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U.S. Soldiers To Be Trained On How To Deal With Police

  • Published on Jul 1, 2020
  • The U.S. Army will look into training Black soldiers on how to interact with police.
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Comments • 5 581

  • TOS100 Returns
    TOS100 Returns Year ago +430

    When our military personnel are in fear of the police, it's a sign that there is a BIG problem.

  • mike P.
    mike P. Year ago +584

    I’m a soldier and this my first time hearing of this type of training and also I’m offended that I’m the one who needs to be trained how to deal with police when the police are clearly the problem.

  • lostinthefogofwar
    lostinthefogofwar 2 years ago +2

    Training soldiers to interact with police, is training the wrong person. The victims are not the ones that need training.

    KYNGZ MUSIC Year ago +852

    It should be the other way around, training police how to properly interact with humans. 💯👑

  • Zachary Damascus
    Zachary Damascus 2 years ago +700

    Here's an idea: train the police on how to treat everyone else with respect.

  • pepple Ilami
    pepple Ilami Year ago +52

    I don't understand why the police in US are treating the military with no respect, each time I see this, it breaks my heart, I love the Us Marines, God bless u guys.

  • chipper442
    chipper442 2 years ago +173

    I’m a 54 year old white male, who went through basically the same thing, so yeah, it’s not a black or white thing, it’s a cop, citizen thing. Assaulted, locked up, and dragged through the court system for almost a year, before we finally got the body cam that PROVED the state trooper was a LIAR.

  • RatedR
    RatedR 2 years ago +168

    “Teaching them how to stay out of trouble”! For heaven’s sake, the man just arrived from overseas and was minding his business on his own property! 😳 What a slap in the face, thank you for your service, Sir.

  • nosayy
    nosayy 2 years ago +150

    Giving soldiers "safety briefings about how to carry themselves". I'm sorry, WHAT? All you did was admitting police have a blanketed pass to do whatever they want is right, and victims are at fault; we just have to walk around in a certain posture to be safe from police. WHAT?!?

  • califranky
    califranky Year ago +118

    I remember a time when cops had no right to touch a serviceman or even get anywhere close to him, this is how it used to be with the Department of Defence.

  • Alexander Kelley
    Alexander Kelley 2 years ago +48

    Damn straight! He deserves respect. Thank you for speaking up!

  • Jim Ziemer
    Jim Ziemer Year ago +100

    it's a sad day when someone, particularly a soldier, has to be trained how to deal with police. Maybe the police should be trained how to deal with the public. The latter makes for sense.

  • David Bremner
    David Bremner 2 years ago +432

    It's not the Army that's the problem, it's the police. They are out of control.

  • Flying Banana
    Flying Banana 2 years ago +386

    And the police wonder why military personnel doesn’t like them.

  • nosayy
    nosayy 2 years ago +579

    Here is a thought: train the POLICE to not be racist.

  • Daedric Prince of Smash

    The moment I heard "immunity" I realized that officers having immunity is also a problem, and that these immunities should be removed. Police officers take this for granted and that's why they become so corrupted.

  • Don Henry
    Don Henry 2 years ago +26

    We know what we need to do when we come into contact with police... the point is we shouldn't have to do those things.

  • Karl Riggs
    Karl Riggs Year ago +73

    Just so the police understand, Doing what ever you want and then hiding like cowards behind qualified immunity ... just makes you "far game", because if you won't follow the rules then neither will I.

  • DefeatedPuppy
    DefeatedPuppy 2 years ago +548

    “Unable to afford an attorney”

  • C A
    C A 2 years ago +48

    Don’t terminate, PROSECUTE BAD COPS!!!!!