never have to steal again. Plus it was behind the driver's seat.

    • Itsme
      Itsme 16 days ago +1

      It was obviously a setup.

  • Blazing Cello
    Blazing Cello 16 days ago +4

    Lost my best friend/brother three weeks ago to pills pressed with fetty, you guys saved life’s thank you.

    • Zach Steele
      Zach Steele 10 days ago +1

      @Cool Boy addiction doesn't make someone weak at all, you literally have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Cool Boy
      Cool Boy 14 days ago +1

      So? Your brother is not everyone else, not everyone else is as weak as your brother.

    • Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol
      Centerton Arkansas Tyrant Patrol 14 days ago +1

      Same ones against drugs let alcohol and cigarettes be legal. The death rate on those is crazy. It's all about money. The war on drugs has always failed and has always ruined lives more than the actual drugs period.