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If you beat this, I give you $2000...

  • Published on Sep 17, 2021
  • Install State of Survival for FREE: stateofsurvival.co/fundy for a chance to win a Lamborghini!! Thanks State of Survival for sponsoring.
    Giveaway terms and conditions: ss-news-master.kingsgroupgame...
    I will give $2000 to the first to beat this Minecraft Difficulty, because I know it's impossible. There is just no way...
    Twitch (I STREAM A LOT): www.twitch.tv/fundy
    Twitter (FUNNY STUFF): fundylive
    Discord: discord.gg/fundy
    There are secrets I didn't showcase in the video, to make the game even harder for you ;)
    first get this: cdn.fundy.tv/ImpossibleChalle...
    thats the plugin (aka. difficulty that I made)
    Get a spigot server up and running for 1.17.1, the plugin is made for that and you can just follow a tutorial for all of that.
    Make sure to have a full recording from start to finish of you beating the game, (it can be attempted with multiple people). The person who wins the $2000 is NOT the fastest, but the FIRST to beat it and prove it to me. You can send in the video/twitch vod via Twitter dm's, email, or just tweeting it.
    no hacks, cheats, xray, etc... is allowed. A set seed is allowed ONLY if the portal isn't fully filled in. My plugin HAS to be the only plugin that is enabled. GOODLUCK
    now the word soup:
    In this video I dont play on the DreamSMP, but instead I made one of my babymode difficulties, or impossible difficulties. It makes minecraft impossible in the hopes of a minecraft, but video like dream / dreamwastaken or george / georgenotfound or tommyinnit or wilbur or other dream smp members have done in the past. I coded it so that minecraft is actually impossible, and this is a custom difficulty / challenge / minecraft but for you to try out! I hope you enjoy this fun little project, it was a blast to record and make, and I definitely did enjoy it. I hope you have fun watching!
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  • Fundy
    Fundy  Year ago +9803

    Install State of Survival for FREE: stateofsurvival.co/fundy for a chance to win a Lamborghini!!

    • dina puspitarini
      dina puspitarini 8 days ago

      fundy nothing is beating it su324 you are goona need a bigger chlage

    • Annelie ivarrson
      Annelie ivarrson Month ago

      @Floofiol you can sell it

    • GatheredStorm
      GatheredStorm 2 months ago

      I'd try this even knowing the competition is over if I knew where to install it

    • ThMadDog
      ThMadDog 2 months ago

      Fundy can you try this competition on a multiplayer server

    • tcscity 3
      tcscity 3 2 months ago

      @Gabb Go Gabriella! Satan is a huge fan so be careful!

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    It's all fun and games until someone speedruns this "impossible version" of Minecraft

  • Jememster
    Jememster 11 months ago +583

    Fundy: *made the most hardest difficulty*
    Wadzee: Finally, a worthy opponent.

  • Eric Forrest
    Eric Forrest 4 months ago +51

    I thought Fundy had a happy joyful laugh... But now I realize it's more of an evil maniacal laugh lmao. Well done sir! I know I would rage quit but it would still be fun to try.

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement 11 months ago +206

    I love how so many video game fandoms have masochistic sides, where people create insane challenges that the community puts itself to the test of trying to beat it.
    Meanwhile with Minecraft, you’ve got people like Fundy making these challenges, and then subjecting people to them (usually with the promise of money) lmao.

  • Pixel?
    Pixel? 10 months ago +50

    You know when Fundy starts the video off with a "Oh what a wonderful NORMAL world." You know that everything is about to go down South.

  • Wisp
    Wisp Year ago +23812

    i may have to try and do this, for the love of fundy.

  • Gilbertina Stefan
    Gilbertina Stefan 5 months ago +5

    The Eye of Ender recipe could have very well been in the base game,since Ink sacks and Lapis fit with the texture of the eye of Ender and would encourage overworld exploration more.

  • SomeKidWithAVrHeadset
    SomeKidWithAVrHeadset 11 months ago +65

    Fundy just make slimes out of nitroglycerin and then stats talking about his sponsor immediately afterward. This is gonna be a fun difficulty setting

  • nuya buisness
    nuya buisness 11 months ago +9

    my man really made the skeletons have beta bows. I remember before they added drawing bows you could fire as fast as you could click, so bows were more like machine guns. It's so hard to believe that that was legitimately a decade ago. Minecraft being 'released' as a full version was such a weird concept.

  • Abhirup_0
    Abhirup_0 11 months ago +47

    Actually a group of speedrunners called House Builder Gang(which includes runners like Feinberg, Couriway, Illumina,etc) actually beat it and have won the prize, video is yet to be uploaded

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo Year ago +4814

    Have you ever considered not wanting people to hate themselves playing Minecraft?

  • i am definitly not dropping the heat

    The fact that death by glamour also plays when you stand still for five seconds cracks me up

  • Gogi Poggers
    Gogi Poggers 10 months ago +1

    This should be a speedrun category.
    Would take longer,but thats the point.

  • Good M4n2333
    Good M4n2333 11 months ago +5

    Fundy just straight up give us the middle finger

  • Coho3
    Coho3 11 months ago +6

    new idea: everything in impossible, impossible++, nightmare and cursed difficulty with THIS difficulty.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Year ago +3742

    I can’t wait to watch Wadzee to attempt this challenge

    • Genoplays3 3
      Genoplays3 3 Month ago

      Spoiler alert: he never did 😔

    • Thepanremastered
      Thepanremastered 2 months ago

      still waiting...

    • _Kvill
      _Kvill 2 months ago

      @SAMSON SILAS cringe

    • _Kvill
      _Kvill 2 months ago

      He quit.

    • z aciles
      z aciles 4 months ago

      Wadzee failed the last one, he aint beating this

  • Vince with a different pfp
    Vince with a different pfp 11 months ago +18

    Skeletons normally: shoots arrow every ten seconds
    Skeletons in this game mode: welp it is time to take out the ak47

  • nope
    nope 10 months ago

    Just a minute in, and Fundy already showed me one of the most terrifying mobs, silve- termites.

  • Preston Arsenault
    Preston Arsenault Month ago

    Has anyone actually beat this? I'd freaking love to watch it 😂

  • idiot
    idiot 8 months ago

    Good job on making this, Fundy!
    And i suck at minecraft so i already know im gonna die instantly in this.

  • Toxic Me
    Toxic Me Year ago +2146

    See you on next months upload 🦊

  • Evilbobskin
    Evilbobskin 6 months ago

    seems pretty beatable as long as you find crimson stems for wood and a ruined portal

  • Minecraft Horror Corners
    Minecraft Horror Corners 10 months ago


  • Ashna Samal
    Ashna Samal 11 months ago

    i fully believe that deep down he knows it's impossible

  • MayimMcDaniel
    MayimMcDaniel 11 months ago +6

    Happy Birthday Fundy we love you and all wish you happy birthday and hope your having a good day!!!!!

  • alessix
    alessix Year ago +849

    find a dog for the foxes, but don't let him attack the cat
    Use respawn anchor instead of beds in the end
    Gets obsidian and cover the cat with obsidian near the end portal, keeping him safe, and cover you at the final attack.
    Do dragons destroy glass? If yes, that's easy
    Build a pillar of dirt for mining wood or stone, keeping you safe
    Destroy leaves with shears, I think slimes won't spawn
    Kill slimes for easy mining trips. Use the skeleton that spawn to make the dragon take damage
    Axolots will die if they stay more than 5 minutes outside of water
    Axolotls kills squids, you can find some ink sacks randomly near the river
    Cat should give you a price if he stays awake in the night, use it at your advantage, it can give phantom membrane that is useful for slow falling potions
    Have always the high ground when doing things, mobs won' t be able to attack you
    Find a ruined portal for obsidian and craft some suspicious soup for fire resistance in the nether
    You can find boots while fishing and fishes, letting you heal the cat
    Idk if chicken will take the attention of the foxes, if yes keep some eggs with you
    Using the dream trick that he did in the last video ( getting elytra before killing the dragon) you should be able to get elytra, 2 regeneration potions and some op stuff
    Silverfish should die in the water and in soul sand
    Bane of arthropods will kill silverfish easier
    Catch the axolots to let them become your friend
    There is 8.5% chances that skeletons will drop one item when they die
    You can find leather boots in villages and shipwrecks too, and villagers can sell them
    If you don't wanna get attacked by axolotl find a frost walker book or boots
    Make a nether portal near the end portal and place in the nether some respawn anchor if you want more respawns
    Turtle master potion can be useful for the last attack, but it need a long process to create
    You can addomesticate fox with berries
    You can trap the cat in a boat in the nether and move with it, so it doesn't fall in the lava
    Hitting a creeper with a trident with channeling should transform it into an axolotl ( if fundy didn't code it to become a charged creeper on axolotl)
    Shields can get repaired with planks, so when skeletons will probably let it with low durability you can repair it
    You can find paper in villages if you want to enchant items without making sugar canes explode
    Idk if someone will find this useful, good luck with the challenge
    I'll keep updating this with new ideas

    • Christine :DD
      Christine :DD Year ago

      @alessix What if the dragon knocks you far away though?

    • HexyHexagonic
      HexyHexagonic Year ago

      And also why woukd you even type it.. it doesnt reward you at all either

    • HexyHexagonic
      HexyHexagonic Year ago

      @alessix its literally *impossible* so nopr

    • Lil’ Chilli
      Lil’ Chilli Year ago +1

      @alessix I realise, I just don’t have time to read it 😆

  • Slash Shorts
    Slash Shorts 10 months ago +4

    fundy *makes a new dificulty*
    wadzee: My time has come

  • Bear.
    Bear. 11 months ago +2

    Imagine playing this on hardcore mode

  • Xraenon
    Xraenon 5 months ago

    You see, your mistake with these difficulties is making a video explaining everything. What you need to do is do a short video, a few minutes, announcing and explaining the rules for the challenge. Then release the mod and let the players suffer for as long as possible.

  • Ssahj Sue
    Ssahj Sue Month ago

    How to make the truly impossible difficulty: Combine all of these (except spooky and baby mode)

  • ωнιтє [NotABot]
    ωнιтє [NotABot] Year ago +837

    Fundy: *makes another impossible mode*
    Wadzee: "Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!"

    • elijah
      elijah Year ago

      SB hold my tea

    • Deadline (XxacexX)
      Deadline (XxacexX) Year ago

      @Raymond Wang wadzee has beat all the challenged fundy threw at him even cursed so did you watch the full vid or Assumed he lost??

    • Gabriel
      Gabriel Year ago


    • rupam
      rupam Year ago

      Have you seen the complete video.

    • stormycentaur5 X
      stormycentaur5 X Year ago +6

      Sb727: weak

  • AustraliliPlayz
    AustraliliPlayz 9 months ago

    Custom difficulty idea: Death Mode
    Description: Everything within a 10 block vicinity of you dies. Plants (eg. Grass, tallgrass, leaves, flowers) break instantly without dropping anything, and all *passive* mobs instantly and drop nothing. All neutral mobs immediately get mad at you. Feel free to get creative with this!
    fundy please see this

  • Sea Moose
    Sea Moose 10 months ago

    he should've made it need chainmail boots to walk in the nether, way harder to get than leather boots

  • River Walter
    River Walter 5 months ago

    You should make it so the endear dragon is immune to beds, but they are 10x more powerful to you.

  • Clayton Wood
    Clayton Wood 8 months ago

    You should've kept the instantly exploding creepers, tripping, and poison grass

  • Mogi
    Mogi Year ago +4026

    This doesn't even look a tiny little bit fun. It looks like pure pain.
    Anyway time to make a video on it and suffer

  • Gilbertina Stefan
    Gilbertina Stefan 5 months ago

    After the Bad Time difficulty idea, here is a new one:
    Twisted difficulty:
    Most items take a 4X4 crafting space in a 4X4 crafting table(which is 9planks in a regular one):
    6Sticks and 4(sword material)
    Shield:8 Iron Ingot and 8 Logs
    Eye of Ender(regular crafting table):
    1 Ender Pearl
    4Blaze rods
    2 Blocks of Diamond
    1 Totem of Undying
    1 Enchanted Golden Apple
    6 Logs
    2 Netherite Scrap
    8 Wool
    Brewing Stand:4 Netherite 6 Blaze Rods
    Netherite:12 Netherite Scrap 4 Totem of Undying
    All mobs drop NO EXP
    Mob drops are rarer
    Arrows take a iron ingot instead of flint and Blaze Rod instead of Stick
    Taking damage from any Piglin/Hoglin makes you throw your inventory
    You can spill buckets if you are running
    Enderman steal any item in your off-hand
    Respawn anchors take 128 Glowstone to be a permanent respawn point
    Wither Skeletons can spawn with Flame Punch 2 Wither Arrow Bows
    The Ender Dragon has some new attacks:
    Healing 20 Hearts for Every Crystal remaining(which are all closed by Iron Bars)
    Spitting alongside his Ender Ball 20 Un-reflectable Ghast Balls in a Line
    Summoning Enderman when he Purges
    Enderman become hostile if the Ender Dragon has been at half HP
    Re summoning Crystals every 5 Minutes
    Half Hp abilities:
    Giving the Player Blindness for a minute
    Summoning even more Enderman
    Dealing 1 Heart of damage for every remaining crystal
    Shooting 30 Ghast Balls, 5 Ender Balls and 20 Instant Damage 2 arrows
    Final Attack:
    Summoning Wither Skeletons,Blazes and Enderman for 3 Minutes and then RAINING TNT,ENDER BALLS ,GHAST BALLS ,WITHER LINGERING POTIONS AND A DOZEN OF PHANTOMS ALL THROWN AT YOU AT ONCE(and the Phantoms do not take damage from any of these),also like with Bad Time difficulty you can not die in the end.

  • ChosenToKill
    ChosenToKill 6 months ago

    the skeletons autoattack looks so much like an mmo archer basic atk

  • Knight
    Knight Month ago

    In this video ive learned, that fundy likes to make stuff go boom.

  • Macdoodleer
    Macdoodleer 8 months ago +1

    So I'm okay with the jumpscares from your spooky difficulty, but i fall off my chair from an orbital strike glowsquid.

  • Bishnu Attreya
    Bishnu Attreya Year ago +468

    Fundy: *Makes impossible difficulty*
    Wadzee: Time to make 2000 dollars.

  • Mak Karpov
    Mak Karpov 5 months ago

    I wanna see how dream gonna speedrun it

  • Ordinary Knife
    Ordinary Knife 10 months ago

    Hey Fundy, I doubt you'll ever get to read this but I've noticed that you've been making "impossible" challenges for people to beat that turn out to be a bit easier than anticipated and beaten within weeks of the difficulty's release.
    I was gonna write more but I got lazy so anyways you should try to make a difficulty that's not for speedrunning but rather for survival, like those "I survived 100 days in hardcore _______ minecraft" videos some youtubers do.

  • Magic (I play Hypixel Skyblock & Stuff)

    Fundy there is one problem...
    The Nether logs are called *_stems_*

  • novastar
    novastar 4 months ago +1

    I want to see Dream trying this

  • SportSleepSchool Repeat

    Realizing how village chests could be so OP: black smith could give you 9 obsidian, and a pickaxe. Armorer could give you leather boots and sticks.

    • TotallyNotVods
      TotallyNotVods Year ago

      ngl either I had insane bad luck or the plugin removed them. Over the course of 2 worlds I found 4 villages and there were no blacksmiths.
      Seems sus

    • DickOnAToaster
      DickOnAToaster Year ago +2

      He'll most likely make all chests loot disappear lol

  • catkid0228 /sofia young

    This becomes 50x harder in hardcore mode.

  • Hekmatyar
    Hekmatyar 10 months ago

    Imagine dream comes along and speed runs it no dying either xd

  • spycidy na guela
    spycidy na guela 11 months ago +1

    Happy birthday Fundy!!!!! tamo junto irmão te amo

  • Pigizoid
    Pigizoid 11 months ago

    get all of the difficulties and mix everything from all of them into one difficulty

  • Saif Bin Fahad Al-thani

    everyone: cant beat minecraft with this difficulty
    WadZee: Fine, i'll do it myself

    • jonathan bernal
      jonathan bernal Year ago

      @Nandakishor NMI say that since SB did do the Cursed difficultly. But I don’t exactly know how to compare the two

    • elijah
      elijah Year ago

      We need wadzee again

    • BlooJay133
      BlooJay133 Year ago

      Let’s also ask Dream if he’s up for the challenge

    • JSGamer
      JSGamer Year ago

      I'm not feeling the same vibe that WadZee may able to do it again, especially with all this ngl

    • namesarehard
      namesarehard Year ago +1

      @Nandakishor NM wadzee gave up on defeating cursed mode

  • GoogIe
    GoogIe 11 months ago +1

    Let us suggest to build a custom difficultity!

  • Frankurt Protacio
    Frankurt Protacio 6 months ago

    i dont think wadzee will finish this game mode in one attempt

  • VVZ
    VVZ 10 months ago +1

    Me and My friends : Let's live stream this until we do it....
    1h later: Nope i quit

  • Clips you don’t watch

    This difficulty is about at easy as listening to the writing in state of survival.

  • Axcidity
    Axcidity Year ago +594

    Fundy : i made minecraft impossible
    Wadzee: And i took that personally

    • elijah
      elijah Year ago

      SB we'll see about that beats it in hardcore

    • You Lin
      You Lin Year ago +1

      @Muhammad Nur Falah so so true no I know I better one fundy: you cannot beat this this is impossible Wadzee: yeah right talk to my full netherite beacon

    • ajd ad
      ajd ad Year ago

      @Muhammad Nur Falah holup

    • My Phan hà
      My Phan hà Year ago +1

      Sad fundy noise

    • Edwaras YT
      Edwaras YT Year ago


  • Cheeze Burger
    Cheeze Burger 2 months ago

    Fundy needs to make it so that everytime you place a block there is a chance that it will turn into lava/watered pufferfish to make it slightly more impossible

  • Anne rufaidah
    Anne rufaidah 6 months ago +2

    Minecraft players who trying to play with this difficulty:
    Nooo,you can't just shoot me like a machine gun with arrow
    *Skeleton: Haha! Arrow goes brrrrrr*

  • Leo Promp
    Leo Promp 9 months ago

    Next time maybe have it so that if you break ores they spawn mobs, and the only way to get ores is chests :)

  • Bearplayzz edits
    Bearplayzz edits 7 months ago

    Imagine doing this in hardcore

  • Hot Blade
    Hot Blade Year ago +707

    Fundy: When can I go and get my log?
    Termite: *That's the neat part, you don't.*

  • Baylen Domenighini
    Baylen Domenighini 6 months ago

    Whenever you take fall damage, you feel the pain

  • J.H
    J.H 10 months ago

    How much firerate do you want the skeleton to have
    Funny: YES

  • daniel
    daniel 11 months ago +13

    Happy birthday Fundy hope you have a great day.

  • GluGluOfficial
    GluGluOfficial 11 months ago +6

    Ey fundy!, Happy birthday!, hope you had a magnificent day!

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax Year ago +5573

    The people who will beat this will slay the Ender Dragon, and leave with everything but their sanity

    • Flare (PK Fire)
      Flare (PK Fire) 10 months ago

      @Jesus is LORD Repent to Jesus Christ Repent to Jesus Christ is that you

    • 2leftShoes
      2leftShoes Year ago

      what if the persons already lost there sanity

    • antoinobardom 73
      antoinobardom 73 Year ago

      He couldn’t beat the cursed one

    • Shudeepta Rahman
      Shudeepta Rahman Year ago

      Including money

    • Nightmare
      Nightmare Year ago

      you cant enter this difficulty with sanity only insane people do this. Thats why im doing it on stream

  • Adham Adel
    Adham Adel 6 months ago

    Wadzee: 'finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary'

  • TRub1c
    TRub1c 11 months ago +4

    8:28 I think the 5 seconds go already

  • Pedro José
    Pedro José 11 months ago

    I watched this after i saw somebody do it, now im just gonna say that make it so you ONLY have 1 HP and you cant run

  • Olga Sevilla
    Olga Sevilla 10 months ago

    For the silverfish and axolotls, why can't you just stack up 2 blocks and hit them from above?

  • Rebecca Walsh
    Rebecca Walsh Year ago +672

    Fundy: Makes another impossible difficulty
    Wadzee: Challenge accepted.

  • some random guy
    some random guy 6 months ago +1

    Fundy : Haha, I have created an impossible challenge
    Gamer : Can the boss hp drop down to 0?
    Fundy : Well yes, but-
    Gamer : *yeet themself to pc*

  • Mozely Jackson
    Mozely Jackson 7 months ago

    I tried this in hardcore. Almost beat the ender dragon, and got knocked off the edge by a stray ender dragon fireball

  • Travis Ramlee Fauni
    Travis Ramlee Fauni 11 months ago +5

    you forgot about the no taking damage glitch:
    Save and Quit to Title

  • UnFunny
    UnFunny 5 months ago

    fundy's laugh is too conagious

  • loolitsalex
    loolitsalex Year ago +1817

    the next dream manhunt needs to be in this game mode 😂😂

  • FoxxoFuzzo
    FoxxoFuzzo 2 months ago

    If this hasn't been beaten yet,
    Bet I'll give my try

  • Bird
    Bird 9 months ago

    I haven’t beat the game yet at all so um… I wouldn’t dream of this difficulty 🤣

  • CyberX3
    CyberX3 6 months ago

    "Because cats are awesome" This man statin facts

  • Į
    Į 10 months ago

    I want you to make it so you cant break blocks or place blocks and everything hostile has 10x dmg

  • Randopatchi
    Randopatchi Year ago +2016

    It’s so nice to see Fundy giving WadZee $2000 out of the kindness of his heart

  • Chaotic Fox
    Chaotic Fox 11 months ago

    Dream should try and speed run this

  • Fwuffles
    Fwuffles 6 months ago

    Also make it so that everything basically has curse of vanishing and binding... and trying to turn keep inventory on crashes your game and delete the world

  • cat zhou
    cat zhou 6 months ago

    Difficulty chart
    Impossible: Remorseless
    Impossible++: Extreme
    Nightmare: Horrific
    Cursed: Death
    This one: Omega
    You probably wouldn't understand that difficulty chart.

  • Void
    Void 11 months ago +1

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FUNDY, I hope you see all the comments wishing you a happy birthday Mr. funny fox man!

  • Keegie_Creeper
    Keegie_Creeper Year ago +1057

    Fundy: "It's Saturday, it's time to make Minecraft impossible. "
    Wadzee: "Yes honey"

    • Keegie_Creeper
      Keegie_Creeper 11 months ago

      Lmao, why are these bots auto replying on every majorly liked comments?

    • Sweet-ruoS
      Sweet-ruoS Year ago +1


    • elijah
      elijah Year ago

      SB finally a worthy challenge

    • Sweet-ruoS
      Sweet-ruoS Year ago +1

      Yes he needs to do this

    • Ninja Clou
      Ninja Clou Year ago +2

      Not to be a meanie but he said he retired from these difficulties

  • Someone suglos
    Someone suglos 8 months ago

    Imagine dream speedruned this

  • Coho3
    Coho3 10 months ago

    ink sacs you can do by fishing, but you gotta keep moving lol and avoid skeletons

  • 1K subs with no videos?

    I am in shock not because of anything in this vid, but the damn quality of it

  • Stellar2Blue
    Stellar2Blue 11 months ago +2

    Wadzee be like “HOLD MY WATER”

  • Animechanxoxo
    Animechanxoxo Year ago +556

    Fundy: *makes another impossible mode*
    Wadzee: "I will find a way to beat this!"

    • Big bird
      Big bird Year ago

      @Michael that could be possible, but you need to prove to Fundy that you beat it without cheating, so I don't believe he cheats and that's just his editing style

    • Scissor Banner
      Scissor Banner Year ago +1

      Wadzee never even beat cursed mode

    • Michael
      Michael Year ago

      Well he is pretty sus, with yknow the CONSTANT edits, so there is a like 90% chance he cheats

    • Nikhil Mohapatra
      Nikhil Mohapatra Year ago +1

      But i guess sb737 or gamenight can beat this difficulty

    • Potato
      Potato Year ago +2

      Fundy didn’t say no gamemode 1

  • MinecraftGames
    MinecraftGames 11 months ago +2

    "from your boots"
    Me wearing literal boots: i am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

  • Alkazar
    Alkazar 9 months ago +1

    Dark souls players: "is this supposed to be hard?

  • NeonzPlayz
    NeonzPlayz 9 months ago

    A difficulty Idea
    -There is 2 Boots
    -You still have every effect you had right before you die
    -everything in every mod.
    -Every block shoots out 100 termites.
    -Every mob is hostile and nothing will stop them.
    -mobs Can break blocks with there bare fist.
    -Mobs don’t take fall damage AND they can jump from bedrock to the build limit
    -It takes the same amount of time to break obsidian to break any block
    -Mobs run at the speed of light.
    -You and a mob can be at the other of the world and the mob will come after you
    -Spawn rate of every mob is increased by a thousand
    -You have half a heart.
    -Trees are half as rare as diamonds
    -Creeper explosions have the power of 1000 TNT and charged Creeper explosions have the power of 10000 TNT
    -Going down one block kills you
    -Jumping kills you
    -In order to make an enderpearl, You need deepslate emeralds
    - There is a LOT of iron golems
    -Mobs can spawn anywhere
    -Every mob has the health of the Wither and The enderdragon combined
    -There are 10 Ender dragons
    -Smelting takes a stack of wood and ONLY a stack of wood
    -Any light Source is one block
    -Water is replaced with lava
    - All Mobs are immune to lava
    -Mobs can spawn at anytime
    -You can’t craft beds
    -Phantoms spawn on the first night
    -Acid rain exists
    -Sunlight kills You
    -If you somehow manage to trade, You have to give a Villager 64 EMERALDS for 3 BREAD. And that’s all you could trade for
    -Everytime you craft something, you only get one of that thing (E.g if you craft wooden planks, instead of getting 4 planks you get 1)
    -Armour Does not help. At all
    -All food poisons you
    -Everytime you kill something, It spawns 10 more. And those spawn ten more, and so on and so on,
    -Every ore except Diamonds spawn rate is 0.5%
    -All mobs are invisible
    -Witches can throw spawn eggs AND they potions way faster
    -Mobs spawn with ranged weapons
    -All structures are twice as rare
    -There was no good potions
    -Blazes are like Skeletons
    -Piglins don’t trade
    -Piglins kill you even if you wear gold armour
    -Wither skeleton heads are twice as rare
    -Blaze rods are as rare as normal Wither skeleton heads
    -There is twice as much lava.
    -Radition is in the nether and will kill you
    - The only way to combat it is by making a hazmat suit out of oil, fabric and rubber
    -There are Ten enderdragons, and you gotta kill them all.
    -Chorus fruit can teleport you anywhere on the map. (It still gives you poison) Even to different dimensions.
    -Elytras Don’t exist
    - End city’s are littered with shulkers
    -Mobs can open doors
    -Natural disasters exist, and they aren’t
    -Floods basically raise lava 1 block every second for one minute
    -Tsumanis are a wall of lava that destroy stuff. At the end of one the lava falls down and makes a pool of lava.
    -Earthquakes shakes the screen, throws you around and gives
    -Lava flows twice as fast
    Will add more in the future, You’re welcome to add some suggestions.

  • E
    E 8 months ago

    Idea for an ultra impossible mode:
    Add everything you've done in the past impossible difficulties, you have 7 hearts, you have permanent slowness II, you have to take care of 2 Boots', and take care of every dead and alive Dream SMP pet. Take care of as in: feed them all, keep them alive, keep them from being 4 blocks away from you, let them sleep, make them stand still for a break, give them water, and play with them. If you fail to do all these for all the pets, you die. If you die, you tp 95K blocks away from where you died and your inventory teleports to a random spot. When you mine any ore, you roll from 1-20 (rigged to have the highest as 5) 1-4 means you get your inventory filled with granite and a creeper spawns next to you. 5 means you get 1 coal. You cannot make a shield, beds explode in all dimensions but don't harm any mob and also spawns in withers or ender dragons. Beds or respawn anchors don't set your spawn point. You do 1 damage to all mobs, you spawn in with 2 hunger, for eyes of ender you need blaze powder, honey, 20 pearls, and leather pants dyed orange. You need to kill a wither to get 1 ender pearl, the dragon gets +1000 hearts the longer you're in the nether, you burn in the nether no matter what you do, cauldrons don't work, and the last hell thing before the dragon, -Sans undertale fights you- all skeletons are Sans and they surrond you in unfair bone and blaster patterns and cannot be hit. (I had to for the memes) now the dragon fight. The dragon spams all attacks and all crystals are covered in obsidian. The dragon says no u when at 1 HP and the fight restarts and the dragon is full HP and the crystals respawn. It also does 6 damage now so get dodging. And that's it lul

  • Red Dead Depressionist
    Red Dead Depressionist Year ago +727

    When is “I divorced Dream” coming. You can’t just end the series on a cliffhanger like that

  • Unknown
    Unknown 11 months ago

    5:54 if you turn the video speed at 0.25x and pause at the right time you can see a glow squid merged into tnt.

  • Raph
    Raph 9 months ago

    gotta love the fact when you die when you stand still it plays death by glamour

  • Lotty H
    Lotty H 4 months ago

    You should of made boots attracted to lava so you had to cover it quick