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Aeroflot Russian Airlines Flight Safety Video

  • Published on Sep 17, 2017
  • Aeroflot Russian Airlines Flight Safety Video
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  • kbst84
    kbst84 28 days ago +3

    Saw this while being on a 777 from Seoul to Moscow. Was one of my greatest flights ever. RIP modern Aeroflot.

  • JackR TV
    JackR TV 3 months ago +11

    Man, they really make you wanna fly with them with these videos.

    • Sam Choi
      Sam Choi Month ago +2

      Fuck yeah. Why arr we sanctioning that country. There is not logic in it. 😁

  • agrestennb
    agrestennb 3 years ago +19

    I have long enjoyed watching corporate safety instruction videos which I will not have the opportunity to travel because they do not serve the region where I live and I have to confess that I find this the best video among all the aviation companies in the world. It is so well produced and self explanatory that it is not necessary to read the subtitles, the music in the background is spectacular. Very professional and how it has to be, if safety is for the flight then the video has to be recorded on the aircraft, contrary to what I've seen in companies there where security videos fly more than the planes themselves. Congratulations Aeroflot !
    Поздравляем Аэрофлот с этим зрелищным видео !

    • Lisjana Aliaj
      Lisjana Aliaj Month ago

      try Lufthansa’s bro the animations are more clear

    • AnthroSam614
      AnthroSam614 8 months ago

      Have you seen Vistara’s yet? You might like it: ruclips.net/video/EbTxnZ-bIew/video.html

  • CrazyDash
    CrazyDash 3 years ago +84

    I realised something. They never said to leave your luggage in case of an emergency. This could be a reason why so many people took their luggage on the recent aeroflot accident

    • O5
      O5 11 months ago

      @Omnihound yeah

    • Omnihound
      Omnihound Year ago

      Its only in youtube version. Sorry for my bad english

    • AlexD1000
      AlexD1000 3 years ago +1

      CrazyDash Yt they did I speak Russian I heard

    • ctn
      ctn 3 years ago +11

      Yeah like any Russian would leave their stuff... hell no

    • SlavicUnion
      SlavicUnion 3 years ago +4

      CrazyDash Yt silence, We must keep that a secret!!!

  • Eran Ariel
    Eran Ariel 3 years ago +35

    At JFK, the stewardesses looked so slick walking through the airport toward the departure gate

  • ElAXEL
    ElAXEL 2 years ago +15

    God Bless Russian peoples

  • 駒場
    駒場 2 years ago +7

    i get on aeroflot 8 years ago!
    (when i was 9)
    I went to Vienna from Tokyo via Moscow and the in-flight food was very delicious.

  • Dan Drakenholt
    Dan Drakenholt 4 years ago +48

    What a great safety video; absoulutely charming and proffessionel!

  • StuckSlavic
    StuckSlavic Month ago +1

    if I see this on the flight before I go to Moscow I’m gonna legit have a huge smile on my face

  • Frits Kleinen Hammans
    Frits Kleinen Hammans 4 years ago +7

    Interestingly enough, I just flew Aeroflot, and their safety video was exactly this one, but with different crew, looking more "normal". Anyone knows why they did this?

    • J Lust
      J Lust Month ago

      I noticed the antimacassars contain the logo of Sochi 2014. Maybe this is a special version they did for the event and dropped again once it was over?

    • Alexis M
      Alexis M 3 years ago +1

      KriFFek I mean that is the people from these countries? Do you really expect to see blacks or Indians?

    • Gutt Guty
      Gutt Guty 3 years ago +1

      I always use Aeroflot and I can say this video is the old one

    • Epc
      Epc 3 years ago

      Probably a different aircraft which had slightly different procedures or safety equipment location

    • Kiran
      Kiran 3 years ago +1

      Maybe you flew a different type of aircraft. It may have been recorded differently for each type. 🤷‍♂️

  • Vishal
    Vishal 2 years ago +9

    Undoubtedly best looking cabin crew

    • Wootle2BTootle
      Wootle2BTootle Year ago

      Every country has smart and good lookin crew. Ive seen great cabin crew on all the airlines Ive been on. Emirates, BA, Cebu Pac, Indigo, PAL, Scoot

  • Great White Buffalo
    Great White Buffalo 3 years ago +34

    Telling someone to get off the phone was never so easy or enjoyable. I'm really digging the safety red heels.

    • azulina [OLD ACCOUNT]
      azulina [OLD ACCOUNT] 2 years ago +2

      Every time i draw a flight attendant she is wearing a coat, necktie, and gloves

    • Mute Stingray
      Mute Stingray 2 years ago +2

      She could give me that “tsk, tsk” look any day.

  • Nicolas le Vaillant
    Nicolas le Vaillant Year ago +1

    Magnifique musiques et magnifique femmes vive la grande Russie de vrais patriotes ! Je les admire

  • Osagie E. Guobadia
    Osagie E. Guobadia 2 years ago +6

    The best Safety Air video ever since it happened like today! : )

  • Aleksei Tutonin
    Aleksei Tutonin 2 years ago +5

    the cheapest,the fastest and over all the best flight company of the World!!!!

  • nemuizoeie.
    nemuizoeie. 3 years ago +70

    1:07 safety is number one priority

    • O. Knight-Catalinete
      O. Knight-Catalinete Year ago

      Hahahahaha brilliant!!!

    • John Calsado
      John Calsado 2 years ago +1

      Oh thats a crazy russian hacker reference of taras kul his name

    • poppypeppa 01
      poppypeppa 01 2 years ago +1

      Zoeie Petition that CRH is in the next Aeroflot Safety Video:

  • Fabian Ortega
    Fabian Ortega 3 years ago +7

    I love Russia

  • Aeroflot 44 Spice
    Aeroflot 44 Spice 2 years ago +3

    Wow this is a very cool airline safety video

  • petrz
    petrz 3 years ago +133

    Rule #1: Don’t let your children enter the cockpit

    • Poglin
      Poglin Year ago

      @PS - 08CS 775337 Roberta Bondar PS educate yourself

    • uuee atc's retarded archive
      uuee atc's retarded archive Year ago +1

      Rule #2: If your plane was hijacked, please do not drink alcohol.

    • hoobaguy
      hoobaguy Year ago

      @meow meow p/свист

    • meow meow
      meow meow 2 years ago

      @Milaot what's that in Russian?

  • I
    I 7 months ago +3

    My dream russian air line

    • LoveLing
      LoveLing 6 months ago

      Ra ra Rasputin....

  • blair
    blair 2 years ago +11

    This just made my day better, thanks

  • SleepyFox
    SleepyFox Year ago +2

    I love how they put holograms on every single surface of the plane as if it were киберпанк 2077.

  • marcdunord
    marcdunord Year ago +9

    sweetest voice that will ever be heard on earth...

  • Ple Ple
    Ple Ple 3 years ago +1

    Nastepnym razem lece Aerflotem !!!!!

  • YouTürk
    YouTürk 3 years ago

    çok kez aeroflotla yolculuk yaptım patronun pintiliği yüzünden asla THY yerini tutmaz.. en sonunda patronla anlaştık aeroflotda bilet kaç paraysa üzerine bende ekleyip THY kalitesiyle gidip geliyorum... :)

  • Just hello boy
    Just hello boy Month ago +1

    I saw this video when I flew on an Aeroflot’s Boeing 777 from New York to Moscow, and now, I am watching this again on RUclips, and I hope, if the war ends, I would see it again on this 777)

  • Georgy Lastochkin
    Georgy Lastochkin 2 years ago

    Hello) do you have safety video for A330 if Aeroflot?

  • Vicky Majumdar
    Vicky Majumdar 3 years ago +5

    So amazing 😉 flight ✈️, best airline in the 🗺 world , because of Russian air hostesses 😘😘 and economic too 😀

    • Alexis M
      Alexis M 3 years ago +1

      Vicky Majumdar I dislike this airline a lot but you are right the flight attendants are very attractive.

  • Patrick Dudin
    Patrick Dudin 2 years ago +5

    This is the most sexy yet professional inflight safety video. Would love to fly Aeroflot one day ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Patrick Dudin
      Patrick Dudin 2 years ago +2

      Pug_warrior Yt Unfortunately they don’t fly to where I am at present however there are so many trash airlines I agree but at least this one has one positive side

    • Berry Crush
      Berry Crush 2 years ago +2

      Well aeroflot was trash. I fly aeroflot once and I still hate experience. Don't fly aeroflot just because they are sexy girls in this video doesn't mean you will fly one

  • ntcrwler
    ntcrwler 6 months ago +5

    Russian stewardesses will be missed

  • Sleshi
    Sleshi 3 years ago +198

    I flew on Aeroflot in September, now it’s ourflot

    • Just hello boy
      Just hello boy Month ago

      @Молодой финансист you can, but with other airlines from another cities

    • ZainRandB Republic
      ZainRandB Republic Month ago

      Outdated meme

    • Молодой финансист
      Молодой финансист 2 months ago +2

      Not funny. That's sad. I'm Russian citizen for me that's awful because I can't fly to USA or Europe....

    • Google User
      Google User 7 months ago

      Now it became "outflot" by violating to Ukraine🇺🇦.

    • Stephie2007
      Stephie2007 11 months ago

      The red flight attendant uniforms were probably for an anniversary of the airline. I seem to recall other safety videos and ads where they wear blue uniforms.

  • Aidid Rashed Efat
    Aidid Rashed Efat Year ago +2

    Russian cabin crew are beautiful

  • Zerg Cerebrates
    Zerg Cerebrates 4 years ago +20

    Elegant presentation

  • Tales Maldonado
    Tales Maldonado 3 years ago +49

    Why is every shot in slow motion? By the time the safety video is over the plane will have landed

    • Mercy Balones
      Mercy Balones Year ago +1

      Qantas safety video is 8 minutes

    • Jan Bittner
      Jan Bittner 2 years ago


    • rgnzls
      rgnzls 2 years ago +3

      РОССИЯ r/wooosh

    • РОССИЯ
      РОССИЯ 2 years ago +6

      Tales Maldonado nah just about right. 5 minutes. Pushback, engine start, taxi to holding point - something just about 5 minutes)

  • Bryan Neil Librando
    Bryan Neil Librando 2 years ago +2

    the best airline video 😃

  • Roger matos perez
    Roger matos perez 2 years ago +4

    Aeroflot is the best

  • Eelis Salo
    Eelis Salo 2 years ago +1

    I am listening it, but i does not understand. Because its so cool! :D

  • Teddy Nebel
    Teddy Nebel Year ago +20

    One minute of flight attendants walking in slow motion, lol

  • Americano de Campos
    Americano de Campos 2 years ago +3

    Wow I’m in love!!!!

  • Wootle2BTootle
    Wootle2BTootle Year ago +1

    Lol in the interest of flight safety the first 50 seconds is for you to look at our ridiculously good looking pilots and cabin crew.

  • Hahahaha Snan
    Hahahaha Snan 2 years ago +5

    I am from Egypt and Russia
    Из Египта и России

  • JT Wood
    JT Wood Year ago +3

    I have seen many flight crews and Aeroflot seems to recruit the best looking and all US carriers seem to get the worst.

    • Jk
      Jk Year ago +2

      Aeroflot only chooses good looking women for the International flights

  • Felix Candia
    Felix Candia 10 months ago +1

    Larga vida a la Madre Rusia!

  • Travel with Michael
    Travel with Michael 3 years ago +22

    Those are some elegant and beautiful flight attendants.

    • Epc
      Epc 3 years ago

      @JT88 I try to spot aeroflot planes coming I to jfk.. if you're lucky you can see 2-3 in the daylight at 2-5k feet but they usually land or takeoff at night and fly north of me to a smaller circumference area

    • влад рудкин
      влад рудкин 3 years ago

      @Pro Skillz
      rude and useless in Aeroflot do not accept, there is a careful choice and competitions!!) they would have been fired immediately! so don't lie!

    • JT88
      JT88 3 years ago +3

      @Pro Skillz It just depends. I fly Aeroflot regularly between the US and Moscow, and between Moscow and the Russian Far East, for my work. My most recent flight last week to Moscow from Miami, for example, had one of the friendliest flight attendants I have ever met on any airline. Most Aeroflot FAs in general are strictly professional with little openness toward passengers, but that is just Russians in general. What a lot of non-Russians take as rude is not considered to be rude in Russia. Just a different mentality. Russians are very warm and open to people that they like and know personally. To strangers, they tend to be very reserved.

    • Pro Skillz
      Pro Skillz 3 years ago

      Doesn't match my experience mate they were rude and unhelpful

  • Chris Mayes
    Chris Mayes 7 months ago +9

    and not to forget the recent safety announcement... "due to invasion of ukraine by madman Putin, dont fly anywhere over Europe which has closed its skies to you"

    • Dario Blazevic
      Dario Blazevic 2 months ago

      It’s not Russian people fault! the only one is responsible, and you now very well who… I’m saying to you like Lithuanian and we also speak Russian there.. Of course, first of all I’m upset about war in Ukraine, the both population of this countries must live like us.

    • Kim Williams
      Kim Williams 6 months ago +1

      It's funny because they closed the skies to the Russian planes but not to the Russian rockets.

  • wawa
    wawa Year ago +1

    My aunt used to work for this airline :)

  • Melvin Lenn
    Melvin Lenn 3 years ago +6

    Isn't this is the best safety video ever? Looks more sophisticated

    • Mike McMaster
      Mike McMaster 2 years ago

      PS - 06GD - Ray Lawson PS (1535) it says at 2:06 that this is a non smoking flight

  • Felipe Gomes
    Felipe Gomes 6 months ago +4

    Vamos ver até quando a Aeroflot vai durar sem o ocidente.

  • Dr Edwin Kemp
    Dr Edwin Kemp 2 months ago

    i would happily take the topulev to sochi or even an antonov to norilsk

  • Steven Schuyler
    Steven Schuyler Year ago +2

    Aeroflot pilot and co pilot to each following the stewardesses..."Oh, comrade, we gonna get some tonight!"

    • Aley
      Aley 7 months ago

      That's good because they're not gay or lesbian.

  • Bach Bui
    Bach Bui Year ago +2

    I know the boy in this video is Russian because he has a Mercedes Benz G Class toy car

  • supersonicwings
    supersonicwings 3 years ago +12

    This could pass as a James Bond movie trailer

    • РОССИЯ
      РОССИЯ 2 years ago

      b o g g e d why? It’s so easy

    • Lei Feng
      Lei Feng 3 years ago

      supersonicwings I don’t get it.

  • 3333sweetie
    3333sweetie 3 years ago +8

    By golly, those Aeroflot pilots are so adorable.

  • Marcos André
    Marcos André 3 years ago +2

    It's amazing how much a Boeing is equally as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, not what happens with Airbus, highly technological but incredibly ugly. Despite being a Russian name "Vera" is the most common name that exists here in Brazil. This girl at 0:45 looks too much like our Fernanda Paes Leme (Brazilian actress).

  • Blue Acidball
    Blue Acidball 3 years ago +5

    The safety video music sounds perfect for a hymn

  • Brick Life
    Brick Life 2 years ago

    my fav safety video is China Southern and second is Air China

  • Jorge Sucno
    Jorge Sucno Year ago


  • Vicky Majumdar
    Vicky Majumdar 2 years ago

    Lovely 😊 video 😘😘🥰😍😍

  • R. Tanoko
    R. Tanoko Year ago

    I want to try flying with Aeroflot.....But there is no flight (even with connections) operated by Aeroflot from Japan to Indonesia....Sadly, wish to try at least one time though...

  • GB UK
    GB UK Year ago

    Cabin crew uniforms inspired by Lindt Lindor chocolates 😁😁

  • Cardiac Myxoma
    Cardiac Myxoma 2 years ago +8

    In mother Russia, plane flies YOU.

  • Abhishek Suresh
    Abhishek Suresh 3 years ago +95


  • marcdunord
    marcdunord Year ago +2

    the most beautiful voice ever heard on earth....

  • Mo Jo
    Mo Jo Year ago

    I tell ya what... I would fly on any plane that ole Vera was on. Easy on the eyes.

  • honey bee
    honey bee 9 months ago

    Hi im a sri lankan citizen pls can someone tell me whether i need Russian citizenship to become a Aeroflot flight attendant ? Or permanent residency ?? Plss help

    • Ramo chy
      Ramo chy 9 months ago

      *know Not now

    • Ramo chy
      Ramo chy 9 months ago

      I just now that they allowed non-russian Pilots back in 2014 but i think you Can also have a Citizenship from abroad to be a flight attendant

  • LoveLing
    LoveLing 6 months ago +1

    HAHAHA someone close to my heart's flashback 😂😂😂

  • Turner's Cool Videos


  • lissus murataj
    lissus murataj 3 years ago +197

    1:32 how Stalin stopped the blitzkreig

  • Vickguitart
    Vickguitart Year ago

    А ты мне очень понравилось 🥰

  • 1123tam
    1123tam 2 years ago +2


  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong 2 years ago +5

    When your airline's marketing strategy is sex appeal

  • Carl Johnson UNOFFICAL INDIA

    Who expected Russia air meme

  • Oliver Solorzano
    Oliver Solorzano 10 months ago

    How do I book a seat?

  • Andre Henas
    Andre Henas 2 years ago +1

    Did you guys have a full text of her speaking?

  • jan Laroche
    jan Laroche Year ago +2


  • 777person
    777person 7 months ago +2

    The hammer and sickle is still on the badge 😆

  • R. Juan Khafilah
    R. Juan Khafilah Year ago

    Welcome to Air Russia

  • 레이나
    레이나 2 years ago +1

    AMERICANAIRLINES:takeyourseat belts
    Aeroflot: ура! (Throw the passenger in 35000ft)

  • Shenmue is life
    Shenmue is life 3 years ago +1

    "If you're travelling with a child, put on your own mask first" Intriguing advice but why?

    • Aley
      Aley 7 months ago

      The child is more defenseless and the adult must save the child. Therefore, if you die, then there will be no one to save the child. If you save the child, but die yourself, then the child will have less chance of surviving later. You save yourself as an instrument for saving the child later on.

    • РОССИЯ
      РОССИЯ 2 years ago

      Shenmue is life yeah due to shortage of time before passing out not only may you fail to put it on yourself but also to put it on your child. Instead of one alive adult and one child surprised by such cruelty of not putting child’s interests first we may have two dead bodies here which is not good

    • Erik Tereshenko
      Erik Tereshenko 3 years ago +5

      Shenmue is life if there is a loss of cabin pressure you only have about 10 or 15 seconds before passing out so putting on your child’s mask first may make you pass out so you need to put on yours first.

  • Augustus Constantine
    Augustus Constantine 3 years ago +106

    Damn.... sexiest air hostesses

    • Meowclaws46
      Meowclaws46 Year ago +1

      @azulina [OLD ACCOUNT] tbh i dunno, maybe so they won’t get their skin dirty and since the airplane is never cleaned all the way, that’s just what I think.

    • Augustus Constantine
      Augustus Constantine Year ago

      @إلياس Elias انضب يا خرا

    • إلياس Elias
      إلياس Elias Year ago +2


    • Mr. Peeep
      Mr. Peeep 2 years ago +1


    • azulina [OLD ACCOUNT]
      azulina [OLD ACCOUNT] 2 years ago +2

      **communist flashbacks from grade 1 pop in **

  • Tristan Tecson
    Tristan Tecson Year ago

    At the end, they illegally takeoff at the taxiway hehe

  • adsdandy
    adsdandy 2 years ago +1

    This video is as long as the JFK-SVO leg

  • Pig
    Pig 2 years ago

    Thx for uploading

    IWVIP 3 years ago +1

    I sat on Aeroflot it has too much turbulence I sat on many Aeroflot planes and all of them had a big ass turbulence

    • РОССИЯ
      РОССИЯ 2 years ago +2

      IWVIP how the fuck you think turbulence depends on airline?))

  • eilixhelps
    eilixhelps 3 years ago +6

    Russians : yep Aeroflot is flying shit, everyone know it.

    • Stable Device
      Stable Device 5 months ago

      @Omnihound Самые нормальные рейсы, по качеству похожие на иностранные компании, это в которых используются боинги 777, а сейчас наверное еще и аэробусы а350. Остальное действительно говно

    • 당근
      당근 Year ago

      Ни разу с таким не сталкивалась... Хотя летаю постоянно.
      Всегда попадался профессиональный и вежливый персонал🤔

    • Omnihound
      Omnihound Year ago

      @당근 Рейс 1702. Владивосток-москва (или наоборот). Цитирую: "Вам форель или картофель?" -"Вы недавно говорили треска" -"А в чем разница?" -"Ну как бы это разные рыбы" -"Окей. Берите уже что есть". После такого уже летать ими не хочется. Еще недавно было. Рейс Москва-Казань. Стюардесса раздает еду. Идет мимо меня. Смотрит, а затем кидает батончик мне на столик. Услышала вызов. Ушла не нажав тормоз. Я ей об этом сказал, а она в ответ только цыкнула и в нос сказала "блять". Но тормоз нажала. Сама компания норм, но отношение ее к подготовке кадров оставляет желать лучшего. Недавно, помню, были новости о том, что они запретили пилотам отключать автомилот

    • 당근
      당근 Year ago +1

      В чëм именно проявляется ужас в обслуживании?
      Вы точно не путаете Аэрофлот с какой-нибудь другой компанией?

    • Omnihound
      Omnihound Year ago

      @당근 Победа это лоукостер. Если брать по составляющим билета, то цена будет как везде. А вот аэрофлот говно. У них обслуживание ужас

  • Aeroflot 44 Spice
    Aeroflot 44 Spice Year ago +1

    Aeroflot don't fly now because of the coronavirus

  • Codename Catatonic

    In case of emergency ... Smile 😊

  • acnh fan
    acnh fan 4 months ago


  • KingBoy Playz 👑
    KingBoy Playz 👑 5 months ago +3

    Those flight attendants are pretty, i must say

    • KingBoy Playz 👑
      KingBoy Playz 👑 4 months ago

      @min yeah ik

    • min
      min 4 months ago

      Most of them are really pretty, but not all btw.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Year ago +1

    this can’t be real

  • Antonio Belluco
    Antonio Belluco Month ago

  • AGN
    AGN 6 months ago +4

    Russias' Cameron Diaz in her early years - from now on doing only domestic flights in robbed planes, that, sooner or later falling from the sky bc of missing maintenance. Priceless.

  • Sandaesa
    Sandaesa 8 months ago


  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith Year ago

    U can tell from the vid this nation is very far from any kind of equality

    • Aley
      Aley 7 months ago


  • SalutCestMoi00
    SalutCestMoi00 7 months ago +2

    What is the music at the beginning? Shazam doesn't recognize it....

    ANTHONY QUEER EDWARDS 6 months ago +1

    Very beautiful Ladies ❤️😘❤️😘

  • moore moorovich
    moore moorovich 2 years ago

    What the name of the song in the begining?

  • TheBoyNoah
    TheBoyNoah 3 months ago

    They never said to leave your luggage

  • miroslav trenic
    miroslav trenic 2 years ago


  • John Fronza
    John Fronza 2 years ago

    The only way to fly Aeroflot is not to fly them at all. They also stole the idea for the spot from Virgin Airlines.

    • Aley
      Aley 7 months ago

      Aeroflot existed when Virgin was not even in the plans.