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Johnny Depp Lawyer Ben Chew Discusses Alex Jones Defamation Trial

  • Published on Sep 20, 2022
  • Johnny Depp's lawyer Ben Chew appeared Tuesday on the Law&Crime Network to discuss the Alex Jones defamation trial.
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Comments • 381

  • Patti
    Patti 15 days ago +21

    this witness testimony was so fascinating. I could listen to this person share their knowledge for hours (more than the hours I've already watched from this case). My grandmother used to tell me stories of what propaganda was used to influence people in world war 2. It is very interesting to see these same manipulation strategies my grandmother explained explained again by a professional that was not even alive back then.

    • Julie Crane
      Julie Crane 13 days ago +2

      @Greg SS396 Then don't listen. It's that simple Greg. Change the channel. Read a book....if you can read. Doubt you can.

    • Greg SS396
      Greg SS396 15 days ago +5

      Yes he was describing what ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX,CNN and talk radio has been doing for years

  • Audra Lynn
    Audra Lynn 15 days ago +30

    Welcome Ben Chew!! Very happy to see you here on Law & Crime Network!! Looking forward to more analysis from you!!

  • Helen N
    Helen N 15 days ago +13

    I agree with Ben Chew the jury and televised court cases is a must and the jury are so much more trustworthy than one judges opinion. Great lawyer

    • Another Dimension
      Another Dimension 10 days ago

      @TheZacHenry this is the 2nd case with 2 more to come, so far both defaulted. Like I said earlier discovery is your evidence. Discovery is not there for you to use to look for your evidence.

    • TheZacHenry
      TheZacHenry 10 days ago +1

      @Another Dimension, one judge didn't decide to default in all 4 of Jones' lawsuits.
      Jones did that by not fully complying with discovery, for instance, the Google Analytics data that we KNOW they used and refused to share. Because of this, we can infer that he believes defaulting on all of these torts would be better for him both financially and criminally speaking than complying and attempting to defend himself in trial.

    • Another Dimension
      Another Dimension 15 days ago +1

      That one judge's opinion was to default this case, the judge demanded endless discovery which is not the way law works. Discovery has to be your evidence or you are just fishing for evidence.

  • C Sea
    C Sea 14 days ago +13

    I love that Ben has a picture of him and Johnny hugging in the background ❤ such a sweet man!

  • At His Feet Kneeling
    At His Feet Kneeling 15 days ago +14

    I would have liked to hear what Ben Chew and Ann thought about Alex talking about the judge outside of the courthouse.

  • Cassie Christian
    Cassie Christian 15 days ago +11

    I love Ben! ❤ Much respect 🙏

  • sundaefunday
    sundaefunday 14 days ago +3

    i dont like alex jones, but the plaintiffs and the judge are literally playing into his hands..... alex jones couldnt buy better publicity and on top of that they are giving him everything he needs to convince the majority of ppl that hes right. the default judgement is a good idea on paper, but now he can just say the trial was bogus.

  • Cody B.
    Cody B. 15 days ago +19

    26:30 is when Chew speaks

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam 15 days ago +20

    It’s so misleading saying Alex was ordered to pay 50 million. No mainstream media mentions that there is a max limit to punitive damages in Texas, so he’ll only have to pay a little over 5,6 million. I’m not defending Alex, I just don’t like when they leave out key information to make it sound more sensational.

    • TheZacHenry
      TheZacHenry 10 days ago +2

      He very much was found liable for $50,000,000 worth of damages.
      And literally all of them have mentioned the punitive damages cap. The intent is to use this case to argue that they're unconstitutional (TX Supreme Court) and antiquated by today's standards. As a note, damages caps were only instituted after lobbying by heinously negligent corporations who didn't want to actually be held accountable for the cost in human lives, suffering, and property.

    • Mr Tambourine Man
      Mr Tambourine Man 13 days ago +3

      Not that fake though is it, that is what a court of law ordered him to pay. The fact he won't pay it all has also been widely reported too when I've been watching. He did get a 50 million dollar message from Texas though buddy

    • NC
      NC 15 days ago +2

      Of course it's all fake. All of it

  • Truth1
    Truth1 15 days ago +4

    With Jones filing bankruptcy isn't this all a paper exercise? What sort of person wants to sit and listen to him rant in his raspy maniacal voice? He sets my nerves on edge!

  • 4Runner
    4Runner 11 days ago +1

    I would like to ask the lawyers on this panel if they think that Alex Jones is being tried legally and without malice? I can't imagine that anyone who knows the law and who has watched this trial, could ever say Alex is being tried justly. And I'm not sticking up for a personality. I'm actually seriously concerned for all American's. If this can happen to one American.. it will become practice.. upon all Americans.

  • Valerie Calorie
    Valerie Calorie 15 days ago +6

    Theres a teacher at my school who I think Is related to Rottonbottom. Her name is Mrs. Finn, and she's SOOOO rude. She said my mom was "Hostile" she said .... your being very hostile ma'am is this your daughter. (There were only 2 of us i the room so duh...)
    Edit: but she was super mean, and a bully. This just happened yesterday. There was way more, but I can't write it all.

    • Valerie Calorie
      Valerie Calorie 13 days ago +1

      And she was overreacting. But her Son who used to be a girl, trans, was in my class last year, he was in grade 12 and I was in grade 10. It was a grade 10,11,12 split. So that's mabey why Miss, Finn is "hostile" herself because her son who used to be a daughter changed and she probably still never got over that.

  • Diane Leone
    Diane Leone 2 days ago

    My dad was retired in mid 1970's, We were raising children, Dad bought a T.V. with CC, no longer blasted the house with high volume programs that he was interested in. Enter cable T.V., the O.J.Simpson trial, after the verdict, Dad no longer binge watched news pieces.. Those tabloid magazines with JonBenet covers lined the grocery store check out line.. Again tears.. Look 30 yrs later, we're sometimes captivated by pretend Hollyweird movie stars & blur the lines of real families. Where's our Guardian Angel🙏

  • Michael Henderson
    Michael Henderson 15 days ago +1

    I didn't know he was a social media analyst. I thought he was FBI.

  • In Darkness
    In Darkness 15 days ago +3

    Johnny Depp Lawyer Ben Chew Discusses Alex Jones Defamation Trial: "The Answer to 1984 is 1776"

  • Not enough
    Not enough 15 days ago

    Two issues come forward at this point.
    The multi device plans
    After skimming through some comments
    In this phase of the accountability,
    The jury sure does have to make it very clear, where the common factor is absolutely solidified.
    I’m now even more curious about the next half of the video.

    • Not enough
      Not enough 15 days ago

      25:26 to that video shown, and the hurdle
      The influence of the publication of the subscription, is the money piece.The gun factor is getting in the way perhaps. 😓

  • nbird
    nbird 9 days ago

    Ben Cheeeeew! bring him more often please !

  • Janie Solomon
    Janie Solomon 11 days ago

    Close to the end we're talking about weapons that they're wanting to take them away if you listen to the news that's exactly what they've been saying

  • Kaiser Spurgönn
    Kaiser Spurgönn 15 days ago

    Love law and crime!

  • Lexie Lou
    Lexie Lou 14 days ago +2

    And right now there's a country rap RUclipsr with over 3 million subs who's doing the same exact thing as AJ but with the Kiely Rodni case. He's said she wasn't real and its all a scam to collect GoFund me money. He thinks he's above the law and he's too arrogant to see the loss AJ has taken for this exact thing. I'm just waiting to see how many lawsuits he faces. It's sick. How people can inflict such pain on others for profit is just sickening to me. My prediction is within the year we'll see RU follow AJ in the hot seat and he'll lose the empire he's built.

  • G G
    G G 15 days ago +5

    love this JD lawyer

    PROPHET 13 days ago +2

    The picture of Ben & Johnny in the background is really cool!

  • Alisa Arduca
    Alisa Arduca 15 days ago

    Here is a somewhat silly question. Why is this dragging on if he admitted guilt? Does he want life or does he want the death penalty? How is he paying for all these attorneys? (I’m guessing he has no estate - so tax payers?).

    • Carey Bogdanovic
      Carey Bogdanovic 13 days ago +2

      In the Texas case an expert witness for the prosecution said he calculated Jones worth to be over 80 million

    • Let's go swimming
      Let's go swimming 15 days ago +3

      This is a civil case. The jury will determine the amount of money Alex Jones owes the plaintiffs.

  • Jamie
    Jamie 15 days ago +3

    Wait. So they brought a guy into court to state the obvious about the Internet? 😂

    • Jamie
      Jamie 14 days ago

      @Walter Bo yes.

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago

      Did you know about the 4 M?

  • Dale Halliday
    Dale Halliday 7 days ago

    it would be nice if the plaintiffs could sue all those followers of Jones, who torment them too

  • Basketball dad
    Basketball dad 15 days ago +15

    This lady said he’s Not the killer but in many ways is and needs to be treated as such. This is asinine.

    • Mr Tambourine Man
      Mr Tambourine Man 11 days ago +1

      @Another Dimension Yes, I do.

    • Another Dimension
      Another Dimension 13 days ago +3

      @Mr Tambourine Man your free thought is goin down. You must always believe official stories! Never express doubt.

    • Mr Tambourine Man
      Mr Tambourine Man 13 days ago +4

      Jones is going down! Get over it 🙄

    • Christy McKenna
      Christy McKenna 14 days ago +2

      Also said had to block comments bc of infowars ppl lol!

  • Nancy Fahey
    Nancy Fahey 15 days ago

    Clint Watts needs to start a youtube channel.

  • theyetidude
    theyetidude 9 days ago

    Hasn't shown any contrition? Jones has been apologizing since 2016. This dude does not know the case. But L&C has it out for Jones anyway, so what do you expect? What that woman said is inexcusable and preposterous.

  • At His Feet Kneeling
    At His Feet Kneeling 15 days ago +3

    I wish Ben Chew and Camile were representing these people! I feel like the judge is reacting to AJ's statement outside the courthouse by being a total pushover and letting that creepy attorney talk over her and run the courtroom! Sad.
    What does it mean that she is going to 'canvas' AJ?

  • Kathleen Weinberg
    Kathleen Weinberg 15 days ago

    I don't understand the cases when you find evidence and find them guilty it should be the end of the case

  • Stage Name
    Stage Name 15 days ago +9

    Really really liked Chew. Not going to hold this against him.

  • Robert Lindsay
    Robert Lindsay 15 days ago +2

    Cliff Watts.. The Truth and Nothing But The Truth.

  • t redd
    t redd 15 days ago

    So much for the ultimate responsibility for YOUR behavior being YOU.

  • Collette Stephenson
    Collette Stephenson 15 days ago +1

    Love this channel! Xx

  • Mr Tambourine Man
    Mr Tambourine Man 13 days ago +2

    Jones is going down!!!

  • D for Diligence
    D for Diligence 14 days ago

    11:15 - The word you are looking for is "quaternary".

  • Paul Melia
    Paul Melia 15 days ago +8

    Whether you are for Alex Jones or against him that is one crazy statement @34.25 to say '' He's not the killer but in a lot of ways he is''. Wow

    • yellowrose937
      yellowrose937 13 days ago +2

      @Walter Bo Well it certainly was not Alex Jones.

    • Paul Melia
      Paul Melia 15 days ago +4

      @Walter Bo Your saying Alex Jones armed the shooter? That is ridiculous

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +1

      Well... How would you call the one that arm the shooter and/or tell him who to shoot?

  • Zanthium
    Zanthium 15 days ago +2

    Can somebody please tell this nice gentleman that
    His Ukrainian flag is upside down behind him. It's like hanging our American Stars and Stripes upside down. Please fix that thank you

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +1

      Like MTG did in a tweet?

  • ReelAZMatt
    ReelAZMatt 15 days ago

    They seriously needed an expert to tell us how the internet works?

  • Man of Law
    Man of Law 15 days ago +2

    Popcorn: Grabbed
    Like button: Obliterated

  • Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas 12 days ago

    The show trial continues.

  • Wayne Christie
    Wayne Christie 15 days ago

    too many commercial breaks !! definitely, severely disrupts the flow of the video almost to the point that one might wonder if they were suffering from ADHD !! Better funding sources required here???

  • Biggs _Buzz
    Biggs _Buzz 15 days ago +2

    Prediction: the jury will award approximately 66.8 million dollars. Give or take 1 million.

    • Mr Tambourine Man
      Mr Tambourine Man 13 days ago +1

      @Living Free no it ain't! I think you're getting confused with the Texas court ruling maximum. It could be as high as $100 million here.

    • Living Free
      Living Free 14 days ago

      The max is $5.6 million.

  • Not enough
    Not enough 15 days ago +1

    To Ben Chew,
    My phone has several recordings of a long standing pattern of social events. I have many written notes to what I consider questioning circumstances of how the pattern fits. Your friend and client, may have sent a message to me about seeing me face to face. An individual can never be quite sure, after viewing video of some of his own struggles. I don’t have enough money to step into a firm that could fight this disruption. It continues each night and day. I am currently dealing with an undetermined health issue, all while navigating through this alone. 😓

    • Not enough
      Not enough 5 days ago

      @J S thank you, because for some unknown reason, a message from one that needs to follow through, will not open on my phone.😓. I also had an unpleasant experience with someone that is an issue. It now seems to be a triangle. Not a happy one either. 🤐🙏🏻😓

    • J S
      J S 6 days ago

      @Not enough informations about lawyers who could help you. That's what I meant!

    • Not enough
      Not enough 12 days ago

      @J S just the formation of the comment, leaves question of what you really are . Wishing doesn’t work for legal issues. 🤐

    • J S
      J S 13 days ago

      @Not enough I wish I could have informations that would help you. I hope you will figure it out and be well.

    • Not enough
      Not enough 13 days ago +1

      @J S I went through that with doctors years ago. Huge mess to my system. Came out from that. The lawyer issue, they all want money first . 😓
      I have made contact within the last week to some lawyers. But thank you.

  • KungfuScuba BAPE
    KungfuScuba BAPE 15 days ago +2


  • jonatan garcia
    jonatan garcia 14 days ago

    The narrator speaks too much and does not allow the guests to speak more of why they could say. Jumping to conclusion rather than objectively analyzing each party’s tactics and Ofcorse the judge’s handling. Just seems very bias not like how Law and Crime originally started. I do have to say though I like the Alex Jones coverage.

  • never liked you anyway
    never liked you anyway 15 days ago +9

    This is sad

  • Crystal Zinn
    Crystal Zinn 15 days ago +1

    why didn't the State cap apply to Alex Jones? Texas cap $750,000. Just Like Johnny And Amber Cap of $350,000 ???

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 15 days ago +1

      Who says it didn't ? Or won't ?
      Nothing has been decided, yet.
      There might be ways to get around it, there might not be.

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +1

      Because Connecticut doesn't have one

  • kinor Spielmann
    kinor Spielmann 15 days ago +1

    Presenter, stop MUMBLING!!! Articulate CLEARLY!!!
    Or find another job!!

  • Pump The Brakes
    Pump The Brakes 15 days ago

    Can anyone tell me why Alex jones said all those things about sandy hook in the first place?

    • Living Free
      Living Free 14 days ago +1

      Bc there was video proof that it was all staged in his opinion. Actors.

  • KungfuScuba BAPE
    KungfuScuba BAPE 15 days ago +1


  • Tom Frasiko
    Tom Frasiko 15 days ago

    and dont tell me i need help or need to free my mind

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +1

      You need help and need to free your mind

    • JEBUS
      JEBUS 15 days ago +1

      You don't need help. You need Satan. The light bearer. Celebrate the wisdom of your human brothers and sisters.

  • Tom Frasiko
    Tom Frasiko 15 days ago

    you can easily find books and sites on these false god meditation practices with false god names in the name of the books and youtube videos just like you can find many satanic or dark and witch meditation videos even using these meditation teachings names in the title and teachings of the videos or sites like the wiccans and there yoga and chakra symbols on there site

  • R Hellman
    R Hellman 14 days ago

    Listen to this nose swooning over his jukraine flag.......I can see where this channel is at

  • Chris B
    Chris B 10 days ago

    I am disappointed i chew. Thought he was a great lawyer in the deep v heard trial; after seeing this, i have to think he is just as crooked as most of these other people. sad.

  • David Brown
    David Brown 13 days ago

    I don't understand why the American legal system allows anyone to discuss and comment on an ongoing trial. It's bonkers.

  • All Senses Firing
    All Senses Firing 15 days ago

    Is this reporting gal any relation to THE DR. BADEN?, Who is always the go to EXPERT FORENSICS WITNESS?
    She looks like LIZ CHENEY with a different look/disguise, and a slightly different accent/speech delivery.🤔

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago

      And making some sense?

  • james harris
    james harris 15 days ago +3

    Where the rubber meets the road Mr Jones.

  • No Problem 😉 Cha
    No Problem 😉 Cha 15 days ago +1

    I Made A Cartoon Version Of Myself Called Blackpeerama SpaMink

  • Contese
    Contese 15 days ago +3

    im shocked at the bs I just listened to...

    • David Brown
      David Brown 13 days ago +1

      Don't listen to it then in the future.

  • Pump The Brakes
    Pump The Brakes 15 days ago +1

    PTB loves BC

    PROPHET 13 days ago +3

    Has Alex shot those Kids? He has to pay just because he hurt the feeling of those parents!? I don't get it!

  • WISDOM vs knowledge
    WISDOM vs knowledge 15 days ago +1


  • Nicolene Donn
    Nicolene Donn 15 days ago +1

    What’s up with her hair?

    • David Brown
      David Brown 13 days ago

      It's better than the pathetic pony tail of the Jones lawyer.

    • Johnny Depp
      Johnny Depp 15 days ago

      ❤️Thank you for your utmost love and support you have consistently shown me in such difficult moments. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?

  • Greg SS396
    Greg SS396 15 days ago +1

    Sorry but you know idea what you are talking about

  • jm911injobside
    jm911injobside 13 days ago +2

    She said "in many ways AJ is the killer." WTF?

  • amos
    amos 15 days ago +7

    no mention of the parent laughing before the interview,

    • Living Free
      Living Free 14 days ago

      He didn’t “lose” the case . He lost by DEFAULT meaning he didn’t fight the case at all.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 8 days ago

    Well this one lied about what Alex said right out of the gate

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe 15 days ago

    I find it ironic that the Ukrainian flag is upside down, it's like saying "I hope they will be crushed" when in reality he probably wanted to say "I stand with Ukraine".

  • Dan Iel
    Dan Iel 14 days ago +3

    I'm not American and this trial makes you look real bad.
    What you're saying is, sue whoever you politically disagree with into oblivion. Even if what they're saying is correct.
    I wonder how many people that are not as famous and wealthy as Alex that has had this happen to them.
    And if you think I'm wrong, imagine your boogey man right winger, evil nazi person suing you because you said something mean about meat eaters. Then you'd be at our side of the fence and see this situation for what it really is.

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 14 days ago +2

      Maybe you should learn what the definition of defamation is before embarassing yourself in youtube comments...

  • good Grief🙄🤦
    good Grief🙄🤦 15 days ago

    Look at the female officer laughing and smiling while sitting behind school shooter🧐 why wasn't the officer taken out of court 🧐🇺🇸⚖️ she should not be showing any kind of expressions while trial is ongoing this female officer needs to not be allowed back in the court sitting behind a murderer a song called for and the judge is allowing everything from any other side except for the defense this is a mistrial on the shooter as far as Alex Jones defamation I haven't been keeping up on it but they're going to make a man pay millions of dollars for saying something I guess so that the city don't have to reimburse the family members I don't know it's all a big mess for Alex Jones I know that. These kids will get Justice the shooter already said he's guilty we know this so let's go ahead and send it this boy to life in prison. And may these kids rest in peace God bless them all 🙏💔

  • Lisa 11:11
    Lisa 11:11 15 days ago


  • Sunny Bunny
    Sunny Bunny 15 days ago

    wOW. I've gone right off Ben Chew. Jones's lawyer spoke about the kids in his opening statement - he named every one of them whereas the bulk of what plaintiff lawyer was talking about was💰💰💰

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 15 days ago +1

      Ever thought about the possibility that that's a tactic to deflect idiots from what the case is about ?
      It seems to have worked with you...

  • Diana Howard
    Diana Howard 15 days ago +7

    Ben Chew @14:30-15:30
    Alex BELIEVES what he tells his audience. How about those big PHARMA ads. Do these rules apply to them as well? Or Dr.Fauci et al?

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 8 days ago

    So Ben has no idea how the judge has precluded jones from an affirmative defense

  • Snookie
    Snookie 15 days ago +1

    you lost all credibility when you talked about the ukrainian flag

  • LDSW
    LDSW 15 days ago +2

    The emergence of social media started around 2005? Looks an entire era has been skipped. The early social media history emerged during the mid-1980s to the mid- to late-1990s. This era featured bulletin board systems (BBS), America Online (AOL), Compuserve, and Prodigy among others that were closed social media systems. Clint Watts jumped over this earlier pre-Internet social media era to the early 2000s.

    • Mr Tambourine Man
      Mr Tambourine Man 13 days ago

      Ha! No you are WRONG. It only took off in 2005 for about a million different reasons globally

    • Jonelle
      Jonelle 14 days ago +2

      It wasn't nearly as ferocious or all consuming as it was after 2005. Not by a long shot.

  • Jessica Tevnan
    Jessica Tevnan 12 days ago

    Notice Alex Jones isn't allowed onto youtube. You're only allowed to hear ppl disparage him.

    DAVID LANG 15 days ago +14


    • Jay
      Jay 15 days ago

      @Ms Know It ALL don’t take their idols from them. It’s all they have

    • Krash Dummiez
      Krash Dummiez 15 days ago +3

      So you want someone erased because of a different opinion. Ok

    • Dr Stuart Jacobsen
      Dr Stuart Jacobsen 15 days ago +1

      @Ms Know It ALL and defaming the families of children murdered is your idea of America?

  • eric wallace
    eric wallace 15 days ago +1

    As of right now 135 comments...I see 6...129 must be questioning the narrative

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +1

      No... You only are not able to use your phone

  • RebelLucy
    RebelLucy 15 days ago +60

    Ben Chew is a great guy personally, but the jury is NOT supposed to send the world a message as he stated. They ARE supposed to look at the facts of the case. To hear the people here saying how awful Alex is over and over shows the case has already been decided in thier minds before the evidence had played out in this case.

    • Oilsmoke Jones
      Oilsmoke Jones 15 days ago +3

      @David Evans "Found guilty"?? not exactly..there was no hearing on the merits. Jones was not allowed to present a defense of any kind. The judge declared him guilty when persecution was ostensibly unhappy with the discovery even tho Jones produced every thing he had, which was tons of it...same for the Texas "trial",,,

    • David Evans
      David Evans 15 days ago +3

      Incorrect. It's absolutely about sending a message. Punitive (punishing) damages are beyond actual damages and are huge to send a message. Point #2 also incorrect. Alex has already been found guilty, hence the "saying how awful he is". This trial is now only about how much damages will be awarded to the plaintiffs.

    • Greg SS396
      Greg SS396 15 days ago +2

      @Tullochgorum yes he is guilty of having an opinion just like you have. Now I'm going to sue you because you hurt my feelings. THINK!

    • Amanda Williams
      Amanda Williams 15 days ago +4

      It's called punitive damages for a reason lol.

  • Gyrthez
    Gyrthez 15 days ago +1

    I don't like what Alex claims, and I believe his claims are entirely false, and I do think he should be held accountable for that, however I think the takes from the panel at some points were not very good. Alex didn't pull the trigger. He just exacerbated the aftermath.
    It's not a whole lot better than pulling the trigger, but I think for clarity purposes it's best to not stray into that area. This case doesn't really need debating, it's pretty clear cut, but some statements/opinions from panel members here were not as clear cut.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 15 days ago +2

    2:03 this lady is a liar I watched Alex outside the courtroom.

    • David Brown
      David Brown 13 days ago

      The only liar is Jones.

    • Christy McKenna
      Christy McKenna 14 days ago +1

      She lied multiple times! Alex should now sue for defamation 😂

  • pimper347
    pimper347 15 days ago +3

    better hope the jury doesn't see this...grounds for a mistrial?

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 15 days ago

      @handsoffmygun MF Unfortunately, you don't seem to know anything about the case.

    • handsoffmygun MF
      handsoffmygun MF 15 days ago +1

      Unfortunately, the judge denied Jones his right to a jury trial and declared him guilty.

    • Rhonda Edwards
      Rhonda Edwards 15 days ago

      The jury always is instructed NOT to view social media, news or pop culture shows that might mention the trial or the event(s) it is about, or to read newspapers or magazines, discuss the case with anyone, etc., that could disclose information (or misinformation in the case of InfoWars). How can you not know this??? It is a standard daily verbal instruction that judges give jurors every day in the USA, often more than once in a day.

    • Shawn •••
      Shawn ••• 15 days ago +1

      If the jury sees anything it’s grounds for a mistrial.

    • Tango Nevada
      Tango Nevada 15 days ago +1

      How so?

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones 15 days ago +15

    Bias af.

    • Old Lady Baby Prunes
      Old Lady Baby Prunes 15 days ago +3

      He was already found guilty, this trial is for punitive penalties. Most people are biased against this kind of evil.

    • Rhonda Edwards
      Rhonda Edwards 15 days ago +3

      Do you mean "biased?" OMG, are you related to sociopathic AF Alex Jones?

    • I
      I 15 days ago +2


  • Le4-6
    Le4-6 15 days ago +4

    in a lot of ways, he's the killer? lmao, not biased at all

  • Indianajones
    Indianajones 15 days ago +5

    Law&Crime uses the same structure as CNN,FOX,MSNBC, so they can show small clips and create a narrative. I also think it’s very interesting that they would bring in Johnny Depps attorney to this situation…Trying to split a common group up are we???

  • handsoffmygun MF
    handsoffmygun MF 15 days ago +7

    First time in history that a person was given a default judgement that showed up for a trial. Whether you like Jones or not, this should concern you. This could set a precedent and a judge could do this to you someday and deny you your constitutional rights.

    • handsoffmygun MF
      handsoffmygun MF 12 days ago

      @Julie Crane No, I totally disagree with what Jones did to the parents, if he really did this. No matter what he did, everyone in America has a constitutional right to a jury trial if they show up to court like Jones did. If a jury decided he committed defamation against those parents, then I would think he got what he deserved. You leftists hate Alex for being a right winger and think it's okay to get him even if you have to do illegal things. It's gonna come back on you someday when judges do the same thing to you and find you guilty without a trial.

    • handsoffmygun MF
      handsoffmygun MF 12 days ago

      @Let's go swimming But what Jones did is called contempt of court. A default is when someone doesn't show up for trial.

    • David Brown
      David Brown 13 days ago +1

      It's not your right to tell disgusting lies.

  • Mik Daily Review
    Mik Daily Review 15 days ago +4

    Ben Chu certainly argued well in Johnny's case however he do well to remember that what we're trying to do is establish what if any were the damages that the plaintiffs have suffered. These need to be Quantified there should be a consideration of any medical costs or reputational damages but I've heard none of that mostly it's a bunch of conjecture around the supposed danger and nothing to quantify this. This is absolutely been a miscarriage of Justice thus far.
    The fact that he thought there was no apology on behalf of Jones but he talked about the Texas trial shows how little he paid attention. Ben missed a heartfelt apology to the families and a previously aired segment that went out and I believe 2017 that expressed sorrow for the mistake. The fact that Ben could miss this and speak with such certainty betrays his ignorance and partiality.

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +3

      He waited 5 years to be sorrow ?? From 2012 to 2017? While meantime, for 5 years, he lied and lied profiting millions of dollars out of it? And when he heard "we suing him" he had sorrow? Are you so cynical to let him off of his responsibilities?

    • Volcano Jones
      Volcano Jones 15 days ago +2

      And since those "apologies" he's ranted about how "I murdered the children!"
      One might suspect he's only apologetic that he's being held to account. He's certainly never issued a retraction.

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 15 days ago +4

      You are talking about compensatory damages.
      There are also punitive damages. And they are there to deter and - well - PUNISH Alex for his conduct and have nothing to do with losses you can or should quantify.
      In Texas the plaintiffs got about 4 million in compensatory damages whereas 45 million were awarded in punitive damages.
      I am sure we will hear from experts further on in the trial. We are on day 6. This might be going on for another 2 1/2 weeks.
      There wasn't an apology. CERTAINLY not a heartfelt one. Or, to be more accurate: Maybe he did apologise, before slipping back into his default "this is staged or a hoax" BS.
      The suits were brought in 2018. That is about the time he became more careful about what he was saying. Until then he was saying one day that he didn't know what happened and the next that it was a hoax.
      Maybe you can point me into the direction of this 2017 broadcast with these expressions of sorrow for the mistake ?

  • snellavision
    snellavision 15 days ago +8

    Weirrd how CNN isn't held to the same standards as Alex Jones

    • Christy McKenna
      Christy McKenna 14 days ago

      @Walter Bo so supplements are somehow a bad thing??

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +3

      Weirrd? They don't sell supplements and lie to sell them

  • M
    M 15 days ago

    Bad audio. Just makes it annoying to watch and takes the momentum out of the report.

  • Adam Burling
    Adam Burling 15 days ago +3

    Yeah wow, I guess Alex Jones doesn't have a right to have a business and sell what he wants.. this is pathetic.

    • David Brown
      David Brown 13 days ago

      Jones doesn't have to right to say disgusting lies.

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +1

      He doesn't have the right to defame others. Can you impress it in your brain?

  • Justice100 forwin
    Justice100 forwin 15 days ago +8

    Don't ever question anything guys, go to sleep, nothing to see here. I just want to thank Alex for educating me regarding so many issues. The fact these people pretend to not know who the globalists are, and the aim of globalisation is pathetic. It's so sad to see America is having show trials now.

    • Mason
      Mason 15 days ago +2

      What’s the aim of globalization?

  • My 3 Sons
    My 3 Sons 15 days ago +7

    So, with that lawyers logic, can I sue Dr. Fauci, and Pifzer ?

    • Walter Bo
      Walter Bo 15 days ago +4

      Yes, go ahead. who's stopping you?

    • All Senses Firing
      All Senses Firing 15 days ago

      Where's the 1 reply that should be right here?

  • Jeff Goes Random
    Jeff Goes Random 15 days ago +7

    This trial is preposterous. Not because of Jones making false or inaccurate claims. It's obvious he was wrong. But, that a lawsuit can occur which is basically against free speech. Defamation seems to be something that damages a reputation. This seems like an opinion that was wrong. If these cases continue, no one can state an opinion...

    • EeAy Quetting
      EeAy Quetting 12 days ago

      The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without government interference or regulation

    • David Brown
      David Brown 13 days ago +2

      Telling disgusting lies is not free speech.

  • Intense Realism
    Intense Realism 15 days ago +4

    Oh please 🙄 Alex is not a Russian agent as Law and Crime just tried to suggest.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 15 days ago +19

    Alex does not owe these people anything. This is silly. Just because someone says something you don't like does not mean you get money.

    • David Jones
      David Jones 13 days ago

      There is a difference in purposefully telling lies to harm and disagreeing having an opinion and talking about it. In the 23 min of 'evidence' they have from the thousands of hours of shows I have seen no purposeful harm. If you think people should be punished for their speech, look out because you will eventually be punished for yours.

    • LawTube Report
      LawTube Report 14 days ago +1

      @Amanda Williams “Purposefully”. Has not been shown once in any of these show trials.

    • prumbuggel
      prumbuggel 15 days ago

      Define defamation, Daddy Jones.

    • Old Lady Baby Prunes
      Old Lady Baby Prunes 15 days ago +3

      When your lies cause other lunatics to harass grieving parents with death threats you are liable. It is evil.

  • S B
    S B 15 days ago +1

    This host is a know-nothing

  • James S
    James S 15 days ago +1

    This case is going to lead the bad things in America I fear, because Alex Jones is a very iconic figure. Although he talks a lot of nonsense He is an embodiment of something utterly American and free. Now he's basically the perfect martyr.

  • LawTube Report
    LawTube Report 14 days ago +2

    Two default judgements two separate states = Show Trials
    This is nothing more than shutting down Alex Jones first then the rest of us next.

    • Living Free
      Living Free 14 days ago

      He didn’t try the case. It would have cost him more money to fight it. The max penalty is $5.6 million.