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USPS Worker Saves Teenage Girl From Sex Trafficking

  • Published on Aug 1, 2018
  • A California postal worker is being credited with saving a teenage girl from being sold into sex trafficking.

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    ANTITRINITARIAN 2 years ago +32402

    That’s why sex trafficking should be included in the death penalty.

    • ThisIS MyRealName
      ThisIS MyRealName 3 months ago

      Nope, we shouldn't even have the death penalty, they've already had to overturn 5%of convictions after being proven innocent, and the number is rising.
      If you really want to punish them you send them to regular prison, they'll get tortured until they have to kill themselves to escape it. Prisoners don't like pedos

    • Justin P
      Justin P 3 months ago

      Amen...no second chances

    • BusyChrissy
      BusyChrissy 3 months ago

      Along with all those pedos. I know we all hate those pedos

    • Ju2021 Carlos
      Ju2021 Carlos 3 months ago

      I agree 👍💯👏

    • Britney Ramos
      Britney Ramos 4 months ago


  • Spike Spiegel
    Spike Spiegel 9 months ago +2762

    She is brave for putting her face out there like this. I can’t imagine how hard that must be for a survivor.

    • L A
      L A Month ago +1

      In a way, it's better she out her face out in public. Those traffickers won't target her again.

    • ktolwal
      ktolwal 6 months ago

      she looks 25 not 16

    • Doobie Studios
      Doobie Studios 6 months ago +3

      @Damu1x3K Like I said there’s nothing to get over. If you like to go around lying that’s your problem and your problem only. Doesn’t matter that much to me if you make a fool of yourself 🤷‍♂️

    • Doobie Studios
      Doobie Studios 6 months ago +2

      @Damu1x3K There’s nothing for me to get over. You just proved you’re lying. Case dismissed

    • Doobie Studios
      Doobie Studios 6 months ago +4

      @Damu1x3K Meaning you don’t have proof

  • Urbex Troll
    Urbex Troll 6 months ago +518

    Even though I'm a guy, I've been through the same sort of situation when I was 18. This is a very sick perverted world we live in. Sex Sickos/Sex Trafficker's need to be put away for the rest of their lives, so they will have to remember all the pain and anguish they brought upon those persons. I for one have forgiven the person that did me wrong, even though it really messed me up for years after that. We need to be the ones to make the change for better or life will only get worse in this world.

    • L A
      L A Month ago

      Were the traffickers punished?????

    • Thalo96
      Thalo96 2 months ago

      @Alex HB Good thing it's not about you or your tiny little feelings. He's much better than you.

    • Thalo96
      Thalo96 2 months ago

      Holy shit...I am so sorry. None of this "even though I'm a guy" stuff, you are a human being. As entitled to life and freedom as all of us. People don't understand for some reason that these horrifying offenses can happen to men too. You never need to excuse yourself because of their ignorance. I hope you have found peace. You've definitely done a great job searching for it.

    • Dale Moore
      Dale Moore 3 months ago +1

      @bluesakura That's not for you to say.

    • bluesakura
      bluesakura 3 months ago

      You shouldn’t forgive them.

  • PeachDoesArt
    PeachDoesArt 9 months ago +411

    1:00 the dogs in the background crack me up they look like gossiping old ladies going for a jog together

  • Kevin P.
    Kevin P. 9 months ago +388

    What a hero, love to see this because most people won’t help out of fear of being involved, and would rather be bystanders, dude’s a hero we need more like him in this world.

    • hitchhiker42
      hitchhiker42 3 months ago

      I think the penalties for f-ing with a postal worker are pretty severe. Once he put her in the van she was home free. Harming a postal worker can be a class D felony with a fine of up to $250,000 and up to 10 years in prison. Any kind of mischief against a federal employee is more serious than say, just fighting with your neighbour.

    • Susannah
      Susannah 4 months ago +2

      Finally a real brave man comes to the rescue, instead of a cowardly glance and walking away! Bravo to the hero and the brave woman who plucked the courage to escape.

    • Grant V
      Grant V 6 months ago +4

      Sometimes people just need to get involved because it’s the right thing to do. He really didn’t have to do much and it saved this girl.

    • Precious Otoakhia
      Precious Otoakhia 6 months ago +1

      Proof that heroes exist God continue to bless them

    • R
      R 9 months ago +1

      Watch Rambo 5, he gets involved 😝

  • R R
    R R 6 months ago +100

    Thank God for Ivan the USPS employee. They do not get enough credit for the impact they make in the community. It's more than you think. Thank you, Ivan!

  • Fat Guy From Jurassic Park
    Fat Guy From Jurassic Park 6 months ago +65

    I smiled the entire time while watching this. You could tell Ivan meant the world to her. I'd rather die at the hands of the captors than pass her by in an attempt for an escape, personally.

  • Randall
    Randall 3 months ago +8

    He delivered the biggest package of his life which was the return of this girl back home safely with her family.
    GO USPS!

  • Dolsie Mercado
    Dolsie Mercado 6 months ago +47

    I am so glad that Ivan helped the young girl. Getting involved in something like this can be super risky. Send tons of blessings towards Ivan.

  • Zenzu
    Zenzu Year ago +5901

    The fact that sex trafficking is a thing is absolutely terrifying. I feel so bad for all these helpless children and woman that are abducted and treated like meat

    • Tula
      Tula 2 months ago

      And men and boys! Don’t forget male victims !!!!

    • PisaniProductions
      PisaniProductions 3 months ago

      @maephobia looked it up, and i am wrong idk where i saw it lol. Either way its disgusting.

    • PisaniProductions
      PisaniProductions 3 months ago

      @maephobia young boys are more likely to be sexually assaulted then girls. Imagine how that translates to trafficking

    • Mr-Slayer-Sir
      Mr-Slayer-Sir 3 months ago

      Happens To All Genders!

    • Ruby Whiterose
      Ruby Whiterose 4 months ago

      Yeah yeah, Women and children how get caught and trades in Sex or human tracking are basically are treated either as meat or sex dolls.

  • Fade X
    Fade X 9 months ago +22

    Such an amazing man to be able to save her, she is gonna need alot of help throughout her life as this would always be playing in her head. Thank god ivan was there to save her.

  • Grey Line
    Grey Line 9 months ago +7

    While there are some stone cold unconscionable people in the world, the glimmer of hope shines through when you hear stories such as this.

  • Cine Zurdo.
    Cine Zurdo. 9 months ago +17

    Unfortunately, these government workers aren’t paid enough for the heroics they do. Apart from making sure we all recieve our mail, our payments, our packages; some of them make a stand for others in need without expecting something in return. I hope the best for this man and his colleagues.

  • Coco Chanelly
    Coco Chanelly 9 months ago +9

    I wonder what she’s doing now! He’s a hero! Maybe he has kids & understands how anything can go wrong at any moment! God bless them both! 💕

  • The cool channel
    The cool channel 2 years ago +6447

    People writing on here that "she doesn't look like a victim" are disgusting

    • Co Co
      Co Co 4 months ago

      @JenFren none of that happened hope you’re never on a jury

    • Co Co
      Co Co 4 months ago

      @nick Robinson exactly

    • Co Co
      Co Co 4 months ago

      I don’t think it’s the “look” it’s the details

    • A Foxy Fox
      A Foxy Fox 4 months ago

      @Bruce owings aka countrydad She might be hurting, but there may be more to this story (as usual).

    • Bruce owings aka countrydad
      Bruce owings aka countrydad 4 months ago

      Brad didn't get enough hugs from mommy!! Prolly gay!!! Gay man hateing women cuz he's ashamed to come out to mommy an daddy ,don't like women cuz women are friggin awesome , STFU brad !!!

  • xx_Blasphemer_xx
    xx_Blasphemer_xx 9 months ago +20

    Sex trafficking is one of the most awful things on this planet, that is true evil. 😔

  • Kaeda Sonata
    Kaeda Sonata Year ago +1

    Good man, thank you for saving someones life. You are the kind of hero most communities dont have.

  • Shaun
    Shaun Year ago +2

    She saved herself. Massive credit to her for being brave enough to escape. Obviously he deserves recognition for helping her, but he didn't 'save' her. She saved herself.

  • Andrew Wang
    Andrew Wang 11 months ago +5

    This postal worker did a great deed, going out of his way to save this girl.

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Year ago +7912

    You can just tell when she’s talking how traumatized she is, you can see how she’s trying to disassociate and hold in tears.
    Not everyone expresses grief the same way.

    • magic carp
      magic carp 5 months ago

      What the hell are you talking about their was about 20 seconds of her talking

    • ༙𐑓᛫ɘ᛫ᵴ᛫ᵴ ༙
      ༙𐑓᛫ɘ᛫ᵴ᛫ᵴ ༙ 5 months ago

      this whole reply section is a train wreck

    • Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha 6 months ago

      @Elle Endeavor I completely agree

    • Mr. Yega
      Mr. Yega 6 months ago

      you really cant see none of that in the video.

    • Elle Endeavor
      Elle Endeavor 6 months ago

      @Mark Ulis absolutely. It’s all she could be, she could be, she could be. I’m just putting out when I gathered from this short clip.

  • alphabladelm2011
    alphabladelm2011 6 months ago +1

    As a guy who works for USPS, I’m proud to see one of our own become a hero. I hope both the postal worker and the girl are doing well.

  • Dave Davis
    Dave Davis 9 months ago +97

    Best part of this story is the two dogs taking themselves for a walk

    • Jingle Jungle
      Jingle Jungle 6 months ago +1

      ThankGod you don’t have street dogs in your country

    • Kayla McLaughlin
      Kayla McLaughlin 6 months ago +1

      I saw this comment right as they came up in the video and I just died laughing

    • PhantomJosh
      PhantomJosh 6 months ago


    • Victorious1
      Victorious1 7 months ago +9

      Lol you silly 🙃
      I thought it was 3 🐕 but they are walking like, ain’t our business, silly hoomans

    • Miriam Tirado
      Miriam Tirado 9 months ago


  • Lyn S
    Lyn S Year ago +1

    Such a brave awesome man! warms the heart to hear of people like this!

  • James Deane
    James Deane 6 months ago

    Great work Ivan ! Stepping in to save a stranger in their time of need.

  • Chelsea Evans
    Chelsea Evans Year ago +2651

    As a survivor of sex trafficking, addiction and a hostage situation of my own, I am so thankful for people like him. I was helped by someone similarly. It takes a lot of courage to step into an unknown situation and help someone when you could be attacked yourself. I hope that little girl stays safe and has a successful life. ❤❤❤

    • JoJo Sewist
      JoJo Sewist 4 months ago

      @JOE BLOWS yes, I was wondering from where was she enticed to go to Sacremento. A lot of unanswered questions. Thankfully she was brave and quick thinking to see an opportunity to run and do it. She was very lucky to run into the USPS worker., and that he was willing to help. I hope they both are doing well.

    • Ford Mustang
      Ford Mustang 6 months ago

      @Jingle Jungle my comment isn't rude and not being a bully you're being the troll and a snowflake

    • Jingle Jungle
      Jingle Jungle 6 months ago

      Report the rude troll for bullying. Dislike, Reply & correct that shit, show him the light of the day. We don’t want more of them here. His comment needs to go. Don’t just ignore.

    • sav !
      sav ! 6 months ago

      @Ford Mustang swear to god it’s always stupid dudes in the comments saying the dumbest shit

    • Cedric II Bullard
      Cedric II Bullard 6 months ago

      @Ford Mustang and that’s why people don’t like you😒

  • The knights Who say Yeet!
    The knights Who say Yeet! 6 months ago +1

    Thank you sir for protecting that young girl! God bless you!

  • Victoria Rose
    Victoria Rose 4 months ago

    I'm so sorry that she went through so much, I am praying for her healing and comfort for all of them, In Jesus Mighty Name Amen!

  • b00pszz
    b00pszz Year ago +3

    our earthly heroes - this is beautiful, I remember hearing about this. Bless Ivan for saving that baby

  • Mary Travis
    Mary Travis Year ago +8

    7 years ago a UPS driver saved my grandsons life. My 17 year old grandson overdosed on heroin at his girlfriend's home. The girlfriend was dragging him out of her home like a piece of garbage. Her mother told her to get him out of her house and take home home and leave him in his yard. A UPS driver was at a stop lite next to her car and noticed my grandson slumped over and looking bluish. He yelled at the girl to pull over. He then went to her car and examined my grsnd son , he barely had a pulse, he called 911 and emt came and took my grandson to hospital.
    I did not know this UPS drivers name although I did attempt to find out who he was. So if you are out there thanks for saving my grandson's life.

  • undead9999
    undead9999 2 years ago +7194

    Why would they show his face? Or even write his name? Isn't that dangerous for him?

    • Kanon Wong
      Kanon Wong 4 months ago

      I was thinking the same too . They should've atleast covered his face and name from being retaliated by the sex trafficking organization!

    • tecno
      tecno 5 months ago

      that TV channel is probably connected to the traffic, jk

    • Crystal7
      Crystal7 6 months ago

      Because he’s a federal work he’s protected.

    • PhantomJosh
      PhantomJosh 6 months ago

      For who

    • Stefano Melis
      Stefano Melis 6 months ago

      @Agni Das ooho such tough tone - me scared😃 lol moron the cops and DA are the ones who informed the press with prior consent and the press released an INTERVIEW where all parties are aware and consenting release 😅 god you're so dumb

  • Geylekin Fraire
    Geylekin Fraire 6 months ago +4


  • F Mackey
    F Mackey 11 months ago

    My prayers are with him and her. May the most high keep them safe!

  • Sahara
    Sahara 7 months ago

    This man earns my deepest respect and wishes for a fulfilling life. So many women and children are kidnapped of all ethnicities, to be used for sick ppls gratification. Thank you good sir. Thank you

  • Jacquelyn Buriak
    Jacquelyn Buriak Year ago +2

    He is a hero! They will never forget each other!!

  • ReptileFreak
    ReptileFreak 2 years ago +13598

    This is a serious thing, I’m surprised that they said his name and showed his face.

    • Viqtor
      Viqtor 9 months ago

      @Morgan Orton people knowing why doesn’t change the job being done. lmao they’ll just go back in hiding

    • Morgan Orton
      Morgan Orton 9 months ago +1

      No he’s fine, he didn’t know them, didn’t directly go after them. He just helped a girl in need. They won’t go after him knowing people will know exactly why, he’s no threat to them

    • Viqtor
      Viqtor 9 months ago

      The news doesn’t care about shit like this. Just there to get their story and leave sadly

    • valerie jaime
      valerie jaime Year ago +1


    • valerie jaime
      valerie jaime Year ago +1


  • donkeyhigh
    donkeyhigh Year ago

    I feel like if you do ONE thing like this, you've done good in your life and can die peacefully knowing you did good.

  • Lisa Sowers
    Lisa Sowers Year ago +2

    A true hero her angel for sure may God bless him more people need to be like him !

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 9 months ago

    Thank God for saving her.
    You did a good job guys 👍.

  • Chandra
    Chandra 4 months ago

    A true Hero🌸Thankyou Ivan for taking care of this girl even while your own life could have been in danger🙏🏼you deserve all the praise love and well wishes from these people and more🌸

  • Vv LL
    Vv LL 2 years ago +2154

    He definitely played a role but she made the first step to save herself by having the courage to run.

    • YouTube Sucks
      YouTube Sucks 6 months ago +1

      He saved her life. If not for him she would still be in the custody of those mexican traffickers.

    • Silvia Khan
      Silvia Khan 9 months ago

      Just saw another video of an Amazon employer saving a girl holding her dog while being attacked by a nasty dog on the loose. Now this. Awesome for these people who cover many places on foot saving peoples life. These are everyday heroes with no cape! They should get a well deserved promotion plus a vacation for their good hearts. 💪🏻👍🏻

    • Sweet Sop Comedy
      Sweet Sop Comedy 9 months ago

      @Cr W God was on her side, let's face it!

    • Sweet Sop Comedy
      Sweet Sop Comedy 9 months ago

      @HyDragon it was fight (fear) or flight situation. She had one chance and she took it, anywhere than with them was better

    • Chelsea Evans
      Chelsea Evans Year ago +2

      @Ethan what else would you do? Well let's see, you've been coerced or outright kidnapped and you fear for your life. Its EASIER and SAFER to go along with it. If it wasn't there wouldn't be a sex trafficking issue. People would just be able to leave.

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez Year ago +1

    God Bless him. May she find healing from the atrocities she must have endured.

    DOMINION Year ago

    Well this is a very compelling story and all the best for that young girl and her future as well as all the many thanks to the man who helped her because that was a very good heroic act of courage. But what's just as important is tracking down and arresting sex traffickers, the police should step up their efforts in going after them.

  • Linda Lesher
    Linda Lesher 9 months ago

    Thank God for Ivan’s willingness to help a young teen!! Ivan, you are a very good man!!!

  • Lara Nunes
    Lara Nunes 7 months ago

    It's amazing she survived this ordeal and her quick thinking. I am so happy she is alive. Postal man was heaven-sent by her wish to be rescued by someone who has a good spirit.
    what gets me the cops know that area is a crime-filled place and prostitution aka sex trafficking. isn't a cop's job is to eliminate the crime-filled places and save the victims from crimes being done against humanity. Sex slavery is human trafficking. the community should demand it to stop and help the victims find their loved ones since most were kidnapped.

  • Leslie McClary
    Leslie McClary 2 years ago +18249

    I hope they change his route because he’s not safe now because they weren’t caught and she was money to them

    • Co Co
      Co Co 4 months ago

      He’ll be fine because not one have you ever heard a kidnapped person be left with a cellphone to call home & receive mail…. She went to prostitute & changed her mind

    • Moose Vanslooten
      Moose Vanslooten 6 months ago

      @Jason Styrke sweetie they will go after both of them because she is worth a lot of money 💰 to them next time she won't be Lucky and get away with it the mailman they will go after him to see what he knows and shut him up so he can not id them family they will probably go to after them daughter will be probably kidnapped aswell. Oh Dear wack wack ooops got that one wrong. Didn't u. they will probably take his daughter as punishment. Smart move 👌 u made.

    • maxhatty
      maxhatty 9 months ago +1

      They call it smoke park for a reason. People sleep on Sacramento being a bad place.

    • Jacob Bartlett
      Jacob Bartlett 9 months ago

      Yep & those cowards are spiteful and just lazy otherwise they would make an easy living doing real work like the usps man! He needs to be armed not change route 99% of the time coward criminals are just like wild animal they more scared of you than you are of it!

    • Jamie Woods
      Jamie Woods 11 months ago

      @Jason Styrke who retaliating against the postman? If your talking about me. I was talking about Postmasters and supervisors. If u never worked for the Postal service then u just don't know.

  • OrigamiGirl95
    OrigamiGirl95 Year ago +1

    What a brave girl, and heroic man! :)

  • WesGriffin
    WesGriffin Year ago +2

    He actually was risking His life too. God bless him 🙏❤

  • ImTheDaveman
    ImTheDaveman 6 months ago +30

    I hope Ivan is okay and safe after being PUBLICLY Id'ied as the one who saved her. Had the criminals seen that - and knew what he looked like and his name they could have went after him as payback. Journalists need to THINK and reason these things out before the ID good samaritans in a situation like that. No one should be afraid to help others - but obviously, they need to be concerned if the media gets involved and wants to make sure the public knows who you are, where you work or live.

    • ImTheDaveman
      ImTheDaveman 6 months ago +1

      @radioheadnyc you somehow have lived a sheltered life. Criminals are criminals because they don't play by rules. Some are more aggressive than others. The world is not run according to the rules of The Brady Bunch. No one said never report a crime, no one said not to help others! I SAID, I as concerned about MEDIA ID-ing witnesses or heroes in gang crimes. Newspeople really do not care about the surviveors or heroes - they care about "Ratings". THATS what I said. READ before jumping to conclusions.

    • radioheadnyc
      radioheadnyc 6 months ago +2

      i write all that to encourage readers of this thread to not be afraid to be like the mailman, to not be too afraid of criminal, to not be afraid to help others.
      yes criminals can be dangerous, but if you don't directly hurt them in any way, if you don't be a jerk, if you don't incite them unnecessarily, they will leave you alone. They are just like any other businessmen, and are oftentimes more afraid of you than you are of them. Don't be afraid to stand your ground and protect what's yours.
      They are running a business that often makes more money than you can imagine. It's risky and costly for them to engage you.

    • Lyran Lover
      Lyran Lover 6 months ago

      @radioheadnyc even tho I agree with most of what u said- why was it worth the time to write all that? Theres a world out there… that needs our love.

    • radioheadnyc
      radioheadnyc 6 months ago +4

      criminals are NOT going to go after mail man, because the mailman didn't fight or hurt any of the criminals. The girl ran off, the mailman didn't do anything against the criminals.
      If the criminals wanted to go after the mailman, they would have gone after him in the original incident, because they would have gotten the girl back immediately. That was the best and only time to go after the mailman. They were afraid of the mailman, that's why they didn't approach the mailman in the original incident.
      Now the mailman is a known public hero, and all the cops know who he is. Going after him is a big risk for the criminal. If anything happened to the mailman, there will be journalists and politicians involved, cops are not going to let it slide and are going to look into it. The last thing the criminal wants is the mayor to assign more police resources dedicated to looking into the criminal's trafficking business.
      And the criminal has nothing to gain from going after the mailman, because even if they killed the mailman died, they still won't get the girl back.
      For the criminal, go after the mailman will take a whole lot of work and time, for basically no money in return even if the criminal succeeds. Just to "get even" with a random stranger on the street who doesn't even know who you are and have nothing against you personally. Why bother? It's much easier to just find the next girl victim
      So no, I wouldn't be worried for the mailman's safety

    • Arch308
      Arch308 6 months ago +3

      Journalists are only concerned with one thing; getting a story and making a name for themselves. Where have you been?

  • mary burch
    mary burch 10 months ago

    Now there is an amazing man !!! Love it...and humble ❤️

  • Lissa Brooks
    Lissa Brooks Year ago +1349

    You can already tell how much this has affected that girl’s psyche. I hope she gets the help she needs to process and move forward.

    • alexis reyna
      alexis reyna 3 months ago +5

      @Trinity 3 wow that was at least in the top 5 most ignorant comment I've seen this year so far 😂

    • Алиса Матеева
      Алиса Матеева 4 months ago +11

      @Trinity 3 wtf?

    • Trinity 3
      Trinity 3 4 months ago +1

      True, but I have to ask - why does a teenager have holes / piercings on her face??? I'm sure this kidnapping and sex trafficking could happen to anyone, but something seems amiss or higher risk... (I don't care how normal some say this is.)

    • Reason
      Reason 6 months ago +8

      Unfortunately she likely won't as mental health services are extremely lacking. Systems to triage help are hopelessly broken and counseling is unaffordable.

    • The King of Cats now has internet access
      The King of Cats now has internet access 9 months ago +5

      she seem okay i think she might have changed from it

  • harely
    harely 7 months ago

    How can people actual be okay with hurting people like this, thank you for the postal worker who was in the right place at the right time.

  • Alyssa Hamlett
    Alyssa Hamlett 9 months ago

    Thank God for this man, sweet girl so glad she's safe now

  • River Girl
    River Girl Year ago

    There are good people in this world. This really lifted my spirit.

  • John Lee
    John Lee 9 months ago +1

    As a retired Postmaster I can tell you there are thousands of postal workers like him. I had many that did unselfish things for others because they care about their customers. You cannot work a route for many years without being involved. I salute this gentleman and many others!

  • Trisha Hawkins
    Trisha Hawkins 2 years ago +3348

    You can tell that those people did a number on that girl she is so nervous and still scared. I’m so glad she got away and I hope Ivan is protected on his route.

    • Jessica Tompkins
      Jessica Tompkins 9 months ago

      @Alli Mckoy you are so right. I can’t imagine.

    • Jessica Tompkins
      Jessica Tompkins 9 months ago

      @Joe that probably isn’t her fault. I’m sure she was forced into a lot. Not saying she didn’t make any bad decisions of her own but, I guess there is no way to know that. I feel so sorry for her for what she’s been through and am so glad she was rescued.

    • Jessica Tompkins
      Jessica Tompkins 9 months ago +3

      Yes. I feel so sorry for her. Something makes me wish I could give her a hug and take away all the hurt and bad memories. Poor thing. And there are so many in such terrible situations. It’s so heart wrenching to me.

    • Beans
      Beans 9 months ago +2

      @Gubbah it’s not her fault she got abducted. You are disgusting for saying these things.

    • Jenn P
      Jenn P Year ago

      @Gubbah how can you know all that from a 2 min news story

  • Racheal’s Vlog
    Racheal’s Vlog 9 months ago +8

    The dogs in the background walking minding their own business. But I’m glad she is ok ❤️

  • Brenda Freebird
    Brenda Freebird 7 months ago


  • Jonathan Rivas Amaya
    Jonathan Rivas Amaya 6 months ago

    Glad she’s okay ❤️

  • Beck Infidelis
    Beck Infidelis 4 months ago

    Thank God for human decency & the courageous and quick thinking actions of decent people! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 What happened to her is a lot more common than the general public understands! It's everywhere! Please protect your children.

  • 70 WolfNippleChips
    70 WolfNippleChips 2 years ago +1502

    I hope they changed his route. He really is a hero, he needs a safer route now that they showed him on TV.

      DRVAN PRODUCTIONS 5 months ago

      Ivan comment if your still here with us

    • Jinx
      Jinx Year ago +3

      @William Norman women could be completely covered and this will still happen. Let focus on the people that would hold another person hostage, abuse them, and then sell them into sex trafficking.

    • Nick Brazda
      Nick Brazda Year ago +3

      @William Norman you cant just say what they are wearing will make them get assaulted an or raped.

    • A B
      A B Year ago +2

      He was killed in a supposed robbery in October 2018.

    • William Norman
      William Norman Year ago +2

      @Behold The Griffin true that I'm speaking on girls wanting to look older than they are which sometimes attacks the wrong attention

  • Susan Campos
    Susan Campos 9 months ago

    Thank you Econ for helping rescue this young lady from violence and kidnap victim , your Brave Hero,! And answered prayers also to safe guard minors boys and girls from being kidnapped victims of crimmal behavior. God bless you !! Holy angels protection as well. As God protects children and those who believe and have keep the Faith alive in your hearts , miracles do happen!! Jesus Christ we TRUST in You!

  • Jackie Norton
    Jackie Norton 4 months ago +1

    God bless 🙌 for saving her I'm a victim of sex trafficking

  • Alice V
    Alice V 9 months ago

    What a sweet man , hope all the best for both of them💝

  • Meeka
    Meeka 6 months ago

    Bless him he is definitely a walking, talking angel 😇 💖

  • Chanyeol’s Robe
    Chanyeol’s Robe Year ago +4728

    “Abused and stuff” - I do this sometimes too when I don’t want to make a big deal of certain events, she is trying to play it off is my guess, how sad

    • Co Co
      Co Co 4 months ago

      @Austin Smith it’s obvious

    • Co Co
      Co Co 4 months ago

      @Danny DeviToe because nothing happened

    • derpestarzt
      derpestarzt 4 months ago

      @Hannah Lovins I didn't say that, you obviously can't read. I said she initially went with the voluntarily but obviously she didn't agree with being beaten up and used as a sex slave.

    • Hannah Lovins
      Hannah Lovins 4 months ago

      @Austin Smith you are a sick bastard to try and tell us she's in the wrong

    • Hannah Lovins
      Hannah Lovins 4 months ago


  • Abirami Poobalasingam
    Abirami Poobalasingam 10 months ago +1

    God bless this man and this girl 🙏 love you all 💝

  • raradawson
    raradawson Year ago +1

    Thank God she was rescued & he was there to help her!

  • patchchrist
    patchchrist 9 months ago

    Finally! USPS & CA doing something right for once. 👏👏👏

  • BLD Lightpainting
    BLD Lightpainting Year ago +1

    Praise God that he inspired this man to save this young woman from these very evil predators.

  • DG
    DG 3 years ago +10451

    I hope he has a new route... don’t want people going after him for taking her away.

    • Lucas Ortiz
      Lucas Ortiz Year ago

      @john clhugyugihjbvgbkj lol not to a corporation

    • Samuel Woods
      Samuel Woods Year ago

      @ALLANA LIZARDO yeah that's what I thought, it's rarely like the movies, they are likely drug addicts cat fishing girls to support their habit and petrified of a real man like Ivan. (This story made me more emotional than it should have, by dad was called Ivan and he died a year ago today, strange it was reccomend to me)

    • QuickStix26
      QuickStix26 Year ago

      Highly doubt it matters now since his face and name are plastered on this video.

    • Carol Martin
      Carol Martin Year ago

      Those criminals ought to be the ones afraid.

    • The Real Wilfred Dierkes
      The Real Wilfred Dierkes Year ago

      @Ruth Abigail D. Nehemie JC does need to take a lunch break every now and then though...

  • Muffs 55mercury
    Muffs 55mercury 10 months ago +1

    Never hurts to keep your eyes and ears open. In my town the police are less than 5 minutes away. They would rather be given a false alarm than to have a kidnapper get away.

  • Big John
    Big John Year ago +1

    Being a postal worker myself, knowing how management is, I’m surprised they didn’t fire the carrier

  • You are loved💛
    You are loved💛 Year ago +2

    This is like the plot from a movie called Trafficked. Girl given to a trafficker by someone she thought was her friend... It's terrifying. So glad this girl is safe.

  • BanjoJimbo
    BanjoJimbo 6 months ago +6

    No mention of the abductors descriptions, age, race, possible name or alias', car make, possible location like apartment/house, color of said apartment or house, city block, or even police statement on their commitment in solving this crime. Yeah you can say...oh... they're doing all of that behind the scenes but some of this info is imperative for the general public as it's apparent there is a band of child sex slave network working in that area, and might help children in the area to avoid a similar fate.

  • Deandra
    Deandra 2 years ago +954

    People in these comments judging this girl’s body language really don’t remember what it was like to be a nervous 16 year old? She’s not media trained! Not only that but she was traumatized and the press is in her face for sound bites.

    • Randy Rawlins
      Randy Rawlins 4 months ago

      How long was she being held for I really won't to no she was 15 when they bought her and 15 when she escaped iv tryed to fined this out and caint

    • Feneco feneco
      Feneco feneco Year ago

      they wouldn't treat her like that if she were a male veteran..

    • maye beline
      maye beline Year ago +8

      @Sachorna Brissett: Well, at least you found out what kind of person your biological father is in the process. He'd still be the same person even if nothing had happened to you, but you'd never realize it. There are a lot of shitty people in the world, and basically all of them can have kids. Some of those people are killers, some of them are molesters, and some of them are rape apologists. It's only natural you'd distance yourself from your father after finding out he's one of these people. At least you know.

    • DamasceneBlade37
      DamasceneBlade37 Year ago

      @Sachorna Brissett this is one of those situations where im just like “Im not sure what to say because I am terrible at wording but i really want to help”

    • Sachorna Brissett
      Sachorna Brissett Year ago +11

      @UrzaI was raped when I was a teen and even now my dad finds it hard to believe, he thinks that I just wanted to have sex and I think that have really pushed me away from him, even now, bcz when I wanted his comfort he wasn't there. I guess he was too ashamed.

  • Kevo
    Kevo 4 months ago

    Humans helping humans just for the sake of doing what's right is always nice to see I couldn't imagine ignoring anyone in need and as a father i couldn't imagine losing my daughter or son respect to this man and all who do what needs to be done

  • Crystal Golden
    Crystal Golden 11 months ago

    I know too many girls that go after bad boys and a few might fantasize about being raped but this young woman is legitimately a victim. She is not a bogus BS Harvey weinstein, Bill Cosby or Jeffery epstein 'so called 20-40 years later I ran out of money and I'm old as hell' victim. She is truly a victim, may God bless you and thank everyone at the USPS for recognizing this young woman. Thank you for your service.

  • Deborah Dyess
    Deborah Dyess 4 months ago

    Thank you for saving this girl

  • Doobie Studios
    Doobie Studios 7 months ago

    GOD bless that man. He saved a life. I hope that poor girl gets all the psychological help she needs so she can try and live a normal life after this trauma. I also hope many blessings for that man.

  • Stela S
    Stela S Year ago +9373

    Am I the only one amazed by the 3 little dog friends walking tightly together at 1:00 ?

    • whatwhatwhatwhat
      whatwhatwhatwhat 4 months ago

      another sex trafficking case???
      Two Dogs, names currently unknown, have been spotted possibly kidnapping an innocent feline. Be on the look out for a small, white, dog and a black dog. If you have found the suspects, report them to the police immediately. The mother of the cat which was kidnapped is devastated, “Meow meow… mew, [mew] mow mow! Meow meow mow.”

    • Lily Mustang
      Lily Mustang 6 months ago

      Thank you.

    • Katlyn Quinlan
      Katlyn Quinlan 7 months ago


    • Ghidrah_76
      Ghidrah_76 9 months ago

      Yup!! Hahaha that was so cute too see

    • Electric Pansies
      Electric Pansies 9 months ago

      Omg where are they going with such purpose? 😂

  • Marcella Kramer
    Marcella Kramer Year ago

    God bless this Good Samaritan Postal Worker and the young lady he rescued!

  • Veronica Simmonds
    Veronica Simmonds 4 months ago

    If all our countries were run by hero's like Ivan the world would be AMAZING Thank you. You truly are a beautiful soul

  • C.M.B Rodriguez
    C.M.B Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Bless that sweet man! 🙏

  • Janie Eauschn
    Janie Eauschn 9 months ago

    Beautiful!!!! Human kindness! ❤️

  • Proud Wifey
    Proud Wifey 2 years ago +291

    I hope that the man who saved her is safe. Putting his face and name out there could be really dangerous not only for himself but for his family as well if he has one! I hope to this day the girl is safe!!

    • Johnny1.0
      Johnny1.0 9 months ago +2

      Those pimps don't care.

    • Interdimensional Steve
      Interdimensional Steve Year ago +21

      Losing one girl means nothing to them, and the risk of going after this guy would be FAR FAR greater than just going and nabbing somebody else and moving on. It's business to these garbage human beings, and when risk outweighs benefit they wouldn't go near it.

  • Jessica Stewart
    Jessica Stewart 9 months ago

    wow, I live in the sac area and never heard about this, but for those in my area sex trafficking is at an all time high over here. please be careful.

  • Stephanie Kern
    Stephanie Kern 3 months ago

    Proof that not all super heroes wear capes. Well done Ivan. We need more people like you in this world.

  • Mark M
    Mark M 6 months ago

    Yes some good news blessed be those who are like this man. Props to this young lady for setting her chance to get away.

  • twilit
    twilit 3 months ago

    We need more stories like this of people seeing something and doing something.

  • Keyboard Warrior
    Keyboard Warrior 9 months ago +1

    The sad part is cops know there are gangs in that area but still can’t do anything. They should hire military and start taking out those criminals. Young daughters like her need to be able to walk alone safely and enjoy their days .

  • Sherry Cavanagh
    Sherry Cavanagh Year ago

    Thank god she is safe and thank god for Ivan the postal worker people like him are making this world a better place

  • iiLemzy
    iiLemzy 9 months ago +1

    Damn, my sister could of been going through this. I honestly did not understand this at a time but they had these guys who was trying to kidnap her.
    Basically what happened, she was this manager at this store called “she’s happy hair” (smt like that) and she arrives early to open up. She started to notice this car that always come in before her. This kept happening. They stay then leave. To the point, it felt like they were tryna watch her on purpose. So she called in my mother and asked the bodyguard who she good friends with to come with her when she opens up. Cause at this point, she was freaking out. Ion what happened after that, just remember my mom telling me that they were tryna take my sister. I wouldn’t be able to see her if they actually succeeded.
    My sister quit the job, not cause of what happen but of something else, and now she thriving.

  • callesierra
    callesierra Year ago

    Well done IVAN, you are a true HERO. God bless you.

  • Bobbo825
    Bobbo825 3 years ago +3443

    People like Ivan should be exempt from taxes for the rest of the year for doing something like that!

    • Maxim
      Maxim 2 years ago

      Bobbo825 That doesn’t even make sense why would that be a reward lmao

    • Donut Glazer
      Donut Glazer 2 years ago

      Im glad you said year and not life, he should get rewarded a 365 tax free year but definitely not life

    • isai medel
      isai medel 2 years ago

      @maddielovelee stunning

    • Riana
      Riana 2 years ago

      MrNiallOneDirection does the motivation matter if you help someone

    • Janet Rodgers
      Janet Rodgers 2 years ago

      @williejames huff People who do selfless things like Ivan are not looking for payment or reward. They do it because they're good human beings.
      Though that suggestion about being tax free say for 5/10 yrs is excellent.
      How much difference would that make to him, a hardworking guy doing normal work. To someone of wealth, it wouldn't be appreciated!

  • Stardust_13
    Stardust_13 9 months ago

    This is what true heroes look like. I hope this poor girl gets all the help she needs and her captors rot in prison. I am a survivor of years of SA and R myself, so on behalf of all of us survivors, thank you to this man for doing the right thing. He will have a bond with this young lady the rest of his life. And also let’s give credit to this amazing young woman and her bravery for escaping. I have a feeling she is strong after watching her, she has tough times ahead but will be ok.

  • Ironic Heroism
    Ironic Heroism 6 months ago

    Give the man a medal 🏅

  • notdem notrep
    notdem notrep 7 months ago

    She got lucky. I feel sorry for every parent trying to explain how the world works to their kids. I’m thinking this kid thought she knew everything, Just like I did when I was her age.
    I’m very happy for her and her family. The postal worker was of course a wonderful human being. That guy took some risk to help somebody he never met before. Respect!

  • Nichole Mullen
    Nichole Mullen 7 months ago +1

    He is a hero. Thank you Ivan!

  • Kathy .D
    Kathy .D 3 years ago +4913

    He shouldn't have showed his face, those people might try to harm him.

    • Hunter Biden
      Hunter Biden 6 months ago

      They should be arrested?

    • Blue Coopa
      Blue Coopa 10 months ago

      @Tommy McCarthy the devil is literally the reason why all of this stuff happens. They devil tortures people and children. The devil is the reason ppl kill themselves the world was supposed to be easy and peaceful but the devil released sin into the world

    • Mitsuha
      Mitsuha Year ago +1

      @DarkPisces And you’re right, in a way. Firstly. evil doesn’t exist in its own way. Or at least good exists within evil, and there is no pure evil nor no pure good. Good (with a capital G) is absolute. Meaning it’s whole, and that Good has both evil and good. WE as humans created Evil (with a capital E) and that means pure Evil (no such thing exists). claiming that evil, and good are dualities when duality is an illusion. So we created Evil when we created this fake ass figure named the devil or SaTaN 😐 We create what we don’t understand. We split wholeness (which is a law of the universe) into duality. I believe in God. Just not the way they tell me.

    • DarkPisces
      DarkPisces Year ago

      @Mitsuha he created it.

    • Mitsuha
      Mitsuha Year ago

      @DarkPisces God isn’t associated with evil.

  • Iza Waniek
    Iza Waniek 10 months ago

    There are Angels out there who risk their lives to save other people! I know such Angels myself and am more than grateful for saving my life! And not only mine!