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The Golden Gate Bridge Is Starting To Show Its Age

  • Published on Nov 21, 2016
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is in need of some love and its rust is causing concern. Jeffrey Schaub reports. (11/22/16)

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  • EvenFive
    EvenFive Year ago +4109

    Just in case anyone is wondering, this is still not painted.

    • Defence Bangladesh
      Defence Bangladesh 21 day ago


    • EJFSanchez2
      EJFSanchez2 24 days ago

      They said it would be completed by 2022. What did they waste the 10s of millions of dollars on?

    • Prechutes ML
      Prechutes ML Month ago

      A tragic disaster waiting to unfold if it continues

    • terry wilder
      terry wilder 9 months ago

      @Otto von Bismarck Yeah they're thinking if we paint it then we won't have a reason to spend $20 - 30 billion on a new one!

    • Makaponpon
      Makaponpon 10 months ago

      Is it painted yet?

  • Mahesh Walatara
    Mahesh Walatara Year ago +170

    Considering how many times it's been destroyed by alien attacks, giant monsters, disasters it looks petty good.

  • nufaa faa
    nufaa faa Year ago +1065

    Who else got this 4 years later in their recommended

    • Lil Dev
      Lil Dev 10 months ago


    • vanostran9000
      vanostran9000 10 months ago

      It’s good google is still drawing attention to this.

    • BIG FACTS 📺 TV
      BIG FACTS 📺 TV 11 months ago


    • Marcelo Decon
      Marcelo Decon 11 months ago


    • nufaa faa
      nufaa faa 11 months ago

      @Cody Boyle yo watch out dude, you can’t say straight nowadays 😂 they might kill you

  • Canadian Man
    Canadian Man Year ago +1189

    10 million used in other places. Like politicians patio furniture,homes and vehicles.

    • None
      None Year ago

      @Notxams 27 (It's their "your money")

    • None
      None Year ago +1

      Only '$10 million ?: where have all the other billions gone ?

    • Unknown Sender
      Unknown Sender Year ago +1

      Not Ten.... TENS

    • ILGuy2012
      ILGuy2012 Year ago

      High speed train to nowhere.

    • Canadian Man
      Canadian Man Year ago

      @Mr Wonderful Lol

  • jamal robinson
    jamal robinson 3 years ago +10011

    $7 to cross what are y'all doing with all the money

    • matt tim
      matt tim 2 days ago

      @Jerzey Boy1995 it's 10 dollars now

    • matt tim
      matt tim 2 days ago

      Goes straight into politicians pockets like Nancy pelosi who is worth 120 million and is from the bay area. California is corrupt. That's what happens when you vote for democrats

    • The g
      The g 2 days ago

      ten thousandth like lol

    • Georgie
      Georgie  27 days ago

      @Yagami actually no it's not you pay for it with card

    • Rod B
      Rod B Month ago

      @Fadzilicious 112,000 a day average, x $7. 286 million a year

  • ed p
    ed p Year ago +12

    All of the suspender cables were replaced in the 1970s. I saw it done. To accomplish this job, a movable scaffold was installed that hung from both main cables, with a bridging section between them. This scaffold was used to attach temporary suspender cables to take the load while the original suspender cables were being removed and replaced. Why wasn't the main cables painted at this time?

  • cj gent
    cj gent Year ago +20

    This bridge destroyed in the movies multiple times. It is amazing how fast workers built it again.

  • Dennis Cliff
    Dennis Cliff Year ago +19

    With these huge steel bridges, the typical procedure is to start prepping and painting at one end and after the crews reach the other end, they start the process anew. I wonder if they are using epoxy paint or UV resistant paint. This bridge's main problem is that it is in California where infrastructure is neglected.

    • Brent Levonian
      Brent Levonian 7 months ago

      One more thing. Since this is in CommieFornia, the paint they are using is probably crap, since all the good tried and true chemicals are now illegal. Most paint sold today is garbage.

    • Bobs Billets
      Bobs Billets Year ago +1

      And still is neglected just like all the tax payers here.

    THORFXMX Year ago +55

    Question: where is the money?
    Answer: it was used other places.
    Truthful answer: we stole it!

    SAVAGE 4 years ago +3539

    The. Golden. Gate. Bridge. Manager.
    What is that guy's salary?

    • Parker Cushing
      Parker Cushing 4 months ago

      As a public employee his salary can be looked up. Every single public employee in California is listed on a website.

    • Some White Dude
      Some White Dude 11 months ago

      @Stanley Hornbeck what?
      Do you type that in the middle of a stroke?

    • Stanley Hornbeck
      Stanley Hornbeck 11 months ago

      @Some White Dude Trump is still an idiot narcissist, that has nothing to do with our precious infrastructure.!

    • Thomas Cottrell
      Thomas Cottrell Year ago

      His salary is 450k a year

    • Ronald
      Ronald Year ago

      he does it for free ? yah right

  • Pitkä Peura
    Pitkä Peura Year ago +4

    It's always funny how engineering and maintenance point out glaringly obvious problems for management to twiddle their thumbs over.

  • Mo River
    Mo River Year ago +3

    Where are all those high toll fees going? Typically, tolls fees are a way for a road, or bridge to support itself financially. Its going to take the bridge to collapse, lives lost, and a main commuter route to be closed to get some politicians to wake up. Then, there will be a new bridge built with money that is not there.

  • erin mcdonald
    erin mcdonald Year ago +4

    Ok... Seriously, seeing this 4yrs late, and nothing's been done??! This is THE Golden Gate Bridge, probably the 2nd most iconic landmark in the country, after the Statue of Liberty!!! 💔🤦😡

  • capture captain
    capture captain Year ago +30

    painter: "theresa alot of corrosion up there"
    Reporter: "you mean RUST"
    painter: "yeah..rust.."

    • lalala
      lalala Year ago

      That part was playing as I was reading this lol.

  • Drives & Details
    Drives & Details Year ago +1959

    “Spent on other projects” = “Lined the politicians pockets”

    • andy brugman
      andy brugman 2 months ago

      @Alfie yes it is NORTH KOREA

    • Jay soberanes
      Jay soberanes 4 months ago

      Paying to clean the human crap off there streets and drugs for the homeless

    • Fourthgirl
      Fourthgirl 5 months ago

      Golden Gate Bridge Authority is independent from the other state owned bridges in the area. Monies are always being diverted because they lack state oversight.

    • its me
      its me Year ago

      just like $48000 tents for the homeless?

    • Interstate 80
      Interstate 80 Year ago

      @Wesley Payne politicians pockets**

  • frankie lauro
    frankie lauro Year ago +4

    "What happened to that money?" The manager makes 452k to manage a BRIDGE, couldn't imagine where that money went!

  • BPW
    BPW Year ago +6

    imagine just driving to see some family, then while you’re on this bridge the whole thing just falls and you experience a moment of free fall as you fly upward and slam your back against the top of your car and see all the pieces of the bridge and other cars falling into the water and then your car slams against the water and you see it all thrust upward around you as the windows crack, followed by it plunging into darkness as water fills up your car and you slowly lose consciousness and drown

    • lxryb 8
      lxryb 8 20 days ago

      U have good imagination

    • Brent Levonian
      Brent Levonian 7 months ago

      always the optimist, I see! Haha.

    • Rayman
      Rayman Year ago

      I'm not catching a ride with you!!!!

  • Nicolas Perez
    Nicolas Perez Year ago +286

    "you mean rust"
    dumbest newscaster ever

    • Guidomonto
      Guidomonto Year ago +2

      @Adrian F isn’t that what I just said?

    • Adrian F
      Adrian F Year ago +2

      @Guidomonto if you asked a random person off the street what corrosion or oxidisation was, i bet they couldnt tell you. rust is the street term, therefore has been used to get people to understand it

    • Guidomonto
      Guidomonto Year ago

      It’s the same thing, “rust” is just a street name for it

    • FrapGaming
      FrapGaming Year ago +1

      @Adrian F thank you. At least some people think of others not THEMSELVES.

    • kapytanhook
      kapytanhook Year ago

      @Adrian F fair point

  • E Nikata
    E Nikata Year ago +2

    Simple - why spend hundreds of millions to keep the bridge in tip top condition when you can spend a few tens of millions doing the absolute minimal? Makes sense in an insane world

  • adrian gil
    adrian gil Year ago +2936

    “There’s a lot of corrosion up there,”
    “You mean rust?”
    No I mean oxidation!!

    • Spider
      Spider 9 months ago +1

      @Markarth City Guard you must be from Israel

    • javymontevideo
      javymontevideo 11 months ago +1

      Since 1937? Its amazing how money in engineer is undoubtly better for humanity than destruction on wars.

    • arm
      arm Year ago +1

      @Gabriel5591 Guantrentee

    • shadowXXe
      shadowXXe Year ago +1

      @Coastfog HaHa

    • Coastfog
      Coastfog Year ago +1

      @shadowXXe No, semites, but Israel really has nothing to do with it

  • Leaetta Hyer
    Leaetta Hyer Year ago +13


  • Christopher Vrioni
    Christopher Vrioni Year ago +1

    Hopefully this project is going on and by the looks of this video it can use an over haul and add some local union ironworker crews to maintain it consistently.

  • J Hill
    J Hill 11 months ago

    The entire GG Bridge was publicly funded from day one from the sale of bonds to local residents. The stipulation being that every dime of tolls collected would be used to pay off the bonds and for routine maintenance. How the State/CalTrans wormed their in is pathetic, as they ran off with the funds to pay for people and projects that would get them votes.

  • Jonconji
    Jonconji Year ago +1

    “It got used in other places” that’s the best bet fell into some people pockets too, and helped other pay off what they didn’t.

  • Mike Moyer
    Mike Moyer Year ago +4

    Well, what happened to the money? "The money got used in other places." You mean it lined some rich politicians pocket?

  • StevenHJ
    StevenHJ Year ago

    My dad, at the age of 18, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge on opening day. I love that bridge. Hope it stays up forever but with the lack of maintenance like we've seen, it doesn't look promising.

  • mick todd
    mick todd 4 months ago

    I visited the bridge in early May 2022 and what shocked me was the condition of not the bridge itself but all the chain links on marine drive. so rusted away imagine the bridge will be the same in parts.

  • Dave Wane
    Dave Wane 7 months ago

    I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and back in 2012 and whilst there was some signs of rust, it did not look too bad. I hope there was no unseen corrosion.

  • God Bless Hip Hop
    God Bless Hip Hop 2 years ago +3189

    Puts money aside to fix bridge, uses money for something else?? Makes no sense..

    • Blitztim
      Blitztim 7 months ago

      This happens all the time in California. Voters can approve money to be spent on one thing, but it’s wasted on something else. Then the politicians come for more money because the original need still exist.

    • Brent Levonian
      Brent Levonian 7 months ago

      We are governed by absolute FOOLS.

    • downSouf Trappin wit AL
      downSouf Trappin wit AL 11 months ago

      Sounds like a thief 🤣to me

    • Stanley Hornbeck
      Stanley Hornbeck 11 months ago

      @boR Tuck frump ! he is irrelevant!

    • its me
      its me Year ago

      translation: maybe it means money were diverted into consultant pockets.

  • rdaystrom
    rdaystrom Year ago +9

    They say the cables are in good shape. The fact is they don't really know for sure.

  • Skunk Bucket
    Skunk Bucket Year ago +9

    Why paint an old bridge when you can spend the money (and billions more) on a bullet train to nowhere?

  • Ditto
    Ditto Year ago +2

    When the bridge actually collapse, many will die, hundreds will suffer, and they just point finger at each other on whose fault it is.

    LITMUS AERO Year ago +4

    You know we've run out of things on earth when we start age shaming bridges

  • StreetPreacher717
    StreetPreacher717 3 years ago +2670

    The government likes to spend all our money on everything but us 😂😢

    • kirrasdad
      kirrasdad Year ago

      Just the GOP it seems

    • F
      F Year ago

      @El_Guay8008 safe from what clown

    • Pretzel Stick
      Pretzel Stick Year ago

      StreetPreacher717 this is local tax and revenue dumbass.

    • NordvestGaming
      NordvestGaming Year ago

      @El_Guay8008 The military doesn't need over 700 BILLION dollars annually when we aren't even in a major war... we spend more money on our military than the next 10 countries combined... combined those countries make up just over 45% of the world population... the US makes up just over 4% of the world population... we have no reason to be spending more money "protecting" 4% of the population, than the next 45% does combined

    • Moonshine
      Moonshine Year ago

      @LibertyMinded $18 is cheap for ice cream here in California

  • Daniel Rojas
    Daniel Rojas Year ago +2

    Corruption is bad when they don’t do maintenance on bridges 🌉 and roads

  • Simply Wonderful
    Simply Wonderful Year ago +1

    How does this guy know the 27,000 cable strands inside the covers (which themselves are corroded quite a bit) at all? No inspections at all!

  • G D
    G D Year ago +30

    When its past the point of maintenance, they will ask for emergency funding.

    • tocororo
      tocororo Year ago

      And raise your taxes

    • Albert Lebel
      Albert Lebel Year ago

      @Rolando No, some greedy fool will line their pockets and watch the bridge fall apart

    • Rolando
      Rolando Year ago +1

      Vía another tax and it probably won’t be used for maintenance at all.

    • Albert Lebel
      Albert Lebel Year ago +1

      Yes, so sad. And this happens all the time

  • Eli Unkn
    Eli Unkn Year ago +1

    This better last for a long time, this is my favourite land mark, and I want to visit it before it collapse.

  • dennis n
    dennis n 5 years ago +1294

    They can never replace the main cables. If they rust. The bridge is doomed.

    • Hobby Organist
      Hobby Organist 9 months ago

      @The Richest Man In Babylon That's a huge problem, they built these bridges and never provisioned on HOW to replace corroded elements and cables in the future, they figured it would be someone elses' problem.

    • its me
      its me Year ago

      sure they can. these liberals will spent trillions building another bridge right next to the current one & call it Golden Non Gender Bridge...

    • Perry Fefchuk
      Perry Fefchuk Year ago

      @kansasthunderman1 the management group should be fired,charged,jailed, for miss management,incompetence

    • for the boys
      for the boys 2 years ago

      kansasthunderman1 The worst part is, if it does deteriorate and they tear it down, they would probably put a disgusting modern art bridge in it’s place

    • margaret jones
      margaret jones 2 years ago

      dennis n when the bridge falls and salt air will decay it. the water is going to be as a tsunami alongbthe shores.

  • C Dez
    C Dez Year ago +2

    Used in other places, seems to be the excuse of every CA road infrastructure budget.

  • T Stahler
    T Stahler Year ago +1

    3 years later, have they painted it yet? The Oroville dam spillway was perfectly safe, right up to the day it crumbled.

  • Steven Campbell
    Steven Campbell 10 months ago

    Corruption is always at the root cause of these sort of infrastructure decay. City officials are 'influenced' with goods or money.

  • TheMysteryPanda Two
    TheMysteryPanda Two Year ago +230

    Still not painted for everyone who wants to know👌

    • Rhizo Move
      Rhizo Move Year ago

      @Dat Man A disaster that will happen without me being on the bridge. I won't cross it again.

    • Bay Area 415
      Bay Area 415 Year ago +1

      But they say “we’re working on it” 😂😂

    • Cc Cc
      Cc Cc Year ago +1

      Because they don't give a shit about us, only when it effects themselve

    • Bobs Billets
      Bobs Billets Year ago +1

      @massin akmin Do you realize how in debt the Unites States is? Do you realize how much is 1 trillion? It is 1 Million times more than 1 million, that is a 1 with 18 zeros. Because that is so much we can never pay it back. The country just does not make that much to pay it off with all of their spending. China will own the United States shortly. This county has failed because the leaders are failing the country.

    • massin akmin
      massin akmin Year ago +1

      @Bobs Billets So the infrastructure money from mister joe biden is not bad right 6 trillion..?

  • Reginald Miller
    Reginald Miller 2 years ago +744

    1 of THE most expensive states to live in America, and your telling me even the golden gate bridge cant receive financial assistance...

    • jar jar bink
      jar jar bink Year ago +1

      Defund the police

    • Ryan lex
      Ryan lex Year ago

      @RevMarket yet they have issue and problem solving homeless, proverty, bridge etc... Singapore look more modern and clean then california Bruh!!

    • Big_Banana71
      Big_Banana71 Year ago

      The money from tax payers cant just go into a specific thing and after the usa spendings there is not enough money to give
      and if you live in a specific area and you pay taxes i doesn’t mean your area will be upgraded

    • •s•y•m•
      •s•y•m• Year ago


    • pix SIlvb
      pix SIlvb Year ago +4

      @Duchess of Lemon which has a proper name: liberals (a.k.a. democrats, socialists, left, commies) 🤢🤮👎

  • Senih Okuyucu
    Senih Okuyucu Year ago

    What I’m hearing is “bridge repairs budget going to work that actually has to be done vs. what looks the best”

  • Corporal Hollywood

    You know eventually you’re going to keep shaving off metal and steel and it’s not gonna be able to hold the structure anymore you need to re-outfitted the bridge it’s rusting you keep scraping off the rust which means war metal is pulled off and eventually the viscosity of the metal and the mass of the metal that it was designed to hold candles longer hold it because it is in fact being shaved off so this is gonna be like that moth man prophecies thing where that bridge broke At point Pleasant it’s exact same thing

  • Men Guarding Their Own Wallets

    If you check the individual steel strands 'inside' those cables, you will find an extreme amount of corrosion has occurred inside them. When the government finally checks those cables, they will quickly realize that the bridge is close to collapse.

  • inlonging
    inlonging 11 months ago +1

    Why does it seem like we pay so much for everything in California and still things are left to go badly.

  • StormLaker1975
    StormLaker1975 4 years ago +1233

    When you have a city that is more concerned with banning soda straws......

    • Steven Cramsie
      Steven Cramsie Year ago

      The city of San Francisco does not own or maintain the bridge.

    • Verbal Kint
      Verbal Kint 2 years ago

      @it'sMe TheHerpes yeah you don't care because conservatives don't give a shit about anything but themselves. That's why our planet is fucked up, you selfish ignorant fool.

    • Rand0m411
      Rand0m411 2 years ago

      @Andrea Presutti straws account for only .02% of all plastic in the ocean. Try again.

    • Mark Preston
      Mark Preston 2 years ago

      The City doesn't have anything to to with the Golden Gate Bridge you idiot

    • ArizonaWillful
      ArizonaWillful 2 years ago

      @SCGIS All the conservatives are eagerly nodding their heads. Yes, let's pollute until we drop dead! Money, money, money.

  • Dave Kirkeby
    Dave Kirkeby Year ago

    We tried to find out whether the cable was ever painted. EvenFive below says it never was. We couldn't find a single article dated after 2016 that covered the issue. Maybe KPIX could do a follow up story?

  • 7sukuyomi
    7sukuyomi Year ago +1

    Thank you Gavin Newsome for not caring at all :) And raising our taxes !

  • Thomas Malone
    Thomas Malone Year ago

    I noticed that when I was little back in the mid 90's. My dad pointed out the fading paint job to my brother and me.

  • Dj S
    Dj S Year ago +1

    $10 to cross the bridge cuz they need to paint the cable even though we paid for the bridge a hundred times over already. The bridges were supposed to be free after they got enough money for them but instead they just raise the prices and continue to make more money and endanger Our Lives to cross their dangerous Bridges I'm talking about the whole Bay Area

  • Ali
    Ali Year ago +1217

    Money was “Used other places”

    • Maurice de la Rosa
      Maurice de la Rosa 2 months ago

      Yeah, that was a pretty weak answer. Even if the money was spent on other areas of need, why were the other areas deemed more important than a recommendation from 1969? The toll on this bridge is $1.40 more than they charge for any other bridge that crosses the bay and currently stands at $8.40 IF you have a toll tag and $8.80 if you don’t. That’s a lot of money for a bridge that is behind in maintenance because I suppose now they will raise the toll to $10 to fund the cable painting.

    • its me
      its me Year ago

      liberal pockets?

    • Andrew Barnes
      Andrew Barnes Year ago

      In there pockets

    • Roy Sheaks
      Roy Sheaks Year ago

      @Gusthesaltybus It rusts, too.

    • Dave
      Dave Year ago

      of course the reporter never asked that question. fucking useless reporters, useless news channel. useless bridge board and director. hang them high.

  • Russell Der geko Wright

    Seeing how corroded some places on the structure are I’d be very concerned.

  • Lance Uppercut
    Lance Uppercut Year ago +2

    I doubt it will be replaced like for like when it’s time to drop it they will say oh we cannot afford it 👍

  • whiteclifffl
    whiteclifffl Year ago +1

    1:37. Let’s tackle the first issue here.
    Can anyone explain to me why this guy is being paid a HALF MILLION DOLLARS a year???????

  • Schad Dalton
    Schad Dalton Year ago

    The facing of the south tower has looked like shit for years. It's nearly rusted entirely out on the south-facing side. It's pathetic that no one seems interested in fixing it. People come from all over the world to see this bridge and now they get here and see the SF-side tower looking like it's facade is rusting off.

  • Dùn Èideann AER

    The forth rail bridge here in Scotland has been painted continuously since it opened way way over 100 years ago. Same colour too.

  • Johnny BB Gunner
    Johnny BB Gunner Year ago +1

    I use to cross it in a company box truck just for fun at times. One heck of a view from way up on the seat.

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson Year ago

    Do I trust someone that says the wires on the cable are okay? They have never been maintained since 1932? There's a lot of rust in there guys travel on that bridge at your own peril and good luck.

  • Ryan Craig
    Ryan Craig Year ago

    Sheer neglect. Halifax, Nova Scotia has two suspension bridges over the harbor. Not as grand as the Golden Gate, but pretty big. The bridges are in a constant state of maintenance, and the older one, built in the 50s, recently had a major refurbishment and upgrade. All paid for by fairly modest tolls. I think it was CAD$1.25 for a car the last time I was there.

  • Age of Reason
    Age of Reason 4 years ago +171

    I was a painter for 10 years. There is no such thing as "purely cosmetic".

  • Enduro X
    Enduro X Year ago

    Bridges are a complete scam. When built the bridge was supposed to be free to travel across once the bridge was paid off. That is how the agreement was written. SO the bridge commission decided that if they continually refinanced the loan and never paid it off they could continue collecting tolls indefinitely. It's like their own personal piggy bank. What a joke.

  • Lab Rat
    Lab Rat 3 months ago

    An 'honest' scientifically detailed inspections of all bridge components is necessary, the alternative is waiting for major component failure-s or total collapse of the bridge - with strong emphasis placed on the steel & cement tower foundations (a) significant undertaking to say the least.

  • itsacorporatething

    This sort of thing makes me so mad. Just fix it! It’s one of the richest cities and states in the world. No excuses.

  • A Fool And His Money

    It's still standing in the year 3188 according to Star Trek Discovery... it'll be fine.

  • Jonathan James
    Jonathan James 4 years ago +933

    “It was used in other places”... basically it’s in his bank account

    • Wud Dude
      Wud Dude 4 years ago

      The morons at the bridge district use a substantial amount of the $143,000,000 collected in bridge tolls each year to subsidize the financial disaster known as the Golden Gate Ferry.

    • Auggies1956
      Auggies1956 4 years ago

      Illegal support.

    • Haijin
      Haijin 4 years ago +1

      William Watkins I would talk to him nicely if he wasn’t fucking ignorant.
      A simple google search of
      “California Officials are corrupt”
      and a lot of evidence is laying in front you.

    • William Watkins
      William Watkins 4 years ago

      xGodspeedz who pissed in your cereal? The guy asked a real question no need to be rude.

    • Michael Davis
      Michael Davis 4 years ago

      Not his bank account. Half went to the state assembly and the governor, the other half was paid to contractors for the high speed rail project. They pinky swear that they're going to get the high speed rail project done soon! ;)

  • Jerald Lifsey
    Jerald Lifsey Year ago

    The bridge has a board of directors and employees with an office to go to each day but the same problems exist for decades?!?!?

  • Thomas Formanek
    Thomas Formanek Year ago +3

    Somebody tell Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the democrats that THIS is infrastructure.

  • ✨R.N.L FAM✨
    ✨R.N.L FAM✨ Year ago

    I have to cross this bridge every morning to get to church and I have no fears of it falling apart

  • Marcus Wardle
    Marcus Wardle Year ago

    The Forth Bridge in Scotland has been continuously painted ever since its construction in order to stop corrosion.

  • Jason Berry
    Jason Berry Year ago

    They were given $10 million dollars to paint it and it didn’t happen and he just shrugged it off like we’ll it got spent on other stuff. This is a perfect example of why this county is falling apart

  • Tom Upchurch
    Tom Upchurch Year ago

    Back in the day they painted this entire bridge and when they got to the other end they started over and it never stopped...WTF happened?

  • mikeifyouplease
    mikeifyouplease Year ago

    Why did this report not discuss the COMPLETE REPLACEMENT OF BOTH cables which was done decades ago?
    Afterwards, they sold pieces to the general public. I have always regretted not buying one of them at that time.
    Such HUGE, IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICIENT improvements to the Bridge, should have been front-and-center on this news story.

  • jd2k09
    jd2k09 Year ago +1

    Don't worry everyone, its still standing as of 3069 in Star Trek so they must of slapped a coat of rust primer on before then.

  • Sammich
    Sammich 4 years ago +7

    Gonna be honest, I remember watching a video documentary that's probably close to 10 years old that mentioned the infrastructure of the bridge was not in the best shape. People who drove across the bridge, often daily, felt like the bridge was about to collapse. I think this just adds to it that the bridge for how old it is needs some tender love and care, more then it's currently getting. If the bridge wasn't the main mode of transportation to get across, I think the city of San Fran would be in a much worse state. Nothing like boating across~

  • Fredy Chavez
    Fredy Chavez Year ago

    Corruption at its best. Just got back from there a few weeks ago and the underside isn't any better.

  • RugbyFootballer
    RugbyFootballer Year ago

    The real question is it is 2021 have they actually been working to fix the problem or are they still pointing fingers

  • loaded fun
    loaded fun Year ago

    The way bridges get painted is once it’s finished being painted your supposed to start all over at the beginning blasting it with steel shot priming it and finishing it. So many mills of paint need to be applied. For all the paint that’s put on it all has to be removed once you start all over again. Bridges can’t withstand the weight of 100 coats of paint. The San Fran bridge in the fog and mist all the time. If it hasn’t been maintained you can bet it will come down some day.... just like anything else, ignore it and it will go away.

  • T J
    T J Year ago

    People are going to die when the bridge collapses and no one will be held accountable. Minimum they're increasing the price tag the longer they put it off. They obviously misrepresent the truth about the condition of the bridge. I'm sure in 2021 they haven't done a damn thing about the bridge. The corruption and mismanagement of money in government is sickening!

  • SoCalSupercars
    SoCalSupercars Year ago

    It’s been 4 years.... have they fixed it yet???? 😳

  • Mike B
    Mike B 7 months ago

    Did anyone notice how when he answered the question about where the money went, he shifted his eyes away from the interviewer, sure sign he just lied.

  • Pat Cattin
    Pat Cattin Year ago

    This bridge has been continuously painted from the day of completion. I believed the painting of the main cable is primarily a cosmetic issue. My grandfather wrote a technical book explaining the “as built” as he watched it completed. My grandfather, E. Cromwell Mencsh (~1890-1963) was an engineer for the city. In the thirties. His books are listed on Amazon. It would be nice if the budget for the maintenance of the bridge were overflowing. It is not. My mother alive (1924- the present) 97yo me meber the original budget for the construction was 48 million. For all you chicken littles out there the wire splices were made with lead. I have a splice from the wire-flyers work

    • Haas
      Haas 6 months ago

      Your grandfather watched it.....and therefore you have a belief about the main cable.....we should go with that....

  • David Membrila
    David Membrila Year ago +1

    The bridge has been mismanaged for decades if this nonesense has been going on

  • Pablo Cruise
    Pablo Cruise 4 years ago +1398

    And why is the toll to cross
    So frigging high?? We were always told it’s for maintenance, guess not.

    • gabriel Sturdevant
      gabriel Sturdevant Year ago

      @SpicySnowman88 thats cause its in richmond

    • SpicySnowman88
      SpicySnowman88 Year ago

      @gabriel Sturdevant My neighborhood is right next to Jamestown but I don't remember ever paying to cross a bridge

    • gabriel Sturdevant
      gabriel Sturdevant Year ago

      @SpicySnowman88 ever been on powhite parkway
      The one with the bridge on the james

    • SpicySnowman88
      SpicySnowman88 Year ago

      @gabriel Sturdevant I've lived in VA for 15 years and I've never been across a bridge that you have to pay for

    • Frank Paya
      Frank Paya 2 years ago

      @El Piton Pre YOU need to do some research: Gavin newsom publicly proclaimed, don't worry about your immigration status, we will get you on Medicaid in California .

  • Hypiran SIO
    Hypiran SIO Year ago +32

    Everyone: serious
    Me: What the heck is wrong with the subtitles

  • Tasman
    Tasman Year ago

    Pause @3:54. That's all I need to see. That's not surface rust, that's active corrosion.

  • Can You Op Op Op
    Can You Op Op Op Year ago

    These news people don’t know how rust works, they really had to ask how the steel rusts

  • Akko Chan
    Akko Chan Year ago

    Engineers today are lazy. Imagine being the worker who put that together in 1920 with 1/10th amount of skills and tools engineers have today.

  • john johnson
    john johnson Year ago

    It’s not showing it’s age it showing it’s negligence. The entire district that
    overseas this is disastrously inept. Their daily income and the amount of money they’ve gone into debt is a criminal enterprise which is reflected by the condition of the bridge. I say since the bridge is held in collateral for the bonds turn it over to the bondholders whoever they may be. They can’t do a worse job.

  • Zero X
    Zero X Year ago

    When i first found out that the golden gate bridge was red and not gold, i lost all respect and could care less for that deceiving bridge.

  • huda nassiri
    huda nassiri Year ago +1

    That makes me so mad. It’s sucha beautiful bridge . Their gona wait until it’s too late .

  • Haim Ben Avraham
    Haim Ben Avraham Month ago

    The alternative option is to build either another bridge or tunnel under the bay. This should reduce the traffic and stress on Goldie. Serious maintenance still needs to be implemented.

  • Dante
    Dante 4 years ago +32

    How dare they not do everything they can to make sure that bridge is maintained in a major Earthquake area. Unbelievable

  • iinventedrunescape

    Its a cable casing with about an inch of plastic coating before the cable is even exposed to any elements

  • The WatchWorks
    The WatchWorks Year ago

    *A chemical reaction occurring on the steel causing it to be physically eaten away* “oh, it’s only cosmetic :)”

  • OneTruNuwind
    OneTruNuwind Year ago +2

    There is a general manager for the bridge but no repair crew?😂 boy oh boy California

  • Sil Marillian
    Sil Marillian Year ago +4

    Here in Australia our Sydney harbour bridge is constantly repainted and has an electrical charge run through it to prevent rust or is that 2 simple for California ,the painting starts from one side at the pylons it takes about three years then they start from the other pylon and repaint in a continuous process and have been doing the above for decades.

    • MsRustynuts
      MsRustynuts 4 months ago

      Smaller and easier than golden Gate.

  • Dana Danarosana
    Dana Danarosana 4 years ago +6

    I live in MN. I can't believe this iconic bridge continued to be neglected 9 years after our I-35W bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River! It seemed like a lesson would've been learned after 8/01/07...