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Marvel's Wastelanders: Doom | Trailer

  • Published on Sep 11, 2022
  • Marvel’s Wastelanders: Doom, starring Dylan Baker as Doctor Doom, available today on the SiriusXM app, Marvel Unlimited Podcasts on Apple Podcast, and everywhere you get your favorite podcasts.
    Directed by Jade King Carroll. Original sound design and music by Mark Henry Phillips. Story by Mark Waid. Written by Mark Waid and James Tae Kim. Learn more at marvel.com/wastelanders
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Comments • 797

  • Unknown Variable
    Unknown Variable 14 days ago +927

    Can’t wait for Dr. Doom to join the MCU. Seriously one of the best marvel villains

    • F3 moments
      F3 moments 8 days ago +1

      It better don't end up like Taskmaster

    • Stefano Spano
      Stefano Spano 8 days ago +1

      I do hope D.Doom will have a better treatment respect Thor we saw in the last Love and Thunder

    • ali freeman
      ali freeman 9 days ago

      You don't need to ..he would be wasted!!

    • Kanjiklub
      Kanjiklub 9 days ago

      The Best Villian

    • Ledros
      Ledros 12 days ago

      @Omega Storm I disagree, he's been more heroic than heroes so far.
      Only the path he followed was the opposite of the heroes.

  • HG504
    HG504 14 days ago +633

    This is exactly the kind of Doctor Doom we need in the MCU. Clever, calculated and arrogant.

    • -SpriteTrap The Animator DC2-
      -SpriteTrap The Animator DC2- 5 days ago

      Fans: thats the man we need on mcu,cruel and scary
      What mcu make: a lgbt Guy that hate cars so he kill someone and make unfunny jokes bla bla bla and nerd too

    • Mystic Flame
      Mystic Flame 6 days ago

      According to how Black Panther 2 goes, it doesn't seem like that

    • Pau
      Pau 7 days ago

      @John McKinney you feel bad for him because of his scars and because mephisto has his mother and all

    • Pau
      Pau 7 days ago

      @John McKinney he is like that in the comics tho

    • John McKinney
      John McKinney 7 days ago

      Exactly not a whiny sympathetic joke of a villain.

  • Cloud Guru Amit
    Cloud Guru Amit 14 days ago +369

    I like the confidence Doom presents in his speech.

    • Pau
      Pau 3 days ago +1

      @Ryan Goutbeck true

    • Ryan Goutbeck
      Ryan Goutbeck 6 days ago +1

      @Pau well in the real world latveria would be in Romania so whatever that sounds like so you are probably right, Either way he shouldn't be some American businessman but if he is like in the 2000's movies what can you do 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

    • Pau
      Pau 6 days ago

      @Ryan Goutbeck German actually. Latveria sounds like Latvia but it's actually more like Germany

    • Ryan Goutbeck
      Ryan Goutbeck 7 days ago

      He needs to have an eastern European accent more like zemo not some uptight american

    • Pau
      Pau 13 days ago +1

      @Big Feet he's about 40, not to mention how long ago his character was made (but no one really ages in marvel)

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 14 days ago +145

    This gave me the chills. I can’t wait for Doom to be in the MCU

    • Mystic Flame
      Mystic Flame 6 days ago

      2 months

    • Championzeme
      Championzeme 9 days ago +1

      @Pau he’s gonna be like: “I AM DOCTOR DOOM”
      and the heroes will say: “Really? Doom?🤣”
      and then DOOM will say: “That sounded a lot better in my head 😅”

    • Pau
      Pau 9 days ago +1

      @Black Clover he's going to be some Sokovian guy who used to work at Stark Indrustries

    • Black Clover
      Black Clover 13 days ago +3

      Dk if doom will be like this

  • IcedCappLord
    IcedCappLord 14 days ago +246

    An Old Man Doom story sounds awesome honestly. Really hope they also do one of these for the Hulk of the OML timeline

    • Alex Stewart
      Alex Stewart 13 days ago

      Could be pretty messed up considering what he did to She-Hulk...

    • Helmetness
      Helmetness 14 days ago +2

      Do you mean maestro

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago


    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago


    SPIDERMAN-PS4 14 days ago +86

    Doctor Doom is a great villain, one of the best, his powers are very good, he looks like he can beat the New Avengers in the MCU.

  • Kugrox
    Kugrox 10 days ago +12

    From what I remember about Doom, his super power is the ability to continue existing off screen.
    Think about it. All the major villains whether its lex luthor or red skull or whoever, they always get beat because they are trying to do their big master plan to take over the world or whatever. But then the hero gets wind of it and defeats him before he can do it.
    But in the case of Doom, he has already completed his goal before he's even on screen, so its not a matter of stopping him from completing his plan, its a matter of defeating him after the fact.
    This is Dooms true super power. The ability to finish his plans without the Narrator telling the protagonist his evil plan. Doom, for a comic character, is almost 4th dimensional. He's almost a 4th wall break just by existing. Because his very existence is a plot hole. How he can just, "exist" when not on the panel is insane, and how he can do things behind the scenes, also insane.
    This is what makes Doom probably the most dangerous super villain. He can just -do- whatever he wants when he isnt on screen. Thats his true power. You can't stop Doom. You can only resist after the fact.

    • Rootfish
      Rootfish 2 days ago

      Ah plot armor, got it.

  • Jock
    Jock 14 days ago +6

    I'm very stoked to see Dr. Doom in the MCU!

    SUPREME GAMING 14 days ago +114

    Can't wait to see Dr. Doom at black panther and secret wars

    • Mystic Flame
      Mystic Flame 6 days ago

      @kesavdarshan The trailer confirmed it

    • Mystic Flame
      Mystic Flame 6 days ago

      @Xi Jinping The Snail Name drop mostly

    • kesavdarshan
      kesavdarshan 14 days ago +2

      @Xi Jinping The Snail ohh kk...nice name and dp

    • Xi Jinping The Snail
      Xi Jinping The Snail 14 days ago

      @kesavdarshan It's leaked

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago +3

      @Xi Jinping The Snail rumor bruh

  • Nightlizard1564
    Nightlizard1564 14 days ago +16

    Honestly seriously want to see doom in the mcu and just for him to not only be compelling but menacing

    • Rootfish
      Rootfish 2 days ago

      They'll screw him up and turn him into a joke.

  • ᴊɪꜱʜᴀɴᴋᴜ
    ᴊɪꜱʜᴀɴᴋᴜ 14 days ago +19

    Dr Doom will be the main villian in Avengers Secret wars..!
    Can't wait to see him in MCU

  • Captain Lonely
    Captain Lonely 14 days ago +34

    I would love a Doctor Doom origin movie before he's introduced as a major villain

  • VG Facts
    VG Facts 14 days ago

    Yarr 😍😍😍 kategi zeher 🥵

  • Marcus Yates
    Marcus Yates 14 days ago +109

    What If... Disney fails to make Doctor Doom better in the movies again?
    Doom: "Fail? Doctor Doom does not fair"

    • Mystic Flame
      Mystic Flame 2 days ago

      @Rootfish The main reason why won't get a good FF is because they put both the fking avengers movie right after it, there should at least have been 2 ff movies before them. Also the way how Doom is being introduced is the worst

    • Rootfish
      Rootfish 2 days ago +1

      I've pretty much given up an ever seeing a good live action Fantastic Four & Dr. Doom, for some reason they just don't understand the characters

    • Mystic Flame
      Mystic Flame 6 days ago +1

      Any version they do will be better than the 2015 one

    • Pau
      Pau 13 days ago

      @OUR TRAVELS lol

    • m
      m 14 days ago

      L typo

  • Pavan Pkm
    Pavan Pkm 14 days ago +6

    Can't wait to see him in MCU. one of the best villain in MCU

  • Jaden B.
    Jaden B. 14 days ago +2

    these Wastelanders audio dramas have all been awesome so far. keep em comin'

  • S K
    S K 14 days ago +29

    Wanna see Dr Doom in the MCU now 🌟

  • Ajinkya Patane
    Ajinkya Patane 13 days ago +2

    After listening announcement in D23Expo i was not much satisfied. but after listening the voice of Doctor Doom i am feeling my hope from Marvel Studios is still alive. Now let's see what happens in future movies and tv shows. all the best to marvel and i know they can do it.👍

    SPIDERMAN-PS4 14 days ago +42

    Why can't Marvel use the animation style in this too make a cartoon? it looks so GOOOOOOOOD!

    • Rootfish
      Rootfish 2 days ago

      It's because in Hollywood animation is seen as lower and that live action are the real shows & movies. Also animation takes longer which is not the current Disney business model to keep shoving out content at a lightning rate.

    • Jayy
      Jayy 13 days ago +3

      @Project X not everyone likes anime art style, no need to force it onto marvel

    • Project X
      Project X 14 days ago +4

      That would be cool af because nowadays their art style just looks so boring and bland compared to the current popular manga/anime

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago +8

      it's a podcast, but yeah that would be smart

  • Tharsan
    Tharsan 14 days ago +11

    If MFDOOM was still here I can imagine him using this as a bit in one of his tracks. RIP to the Goat.

    • Ernesto Aragón
      Ernesto Aragón 12 days ago

      I was waiting for a sick track to drop at any moment

  • Groovy
    Groovy 13 days ago +2

    I'm gonna love this!! Doom is my favorite villain

    • Telegram me👉 Supercar6
      Telegram me👉 Supercar6 13 days ago

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  • SuperiorWare
    SuperiorWare 14 days ago +11

    Yes they bringing back Dr. Doom one of my favorite Villains.

  • Riley Ribble
    Riley Ribble 14 days ago +2

    The greatest Marvel villain of all time, coming to the MCU in about two months 🔥

    • Kang The Conqueror
      Kang The Conqueror 14 days ago

      Black panther Wakanda forever post credit scene 💥💥💥💥

  • Coldwater95
    Coldwater95 12 days ago +2

    Ahh back in the day when i used to love dr doom because of his dedication to achieve power...good times

    • Rootfish
      Rootfish 2 days ago

      He doesn't do that now?

  • Nostalgia
    Nostalgia 14 days ago +14

    I saw marvel and dr doom and almost caught a heart attack

    • Rootfish
      Rootfish 2 days ago

      Why? He's a Marvel character

  • Dennis Cleary
    Dennis Cleary 14 days ago

    Victor von doom is a character that everyone has been waiting to be done properly in the MCU

  • Azamat Yersainov
    Azamat Yersainov 14 days ago +1

    Can’t wait for him in MCU😍⏳

  • ʜᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅ ᴍᴊᴏʟɴɪʀ

    I want to do time travel for
    Secret wars😍😱
    I can't wait

  • Luxury Hub
    Luxury Hub 14 days ago +7

    "It was... Is... And will always be... Doom who pulls the strings" -Victor Von Doom, Monarch of Latveria.

  • Isáyah Phillips
    Isáyah Phillips 14 days ago

    Hell yes let's go! Episode 1 just downloaded for offline.

  • Eseka Prosper
    Eseka Prosper 14 days ago +1

    Finally there is dr doom in the mcu I can't wait to see he's powers him is the most powerful main villain of fantastic fours

  • Priyansharma
    Priyansharma 14 days ago

    I hope they take what it to season 3 and show us the God Emperor Doom as his debut into MCU...It will be FANTASTIC

  • Salman Ali
    Salman Ali 13 days ago

    I've finished all of the Wastelanders episodes, I wasn't expecting one centered on Doom but I'm glad its happening...

    • Telegram me👉 Supercar6
      Telegram me👉 Supercar6 13 days ago

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  • Kang The Conqueror
    Kang The Conqueror 14 days ago

    Can't wait for dr Doom💥💥

  • MysteryMon
    MysteryMon 14 days ago +1

    This sounds like a Fantastic 4 Show. Specifically the third season which the first was where Dr. Doom was the main villain, but now he’s back

  • Penny The Pigeon
    Penny The Pigeon 14 days ago +1

    please do Dr Doom justice when he enters the MCU. DO NOT DO WHAT YOU DID TO ULTRON TO DR DOOM! Doom deserves to be in multiple movies and even his own show!

  • Rebbecca- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞

    An Old Man Doom story sounds awesome honestly. Really hope they also do one of these for the Hulk of the OML timeline

    • Telegram me👉 Supercar6
      Telegram me👉 Supercar6 13 days ago

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    • احمد محمد حامد
      احمد محمد حامد 14 days ago


  • Magee Aaron
    Magee Aaron 14 days ago

    My man Doctor Doom! 🙏🏽💪👏

  • DntWasteIt
    DntWasteIt 14 days ago +3

    R.I.P. MF DOOM we miss you Villain

  • Super Sonic Fan
    Super Sonic Fan 14 days ago +1

    That’s an awesome picture of Doom.

  • Demetrius Prince
    Demetrius Prince 14 days ago +1

    Sounds like something that would be at the end of a MF DOOM track.

  • J.P
    J.P 14 days ago

    I'm so excited to see DOCTOR DOOM on the MCU. 😤
    The Darth Vader of MARVEL!

  • louis909
    louis909 9 days ago

    OMG I thought this was MCU I almost had a heart attack, Jesus

  • SHEN💗🙃
    SHEN💗🙃 14 days ago

    Masterpiece 🖤🖇️

  • AdzzieMac Edits
    AdzzieMac Edits 14 days ago

    Doctor Victor Von Doom is one of the most Iconic Marvel Villains and my personal favourite.

  • Nikhil Saini
    Nikhil Saini 14 days ago +1

    We accept more from this.....!

  • Aashish Joseph
    Aashish Joseph 14 days ago +1

    Doom was fr the main character for secret wars
    Hoping that marvel adds him soon in mcu

  • Dex
    Dex 14 days ago +1

    Dr Doom Sheesh, can't wait!

  • blah #noahdeservesbetter

    this seems so cool!

  • Nihan Al Sa᷉᷈dat
    Nihan Al Sa᷉᷈dat 14 days ago

    Fans all know very well "It's his appear time 🔥"

  • Spider-man😎
    Spider-man😎 14 days ago

    THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC💚💚💚🔥🔥😎😎💯💯⚡⚡

  • Benjamín Vargas
    Benjamín Vargas 14 days ago

    I like the voice of Doom from Earth's mightiest heroes

  • Magician12345
    Magician12345 2 days ago

    it would be great if when they introduce him he's everything we've ever wanted and more. after like even 2 big movies with him on the 3rd they do a face reveal and he's not a white dude. the haters would have a field day lol.

  • ᗪⴺᗉ⟝ℍ ℕO⟝Ꭼ

    I like the part where he said it's “Doom'in time” the crowd doomed all over the place .

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago


  • William Parrilla
    William Parrilla 14 days ago

    Yes Marvel we would love God Doom in the MCU and Galactus.

  • AH
    AH 14 days ago

    Today I got 5* Dr DoOm in mcoc... & I'm happy... 😘😁

  • Darth Coco
    Darth Coco 14 days ago +1

    Marvel Studios know they must do him well.

  • Toufik
    Toufik 14 days ago

    The only one who can defeat the entire marvel cinematic universe. 💯☝️

  • Masked Anakin
    Masked Anakin 14 days ago +2

    Makes me want to get out my fantastic four comics and read em

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago


  • Lazyboi
    Lazyboi 13 days ago +2

    0:37 he sounds like Andrew Tate when he says "fantastic four" 😂

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  • Ethan Alarcon
    Ethan Alarcon 14 days ago +1

    Sure Doom in the MCU is gonna be exciting and all, but Doctor Doom will always be the best in the Marvel Comics, that's a fact!

    • Mystic Flame
      Mystic Flame 6 days ago

      Best in anything

    • Theo Vaughn
      Theo Vaughn 13 days ago

      Idk I think they have an opportunity to take all the 60s and 70s cheese and the rediculous 'my mcguffin makes me tougher than everyone' trash storyline and really make a very cool, highly intelligent, cleverly motivated and manipulative villain for the ages, as befits the Doom legacy. He's my favorite antagonist of all time - in potential - rarely in execution. He becomes a parody of himself in the hands of many uninspired writers.
      Doom has the potential literally save the dying and aimless MCU, if executed properly by a true storyteller, and not the usual committee of fan baiting marketing people.
      Ie. If Doom gets the she Hulk treatment it'll be an insane waste of an opportunity to raise the storytelling bar. Imho of course ✌🏻😊

  • Nematic
    Nematic 13 days ago

    I can imagine this image of Doom being an album cover to an MF DOOM and RZA collab...

  • Alexis
    Alexis 14 days ago


  • Seth Colflesh
    Seth Colflesh 14 days ago +2

    They better put at least one MF DOOM song in the soundtrack

  • Troy Dyamond Wilson
    Troy Dyamond Wilson 14 days ago +1

    Just in case if you didn't notice but Dylan Baker is the voice of Dr. Doom in this.
    Dylan Baker has experience in the Marvel Universe as Dr. Curt Connors in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. It's cool that after all these years, he's finally returning to the superhero world but as a villain (Well, Curt Connors is also a villain and becomes the Lizard in the comics but you get the point 😅).
    Anyway, first the Wolverine podcast and now this. This looks great or at least SOUNDS great 😂😂😂

  • Black Aesop
    Black Aesop 14 days ago +1

    Mf Doom would have loved to see this. Rip Metal Fingers.

  • ConnorCHudson
    ConnorCHudson 14 days ago

    Finally, DOOM

  • Darth Coco
    Darth Coco 14 days ago

    Definitely want to listen to this.

  • Mr. Hemu
    Mr. Hemu 14 days ago +6

    Doom in MCU 😉

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson 14 days ago

    The best marvel villain of all time

  • RandomAnimator
    RandomAnimator 11 days ago

    This is what Marvel always does, they release a video about a character, don’t confirm them in the MCU, and the next movie they release confirms that that character is in the MCU now.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 8 days ago

    Henry Cavill Being Doctor Doom Will Be A Brutal Villain In MCU!!!! Please Marvel, Let Henry Cavill Play The Greatest Villain Ever In MCU!!

  • Sori
    Sori 14 days ago

    Viktor Vaughn Doom will never die out bro he'll always come back

    XFLOW3X 12 days ago

    Coming soon Dr Doom in the UCM

  • Mr D
    Mr D 12 days ago +1

    "...it is not just about power..,
    It's about drive.."

  • Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta 14 days ago +1

    This reminds of MF DOOM.. :(..RIP DOOM 🕊

  • Arun Kapil
    Arun Kapil 14 days ago +15

    I thought we got a trailer for doom series or movie sadness

    • Luigi Trippitelli
      Luigi Trippitelli 14 days ago

      @Arun Kapil what i was referring was of those people who are always "nooooo i thought it was the new blorbo movie!" When the thumbnail and title show otherwise and from what they are doing with their villains i prefer they don't touch him

    • Luigi Trippitelli
      Luigi Trippitelli 14 days ago

      @Pau it's more like of the quality and schedule,like look and the arrowverse it have like 4-5 shows at the same time and still worked

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago

      @Luigi Trippitelli honestly I'd rather something new like this, I feel there's too much movies coming out to catch up with.

    • Arun Kapil
      Arun Kapil 14 days ago

      @Luigi Trippitelli i am comics fan too. But it's always awesome to get better dr doom in a live adaptation than previous movies counterpart. Also it was not a trailer for new comics too.

    • Luigi Trippitelli
      Luigi Trippitelli 14 days ago +1

      @Leslieg1512 same
      There's always a MCU fanboy sad that's it's not something new for the MCU

  • Chris Stewart
    Chris Stewart 11 days ago

    I love this

    USADA HITMAN 14 days ago +1

    Easily marvel number 1 villain hopefully they do doom justice in the MCU

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago


  • Rezy Javed
    Rezy Javed 14 days ago +1

    Got me in the first half ngl...thought it was a trailer for Dr. Doom series ...

    SPIDERMAN-PS4 14 days ago

    Doctor Doom is one of the strongest villains in the Marvel Cinematic World.

    LIFE We LIVE 8 days ago

    Proud to be Doom Family 😂😂🙏🏻🙏🏻
    People of Assam don't take it negatively 🤗🤗

  • Frado’s channel
    Frado’s channel 14 days ago +1

    For anyone who doesn’t know this is the 5th part of an audio drama story that started a few years ago. Doom was a big part of the first audio drama of the series so you might want to go back and listen to that first if you haven’t. If you wish to listen in order I will list the order below.
    1. Marvels Wastelanders: Star-Lord
    2. Marvels Wastelanders: Hawkeye
    3. Marvels Wastelanders: Black Widow
    4. Marvels Wastelanders: Wolverine
    5. Marvels Wastelanders: Doom

    • Frado’s channel
      Frado’s channel 14 days ago +1

      @Jahny Bravo they also make references to the other shows

    • Frado’s channel
      Frado’s channel 14 days ago +1

      @Jahny Bravo thanks man. The first episode picks up after the end of the first show so I thought people would be very confused so I thought I would let people know the order

    • Jahny Bravo
      Jahny Bravo 14 days ago +1

      you're a real one

  • VHS
    VHS 14 days ago +12

    I thought this was something else 😥

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago +1


  • Greno Guy *what*
    Greno Guy *what* 11 days ago

    Me who thought this was a soundtrack for a new a movie and watched the entire video waiting for the music to start:

  • meer malik
    meer malik 14 days ago +1

    i wonder whos gonna portray this character.

  • Aarontronix8
    Aarontronix8 14 days ago +1

    Ngl I thought this was gonna be a new comic but this is pretty cool and interesting.

    • Pau
      Pau 14 days ago

      lol. same

  • gagan deep
    gagan deep 14 days ago

    Dr doom the best villan i like in mcu

  • Canep
    Canep 10 days ago

    Drop '❤️' -- Who wants to see Cillian Murphy as Dr. Doom in MCU !!! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Ol_AgonY
    Ol_AgonY 14 days ago

    Somehow the UMVC3 Doom voice had quite a deep imprint on me, I can't adapt to this new voice Doom has

  • ZERO
    ZERO 14 days ago +1


  • Gavin Helgeson
    Gavin Helgeson 14 days ago

    You could have simply made a motion comic for this 🤦‍♂️

  • JohnnyQuest12
    JohnnyQuest12 14 days ago

    Can't wait to see him "Foot Dive!" The avengers

  • Sipra Biswas
    Sipra Biswas 14 days ago

    Now bring doom in MCU

  • Adam G
    Adam G 14 days ago +2

    Howard Stern is the new Doctor Doom

  • Anjana 🌟
    Anjana 🌟 14 days ago

    Return of One of the greatest villains of MCU 🤩❤️

    • Anjana 🌟
      Anjana 🌟 13 days ago

      @Vaisakh VR I know they may change story

    • Vaisakh VR
      Vaisakh VR 13 days ago

      @Anjana 🌟 first you should wait for the movie because you are not the one making it and mcu always make different from comics so dont expect him because he appeared in fox movie

    • Anjana 🌟
      Anjana 🌟 13 days ago

      @Vaisakh VR Fantastic 4
      Any way dr doom will be re-introduced by marvel. That's all

    • Vaisakh VR
      Vaisakh VR 13 days ago

      @Anjana 🌟 what ??????
      Which movie is named 2024 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Anjana 🌟
      Anjana 🌟 13 days ago

      @Vaisakh VR 2024

  • Aspo_gaming
    Aspo_gaming 14 days ago +1

    Dammm that voice of dooom is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lucifer EDITZ
    Lucifer EDITZ 14 days ago +1

    For a second i thought this was a Dr doom project 😔.

  • Halal Newton
    Halal Newton 14 days ago +1

    They had us in the first half not gonna lie.

  • gaming boy swaroop
    gaming boy swaroop 12 days ago

    Doctor doom is my favourite villain