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Among Us, But Tasks Are Hardcore Difficulty

  • Published on Dec 4, 2020
  • We played among us with 1 Imposter but the tasks are on HARDCORE difficulty! if you enjoy this funny video hit that subscribe button for more!
    40,000 likes for a part 3 of Hardcore/impossible tasks? maybe a different map?
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    Friends in the video:
    JustInTime: ruclips.net/channel/UCBfE...
    Zisc: ruclips.net/channel/UCWR1...
    Swift: ruclips.net/channel/UCEhB...
    Relief: ruclips.net/channel/UCrag...
    Txns: ruclips.net/channel/UCGNa...
    Zemrics: ruclips.net/user/IsSync
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  • Txns
    Txns Year ago +3774

    This was so hard but so much fun 🤩

  • FifteenBridge 87
    FifteenBridge 87 Year ago +51

    Relief: “is there a dead body?”
    Vitals: Everybody is alive
    Bazerk: I’m about to end this whole mans career.

  • Cvrtoon
    Cvrtoon Year ago +2

    All kills
    Round 1
    Swift- 1:22
    Justin- 2:52
    Txns- 5:21
    Round 2
    Relief- 6:34
    Zisc- 8:03
    Txns- 9:30
    Justin- 11:30

  • 0nlyBoston
    0nlyBoston Year ago +23

    Bazerk: *finally gets imposter*
    Also Bazerk: *vents in front of 3 people*

  • 大依政佳
    大依政佳 Year ago +1

    I love this i wish me and my freinds play among us together you guys are so good! even if its impossible difficulty 😂

  • Kings Dominion Guy
    Kings Dominion Guy Year ago +270

    Finally Bazerk gets imposter in his own video

  • George
    George Year ago +33

    4:49 I can't stop laughing🤣🤣🤣

  • BBAM
    BBAM Year ago +3

    Bazerk, you make my day. I love your videos, never quit, there is rain going on right now and im watching you, your making me forget about the bad rain.

  • Useful Uses
    Useful Uses Year ago +1

    Relief: **checks vitals** ok nobody’s dead
    Bazerk: are you sure about that?

  • Apnite Rèvøḻûłïōñ

    7:43 That made me laugh so much and his face made it even funnier

  • 8AT
    8AT Year ago +82

    I could not imagine trying this but being imposter would be so much fun

  • Vincent Lin
    Vincent Lin Year ago +2

    When swift said “I saw someone vent from specimens to storage” I’m like that’s physically impossible there’s not even a vent there. Watching this hurt my brain

  • JustJack
    JustJack Year ago +30

    Justin: “it’s relief.”
    When he died: “it’s Bazerk!”

  • Jefford Del Rosario
    Jefford Del Rosario Year ago +26


  • Charity LaRoche
    Charity LaRoche Year ago

    11:13 lol the way he gonna call the meeting but instead he sabotage it and his laugh.
    Well played Bazerk 😂

  • hannisnotcool
    hannisnotcool Year ago +17

    I can’t even imagine being a crewmate

  • N. O. V. Aシ
    N. O. V. Aシ Year ago +1

    I literally love your videos they actually help me a lot :)

  • MR.skittles
    MR.skittles Year ago +1

    Bazerk:LETS GOOOO
    Justin:the curser
    Relief:imposter god
    Zisc:the location guy
    Zemeirics:NO ITS NOT ME

    FAZZY IRAN 🎾 Year ago +1

    I wish I can be a part of this this looks so fun

  • Penis 1830 Years ago
    Penis 1830 Years ago Year ago +990

    Dog: bark bark
    Cat: meow meow
    Crewmate: where where

    PRANAVI SINGH Year ago +1

    This was so hard but really fun💯
    I loved it ♥️ love your videos BAZERK💯♥️

  • Squizzy
    Squizzy Year ago

    I like how everyone say its Impossible and then they do it with ease

  • h7-a
    h7-a Year ago +1

    U are the best content creator when I’m sad I go to my subscriptions and go to ur video and u make my day better as soon as I click ur vids keep up the content

  • UnoBrunoBoi
    UnoBrunoBoi Year ago

    Who else loves it when Bazerk does this lol? Bazerk has 1 more map to do it to😏

  • zoe lovie
    zoe lovie Year ago

    Bazerk :Gets impostor
    Also Bazerk :Vents infront of 3 ppl

  • Mahak.M
    Mahak.M Year ago

    I love bazerks voice it’s kinda special I’ve never heard any voice of anyone like him before😂

  • Violette Rose
    Violette Rose Year ago +125

    "Someone just vented from specimen to storage" Lmao

    • Happ9nes
      Happ9nes Year ago +2

      why is everyone mad when someone says "theres no vent in specimen"

    • InHex
      InHex Year ago

      @BTS army ♥♥ that’s also probably a joke

    • BTS army ♥♥
      BTS army ♥♥ Year ago

      @Subhaga Chetan OMFG it's a joke

    • Rmontero
      Rmontero Year ago +1


  • KK FG
    KK FG Year ago +1

    Swift: theres 100% a body in here
    Swift inside after finding body: *yes 100% big brain*

  • Mariam Math
    Mariam Math Year ago +41

    This is the best video you ever made berserk!!

  • *:..。o○UrLocalidiot○o。..:*

    🤣🤣🤣bazerk just vented and the whole ppl saw him 😂😂😂

  • kamsao2
    kamsao2 Year ago +45

    The only Bazerk vid without ‘that admin swipe was god da*n butter’
    He was imposter 2 times and he didn’t have any tasks :(

  • Beatrix Wenzl
    Beatrix Wenzl Year ago +4

    Bazerk: *vents to storage*
    Swift:how did he just get there?

  • D͜͡A͜͡_͜͡T͜͡R͜͡E͜͡A͜͡T͜͡_͜͡ M͜͡A͜͡S͜͡T͜͡A͜͡

    I like your content and sometimes it’s so funny when you guys get mad 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 or lose just like when you were imposter and they found out bc you vented in-front of them

  • Big SmOke
    Big SmOke Year ago +2

    Bazerk every time he wins as impostor: OHHHHH LETS GOOOOOOOO!

  • Arxiety
    Arxiety Year ago

    Bazerk must of been happy when he was impostor because he didn’t have to do the tasks

  • Whisper YT
    Whisper YT Year ago

    Berserk always takes charge when he's imposter

  • 夏天
    夏天 Year ago

    I finally get to see bazerk to be an impostor

  • •WolfieMilaPlayz•

    Best video ever, good job bro

  • NotKapi
    NotKapi Year ago

    Relief & Txns-4,000 IQ

  • XFireSlayerX
    XFireSlayerX 4 months ago +1


  • Nixie Amora
    Nixie Amora Year ago +1

    We love your vids bezerk they are so funny

  • aggelikh
    aggelikh Year ago +44

    LOoks so hard but its so funny 😂

  • Roblox Customer Support

    When they said hardcore.
    *the editor meant to call it impossible.*

  • Yousef in wonderland

    Finally Bezerk gets inposter first try

  • Kakashii Hypebeast
    Kakashii Hypebeast Year ago +3

    Yessir another among us upload, I wish he would record this more often though ;(

  • Ur Fr!end bryn
    Ur Fr!end bryn Year ago +1

    Imagine Bazerks making this video at 2 am and his parents walk in lol

  • J Doggz
    J Doggz Year ago +413

    Swift: "Someone vented from specimen to storage on admin!"
    Literally everyone but swift: "ThErE iS nO vEnT iN sPeCiMeN rOoM!!"
    Lol thx for 381 likes

    • Big SmOke
      Big SmOke Year ago

      @Swift tf in that?

    • Big SmOke
      Big SmOke Year ago

      @Swift tf?

    • rowena llamoso
      rowena llamoso Year ago

      yes there is no vent there😂😂

    • Nicole Skofic
      Nicole Skofic Year ago

      Yeah so i knew that speciman didnt have a vent and I dont think even if there was a vent in there it would go to storage

  • slayed
    slayed Year ago

    CrewMate: *blaming other CrewMate*
    Imposter: *just agree what CrewMate says*

  • San0
    San0 Year ago

    Imagine The imp locks all the doors and a crewmate unlocks all of them and the task bar went up

  • Ellaz
    Ellaz Year ago

    I like how zisc is so calm :)

  • ꜱᴇᴠᴇɴᴛᴇᴇɴ ᴄᴀʀᴀᴛ

    When Justin was doing the trash tasks it was so hard i think he was sweating 🤣🤣

  • Jose Pena
    Jose Pena Year ago

    Bazerk: screams when he wins as inposter
    Me: gg boys

  • Aufa_LIX
    Aufa_LIX Year ago

    5:33 this is me right there im the worst impostor and i loved like how he jumped out of the chair in the meeting😂😂

  • WolfGirl126
    WolfGirl126 Year ago

    Bezerk: bad vent play
    Next round: we will give you a second chance

  • HuGi BuGi
    HuGi BuGi Year ago

    "I saw someone vent from specimen to storage"

  • Elite.43
    Elite.43 Year ago

    his face on the thumbnail is both priceless and hilarious at the same time

  • G.4.L ReXii
    G.4.L ReXii Year ago

    I love how when bezerk was faking the maze task he was singing maze by juice wrld

  • Dustin Yates
    Dustin Yates Year ago

    Finily be Bazerk gets imp on his own :D I’m proud of u

    GAMER Year ago

    Tbh, this maze is easier tham the real maze on among us

  • Oreo Cookies
    Oreo Cookies Year ago

    I enjoyed this video! God bless everyone!

  • amelia christine sultan

    Imagine if bazerk's mic was on all along and they found out it was him 😭😂😂😂 what laugh e

  • MeWhenRobloxParkourAndOtherStuff

    Oh, so hard core harder than impossible difficulty? GREAT.

  • F1SR
    F1SR Year ago +1

    Zisc is the best player of amongus the way the questions he asks

  • little blazeYT
    little blazeYT Year ago +58

    For some reason this feels like a double upload
    That's how amazing he is
    I just noticed some of the tasks r just Advertising Lol

  • 🌸P i n k  l e m o n a d e🌸

    Yeah this is so hard but sooo fun :)

  • veronica rodriguez {•3•}

    Congrats on 1M I love ur vids ur the best ☺️

  • Major_ Jamaica06
    Major_ Jamaica06 Year ago

    The first time in a long time I seen him be imposter😂😂

  • Mohammad Memon
    Mohammad Memon Year ago


  • Dylan Temple
    Dylan Temple Year ago

    It's funny how they always think it's berserk when it's not him but of course when it is him they don't think it's him

  • Transition anything


  • Refilwe Ngoasheng Brandt

    Zisc seems sooo serious about among us😂😂😂

  • Sinfull
    Sinfull Year ago +2

    Berserk we need you as a banana king some imbeciles are trying to take your crown We need you! King 👑

  • Eco Lobato
    Eco Lobato Year ago

    Its hard but so much fun, best part is justin scream of the door😂

  • Arty Lippiatt
    Arty Lippiatt Year ago

    Well done bazerk

  • Nure Salma
    Nure Salma Year ago

    OhmyGod, I never saw one like this!!!!! AWESOME DUDE!

  • jarod
    jarod Year ago

    bazerk is really cool at these among us video😁😁

  • Dylan Temple
    Dylan Temple Year ago +1

    Of course the one time they don't think it's berserk he's imposter

  • ☠︎︎𝙳𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚑☠︎︎

    I loved when Bazerk killed relief in 2nd round and it was like MPNPMPMPMPMMMPM

  • Noah Anish
    Noah Anish 8 months ago

    Zisc is the smartest person in the crew

  • JustAverage
    JustAverage Year ago +2

    “No ones dead”
    Dies immediately

  • SFB_Samooryシ
    SFB_Samooryシ Year ago +17

    Of course Bazerk does this, he can’t do a video without some special thing majigy

    • Dravity
      Dravity Year ago +1

      Not really, that’s an exaggeration

  • swalpna dixit
    swalpna dixit Year ago

    Relief : Ok so No one died
    Bazerk: Kills Relief
    Me: Except for you

  • Karmelo Hodges
    Karmelo Hodges Year ago

    Love your videos bazerk keep on the good work keep on the 1millon subs

  • BamboTad
    BamboTad Year ago

    More among us videos?Because i love it. and I watch your among us videos when I have food LOL.

  • Mason Neumann
    Mason Neumann Year ago


  • Foon
    Foon Year ago +182

    Those tasks don't compare in difficulty to card swipe

  • Veyda Young
    Veyda Young Year ago

    The tasks look sooo hard 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lee Austine Yabut
    Lee Austine Yabut Year ago +1

    Txns: this gonna take me a fat minute
    2 seconds later
    already finishes it

  • 🤍 Just a wolf 🤍

    They could easily 1 by 1 ask what was a task they did like? And it had to be a diffrent task they say each time

  • T̶o̶x̶e̶m̶p̶t̶

    The node is easier in hard-core mode

  • kain lol
    kain lol Year ago +1

    Relief looks ZOOTED in this vid 😂

  • Cloudy April
    Cloudy April Year ago

    Zisc is pretty calm lmao

  • ThatSweatyiPadKid Relmy

    5:54 Devil:Here is ur second chance of living imposter

  • Ryder Zgrodek
    Ryder Zgrodek Year ago

    That was so clutch at the end

  • bruhify
    bruhify Year ago +4

    Dude ur face at the end of the video😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂

  • Kennedy Brooke
    Kennedy Brooke Year ago +1

    Omg you guys should make a game mode where the person who was killed can report their own body as a ghost but they can’t talk in the meetings 🤭

  • Vanessa the shark 🦈 (VtsYT)

    I feel bad for everyone for doing hard tasks

  • AnnaVG
    AnnaVG Year ago

    This was intense 😃

  • iKon_N-swizzle 21

    Another perfect vid🤣😂🤣😂

  • Mystic 33
    Mystic 33 Year ago +5

    This video was even better because bazerk was imposter two times in a row