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Sting Operation Busts Professional Theft Ring With Millions In Stolen Merchandise

  • Published on Oct 5, 2020
  • Five people have been arrested in what is believed to be the largest stolen property bust of its kind in California history, and quite possibly the largest in the nation. Kiet Do shows us the culprits and a warehouse, bursting with boosted goods.

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  • emplugee22
    emplugee22 Year ago +1123

    Imagine being "professional" thieves then snitching on yourself on social media.

    • Zelinda Hodgkins
      Zelinda Hodgkins Month ago

      Lmmfao. Right.

    • westabsupply ebay
      westabsupply ebay 2 months ago

      Operation: incriminate yourself

    • Midas Welby
      Midas Welby 4 months ago

      Not the sharpest tools in the shed

    • Jaye
      Jaye 9 months ago

      I never saw it that way but it's the truth.

    • jake smerth
      jake smerth Year ago

      @Jujus 847 so all crime is not only equal in offence but, should also carry permanent life sentences? Man you better not so much as jaywalk in your world.

  • Just Doing It Jim
    Just Doing It Jim Year ago +99

    When you buy products on Amazon you don't "look at where it came from." Amazon is the one who's supposed to do any research needed to keep stolen merchandise from being offered!

  • Walt E
    Walt E Year ago +14

    When stealing under $950 is no longer considered a crime this sort of thing is to be expected. "The bad guys know no boundaries?" The City of San Francisco REMOVED the boundaries. If I was a thief I'd be on my way to California.

    SUMMERTIME 27 Year ago +103

    You could NEVER walk into any UK store and fill up a bag THAT SIZE without being stopped ... You would never make it anywhere NEAR the front door! Ridiculous.

    • nobodyMoby
      nobodyMoby 3 months ago

      Who's gone stop me?

    • LitJunk
      LitJunk 5 months ago

      In my state you having to be out the door/ point of sale before any confrontation.

    • theedrstrangelove
      theedrstrangelove 8 months ago

      Retail theft in your nation is just as bad as here.

    • BIG MAC
      BIG MAC Year ago

      @Jebbus me too buddy! I'm afraid I'd be living a nightmare in California

    • Jebbus
      Jebbus Year ago +1

      @Anonymous Anonymous lmao I’m living the fucking dream in my state

  • Saved By Grace
    Saved By Grace Year ago +319

    I would imagine it's worse now that they don't consider stealing a crime.

    • Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French
      Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French 11 months ago

      The only people who "doesn't consider stealing a crime" are those who steal. Literally everybody else does.

    • FaerieBlanc
      FaerieBlanc Year ago

      @pro2atexan Resolving crimes by always killing the criminal the minute they do a crime sounds like a terrible world to be living in...

    • Scott Free
      Scott Free Year ago +1

      @Diego Silang shoplifters should be thrown in jail for 5 years for the first offense. Get these freeloading scumbags off the street.

    • FaerieBlanc
      FaerieBlanc Year ago

      It's still a crime, but I think part of the issue is what gets prioritized for prosecution and the volume/speed of shoplifting occurrences. As long as they are quick and don't stop for anyone who may give them an issue, the shoplifter can get away. It's many stores' policy for employees not to stop them, because the cost of injury to the employee far exceeds whatever is being stolen.
      Near stores/areas where the issue is frequent, there may be a security guard or police presence as a deterrent (local Apple store has a city officer almost permenantly outside during business hours). But then hiring that kind of security can still be more expensive than the goods potentially stolen.
      It definitely creates an environment where theft can be a living with low chance of punishment/minimal repercussions. But it doesn't make much business sense to do otherwise, so that's what stores and consumers get. :/

    • supercoolguy
      supercoolguy Year ago

      Only if you Rob the evidence Warehouse.

  • Gary George
    Gary George Year ago +461

    This is what happens when you don't prosecute shoplifters like SF doesn't. Have seen reports of people just walking in and stealing products under, I think it is $900, and knowing they will be let go with a slap on the wrist.

    • Rc
      Rc Month ago

      @0311Mushroom I don't believe it's due to what you may think........ But it is ridiculous and out of control. Due to many things rather than light punishment for a petty crime ....

    • 0311Mushroom
      0311Mushroom Month ago

      @Rc and they are rarely prosecuted. I did loss prevention for 2 years there. They really do not care, even if the thieves assault you.
      Then they wonder why crime is out of control.

    • Rc
      Rc Month ago

      @0311Mushroom smh ..... That's ridiculous.

    • 0311Mushroom
      0311Mushroom Month ago +1

      @Rc not in California. There it has to be over $950 to be a felony.

    • Jen Ivette Bigham
      Jen Ivette Bigham 8 months ago

      Exactly!!! They only arrest the resellers but not the shoplifters as well?

  • The Calendar
    The Calendar Year ago +96

    There're obviously new theft rings of this size STILL operating near San Francisco since the looting still continues.

    • Stewart McKinley
      Stewart McKinley Year ago

      @Gen Li triads won't get their hands dirty in SF for that plenty of drug addicts to do the stealing they probably have there own warehouses but they don't want the same in their family of shoplifting.

    • The Calendar
      The Calendar Year ago +4

      @Gen Li Except that's not true. Whenever shoplifting fences are busted here, they have warehouses full of these stolen goods with the store labels still attached which are all being sold locally at neighborhood flea markets or pawn shops. It's a completely local thing. Shipping overseas these days is not cheap, so to move goods overseas piecemeal, even stolen goods, would make it more expensive than just buying it locally overseas, so even your idea is quantitatively ridiculous unless the product is very expensive like diamond jewelry. But most of the stuff stolen is just drug store shelf stuff, not valuables.

    • Gen Li
      Gen Li Year ago +4

      They're most likely connected to China of Mexico. China manufactures our goods, we pay for them, and organized Chinese gangs steal them and ship them back. I'm not even kidding. This is well documented in Australia, too. There are also massive Mexican rings that sell locally online on social media and send them to neighborhood shops in the US and in Mexico.

  • Ken P
    Ken P Year ago +63

    All "Legally" stolen under SF laws?
    It's essentially legal when you can't get arrested for stealing it and if you do you don't get prosecuted

    • L S
      L S 5 months ago

      The whole video was about these people getting arrested and prosecuted…

    • aye jay
      aye jay 11 months ago

      @May Bee 🐝 do you actually believe that? I mean these neighborhoods are crumbling and thats what u think? What if the thief doesent go to your place to sell it? Wake up man

    • G M
      G M Year ago

      SF is run by hyper-woke fools

    • May Bee 🐝
      May Bee 🐝 Year ago +1

      Sounds more like a way to catch the guy running the warehouse.
      Still great detective work!!!

  • Benjamin Castleman
    Benjamin Castleman Year ago +2

    These thefts are never getting out! I have never in my wildest days thought this was even possible! Crazy!

  • Yohannes Chane
    Yohannes Chane Year ago +3

    The victims in some ways are also contributors to the looting crime - by being negligent and lousy store keepers!
    What I don't understand is WHY SHOULD CONSUMRS (CUSTOMERS) BEAR ANY OF THE COSTS?? for the negligence and crimes of others?? Should they make themselves available to look after their merchandise too?

  • Joshuah Craig
    Joshuah Craig Year ago +1079

    “Over a million dollars of razors”? 🪒 That’s approximately 7 packs.

  • Tim Medini
    Tim Medini 7 months ago

    Way to go Ben! Great to see you are doing well and still fighting crime!! 👍 Great Job!!!

  • Toni Spears
    Toni Spears Year ago

    They have been doing this for years USA wide. It makes me sick because hard working managers take the heat when it comes to store audits ,loose jobs over it. When they come ito the store your not allowed to touch them. Makes me sick.

  • Banned Twice
    Banned Twice Year ago +10

    This is what happens when you decriminalize theft.

  • Leggo My Ego
    Leggo My Ego Year ago +34

    Imagine getting to prison and having to tell everyone you're doing years in prison for stealing tampons.

    • C
      C Year ago

      @Leggo My Ego and you would be correct. But just because I thought someone might consider it a pun does not mean there were Depends in the haul or that I even expected someone would believe there was. It was purely off the cuff!

    • Leggo My Ego
      Leggo My Ego Year ago

      @C You mentioned "no pun" because you thought it might be considered a pun, why else would you write "no pun". The only way you could have thought it might be a construed as a pun is if you thought depends were tampons.

    • C
      C Year ago

      @Leggo My Ego you are clearly wrong. I realize it’s a brief which is why I mentioned No pun!

    • Leggo My Ego
      Leggo My Ego Year ago +1

      @C You're clearly a guy, the depend brand is diapers not tampons.

    • C
      C Year ago

      Depends (no pun) on whether you’re a guy or a gal. If it’s a guy he probably wouldn’t be able to show his face. If it was a woman the sisters be like: “got any extras?”

  • John doughty
    John doughty Year ago +86

    This was nine months ago and they’re still letting this shit go on, blame your politician!

    • Sandy Charlton
      Sandy Charlton Year ago +1

      @I am a Cat 2 out of 3 voter,s are Democrat in California. And we all now how dumb Democrat,s are so yeah they probably did vote for her

    • Sandy Charlton
      Sandy Charlton Year ago +1

      How about we blame the voters

    • Donette Gibson
      Donette Gibson Year ago +1

      Stop voting for enablers.

    • Jae Eph
      Jae Eph Year ago +2

      Blame the voters.

    • swirly squirrel
      swirly squirrel Year ago

      @Candy smith young white ladies shoplifting, old white ladies....they'd smile at me back to the cam, then the twist and it's gone, they stuffed the product down their pants...soon they have stores encased in plexiglass lining the main isles and attendants behind the plexiglass to go down the aisle to get the product....thr end of the traditional big box...

  • purberri
    purberri Year ago +4

    Answers a lot of questions why Amazon and other online websites have third party retailers selling goods

    SUNSYLOFITNESS Year ago +1

    All I can say is wow great job to all the law enforcement officers 👏😄✌🏽

  • Mikey Mike
    Mikey Mike Year ago +28

    “Professional shoplifters” my guy they literally will walk into a store, rob it with no mask during a time where it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a full mask,

  • Cold Beer
    Cold Beer Year ago +57

    Not arresting shop lifters and you end up with focused theft rings, holy shit it can't be that hard to figure out.

    • swirly squirrel
      swirly squirrel Year ago

      @Spank A Leftist i want to end wasicu blight worshipping and austerity criminal production, forcing poverty is causing this....tear down Alcatraz Island, that's dumb, keeping it as a symbol of stupidity. We will put a world class tourist destination casino and you can come work for us, opening doors and picking up cigarette butts, it ain't much, but you gotta do it

    • swirly squirrel
      swirly squirrel Year ago

      @ssjwes squirrel taste good and there is Oakland Chinatown

    • ssjwes
      ssjwes Year ago +1

      @swirly squirrel A bunch of big box stores are leaving your cities and shutting down their operations already.... Last I saw walgreens shut 17 stores since the start of the year. And then you'll complain about food deserts next wonder why is everyone leaving...

    • swirly squirrel
      swirly squirrel Year ago

      @No ducks that's t he problem with P.L. 280 tribes in Karenfornia, all the Karenfornia tribes were mostly exterminated by 1850....

    • swirly squirrel
      swirly squirrel Year ago

      @S Blijheid and if you are not native American, you are a colonizer, trying to rationalize buying stolen land from the land thieves, stolen people stealing on stolen land and there is no in justice on stolen land, it will escalate, huge white collar crimes, banks closing, vacancies everywhere...any side we are on the subject, Karenfornia stole our Black Hills gold

  • Charlie Chuckleberry

    Imagine these thieves stealing stuff off your car worth under $950, and you get punished for stoping them; while the theif is innocent of all crimes(because CA law says its not a crime to steal under $950). This is basically why stores cannot stop the petty criminals.

  • uTubeStalker DotCom
    uTubeStalker DotCom Year ago +11

    so this means a lot of the theft that happened during the protests was caused by professional thieves.. a friend of mine said during the earlier protests a bunch of residents in her building took things from a raided store (across the street) multiple times.. so not just professional thieves but local opportunists

  • Jeff Barris
    Jeff Barris 10 months ago +1

    Preventing these thefts in the first place by aggressive patrolling and arrests will STOP this !!!!

  • TheValueKing
    TheValueKing Year ago +225

    The Judge is gonna count all the stolen merchandise as less than $950 and slap everyone with a misdemeanor

    • Oz
      Oz Year ago

      yall act like they were going to give them bail anyways lol

    • Suzie cream cheese
      Suzie cream cheese Year ago +1

      I think this is a federal issue so they’ll handle it. A lot of politicians have stock in these companies. They benefit if the companies stay financially healthy. Follow the money, always.

    • Joseph Escott
      Joseph Escott Year ago +1

      This comment and replies thread wraps up pretty much everything i have gathered about the west coast and their judicial system the last few years.

    • Never give up
      Never give up Year ago

      The judge is there biggest buyer

    • Stewart McKinley
      Stewart McKinley Year ago +1

      @Johnathan Geek all elections are rigged if SF for decades now

  • BurnBridges BuildBoats

    "AKA: The Medicine Man."
    This has to be a horrible movie or a twisted nightmare...How is this real life? 🤯

  • ssjwes
    ssjwes Year ago

    I hope people understand that the changes in your theft laws made this even easier to accomplish. All it takes is a couple dozen people stealing less than a grand at a time and within weeks have this kind of inventory...

  • C
    C Year ago +1

    Boy, I bet Sheriff Grady Judd would have been salivating over that sting! Excellent work law enforcement folks in CA. As if that state can afford to lose that kind of money.

  • RagingKnight
    RagingKnight Year ago +13

    Wait....now I’m suspicious of those vendors at flea markets with tables displaying these sort of items for sale. No way they’re “surplus”.

  • Randall Green
    Randall Green Year ago +4

    There's enough Stolen merchandise to start a "Stolen Goods" retail outlet.

  • Tuvoca
    Tuvoca Year ago

    It's nice to see them stop this.
    Sometimes idiots get away with stuff... until they don't.

  • Perro Pulgoso
    Perro Pulgoso Year ago +8

    How did law enforcement let this ring get so big for so long, they haven't been doing their job, pathetic incompetence.

  • Pamela Wing
    Pamela Wing Year ago

    It's about time. These thieves cannot be allowed to continue what they are doing and the shop lifting laws need to be brought back and people need to be charged and sentenced to the maximum allowed. I know a big flea market where I have seen items, over the years, like the ones shown here. Not hard to seel it.

  • angel chiriboga
    angel chiriboga Year ago +1

    this is why the general stores of the past were so good. You came to a counter asked for your stuff, it was brought to you, you paid and left with it.

  • Carter Merz
    Carter Merz Year ago

    Wait, you're telling me when you decriminalize theft crime rings pop up? Crazy

  • vshah1010
    vshah1010 Year ago +1

    These people are very organized. Other than bags, everything is stacked on shelves or put on tables. They are in clear, stacked, and labelled containers. They are in floor boxes and pallets. The organization of items is impressive.

  • Kristofer Milhauser
    Kristofer Milhauser Year ago +1

    Lol how professional could it be when these a holes walk into a store with a trash bag, casually load up then walk out without paying? People who don't even have a car to get away with. This is the result of "defund" the police and other insane and horrible democratic policies in California

  • Ravenstylea2
    Ravenstylea2 Year ago +686

    I don't condone this, but CVS prices are absurd.

    • DIY Boom Boxes In Texas
      DIY Boom Boxes In Texas 4 months ago

      @Fredrcg Nobody holds a gun to their head and makes them shop there

    • Carolina Carolina
      Carolina Carolina Year ago

      @Royal Tee 🤣

    • Lee
      Lee Year ago

      @Jim Cherry ummmmm no. CVS & Walgreens have always been super high priced. Long before all of this started happening.

    • Kerr
      Kerr Year ago +1

      I guess CVS has to jack up the price because of this.

    • stanich jones
      stanich jones Year ago

      @Mister Cash wàaaaaa

  • Paul Rozinski
    Paul Rozinski Year ago

    What is going to happen to all of this product evidence once the cases are adjudicated??? I don’t think it can be returned to the stores to be sold ( especially medications) because of the break in the chain of custody. Maybe it can be sent to less fortunate people in other parts of the world . I just hope it’s not all destroyed.

  • A Love Supreme
    A Love Supreme Year ago +1

    Gotta love their organization skills!!! 🤦‍♀️

  • Lulu
    Lulu Year ago

    How the heck would I know items from Amazon were stolen? Should Amazon check to make sure the business is legitimate?

  • Joseph Parisella
    Joseph Parisella Year ago

    This video report shows the ineptness of actions that were taken to correct the problem given the date(10/06/2020) and here we are (07/30/2021) and nothing has changed.

  • Dahmian Moore
    Dahmian Moore Year ago +153

    My garage looks like that warehouse, thanks to my wife's extreme couponing.

    • Dan Dan
      Dan Dan 2 months ago

      I feel sorry for you lol

    • gardensofthegods
      gardensofthegods 4 months ago

      @Reds Playhouse and all that toothpaste is worthless cuz it has fluoride in it which is so bad for your brain and your whole neurology it's a toxin and that's why on the box it says harmful if swallowed ... think about it .

    • maya 🪐🔆
      maya 🪐🔆 Year ago


    • Kathy R
      Kathy R Year ago +1

      @Reds Playhouse 🤣🤣

    • Anakin's Dad
      Anakin's Dad Year ago

      @Reds Playhouse you want to sell some?

  • Frank Lesser
    Frank Lesser Year ago

    This what inevitably happens when theft is legalized.

  • RS Golden
    RS Golden Year ago

    Maybe it's time for CVS to act like Walmart! You can't leave the store unless the items o your RECEIPT are reviewed. No employee ever says a word when they stand by and watch as thieves leave their store! Deserve it!

  • Saurabh Gupta
    Saurabh Gupta Year ago +17

    8 million in CVS retail terms, actual value 500K.

    • METALMAN4Wii
      METALMAN4Wii Year ago +3

      Cost the Tax payers 10 Million to help the CVS make more money when they already wrote off those items also.

  • Chris Sanchez
    Chris Sanchez Year ago

    This is what happens when you change laws that allow shoplifting, do not arrest shoplifters, tell store employees not to call police they will not arrest/prosecute shoplifters. Store clerks are advised to let them leave the store with their bags full of merchandise.

  • Jim Knowlton
    Jim Knowlton Year ago +9

    Amazing what happens when you won't prosecute shop lifters.

  • P
    P Year ago

    I really hope this falls in the jurisdiction of the state AG because we all know Chesa Boudin is itching to downgrade this to a misdemeanor to let these guys back on the street.

  • PM
    PM Year ago

    This should have never happened in the first PLACE!

  • Patrick Choi
    Patrick Choi Year ago +1

    When the state is not getting their tax revenue you know its going to be trouble. That is when they will step it up on their game to arrest these fools.

  • yes333yes
    yes333yes Year ago

    Ask yourself, does the government return this to the people it was stolen from or do they auction or sell it off? Then consider keeping stolen property and profiting off of it are both crimes.

  • Kobe Halbert
    Kobe Halbert Year ago +4

    This is actually insane how complex and organized they are.

  • William Kreth
    William Kreth Year ago

    I cannot stand thieves! especially ones who steal for profit!

  • bob howard
    bob howard Year ago +4

    So, after this they quit investigating and arresting anyone for shoplifting again.

  • uofa82
    uofa82 Year ago +1

    I wouldn’t be surprised if shopping inside stores goes out completely. It saves the stores a lot of money to do the shopping for us.

  • juan gonzalez
    juan gonzalez 10 months ago +2

    I hope they don't destroy all those items / evidence. Hopefully they will donate them to a shelter or people in need.

  • tryspin
    tryspin Year ago +903

    When they said biggest theft ring bust I thought they were talking about the government.

    • Suzie cream cheese
      Suzie cream cheese Year ago


    • Lamia Allen
      Lamia Allen Year ago

      Lolololol 😅😂😭😅😭😂😭😅😭😂😭😅😭😂 HILARIOUS

    • Todd Warner
      Todd Warner Year ago

      @Jimmy Day or go bankrupt and into state DOI receivership? Do some basic research, you would look less foolish.

    • k
      k Year ago

      Biggest theft ring no bust though

    • Turbo Mustang
      Turbo Mustang Year ago


  • angryBorderschick

    Another thing about buying from an online seller or from a flea market is that these people could also tamper with the product(s), so you're also risking your health as well as your money.

  • Gordon Waite
    Gordon Waite Year ago +59

    How does this “Largest of its kind” bust solve the problem of massive shoplifting that will force stores to either close or pass on the cost of the loss on to the consumer? Arrest and prosecute the “shoplifters” as felony burglary charges (they really are burglars because they enter the store with the intent to steal.) Stop this madness now.

    • Jason Crandall
      Jason Crandall Year ago

      I do reset work in DGs & FDs throughout Tampa to Dade City FL.
      I talk to a lot of store managers & some counties the Sheriff's office will come arrest shoplifters for stealing (not sure on the amounts you mentioned) like Polk county but like around Tampa (& even parts of Polk) the store managers experience hardly any attention from the police or county sheriffs. I always find opened empty boxes of products (batteries to hba items) on the shelves in the sections that I reset. I don't see or hear about to many of these shoplifting mobs but shoplifting is pretty common even in this "red state" of Florida. I also lived in Polk county for 7 years doing the exact type of work. About 6 or 7 years ago the DG off of Ronald Reagan Pkwy (Polk) got robbed of all their cigarettes during the night.

    • encinobalboa
      encinobalboa Year ago

      @Jason Crandall Eyes do not lie. Shoplifting has gotten so bad that retail chains are closing locations. The locations that remain open have curtailed hours of operation. Sort of like a curfew against the zombie thieves.

    • encinobalboa
      encinobalboa Year ago +1

      @Jason Crandall Does Florida have Prop 47 with $950 shoplifting limit? Does Fl have DA who will not prosecute? This is Democrat new age thinking at its finest.

    • parker smith
      parker smith Year ago +1

      @Marcia long have you seen the videos. We know what Biden said about black voters voting Republican

    • Marcia long
      Marcia long Year ago

      Smith usually the criminals are republicans

  • Judy De
    Judy De Year ago

    CVS has already been payed for this stuff because you have paid for this stuff through higher prices , so all this material , all these products should go to the needy in the community and then let’s never ever ever let this happen again arrest & prosecute shoplifters. Preacher PaulD

  • Jazz Guitar Clinic
    Jazz Guitar Clinic Year ago +1

    Finally the police are allowed to do their job.

  • Yeah Okay
    Yeah Okay Year ago +98

    🤣 It's a lose lose situation. You're either buying from corporate criminals or buying from street criminals.

  • Cold Hashbrowns
    Cold Hashbrowns Year ago

    Thank you for reporting news.

  • steve zorn
    steve zorn Year ago +1

    Not one mention about the causation of this theft ring. You don't get arrested if it's under $1,000 dollars. Change this law, arrest everyone who steals and this will slow down or stop. You reward bad behavior and expect it to reduce? Change law and start arresting petty theft.

  • Clorox Bleach #1
    Clorox Bleach #1 Year ago

    You can still be prosecuted for shoplifting. Misdemeanors are capped at 950. After 950, it becomes a felony. I think some cities don't have their officers "take action" unless it is a felony. A store can still do a private arrest and then have them be taken into custody, but they have to be willing to do it themselves. In any case, they can still be prosecuted. Recently, Newsom signed a law that gives prosecutors the chance to decide weather or not they can charge someone with a misdemeanor or a felony... so I think that will help.

  • Perry Williams
    Perry Williams Year ago

    The cost for that theft comes out of our pockets! 😡

  • Ben Jovic
    Ben Jovic Year ago

    Watching this video almost 1 year later. Every Bruh became a a professional Thief. So how did this bust make a difference? where are you cops?

  • Darttoyou1
    Darttoyou1 Year ago

    The cop literally puts the blame on online shoppers rather than a dysfunctional police force that couldn't catch a cold in a reasonable amount of time.

  • T M
    T M Year ago +1

    This plus what's looted it's amazing retail is able to keep afloat. The prices on ideams can ride because of loss.

  • Bigfatdave Bigfatdave

    So now the question is; What happens to all the recovered merchandise? Will the vendor be able to recover it ? Will it sit in evidence forever? Will the LEOs use it for themselves or start their own black market? Lord knows they do it with recovered illicit drugs. Is there a way to determine who it was stolen from, Rite-Aide, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart? My guess is that the merchandise is as gone with the cops as it was with the thieves.

  • owleyes 11
    owleyes 11 Year ago +57

    $900 here and $900 there, and pretty soon we'll be talking about real money.

    • GsaUce Rug
      GsaUce Rug Year ago

      @owleyes 11 REEEEEEEEEEEE

    • owleyes 11
      owleyes 11 Year ago

      @dennis shady I was just mimicking Sen Dirkson of Illinois. Yes, I'm that old.

    • dennis shady
      dennis shady Year ago

      Nine hundred bucks may not sound like much to you but if you're a small-business owner it means a lot

    • ChiefsChiLLaXN
      ChiefsChiLLaXN Year ago

      that's probably 900 before tax after taxes its actually over 1000 dollars.

  • Tom O
    Tom O Year ago +18

    They'll all be released, no charges. It's probably happened already.

  • Bob Loosemore
    Bob Loosemore Year ago

    The stores get just what they deserve - and should be sued for allowing it and wasting police time.

  • Kris Dunwoody
    Kris Dunwoody 10 months ago

    Voters in SF greatly need to help improve the situations by asking Government Leaders to fire Judges that are doing "Revolving Door Policy" with Criminals. If voted into the job, the Voters need to NOT wait until the next election and demand a Recall Election. Also bring back the toughest laws.

  • Stray Cat
    Stray Cat 2 years ago +21

    But getting the stuff back won’t make the price go down? Smh!

  • Chris Holley
    Chris Holley Year ago

    I think if they had proper theft security measures in place non of this would ever happen.

  • TyteMind
    TyteMind Year ago +1

    They’ll just get a slap on the hand. Same inept prosecution system over & over again.

  • Ivan Moreno
    Ivan Moreno Year ago +2

    No wonder CVS is expensive asf 😅, I went there to get some vitamins one day.. I walked out with just a bang energy drink and went to Walmart 😂

  • BlessedLife
    BlessedLife Year ago +2

    How do y'all know these guys aren't just extreme couponers? 😆

  • Shelley Schoenfeld
    Shelley Schoenfeld Year ago +13

    Literally jaw-dropping! Seeing all that stolen merchandise, how are we to know what, we are purchasing online, is stolen?

    • mandy moore
      mandy moore Year ago

      I’m agreeing w legatus on this one! Absolutely correct! & to the original question, even if you don’t know it’s stolen merch it still counts against you as receiving stolen goods.

    • Charles Yates
      Charles Yates Year ago

      The cops will knock on your door arrest you and your family and seize everything you own thsts how you will know .

    • Testarossa Legatus-Brynhildr
      Testarossa Legatus-Brynhildr Year ago +4

      If it's cheaper I don't care. If you do you're just giving your money to the corrupt politicians mismanaging our state and making this shit possible.

  • Siri
    Siri Year ago

    how a regular customer should educate themselves for a cheaper product may link to a crime. especially for the drags, people do pay attention to purchase from a legit place. people do not purchase from CVS only because they charges over 50% more prices compare other reputable online retailer for the same item.

  • Norm McRae
    Norm McRae Year ago +1

    This is what happens when you LEGALIZE THEFT!

  • SIMONP1965
    SIMONP1965 Year ago +2

    Still going on, Targets in the bay area will close all stores, and all wallgreens will close at 6 pm, and 7-11s will only do business thru a window after 5 pm

  • No More
    No More Year ago

    Most importantly, what's going to happen to all the recovered goods?
    I hope it doesn't end up in the trash.

  • Jim Cherry
    Jim Cherry Year ago +63

    How much of this can be linked to the "forgiveness" of thefts under $1,000? Is that what made this whole thing work?

    • ststst
      ststst Year ago +3

      @brett b nah, if you think the scum of society isn't the businesses that constantly steal their employees' wages and is instead the people who shoplift from said businesses you are an idiot

    • brett b
      brett b Year ago +2

      @ststst You have no business calling anyone else an idiot.

    • ststst
      ststst Year ago +6

      With all of this merch and every piece of stolen merch this year, it doesn't even come close to the value of wages stolen each year by billion dollar corporations. Wage theft like them just flat out not paying the right hours or no overtime. Yet the only theft they tell you to worry about is petty crime. Funny huh? Theft done by big corporations never gets mentioned but theft against said corporations is considered a terrible crime. And they convince idiots like you to believe it too

    • G Bear
      G Bear Year ago +3

      it helped. no fear, steal away.

  • mindfuless
    mindfuless 11 months ago +1

    The fact that you would post your crimes on social media should get you locked away for life

  • Chris J
    Chris J Year ago

    How could you legitimately cover this story and not tie-in how lax laws in San Francisco are contributing to this?

  • rickysmyth
    rickysmyth Year ago +1

    If the stores charged a fair price instead of huge profit margins then this wouldn't be happening as much. Robin Hood these stores for extorting the poor.

  • davec69us
    davec69us Year ago

    When your city officials effectively, invite in the criminals, this is what you get. You can put all these stolen goods back on the store shelves today, and they will be back in the hands of the thieves, by the weekend. San Francisco officials have all but announced that they would not be pursuing these thieves.

  • C G
    C G Year ago +1

    This is insane ..it looks like they just stopped the Semi truck before it made it to the store and unloaded it into there hands ...

  • Anthony Stone
    Anthony Stone Year ago +14

    Most people just steal from Walmart and return it for cash or gift card.

    • I drink bleach
      I drink bleach Year ago +2

      @Ward Takuan pull receipts out of the trash then just go find that stuff, thats how I ate when I was a kid...

    • Ward Takuan
      Ward Takuan Year ago +1

      Walmart takes it back and tells you, you need a receipt next time. So you do it again till they tell you,you cant do it anymore,ok. Lets get Mikey to do it.

  • TheBobelly628
    TheBobelly628 Year ago

    Right - there is no way shoplifting can get this amount of goods! Inside job- JOBS!

  • gabs
    gabs Year ago

    They need to change the laws and give these people more time make it harder for them.

  • Isaac Moss
    Isaac Moss Year ago +384

    Is it just me or does the “medicine man” look just like the CVS worker

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith Year ago

    Take everything from them and leave them with absolutely NOTHING. Get their houses, businesses, cars, and anything else with value. Put the whole bloody lot of scum in prison.

  • eXpress URSELf
    eXpress URSELf Year ago

    It's about time the DA did something about this

  • Apollo
    Apollo Year ago +1

    They RECOVERED $8M in product. From just CVS (in the SF Bay area). I'd blame this squarely on Newsom & Boudin.

  • CAS
    CAS Month ago

    security and police need to actually do something instead of lettign these criminals walk out stores w stolen goods

  • Greetings Earthlings My name is Christopher

    It getting to the point a thief can't put in an honest days work anymore.

  • Danny Clarke Macomber

    The consumers aren't part of the problem. Ebay and other type platforms are for not thoroughly vetting their sellers